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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you see depress and moon rising. a beautiful picture of the moon over washington this morning. -- you see the crescent moon. help the rainfall accumulations. 62 degrees in burke and 58 in stephens city. a mixture of sun and clouds today. slight chance of late-day thundershowers. warm and muggy 85. >> everything seems to be marching along. no major problems to report right now around town. normal travel times on the beltway, tysons, bethesda. good on 2790 between father hurley and the beltway. nice on 66 between vienna and centreville. a pretty good ride on 95 between dale city and springfield, where we take you live. headlights are northbound moving just fine to the beltway.
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back to you. >> thank you. the group overseeing metro's silver line project meets today. it is facing new criticism. >> members of the airports authority board have been spending a thousands of dollars on lavish trips and pricey dinners. brianne carter is live at tyson's corner with more on this developing story. >> good morning. there is already concern from commuters as to how this will be paid for. raising rates on the dulles toll road. and now finding out just how the money is currently being spent is raising concerns. the board is expected to meet later today. we will have to see whether they address all of this. a federal audit of the metropolitan washington airports authority is raising questions about. contracts and about. >> it confirms my worst fears. >> according to the inspector general's report, the board to oversee the construction of the silver line $2, awarded
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contracts without competition. findings show while at the hawaii conference, several board members spent $4,800 on three dinners for themselves and guests. another board member purchased two bottles of wine for $238. another board member spent $9,200 of public money on a round-trip flight to a conference in europe. >> they have serious problems over there. i don't want loudoun county involved? . >> some say that while the board may have issues, the project appears to be on track. >> we think there's a high level of competence. >> virginia congressman frank wolf in a letter to the transportation secretary has called the board dysfunctional saying changes need to happen. the first phase of this project is expected to be open next year. reporting live from tysons corner, brianne carter. >> we have more problems for metro as the agency try to
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figure out why two train doors opened while a train was still moving. john gonzalez is live in northwest with reaction to this story. >> local leaders are demanding the passage of a bill that focuses on metro safety standards. this after a potentially dangerous malfunction yesterday. door's opening it is 8 common thing for metro, but during the end of the morning rush hour yesterday that is what happened on two moving cars. >> that is really bad. >> the red line train went through the tunnel between tenleytown and van ness station and the doors opened. passengers took this photograph. >> i was on the train and we stopped in the middle. i was thinking there some kind of problem. >> no one was injured. metro says it has been years since any thing like this. >> probably, but the signs on the doors. >> the cars were the 1000 series, the oldest in the fleet
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and the same series involved in the fatal 2009 crash. >> the need to get that fixed fast. >> hopefully that something better and work can. -- work on. >> the train has been taken out of service. this once thousand series makes up about a quarter of the entire metro fleet. right now there are no plans to get rid of them. -- 100 series. >> a maryland family struggling to deal with the tragic death of a 3-year-old boy. his mother stopped her car and all the orchestra afternoon and was gone to hand some male to the postal worker. the child got out of his car seat and walked right into the path of a passing suv. police say the driver never saw a little on who died at the scene. >> it is devastating. i just feel so bad for her.
