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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tinuous all day but we will have showers off and on. rather unsettled for the first half of the workweek. here's a live view of live super doppler 7. most of the action is in and around the metro area. a few spotty showers around the beltway. heavier rain on 95 in virginia. south of springfield, the yellow and orange on your screen if. close to lorton, that's the heavy rain tracking to the northwest. there's a lot of rain on the radar, kind of moving southwest to northeast, backwards. 66 and now at reagan national, highs in the mid 70's with a few showers off and on through the day. >> we have had our share of accidents. be careful. southbound 95 in virginia heading past the occoquan on your way to dale city, activity spotted on the right shoulder. there were looking for something northbound all the way to the occoquan. all lanes are open. an overnight accident in
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stafford is completely gone. i will take you to a map because we will spin around the beltway. overnight construction is gone. there was an accident and new hampshire that has been taken care of. giving you the green light on all 66 miles of the beltway. >> that is good news this morning. on this monday morning d.c. police are looking for help try to find a missing 6-year-old boy. jayvon brown was last seen yesterday in the 1300 block of columbia road nw washington. he was wearing a green t-shirt at the time with a white t- shirt and predict t-shirt underneath, blue jeans, and red and black shoes. if you have a information about his whereabouts, call police. >> following a developing story from prince george's county. a police officer accused of driving drunk in his cruiser and crashing on the weekend. john gonzalez is live at police headquarters with more on this arrest. good morning. >> good morning. from hero to criminal, this off- duty police officer crashed is marked vehicle this weekend in
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an area that he has patrolled several years, on the wrong side of an arrest he has probably made hundreds of times. it was three months ago when officer daniel gonzalez received the valor award for his part in rescuing the elderly and disabled residents of at the spellman house in college park during a fire. >> they were knocking door to door getting people out especially the ones in wheelchairs'. it was very scary. >> a stark contrast wine is being mentioned this morning. the six-year officer on paid leave on the allegation he clashed -- crashed his police cruiser while drinking and driving early saturday morning. responding officers immediately suspected the 38-year-old was drunk. prexy was not on duty at the time if. >> it was not injured when he crashed his squad car on rte. 1 in bladensburg, but his colleagues say his blood alcohol content registered 0.13, well over the legal limit. >> they are here to protect the
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public. if they're not doing what is right, then that causes others to follow and you are the leader. >> his police powers have been suspended this morning and his department issued gun has been taken away pending an internal investigation. reporting live at prince george's county police headquarters, john gonzalez. >> thank you. good samaritan in prince george's county is credited with stopping a car jacking. police say that a witness saw a 31-rolled maurice hernandez try to carjack a woman and her children at knifepoint on saturday at a gas station. that is when the witness chased him into the woods for. a k-9 unit later found hernandez. he was arrested and charged with attempted robbery carjacking, and assault of. >> chicago police bracing for another day of violent protests as the nato summit wraps up today. >> officers clashed with demonstrators yesterday, leading to several injuries and dozens of arrests.
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jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with more details. >> good morning. the massive anti-war protests have resulted in protesters and police officers being injured. at least 45 people have been arrested, including three men who were plotting to attack the president's campaign headquarters in chicago. over the weekend, president obama and the afghan president hamid karzai reaffirmed their commitment to draw troops out of the afghanistan and bring the war to an end. >> efficient in which we have and our combat role after 2014. >> protesters marched through the streets of downtown chicago on saturday. >> we want money for education housing, jobs, all the social programs that the people in this country loved. we have had it up to here with -- with wwar. >> a small group of protesters
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at night clash with police trying to keep them from getting close to where the leaders were meeting. >> we saw a few kids get their heads split open right in front of us. >> police made several arrests as part of their investigation into three separate violent attacks against the summit. the men are accused of manufacturing explosives with plans to attack the president's campaign headquarters and the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. chicago police identified one of those suspects as 24-year-old jerry chased from keene, new hampshire and. on his facebook page, he describes his involvement with the occupy movement, including a stop in washington where he claims he was arrested outside the white house. from the newsroom, jummy olabanji. >> after today's nato summit, the president will travel to a joplin, missouri, where he will clideliver the commencement address. tomorrow marks one year since
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the tornado that killed 161 people and destroyed 7500 buildings including the high school. tomorrow they will break ground on the high school, middle school, and two elementary schools. >> vote 2012, donors who backed republican rivals of mitt romney have been slow in coming to his aid. among the tens of thousands of donors who wrote checks to romney's former rivals, only about 500 contributor to his campaign last month. he did raise more than. $40 million last than former gop presidential candidate newt gingrich reported campaign activity through the month of april. is that total is likely to be even higher. he officially ended his campaign on may 2. >> american troops will still see combat even as the u.s. officially shipped to a support role.
