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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the fresh air circulates today. the latest pollen count as the trees, grass, and mold pollen in the high range. 6963 degrees right now in winchester, 65 in woodbrige. bright sunshine today, 75 for the high temperatures, low humidity, due to wrnorth wind at 10- 15. more of the same tomorrow. will be in the 40's tomorrow rising to about 77. let's go to lisa. >> an extension was given to the work zone on 95 virginia northbound for traffic coming out of fredericksburg to get through stafford and up to garrissonville road. the project is between courthouse road and 610. it is a very long ride to get through that area. route 1 is the way to go. upstream we look decent where
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they have been working in springfield, but the barrels are put to bed. no problems in montgomery or prince george's county on the beltway, nice and quiet. now to news. >> new this morning, fairfax county police trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting. >> officers got the call just before midnight. found a man shot inside a car at san leandro and racino place in mount vernon. man had been shot in the upper body. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. police did the people leaving the scene, but they don't have any suspect descriptions. the fbi says somebody in texas may be responsible for hundreds of envelopes containing white powder. the letters were mailed over the past four years to various locations across the u.s. and overseas. the fbi says they contain postmarks from north texas. the letters had similar references to subjects such as al qaeda and nazis, but it was not hazardous.
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>> ♪ >> fans are remembering chuck brown this morning, the man who helped bring the bogosgo-go scene to the map in d.c. jummy olabanji has more on our fans are honoring the local legend. >> they are honoring him through his music. fans gathered outside the howard theater last night in honor of tie-up brown. a new that he had been sick for several weeks, but that did not stop them from celebrating his life. >> my fans are the ones to keep the going. >> he loves his fans and his fans love him backed. >> i have loved him since i was 12 years old. >> i love that man. >> when news of the musician's
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in debt spread across the city said as quickly turned into a celebration of his life and legacy. >> the life and legacy of john brown if. >> his music filled the local airwaves and in every corner of the city, including the sidewalk in front of the street named in his honor. >> ♪ i don't hear you ♪ >> he told the story of how he grew up shining shoes on the streets of d.c. and then ended up going to prison where another prisoner gave him a guitar. when brown got out of prison, he created go-go, a unique sound. >> it is something d.c. can never replace. >> i am sure the memorials and celebrations of terry brown's life will continue on for the next several days. coming up in the next half-hour hear from some of those who played alongside him and those
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who play his music on local airwaves. -- of justice browchuck brown's life. >> there was a police tchase and a crash on south dakota avenue northeast. the suspects were wanted in connection with an armed robbery in prince george's county. they could be wanted for other crimes as well. >> president obama is preparing to most world leaders at camp david this weekend. some of the leaders attending the economic summit at the presidential retreat in frederick county will arrive at dulles international today. the summit begins tomorrow and will end on saturday. many world leaders then will head to chicago for the nato summit. 5:04 now, 65 degrees. >> still ahead new rumors about what is next for apple's biggest products. details on future ipads and
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>> welcome back.
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checking traffic and weather. >> let's start with the forecast and adam caskey. >> nothing to worry about today and tomorrow. beautiful, comfortable conditions. it will be fantastic. if lead in the fresh air. open the windows the next few days. we will have low humidity. it will be comfortable. that will be another factor to make it more beautiful out there. steady wind at 14 miles an hour in the district, 13 in martinsburg. generally between five and 15 miles an hour with a refreshing wind out of the northwest. you will notice it periodically today. 57 downtown now -- 67. in martinsburg, 56. 54 in hagerstown,. a lot of sunshine today, less humid than the past few days, 75. for the same tomorrow with bright sunshine and low humidity temperatures will slowly creep up to 83 by sunday.