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that's their only child. >> the child's name is not been released. the driver who hit the little boy did they at the scene and the incident is under investigation. >> democratic duffy will replace councilman harry thomas jr.. he most recently worked for mayor vincent gray as a public safety advisor. -- mcduffy. and $9 billion budget has received pulmonary approval from the d.c. council as part of yesterday's vote. they approve the plan to expand the camera traffic enforcement and will allow cars to stay open an extra hour on holidays. the budget proposal is likely to be modified slightly before final vote in june. >> the maryland general assembly is set to wrap up its special session today. house is expected to approve a
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plan to raise income taxes on people making more than $100,000 a year and couples earning more than $150,000. the senate passed legislation yesterday. tax hike will head off a half billion dollars in cuts contained in. a in. its five-- in a doomsday budget. >> learn how fast the slots for the army 10-miler grace sold out to the general public for. >> and why the octomom's in bankruptcy case was thrown out of court. >> first, traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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>> wednesday morning, adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. we do have some fog this morning, a typical situation where you have heavy rainfall in the evening and then clear skies at night. the low-level moisture from the rainfall translates into a fog. reduced visibilities. 0.3 miles in manassas. 0.5 miles in culpeper and frederick and martinsburg. keep that in mind as you venture out. it should get a little thicker over the next hour. 65 right now downtown, 61 in
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frederick, 67 in quantico. little warmer in prince william county. here's the forecast. fog will come to an end later this morning. partly cloudy conditions. a beautiful day, but warm and muggy, 85, slight chance of late-day thundershowers. tomorrow, but sunshine, low humidity 77. >> i am loving the drive because things look passable. no major accidents, no major construction to move out of the roadway. travel times working in our favor. i have a couple cameras lined up to show you. first, we begin with traffic on 395 leading duke street to the pentagon is traffic headed away from us, looks great. in maryland, 29 traffic, heading away from us is southbound out of columbia toward silver spring and headed for the beltway looks good. back to you. >> thank you. if you were thinking about running in the army 10-miler you are already too late.
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the slots for the general public's sold out in less than nine hours yesterday. 30,000 exist. the army 10-miler takes place on october 21. today is your last chance to enter our tiger woods chipping contest. you could find yourself shipping against the golf great. correct the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national. all your aptitude to enter is watch "good morning washington" and get the cool of the day. today's word is tee. go to our facebook page and enter that word. you will then be entered into the contest. we will announce the winner tomorrow morning. >> easy enough. >> 5:11, 62 degrees right now. >> learn which company is hiring and which company is cutting jobs. >> looks like we have not seen the last of the tanning
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories. >> there's no problem for the woman known as octomom >> . just throughout her bankruptcy claim yesterday, saying she failed to file the proper paperwork. that means creditors can move to collect. a foreclosure could move against the california home that she lives in with her 14 children. nadya suleman, an unemployed single mother became famous for giving birth to octuplets in 2009. they are the longest living set of octuplets. >> remember the tanning mom? she hopes reality tv may be in
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her future. she made headlines after she was accused of taking her young daughter to the tanning salon. now she says a couple of people want her for a reality tv show. she also said she would be willing to pose for playboy but a source for playboy said that at patricia krentcil is not their type exactly. >> a hairy situation for those who went with the justin bieber hair cut. >> there's an australian doctor who says it is bad for men, that it can create problems with your posture because it forces you to tilt your head to one side to see out of that small window where there's no hair and it can keep your brain from developing properly because the pathway from the eye to the brain is obstructed. >> that might be a little bit of a stretch. but if that's what the doctor
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says, we will leave it there. a web site that provides dating advice for men asked readers to choose the worst parts of dating. asked men what they hate about dating with women. in these modern times, number one on the list was they did not know how to really text the woman correctly. >> that could be a sensitive area. you would not think that would be number one on the list. most of the guys said that was a problem, 32%. they said knowing when and what to text a woman was the most confusing aspect of dating. word choice and punctuation or maybe autocorrect. and trying to determine when to lean in for the next kiss was close to the top of the list as well. >> sometimes hard to keep text
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messages in context. maybe that's part of the concern. >> amazon is hiring. t-mobile is cutting jobs. >> gm is doing an about-face on facebook. here is diana. >> all that glitters is not facebook. gm has decided to stop advertising on the social network. gm reportedly does not feel its ads are effective. amazon's top offer of the day may be jobs. the online retailer has added 20,000 new employees in the past year. a 73% increase. amazon may be in good position for future opportunities. t-mobile is cutting 900 more jobs after its sale to at&t fell through. it is beefing up its business sales effort. a new blackberry phone cannot come -- new black.
