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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 6:00 buying into facebook. like it or not. one of the most high-tech stocks ever is finally going public today. >> shedding light on the night trayvon martin died. 200 new documents are frank a look at the evidence against the accused killer george zimmerman -- are givingshedding light on the evidence. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, may 18. a beautiful star. here's a live look at the capitol building. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. happy to be with you on this
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friday. breaking news from arlington. authorities on the scene of a water main break near fort meyer drive. parts of that road, 19th street, and lee highway are all affected this morning. metroaccess the street access to the rosslyn metro station could be impacted. let's get things started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will start with lisa baden because of this situation. >> it will impact your access to the rosslyn metro. metro rail still reporting they are running on normal service. we will take you live to newschopper 7 with an accident they are documented in bowie maryland if. 197 northbound reopen at 50, but southbound 197 at 50 remains blocked because of this severe crash. now to the weather center with adam caskey. >> we have two rooftop cameras in the belfort furniture weather center. a beautiful sunrise this morning. head upstairs to the 36th floor. on the left side of your screen is a gorgeous sunrises over the
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nation's capital. you can see a tight shot of a sunrise in this other shot? . a few high, thin clouds in the distance that. is all we will have today. there's a bit of a chill in air. 54 degrees in germantown, 45 in la plata, 45 in remington virginia. little silly in the outlying suburbs. bright sunshine today, a perfect friday. low humidity, highs in the 70's. open the windows to let in the fresh air. >> thanks so much. are hours away from facebook going public. its initial stock offering is one of the most in demand ever. jummy olabanji is live in the newsroom with how you can try to turn $38 into thousands. if only it were that easy. >> good morning. at $30 -- $38 a share, the ipo could raise $16 billion making it the third largest ipo in
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history, right behind general motors and visa. big-time investors already snapped up everything in initial public offering last night. maag those people are probably going to try to sell their shares this morning for a quick profit. experts say if you buy at that time you might be paying two or three times more than the opening price. >> i would wait for about a half-hour for that to settle down a tiny bit. i would not do it at all, to be honest. >> your batman say even though facebook is a popular website buying shares might not be worth it. only time will tell. the market opens at 9:30 this morning. don't expect facebook shares to start trading instantly. it could take about an hour or so and to begin active trading. facebook founder mark zuckerberg plans to sell 30. million of his shares today --
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plans to sell 30.2 million of its shares today. >> not a bad investment. investors hope facebook can provide a boost for the u.s. stock market if. stop stumbled yesterday on concern about greece possibly leaving the euro zone. >>breaking news from mississippi this morning where authorities made an arrest in two deadly highway shootings. 28-year-old james lilley is expected to be charged with two counts of capital murder. he shot and killed a man and woman on remotes stretches of highway. -- james willie. he was not impersonating an officer, as originally reported. >> we're learning more about what happened the night trayvon martin was shot and killed if at a gated community in florida. prosecutors released documents including surveillance video of martin pertussis and candy land
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iced tea inside a 7-eleven before he was killed. documents also detail george zimmerman's injuries including cuts and a bloody nose. this could support claims that he struggled with a 17-year-old. >> let's remember, trayvon martin was still shot and killed by george zimmerman. and so even if zimmerman was on his back, even if zimmerman was losing a fight, he still has a lot of explaining to do. >> in autopsy found martin was shot at point-blank range and had traces of marijuana components in this system. zimmerman is now facing second- degree murder charges. he is in hiding as he awaits trial. >> today president obama welcome leaders from the world's biggest economies to town for the g-8 summit. the meetings will be held north of d.c. at camp david. that makes frederick county, maryland, front and center on the global stage today. john gonzalez joins us with our neighbors are preparing for all this attention and protesters.