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sunday we add additional clouds to the forecast for. we may have to modify the seven- day forecast to introduce a chance of showers. that is something we will fine- tuned over the next couple days. >> ddot says all the construction is being moved out of the way for drivers coming out of fredericksburg of trying to get up to 610 garrissonville road. that is a relief. it was complicated. it will take awhile for things to settle down as far as the pace of traffic to get back to normal. but we are optimistic that will happen soon. no accidents on 66. in good shape on 95 in and out of baltimore. normal travel times. metro rail is reporting normal service. we will have more on traffic but now back to news. >> we have good news and more good news. congratulations to one viewer to play golf against tiger woods. >> the winner is ernie turner of
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falls church. he also won tickets to the at&t national. we will be in touch with you. we want to say thank you to all of our viewers who entered the contest. >> i would have the same reaction as tiger did, if i were attornernie. coming up, learn how google well the kids wanted a puppy but ey can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dede. probably jusplplayin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories. >>investigators looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man in mount vernon. the victim was found late last night inside a car at san leandro place and messina place.
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he was taken to the hospital where he died. police of not said what led to the shooting. the fbi says hundreds of threatening letters containing white powder were sent from somewhere in texas. the letters with references to al qaeda and nazis were sent locations in the u.s. and overseas. the powder was not hazardous. the nation's capital is mourning the loss of the man known as the "godfather of go-go." chuck brown died yesterday at a baltimore hospital at the age of 75. he spent decades popularizing a blend of folk music jazz, and soul music. >> he is identifiable with all d.c. and the music scene and he will be missed. >> john gonzalez is with us. >> he is back after checking out a stunt plane. you were doing aerobatics before this weekend's's show at joint
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base andrews. it was insane, so excited to be up in the sky, if on assignment. i should've called in sick maybe because i'm still kind of giddy. we spent the afternoon with sean tucker, the hall of fame pilot. he will perform at this year's airshow. he has performed at more than 400 of them. he can do just about anything. turns and trips that leave very little room for errors. we hit eight g's. he is in his 60s. he definitely over somhis fierce. we did tumbles' end over end. then he allowed me to take control for a couple minutes. people in warrenton were in grave danger at that time. just to put this in
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perspective, he says that the greatest roller-coastered you could ever ride is about a five and he says this was easily an 8.5. i am in one piece this morning, so it was a good time. we are glad you are in one piece. you look so cool and collected a natural top gun up there. >> well done. the show is this weekend? rex at andrews. always a fun time. oracle will be there along with many other teams. >> fantastic. i am impressed. you have a stomach made of steel. >> i don't know. i made it out alive. >> thanks, john. we're getting another sign that a sequel to the, the "anger man"
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is in the works. there's a movie poster that does not really show much. >> this is all. but we do know that paramount has released a teaser trailer that will play before the screenings of "the dictator." "anchorman ii" will be fun. that's coming out next year. we talked about the nba playoffs and oklahoma city finally getting attention off the court for their fashion choices. we showed you russell westbrook with fishing lures on his shirt and sally jessy raphael eyeglasses. >> kevin durant showed up yesterday after the game in this miami vice look, a colorful t-
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shirt and a suit, wearing this during a post-game conference, and wearing glasses. it works ok for me. it is. a little is >>-- it is a little eccentric. >> a new apple product. >> and changes to google and bing search engines. >> google is adding basic information that may be all you need or would help you narrow down your search. bing is adding a sidebar colorado that lets you know which of your friends have information related to your search topic. ed has a preview. >> the more people there in theory, the better. i liked what i saw. will it make me go to bing before google, not necessarily. >> it will be a few more weeks
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before all the new features are available. fiat may have put one over on volkswagen. this shows a fiat parked out front of volkswagen and its likely to stay there a while. i am rob nelson. >> i love when they get into the high-tech battles. things like that showing up on line. >> i love that. correct what is going on with the weather? we can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air today? >> open them cautiously if you suffer severely from allergies. molds, trees, and grass pollen, in the higher range. a triple whammy in terms of the pollen. but open the windows if you can today. cooler, less humid, drier, the ideal mid-may conditions. let's start with a time lapse of
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the moon rising over arlington. there you go. the bright white dot in the distance the crescent moon. mostly clear skies to start the day. 67 in the district, 55 in manchester. temperatures will drop a few more degrees before sunrise which is six minutes before 6:00 a.m. 10 degree difference between culpeper and frederick. the wind is out of the north and northwest, a shooting in the dryer, cooler canadian air. if the wind is at about 5-15 miles an hour. you will notice the wind periodically today, but it is refreshing and will not be overwhelming. we had a few clouds overnight, but most of the cloud cover is over the ocean, over the atlantic. high pressure is settling in and that will bring us sunshine the next couple days. easy whether all the way through saturday. sunday, a little uncertainty.