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the phone sales cannot come soon enough for the company. they plan to introduce a new one at the end of the year. -- a new blackberry. >> we had some good rainfall over the past couple days. two inches south of 95, dale city fredericksburg as well. >> we needed that. >> if we did and now we have a slight chance of late-day and showers later today. we have a rain chances today, few and far between. we will see more comfortable air moving into town, less humidity over the next couple days. look at this rooftop camera. in the center of your screen we have the crescent moon at 18% elimination at the top of your screen rising over the nation's capital. you can see a few clouds in the
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distance. clear skies but with the clearing overnight and low-level moisture from all the rain, and mistranslated to some areas of fog. reduced visibility as a result. not bad around the beltway reagan national, 10 miles. that is unlimited. pretense of a mile in manassas. a half mile in martinsburg. about zero visibility in cumberland. maybe slightly more. 2 miles visibility in hagerstown with fog developing. 65 degrees in washington, 65 in martinsburg, 61 in frederick. where there was rainfall yesterday evening, that is where fog is most likely to form because of that extra water that you had yesterday before the sun went down. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite. showers from yesterday and the severe storms the remnants have moved off to the northeast parts of the atlantic seaboard
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and to new england if is where we are seeing rain at the moment. we're focusing on the cold front to the west. that will push through later this evening and tonight. it may have just enough to kick in it to trigger an isolated thundershowers. we will have cooler more comfortable, less humid air over the next few days. partly cloudy, 85 this afternoon. the morning fog will end. mostly sunny tomorrow, comfortable, low 70's with low humidity the next few days. lisa looking good into the weekend. >> looks good on. 66 route 7 looks good. looks good on 50 around gilbert's corner. on your way to 66 is not back out of manassas park on 28. behaving through falls church with a little volume. 395 is still good to the 14th street bridge. nothing out of the norm according to park police along the george washington parkway to the work zone. and this picture, 95, look at
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all the headlights out of newington marching up to the beltway. the beltway looks good through montgomery county. metro rail, marc rail vre rolling on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. two more days to enter for your chance to win a new ford fiesta as well as $3,000. >> you have until may 18 to go to hell, and follow the directions to enter. we will announce the next finalists tonight at 5:00. if your name is called, if you have 30 minutes to call and claim a spot in the drawing later this month. good luck. it is 62 degrees outside. >> play ball. but are we forgetting somebody? like the umpire? not ready. we will look back yesterday's ballpark blunders coming up in sports. >> behind-the-scenes my latest attempt to conquer the greenest game show on television. and
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the the new dangers of identity theft.
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>> strikes 3. >> the third baseman of the toronto blue jays and the umpire had a fight, a difference of opinion when it came to the call. he throws something and did give the empire. he was ejected. as he was leaving he received a beer shower. gretzky likely faces a suspension and the blue jays lost to tampa 4-3. correct. tim brant. >> the nationals came out flat yesterday afternoon against the san diego padres. steven strasburg struggled. his teammates were lethargic and there was a short rain
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delay. there's a high fly to short left-center field. it will drop in for a double. padres went on to score three runs in the first inning. one of the highlights for the afternoon for the nationals was bryce harper in the fifth inning. he gets a barrel on this ball and it is a long shot to deep center field. is big board territory. it ended 6-1 padres. >> some missed plays. but cannot make those mistakes. >> davey johnson. next up for the nationals -- the pirates. have a great day. >> the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30. washington's archdiocese criticizing georgetown university. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius speaking at their commencement.
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>> we are following the latest in the trayvon martin case. what george zimmerman's doctor said was wrong with him after the shooting. we will let you know after the break. >> i will be back to talk about the rain chances
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, there are new developments in the trayvon martin shooting investigation. medical records show the man charged with murdering martin suffered several injuries the night of martin's death possibly raising questions in the case. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, may 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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good morning, lisa baden >> . it only takes one bad apple. there was a collision on the beltway. the outer loop between 270 and river road. looks like it is right at the merge. right at the exit lane from the outer loop to head onto river road. not having much of an impact on the drive heading into tysons. we will go to the weather center now with adam caskey. >> 5:30 on the nose. clear skies to start the day but it is foggy as a result of the clearing from overnight. when you have rainfall in the evening and then the skies cleared through the night time you get areas of fraud. there's none over arlington, 62 degrees. a cloud deck in the distance. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. 59 in dale city, 63 in a clear spring, 59 in fredericksburg, 62 in olney. impressive rainfall totals over the past couple days.
