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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, and in hd, this is abc7 news at noon on your side. >> a big story at do. monday's can be badly enough, but this one is pretty miserable weather-wise. a lot of rain already, and more of the way. >> we're certainly going to get a lot more rain between tonight and tomorrow. retinol a little bit of break in
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the skies. -- right now a little bit of a brief in the skies. >> today and tomorrow expect on and off showers. one of those monday's where it is hard to get out of bed. right now, a live look from the rooftop whether camera looking into the district. no rain falling right now here in arlington, but it is still jury in gray clouds. southern maryland is getting a break. -- but it is still dreary and gray clouds. northern maryland seeing the light rain that is pushing northward. more action to the southwest. yellow in north carolina. that will continue to march eastward, and i am expecting us to get clipped by some of that later on today. often on showers and a rumble of
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thunder. we will talk more about when we will see the sun again and how much rain we can expect coming up. >> remember, you can also keep an eye on the radar from your smart phone. download the abc7 storm watch app in order to track the very latest conditions. >> the weather might be to blame for bringing of this tree just after bradley boulevard. it slow down commute for drivers going into the district. the good news is everything is back open again this noon. our other big story today at noon, the guardian angels on duty after beating in northwest washington. >> the area in focus is the 14th street corridor. john gonzales live in northwest with more of a crackdown in crime by the angels. >> the angels are already present this afternoon. the victim has lived here for about six years and was walking from work thursday afternoon
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when they saw a man dropped a beer can in the valley. he simply asked the man to pick it up. the victim never expected what happened next. >> police say it appears a piece of trash provoke a violent attack. a man who lived in this building was brutally beaten in the back alley after simply asking someone to pick up their beer cans. >> while police investigate interview residents and go through video from the time camera from 14th street and w street neighbors have asked the guardian angels to step up patrols in this area. >> not just a beating, but in el lot of times they see this type of people that are kind of scary to them. take of a nonprofit volunteer group started patrol moments ago. kymmen-- >> the nonprofit volunteer
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group started patrol moments ago. >> we see people using alcohol and we walked up to them and ask them to quit. >> even if it does not deter crime, i think it is good for people to take a stance. d. >> we spoke to the victim that was released from the hospital. >> more visibility and more people would make it a safer area. >> this afternoon the victim's jaw is still wired shut. the angels plan on patrolling the area at least twice a week for the next seven weeks. nine out of 10 times these things are peaceful. police are still looking for the suspect. >> think you. a suspicious package outside of the saudi arabia patand deceit is
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under investigation. -- thank you. the call came in as a metal container outside the building. traffic is tied up in the area. the bomb squad has left the area. >> concourses a and b were evacuated because of a suspicious odor just before 9:00. passengers were allowed back in about an hour later. officials investigating the item found your security. they believe the odor may have been pepper spray. >> back to work for state lawmakers in maryland as the house and senate back at it as part of a special ssession to try to get a budget deal. free and carter is with us this noon. -- brianne carter is with us this noon. >> republicans tried to delay votes on the bill, and that was
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denied. each side tried to fight for what they think is right to fix the budget. the budget battle is under way again in annapolis as lawmakers began a three-day special session. the governor martin o'malley called lawmakers back to work in a special session. o'malley says the tax increases are needed to prevent cuts in spending to keep priorities like education. >> if we do not do these measures now, there will be tax increases. that will lead to increased class sizes. this is something i do not think our families or kids deserve right now. >> the new proposals worked out by the governor and leaders, as a result of the doomsday budget passed during the regular 90-day session. republicans say the new bills on
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the table will only hurt merrill lenders. >arylanders. >> people are hurting. >> people we spoke to have mixed reaction as to whether now is the right time to raise taxes. >> it is a shame we cannot come to agreement the first time. i do not see a problem with this. >> i think we need to take a look at more budget cuts and not always be increasing things. >> the tax bill is expected to get the votes needed to pass. there could be another special session later this summer. the governor has said he is not opposed to calling lawmakers back to annapolis to take up the issue of extending gambling in the state. >> thank you. in virginia, lawmakers are back
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in richmond to consider amendments to the commonwealth two-year $85 billion budget. the governor has proposed changing the payout of a 3% bonus to state employees and restoring economic incentives for the movie industry. legislative -- legislators are expected to raise concern to cuts for programs that help children transition to college. take a new developments in the trading scandal at j.p. morgan chase. the chief investment officer announced she will step down. this comes in the wake of the $2 billion trading loss at the company. >> the nation's largest bank looks like it is trying to really save its own image after the bad behavior brought back a flood of dark memories from the 2008 financial crisis. >> it is tough. >> knowing it had to act fast, j.p. morgan chase accepted the resignation of the chief investment officer, one of the
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highest-ranking women and a person that oversaw the division of the bank responsible for losing $2 billion in a risky trade. >> we know we were sloppy and stupid and bad judgment. the bank ceo was in full damage control mode over the weekend. >> we heard ourselves and our credibility, and we have to pay a price for that. >> two other high-paid leaders at the bank could lose their position. there is a new push in washington to strengthen the volcker rule. >> the price will be they will lose their battle in washington to weaken the role. the stock lost 9% of its value on friday. >> we are still going to earn a lot of money this quarter. >> the bigger immediate threat to the investments is europe because europe fail to form a