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>> that's right. eight powerful leaders from around the world will begin to gather in frederick county, maryland, today. it is a two-day summit. leaders eventually will move to chicago on sunday for the nato summit. the focus this weekend will be on greece and the european debt crisis. i the leaders trying. t from spiraling out of control. the unemployment rate over there is soaring and the euro is very weak affecting recover for nations such as the united states. the small town of thurmont, maryland, is crawling with heavy security and police presence already this morning. residents and business owners in frederick have been warned of major demonstrations that could even begin later today. a group known as the one campaign has already spray- painted washable messages on area roads urging the leaders to put an end to poverty and
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hunger. they want these leaders to do something about this, this weekend. they spray-painted pennsylvania avenue also, near the white house trying to get the message across. this is baker park. hundreds are expected here today and possibly tomorrow morning. they have a permit and if they will be out here in force. john gonzalez reporting live, abc 7 news. >> donna edwards' faith in the hands of a jury -- john edwards. at issue whether his sex scandal cover-up was a crime or just above applies. prosecutors say that edwards broke campaign finance laws by using nearly $1 million from campaign donors to cover up his relationship with rielle hunter if. his defense team says former aide andrew young masterminded a scheme and edwards never knowingly committed a crime. edwards now faces up 30 years in
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prison if convicted of all six charges. >> taking a look at the day ahead, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius delivers a speech to georgetown's class of 2012 amid a firestorm of criticism. the archdiocese of washington and other religious groups objected to the selection by the catholic university because of her work in support of president obama's health care overhaul and employer coverage of contraception. >> still ahead, catching up with new redskins quarterback robert griffin and his special gift to tonight show host jay leno. >> and a preview of this weekend's annual air show at joint base andrews. >> is another perfect day, a beautiful friday. i will be back to talk
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>> d.c. schools, after-school programs, we are thrilled to present the 2012 d.c. schools jamboree. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, d.c. schools. is 6:11, traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> they have greater energy in the morning. it's check in with adam caskey. >> they came to the weather center about a week ago today. a great group of kids. a live look from arlington on top of washington-lee high
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school, a beautiful sunrise in the distance. it is 53 degrees in boston. -- ballston. it's 41 degrees in frederick and winchester, 42 in martinsburg 57 along the water in lexington park and 56 in annapolis. 66 degrees is the water temperature and. mostly sunny this afternoon, low humidity, a perfect friday. these are the days that we yearn for washington 70's, sunny lower humidity. get outside and enjoy it. 77 for the high temperature today, near 80 tomorrow with similar conditions. today i expect additional cloud cover to roll in off the ocean and a slight chance of a late- day sprinkle on sunday. predominately dry, but i cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle. better chance of rain on monday. that's the forecast. >> there was a fatal crash in
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bowie. 197 was blocked in both directions at 50. see if we can get a shot from newschopper 7. there we go. this is near the school off 50. southbound 197 is closed. northbound 197 is open. route 50 itself is open. i don't want you to be confused. you'll have to follow police direction in the area. by the way, they are reopening linlyn st. fort myers drive is also closed for the water main break. >> the beltway battle, last night the nationals could not put a winning streak together. they fell to the pittsburgh pirates last night. the final score 5-3.
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>> the horse racing triple crown tomorrow at pimlico race course the preakness. >> i forgot about that coming up already, the horse racing triple crown under way. coming up, a fight over 3 d glasses. we will tell you why. >> headed to the air show this weekend? need to know before leading house. we have a preview. >> ♪ >> the deaths of disco. a look back well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead.
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probably just playin' possum. sfsf possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. n fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> ♪ "last dance" ♪
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>> singer madonna's summer lobster battle with cancer yesterday. >> the singer known for "she worked hard for the money" is survived by her husband and three daughters. she was 63 years old. >> amazing voice. the ax falls at 8hp. >> the blame spreads. sources tell all street journal that j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon approved the concept behind the disastrous trade at the bank. j.p. morgan has lost $3 billion if so far and the mistake has tarnished his image. facebook shares later this morning will begin trading at $38 a share on the nasdaq the. at will value the country at $104 billion more than craft, mcdonald's, and other road on companies pierre. it will be one of the biggest initial public offerings in
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history hewlett-packard. plans to cut its workforce by 30,000 jobs it. as a restructuring announced earlier this year. details will be announced later. later. there could be a spectacle over 3-d for men in black. any pictures no longer wants to pay the cost. >> get your adrenaline going. joint base andrews will be the place this weekend. >> that is where the annual air show will take place. brianne carter has a preview. >> there's a lot to look forward to out here today. everything from the golden knights to the blue angels. a great weekend on tap today. to talk about what you need to know, we have regina. thanks for being here. what sets this apart from other air shows? >> we are celebrating 100 years of marine corps aviation.
