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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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zimmerman's brother and his friend frank taaffe. in this exclusive video was shot last week, you can see how dark it is. what should shed light on matters, the videos, the autopsy report pictures of zimmerman's wounded. it will show inconsistencies in the story. >> i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little younger than i was. >> also the audio experts who claimed it was trayvon martin yelling for help. >> the fear i have is he has been reviled in the press so far. i am not sure that will go away. >> george zimmerman's attorney received another threat yesterday as he began poring
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over evidence which includes surveillance video from the 7- eleven trayvon martin visited that night. it looks like a lot of these documents will be held private for at least another week as both sides push the judge to black out names and information. we contacted attorneys today for comment. we have not yet heard back. >> thank you very much. you can see more of scott's stories with his trip to florida on abc world news will have an exclusive interview with george zimmerman's dr. following the killing of trayvon martin. that is at 6:30. >> the latest on a tragic developing story from ward off maryland. the boy's mother stopped a car and got out to get some mail to
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a letter carrier. she was not aware her son had unbuckled himself and got out of the car. he tried to cross the street and was struck by an suv. the child was announced dead at the scene. >> the public is getting a look at some of the evidence that helped convict george huguely in the murder of yeardley love. it included a tape of a police interview with george huguely following love's death. he was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in may of 2010. >> it is election day in the race to replace former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. the winner will serve the last two years of his term.
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thomas was sentenced to 38 months in prison for stealing $350,000 from a children's program. polls are open until 8:00 tonight. >> things appear to be moving along in the maryland's special session. they have approved a package that would increase income taxes for people who make $100,000 a year. these measures go to the house. if passed the there and approved by the governor they would help /$1 billion in cuts. >> firefighters are needed in prince george's county. the fire department is flooded with applications. thousands have applied for 50 positions. gail huff is live with more on these open jobs. >> here in prince george's county, getting a firefighter's job is not easy. tomorrow they take the written exam and they have more
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applications than ever with your positions available. >> it is this guy poser responsibility -- >> recruits are learning how to snap and secure accident victims so they can be safely transported. for many it has been years of testing to get the opportunity to become a career firefighter. >> i guess it is difficult with the way timing is. it is hard to get a job. what's he traveled from new jersey to take the test because there are no opportunities near him. >> jobs were i am from are hard to come by. this is a great opportunity in a diverse department. i figured why not give it a shot. >> most of the recruits have college degrees. but the tough economy has brought them here. there are significantly more applicants for your positions. nearly 3000 people applied for
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50 jobs. around 2300 of them qualifying to take the written exam. compare that to last year when nearly 21,000 -- 2100 applications came in for 60 positions. every year it gets more competitive. >> it is very hard. i trained for 23 months to be able to pass the test. my third time i passed. >> fellow recruits here will get a starting salary of about $40,800 and a 20 year retirement. >> thank you. president obama paid tribute to fallen police officers today. he went to the capital for the national peace officers memorial service. and their survivors of the
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family members were among the honored guests. mr. obama praised the officers and said the nation is forever in their debts. >> now to the latest in the race to the white house. although mitt romney is the republican nominee primaries are still under way. voters are going to the polls and oregon and nebraska. 63 delegates are up for grabs in those two states. mr. mitt romney rejectionromney is talking about countering president obama's prairie fire of debt. >> strauss, turns the tables on his housekeeper accuser. >> a look at the new online tools that help you see what you will get from uncle sam when you retire.
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>> new developments in the strauss kahn case.
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he is now suing the housekeeper who accused him of sexual assault. >> he is seeking $1 million in damages from diallo. he resigned from the imf and dropped a bid to run for president of france after he was accused. >> the fbi is looking into j.p. morgan's $2 billion loss that resulted from risky trading. they have opened a preliminary investigation into the loss. the federal reserve, the security exchange commission or looking into it. the ceo says he takes responsibility for the losses. >> americans seem to be skittish about spending money right now. the commerce department says retail sales rose 0.1% in april. that is down from the previous
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two months. americans spent more money on big-ticket items as well as eating out. >> you can now view your social security earnings and benefits online. statements are available in a new feature. they used to mail those statements but stopped doing that last year to save money. experts tell us you should review statements to make sure they are being reported accurately. >> some bad grades for the river we depend on. we will tell you about the troubles facing the potomac river. what's the capitals are searching for a new head coach. while strasburg struggled the
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> not so good news for the
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river we all rely on. there are big problems for the potomac tonight. >> it has been named the most endangered waterway. it will get worse unless congress acts. ben eisler has the story. >> i like seeing the ducks play. every now and then you can see some fish. >> joshua works in georgetown. during his lunch break he comes down to the potomac to clear his mind. a new report named it the most endangered river in the country. >> i think something needs to be done it added. >> experts cite urban development as the primary cause for pollutants in the river. that helps algae grow. >> oneself she dies it sucks all the oxygen out of the water. >> be on concerns about the
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marine life, many of us get our drinking water from it. >> this is not what nature intended. >> even though small amounts make it into our drinking water we consume them every day for years. researchers cannot tell us what the long-term consequences will be. the nonprofit american rivers released a report on the 40th anniversary of the clean water act. >> it is the greatest threat that has been for 40 years in the history. >> they chose the potomac to shift attention to the actions of lawmakers. >> it looks so beautiful from a distance. kind of a tropical feel to the weather. >> it looks like florida sky around the area. now we have thunderstorm's south of town.
