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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 15, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, danger on the interstate. is a serial gunman on the loose on southern highways? dressing as a police officer. pulling over drivers in the middle of the night. the urgent manhunt for a killer right now. panic calls. the dramatic moment little isabel celis' mother calls 911, begging them to find her daughter. police release the harrowing calls from the entire family the night she vanished. do they hold clues to cracking the case? this driver, caught in a hyundai, as the car takes off on busy streets.
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blasting through intersections. and final foufr, the emotional ballroom showdown. william and cheryl a sunning ovation. maria and derek's perfect ten. and donald wows the crowd. sherri sheppard joins us live. wow. katherine jenkins went down hard last night. >> we'll have an update on her condition. she was tweeting last night. right at the end. >> it's going to be a very tough choice. only three are going to make it to the finals. we have a lot else to get to this morning. could be the most emotional day yet in the john edwards trial. you see his daughter, cate, right there. she had to leave at one point in the trial. but she'll be on the stand today. >> we'll talk to dan abrams
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about it, too. plus, the woman accused of stalking alec baldwin, speaking out for the first time since her arrest. she has promised to stay away from him. but why she says she has committed no crime. and the drama "revenge," we're going to have three of the cast members here this morning. they're ready to dish on what may be one of the most explosive season finales ever. first, we have a lot of news. josh elliott with that. >> we begin with wildfire season, which has arrived with a fury, keeping hundreds of firefighters on the move out west. hot and dry conditions in arizona are fueling 5 fires that have burned through 1some 6,000 acres. and the historic mining town of crown king, ahead of its tourist season. and people in northern colorado, are being told to leave their homes at a moment's notice, as a wildfire rages near ft. collins. crews called in air support
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after a fire wild blackened hundreds of acres since monday. we turn to highway murders that may be the work of a gunman posing as a law officer. one victim was driving from nebraska to florida to pick up his grandson. abc's pierre thomas has details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: a mystery is unfolding on the highways of mississippi. two people were shot on separate nights last week. what's disturbing is they appeared to be pulled over by someone in the early morning hours and killed. the authorities are on the look for a white crown victoria. that's the fear that someone might be posing as an officer on the highways in mississippi. police in three counties have saturated the area to hunt down the suspect. >> as news becomes available, we'll have it for you. breaking news from london. the woman who was once one of rupert murdoch's top lieutenants is now facing criminal charges. rebekah brooks was charged with
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conspiracy to cover up phone hacking at her newspaper, which covers a maximum sentence of life in prison. you will remember murdoch shut down the tabloid in question when the scandal erupted. also from europe, the crisis that could hammer your 401(k). new president, francois hollande took office. he is going to reduce the debt reducing measures there. greece is unable to form any government at all. all of this, upsetting u.s. investors. in the past two weeks, the dow has lost half of its gains this year. this morning, however, dow futures are up slightly. this is what you saw at the top of the show. a white-knuckle ride captured by a dashboard camera. a hyundai accelerating on a road in south korea. careening through traffic, as a passenger aboard shouts in terror. and you cannot blame that passenger. the driver held on as long as he could. finally, slamming into a car, going some 80 miles per hour.
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17 people would be hurt in the chain reaction. the government is investigating what went wrong in the incident and in four others just like it. and finally, although most college students consider themselves lucky these days if they find any job whatsoever, there are companies they would, in fact, love to work for. and three of those companies appear in the top ten for all majors. take a look. google. apple and, what do you know? our parent company, disney. even natural science majors like them better than facebook. i'm sure "the avengers" and deejay fridays have nothing to do with that. >> thanks a lot, josh. >> you bet. now, to the latest on the high-profile john edwards' trial. his daughter, cate, set to take the stands later today. she's been by her father's side from the very beginning. abc's bob woodruff has the latest. >> reporter: for more than three weeks, cate edwards has been her father's most visible supporter at this trial. quietly enduring, day after day,
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the painful and lurid details of her father's deceit. >> cate told me not long ago, i'm the child of two parents. as much as she's her mother's daughter, she's her father's son. she is going to stick by him. she believes he has committed no crime. >> reporter: and later today, jurors may get to hear from the woman at the center of this public drama, as defense attorneys put cate on their witness list. >> cate has never publicly spoken about the effect of this scandal on her. she doesn't want anybody to mistake her being at his side for condoning what he did, how badly he hurt her mother. >> reporter: the eldest daughter of john and elizabeth, cate edwards has, in her 13 years, already suffered her share of difficult days. her older brother, wade, killed in a car accident when he was just 16. her mother, elizabeth, dayed a year and a half ago after a very public battle with cancer, in the midst of a criminal investigation of john edwards' alleged misdeeds.
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>> all of that makes her sympathetic to this jury. can humanize john edwards in the eyes of this jury. some of the jurors may say, john edwards is now using his daughter. >> reporter: for most of the trial, cate has sat stoically. as one witness was about to tell about an emotional breakdown about her mother, cate ran out of the courtroom in tears. edwards' lawyers have yet to say whether they will call the other woman at the center of the scandal, rielle hunter. hunter, who has remained quiet throughout the trial, surfaced late last week, photographed while running errands with her now 4-year-old daughter, quinn, the child she and edwards tried so hard to conceal from the public. one big decision to be made now is whether or not to have john edwards come in as a witness and testify for himself. well, his lawyers told the judge yesterday, they're going to make that decision some time between today and tomorrow.
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robin? >> bob, thanks so much. going to bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, now. good morning, dan. >> good morning. >> the setback for the defense, a big one. >> the defense wanted to call one of its first witnesses, a former chairman of the federal election commission. why? this person would have said, in essence, this isn't a crime. we've looked at this. i've looked at this. and looking at everything here that happened, it's not a crime. the judge ruled, though, is that's not really a decision for this witness to make. that's a decision, ultimately, for the jury to make. so, what the judge is saying is, let the jury decide the facts. the judge will decide the law. and he's not going -- she's not going to allow a witness to come in there and basically dictate what the law should or shouldn't be. >> because the judge ruled that way, what does the defense stress now? >> it seems cate edwards is going to take the witness stand as part of a broader defense. but the key points to the defense here are number one, to demonstrate this was not a
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campaign contribution. and number two, talk about how devastated elizabeth edwards would have been with this information. why? because again, the defense is focusing on, this is a cover-up for elizabeth edwards, not a cover-up for the campaign. >> we'll see if cate does take the stand today. we'll have you back. other cases are pending. now, to the presidential race. "your voice, your vote." and new polls with encouraging news for mitt romney. he's polled slightly ahead of president obama in "the new york times" poll. and "usa today" shows that half of the country thinks well of him. those are his best numbers yet. all this comes as president obama spent the day in new york, shoring up his support with women. giving a speech at barnard college. and sitting down on the couch to talk about everything from same-sex marriage to his 50th birthday, with the ladies of "the view." >> i like hanging out with women. what can i tell you? >> vice president biden jumped the gun a little bit. he was -- you were planning to
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say it. but he seemed to jump the gun. were you okay with that? >> i was okay with that. >> you were? >> it came out a generosity of spirit. when you get to know joe biden, he is the most honest. >> yes. >> straightforward guy. ultimately, i have to say, this is not an issue that -- as important as it is, i think is probably going to determine the election, going back to your point, joy. what's going to determine the election is the economy. and whether everybody, gay, straight, black, white, hispa c hispanic, latino, native-american, you name it. if people feel that america continues to be the land of opportunity. when i turned 50, malia and sasha and a bunch of my friends and michelle, had a private roast. they had this list. it was so sweet. one of the items on malia's list was, you are just the right amount of embarrassing.
