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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes and will start off with adam caskey. the rain still coming down. >> coming hard still in some locations. the rate is not as widespread not as affecting as many people resisted a but where it is raining, it is coming down harder than yesterday. we are dealing with the rain, especially around the metro area and the beltway. the main commuting arteries in and out of washington. a look at doppler, you see the yellow and orange, prince george's county bowie hyattsville, also southern maryland getting a few moderate showers as well. a break in the rain basically west of 15, mainly dry, with one little sprinkle approaching winchester. on your way to 77. this morning the rain will come to an end and there will be some sunny breaks, leading to more rain this afternoon and evening. >> metrorail is reporting a track problem at the medical
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center station meaning the red line customers, additional wait for trains. additional wait for everyone who hits the road this morning. look at the pace -- and the rain and road spray not helping. more and less than 10 minutes. >> a man is dead after a shootout with d.c. police over night and now this morning investigators trying to figure out why he opened fire on an officer while out walking two dogs. >> is happened at a 4200 block of sixth st. se. police also want to note of the violence is connected to the double shooting blocks away. we get the very latest from john gonzalez. >> d.c. police do their best to calm two barking dogs in the police cruiser minutes after the owner is shot and killed in a shootout. it started rouse and 30 p.m. last night. >> the officer started the scene and saw the individual matching the description and confronted
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the individual. as the officers confronted the individual the individual produced a weapon and fired at the officer and officer fired a weapon and struck the individual. the officer is a three and a half years -- >> the officer is a three and a half year veteran of the force. officer happen to be there by investigating an unrelated shooting when he received a report of a man acting erratically. >> they had done a great job -- got a call for a service to respond right around here. >> these are the two small dogs of the man was walking with neighbors told police he was being a nuisance. officers confronted in an apartment courtyard on sixth street. during the exchange it appears around 30 shots were fired. >> john gonzalez reporting this morning. we will have a live update coming up. also new this morning, the race to replace former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. will get underway. world -- ward 5 will pick 12
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candidates who will serve the last two years of his term. polls close at 8:00 tonight. also new this morning, we could learn how d.c. mayor vincent gray plans to reform the city's campaign finance system, amid a federal investigation into the mayor's 2010 campaign. last month the mayor -- set a self-imposed deadline. >> today president obama will honor federal, state, a local officer who died or who were disabled in the line of duty as part of peace officers memorial day. at the same time, he is going to sit down with the hosts of abc's "the view" an answer tough questions about same-sex marriage, j.p. morgan, and the economy. live from northwest, a sneak peak. >> president obama is doing some major outreach to women that is
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why you take this appearance on "the view. the latest is the president whether he would work to repeal the defense of marriage act, the federal law that defines marriage as being between a man and woman. take a look of the exchange. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> look -- congress is clearly on notice that i think it is a bad idea. >> what are you going to do about it? >> the president was also asked about j.p. morgan chase that a massive $2 billion loss due to risky trades. here is a look at that exchange. >> this is why we passed wall street reform. since these banks are in short backed up by taxpayers we don't want you taking risks where it eventually we might end up having to bail you out again. because we have done that. been there. didn't like it. >> the pre taped interview airs later this morning on abc 7. there is a new cbs news slesnick
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your times poll shows mr. obama's likely republican opponent leading among registered voters and also leading among women. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> another round of primary elections today, this time voters in nebraska and oregon have their say in the gop presidential race. mitt romney will likely win, especially now that he is running almost unopposed. yesterday's texas congressman ron paul says he is -- spending money on his campaign. >> day 2 of a special session in annapolis and today the maryland senate will likely vote on a package of budget measures, including a tax hike on anyone making over $100,000 a year. the package will head to the house of delegates if passes. governor martin o'malley called legislators back over the doomsday budget.
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was triggered when lawmakers failed to reach a deal during the regular session. >> today john edwards eldest daughter will take a stand and be former give descriptions rouse. it is not clear what kids edwards knows about the proposed coverage that will help him. yesterday the attorneys tried to shift the focus for money and sex to the dry details of can pay its -- campaign expenditures. they want to pay the former candidate as a lawyer but not as a criminal. 64 degrees outside. >> straight ahead -- the j.p. morgan mess has capitol hill. politico's ann palmer on the latest fallout. >> another first for the rookie -- and a catcher out of commission. highlights from last night's nats highlights. >> areas of rain, heavy rain
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>> ballston -- ballston business approve the district and haddeed -- we invite you to benefit arlington charities. for tickets and more information more informationw -- >> good morning, washington. time to look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> a rough start to the morning out there outside along the road. let's start off with lisa baden.
