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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 21, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> summit violence. police and protesters clash near the nato summit in chicago. a tense atmosphere when the meeting ends. northern italy's devastating earthquake. the strongest quake to hit that region in more than 600 years. and remembering robin gibb. the former be rks gee has died after a battle with cancer. and ring of fire. the stunning eclipse that had people looking toward the hea n heavens and watching in awe. good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez in for paula
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faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. chicago has not seen demonstrations like this in decades. >> there could be more violence today as the summit enters its second day. president obama wakes up in his hometown of chicago this morning for day two of the nato summit, with the heavy focus on afghanistan. over the weekend, president obama and afghan president hamid karzai spoke to work to bring the war to an end. >> painting a vision, post 2014, in which we have ended our combat role. >> reporter: president karzai apologized for being a burden to the americans. >> i bring to you the gratitude of the afghan people for the support your taxpayers' money has meant to us over the last
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decade. >> reporter: proe tesers marched through the streets of chicago calling for an end to the war. >> the nato generals need to have accountability for the service members under them. >> people are sick of the war. we want money for all of the social programs that the people in the country love so well. we have had it up to here with war. >> reporter: much of the day's protests were peaceful. sunday night, a small group of protesters clashed with police. prosecutors charged two more people on sunday as part of their investigation into three separate violent plots against the summit. over the weekend, three other men were accused of manufacturing molotov cocktails. another summit headline, nato secretary general says that the missile shield is up. the obama administration says
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the shield is a sign of nato solidarity but the u.s. footed most of the bill. after a working dinner last night, president obama threw the football around at soldier field, the home of the bears. a riot inside a privately owned mississippi prison is back under control this morning. smoke was seen outside of adams facility. one guard did die. five others were injured. it involved between 200 and 300 inmates. a former rutgers university student learns his fate this morning in court. dharun ravi spied on his roommate with a web cam and then tweeted about the encounters. and jury. >> reporter: in the john edwards
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trial will resume this morning considering which liar to believe. first john edwards lied about being a father of the child before confessing. his former aide said he was the father of the child before admitting he wasn't. families looking for justice in the bombing of pan am flight. the master mind passed away yesterday. >> him passing away with his family brings anger. there's never closure in an act so senseless as this. the hole will continue the be there. you try to visualize how your loved one was blown out of the air at 31,000 feet. >> al megrahi holds the key to
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what happened there. robin gibb died after a long battle with cancer. ♪ which started the whole world crying ♪ ♪ everything a man could want to do ♪ >> the harmonies turned him and his brother into stars. robin's twin, maurice, died back in 2003. the youngest singing gibb, who was a solo artist, was only 30 when his heart gave out. and now, robin gibb, died in london at the age of 62. boy, the musical legacy they leave behind, unbelievable. and spectacular pictures coming in overnight from the eclipse. star watchers were lucky enough to see the sight. these are pictures from utah. you're about to see them. >> the last time an eclipse like this was visible from anywhere
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in the lower 48 states was nearly two decades ago. a rare scene in the sky. really cool. folks out west. we didn't see that here in new york. good for the rest of the country that did. tropical storm watches have been lifted for the carolina coasts as alberto posed no threat. >> it's the first storm of the hurricane season. the season doesn't officially begin until june 1st. let's hope it's not an omen of a busy season ahead. >> let's hope not. mother nature hasn't been too busy with the past winter we had. a gorgeous weekend here in new york gives way to showers. thunderstorms threaten the ohio and tennessee valleys. >> the southwest is in the grip of a heat wave, the temperatures ten degrees or more above
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normal. phoenix, 105, chicago back into the 60s after hitting 93 yesterday. new orleans warmer than usual at an even 90. coming up, the major league pitcher helping his own cause in a very big way. and the nasdaq admitting fault for blowing facebook's big ipo on friday. and tonight's the night. the "dancing with the stars" finale on
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welcome back, everybody. well, nasdaq admits it bungled facebook's initial public offering friday. there were problems with the order processing technology that delayed trading during the day. nasdaq's ceo said it did not affect how face book shares actually did. and overseas, markets are up just a little. still, major concerns about greece. tokyo's nikkei average gained 23 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 25. london, the ftse opened loier. on wall street, the dow lost 451 points. the nasdaq off 155. good news about the economy this morning. economists are upbeat about jobs and housing. not about some other parts of the recovery. in a survey, they predict modest growth through the year. first, it was facebook. now it's the super bowl. general motors says it won't
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place xheshls during next february's nfl title game. they say the results just don't justify the prices. >> 1 million bucks for 30 seconds typically this the super bowl. and "the avengers" sank "battleship." the marvel comics movie produced by disney took in more than three new films combined. >> the avengers took in $55.1 million. battleship, 25.4 million. and the dictator was exiled into third. >> you saw "the averngs. jts. >> i did. i loved it. cams rolling in italy. down comes an already damaged tower. conditions couldn't be better in arizona, unfortunately, for burning. stay was. alice the cat is about to explore. the world of new friskies plus.
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some stunning pictures from afghanistan, where at least 19 people have died and hundreds have been left homeless by severe flooding. >> the situation is particularly dire because rescue teams have not been able to get to the area because water washed out the roads. let's look at morning road conditions. i-95 risky around midday. it will be rainy on i-5 in the seattle area and i-90 from seattle to billings. airport delays possible in detroit and memphis. a 13,000-acre wildfire north of phoenix is only partially contained. it's already destroyed at least four homes. >> no additional homes are threatened now. but the flames close to communication towers. temperatures are high. humidity low.