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about two inches in all the locations i just mentioned. 30% chance of late-day thunder showers today. warm and muggy, 85. cooler, less humid tomorrow, 70's, sunshine. let's start with the shooting death of trayvon martin. the man charged with martin's murder suffered several injuries the night of the shooting. zimmerman claims he killed a teenager in self-defense. jummy olabanji has details. >> good morning. now we have more specific information right from zimmerman's family doctor. zimmerman told the doctor that he got nauseous went thinking about the shooting and his doctor also detailed injuries that he saw on zimmerman. sources confirm zimmerman's doctor wrote a private medical report that specify his injuries including a fractured nose, two black eyes, can two cuts on the back of his head. >> there's no question the documented injuries help
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zimmerman's case. but the fundamental legal question remains who was the aggressor? greg zimmerman claims martin attacked him that night and that the only shop the unarmed teenager because he feared for his own life. lawyers for the martin family told cnn it was zimmerman that followed trayvon martin and attacked him first leading martin to defend himself. >> let's not forget trayvon martin was finding a man predicts right thing a man with a 9 millimeter gun. he was in a battle for his life and the tragically lost. >> martin's autopsy showed that he had no call injuries. that information could boost zimmerman's claim that he was attacked by martin unless it is proved that he instigated the fight first. >> if zimmerman started the altercation and then was losing the fight and feared for his life, he did not have the legal right at that time to use deadly force. >> george zimmerman pleaded not guilty to charges of second-
5:33 am
degree murder. history on a $150,000 bond and is not been seen publicly since his bail hearing nearly a month ago. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. a permanent water -- prominent watergate figure will be remembered during a memorial service at the national computer today. he was president nixon pose a special counsel. charles was 80 years old and became a born-again christian before starting a prison sentence for stockton of justice. he later became an advocate for prison reform. >> metro is trying to figure out what led to scary moments for some red line passengers. >> we stopped in the middle and i'm thinking oh my god, there's some kind of problem. >> two doors opened on the train as a travel between the van ness station and tenleytown late yesterday morning. nobody was hurt. the train was taken out of service. the affected cars are among the oldest in metro's fleet.
5:34 am
ben cardin and barbara mikulski are using this to push for federal safety standards for mass transit systems. the washington archdiocese is condemning georgetown for selecting kathleen sebelius as a graduation speaker. it calls the selection a shocking choice. she offered the requirement in the 2010 health care law that employers provide their workers with contraception coverage. georgetown is a catholic jesuit university. >> congress wants to know what the general services administration is doing to combat wasteful spending. federal news radio reports a senate committee asked the gsa to give it more informations about its financial management and internal controls aimed at preventing waste, fraud, and abuse. several top agency officials resigned or were fired in the wake of an inspector doubles report on excessive spending at a 2010 training conference near las vegas. >> testimony resumes today in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. defense attorneys try to prove
5:35 am
edwards did not know about the money used to hide an affair with videographer rihanna enter. his daughter kate could take the stand today. it's not clear if edwards or hunter will testify. edwards is charged with using campaign funds to cover up the affair. 62 degrees outside. >> much more to come. a big name in throwing support behind presidential candidate mitt romney. learn who made the announcement yesterday. still time to enter our contest for chance to play against tiger woods. stick around for today's clue.
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>> we are from the arthritis foundation. we are teaming up to run. for more reformation, go to the website. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:38. sunrise is about 15 minutes from now. we have some light on the rise and in the nation's capital. you can see a few clouds a special in the distance. no fog over the district, bavaria's some south of the metro area and west of town. if you had rain showers yesterday evening around sunset, it's very likely you have some fog this morning.