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>> 95 va, we just had our third accident, northbound try to get into stafford -- the right lane as close. very slow and heavy not only on 95 but also with one. a lot of people thinking they will fancy dance around the problems. 395, the volume starting to grow between duke street and some never wrote. maryland is low 270 frederick out of highest town this morning. and metrorail has problems with the track at medical center. red line customers, expect delays. we will go to the weather now. >> all right, lisa. we have some heavy rain this morning -- moderate to heavy showers. yesterday what it was all very light in nature and today more localized but heavier. a lot of yellow and orange on the screen. pushing off to the north and east. most of the rate is up and down the 95 corridor and parts of southern maryland as well, western shore of the day seeing
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a good amount of rain. the good soldier to kick start the day. two-day totals already been an inch and a half and some parts of the metro area, especially fairfax county with a few downpours. here is a look around the beltway. 66 degrees right now that reagan national airport. highs today will make it around 77 with a few sunny breaks around lunchtime. a few peaks of sun. that would destabilize the atmosphere and add to the thunderstorm potential for later on. round two coming this afternoon and evening. f partly cloudy tomorrow, warmer, and into the 80's. >> a little or did they may not be able to get the nats game in last night with a grin and they did, and at least one big moment as bryce harper had his first big league home run. >> from the windup, and that ball is blasted center field. there is number one. >> the solo shot from a 19-year- old rookie helped lead the nats
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2 and 8-5 victory over the progress last night but they also lost another player to injury, backed up catcher leone making a major league debut, an hour into his first game gives bowled over at the plate and of getting hurt and is headed to the disabled list. we get a chance to play against tiger woods to enter our tiger woods shipping contest. also getting two vip tickets to the at&t national. just watch "good morning washington" each day this week and have the clue word -- today's clue word is -- caddie. go to facebook and enter into the word and you will be entered into the contest and you can enter once a day through tomorrow. they will announce the winner thursday morning. >> coming up, where college
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graduates went to work. >> and why were you live with the side where the gas prices are driving and falling. >> and a hidden danger in the foods we eat and how you can find a healthy alternative. >> of the first look at the evidence that sent away a
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>> welcome back. taking a look at the day ahead. the former university of maryland student accused of posing threats against the college park campus online will be in court for a hearing. alexander song faces a misdemeanor charges in connection with the march incident. >> today we will get the first glance of some of the evidence the jury used to convict uva the cross bar of murder. >> and immemorial honoring dwight eisenhower -- changes to the design.
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the family objected to an earlier draft. >> one out of every three adults has high blood pressure and most people get it from the food they eat. >> it turns out breakfast foods can be some of the most unhealthy. during this hypertension awareness month, 7 is on your side with what you should be looking out for. jummy olabanji talked to the woman known as sodium girl. >> jessica was the typical american either, until nine years ago when she faced kidney failure. to stay healthy, she would need to follow a strict low sodium diet. >> i think what shocks most people is when they start turning around the packaged goods and a and start looking at the label. >> experts say americans are over salted, nearly three- quarters of the sodium we consume comes from process prefects -- prepackaged food, which contributes to high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease stroke, heart failure, kidney disease.