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we're very proud to celebrate that. with the that we also have the navy and air force and the army. we will have the blue angels and army golden knights. you get to see the air force rapper, the marine corps -- and oscar granprey. we are proud to share that with the community. >> we have a lot of different military planes out here and a lot to look forward to. gates open at 8:00 this weekend open to the public for. what the people know about this? >> the base is open today for dod and special school groups. you can get on base with a dod card. for more affirmation, go to our web site to find out what specific things you can bring. no large backs or food or
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outside drinks or firearms obviously. >> this is a big family event for a lot of people that come out here. people travel all across to be here. what's your favorite part of the weekend? >> this is my first air show. i'm excited to experience the entire thing. i think the blue angels will be really cool and i really want to see the raptors. >> thanks for being with us. lots to look forward to a,. gates open at 8:00 saturday and sunday. it is free. join in on the action. back to you guys in the studio. >> looks like it's going to be fun. >> a good opportunity to do something different. >> we will check in with adam caskey in a moment. but first lisa baden if. >> a fatal crash that happened to in bowie on 197 at 50 there's a change. northbound 197 has reopened. southbound, they are loading up the vehicles that were involved in the crash and moving them off the road.
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they had to take pictures and measurements. like the investigation is coming to a close. southbound 197 at 50. now to adam caskey. >> let's go to the rooftop camera to get a look at the sun rise early this morning over washington. 6:20 on the nose right now, beautiful conditions. sunrise at 5:52. no clouds in the sky. bright skies over fairfax. let's look at temperatures around 50 degrees downtown. we are in the upper 40's and mid 40's in outlying suburbs. there's a chill in the air to start the day. around 50 degrees in the beltway. high-pressure overhead will give us a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow. there is a weak low pressure system off shore that disconnected itself from the main flow in the atmosphere, so it is just drifting in. that makes it very difficult to pinpoint exactly where it will go and how it will affect our weather over the next couple days. i think that by sunday it will
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be a wild card. i think it will throw little extra cloud cover i waved -- a little extra cloud cover our way from the ocean and cause a light sprinkle on sunday. perfect on friday and saturday. some extra clouds on sunday, highs in the 70's, slight chance of a sprinkle and. better chance of rain by monday. >> thanks so much. 6:21. >> from a board game to the big screen. arch campbell has a look at the new movie "battleship." >> next "anderson," inside the school that shocks students with electricity. why did the head of the school try to destroy the videotapes?
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>> welcome back. battleship hits the big screen today. >> here's a preview from arch campbell. >> good morning, washington. your weekend movie guide. hasbro has turned to their board game battleship to try to turn it into a movie. transformers on water. these space aliens enter at a signal with an attack on its pacific fleet. the bad boy takes them on after most of the other officers meet their doom. he saves the girl.