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this comes from the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan. afghan security forces will take the lead in fighting next year. the u.s. and nato are set to move into support roles. general john allen says american troops will not fully disengage from combat until 2014. u.s. and nato troops will be on hand until then to assist in the mission. 5:-7, 61 degrees -- 5:07. >> remembering a member of a group that defined the disco era, straight ahead. >> ♪ i could never see tomorrow ♪ >> will take a look in many accomplishments of the bee-gee's star robin gibbs. >> people from asia to the western u.s. held what party is so they could take in this rare sight. we will explain what causes this ring of fire eclipse. >>
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>> good morning. welcome. we are going to start with traffic, because there's been a collision in college park. the ramp from the inner loop to go north onto 95 on the exit ramp that would carry you to baltimore. vannatter avenue making that exit ramp on the right side, be careful. there's a crash.
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we will take you to a live picture over on 503 cheverly at 202 with the headlights are to find out of bowie, past the beltway, and it's wet. back to you. >> thank you. millions of folks all across asia and parts of the western u.s. got to witness this rare sight. a ring of fire eclipsed. this involved the moon passing right in front of the sun leaving only that golden ring around the edges. as a great shot of it. >> pretty cool. it's a little cloudy this morning, a little rainy. meteorologist adam caskey has a check of the forecast? . is a damp start to the workweek again. but we had a pretty good weekend, no complaints. but on this monday, today, a tough day to get out of bed to get going because of the clouds and what conditions. scapolite rain in parts of prince george's county, anne arundel county around the beltway as well, like sprinkles
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in montgomery county at this time. the heaviest rain is around woodbrige and dale city, pushing into manassas now, centreville shortlisting showers. woodbrige has already seen a third of an inch of rain from the downpour. areas of rain pushing to the northwest this morning. kind of backwards. 66 in washington, 64 in gaithersburg, 65 in martinsburg. are in the mid 60's for the most part. highs in the mid 70's with periods of rain and a chance of rain every day especially through wednesday. let's go back to steve. ciba crop 12, 61 degrees. coming up, the billboard music awards took a somber tone last night as they remembered stars we have lost in the past few months. >> ♪ i will always love you wrot♪ >> we will hear what whitney houston's daughter had to say about the tribute to her mother.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories. 5:15. music fans mourning the loss of another big name. >> the bee-gee's star robin gibbs passed away on sunday after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. >> i started a joke which started the whole world crying ♪ >> hillah with his brothers to define the disco era. they began their career in the 1960's, but it was there
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soundtrack to the 1977 movie? "saturday night fever" that sealed their success with classics like "night fever." he was 63 years old. >> he was one of the late musical legends remember during last night's billboard music awards for. >> jordin sparks and john legend honored whitney houston who was honored with the millennium award. >> ♪ i i will always love you but ♪ >> her sister-in-law pat and daughter bobbi kristina accepted the award. >> i am just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life. there will never be another -- ever. >> they paid tribute to mca of the beastie boys and the queen of disco donna summer. >> so many losses.
