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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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along and parallel to 95 in virginia and scattered in southern maryland, writes pringles. the orange and red on the screen is the heaviest rain, especially moving through southern fairfax county from lorton to springfield. that will continue marching north of 395 into arlington and clipping d.c. for county, fredericksburg, heavy downpours ongoing. and in potomac and bethesda there is a nice downpour. not the best morning to do your morning run. if you want to wait a few hours, we will have sunny breaks later this morning through lunchtime. then more rain on the way for the afternoon. seven seven for the high temperature. 60's right now. >> we have an accident on 95, northbound in virginia, near the quantico marine base. lane getting by. we have nothing in maryland to report a roundabout way. and tuesday trouble looks good north and south between baltimore, washington, and 95. looks good on the greenway and
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the towboat. a live picture of 395 traffic. last time we looked at this camera, a stalled car moved on to the shoulder. still there. blowback has arrived or down between duke street and seminary road. no delays. back to you. >> thank you. -- rollback . has rollback >> thank you. >> a man was walking dogs while holding a gun. >> an officer was called and ended up shooting a man. it happened in southeast. john gonzalez has more. this appears to be a violent exchange of gunfire between a d.c. police officer and this man who lived in the neighborhood and was walking his dog armed with a gun. d.c. police do their best two calm barking dogs inside a police cruiser minutes after owner was shot and killed during a police shootout that started around 10:30 last night.
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>> officers responded to the scene. confronted in vegetablthe individual. individual produced a weapon and fired at the officer. the officer returned fire striking individual multiple times. >> the responding officer is a 3 1/2 year veteran of the force. he was taken to hospital and treated for a graze wound on his leg. the officer happened to be nearby investigating an unrelated shooting when he reports -- received reports of a man acting irrationally. >> he got the call for service and responded and was able to confront the individual. it's these are the thibodaux small dogs the man was walking when neighbors told police he was being a nuisance. officers confronted him in an apartment courtyard on sixth street and 4200 block. around 30 shots were fired in exchange. a gun was recovered at the scene. the man has not been identified. the officer was treated and
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released. he has been placed on routine administrative leave. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> a separate shooting in southeast sentimental the hospital after 10:30 last night in the 1500 block of v street. one man shot in the foot and another in the arm. we don't know what led to that shooting. >> closing arguments resumed today in an effort by seven men to get a judge to overturn their murder conviction or rent them a new trial. or convicted of killing catherine fuller in northeast d.c. in 1984. their attorneys said prosecutors and police coerced confessions from the men and withheld evidence which. would have a which. a judge is expected to make a decision soon. we will get to see some of the evidence gathered against former university of and virginia lacrosse player george huguely. an interrogation video and other materials will be shown during a public viewing in charlottesville today and tomorrow. he was convicted in february for
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killing his ex-girlfriend darden of in may of 2010. he faces 26 years in jail when sentenced in august. >> day two of maryland pose a special session. senate expected to pass a tax hike and a number of measures. brianne carter in silver spring to explain to this will affect. good morning. this affects about 70% of maryland residents. after residents in montgomery county. governor mel said he did not want to have to see a tax hike but that is what could happen if it passes in the next couple days. -- governor o'malley. >> very concerned. >>i'm the only breadwinner. i really don't know how we would make it. he will soon be in the current earning bracket that would have to pay more if the new tax package in annapolis gets the green light. a potential special session deal calls for raising taxes for people making more than $100,000. governor martin o'malley says no
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increase now could mean pain later. >> cuts to education and public safety. in-state tuition increases. >> republicans say the state should have to make cuts ahaving the government is already too big. >> everything is already expensive. it's ridiculous. >> the full senate could vote on this later today. house will begin debate on the issue today and could vote tomorrow. the session is expected to wrap up by the end of the day tomorrow. reporting live in silver spring brianne carter. >> a marathon session of the virginia general assembly, house of delegates rejected 29 of 106 amendments that governor bob mcdonnell offered to two budget bills. the senate killed five amendments. mcdonnell issued a statement noting 72% of his amendments survived but he says it is unfortunate lawmakers rejected
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amendments would have helped control spending. >> problems for residents of the round hill apartments in chevy chase. that's where the fire broke out earlier this month. it destroyed or damaged about 20 units. officials say they can think it is the liberal. asbestos has been detected. one resident tells us he's not allowed to go winter retreat vanity because of contamination. >> all of our clothing pictures, memories paperwork. >> they will not let you inside? >> they will not. this is devastated, very unexpected. >> the office employee at the complex confirmed over the phone that asbestos is the reason the residents cannot return. but the manager told us only the owner can comment and so far the owner has not responded. six minutes after the hour, 62 degrees. still ahead, the latest from the john edwards corruption trial. we will look at the defense' strategy. >> we hope you are keeping up with a close in our latest
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>> tuesday morning, another a wet start.