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>> let's bring in jake tapper for more on this. we're not going to talk about malia and sasha. the new poll shows that the president has work to do with women. mitt romney polling well with women in the first time. >> reporter: it's a stunning poll, george. in addition to mitt romney having a narrow lead in this poll, he has a lead among women voters. that's a group that president obama needs to win in order to be re-elected. it's a group that he won by 13 points over senator john mccain in 2008. and he needs to, if not at least reach 13 points, at least come close to that in order to be re-elected. but this poll shows some real problems in that area. now, the obama campaign says they challenged the methodology of this poll. but what the romney campaign said all along, women like men, are focused on the economy. and 67% of those polled, in this "new york times" poll, say that the economy is in bad shape. and that is bad news for president obama. >> and some skepticism the way
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he came to this embrace of same-sex marriage. >> reporter: exactly. 67% also say this decision was made for mostly political reasons, not because it's the right thing to do. vice president biden, by fumbling around and introducing this issue the way he did, did not do the president any favors, george. >> jake tapper, thank you very much. you can see all of president obama's chat on "the view," this morning. now, to details, of the young woman who is battling her life after plunging from a zip line and plunging into a river. abc's steve osunsami has more on that. >> reporter: this morning, doctors say aimee copeland is getting closer to breathing on her own. and shoon, they will remove the breathi breathing tube she needed. with the tube, she started mouthing words. and her parents are reading her lips. >> just save my daughter's life. that's all i can ask for. that's what they've done.
7:13 am
you know, i believe there's a lot of things aimee could do. and i'll be there to help her do them. >> reporter: in her latest update overnight, her father wrote, we saw amiee laugh and smile. we played games with her. she was stimulated. doctors are saying they may be able to save most of her hands from the bacterial infection that's already claimed her left leg. but with hope comes heartache. the medication she needs clouds her memory. and every time she wakes up, her family says they have to explain what happened all over again. her fall from that zip line into the little tallapoosa river and the gash that wouldn't heal. medium concentration. >> in fresh water. >> reporter: always there? the very common bacteria grew in her wound. >> probably the best thing working for her is her youth. this disease has an overwhelming fatality rate. >> reporter: but copeland is clearly a fighter with a team in
7:14 am
her corner. at her graduate school, they're holding a blood drive today. at the restaurant where she works to help pay for school, they're holding her place. >> she has a job. you know? absolutely. whatever we can do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm steve osunsami, in atlanta. >> as steve said, aimee is a fighter. many are watching this story closely. and keeping her in their thoughts and prayers. >> absolutely. we're going to turn to a brand-new study about sleepwalking. it's the first time in years a study like this has been done. and it shows that sleepwalking is a lot more common than most of us think. abc's linsey davis has more of the details. >> reporter: it's happening every night in homes across america. and now, new research reveals not only are more and more americans sleepwalking. but what's causing them to go bump in the night could be far more serious than previously thought. new research out overnight from standard university suggests this increasing condition creeping out of america's bedrooms is somehow related to
7:15 am
certain psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. according to the findings, people with depression were almost four-times more likely to sleepwalk than those without it. people who abuse alcohol, take certain kinds of antidepressants or have obsessive compulsive disorder have more episodes. >> there's many elements about our society, that increase the frequency of these behaviors. reporter: it's not just sleep walking. in this video, the man makes the ritual moves of a samurai warrior, stabbing his imaginary opponent. all while sound asleep. this 21-year-old woman takes the motion of a midnight snack to a whole other level. eating and drinking continuously for more than two hours in the middle of the night. first some bread. wash it down. more bread. potato chips and repeat. experts say there's a newer and potentially as dangerous sleep disorder, where people e-mail in
7:16 am
their sleep. it's called z-mailing. something you may suspect if you suffer from, you may want to remove your boss from your contact list before falling asleep tonight. people do some strange things. doctors say one reason for this higher-than-expected number of sleepwalkers may be because people are taking more medication and getting less sleep. and the hardest-working man in news, george, as little amount of sleep that you get, does make you a candidate for sleepwalking. >> my kids do that. and now, to a story that gives a whole new meaning to puppy love. this dog named knuckles. caught in the middle of a bitter bicoastal custody battle. one man spending millions of dollars to get his pooch back from his ex-girlfriend in california. paula faris is here with this. >> reporter: folks will do anything for their dogs. no doubt, man's best friend can become like family. one ex-couple is fighting over
7:17 am
fido and headed to canine custody court. each telling the other, you're parking up the wrong tree. >> he's like my son. he's the cutest dog in the universe. >> reporter: this is knuckles, a puggle. and he's caught in a cross country canine dispute. between craig dershowitz and his now ex-girlfriend, sara braga. >> i want her to bring knuckles back home to me. he really is my son. going to court for your child is crazy. i raised knuckles since he was 2 months old. >> i think it's about revenge on me. knuckles has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. and i really can't imagine my life without him. >> reporter: whether the motivation is revenge or devotion, one thing is clear. this beagle battle is expensive and nasty. dershowitz claimed he spent over $60,000 on fees so far on fido.
7:18 am
he's set up this website, rescue knux, for donations. with neither side backing down on this war of the rovers, a judge in california is set to hear arguments on wednesday. >> it's been a hard battle, you know, fighting this thing. but it's worth it. worth fighting for something that we both love. >> reporter: okay. so, a puppy prenup might not be a bad idea, right? this is actually becoming a growing issue with many lawyers now, devoting their entire practice to situations like this. canine custody disputes. >> the entire practice? >> yeah. they're making money off it, obviously. >> thanks, paula. let's go to weather with sam. good morning, sam. >> good morning, everyone. let's start with the fact that the east coast is getting an awful lot of rain during the day today. if you're on the eastern seaboard and you haven't seen rain yet, you probably will. looking at the storm site radar right quick. philadelphia, 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. noonish, washington, d.c. noonish, new york city.