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>> all at the same time. >> a mother stores we are following, tim tebow coming to the newest matt an nfl game. they built it into the game >> . . -- newest "madden" nfl game. if you are wondering who is on the cover, it is magnetroatron the wide receiver. the comedy "the fresh prince of bel air" has been off the air a long time. some people still know the theme song by heart. >> will smith was promoting the movie. >> i love the fact that he just
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picks up when the arguments started singing. >> ♪ i love how he plays along with everything. but he did not always have the best time on his trip because he had an incident when a reporter tried to kiss him on the mouth and the red carpet. he asked for a hug and gave him a little extra. >> trying to get a little friendly. >> a little fresh with the fresh prince and the gun a little backhand. that same prankster gave madonna some flowers that she did not like and was trying to make a name for himself on the red carpet. >> you don't give madonna hydrangeas. lesson learned. >> 5:18. the ceo's of apple and samsung with a court ordered meeting today. >> and the internet was the
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subject of a rally in new york city. >> apple, samsung, a showdown. the ceo's will meet in sandron cisco today for a court-ordered talk on patent lawsuits. it's unlikely to resolve anything. tens of thousands of ultra- orthodox jewish men still do york city field yesterday to hear about the dangers of the internet. many of those attending say they regularly use the internet, but the issue is keeping it under control. mario tennis puts the characters on the tennis court. it shines when played in multi- player format. >> it's an interesting multigenerational figure that parents will love. as of this game is great for a multi- 3ds household. >> i am rob nelson. >> about 5:20 on this monday
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morning. >> adam caskey, it was foggy driving in this morning. >> yes, we've seen this pattern a couple weeks now. if we start with areas of rain. >> is this rain from alberto? >> no that will head out to sea. >>it pushing off shore, so that is good for them. it is coming onshore from a separate disturbance in the ocean. you are kind of on track. >> you will be wet no matter what. >> a very unsettled forecast. it's not so bad. we could still use showers across the area. we will get them. it will not be a continuous washout. let's start with temperatures right now. we're in the 60's. hamilton, 63. 63 in warrenton. 61 in warrenton. not much of a range and
5:21 am
temperatures. look at some of the rainfall totals thus far. almost half inch in annapolis. about a third of an inch and woodbrige. about 0.2 in laurel and. and in moderate showers possible imbedded. it is dry west of the blue ridge. does cloudy. it's dry in lower southern maryland. anne arundel county, prince george's county, some areas of light rain. and a few pockets of moderate showers. the heaviest rain is in prince william county along the prince william parkway and 234 tracking to the northwest, and moving into annapolis, you'll have a sober = = soaker shortly. clewiston will get some showers momentarily. we have the onshore flow. a disturbance circulating over the ocean. that will keep us mostly cloudy today with areas of rain off and
5:22 am
on. there is alberto off the georgia, carolina, and florida coastline. that is moving off to the northeast. 80% chance of showers today off and on. very unsettled with a good chance of rain through wednesday. still a chance of rain thursday and friday a. that will be very isolated. 76 today. mid to upper '80s by the upcoming weekend. there's wet pavement. let's go back to steve. >> it's 5:22 right now, 61 degrees. >> coming up who was sporting the official redskins here in the middle of may. what r.g. iii was up to. >> it is closed monday. my co-host rebecca romijn.
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>> the start of the nfl season is a few months away, but the excitement continues to build. >> the redskins will have their first official day of organized team activities of on the weekend. r.g. iii was wearing the new nike gear for a rookie photo shoot in los angeles. he looks good in a burgundy and gold no. 10. there's that smile that you are used to seeing. >> turning to the nba, the miami heat had an ugly loss to the indiana pacers. lebron james played like a leader. almost a triple double, nine assists. dwyane wade pitched in 30 points after a lousy performance on thursday. >> the san antonio spurs rolled
5:27 am
their way on to the western conference finals. the l.a. clippers were no match parent102-99 sunday night. tim duncan led the way with 21 points. antonio was unbeaten in the playoffs and they have won 18 straight. talk about being on a roll. >> on the quad 27, 63 degrees of. the news continues at 5:30. >> a frantic search is underway in d.c. for a 6-year-old boy. >> anti-war protests turned violent outside the nato summit on the weekend. i will have a live report coming up. >> it's another unsettled monday. areas of rain on the radar to talk about. we will look today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> ran ahead,d.c. police are looking for help trying to find a missing 6-year-old boy. jayvon brown was last seen--straight ahead. he has been missing for days. >> let's start with a check of the roads. >> it is slippery. there's an accident in college park on the inner loop to go north onto interstate 95. traffic is able to get through the area, but be very careful. we will take you to the geico traffic camera to a picture so you can see the wet pavement if. here we are crossed the american legion bridge, out of tysons. allysa thomas come out of bethesda to get down to tysons lane. open. adam caskey. >> it will be another unsettled
5:31 am