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even more so than yesterday morning. heavy rain falling across the metro area. a break in the action out west in the shenandoah valley and lighter showers from around calvert and st. mary's counties. heavy rain and even lightning and thunder associated with this imbedded downpour from lorton to springfield moving up 395 north carroll into western alexandria and now going to approach arlington and the pentagon area crystal city as well momentarily, with this downpour as it moves north and east. rain along 66. around the beltway in prince george's county, temple hills and the joint base andrews light to moderate rain. in rockville there's a shower moving northeast. it will make its way toward olney shortly. highs in the upper 70's later on today 77, with a few sunny breaks later this morning, but more rain in the afternoon. added sunshine into tomorrow. >> i love the sound of that. in maryland, andno major
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accidents. getting a lot of spin-outs and hydroplaning teresa and accidents. 95, 395. the bill are northbound and others are southbound. -- two accidents. there's one on the marine base area that has the right lane closed. southbound 610 has an accident with traffic able to get by. 395 has a stalled car on the shoulder norton duke street. volume coming out of southern maryland on 66. a tough ride on 270. hopefully we will have newschopper 7. we will see what happens with the weather pattern that affects them. now to news. >> -- >> you have another chance to enterour chipping contest to play against tiger woods. >> the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national in june. all you have to do is watch
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one of their officers. an officer went to 63 to check on reports of a man with a gun when a man opened fire. the officer fired back, hitting the man, who died at the hospital. the officer was grazed in the leg. investigators searching for the gunman behind a double shooting in southeast d.c. two people shot around 10:30 last night on v street. both victims expected to survive. no word on what led to the shooting. day two of the maryland general assembly special session. the senate in maryland expected to begin debating budget measures including a tax increase. house of delegates expected to begin debating the bill this afternoon. >> the political impact created by last week's elections in greece could soon have an impact in the u.s. as well. the greek president meeting with leaders from several political parties, trying to figure out a solution to the crisis. if that does not happen, new elections could be held next month. the ongoing uncertainty in that country could impact the bureau, causing 401k plan still sink
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and credit to tighten. >> don edwards' daughter kate expected to take the stand today. the defense team has shifted the focus of the trial to the dry details of campaign expenses. they want to prove secret payments from of the donors were gifts and not secret campaign violations. -- john edwards. in the roger clemens style, this man testify gave roger clemens a shot of steroids which is contrary to what the star pitcher told congress under oath. >> we are following some very interesting fashion choices by a couple celebrities. first we have to show you fashion selections made by lady gaga, in tokyo last night. she is on tour. she came out with another meat dress. this one was not made of real me -- meat. >> she was performing in tokyo
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last night when wearing this. the the second trendsetter was russell west brook last night after the playoff game against the lakers. coaxed tweeted to say that you -- people tweeted to say that he was wearing fishing lures on his clothing and that he was wearing sally jessy raphael's glasses. >> i don't think it makes a difference, because they were the winners. two major video games hit the stores today in hopes of saving a slumping video game market. >> rob nelson has more. >> leveling the wireless plainfield. a new survey of customer satisfaction puts the top four u.s. wireless carriers in a virtual dead heat, all within two points of each other. at&t had the biggest increase this year.