7:19 am
already in washington, d.c. and probably about the afternoon, evening commute in the boston area. there's the moving low. one to two inches of rain in the purple zone. that's a lot of folks affected by this. locally, about three inches of rain opinion on the west coast, portland about 88 degrees yesterday. that's a record. portland's at 81 today. it's so dry and so hot, 45 fires burning between colorado and arizona right now. and the season really hasn't kicked in, the fire season yet.
7:20 am
some areas of rain especially of 95 on the western shore the bay and moving on to the eastern shore. take a look at the temperatures. 67 degrees in the district. hourly forecast shows we will break in the rain later morning with some peaks of will be a high amperature if you can just be here when the whole studio sings. if you hear about early tropical storm, aletta, it's a pacific storm. not threatening anybody right now. >> i don't think they wanted to miss that scene. coming up, new questions about the father of isabel celis. does the 911 calls hold clues to what happened to the 9-year-old. and alec baldwin's accused
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 7:26 and this tuesday, may 15. polls are now open in the seek a election to
7:27 am
replacement for distressed d.c. disgraced d.c. councilman harry thomas. he resigned in january just guilty topleaded than $350,000 in city funds. the special session of the general assembly annapolis on in debate a senate will budget measures which include a tax increase. will debate the bill this afternoon. newschannel 8 will have more in a couple of minutes. let's get a check of the morning commute with lisa baden. delay is a red line today, it is a third real problem outside the medical center. they are single-tracking trends in the area. have to wait for a red train. roads liveit to the in a couple of pictures. there is rain and road spray on
7:28 am
is at falls road and this pace out of germantown. we will go to virginia, moving slowly i-95 through stafford out woodbridge and 395 from the 14th street bridge. we still have some light to moderate rain in prince george's county. in arlington, there is one moderate shower pushing northeast across the potomac into washington. the heaviest rain is over the the easternrd shore. we will have a few sunny breaks degrees today. >>
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7:30 am
you see her right there. she is the woman accused of stalking alec baldwin. now, she's speaking out for the first time since she was arrested. she says she committed no crime. he says she asked him to get married and wouldn't leave him alone. she says, she just wants him to read a screen play. >> we'll get the latest on that. and the 911 calls by the husband at the center of the so-called spray tan murder trial. his defense was revolving about what he calls his wife's fatal reaction to a spray tan. now, his emotional call. >> jurors heard that call yesterday. now, "dancing with the stars," down to the fab four.
7:31 am
who's going to go home tonight? that's the tango right there. william levy. sherri and val are going to be live to weigh in. >> it will be good to have sherri and val back. first, the desperate search for little isabel. the 6-year-old disappeared almost a month ago. now, police have released her parents' 911 calls. and ryan owens has more from tucson. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. the tapes take us inside the home behind me for the first time since that morning that isabel vanished. and you can hear for yourself the very different way her parents reacted to what happened that morning. >> she's only 6. can you hurry? get somebody over here. >> reporter: that's the angui anguished voice of isabel celis' mother, rebecca. when her husband found the 6-year-old's bed empty, the window screen removed. >> who noticed her gone, your husband? >> my husband.
7:32 am
i went to work this morning at 7:00. and i just didn't even come in and check on her. i should have checked on her. >> okay. >> i didn't hear anything at all. >> oh, my god. somebody took the window out of our house. >> okay. >> please, hurry. please, hurry and get here. >> reporter: isabel's older brother, also begged police to hurry. >> hey, i need you guys to come down. my sister's gone. someone broke in and grabbed her. >> the screen is off the window? >> yeah. it looks like it was taken off. just hurry, miss. >> those desperate pleas appear to be in stark contrast to the steely 911 call made by isabella's dad, sergio. >> hello, i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> why do you think she was abducted? >> i have no idea. we woke her up to get her for her baseball game, she's gone.
7:33 am
we looked everywhere in the house. and my oldest son noticed her window was wide-open and the screen was laying in the backyard. >> is your mom there. >> i just called her and told her to get her butt home. >> he's very calm. almost jovial. and he laughs a couple times during the tape. clearly his comfort level and chatting and being patient with a 911 operator is, perhaps, a little odd. >> reporter: in the 25 days since those calls were made, tucson police have not named any suspects. but say they have not ruled anyone out. including the family. on friday, child protective services banned isabel's father from seeing his two other children. joe vega is one of sergio's close friends. >> he's a great father. he says, when this nightmare's over, everyone will see and understand the truth. and i believe him. >> reporter: sergio's friend cautions us not to read too much into how calm he sounds on those tapes.
7:34 am
he says he's the type of guy that always remains in control, even under the most stressful of circumstances. and, robin, apparently that includes when he just discovered his little girl was gone. >> all right, ryan. thank you so much. still so many unanswered questions. >> there sure are. we're going to turn, now, into the opening arguments of the spray tan murder trial we've been covering. the prosecutor is alleging he strangled his wife. and the defense is arguing that it was a reaction to spray tan. >> this is a strange and unsettling case. the mother of two, dead. her successful husband accused of murder. shifting theories about the cause of death. and in a fascinating twist, the victim's family, standing by the accused killer. >> help is on the way, okay. >> reporter: adam kaufman sat in court monday, tears filling his eyes, as the jury listened to the moment he found his wife,
7:35 am
eleanora, unconscious, on the bathroom floor in 2007. >> she's not breathing. >> reporter: the prosecution says kaufman made this 911 call, moments after he strangled his wife, telling the jury this is a clear case. >> this defendant is guilty of second-free murd hf second-degree murder of his wife. >> reporter: prosecutors showed jurors pictures they say proved their theory. >> died of mechanical asphyxiation to her neck. >> reporter: but defense lawyers say that the 33-year-old had a medical condition that suddenly turned deadly. >> the cardiac arrest and the lack of evidence in this case, are going to show you that no crime was committed. none. >> reporter: this case first got national attention back in 2009, after kaufman's lawyers blamed eleanora's death not on her heart, but a violent allergic reaction to a spray tan she had
7:36 am
just gotten. the prosecution rejects both explanations. >> it's impossible to have happened either one of the ways the defendant suggests that it happened. >> reporter: the emergency workers who responded to adam kaufman's 911 call, were grilled why it took them 30 minutes to respond. the defense argues, they were incompetent, pointing to their changing stories of what happened that night. >> you speak to the police, you come up with a second version, isn't that correct? >> yes, sir. >> then, you come up with a third version. >> no. i told the three to the police officer in the emergency room. >> we mentioned the fascinating twist here, the defense witness list includes eleanora's own mother, who is standing by her sister-in-law. she's going to testify that her daughter suffered from seizures, fainting and headaches. the trial is expected to last for weeks. let's get more from dan abrams. we've been calling this the