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her father is played by liam neeson. it's fun and easy to watch. 2.5 stars, pg-13. three stars for the avengers and for things like a man and for the best exotic marigold hotel. three stars for pirates and the dictator. 2.5 stars for battleship and dark shadows. 2 forhave a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell. >> 6:00 hour 25 right now on this friday morning >> . ahead in the next half-hour, if a good day to bike to work.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your
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side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, buying into facebook. like it or not, today, one of the most high tech stocks ever finally going public. >> 200 new documents are offering a first look at the evidence against accused killer george zimmerman. good morning, washington. and happy friday. it's may 18. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we are following breaking news from arlington. authorities on the scene of a water main break near fort meyer drive. parts of that road, 19th street, and north moor street affected. the rosslyn metro station is not affected at this time. we will get to lisa baden for the latest in this situation and another in bowie. >> 197, and looked outside and
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50 is open. southbound 197 after 50 is closed as they are wrapping up an investigation from a fatal crash overnight. virginia, 66 eastbound delays briefs in manassas, in fair oaks, 95 in woodbrige. look at the 14th street bridge. nice and easy, quiet and over to the third street tunnel is good. now to adam caskey. >> its bike to work day on this friday perfect weather for that. i remember we had a little rain for that in years past, did not work out so well. perfect day with low humidity. you will not overheated when riding your bicycle. there is the crescent moon waning. sunrise at 5:53. bright sunshine not just now but for the rest of the day. it's 41 in the inwood west virginia, 46 in la plata, 50 in
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arlington, 48 in clarksburg. well into the 70's today sunday, low humidity, pleasant and perfect. slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. -- in the 70's today on this friday. >> facebook will have plenty of new friends after it starts trading publicly today. the social networking company will start selling shares at $38 a share. is said to be worth $104 billion. most of the stock is already been snatched up by big-time corporate investors but you may still have a chance to get your hands on it later today. >> i have read things that say you should invest in companies that you know or that you like. >> i would wait about a half- hour for that to settle a little. i would not do it at all, to be honest. >> some experts say facebook could share the same fate as
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other technology web sites and made a splash and then went bust. we are told facebook employees stayed up all night trying to come up with the next big idea. investors and wall street's hope that facebook's magic can rub off on the rest of wall street that had big losses because of concerns that greece could leave the euro zone. >> to access to oil piles of evidence in the trayvon martin shooting case. 200 documents and photographs and videos. they leave more unanswered questions. tahman bradley joins us from northwest with details. >> this evidence is painting a better picture of what really happened the night the florida teenager was shot and killed. looked at this surveillance video. it shows trayvon martin at a 7- eleven the night of every 26 not long before he was. was.
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we are also getting a look at the man who shot him, george zimmerman. he had scrapes and bruises and broken nose the night of the shooting. zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder. he claims self-defense. the evidence of his injuries could support his claim that he had a struggle with martin. but the lead investigator called the shooting of voidable. >> he made newsa decision to get out of his car profile pursue and confront trayvon martin and to kill an unarmed teenager. >> an autopsy said martin was shot at point-blank range. medical examiners found a small amount of a marijuana component in the teenager's system. reporting live in northwest washington, tahman bradley. >> thanks for joining us. 6:33. today president obama welcoming leaders from eight of the world's biggest economies. they will be joining him for the
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g-8 summit. >> the weekend meetings will be held at camp david. that makes frederick county front end center on the global stage. that is where john gonzalez is this morning with our neighbors are preparing for all the attention this weekend. >> we understand and least a different police jurisdictions will assist this weekend in frederick county, maryland including baker park in downtown frederick where hundreds of demonstrators are expected to gather. they did receive a permit to protest in this park this weekend. 20 miles away at camp david is where the eight leaders will meet for the two-day maryland summit before moving to chicago on sunday. the goal this weekend is to keep the european debt crisis from getting worse and spiraling out of control. the unemployment rate over there is soaring. euro is very weak and it is affecting recoveries for other nations including the united states. these summits usually bring
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heavy backlash and protests. thurmont maryland, is already seeing heavy police presence and security this morning. in frederick, residents and business owners have been warned that major demonstrations could begin later today. a group known as one campaign has already started a demonstration, spray-painted many of the area roads with messages asking leaders to end poverty and hunger. baker park will hold a major demonstration this weekend in frederick. john gonzalez reporting live >> . john edwards' fate is in the hands of a jury today in this conspiracy drop. at issue is whether his sex scandal cover-up was a crime or just a web of lies. prosecutors say edwards broke campaign finance laws by using nearly $1 million from campaign donors to cover up his relationship with rielle hunter eric kearney. his defense team says former
6:36 am
aide andrew young masterminded a scheme and dead birds never knowingly committed a crime. edwards faces up to a 30 years in prison if convicted on all six charges. >> the star witness in roger clemens' perjury trial will return to the stand today. yesterday his strength and conditioning coach bryan mcnamee admitted he lied during the investigation into steroid use in baseball. but he maintains that he injected roger clemens several times with human growth hormone. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius delivered a speech to georgetown' class of 2012 amid a firestorm of criticism. the washington archdiocese and other religious groups objected to a resolution because of work and support of president obama's employer-provided coverage of contraception. >> comedy legends betty white has a visit to the
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national zoo today and a book signing. last night the 90-year-old actress spoke to a sold-out crowd at george washington university. >> it was a good learning experience. i did not learn anything, but it was a good learning experience. >> if you ever need to know how to pick up a tarantula, i will show you. >> it is 6:37 on this friday morning. >> how you can join the thousands of people ditching their car for a ride to work. we have a live interview with the organizers of bike to work day. >> i was number 700 in my class. >> r.g. iii making his debut on the tonight show.