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>> we are not tasting tomato soup with a dash of -- dash of salt but saw with a dash of tomato soup. the bagel itself surprisingly just the two slices and cost you about 500 milligrams of sodium or more. >> of the fda recommends the average person consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium today, about a teaspoon of table salt. but people with high blood pressure, african-americans, and older adults, should limit their intake to 1,500 milligrams a day. that means adding cream cheese or jordan me to your bagel almost puts you at your daily minute. >> instead of the day go you can use rice crackers, corn tortillas, which have a very low amount of sodium. >> what about all the mail? according to the jets and labels most old males can cost you about 300 milligrams of sodium per 1 cupp -- wednesday
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at a mill, the number goes up. >> they actually make instant oatmeal and packages with zero sodium in it. just turn the boxes around and look at the nutrition label. >> also be careful about cereal. those labels call for a serving size of about a cut above the average american eats nearly a bowl. she says look for granola or rice-based cereal with zero or milligrams of salt and then add coconut milk or fresh fruit. >> with all of these options you really get to customize your breakfast exactly to your test -- taste. >> leading to a full belly and a full life. julie -- jummy olabanji come abc 7 news. >> you can learn more about the recipes visiting >> making news and america's money, gas prices, j.p. morgan, and an employer wish list. diana perez with the story. >> topping america's money
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gasoline inequality. while gasoline prices are coming down nationally they are rising and the pacific northwest, 13 cents in one week in washington, 14 in california. analysts say it is because of refinery problems there. j.p. morgan chase executives are likely to get an earful about the $2 billion trading mistake at the shareholder meeting in tampa. president obama says a loss shows the need for tighter banking regulations. >> you could have a bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable, making those same bed, and we might have had to step in. >> mr. obama's entire interview will air on today's episode of "the view. although many of this year's college students can be picky but jobs -- that the wish list for employers -- google, apple what does me, our parent company. -- what disney, our parent company. >> now the time to look at traffic and weather. >> lisa, good morning.
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>> are you sure you want to? i bring nothing but bad news, especially 95 virginia, a series of crashes between fredericksburg and woodbridge. nothing blocking down -- was down of the freeway, leaving pennsylvania avenue toward the 14th street bridge just got off the phone with a guy who passed a broken-down vehicles blocking the left lane. live picture 270 -- let's see if i can take you there -- on the beltway at georgia avenue, here we go -- 270 looks slow out of urbana and the beltway at this picture. that is the pace -- the rain and the road spray. back inside. >> those cameras tell the tale. the roads brae is pretty ugly. round one of rain this morning, around two this afternoon and evening and in between, a little bit of sun, i think. >> all right, will take that. >> psychological boost. but it is still healthy
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beneficial rainfall especially where we need it most. western shore of the day and even the eastern shore, moderate drought at this time so this is good. take that, drought. look at the yellow, indicating the moderate range. prince george's county, anne arundel county, moving through we as well -- bowie as well. down in southern maryland, light to moderate rain rouse a mary's county. 301, just some light rain, and even along 5, a little light rain as well but even moderate rain, even have the from bo wie, glen burnie area -- even upper marlboro. and the district, as light rain. we are starting to see the morning rain showing signs of coming to that end. the tail and is down near stafford and fredericksburg. behind that, a little bit of clearing later this morning and into the midday. a few sunny breaks, and that will help warm us up into the
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upper 70's and maybe 80 degrees in spots. also it will be both -- destabilize the atmosphere and add to the thunderstorm potential. that of the same disturbance -- that of the same disturbances yesterday. another whether maker that will not cause much disturbance in the atmosphere but how feels the cold front, which will hit us tomorrow afternoon which may fire of a stray thunderstorm or two, but most important, dry air, less humid, more comfortable air. the morning rain will and come a few sunny breaks through lunchtime, and more showers and storms into the afternoon. 77 and monday tonight. martins and 80's with partly -- semi seven and muggy tonight. >> coming up, dancing process semi finals and with an injury and a perfect score.
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we will be right back with highlights.
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>> this is going to be a huge knife on "dancing with the stars. we are determining which stars will head into the final. it is down to the end. there is catherine jenkins -- she had an injury there at the end of her routine. did not end up with the highest or she was hoping for but maria medudo at the top of the leader board. >> something that will be stuck on the top of the head if you have not seen it. doing a cover of "i'm sexy and i know what. -- "is sexy and i know its." he had a couple of hundred thousand hits on youtube and ryan seacrexst retweted it and now has millions. and the dancing dog was the winner of britain's got talent.