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most of the action south of the metro area. the areas of read will grab your attention. those were developing thunderstorms and a stretching from the foothills through culpeper county. and eastward. the whole line is going north. we will keep an eye on these. it has been a beautiful day. tropical clouds and a few showers. we have gotten some good rainfall out of this pattern. 0.97 inches and brandywine. temperatures may 70's. a tropical look and feel. 79 and 67 the high and low.
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since midnight, 1.08 inches of rain. we are making up a little ground here. 75 in culpeper with the rain. 75 degrees in pittsburgh. if you spot south of the metro area, where temperatures and breaks. if you get far enough west it feels like summer time. we will get a taste of that tomorrow. just ahead of the next whether system a -- we will get a push of warmer air. an afternoon cold front moving through lake michigan will give us a few more showers and thunderstorms. once this rolls through tomorrow afternoon and evening, drier air will move in. it would change the atmosphere to keep the storms off in the
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carolina coast and the ocean. we will wind up with humidity and highs in the upper 70's. warming up in the lower 80's with isolated thunderstorms. as we had through the next seven days, check out the change for thursday and friday. low humidity and high 70's. saturday, 80 degrees. a little more humidity in the air and warm temperatures on monday and tuesday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> blame the weather. >> i am with the 100%. >> never blame stephen strasburg. he is the future. they came out flat dissected it against the padres. his teammates were lethargic. in a rain delay, it was not a
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good day for the nationals. the first batter set the tone for the entire ball game. this is bad news bears stuff right here. they let it drop in for a double. that is sloppy baseball. the padres scored three runs in the first. one of the highlights was bryce harper in the fifth. he dials long distance. two home runs in two days for harper. the national's lose 6-1. >> start a game like that, it changes momentum and gives them extra life. >> sometimes it will not be your day and things will not go your way. hard shots did not fall for us. >> they lose six-one. art monk was inducted into the pro football hall of fame and 2008. now he is being honored by the
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college football hall of fame. he lettered all four years for the syracuse orange. he is still ranked among the leaders in school history. way to go. for hockey fans, the capitals are looking for their third head coach in seven months. the general manager says they have to hire the best hockey man they can regardless of his system. then it is up to the players to get on board with the strategy and make it work. >> coaches have different systems. there are different ways to play the game. the most important thing is for all of us to play by a team regardless of whatever system they play. it is having people buy into the system. that is being a good coach. >> the devils at rangers. look at these saves. an open net.
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the incredible stop to the right. arms like an octopus. outstanding. an empty netter. in new york wins a three-zero. despite the when, he found something to get upset about. >> that is ridiculous. that is ridiculous. you guys give me [beep] about it. >>vcu is leaving the colonial athletic association to join the atlantic 10 conference. the rams made headlines when they went from the first four to the final four. he has generated a whole lot more than $1 million. >> the rangers coach needs to calm down, especially after a win.
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>> coming up added 11:00 by day they are doctors and by night they move to the dance floor. we will tell you about the dancing doctors. their story of love on the dance floor tonight at 11:00. >> just three more days to enter
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the facebook giveaway to win a new car. >> it is as simple as going to follow the directions to enter. you can enter once each day. if you share your interview will be automatically entered twice more. we will announce the next finalists tomorrow at 5:00. he will have 30 minutes to call in and claim your spot. >> by then the weather should be pretty good. >> it will be clearing up, but not tonight. a growing area of showers and thunderstorms to the south. an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. it will be beautiful weather thursday, friday saturday, and send it. -=--sunday.
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