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government this weekend, and that uncertainty is hanging like a cloud over wall street. >> also at noon, a big day of campaigning in the race for the white house. we will tell you why the nation's problems are being overshadowed by one big debate. >> time for the defense in the john edwards trial. the latest from the court room. >> the list for the top names for babies. see if your child's name is on the list. >>
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>> the latest for the race in the white house. mitt romney in the president's trying to focus on the biggest issues. >> same-sex marriage continues
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to dominate the discussion. in > same-sex marriage dominated the political landscape last week but they are both eager to get the focus back on the economy. mitt romney has a tough new television advertisement. it takes his work at bain capital in focus. >> we've you admit romney as a job destroyer. take of they say this is just an ad to distract voters from the weak job creation of the president. as the battle over jobs, the fallout over the support for same-sex marriage continues. during a commencement address, mitt romney reiterated his position but did not waste any words. >> marriage relais a
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relationship between one man and one woman. and [applause] >> "newsweek" crowned him with a rainbow hao. >>alo. >> i expected the president to support same-6 marriage because the absence of of you against it. to go today president obama will take an interview with "the view." -->> today president obama will take an interview with "the view." >> lawyers for john edwards will begin presenting his defense today. the first witnesses will be the former chair of the election commission pollster and former attorney. no word on whether he himself will take the stand. he has pled not guilty from six
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allegations. >> the federal government will soon begin sending texts about the weather where you are. all of the major u.s. carriers are participating. the alert will be sent even if you are away from home. they will be brief automatic but you will be able to opt out if you do not want the alerts. >> one day they were sandbagginsunbathing, and the next day they were wrapped up in winter coats. the people in bosnia had this weather. and all of this snow expected to turn into a heavy rain. >> it sounds like denver this time of year. so snow and couly and cold over the
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winter and now this. >> our fair share of the rain around here. we needed it. over a 5 inch of deficit. five point to 1 inches below average. in-- 5.12 inches below average. i am happy gardner waking up to all of this. low clouds earlier in the area of rain moving through. i love this where you can see the drops on the lens. as we approached the lunch hour, things will dry up and we will see the low clouds streaming overhead. current temperatures have responded a little bit. we have formed a few degrees with the lack of falling rain and slightly thinner cloud coverage. reagan national, just under an inch.
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this is a good selection from the high to the low all across our washington viewing area. here is the latest on live super doppler. pushing off to the northeast. the bulk of the steady rain is northwest of town along i-70 and up 270. western maryland, not forgetting about you. this is all pushing off to the northeast as we speak. looking a little closer to hagerstown. a little darker green along 68. along the beltway, we really do not have much. southern maryland, you are getting a break and down 95 celt of washington, of brick. that does not mean we're done. more is on the way. here is washington on the right- hand side of your screen. the rain that seems to be
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developing down to yourself. you can see the area of yellow. this will continue to drop off to the north and east. we are expecting a little more development with that, in some of that action to clip us in the washington area. and more moderate, maybe even heavy rain later on today. of good, soaking rain to add to the impressive rainfall totals. -- a good soaking rain to add to the empress of rainfall totals. basically west of 95 is where we will expect the higher amounts of rain. i posted this on line on the blog. notice the areas of red. computer model indicating two inches of rain possible. just a computer model. it gives us a ballpark on what we can expect. temperatures right now in the
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'60s. 67 downtown. year's 60 tonight and more rain. tomorrow wore off and on showers. -- near 60 tonight and more rain. >> breaking news involving the ice from the washington capitals. >> abc7 news confirming the coach dale hunter is stepping down. he will not return. he is returning to his home in canada. this comes following the loss in game 7 against the rangers on saturday night. he finishes the season 37. much more on this story throughout the day. much more coming up at 5:00. they'ldale hunter out after the washington capitals head coach. >> the returning champ for the
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past three years, jacobs was the most popular for his name. this is followed by mason and william. topping the girls list's list, sophia. >> an unforgettable birthday for the founder of facebook. see why he will not be needing any presents for his 28th birthday, although he will probably still get them. and > port stasn stars [ female
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to mark zuckerberg founder of facebook. it is expected to go public this friday with an expected ipo of $100 billion. today more than 900 million people log on to facebook at least once every month. >> a birthday gift for prince william turning 30 next month. he will receive half of his mother's estate. her will said they would each get half of the estate on their birthday. for her divorce settlement along with stocks and jewelry. the exact amount of the inherited wealth is $16 million it for william is petty cash. -- which for william is petty
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>> i want to say thank you to virginia's finest at the university. they came here and let me help out. a couple of other guys you might know. joshed wilson got the runners off and going by using a bullhorn to get them started.
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1000 runners showed up to help the va spine center raised money for this final research foundation. >> appropriately named. >> i want to thank people at the reading connection by letting me read at their library this saturday. >> why does not surprise me that those are your favorites? >> rain often on tomorrow. i really think we will dry out and clear up for most of the day wednesday. thursday looking fantastic. comfortable. pretty good timing for the rain overall. i know it makes it tough to get up and adam on for monday morning, but overall good. the good thing to for joining us. have a great day.
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