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simon cowell's show going to the dogs. >> she will get him a diamante crusted collar. it is 6:26 a.m. and 64 degrees. >> coming up -- in our next 30 minutes, how much metro will
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>> straight ahead at 6:30 a.m., a shoe that in southeast live on the scene of a police involves firefight with to let a man dead and a police officer heard. >> president obama fights for his core support with a stop by "the view. it is a wet and rainy tuesday
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morning, may 15. i am steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne simpson. we will check in with meteorologist adam caskey in a moment but first, lisa baden because of what are dealing with a wet roads. >> and metrorail has track problems now outside medical center -- red line, an additional weight. four, five, six accidents northbound 95 all between fredericksburg and woodbridge exit. everything is out of the roadway but right in the heart of an out of fredericksburg to get into dale city. we will take you to one of the traffic center pictures. here we are on the beltway at georgia avenue. outer loop delays to this point to the mormon temple. >> starting to see the rain pushed off to the northeast, in the back edge is moving through fairfax county, about to reach the beltway in virginia. you will notice that in much of
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northern virginia, western maryland shenandoah valley, we are getting a break. southern maryland, moderate rain, moving from st. mary's county approaching calvert county into charles county. some moderate to heavy rain moving to the northeast. also still around alexandria and arlington but the back end is near manassas, dale city, stafford, fredericksburg reston falls church. once the morning rain comes to an and i expect a little break some clouds and a little sunshine. 66 right now that reagan national 77 will be our high temperature with a few sunny breaks around midday. but then more showers and storms around 2:00, this afternoon and evening. >> a man shot and killed after investigators say he opened fire on a police officer in southeast d.c. >> it happened around 10:30 p.m. last night, 4200 block of sixth
6:32 am
street. the police officer responded to a call of a man carrying a gun as he was walking to have a dog. when the officer confronted the man, that is when things turn violent. >> he produced a weapon and fired at the officer and officer returned fire and struck the individual multiple times. >> the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. the police officer who shot and was taken to hospital for treatment for a graze wound to the leg. we are told he has been on the force for three and half years. officers investigating a separate shooting in southeast after 10:30 p.m. last night on the 15 of the block of v street -- one man was shot in the foot while a second shot in the arm. at this point we do not know exactly what led to the shooting. so far no word on any arrests. >> d.c. police surveillance video will help them find a personal interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman. it happen in march on ninth street se. the attack caused the death of the woman's unborn child who was named kron hunt and the lease
6:33 am
offering a $25,000 award leading to the arrest and conviction. >> the race to replace former d.c. council member harry thomas, jr.. today, word five voters will pick one out of 12 candidates and winner will serve the last two years of the term. he stepped down after pleading guilty to investment charges. >> turning to the 2012 campaign now, president obama hopes to reach out to women during an appearance on "the view" this morning. >> i have some questions. let's see what you have been reading. no. 1 -- which kardashian was married for only semi today's? >> that would be kim. >> many of the questions had to do with his recent pronouncements of supporting same-sex marriage but declined to say whether he would push for a repeal for defense of marriage act which defines marriages between a man and woman. >> would you fight to repeal
6:34 am
that act? >> look -- congress is clearly on notice that i think it is a bad idea. >> the president also discussed j.p. morgan chase's $2 billion loss from risky trades and the presidential campaign. you can see it live here on abc 7. primary elections -- this time voters of nebraska and oregon have their say in the gop presidential race. mr. romney will likely win especially now as he is running almost unopposed. this the day texas congressman ron paul says he is done spending money on his campaign. mitt romney is now 171 delegates away from clinching. >> is special session in annapolis, and today the maryland senate will likely vote on a pack of budget measures including a tax hike on anyone making more than $100,000. brianne carter is live in silver spring with what this can mean for anyone living in the free state. >> good morning to you.