7:37 am
spray tan murder trial. but the defense seems to be backing away from that. >> and maybe smartly so. it's not their burden to demonstrate what happened. it's the prosecution's burden to have it. why should the defense tie themselves into one theory. you hear the defense talking more about a pre-existing heart condition. and maybe that's, in part, based on the testimony they're going to get from her own family. think about how important that is, right? you have someone who has died here. and her mother may testify on behalf of the person accused here? >> that's huge. >> it's enormous. i think the defense wants to keep their theory as consistent with her account as they can. when they talk art her having seizures, et cetera, they want to make sure that the medical theories are consistent. >> that means they're going to try to shoot holes in the findings of the medical examiner, who took 18 months to come to a conclusion. >> this prosecution is all about
7:38 am
the medical examiner. they're saying, look at the wounds. look at the injuries. this could not have been an accident. it couldn't have been a seizure. it couldn't have been based on a pre-existing condition. they say that's the heart of the case. if the medical examiner is convincing to this jury, the defendant could be in trouble. but it's a tough case. you don't want to rely your entire case on the medical examiner, with no overt motive and the mother of the victim testifying for the defendant, et cetera. >> and you have the 911 call there. >> that cuts both ways. on the one hand, it's distraught. and on the other hand, the prosecutor says it's not consistent with the other things in the case. >> good point. let's get the weather from sam champion. >> we're going to get pictures out of asheville, north carolina. we're showing you these because the entire east coast, the mid-atlantic and the northeast, could be dealing with conditions like this, with flooding rains on the road surfaces, again
7:39 am
during the day today. we're lighting up the eastern seaboard all day long with those heavy rains. the zone from chicago, to green bay, to grand rapids, is more in the afternoon. you look great in the morning. as the cold front moves into the heat of the day, you'll get the storms. and the east coast, all day long. and stay with your local abc stations, to time that rain with your lo we still have a few lingering showers and sprinkle district but it is end with a fewn of seven for the lunchtime roundand >> all of america's weather, brought to you by macy's. george? >> thank you, sam. now, the woman accused of stalking alec baldwin is speaking out for the first time since her arrest. why she says it was a big misunderstanding. ♪
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and now, to the latest on the woman accused of stalking alec baldwin. she is speaking out for the first time outside a manhattan courtroom on monday. the 40-year-old actress was arrested last month for allegedly pestering baldwin by e-mail, and showing up at his house. about's cecilia vega, has that story. >> reporter: this is the face, the smiling face, of a woman accused of stalking one of hollywood's biggest stars. a stylishly dressed blonde
7:44 am
bombshell, who promised in a new york court to stay far away from actor alec baldwin, after she was arrested last month for trying to hunt him down at his new york apartment. >> you say you're innocent? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time since her arrest, genevieve says this is the -- >> it's going to be clear i haven't committed any crime. >> reporter: that's not what baldwin says. he says that sabourin repeatedly harassed him. showing up at his house. sending him e-mails saying, say i do to me. >> our position is very simple. genevieve did not engage in stalking alec baldwin. >> reporter: sabourin's lawyers say there's a reason she reached out to baldwin. >> they have had contact with one another in the past. i think it's suffice to say,
7:45 am
that she had purposes for speaking to be in touch with him while she was in new york. >> reporter: baldwin and sabourin once shared a dinner together. but the actor said he was offering her career advice as a favor to a friend. as for baldwin, he was spotted far away from that manhattan courtroom monday. snapped in the south of france, with his new fiancee. baldwin has clearly moved on. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> it appears he has. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and mariah carey saying, it will always be her baby. the big birthday bash for those babies. the big birthday bash for those babies. come on back. you know that co with a private island? really? no. it comes with a hat. see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline, anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow!
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. >> lots to get to. can we just -- he's on his way. he's co-hosting "live with stin.
7:50 am
and everybody would be telling us, that's "the play of the day." the crowd out there, the deluge, hanging out. it's an ultimate match. not ultimate frisbee. connecticut constitution, philadelphia senators. it's like football with a disc. take a look. oh. >> wow. >> oh, my. >> unrelenting. >> wow. that is "the play of the day." >> there it is. take another look. that is how you sell it. look at him lay out. i should mention, by the way, that's for the national championship. >> he was like 12 yards in 2 seconds. >> it's a great sport, by the way. >> not as good as soccer. >> no. >> you just mix the pot. >> camera one, laugh it up, fuzzball.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. 7:56 on thiss tuesday, may 15. we will learn more about the against thehered former university of virginia at huguely.player george police and guard -- and best -- a police interrogation video will be shown tomorrow and he convicted in february of girlfriend in may of 2010. a man is dead in southeast an officer went to report man with a gun and the
7:57 am
gun and thee officer fired back. let's check on traffic with lisa baden. rides a very difficult free we'd have had numerous racks in deed and visibility is poor. let it will take you longer to yoursure you have headlights on this morning. northbound 95 and 395 are loaded the 14th street bridge and 270 delays are expected as well. you can see that it is still the steady rain is mainly in prince george's and around the belly. -- and around bowie. 66 degrees in the district, on with a little bit sunshine in the next couple hours. few sunny breaks for lunch time and banned more
7:58 am
showers this afternoon and eveninghumid today and tomorrow humidity and bright thursday and friday last into the weekend. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i know we always say this, but how much do we love our crowds. they come out here, especially when it's raining like it is. they're cheering. and they're happy. >> rain in the house. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. that's jennifer lopez's "dance again" that you're hearing. that's what the final four did, in sizzling style last night, in the ballroom. maria and derek, dancing their way to the top of the leaderboard. they're the couple to beat right now. but our favorite couple is back right here. sherri and val, back together
8:01 am
again, live. and color-coordinated. >> this is going to be a very tough call tonight. >> it will be. >> i can't wait to see that. also, billy bob thornton is going to be here this morning. he's opening up like never before. new details on his relationship with ang lea jolie. also, ahead, how lisa marie presley is following in her father's footsteps, recording right where he cut some of his earliest tracks. she will perform a song from her acclaimed new album. and get ready, if you guys watch "revenge." i love this show. >> i do, too. >> three of the hottest stars are going to be here. they're going to be dishing on what's sure to be an explosive finale. and they're all here.