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>> it is 6:40. good morning, washington. friday, may 18. it's bike to work day. watch out for bicyclist. we're going live to newschopper 7, looking at 270 traffic.
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i'm excited about it. southbound traffic through rockville is on the left. a beautiful morning commute. 197 was closed at 50 in bowie, but that has now reopened. everything is open as far as the beltway traffic in fairfax county, although a little slow into the sunshine in spots. back to the news desk. >> we will not complain about the sunshine this morning. >> let's check kindle doug hill to see if it can last throughout the day. >> yes, and probably through good portion of the weekend. get a look at arlington from the rooftop camera. skies in. it will be a beautiful day. one temperatures in the upper 70's and the air will continue to be dry. starting at 41 degrees in frederick, 46 in gaithersburg. warmer at reagan national airport, 55 degrees, 51 in fredericksburg.
6:42 am
expecting clear skies across the region. high pressure will be in control today and tomorrow. however, there's a lot of clout in this offshore. there is a little circulation we have been marching across the carolinas that dropped a lot of beneficial rain there in the last couple days. there's a chance some of those clouds and possibly kill a sprinkle could arrive by late sunday. in the meantime, sunshine, low humidity, upper 70's today. sunshine tomorrow, approaching 80 degrees. if by sunday, we will start with sunshine and then see a few clouds and a possible link a late-day showers. increased chance of showers by monday and tuesday. we will have another look at the forecast in 10 minutes. >> thanks so much. >> the redskins to a quarterback is tackling a late-night comedy. >> what do you have on today? >> i have on the catch a dream sox with a cape on the back.
6:43 am
>> robert griffin was on the tonight show. he admits that he writes songs and promised that he would sing a song on his next appearance. he gave up their socks? the actor who next to him. >> we will see i. 6:43 right now, 56 degrees. >> we will chat with one of the guys behind bike to work day. a lot of bikers will be out there this morning. and mitt romney dropped the acts on an ad attacking president obama. david mark will tell us why. >> ♪ >> the queen of disco has died. we will look back at
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, police in the local beach community have a message for a new high school graduates --take your drunken parties elsewhere. our report, tonight at 5:00 caught. -- at 5:00. >> ♪ "last dance" >> donna summer died at the age of 63 of cancer. she had several hits in the 1970's and 1980's including "she works hard for the money." >> president obama said that her voice was unforgettable. >> why mitt romney pulled the plug on an ad attacking president obama's connection with controversial pastor jeremiah rightwright.
6:47 am
>>this chicago pastor is still the center of controversy after four years. correct the romney campaign decided this was old news, but that this did not work in 2008 and probably was not point to be very effective this time around. john mccain, barack obama 's opponent, decided not to bring up the issue so undecided, why do it now, that it would just distract from the real issue of the economy. and it brings up racial issues. is that your assessment? >> without a doubt. it would basically just be a reminder to people who really don't like barack obama, look who he was hanging out with in chicago. there's nothing new that would come out of it for. >> let's turn to the john edwards trial. the jury now has the case.