first half of the work week with areas of rain off and on. no continuous showers all day but periodic rainfall. there's heavy rain this morning moving into manassas. right along the prince william parkway, moving through manassas and approaching centreville and parts of southwestern fairfax county that is the heaviest rain and. up and down 95 in virginia north stafford, through the mixing bowl,. -- through the mixing bowl and 395 in d.c. around montgomery county a few sprinkles. outside of there, nothing but clouds. mid 70's for the high temperature today. we will rise 10 degrees from the current temperature, making it to about 76 with periodic rainshowers and maybe a few embedded downpours and rumbles of thunder. more on him forthe forecast coming
5:32 am
up. >> a missing 6-year-old boy in d.c. jayvon brown was wearing a green t-shirt with a white t- shirt underneath in the 1300 block of columbia road nw. if you have the information give police a call. he was wearing blue jeans as well with black and red shoes. >> protesters in chicago kleist with police clashed with police ending in dozens of arrests. >> world leaders met yesterday and thousands of protesters marched through the streets of chicago calling for an end to the afghan war. if much of the protests were peaceful, but sunday night a small group of protestors clashed with police who tried to keep them from going inside the lakeside convention center where the leaders were meeting. the anti-war protests have resulted in protesters and police officers being injured including one officer who was
5:33 am
stabbed in the leg. at least 45 people i've been arrested including three men who plotting to use home explosives to attack president obama campaign headquarters in chicago and the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. each suspect is now being held on a $1.5 million bond. police identified one of those suspects as 24-year-old jeremy chase from new hampshire. he was very involved with the occupy movement including occupy dc, where chase claims he was arrested outside the white house. >> of fairfax county police officer is on leave after shooting and killing a man who attacked him with a sword. officers tracked down a suspect in springfield saturday night. if he was wanted on charges of distributing child porn. he had gotten away from police the night before after giving him a fake name. when they found a man, he pulled out a sword and ran toward
5:34 am
them. the officer is on leave. there was an apparent murder- suicide. police were called to an apartment on colgate away yesterday morning to check out a missing person report. when officers went inside they found the body of a 49-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife if. police of not release their names. officers found a suicide note in the apartment. >> now to the showdown over same-sex marriage. the naacp is holding a press conference in baltimore today just days after endorsing same- sex marriage as a civil rights. brianne carter is live in baltimore. with more baltimore good morning. >> good morning. that's right. later this morning a few hours from now the leaders to of the naacp will meet here to hold a press conference of speaking on the issue of same-sex marriage. this comes after over the weekend the board of directors with the organization released a resolution supporting marriage equality calling it a
5:35 am
consistent with the equal protection constitutionsection of the constitution. it says they should have social and economic equality of all people. there was a flurry of political activity across a number of states. there are six states where same- sex marriage is currently legal and also the district of columbia. but 31 states of our pass an amendment banning it. in maryland, this issue remains contentious. while it has passed, there is but support to have this come to a referendum in november. people are drawing a big issue on both sides of this. the meeting is expected to be held around 10:30 this morning if. we will continue to follow this throughout the day and bring you the latest. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. upbeat news for mineral
5:36 am
virginia, the epicenter of the earthquake last august. >> how are you all doing tonight, mineral quartz? alan jackson gave a free concert there last night. towns and cities all across the country competing for him to give a free show. people voted on line. mineral got the most votes. it generated $160,000 and that will help rebuild schools in the county. 30,000 votes for a town of less than 500 people. that's good for them. it's 5:36, 63 degrees on a monday morning. >> still ahead, the man known as the lockerbie bomber died. learn why his death is raising new questions about the plane he was convicted of bombing. >> jurors will continue deliberations today in the john edwards trial. learn how much time the former presidential candidate could spend in prison if convicted. >> will check in with adam and lisa as we look at traffic and weather this morning for. the sun has rise
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even starart? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. clucks the lacrosse and soccer teams. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:39 on this monday morning. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a little difficult to roll out
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of bed this morning with a damp conditions outside, especially in the immediate metro area. take a look at live super doppler 7 radar and you will notice we have moderate rain moving through bowie in yellowknife on the upper right side of the screen. light showers in anne arundel and other parts of prince george's county. light rain in the district and arlington. almost all of fairfax county is getting steady rain. the heaviest showers are moving through manassas. that dropped a third of an inch of rain on woodbrige earlier this morning. now approaching leesburg is a little sprinkle. is 6 right now. evidence, mostly cloudy, rain off and on. still unsettled with a good chance of rain through wednesday. now to be so with wet pavement if. >> we have had our series of problems this morning, but no accidents. just searching 27 south0 pound traffic moving at speed even though there's rain and road spray. right now we are looking at -- not sure.