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area of low pressure will develop down to our south over the ocean and will ride up the eastern seaboard. we just don't know how far off shore that will stay, particularly on sunday. some models show that moving on shore. we would have to introduce showers for sunday in that case. right now that looks unlikely but it is just a possibility. we will have to fine-tune the weekend forecast of over the next couple days. we would probably change it to add a few showers on sunday if we do change it. perfect until then, 75 today sunny. 77 tomorrow, los humidity. sunday, 83. >> 495, all 66 miles of the beltway are perfect. all the traffic is moving at speed. light volume as you can see in this picture and new hampshire ave.
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construction barrels have been moved out of the wet. pretty good run out of leesburg in this next picture. this is where the dulles greenway crosses over 28. that is the underpass. 28 is quiet near the toll road. a good run on 66. overnight construction has been moved out of the road on 95 between stanford and garrissonville road. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21. time is running out for your chance to enter and win a new ford fiesta and $3,000. >> you have until tomorrow to go to to enter. we will draw another finalist tonight at 5:00 p.m. and that person will have 30 minutes to call and claim a spot in the drawing/ >> to give away the opportunity to go golfing with tiger woods. >> coming up, g. gio gonzalez
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fanning through enough pirates but who will play him for the dc-9? >> tell everybody what you have to take off your braces? >> melissa did not think it would look good in the pictures.
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>> deep left field. >> adam jones warming up last night in kansas city like 15 innings. three strikeouts. jones was finally ready to play. he had a monster home run in the 15th inning and beat kansas city. >> baltimore tied with tampa bay at the top of the elite. there will be in d.c. this weekend for the battle of the beltway showdown with the first place nationals. >> the nationals needed a win. >> hello again.
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the nationals at had not lost thibodaux games in a row at home all year. that is huge. the nationals came out last night against the padres and there were sharp. they beat the pirates 7-4. we pick it up in the bottom of the first, bryce harper with two home runs. deep right field, off the top of the wall. harper has a triple. he scored. gio gonzalez pitched seven innings from the deal. many strikeouts for him, gave up only 4. he got the win. adam had a home run. this was it. all reruns' score. career hit no. 1000. the nationals beat the pirates 7-4. is looking at your morning's sports. a gray day, everybody. >> thank you. 64 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30.
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>> the latest from the john edwards corruption trial. learn how early a jury could begin deliberating his case. >> fairfax county police are searching for a suspect after a man was found shot inside a car. i will have a live report coming up. >> a big shift in the weather pa
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this morning a peaceful neighborhood rocked by violence. fairfax county police searching for those behind the shooting deaths of a man inside a car. it's thursday, may 17, good morning, washington. i am steve chenevey. i am cynne simpson.
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adam caskey has the forecast. >> beautiful weather today and tomorrow. low humidity, highs in the mid 70's, bright sunshine. started the workweek with beneficial rain. now to end the work week it is going to be perfect outside. take your lunch outdoors today and tomorrow. here's a live look at annapolis you can see. moonrise thing in the upper left side of the screen. cloud deck is in the distance. that will be out of here. right now 67 a chesapeake beach. leesburg is a few degrees cooler at 68. strasbourg virginia, -- highs in the mid 70's today, low humidity, bright sunshine, a repeat performance tomorrow. there will be a chill in the air tomorrow morning in the 40's in most outlying suburbs. now to lisa. >> in good shape on the baltimore beltway.