8:02 am
you look a little bit. >> obviously -- can daniel do the news? >> probably. we do have news to get to. we're going to begin. it's a developing story. it involves some extreme danger now on the highways this morning, from someone who may be pretending to be a police officer. two people have been murdered along highways in northern mississippi. a grandfather on his way to pick up his grandson. and a woman returning home from her job at a casino. their cars had been pulled over to the side of the road. we're also getting new information on the two sisters who survived a kidnapping ordeal, following the murder of her mother and elder sister. a family spokesman says andrea and kyliyah bain are doing okay, but it's tough. >> we have a tremendous amount of counseling ahead. they did not intend to leave
8:03 am
this area for a while. >> he adds that reports that deceased kidnapper, adam mayes, and the girls' mother had a relationship are false. and a bus crash full of sixth graders, smashed into a semi truck. we'll have an update on the student's condition, as it becomes available. and president obama appearing later today on "the view." the always tough panel grilled him about that $2 billion loss at jpmorgan chase bank. and about his newly revealed view on gay marriage. but president obama also, gets the pop culture quiz. see how he does, later today right here on abc. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> fehello, josh. great tuesday to you. tonight on "world news," what if "made in america" could take over the world? what are the products a billion
8:04 am
people in china think they have to buy? well, we'll tell you. and the favorite, most affordable vacation the american family is planning this summer. >> all right. and finally, abc's "the bachelorette" has started. she's searching for love. but there's a slightly different take in utah. it's called mormon bachelor, where 20-something kent, a soon-to-be dentist, is looking for love. kent is going to have 12 of his dates videotaped and posted online. a little intimidating. but he says it is, in fact, worth it. a much greater man. not a chance. no way. not even -- not happening ever. no, no. especially you. you because there's something coming. >> i think there's a crack there. >> not a chance. >> thanks, josh. how about "pop news"? >> indeed. i would love to. good morning, everybody.
8:05 am
mariah carey just posted adorable birthday photos of her twins celebrating their 1st birthday. and looks like they got pretty nice presents. among them, a rocking horse, a miniature white buy ypiano. >> they are beautiful babies. >> and what about that toy ferrari. what every 1-year-old needs. in other news, will and jada pinkett smith's daughter, willow, is going to live every girl's fantasy. she's going to star in the remake of "annie." it's a hard knock life, not for her. jay-z says they're getting the script together as they speak. and will start shooting soon. >> now, she's doing annie. >> a talented family. >> unbelievable. yeah. >> it might hurt. we should move on.
8:06 am
this one is for josh. josh, tillman, the skim boarding dog. >> star of the rose parade. >> there he is, everybody. he's hanging four. retrieving his own board. he had some canine cohorts who occasionally likes to join him. but for tillman, it started with skateboarding. his owner bought him the skim board because he was worried about his bulldog buddy overheating. tillman has almost 8 million hits. >> he surfs on a float, no less. i'm telling you, the most talented bulldog i've ever seen. >> my dogs have such underachievers. >> i know. couch potatoes. and sienna miller is known for her blonde hair. but she is known to go red curtesy of ketchup. after a dye mishap turned her
8:07 am
hair green, she heard that heinz would correct the color. she covered it in heinz every day for a year, before the sea weed tint was out of her hair. the ketchup, neutralizes green tones. >> there has to be an easier way. >> how did i get here? >> sometimes -- i would be remiss if i didn't mention. extra, extra, read all about it. everybody, at your newsstands today, to see our own cover girl, robin roberts, on the cover of "good housekeeping" magazine. the article is fantastic. full of juicy tidbits, that even i didn't know, including what robin wore or didn't wear -- >> look at that. >> everybody has a one. >> sweet. >> yes. she wanted to give a very detailed interview. >> i like the detrestress tips.
8:08 am
>> a little mustard. my favorite moment is when you say, you're so freaking blessed. >> my mother was really thrilled with that one. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> that's next to my mother's book. that's why i did it. >> absolutely. and you look great. your mom looks phenomenal. wonderful family photos of robin. that's "pop news." i'm done. >> pod for me. pod for you. >> and i feel bad about my dog. we go to sam. >> i'm uptown, backstage at "live with kelly." this morning, we're going to show you a couple of things going on. kelly's getting ready for the show. they're doing their sound check here. i can't wait to show you the backstage of the studio. this is the channel 7 studios. used to be channel 7 in new york.
8:09 am
they have taken over the entire space. we'll show you more of that at about 8:30. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. if you're concerned about the rain in the northeast and the mid-atlantic, today is a wet day. tonight is a wet night. but by tomorrow, we start to pull into a drier three days. and that's really good news. philly, boston, new york city, washington, d.c., you're involved in the drier temperatures. and they go up to the 80s. it has been beautiful on the west coast. and it is hot once you step off the beaches. and the heat will continue in the southwest for the next few days, as well. the morning rain showers are coming to an end, just a few sprinkles along route 50 in county andge's especially anne arundel county. annapolis is still holding out of rain but is coming end. we are in the mid 60's and will ofak into a little bit
8:10 am
sunshine and more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. 70'sighs will be in the cloudy and warm >> you're fine. this is your studio. we're watching the rehearsal. i have to come back here. we're watching the rehearsal for the show. we'll have more. and i think kelly will step out here about 8:30. we'll see you guys then. lara? t that's great, sam. can't wait to see you. here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." the final four showdown in the ballroom. sherri and val are with us live to weigh in. and did we mention in oscar winner. billy bob thornton is here live. and ready for "revenge." three of the series' hottest stars here to dish about the explosive finale, next on "gma." [ male announcer ] raise your hand if you've got savings whiplash.
8:11 am
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♪ life is amazing with the love that i've ♪ ♪ found ♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪
8:15 am nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at oh, yes. maria and derek, getting a perfect 30 for their sizzling tango. but four couples left on "dancing with the stars." one couple will have to go home tonight. we're going to talk to "dancing with the stars" alums, sherri and her partner, val. >> i'm an alum. >> you are an alum. you earned it. let's take a look back at last night. ♪ >> reporter: they've got moves you've never seen. >> this is going to be the best semifinal ever. ♪ >> reporter: william's backside-shaking samba burned up the dance floor. >> i've never looked at a man's
8:16 am
bum for so long in my life. i'll tell you what, for your bum, i'm going to dance. >> reporter: maria's perfect argentine tango, left the judges swooning. >> every step has a meaning and purpose. like a series of caresses. to a sensation. >> reporter: and donald's smooth samba, swept up the competition. it was a back-breaking salsa that left katherine in tears. and a low score on the leaderboard. >> 9. ♪ >> reporter: tonight, we move into the finals. one couple going home. leaving the last three standing. vying for that glittering mirrorball trophy. i love how these two -- >> i had my dress. and i don't appreciate it.
8:17 am
>> get it back. sherri and val, back together again. i love to watch you all watching that, knowing you were on earlier. so, give me your thoughts. >> my thoughts are that, i think the final was missing sherri. >> you know, watching it, though, i'm so proud of everybody because this particular season, literally, you got the best dancers. they were all in the studio rehearsing, more than five hours a day. i'm just very, very proud of everybody. it looks so good. >> it's going to be really hard. are you all healed? last time you were here, you had your ankle wrapped and everything. >> we've been rehearsing for the finale. my ankles are bleeding. you bleed for the dance. >> when your ankles are bleeding, you know you're working. >> i love the dancing. >> can i say, my jive and maria menounos' i've is so different? why didn't you have me doing the quirky steps.