6:48 am
does he have a fighting chance? >> he absolutely does. his legal team feels rather confident that the prosecution did not really develop their case, but they did not convince the jury if this was a criminal act. basically, that john edwards is a lousy guy and not someone that you would want as a husband, but not a criminal and. >> it is unusual when the defense says you are not a good guy, still really effective. thanks very much. thanks for joining us. >> in a lot of company on the roads. 12,000 bicyclist have signed up and for today's bike to work day. nearly succeeded stops have been set up through d.c., virginia, and maryland. one of its directors is joining us from sterling at one of those big stops. >> good morning. >> i know that you're looking to have 11,000 and it looks like more than 12,000 have shown up. that says something.
6:49 am
>> we have over 12,000 individuals that will be bicycling to work. we are at the sterling pits, where we expect at least 3500 more individuals to stop by. there's another plus stops in leesburg where there will be a over to london 20 people. -- in sterling at the pit stop we are expecting at least 350 individuals. >> are there things drivers need to know? >> the premise of the program is to introduce bicycling as a viable commuter option to individuals throughout the region. it is something that we feel for folks thinking about bicycling to come out today and join the rest of the cyclists. motorists also need to share the road. >> hopefully, their employers
6:50 am
have a way for them to do it. is the d.c. resregion a friendly region for bicycle commuting? >> it is a great region. we have great infrastructure, great, great bicycle lanes in the core of the district and surrounding areas. we have the capital bikeshare program, which is now expanding to other parts of the region. >> we wish you the best of luck. i know a lot of folks will be out there today. 12,000 bicyclist will be on the roads going to work and coming back. thanks for joining us. >> banks. we want everyone to be safe out there. >> no one is going to miss them in neon green. 6:50 right now. let's check with lisa baden for traffic. i did not get the memo about the neon green. you look beautiful. how do we look on the highway? not bad. 66 eastbound near 28
6:51 am
centreville, minor collision. all, all the way to nutley street. 95 virginia in this picture no amount is on the left. slow traffic into the sunshine into shirlington. a beautiful commute at the american legion bridge. back inside. now to doug hill with a look at the forecast. off to a good start this friday if. >> clear skies, cool temperatures. cold temperature we will be in the upper 70's. let's check the camera in arlington, the moon rising. that's followed shortly by the sunrise. off and running. a fantastic and possible day. if. 57 degrees at chesapeake beach. the wind will not be a featured today. we have some extremes, mid 40's in the northwest of the metro area 46 in hamilton in loudoun county. close to the rivers and the bay, a lot warmer with 51 degrees in
6:52 am
triangle, 51 in arlington 57 in annapolis. clear skies and high-pressure and control. that will be the story today. mostly sunny today and tomorrow if. later in the weekend on sunday especially, the area of low pressure that has brought rain to the carolinas will start drifting up the coast. there's a possibility that during the day sunday it could go west toward the mainland. if that happens, you will see a sprinkle late in the day. if not then, monday and tuesday. low humidity today, 75-80 degrees. clear and cold tonight, 45-50 degrees. on the weekend, sunshine, low humidity gorgeous, 80 degrees tomorrow if. sunday in the morning, becoming partly sunny with a few clouds, and maybe a light shower late in the day, off highs in the upper 70's. adam caskey will have a seven- day forecast and more stuff.
6:53 am
have a good weekend. >> 6:52 right now. sunny and outside.
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>> good friday morning to all of you. coming up, a facebook frenzy. social networking phenom launching one of the largest stock offerings ever, this morning, and the man who started
6:56 am
it all mark zuckerberg a coma if set to break in more than $20 billion. what about the average investor? we are live on wall street where history is made. next on "good morning america." >> unbelievable. today is your last chance to enter to been a new ford fiesta an app $3,000. >> go to follow the directions. we will draw a name tonight at 5:00 o'clock. if it is you, 30 minutes to call. 6:56 right now. >> if i am trying to get over $20 billion he could make. try to put it into perspective. these are the perfect may day is that we like, low humidity, highs in the 70's, low 80s. if we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle late sunday. better chance of rain on monday. >> today is gonna be an important
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day for usus you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. atatntion on site, atteteion on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggescicities. siemens. answers.
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