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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 6:00, chaos in the streets of chicago. another day of protests threatening to overshadow the president's nato summit. >> agreement date for pop star justin bieber -- dream date. >> and the ring of fire in the sky. we also use bunning images. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we hope you're monday is off to a good start. here is a look at the u.s. capitol dome. really pretty in between the raindrops this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i am autria godfrey -- cynne simpson has the morning off. we will check in with meteorologist adam caskey in a few minutes but first, lisa
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baden with a check of the roadways. >> you said foggy. actually, i thought foggy bottom, a way to go, because the entrance escalators are out of service. they have a bus service established but the trains are running normal service at the foggy bottom station entrance to escalate. what is working? we go to the traffic center picture, that is 270, the collision on the shoulder at southbound falls road. >> it is damp all across the region especially the metro area where we have seen the bulk of the rain shower. good accumulating rain. woodbridge already a third of an inch. you can see the roof camera has a little bit of rain on the lands. live super doppler 7 -- the little but a shower through mcclean and vienna. and along the prince william parkway. light rain but steady around all
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of prince george's county, and to southern maryland, if you spotty, light showers. another unsettled start to the work week. mid 70's for highs. the 66 in washington. looks like more of the same tomorrow and even more to wednesday. have the umbrella handy. >> d.c. police are trying to find a six-year old who is missing. jayvon disappeared yesterday from the 1300 block of columbia road nw. he was last seen wearing a green t-shirt -- he had a white t- shirt underneath -- jeans and red and black shoes. if you see him or know where he is, call police. the other big story -- chaos in chicago. this morning riot police preparing for another day of clashes with protesters at the nato summit enters its final day. so far more than 40 arrests after these clashes yesterday. at least four people facing terror related charges, as world leaders tried to work out a deal
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to wind down the war in afghanistan. jummy olabanji joins us of of the news room. >> president obama and afghan president hamid karzai met indoors to discuss troop withdrawals of thousands marched through the streets of downtown chicago calling for an end to war. while most of the protests were peaceful sunday night a question to police to keep -- block the convention center. both protesters and police officers were injured including one officer who officials say was that in the light. at least 45 people have been arrested, including three men who police say were plotting to use homemade explosives to attack the president's campaign headquarters in chicago and the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. each suspect of being held this morning on a $1.5 million bond. police identified one of the suspects as 24-year-old jarrett chased from new hampshire. according to "the boston globe"
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chase was very involved with the occupy movement, including occupy d.c. where chase himself claims he was arrested earlier this year outside of the white house. >> after today's meetings wrap up, the president will fly to joppa, missouri, where he will deliver the commencement address to the class of 2012. it comes one day after the one- year anniversary of the countries deadliest single tornado in 60 years. that twister killed 161 people and destroyed jothe high school. >> one guard died during an inmate of rising and others hurt. at one point prisoners had at least two dozen people held hostage. no word yet on what led to the revolt. the prison population is largely illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. >> back in the area a huge show of support for same-sex marriage for a historic civil- rights or position. >> over the weekend the naacp
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passed a resolution defending marriage equality, days after president obama indicated his support for gay marriage and amid a fight to ban it in the free state. brianne carter joins us from baltimore where the group will speak out about the historic move. >> it will be just a few hours from now where they will hold an event here at the headquarters for the organization. here in maryland, this is still a contentious issue. we understand opponents for same-sex marriage still pushing to get the issue for a referendum come november. later today, leaders from the naacp will hold a press conference scheduled for 10:30 a.m. this morning. this follows the weekend release of the resolution for their support for same-sex marriage. in part, and the resolution the read that the naacp constitution affirmatively states our objective to ensure the political education, and social economic equality for all people. this of course follows just a