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two much debated videogames go on sale today. this one brings back a police detective for the playstation, xbox, and windows computers. another for windows and macintosh and is also for users 17 and older. macy's is taking a page out of amazon's book, carving out space in many stores for online sale distribution centers around. online orders will be filled. virgin atlantic is launching inflight telephone service in some flights. it will cost extra and will not be available until plans are outside u.s. aerospace. i am rob nelson. >> thanks so much. time to look at traffic and weather this morning. adam caskey. >> we have moderate to heavy rainfall all around the beltway the metro area, at this time. let's look at live triple doppler 7 in detail. there's light rain north of the metro in frederick county, hagerstown, a few sprinkles. the heaviest rain is locally and
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south of washington. we will soon in over the heart of alexandria and arlington especially the south side of arlington, we are seeing moderate to heavy rainfall john in yellow and orange. over southeast d.c., light rain with northeast d.c. as well. heavy showers across the potomac shortly and will pass over reagan national airport and move into the district. also along 5 in the clinton area moderate rain and restored as county and along 210 in prince george's county, moderate to heavy rain. we had a few lightning strikes and under earlier, but i don't see any signs of lightning or thunder right now. county, a soaker moving north. and in charles county all the way up into la plata and waldorf. light to moderate rain. and in the northern neck of virginia. we will clear out and see a little sunshine behind this morning rainfall.
5:20 am
a clearing line it. then more showers and storms in the afternoon. we have an area of low pressure, the disturbance moving through. despite some clearing later this morning and midday, we will have more rain in the afternoon and evening. by thursday the cold front could be through our region with dryer, more comfortable air working in place. that is next to move into town. currently 67 in the district. 63 in martinsburg. another mild and muggy start today. here's the hourly forecast important to look at. morning rainshowers ending by about 9:00 a.m., then a few sunny breaks through the late morning and early afternoon followed by more rain showers this afternoon and evening around and after 4:00 p.m. about 77 for the high temperature, but a little warmer in spots where you have additional sunshine. 83 tomorrow, partly cloudy, slight chance of late-day showers with the cold front
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moving in. looks thursday from paris -- looks perfect from thursday into the weekend, the '70s, near 80. >> rain and road spray will slow you down a little. add extra space. it will create poor visibility this morning. we have had a few accidents. 95 virginia between stanford and the marine base, you are able to get by. and this is traffic through springfield. back to you. >> thank you. price at the pump have been falling in recent weeks, but not so much on the west coast. >> gas prices in california, oregon washington state all up more than a dime a gallon in the past week. being blamed on maintenance of oil refineries. prices should drop once the refineries return to normal production. >> we're giving you the chance to win a new ford fiesta + read thousand dollars in cash, which you can apply to gas if you like. >> go through and then tune in tonight to abc
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7 news at 5:00 to see if your name is called. if it is, you have 30 minutes to call us back to become a finalist. then we will pick a winner from the 16 finalists later this month. >> 5:21 right now, 64 degrees. >> next, bryce harper the first time than he has gone yards in the pros. >> next "anderson" -- our audience will face their phobias. what are you afraid of? we will help you get over it.
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
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let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit ni.. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> both runners. espinosa has a shot. >> and other night another catcher lost another. near ninth inning implosion a. it must have seemed like deja vu for the nationals. leon was just called up from the minors but now is on the disabled list himself after that
5:26 am
collision. rodriguez loaded the bases in the ninth inning again before being lifted. the nationals hold on to beat the padres 8-5. >> rookie bryce harper and his first big league home-run and the nationals are back in first place. the play again this afternoon. now tim brant. >> hello again. in a quite a couple days after the capitals have been eliminated from the proceeds and by the rangers, dale hunter stepped down as coach of the capitals yesterday. leaves on his own terms because he wants to be home with his family. he owns a minor league franchise in ontario and has a farm. the capitals will now search for the third head coach in the last seven months. >> the team is pulling the right way. they are playing stanley cup hockey. you have a chance of winning. >> its a little while to get to know him and to understand him. in the end, the end up loving
5:27 am
the guy, like the rest of us. >> i will still try to convince him to stay. i was a little surprised. >> thanks so much. 64 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30 >> . president appendix continue to tackle controversial topics on the campaign trail. what president obama says about same-sex marriage. >> and we have some heavy rain outside.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> hehe fired at the officer. the officer returned fire an.