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and those are the right conditions for the flames to spread. and now to northern italy and the hassive destruction killed by the weekend's earthquake. it killed at least four people. >> the epicenter was 20 miles north of bologna. the bbc's allen johnson is there. >> reporter: it struck with force. punching holes in solid walls across the region. some whole buildings for flattened. two night shift workers died in this factory. one was only there because he had done a favor and swapped his shift with a colleague. many others had a terrifying narrow escape in the night. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: i didn't have the ability to react. the only thing i did was cover my wife with my body. >> reporter: often older,
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weaker, historic buildings were hit hardest. as we filmed around this one, suddenly, there's an aftershock. all that's left of the tower dissolved into dust. this castle is one of the casualties. it stood for centuries. the pride of this little town. but the great shock of the quake was more than it could cope with. to help deal with all this, emergency workers from the length of italy have been sent to the area. many people are staying away from homes that might have been weakened by the quake. they are understandably wary. they've had to endure the aftershocks. allen johnston, bbc news, italy. we're following this story from overnight.
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three climbers died while descending mt. everest. may is the busiest month for climbing the mountain. one of the climbers, a german doctor, is said to have died from altitude sickness. the naacp sent out shock waves over the weekend formally endorsing same-sex marriage. some polls last year showed a majority were opposed. that trend is changing on the heels of the president's endorsement. now the naacp says it's simple. same-sex marriage is a civil right. some sports. you could say that pitcher stephen strasburg had a big day. he struck out eight orioles and only aloud four hlowed four hit. >> he also hit his first major
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league home run. >> we get the nba highlights from our man over at espn news. good morning, cole wright here with your "sportscenter" update. sunday afternoon. dwyane wade and the heat taking on the pacers. third quarter, let's get after it. miami down a four spot. wade to lebron. 2 of lebron's 40 on the night. miami still trailing in the third. wade, gets the pass, falls down, gets the ball back, he's hitting from long distance. miami, they're back in front, fourth and final, pacers down four. collison ripping and rolling. pacers down one after his shot from the stripe. a three-point miami lead. lebron driving to the cup. misses, gets his own rebound. he had 40 points, 18 boards, 9 assists. the heat win, 101-93. spurs and clippers, game
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four. san antonio looking for the sweep. chris paul to blake griffin. 2 of his 21. clippers up three. fourth and final. duncan to ginobili. one of duncan's four assists on the day. clippers down two. paul drives, throws it up, off the top of the back board, circus shot at its finest. clippers up one. they have a one-point lead. parker, floater the lane. under ten to burn. clippers down a pair. cp3 driving. no foul is called. the spurs, they win, 102-99. second year a texas team sweeps an l.a. squad out of the playoffs. how about monday night baseball? braves and the reds. watch it on espn, espn3. it's streaming live on the watchespn app. you wont want to miss it. it's all brought to you by usaa. coming up next, it's "the
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so it stays on in conditions like sand... sun... 100-degree heat, and ocean water. for uva/uvb protection in seven conditions, banana boat. we've got you covered. all right, it's time now the check "the pulse "the stories you'll be talking about today. we start with tonight's showdown
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on "dancing with the stars." >> the finale. the finalists are donald driver, the green bay packer, william levy, and katherine jenkins. unfortunately, my future wife, maria menounos will not be competing. place your bets. tune in tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, right here on abc. good luck to all. >> two-hour final. whoo. >> a long time. a lot of memories shared at last night's billboard music awards. bobbi kristina was on stage to accept the award for her late mother. >> sparks did a fantastic job. on top of that, donna summer, who died last week was remembered for her long list of contributions. and a tribute to robin gibb,
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whose death was announced before the program. facebook founder mark zuckerberg, 28 on monday, a public launch on friday of facebook. >> now he's added a big status change to his own personal facebook page after tieing the knot with long-time girlfriend priscilla chen over the weekend. they thought they were going to a party celebrating chen's graduation from med school. no word on whether the high-powered couple signed a prenup or not. you would think they did. >> one picture, he looks a little scared. oh, what did i do. >> probably the only woman on the planet he could marry. they've been together nine years. she was with him before the billions. loyalty. they love each other. it's cool. for some of you, your local
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updating top stories now, more protests are expected in chicago as nato wraps up its two-day summit. dozens were arrested yesterday. robin gibb has passed away after a long battle with cancer. his final project was a classical work out last month, it marked the 100th anniversary of "the titanic." he was 62. and former rutgers university student dharun ravi is set to be sentenced today. he spied on his roommate with web cams and event eventually tweeted it. the roommate later killed himself. thunderstorms possible in the ohio and tennessee valleys. rain across the east. finally this morning, what would a kids party be without balloons. or the thanksgiving day parade
4:28 am
without the floating animals? >> that could become reality thanks to a severe shortage of helium. here's dan kloeffler with more. >> reporter: imagine a birthday party without balloons, skies without blimps. and thanksgiving parades without balloons. take a deep breath. because the helium bubble could burst. the federal helium reserve is rapidly deflatindeflating. it's pricy to store it. so the government is storing private sale prices to private buys. once it's gone, it's gone. folks might get desperate to get it. why the shortage? bear with me. it gets tech tall. in 1996, to reduce costs, congress passed a law that most of the reserve be sold off by
4:29 am
2016. people with get helium for half price. as we get closer to the deadline, the supply is drops off. party guys like ken are getting wrapped up in skyward helium costs. how much has the price gone up? >> almost 20%. >> reporter: in one year? it wouldn't just suck the air or fun obvious out of the party. it would stop a lot of science. it puts lcd screens in our living room and helps doctors perform mris. there's not many options for party substitutes. what else can we fill it with? >> regular air doesn't go. they just do down to the floor. >> reporter: it explains why a world without helium wouldn't float with many people. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> and that's what's making news in america this morning.


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