5:31 am
late-day clearing construction is history and on 95 up to the marine base. lanes are open. minor collision on 270 north at montgomery village avenue, southbound is open. 395 between duke street and seminary road in this picture beautiful and quiet. now to news. >> thanks. the search for the gunman behind a fatal shooting in fairfax county. >> police responded to a noise complaint in moderate allies night and found a man shot inside a car. and carter is live at the scene with the latest. >> still a developing story. police just left the scene moments ago. loaded the car involved onto a flatbed and towed the vehicle away. police say this started around 11:30 last night. that's when they got a call to this mount vernon neighborhood for a noise complaint. authorities say it's not clear
5:32 am
what was going on at the time but when officers arrived they found a man suffering from an upper body gunshot wound inside a car in the parking lot at san leandro place and messina place -- and mendociana place. he is an adult male. there was a heavy police presence with canine units as investigators looked through the car trying to find clues in the case. police have no intermission on a motive in the shooting. they do believe that they saw some people leaving the scene of the crime, but they have no description of suspects. is a this investigation is ongoing. anyone with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> some d.c. employees may no longer have to undergo background checks. the examiner reports council chair kwame brown the language in the 2013 budget exempting
5:33 am
council staff members who handle sensitive matters from investigations into their criminal and credit history. the council earlier this year approved a law requiring many new city employees to undergo criminal background checks. >> ♪ >> funeral arrangements are being planned for a d.c. legend known as the "godfather of go- go." chuck brown passed away yesterday, but it did not take long for fans to set up vigils in his memory. jummy olabanji is live in northwest with more. >> one of those memorials, those celebrations was held outside the house order for several hours, away from terry browchuck brown way. there will be remembrances all over the city and in maryland and virginia as news of his death passes through our area.
5:34 am
he was 75 and had been struggling with pneumonia and had been in the hospital several weeks. people are not remembering the way he died today but rather the way he lived and the music that recreated if and what it meant to the cit and how it couldput d.c. on the map. listen to how people are remembering him today. >> he said it is going to be bad. he hung in there with it and did exactly what he said he was going to. >> it's devastating. i know that he had been very sick. you are never prepared for that call. >> the way many people are remembering him this morning is the hit song that put the music on the map "i feel like bustin' loose."
5:35 am
many fans and elected leaders gathered. there's no word on a public memorial plan, but city officials are looking into it. reporting live from the howard theatre, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> let's take a look of the john edwards corruption trial. closing arguments are expected to begin today. the defense rested yesterday without calling a words, his daughter or his mistress to the stand. during two days of testimony the defense call several witnesses and four -- focused on the question of whether he violated federal campaign finance law. the jury could get the case as soon as tomorrow. it is 65 degrees. >> still ahead new developments surrounding the fired syracuse assistant basketball coach. while his wife is suing espn. >> more reasons to slow down in the district, details on plans to more than double the number speed and red light camera. >> we have another check on
5:36 am
traffic and weather every 10 minutes. volume building out there.
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>> do you know someone who lives with diabetes? or do you own a bicycle? join us for the stour.