8:18 am
>> you can dance. and i wanted to showcase that. >> you can leave it up to val. >> leave it up to val. >> you like the finalists that are in. you think they're all -- >> yeah. first of all, i'm not in any position to be the criticizing the semifinal. i think everybody works very hard. everybody has a different journey. >> you won 14 world awards. you can criticize. you've earned the right. >> i think i still have to be doing so in a respectable manner. sitting on the couch, eliminated in week four. i have to be real -- these guys went through a lot. i can't even -- you know, watching the show is one thing. but realizing how much work goes behind it. >> sure. >> when you see the injury or the mishap in the middle, i don't know about that. >> yeah. >> you know, i can't say that because having to do three dances in one week, and doing it -- >> at this point, your brain feels like it's fried. you don't know if you like your partner, if you love -- you have this love/hate relationship with
8:19 am
your partner. it is, by this time, it's mostly hate. even the viewers, you go, william is so gorgeous. by the time you rehearse 40 hours a week, william isn't gorgeous no more. when william rehearses, he gets frustrated, he screams. you think somebody's in there fighting. they're so fragile. they're working hard. >> we saw and talking about injuries. katherine, right at the end of her dance. your heart went out there. she did send out a tweet, saying it was a spasm. it does appear she'll be able to continue on. >> that's a hard one. she was perfect until the end. i don't know if her leg gave out. she said it was her back. at this point, anything can send you home, even something like that. they had to score her pretty low. you know, she got all 9s, instead of 10s, which she deserves. >> there's a lot of things that go into that. there's injury. but the frustration that you had this amazing dance.
8:20 am
and then, you took this chance at the end. >> you know it, val. she kept saying, i'm sorry i let you down. you have this relationship with your partner, i'm sorry i let you down. when i got voted off, i'm sorry i'm leaving, val. what kind of abuse is it? you have that relationship with your partner. mark held her up. that's what i love, the responsibility for each other. >> the one we haven't talked about, donald driver. what is it going to take for len to give this man a chance? >> len, would you stop being grumpy? get a woman. get some food. i'm mad because donald driver is very underrated. he's very good. he brought his street rhythm in. donald makes you smile. doesn't that make you smile? >> donald is awesome. i don't think he needs 10s from len to win the show. i think he's going to win the show. >> you do? >> yeah. >> you have to watch out for donald. >> he's a family man, too. >> he loves his family.
8:21 am
his wife would be in rehearsals. and i told her, you need to beat my mind with all of the thoughts about your husband. totally fine. look at his little boys. i sure did. she almost did. i told her in my mind, i love your husband. and my husband was there. it was a mess. >> i would love to crawl inside your mind for a little bit. sherri, val, it's so good for you co-come back. we can't wait to come back and see you. >> we can't wait to dance. "dancing with the stars" finals. >> we'll see you then. and see you on "the view." >> that's right. >> i think i'm going to jump in sherri's mind with you right there. we're going to jump into billy bob thornton's mind in a minute. you know him from "sling blade," "primary colors," so many other movies. he tells all about his journey from arkansas to hollywood, in his new book.
8:22 am
first, juju chang takes a look back at his remarkable career. >> reporter: their love affair in "monster's ball" earned halle berry an oscar. >> would you do something if i asked you to? >> reporter: he picked up the oscar for writing the screenplay in "sling blade." and became a bona fide comedy star in "bad santa." but his first love is music. even trying to teach me a thing or two. yet, billy bob thornton, creative genius and wordsmith, says he can hardly read. explain to me about the a.d.d. and dyslexia. >> i can't pick up a book and read left to right and get something out of each sentence. >> reporter: his new memoir, "the billy bob tapes" are stories about his life that he dictated. from his life in arkansas to his breakup with angelina jolie.
8:23 am
billy bob thornton may be eccentric. but in many ways, he gives us a glimpse into his rich life. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, california. >> billy bob thornton joins us now. thanks for coming out. you talked it all out with kinky friedman. >> for me to write it, it would have taken a lot longer. we'd be doing this next year. we just put -- started rolling the tape. put a microphone out. kinky, and some of his friends came by. we were doing the sessions. we did the whole thing on tape and transcribed it. and put it down. >> you have quite an introduction of the book. angelina jolie wrote the introduction. you all are still close? >> oh, yeah. she's a great friend. and that was sweet of her to write the introduction. >> i know you don't want to talk too much about this. you're quite open about what different work in that relationship. and you said you didn't think you could measure up?
8:24 am
>> that's true. i kind of feel that way about everybody. i've always been like that. i think a lot of us still feel the same way we did when we were kids. it kind of never comes out of you. pretty insecure kid. i think i have some of that. >> and you really write about that in the book. you're a guy that got to hollywood. made huge success with no big connections at all, yet. throughout this remarkable rise, you're struggling with a lot of insecurity, as you say. and a lot of strange fears and phobias. you know where that comes from? the fear of komodo dragons. >> i'm not going to run into one in beverly hills. there's something -- i don't like snakes, for instance. i don't like snakes with legs. i don't know why those things in particular. they just creep me out.
8:25 am
>> your mom, a psychic. you write about that in the book. and you say she actually foresaw your oscar. >> that wouldn't be that odd if i was in hollywood and an actor. but this was years and years before i dreamed i would go do that. >> seriously? >> oh, yeah. i had nothing to do with acting at that point. >> and one of the things that angelina writes in the introduction is that you were -- that you also have that gift, you might be a psychic. he can't tell the difference between a dream, a thought and a dangerous premonition. what does that mean? what are you seeing in your head all day? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know that i have that like my mom does, you know? >> but you -- >> i know i'm nervous a lot. yeah. absolutely. there's things that she's told me that were only in my head. it would be impossible to know them. >> wow. you also bring -- write pretty
8:26 am
openly about your dad, as well. writing, somehow, that memorable character you played in monster's ball was somehow patterned on your father. >> not the racist part of it. "monster's ball" a lot of people thought that character was a racist. but really, peter boyle, who played the father, that was the actual racist. shows how it's passed down sometimes. and you behave like your parents did in some ways. but mainly, my father was very closed off. you know, to people in general, i think. >> and it sure seems like that is a mistake you're not repeating with your daughter. >> no. not at all. >> well, the book is fantastic. billy bob tapes. you have a great movie coming out in the fall. look forward to that, as well. billy bob thornton. thank you. coming up, lisa marie presley's emotional performance. how she's following in elvis' footsteps.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. @ 8:27.morning we could learn today how mayor vincent gray plans to reform the city's campaign finance system federal probe is conducted his 2010 campaign. he set the day today as a self- deadline and a spokesman city's attorney general is working on the issue. it will be day two of the general assembly's session and the senate begin debating a package of measures which include a tax increase. the house is expected to begin bill this afternoon newschannel 8 will have an depth report in a couple of minutes. here is lisa baden with a check traffic.