5:41 am
270 southbound near clarksburg. southbound headlights leaving 121 to get past father hurley boulevard down through 370. in pretty good shape all the way to the beltway. there was a minor crash on the ramp from the inner loop to go north on 95, 01 at college park, but that has been moved. more to come, but now back to news. >> it's back to work for jurors in north carolina this morning. it will resume deliberations in the john edwards trial if. is accused of using campaign donations to cover up his pregnant mistress during a 2008 bid for the white house is. defense team argues the money used to hide real hunter was a gift from wealthy donors and not campaign sons. if convicted on all six counts he faces up to 30 years in prison. excuse me. 5:41, 62 degrees to. lacks much more to come, details on the new screening guideliness for lung cancer.
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>> tonight at 5:00, we'll introduce you to the breast cancer survivor who is beginning her wedding day with her race. this inspiring story of survival in fitness and in health tonight at 5:00. cracks coming up at 6:00 this morning in about 15 minutes what you want to make sure your seat belt is buckled on today's bike to work. we will talk withabout that. >> and justin bieber took a virginia teenager as his day to the billboard music awards last night. how much would you pay for a
5:46 am
good parking spot? wait until you hear how much somebody is paying to park in the big apple. those stories and the latest on the search for missing 6-year- old in d.c., all coming up of the top of the hour at 6:00. >> convicted of masterminding a deadly mid air attack, now the man behind the lockerbie bombing is dead. of dead al-megrahal-megrahi died of prostate cancer. pan am flight 103 blew up about $31 and feed over scotland. the attack killed all 259 people on board, most americans, and 11 people on the ground. many questions his guilt in the attack and whether if others might of gone unpunished. >> around the nation, sentencing saturday for a former brokers university student convicted of a hate crime for spying on his gay roommate. dharun ravi secretly videotaped is made in an intimate situation with another man and posted a video online.
5:47 am
that will make tyler clementi later committed suicide. the suspect was convicted in march. >> new screenings for lung cancer that could help people survive. they recommend annual ct scans for current smokers or heavy smokers. it can detect lung cancer early but can sometimes turn out false positives. new advice only applies to people between 55 and 74. risk for screening younger or older smokers outweighs the benefits, according to the guidelines to. a celebration and tribute overnight at the billboard music awards >> . various stars honored several stars who passed away recently including whitney houston and donna summer. now more. >> lmfao won tops on awards in
5:48 am
the pop, rap, and debt categories. >> we are always finding new anthems all the time and you never know when it will strike you when you are at a party or in a situation, you are like, that's what we need to talk about in a song next? . the justin bieber won the social artist of the year award. chris brown took the r&b music prize. >> so many different genres of music and i am influenced by everything. to really see that my music is impacting everybody, if not just one group of people, it means the world to me. it's everything i ever wished for. >> taylor swift received a special prize, woman of the year. billboard honored whitney houston pasta is linked with an award for her career achievements and stevie wonder if was given the icon award. >> what could be a greater blessing than to be able to have the opportunity to do play,
5:49 am
right, and to perform. perform >> you feel like an icon? >> absolutely not. >> a delaware was the big winner at the. mgm the she won 12 bill-- adel was the big winner. she won 12 awards but was not here to pick them up. >> thanks so much. a big night last night in los angeles. if now there's a travel warning from the fbi about hotel internet connections. and foreclosure help. the bill has more from new york. >> good morning. we had foreclosure help that's out there by the government. only a small percentage of eligible borrowers are jumping on the chance to have their case checked for errors and maybe even get restitution. so few people have responded
5:50 am