5:39 am
temperatures, 65 in the district, shenandoah valley in the '50s, 55 in martinsburg and 59 in hagerstown. thick fog in cumberland, 54 degrees. manassas, 61, 55 65 along the water in lexington park. the average high is 75. we will be about 10 degrees above that. cooler the next few days, less humid. >> no problems with fog, but there's a collision on the beltway. i will show you. this is the beltway between 270 and river road, outer loop. two right lanes are blocked. you can see a lot of rescue equipment on the scene. this will slow you down leaving the big purse and coming off 270 before river road. that's where police have staged this accident. no accidents to report in
5:40 am
virginia on 66, 95, or 395. back to you. >> thank you. let's turn our attention to vote 2012. republican mitt romney has picked up another big endorsement. >> former president george w. bush told abc news about his support of romney following a speech he gave in the district yesterday. his parents also endorse romney back in march. last night we learned romney picked up more delegates after winning primaries in nebraska and oregon. he is well on his way to winning the amount of delegates he needs in order to get the republican presidential nomination. yesterday the white house released documents showing the obamas' assets last year. up to $8.3 million. they hold a half million dollars or so in a j.p. morgan
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checking account. the president said this week that the data morgan losts showed that the needs passed by congress are needed. many of the rules have not yet gone into effect. >> today is your last chance to enter our tiger woods chipping contest. you could find yourself chipping against the golf great. >> the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national. all you have to do to enter is watch "good morning washington" and get the clue of the day. today's word is "tee." go to and enter that word. you will then be entered into the contest. we will announce the winner tomorrow morning. >> that would make somebody happy. >> his id is 62 degrees. alive interview with the marriott cdo about how thousands of employees are getting back to the community. competition is set for next
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week's season sally of dancing. learn which
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, a training session with amazing pups being trained to sniff out medical alert before they even happened. they are helping to extend lives. tonight at 5:00. >> thanks. coming up at 6:00 this morning a shooter posing as a police officer. we will have the latest on the man under way in mississippi. >> comedy's top prizewho will be honored with the 2012 mark twain awards in washington. >> and ms. dcps will join us before she leaves for las vegas for the miss usa pageant. -- miss d.c. will join us. all that at the top of the hour.
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>> a 6-year-old girl missing in tucson, arizona, new information. >> isabel was abducted. family members have said they lost all her in her bedroom in the night before. >> the parents of a georgia graduate student battling a rare flesh eating bacteria say that she is alert and even asked for a book. a 24-year-old aimee copeland contracted the infection after injuring her leg during position line accident earlier this month. while she is improving doctors amputated most of her left leg. she will likely lose her fingers as well. protests save my daughter's life. that's all right -- jus>> just saved my daughter's life, that's all i can ask for. >> her memory is not good and they constantly are reminding her about the accident.
5:47 am
>> a new lawyer filed an attempt yesterday to gain o.j. simpson's released from the nevada state prison. alleges the former football star was so poorly represented than he deserves a new trial. it was convicted in 2008 in las vegas on charges including kidnapping and armed robbery. actress betty white is headed to washington. >> she has a busy schedule including a stop at the smithsonian educational museum complex. she will discuss her career and longtime passion for animals. she will also sign copies of her book. friday she will have a private tour of the national zoo to see their research efforts. >> we know which trees liberties will compete in this week's season finale on "dancing with the stars." >> maria menounous will not be performing. she got the boot during last night's results show. she is not bitter. she said she had an amazing experience.
5:48 am
that means william, donald, and katherine jenkins will vie for the championship. i am headed to hollywood for next week's finale. look for my live reports on abc 7 news. it's 5:47 right now. the best part of waking up is getting wjla[unintelligible] . >> and now to a linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> were told they travelers the best destination is las vegas. it's based on book the requests. d.c. did make a list but near the bottom. the white house was 43rd most popular. the d.c. convention center around the capital came in. at no. in hertz rental car is the tops. voted best overall and earned a top honors in 14 categories including best reliability and
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counter staff. if you buy any of the following brands of coffee like soldiers and dunkin costs are down. military personnel and families will be entitled to a special 10% discount this saturday, may 19, at big lots. you will have to show proof. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey with a look at what's happening outside. the rain is gone. >> yes, but we have a slight chance of a thundershower later on today across the viewing area. a 30% chance of actually seeing that in your area. few and far between, not as widespread as the past few days. let's go to rosslyn.