6:35 am
this could affect about 17 percent of people living in maryland, about 50% of those living right here in montgomery county. governor martin o'malley said originally he did not want to have to seek a tax hike what he needed to see revenue in this budget. he says if this is not done now there could be more pain across the state later. as you said, this will affect, if it passes people making more than $100,000 or households making more than $150,000. opponents of the measure though, say it is not time to have residents begin deeper. >> it is the wrong remedy at the wrong time. >> everything is already expensive. this is just ridiculous. >> we understand the senate committee had already passed this and the full senate could take up the measure later today. the house is expected to begin voting on this today and as currently scheduled, the special session is expected to come to an end tomorrow. live in silver spring, brianne
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carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. closing arguments resume today in an effort by seven men to get a judge to overturn the murder convictions or bank read the minutes rouse. they were convicted of killing catherine fuller in north east d.c. in -- they say the police coerced confessions and withheld evidence that could have cleared them. the judge is expected to make a decision soon. >> metro spending millions of dollars to make sure your commute this move there. "examiner" reports the agency is spending $6 million also spent on upgrading that's an adding trains on the orange green, and yellow lines and rushed plus begins june 18. outside, 64 degrees. >> just because you are asleep doesn't mean you are not moving. the surprising result of a new sleepwalking survey. >> plus, a three-man crew
6:37 am
embarks on a four-month stay on the international space station. >> and another check of
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>> liftoff confirmed. >> an american astronaut and two
6:40 am
russian cosmonauts now on their way to the international space station for a six-month stay. the spacecraft will dock with the space station on thursday and the crew will prepare for the arrival of a privately owned space craft next week. >> time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> sloppy, messy, slow, hard to see. keep your headlights on. pack patients because it will take longer to get from 8 to be -- a to b. one of the outer loop near rockville pike this morning and several wrecks no. 95 virginia. it is really miserably slow. north of fredericksburg just to get into dale city. see if we can pull the camera upstream, heading through springfield, it is poor visibility. >> not looking pretty. now let's take a look at today's weather. >> let's take a look with doug
6:41 am
hill. >> it is still raining here in calvert county and even where leeson showed us. but it will brighten up quickly because the grain is moving east ne. some moderate rain showing in yellow and green, most is east of the city and southeast of the city. but the back edge clearly visible once you hit manassas and points west were so the skies will britain. rainfall totals -- past couple of days, nearly two inches reported in clear spring maryland and north and west of the city and areas like that, western frederick county, allegheny county getting more grain -- everyone else will see it briefly take a break. as you see on satellite, the enhanced moisture area, the bright white and the superimposed rain -- moving to ne. but with the heating, more showers and thunderstorms possible this afternoon once we had 3:00 or so. temperatures close to 77 with a
6:42 am
southerly wind. the seven-day, with just a few passing showers and a rumble of thunder, cold front coming through. check this out -- and low humidity, bright sunshine. partly it's not mostly sunny straight through the weekend and highs near 80 degrees. we will take another look coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thanks very much. outside, 64 degrees in most of the area. >> the washington capitals now looking for a new coach. why dale hunter stepping down. >> is based the just a fad? more and more people seem to be saying yes -- is facebook just a fad? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ]
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for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages...
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>> the latest trend in plastic surgery, an area of the body that shows signs of aging early. you heard about face lifts -- tonight we will tell you about hand lists and why patients swear about them. >> news around the nation -- a georgia graduate student fighting to survive after being infected with a flesh eating bacteria. the bacteria entered amy:'s body after a zip line accident earlier this month and doctors were forced to remove part for leg and abdomen and her parents are trying to remain optimistic about her recovery. massachusetts and new york are the latest dates to join a mandatory federal program to crack down on illegal immigrants. the two states did not want to put his feet in the secure communities program -- they will check fingerprints against federal databases to see if they are in the country legally. >> more questions for j.p. morgan after a $2 billion
6:46 am
mistake caused several top executives their jobs, and now lawmakers want answers. anna palmer live with details. how does this impact capitol hill? >> there will be a couple of hearings at the least but you already see lawmakers really start to ask serious questions about the $2 billion loss that j.p. morgan is so far still discovering what exactly happening. >> what about the president himself? one of the big questions is with finance and economy driving the election, where does the president's administration stand? >> the administration and certainly the campaign has tried to put this on mitt romney, saying he would not even light of reforms they implemented with the dodd-frank law, but it will be tough because presidential elections are referendum on the president's record and so far obama -- there is nobody in jail no poster child to say they have taken a tax on this issue. >> jamie dimon do-goodism that