but another round of mailings will go out in early june. if you use free hotel wi-fi, the fbi is warning that computer hackers are targeting hotel guests. the bureau has issued a warning that hackers can still sensitive information such as names, addresses, or even credit card numbers if. they can also infect computers with viruses. before i go, if you're looking for family friendly entertainment this memorial day weekend, disney is bringing back for story 3 ratatouille, and wall-e. back to you. >> we will see you again soon, linda. it is 5:50. if you have not looked outside, it is different than the weekend. >> but it was a good weekend. >> it was fantastic with low and
5:51 am
humidity? . >> it was perfect. those days don't last for. >> all good things must come to an end if. >> the timing is not bad for rain. monday. it's hard to get out of bed for work and school, but the rain is needed. beneficial rain. already over a third of an inch in woodbrige. i will show you what we are expecting over the next couple days. it's gone to been unsettled for the start of the workweek. if you like sprinkles in st. mary's county. you see those pledges of green on the screen. the same in calvert county and anne arundel county. heavy rain outside the beltway especially in prince william county, southwestern fairfax county moving through manassas a little down george bush in northwest. the orange and red indicates heavy showers. north arlington and extreme north arlington into parts of mclean and along the potomac river and north of falls church towards the beltway in vienna, that's where we have another downpour under the banner, moving to the northwest.
5:52 am
just moving throw bowi -- through bowie is another little down shore. there will be rain scattered throughout the day. it will not be continuous, but off and on in nature, otherwise cloudy. there is a squeeze play going on right now. these weak disturbances in the ocean moving onshore. we have an onshore flow and a weak area of low pressure if helping to cause the rainfall today. tropical storm alberto down to the south will not impact our weather. there's a slow-moving cold front end upper level component for which will move in later on this week by wednesday to enhance our chance of rain that as well. here's our predicted rainfall. according to our computer model, notice around the beltway by noon on wednesday, we could have a good three-quarters of an inch up to an inch. northern virginia, maybe an inch or more. this is by noon on wednesday. even in the blue ridge and shenandoah valley.
5:53 am
it is 66 degrees right now, high of 76. the chance of rain through wednesday, slight chance thursday and friday and warming. >> we are slowing down. 170, a live picture. a collision southbound in the main lanes between west montgomery avenue and falls road. have moved everyone on to the right shoulder and things are thinning out. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 63 degrees on this monday morning. >> a season finale on "dancing are
5:54 am
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we're getting close to the end of season 14 of dancing. >> tonight marks the start of a two-part season finale. only three stars left competing for the mirrorball trophy. katherine jenkins william levy, and donald driver. an athlete always makes it to the finals. tv guide conducted a poll. 41% said they think katherine jenkins will be the winner. if we will have to wait and see if they are right. she has been either at or near the top since the beginning. senescence and is out there and in hollywood to cover the dancing finale. look for her reports starting
5:57 am
tonight at 11:00. -- cynne simpson is out there in hollywood. what is too soon when it comes to dating? >> what is appropriate for the end of a first date? 85% say it's ok to give a kiss on the cheek. 40% say it's ok to make out. if only 7% think that sex is appropriate on the first date >> . 16% of women and 20% of men think it's ok to friends on facebook after two or three dates. >> 29% of singles expect to be engaged between 1 and 2 years of dating. more than 9% of men expect to get engaged in the first six months of dating compared to less than 5% of women. >>that seems soon --6 months.
5:58 am
>> 91% don't agree with it. a lot more coming up in the next hour. >> still ahead, police braced for more protests during today's nato summit in chicago. we will have details of yesterday's arrests for. san lisa baden helping get through the commute. it is saudi outside. there's the roosevelt bridge, which looks like folks are avoiding this morning in th
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