5:30 am
>> the latest on a shootout that killed one and wounded a police officer in southeast washington. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, may 15, i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. you might want to leave yourself extra time this morning, because the rain is coming down. >> you will need it especially if you are headed out the door right now especially in part of the district and in the metro area. areas of rain up and down the 95 corridor especially heavy in virginia and now and parts of southern maryland and prince george's county and over the district, the beltway alexandria and at national harbor there's heavy rain moving through. it's about to cross over into parts of montgomery and prince george's counties where you see orange and red on the screen. in the 60's, on our way to the mid to upper 70's this
5:31 am
afternoon. 77 with a few sticks of sunshine and more rain later today. >> there is a broken-down vehicles northbound 395. we will take you to duke street where the activity is on the shoulder but it's gone now. the pace is improving. rain and road spray. now to a news. >> investigators try to learn why a man was out walking two dogs and decided to open fire on a police officer. the officer fired back, killing a man on sixth street in southeast washington. john gonzalez has details. >> d.c. police do their best tocalm . a barking dogs inside a police cruiser -- two do their best to caolm -- calm two barking dogs that belonged to the man, inside
5:32 am
a police cruiser. >> the man opened fire. the officer responded in kind. >> the officer happened to be nearby investigating an unrelated shooting when he received a report of a man acting erratically. >> we got the call for service and responded around here and was able to confront the individual. >> these are the two small dogs the armed man was walking when neighbors told police he was being a nuisance officers. confronted income in the 4200 block of sixth street in an apartment courtyard. around 30 firesshots were fired in exchange. ex-husband of a woman killed by a call police officer has filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit. patricia cook was not armed on february 9 when an officer responded to a suspicious person call. if he shot and killed her. the lawsuit identifies the officer as daniel harmon wright.
5:33 am
a special grand jury is investigating. >> now the latest in the race for the white house. later this morning president obama appearing on "the vi ew." and he will comment on his reaction to same-sex marriage. >> mitt romney has a slight edge over the president among registered voters and among women. the president is speaking right to those groups today, appearing on "the view." >> which kardashian was married only 72 days? [laughter] >> low 80's started off like it with the president and then came the heavy hitters. days ago, mr. obama announced he believes same-sex couples should be able to get married, but on the show he would not say whether he would appeal a federal law but defines marriage as between a man and woman. >> my justice department has
5:34 am
said to the courts we don't think the defense america act is constitutional. >> the president is trying to lock up core democratic voters including women, gays, and lesbians. his likely republican rival mitt romney mean while bids to the state of iowa today where he is likely to try to change the focus of the race from same-sex marriage back to the economy. >> those issues have become more current today. how important it is for the people of the month from now will tell. >> you can watch the rest of the president's interview on abc 7. the show starts at 11:00 this morning. in the newsroom, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. it's a special election being held today to choose a replacement for doug christie c councilman harry thomas jr. pulls in more five (7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. 10 democrats, one republican, and one independent are vying to
5:35 am
replace thomas, resigned in january just before pleading guilty to embezzling more than $360,000 from the city. the winner will be sworn in on may 30. the council also expected to cast the first of two votes today on mariposa proposed fiscal 2013 budget. his plan would cost millions of dollars from human services programs, and would expand the use of traffic cameras to raise revenue. council recently rejected his proposal to extend our hours by an hour to raise revenue, but they will now considering a plan to extend our hours on holidays. >> 5:35 right now. the environmental group american rivers today will unveil its list of the nation's 10 most endangered rivers. the potomac river is number one on the list. the group says the potomac is cleaner than it used but is still threatened by urban and agricultural pollution. the group says the problem will get worse if congress rolls back critical clean water safeguards. it is 64 degrees. >> still ahead learn how police
5:36 am
hopes of bills deal help them solve the stabbing of a pregnant woman in southeast d.c. >> a bizarre story from texas. a bad mother's day gift might it led to the murder of a woman's boyfriend. >> we will traffic and weather every ten minutes. a wet start on this tuesday morning. there's traffic near shirlington on 395.