8:28 am
numerousave had incidents this morning. we have national police week traffic in the hov northbound 95 and 395. there was rain had earlier this morning and there -- and that caused numerou accidents. the red line from that airline share of issues. -- from metro had their share of issues. the rail or the road, it will be slow going. we will not have rain for the the debris we will have hours and i a few warmus up well into the 70's. the last little bit of rain is annapolis and anne arundel county and to the northeast. some sunny breaks for the rest the morning and into the mid then we will have more showers and a few thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.
8:29 am
77 will be the highest it will humid and warmer tomorrow and partly cloudy. we will be back at 8:56. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] the clouds have gone away in times square. everybody happy about that. what a fantastic crowd. "good housekeeping" with robin on the cover. >> thank you. >> they are all over the place. great to have them there. >> aw. and it's also, we're going to hear, in just a little bit, from lisa marie presley. like father, like daughter. we have a very special performance. we cannot wait for that. and it is one of tv's hottest shows. we love it here. you love it there. three of the big stars from the hit drama "revenge," over there on our couch. joining us, live, with a look at
8:31 am
what's coming up on the jaw-dropping -- >> oh, yeah. >> the graysons are here. yes, you're on. plus, bachelorette, emily, has kicked off her search for love. and she is putting those men to the test. we'll have a sneak peek at next week's episode. don't miss it. >> we'll wait for that. we'll get a little sneak peek of what sam has planned for this morning. let's go to him. >> good morning, you guys. look at this set. i'm on "live with kelly's" set. this used to be a mixture of their set and the old channel 7 set. my first weather board, you stay there. i'm going to go. all the way over here in the corner. that's where my very first weather set was. we're reading up for host chat, one of the segments that kelly does, interesting things in the papers. about a $52.5 million apartment in new york? kelly's getting ready for the show.
8:32 am
she does a live tease in the other room, with some stations around the country. she's doing that right now. let's give you your weather so you know what's going on as you head outside the doors. one of the things we want to talk about, an awful lot of rain on the eastern seaboard today. if you're tired of this, through tonight and tomorrow morning, and it slowly does dissipate. but today, from charlotte, to raleigh, to north carolina, you'll be in the storms all day long. the green bay/chicago area, that area will light up in the afternoon. come here. >> they're trying to stop me. how are you? >> good morning. >> you can do whatever it is you want to do. >> you can't have him back. i'm blocking -- i'm chaining him to me today. >> can i say, this is really -- this is nicer furniture than i have in my home. >> cushy, right? that's right. we took it out of regis' living room. he's traveling to l.a. >> he's been gone six months.
8:33 am
we see him every now and then. do you chat? >> i haven't seen him, i swear. i heard he had work done. >> really? >> i heard. >> i think he looks taller and thinner. i was going to say that. >> i think he looks blonder. >> robin and george, you have something you want to say? >> hi, kelly. i wonder if you have surprises in store for sam. >> they want to know if you have surprises in store for me today. >> surprises? i hope so. yes, why? what have you heard? >> big, big, big surprises. >> tune in. i'm talking, these are oprah winfrey-like surprises. we'll surprise the whole audience with something. >> you get a -- you get a -- >> fill in the blank. >> robin -- >> let kelly know lara and i said this. she's the only one we will let that close to you. >> yes. >> she is the only one. >> robin says you're the only one that gets to be that close to me.
8:34 am
>> tell robin that i worship her. can she hear me? >> can't hear you. say it again. >> she says she can't hear you. >> and i have your "good housekeeping." >> i have your "good housekeeping." >> the whole a a light rain is coming to an now and we will see sunshine and that will the 70's but it will be mahdi and more showers and a few storms this afternoon and evening. the 80's tomorrow and partly >> we're looking at the map right now you just saw. we'll get warm. >> i want to be in the orange and red zone. i'm tired of living in the green and blue zone. >> i want to be in the warm temperatures. what about the rain. are you tired of the rain? >> i'm tired of the rain. >> rains all day today. >> it does? >> yeah.
8:35 am
kind of sloppy. >> all right. >> we won't just talk weather, i promise. we have guests and everything going on. >> we want to be -- we're on the air. right now, we look at what it takes to win the bachelorette's heart. check it out in a sneak peek of next week's episode. >> we're going to do some performing today. >> oh, gosh. no. >> singing, dancing, comedy and other cool things you all have up your sleeves. how are you feeling? >> i'm terrified. >> we're also raising money for a charity that's really, really important for me. the ricki hendricks center for intensive care, at the levine center here in charlotte. >> competition is going to be fierce. hopefully some guys step on their own feet. >> i brought some friends with me today. if anybody knows how to put on a variety show, it's these guys. and they need no introduction.
8:36 am
>> whoa. >> hey, fellas. >> good morning. >> the muppets get around. "the bachelorette" airs monday at 9:30, 8:30 central on abc. and coming up -- you can't get over the muppets. it got your attention. get over the muppets. it got your attention. it
8:37 am
this one's for all us lawnsmiths. grass gurus. doers.
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8:39 am
we're so looking forward to that with katie. it is one of tv's biggest
8:40 am
breakout hits. we're talking about abc's "revenge," about a young woman who moves to the hamptons to get back at the people who ruined her life and her father's life. it is watched by about 7 million people each week. who is counting? the big season finale is just around the corner. we're pleased to have the three big stars with us. emily vancamp, madeleine stowe, and josh bowman. can you start with the emily stare? that's what we were asking people. you have this look. i watch every week. i'm at home and i get that chill. >> i don't know where that comes from. my mom calls me, asking me, where did that come from? >> what are you thinking when you cdo that? >> i don't know. we joke about it quite a bit. >> it has many names. the death stare. it has the crock. >> you have it down pat. you do. do you all -- it's such a tense
8:41 am
show, as far as the characters and the way you are with each other. but on set, do you play jokes? how do you loosen things up on set? or do you? >> i know -- emily and i sometimes just look at each other and shake our heads and say, this is so sick. >> it is sick. >> it is. it's demented. but i have to apologize. sometimes i do because victoria has such a strange face, i have to be incredibly somber. i know mean looks come across my face. we have delightful actors. and hopefully, they indulge it. >> it's lovely to see how your characters are evolving. i thought you are a good guy. you were the evil one. now, i'm not so sure. how is it for you all as actors to play these roles? >> i think it's constantly changing. mike kelley comes up with interesting things all the time. and i think every time we read
8:42 am
the script every week, i mean, at the end, we're like, okay. didn't see that coming. it's a change all the time. a constant sort of bounce back and forth. >> with a show like this, you have to constantly reinvent it in a way. we don't really follow any specific pattern or formula like most shows. visually, i feel it changes up all the time. and the story's constantly changing. and the characters are complex and interesting. you don't know how to feel about any of these characters at any given moment. >> that's something in life. you're dealing with people who have innate power. and we tend to be very conflicted and charmed by these people and seduced by them, in real life. you know? and then, there's this underbelly, this undertow that goes on with these kind of people. you're always off-kilter and offbalance. that's how people retain their power. that's a very interesting thing they tapped into.