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>> good morning, washington. >> thursday morning, beautiful. it does not get any better than this in may. we will have low humidity bright sunshine, high temperatures in the mid 70's. if only that could last. it will last a couple days. by the end of the weekend things will shift a little. here's a live look from our rooftop camera. a cloud deck in the distance. sunrise about 15 minutes from now if. 67 in the district currently, 70 degrees in quantico. 56 in martinsburg. oakland, 41 degrees in maryland. a christmas morning in garrett county. along the water in annapolis, 69 degrees. beautiful today, bright sunshine, 75. a north breeze at 10-15 periodically. it will be refreshing with low humidity. repeat performance tomorrow. now to lisa. >> the drive on 95 and eastbound
5:40 am
66 is improving. a little bottom, but construction is out of the way. 270 southbound headlights at shady grove road in this picture, moving at a nice pace of a laydown 495. metro rail, marc rail, and the army report normal service. back to you. >> thank you. you will want to slow down when you drive through the district from now on. brac city officials plan to add 88 more red-light and speed cameras. the new cameras will issue a ticket to drivers for blocking the crosswalk, or doing what is called blocking the box. the added cameras are expected to bring in another $25 million a year. >> among the asian nearly 500 firefighters are trying to keep some flames away from a community of summer homes in arizona. officials are worried the wind
5:41 am
could push the wildfire back into the community where started on sunday. >> the wife of fired syracuse university assistant basketball coach bernie fine is now suing espn clammy the network destroyed her reputation. >> the defendants have known me to be a decent and honest woman and they have maliciously attacked me to boost television ratings in the wake of the penn state scandal. >> she says that espn trampled her reputation by broadcasting stories about her and two former ball boys who accused her husband of molesting them decades ago. espn says the complaint is what about marriag-- is without merit. >> a young man who made headlines for his testimony about having two gay parents. he joins us in our studio to discuss what brings him to
5:42 am
washington this week. brett hann how you can help local charities by a party? [ music
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cracks in about 15 minutes here's what's coming up. an extra perks from drinking coffee. one of life's simple pleasures just got a little sweeter. and extra security for school buses in georgia after reports of a sniper taking aim earlier this week. and finally the bicycle thief learns a lesson that he will never forget. we will talk about this video and more coming up at 6:00. >> in my 19 years not once have i ever been confronted by an individual who realized independently that i was raised by gay couple. it is because the sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effects on the content of my character. >> that was the impassioned speech that went viral on youtube last year. the 19-year-old zack went before
5:46 am
lawmakers who were considering a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. he is an author and is with us to talk about a special event that brought him to washington. it is called family weekend in washington. >> . that's >> tell us about it. >> later today we will lobby members of congress. will speak with my two senators including chuck grassley. and to my representative in the house. we will talk about a couple different areas of policy, be66 but focusing on same-sex adoption rights in the united states safe schools, and the repeal of the defense of marriage act. recently we heard president obama amber heard vice president biden's speak out about their support of same-sex marriage. that must of been a big step in the right direction for advocacy. it was a beautiful moment.
5:47 am
i think a lot of folks got caught up in the political calculus but as someone intimately affected by that decision, i don't really care about why much as the fact that he did do it and he did take that stand and speak up for what is right. >> what does that mean for the future of this issue? does it give you hope that this is something that's on the horizon? it does. it makes it more difficult to go backwards as a country. would be hard-pressed to move backwards when it comes to this issue. the trend lines are clear on this issue. 70% of college students, many young people and other generations support this issue. looking towards the future, there's definitely a lot of hope. i think over the next 10 or 15 years if this will probably become a non-issue insofar as the conflict lines fading away. >> i know that your mothers are very proud of you especially with your new book.
5:48 am
thanks for joining us. back to you. >> thank you. today you can help several local charities by taking the dulles greenway toll road to work. it's part of the drive for charity event. no more details from jummy olabanji. >> this morning when you are driving to work, you could be helping one of these loudoun county residents also get a ride to work. they are employees of a nonprofit in loudoun county that provides jobs in transportation to people living with disabilities -- jobs and transportation. >> the greenway has allowed us to replace our vans. >> the dulles greenway is holding annual event today. echo works is one of five local charities that will receive money from the tolls. all you have to do is get on the dulles greenway. they will give the money directly to the charity when you pay your toll. >> it donated $230,000 last year.