5:50 am
rise about five minutes from now. we have a few clouds in the distance. we will be back to sunshine today. the lower left side of your screen in annapolis there's the crescent moon rising, followed by some brightness on the horizon as you looked at the bay. i just posted this picture on facebook and tweeted it. this is the most gorgeous picture i've seen of chesapeake bay. gorgeous with a mixture of the callers and the clouds over the bay. currently 64 degrees at chesapeake beach. other area high temperatures, mainly in the upper 50's, low 60's. impressive rainfall yesterday and monday. two-day total two inches in dale city, clear spring, and fredericksburg. there is some fog due to the rainfall yesterday. visibility down to a half mile
5:51 am
in manassas. 2.5 miles in martinsburg. 0.3 in culpeper. 65 degrees in the district. later on today we will rise into the mid '80s. there's a cold front that will usher in cooler drier, less humid air for the next couple days. back down into the '70s with sunshine and low humidity tomorrow and friday. looking good into the weekend as well. >> not on the beltway. there's a crash on the outer loop before river road that had the two right lanes closed. the backup is a standstill coming off 270 after the big curve near old georgetown road. looks like they have opened all the lanes on route 7. i love that shocked. >> -- that shot. >> it is 62 degrees right now. thousands of marriott employees are going out today to volunteer in their community.
5:52 am
>> we will talk with the new ceo of marriott corp., joining us live from marilyn this morning. arne sorenson, congratulations on being delevated to the position. the first non-marriott family member in that position. >> thank you. today we have about 1800 associates who will be out in the washington area working in various places. i am starting with a program called back on your feet. it's about running with homeless people. using discipline to bring discipline into their lives and hopefully help them gather back to the police or they can get back to work. we have hired 12 people out of this program across the country. it is inspiring for us to be part of their efforts to improve their lives and be productive
5:53 am
members of society. we have a group of marriott associates that will help drag me over the finish line. >> you guys are getting an early start. marriott is based in d.c. you have a lot of support in the d.c. area, but this is a global effort. >> it is. dave this is a program that he has really loved. it is mostly across the americas. we have groups working all across the country. as much as we are hopefully making a difference in some people's lives, they do a lot for us because it is a way for us to be part of the community and it's good for us to be together and be inspired by their stories. >> this is kind of a whole spirit of serving throughout the marriott corp.. how important is that for a corporation of this size continue to give back? >> we think it is. . it's doing the right thing. it's about making the communities where we work around
5:54 am
the globe better places. and our people become invested in the community and invest in themselves. by trying to make the world a better place step-by-step, they feel better about their work, and we hope it makes them better service employees for the guests that check into our hotels. >> we appreciate your time this morning and your efforts. good luck with the run and congratulations. >> thanks very much. >> nice to see you. a perfect day for running, 62 degrees. it is 5:54 right now. >> referred of the all you can eat restaurants. one customer says maybe it's not really all
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. you can call this a fishy situation at a restaurant in wisconsin. >> bill went to the restaurant for their advertised all you can eat the fish fry. after eating a ms. lee dozen pieces of dried fish he wanted more. but the restaurant said it is running out of fish and running out of patience and they sent him home and offered him eight more pieces of fish to go, but he said he wanted even more. he accused the restaurant of false advertising and then call the cops. returned two days later. cops did not help. a waitress said that he still has a tear at the restaurant
5:58 am
that he has not paid. he has been a problem customer for, they say. he plans to pick it every sunday until something changes. he said that the standing up for his rights. he cannot really stay away from the place. >> he 820 pieces of fish? more to come in the next hour. >> more problems for metro rail, two doors opened while a train was still in motion. >> and lisa baden helping you navigate your
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