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>> we are with the march of dimes, encouraging you to drive the dulles greenway on may 17 for the drive for charity. >> good morning, washington. >> i love that enthusiasm. good morning, washington. 5:39, 4 traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's find out what's happening outside along with the rainfall. >> we will see the morning rain come to an end in the next couple hours and you may see a few sunny breaks late in the morning close to lunchtime and then more rainfall in the afternoon and evening. now we have heavy rain moving from northeast d.c. into parts of prince george's. a little clipping montgomery county moving towards the beltway in maryland and into college park, a heavy downpour. southeast d.c. and neighboring cities in prince george's county seeing heavy showers, all pushing northeast up and down 210 in prince george's and
5:40 am
charles counties. frederick county is dry this morning. some wet ground from yesterday. in southern maryland, a few spotty showers, moderate in nature. temperatures in the 60's now. it is money -- nuggy. you will notice the humidity. -- muggy. it will reach 77 for the high temperature. under showers possible this afternoon and evening. even warmer tomorrow, partly cloudy, slight chance of lateday storms. let's go to lisa >> . 95 has had several accidents between stafford and springfield. we will take you to a couple geico traffic center picture so you will know how to plan in the rain and road spray. 27 south0 pound is very tedious out there frederick to get to germantown, lanes are open. moving cautiously through the
5:41 am
rain shower. next virginia 395 pier there looking for stalled car, but so far so good. that would be scary, a stalled car in the rain when you are going at speed. that's why you should drive defensively at all times. back to you. >> thank you. >> you have another chance to enter our chipping contest to play against tiger woods. >> the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national in june. all you have to do is watch "good morning washington" and listen for the daily clue. today's clue is "caddie." take that to our facebook page. you can enter once a day through wednesday. the winner will be announced on. -- on thursday morning. it is 63 degrees. >> you have heard the saying
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about that food can go straight to your hips. there may be some truth to that. >> scary moments during the semifinals on "dancing with the stars." hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, the latest trend in plastic surgery. it addresses a part of the body that shows signs of aging early. we will tell you about hand lift lifts and why patients swear by them. join us at 5. >> coming up etch 6:00, not part of a healthy breakfast. hidden dangers in the foods we eat and how you can find help the alternatives. >> just because you are asleep does not mean you're not losing -- not moving. facebook being a fat. and president on "the view."
5:46 am
cracked an attack against a pregnant woman caused the death of her child who was named kuron hunt. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. former university of maryland student accused of posting online threats has a hearing today in upper marlborough. alexander song was arrested in march for allegedly threatening to go on a shooting spree on campus. one message said, "to hopefully i still enough people to make it to national news." stars with eight misdemeanors and has been suspended from school indefinitely. >> firefighters struggling to contain huge wildfire in northern arizona. flames broca sunday near the historic mining town of crowned king. it has burned 1,400 acres and destroyed two buildings at the trailer. crowned king the area is under a mandatory evacuation order. most of the town's residents are
5:47 am
staying put, however. >> an inadequate mother's day gift may have led to a deadly stabbing in texas. s page parker andon stamped her boyfriend to death yesterday morning after he gave her a card and flowers. couple who had a history of domestic violence, are arguing all weekend that. they have two young children. now she faces first-degree murder charges. >> 7 is on your side with. obama administration plans to adopt a landmark national strategy today is aimed at fighting alzheimer's. >> a white house setting a deadline of 2025 to find effective ways to treat or least stall the mind-destroying disease. the national institutes of health giving the green light to major new studies of possible therapies. one of them involves a form of insulin that is sorted into the nose. >> fat can reach your waistline after just three hours. s after eating a big meal. researchers at oxford found the
5:48 am
fat in foods can be converted into tissue around the plumpest parts of the body within hours. they say if one continues to overeat, the fact will also be moved into tissue around the hips rear, and your thighs for storage. >> first lady michelle obama continuing to promote fitness and help the needy for children. she will host a let's move south prevent this afternoon with younkeryoungsters from all across the country. l.a. galaxy will also take part including david beckham. he is going to be in the state dining room. >> which three celebrities are moving onto the dance finale. s scary night for katherine jenkins. she nearly fainted during her second dance. >>she broke down into the arms of for partner. later she said that her back gave out. she went to the doctor to get checked out. she still got high marks.