5:49 am
they hoped to raise $260,000 this year. that means about 60 cows and cars would have to go through the tolls. >> we will be giving away a free oil change and coupons to premium outlets and to the ben & jerry's ice-cream store at the town center if. correct the real incentive is to help nonprofit neighbors in. >> it is a godsend if. >> 100% of the money raised on the greenway through midnight tonight will go through the march of dimes and several other charities. officials hope it will be a busy and beneficial day on the road. >> we could not begin to raise that kind of money to replace our vans without the greenway. >> in leesburg, jummy olabanji. >> more americans slicing and dicing in the kitchen trying to save a little money. >> verizon making changes that
5:50 am
will affect customers still getting unlimited data. let's say good morning to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. correct good morning. we do have unlimited data plans for verizon wireless. if you have that, listen. verizon will start rolling out a -- out shared data plans. you'll be forced to give up your unlimited data plan. share pricing approach is part of a push to get users to pay more for wireless service for everything from streaming network movies on the ipad to internet tv's. fewer people are going out to eat. they're cooking and home to save money, especially women. if 70% of americans are dining out less and over half of the people polled said going out has become a luxury. i do want to mention a big issue.
5:51 am
thousands of realtors across the country making their way to the base of the washington monument to demonstrate to members of congress for that home ownership does matter to people. staging their begins around 7:30 this morning. -- staging there. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's find out what it's going to be like out there and a couple hours. >> here's a look at a beautiful picture from my facebook friends dixie of the wide array of clouds we have overhead. this captures it all. thanks for posting that. this morning there's a cloud deck in the distance. you can see this view from hyattstown washington-lee high school in arlington overlooking parts of arlington.
5:52 am
clouds in the distance of. 63 degrees in laurel and in arlington with the cloud deck exit in the region right now. here's a look at temperatures. if 54 degrees in round hill, 64 in alexandria 63 in huntingtown. comfortable start to the day with humidity on the downswing. is dropping all because of the northerly wind that we have. it is out of the north at 13 miles an hour in martinsburg, 14 in the district, 12 in hagerstown. it is a nice, refreshing breeze out there. the air is coming out of canada so we have low humidity. temper tours will be dropping today into the mid 70's, which is average for this time of year. here's a look at some cloud cover that passed overhead late last night. here is the wider view. we have a high-pressure system over to the next couple days. that will bring a lot of sunshine and comfortable weather. there's a wild card in the weekend weather. if uncertainty into what will happen exactly on sunday. we may have to modify the
5:53 am
forecast over the next couple days. looks partly cloudy right now. with the area of low pressure writing up the eastern seaboard and staying offshore, at least that's what we think, it looks like we will be partly cloudy. some models say that it may attract close enough to the shoreline where it may give us a few showers by sunday. we may have to fine-tune our seven-day forecast. there is uncertainty right now. mid 70's this afternoon sunshine, beautiful. repeat performance tomorrow. by sunday, 83. >> we are going to go aloft to newschopper 7, looking at 270 so you can get the feel of the pace of traffic. the lanes are open in beautiful shape out of germantown gaithersburg rockville, all the way down to the lane divide. we are good at the american legion bridge, south of town at the wilson bridge, no worries on 95 or 66. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53 right now, 63 degrees
5:54 am
outside. >> trying to think of a special gift for your father, on father's day? how about scandals? we will have more on the
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> a candle company is trying to prove scented candles is not just for the ladies. >> yankee candles is for men. one of the fragrances is called
5:57 am
a riding mower. they say it was not far-fetched because men already make up about 30% of the customers. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it is probably a good idea. i might not to go with those -- some things you don't want to smell all day. >> riding mower? but that's not such a good memory for me. >> that does not feel relaxing. there's more to come in the next hour. >> we will remember the "godfather of go-go," chuck brown. >> and ben lisa baden
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> how his home town is remembering him. >> deadly shooting on the streets of mount vernon. a live report coming up. >> later, at the latest in the don edwards at trial. -- john edwards trial. >> live, and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> a live look over the nation's capita


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