8:43 am
>> you said it so well. it is like life in so many ways. that's what really draws us in, as we're watching each and every week. >> i'm going to play a clip here because your characters are g getting married. and there may be a few speed bumps along the way in the planning. >> you are considered american royalty. well, daniel is. your heritage is still a bit of a mystery, emily. but in this case, that's a good thing. we can spin it any way we want. >> emily? >> you know where i stand. i'm a private person. >> you can have an intimate wedding and generate public interest. not to mention, sunday's "style" section. >> always something. especially at the end. i couldn't help but notice, young man, you, in real life,
8:44 am
have a british accent. >> i do. >> you hail from across the pond. >> yes. >> on the set. but when you hear ashley with her british accent -- >> i think it's more likely i will jump out of it when i hear her accent. i'm thinking, i'm at home. i'm not. i'm an american. >> you rarely jump out of it, though. i'm amazed. he just gets into it and he's american for the day. it's amazing to do that. >> i bounce back. i actually lived -- it's nice to come back here. i was here -- i used to live here about four years ago. i picked it up. and started working on it. i didn't come out with a -- yeah. >> i know you were really paying attention to katie couric's promo about going over and talking with the royals. >> yeah. >> so, on screen, on screen, we're trying to determine if you have really -- talking about on-screen, not off screen. fallen for daniel, the character. >> i think there's an
8:45 am
interesting shift that happened when he decided to side with his father. and he had an opportunity to sort of -- he had an opportunity to come clean with some things. and he did. and that was very representative of which side he was on. and i think there was a shift that happened in that episode, where emily decided, yes, she was going to go through with the marriage. but it almost makes it easier because it clarified, there is no love there. he will always be a grayson. and that was a shift in the character. we'll see where it goes. >> we have to see where it goes. we're excited to see there's going to be a season two. and they're wondering, how do you keep it going after the first season? >> it's a very, very tricky dance. and i think that mike kelley has a lot on his plate right now. and i think, typical of all show creators, they don't fully know where everything is going to go, because it's an organic process. with respect to victoria, by the season finale, she's looking for
8:46 am
redemption. and so, it's going to be a little bit of a shock to the system, in what happens to her and the action she takes. it's an interesting thing. and it was clever of mike to construct that. >> he is brilliant. to appreciate the work you do, madeleine, in haiti, and you're making a difference. >> thank you. i just got back from there. it's astonishing that the organization i work for, services 900,000 people a year. and it's led by a man named father richard bichette, who is a doctor, and a priest. and it's haitian run. there's no other ground organization like it. very proud. >> madeleine, thank you. josh, thank you. we have a josh. and people are saying that our josh, and you, josh, look very much alike. can we have a split -- oh, yeah. >> kind of. >> actually -- >> no, no. >> if i was normal sized,
8:47 am
british and unshaven, yes. >> okay. and we thank you. thank you. >> thank you, robin, for having us. >> we love having you here. "revenge" airs wednesday, at 10:00, 9:00 central, here on abc. coming up, her father's daughter. how lisa marie presley is daughter. how l[ male announcer ]is this was how my day began. got my bearings. ♪ a little bird told me about a band. ♪ an old man shared some fish stories. ♪ ooh, my turn. ♪
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8:49 am
welcome back. this august, it will be 35 years since elvis left us, the king of rock 'n' roll's only child, lisa marie, is out with a new album today, called "storm & grace." and she went to the sun studio, where her dad's career was launched. and she went there to song one of her new songs, "trust."
8:50 am
take a listen. >> i want to sing a song so it's universal. it's never particularly literal. ♪ way down and i just let it go ♪ ♪ it's all ended up i've lost the light ♪ ♪ every word i found you can think i'm evil ♪ and i'm off the rails ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ if i don't get with your system ♪ ♪ then i'm sure to fail well, you ain't ♪ >> i love memphis. it's important for me to be here through all of this. at sun studios, johnny cash, muddy waters, roy orbison. important stuff happened here.
8:51 am
♪ you can think that i'm evil and i'm off the rails ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ if i don't get with your system ♪ ♪ then i'm sure to fail well, you ain't ♪ ♪ seen nothin' yet ♪ am i a disruption to your corruption? ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet >> memphis is home. i mean, i really -- i think as you get older, you start to appreciate where you're from more. you start to really connect more. and i think the more -- yeah. i just love being here. i'm really happy here. ♪ you can think that i'm evil and i'm off the rails ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ if i don't get with your system ♪ ♪ then i'm sure to fail
8:52 am
you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ no longer elated now, you're frustrated ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ you can think that i'm evil and i'm off the rails ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet [ male announcer ] strange things happen
8:53 am
in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the bla forest.
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so, one of us is getting
8:56 am
punk'd this week. our crew won't even tell us. sam and george didn't want to take any chances the they're not here right now. >> very well. >> george is on assignment in washington. and sam, we're going to watch with kelly. >> coming up in mere moments. tomorrow, guys, somebody has to go. >> no. >> we'll have them. the new "dancing with the stars" booted off. of course, you're going to join us for that. >> we get the shot out there. >> yeah. we'll see you. have a great day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning at 8:56.
8:57 am
metro is opening its first bike morning at college metro station very people to park their bicycles in area with club -- with card access. the team working on the eisenhower memorial will unveil to the design to do during a public meeting on capitol hill. they say the original design his roots and said of his accomplishments. we are recovering slowly from the redproblems on line. that they areting normal service systemwide. from5, the delays are thece william parkway to street bridge and the hov was impacted by police escorts for national police week. maryland traffic looks better in camera on 270 past
8:58 am
boulevard. accidents to report going toward the american legion bridge. is the beltway at new hampshire avenue which is stop and go. there was a broken vehicle -- on fathern vehicle hurley boulevard on 270. movingy, the rain is out of town. good healthy rain and two days' worth. not over with completely today. sunshine now but i expecting more showers this afternoon. 68 degrees in washington. some sunny breaks over the next few hours and more scattered showers, 77 will be the high the 80's 2 and in mar. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ]
8:59 am
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