6:47 am
the president at all? >> they have been close in the past but both said the relationship has cooled. it is not clear if there is a backlash about how dimon and sell the democrat or not. >> see you soon. >> 7 is on your side now. the obama administration plan to adopt a landmark national strategy aimed at fighting alzheimer's. the white house cindy -- setting a deadline of 2025 to find effective ways to treat or install the disease. the national institutes of health giving a green light to major therapies -- one involving a form of insolence work it into the nose. more americans having problems with sleep walking -- that is the finding of a new stanford university study. researchers found more than 8 million u.s. adults experience sleepwalking about 3.6% of the
6:48 am
population. it is also an increase over prior studies. one possible factor -- over-the- counter sleep aids which can increase the likelihood of sleepwalking. a new associated press/cnbc paul says more than half americans think facebook is just a passing fad. bombs say the initial stock price way too high. it makes its debut next week. and wireless carriers -- the american customer satisfaction index ranks sprint, at&t, team mobil, usa verizon wireless all, and within two points of each other on customer satisfaction. >> the washington capitals will spend the off season looking for a new head coach and dale hunter stepped down yesterday two days after the rangers eliminated them from the playoffs. he says he wants to go back to
6:49 am
canada to be with his family. you now have another chance to win our tiger woods chipping contest. the winner will also receive two week-long vip tickets to the at&t international -- watch us each morning and get a clue of the day, and today's clue is the word caddie. go to and enter the word to enter the contest. >> someone is good to be very excited to get that call. time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> 95 va is recovering from earlier accidents. everything is open and out of the roadway but delays are unusual of fredericksburg to get to garrisonville road, l then the roadull of the dale city.
6:50 am
readout on the parkway near mount vernon more highway. the belt way montgomery county -- little did they know they are on the way to a crash, outer loop before rock the pike and exit at 270. back to you. >> let's say hello once again to the belleville with a look of the forecast -- doug hill with a look of the forecast. >> looking at the rooftop camera, time lambs looking down the river, a very gray morning, but the farther west, not such a bad weather morning. let us get you zooomed in and show you the area of rain. most of the areas in yellow and orange of the heaviest and it is moving steadily to the northeast. not rapidly moving so it will take a few hours but east of upper marlboro -- annapolis southern suburbs of baltimore heavy rain.
6:51 am
charles county, la plata area, drifting to the northeast. this is reinforced by the satellite radar composite. pretty obvious the way everything is moving, away from the metro area and clearing skies. it will not turn bright blue and clear but we will see a little midday sun shine that will warmus into the upper 70's, destabilize the atmosphere and set the stage for more showers of possible heavy thunderstorms this afternoon. as we get through the evening hours, showers will taper off. temperatures across the area, pretty mild, pretty much the same for a couple hours now the raid and cloud cover, mostly in the 60's across the area. 66 degrees right now and the city. and temperatures will climb once we get a break of sunshine into the upper 70's this afternoon. for tonight, we will stay kind of muddy, overnight temperatures dropping to the upper 50's to mid 60's with a little fog and tomorrow partly sunny, very warm, highs in the low to mid 80's, partly sunny -- partly
6:52 am
cloudy, and then as the cold front, thunderstorms. adam caskey have the seven-day outlook coming up. >> on this
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> a good tuesday morning for all of you -- coming up, or on the highway, new details on two
6:55 am
murders that could be the fact of a series -- work of a serial killer. is the gunman pulling someone over disguised as a policeman? coming up on "good morning america. >> gresley michele obama and soccer star david beckham will have a soccer clinic for children at the white house today. >> metro unveiling a bike and ride option at the college park station -- riders can secure their bites and take the train to work. >> and what couples will make the finals on "dancing with the stars. maria menudos in the league. >> you can win a brand new ford fiesta and cash -- >> go to and tune in at 7 news at 5:00 to hear of the name is called and you have 30 minutes to call.
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them and live look at traffic and weather. >> i am singing "blame it on the rain. 95 northbound, series of accidents at stafford, one out -- outer loop in springfield george washington parkway, mount vernon memorial highway, 270 north -- and seven-mile back up on the beltway. >> damp out there this morning but the rain will be coming to an end of next hour or two and a few sunny breaks for lunch time to be followed by around two. well into the 70's this afternoon and humid, even warmer tomorrow and to a possible partly cloudy skies and may be isolated thundershowers. thursday and friday -- bright sunshine, low humidity, very comfortable and in the 70's and still looking great into the weekend. >> it will all be well worth it.
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