5:49 am
i think she had a 27, of which was a lowest score. nam le be at the top of the leader board -- william levy at the top of the leader board. >> i will have reports from the finale in hollywood next week. live reports on abc 7 news. 5:49 right now. changes on the way for facebook and twitter. >> for details, ellen braitman is at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> while facebook has 900 million users around the globe and as of march its regulatory filings show and more than half are using it on their smartphone. facebook mobile is due for an upgrade. users will notice photographs three times larger and will start seeing a new designed in the news feed. if you are too busy, there is a weekly summary feature with what
5:50 am
twitter deems the most relevant tweets . j.p. morgan chase is facing shareholders today in the wake of its $2 billion trading mistake. on the table, a vote on whether approve jamie dimon's pay package from last year. investors getting reports on inflation. retail sales for april as well. we are setting up for a higher opening on wall street after another down day yesterday. that is business news from bloomberg headquarters in new york. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's get a look at the rainy forecast one more time. adam caskey. >> rather damp outside to start the day. downpours this morning,. not much lightning or thunder. it will pass through within the next couple hours. don't be surprised to see a little sunshine. later this sunshine a chance to dry out there that will warm us
5:51 am
up and destabilize the atmosphere and make us more prone for afternoon showers and thunderstorms around 2:00 later today. right now we have the first round. up and down the 95 corridor and in southern maryland particularly charles county and northwestern st. mary's county, calvert county getting some moderate showers. yellow and orange indicates the heavy rain moving to beltsville, college park, around the beltway. most the entire beltway in prince george's county, and 50 in maryland. that's where we have some of the heaviest rain. even on 4 and 5 you will run into moderate to heavy rain in prince george's county. in southern maryland, northern neck of virginia, crossing over the potomac into st. mary's county, light rain. the yellow in charles county is more moderate rain. beneficial rain this morning. i have been treating some of the rainfall totals from our weatherbug network. centreville and manassas about an inch and 1/2 over two days.
5:52 am
that is so far from this disturbance that's moving overhead. behind morning rain i expect a little clearing. looking off to our northwest this is what is on deck, our next weather player that will move in tomorrow night. behind that we will have less humid, dryer, more comfortable air by thursday and friday. you will feel the humidity today. 77 for the high temperature. currently in the low to mid 60's. a few sunny breaks like this morning through lunchtime the. then more scattered showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. even warmer tomorrow, 83, slight chance of late-day and thundershowers with the cold front. feeling and looking good on thursday with limited to, mostly sunny, thursday into the weekend with highs near 80 by saturday and sunday. lisa baden dealing with downpours and road spray. >> a smattering of accidents on 95 virginia and. one of them northbound near
5:53 am
courthouse road in stafford. we had one at the marine base that's now gone. a stalled car reported near the pentagon northbound 395 they're moving that. a crash on the inner loop near the mormon temple is gone. 270, they're looking for a one- year old georgetown road. and there's rain and road spray in montgomery county on the beltway. we are not out of the woods. back to you. >> thank you. 63 degrees. >> a lot of pets cannot stand the noise of fact and cleaners but this kiddie cat scan at
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
captioned by the national captioning institute >> scores! >> a really cool place. the rangers have the open net. the double dives with the back candle of problem of the goal. caps fans were upset about that, seeing the rangers not score. the rangers went on to win. a pet owner has found a way to keep her cat happy. >> it centers around a vacuum cleaner. take a look. this owner says that he loves to get a rope from the vacuum cleaner, which is interesting because a lot of parents tend to run away from the noise. this one finds its soothing, like a massage.
5:57 am
maybe if more pets will give it the chance, they would like it. more to come in the next hour on this tuesday morning if. >> president obama addresses the issue of same-sex marriage during an appearance on "the view." we have a look ahead to that interview that you will see today on abc 7 greg. lisa baden back to help you get to your commute. it is a wet start, but we will get you [ male announcer ] get
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>> straight ahead at a shootout in southeast d.c. police involved firefight that left one man dead and a police officer heard. >> which kardashian was married only 72 days? >> that would be kim. >> very good. >> president obama since down with the ladies from "the view" but it was not all laughs. >> and the danger hiding in your breakfast. how you can start the day healthier. "good morning washington" continues. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is tuesday, may 15. off to a soaking wet start. i'm cynne simpson.


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