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weaker so ago since president obama spoke about about it supporting it. the naacp has went on to say it will oppose for continue to vote -- oppose any national state local policy or initiative that seeks to codify discrimination or hatred into the law or they've removed the constitutional rights of lgbt citizens. same-sex marriage is legal in six states -- states in d.c. and more than 30 states that have constitutional bans. starting to see a lot of action across the different states about this issue. of course, we know there will be more support here in maryland for this today as we hold a press conference scheduled at 10:30 a.m. this morning. >> thank you. back to work for the jury in the john edwards conspiracy trial. today, the 12 men and women will continue deliberations, deciding the -- his fate. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. also a new jersey judge will decide whether punishment for a
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former records to the convicted of a hate crime -- he could face 10 years in prison when he assisted a. the case made national headlines because ravi's roommate, the suicide after the video one public. >> still no word on identity of a husband wife found dead in a murder-suicides. the discovery was made along colgate way in silver spring. still no word on a motive but officers did discover a suicide note in the apartment. outside, 63 degrees. >> still ahead -- a decorated police officer on leave, accused of drug driving. what we found outside of this house. >> steve -- steven strasburg proves he is a threat, not just on the mound. rg 3 showing off the redskins' new uniforms. >> and i will be back to look
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>> we are the animal embassador team from sea world orlando and we have. the penguins, and we have pier ce woodpecker -- and we would like to say, good morning washington. >> good to have everybody involved on a monday morning. from what better way to wake up now and with pete the ping 1. lisa baden as a check of the roadways. >> yes, it is wet and slippery. iraq northbound george washington parkway to the inner
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loop. looks like a temporarily block the exit ramp to clear it wants and for all. springfield, virginia, fighting to slow down, northbound out of newington, leaves open to 95. >> woodbridge already 0.4 inches annapolis, 0.5 inches, laurel, spawned so they knew for its part, almost 0.2 inches. pretty good rainfall from the system moving on shore. let us take a look at the temperatures. pretty uniform. 54 in chevy chase, the play that, 62. -- la plata, 62. reagan national, 66. looking at the rainbow going reston to the northwest. prince george's county, will with the college park, quick little downpour especially around the beltway and college park. heavy showers still moving
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through prince william county, slowly drifting to the northwest through manassas. 66 is went from about haymarket of which about way. 76 the high temperature. it is going to be rainy today. not continuously but often on. pretty good rain chances through wednesday. warming a few degrees, too. >> the redskins will have the gridiron today for the first official day of organized team activities. but rg iii getting a taste of the uniform had a time. he will be the big story. yesterday donned the new nike gear for the new photo shoot. stephen schlossberg proving he is a double threat today. here he is at the plate -- stephen strasburg. >> strasburg -- it's outta here.
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>> back-to-back home runs, first flores and then stephen strasburg. he had a little sore home -- sore arms of a pulled enough to 5. they had to philadelphia tonight for a three-game series with the phillies. >> it is 63 degrees this monday morning. >> coming up why one carmaker says super bowl ads are a thing of the past. and could "battleship" 6 "the avengers. and the sky for those in asia and the west coast. >> of the music industry loses another, one of the death of a disco sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself
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>> bee gee singer robin gibb died yesterday. he helped define the seven is along with his brothers thanks to hits like "sky cam allied" and "night fever. >> the mastermind behind the lockerbie bombing died over the weekend from prostate cancer but his death produces a number of unanswered questions from the bombing. pan am one of three blow up over scotland and the attack killed all 259 people on board mostly americans. it also killed 11 people on the ground. >> 7 is on this side this morning with a new screening guidelines that could boost survival rate of lung cancer patients. it's just current are heavy smokers between the ages of 55- 74 get and will ct scans which of sun to catch -- shown to get lung cancer early but guidelines
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say for anyone outside the a drawing -- age range of the risk of a scared out with the benefits. surprising numbers about the u.s. prison system. more than 2000 people wrongly convicted of serious crimes have been exonerating in the u.s. over the past 23 years, and it shows 873 of those spent a total of more than 10,000 years and prison. the most complete list of agglomerations ever compiled. "newsweek" has a new annual list of the top 1000 public i schools. thomas jefferson high school for science and technology in alexandria is the highest rank in our area at no. 10. george mason high school of falls church is 45, no. 81, poolesville high school, and centennial high school and ellicott city is 111 and james madison high school in vienna 113. >> nasdaq's facebook fail, superbowl ad sales, and a big budget box office battle.
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diana perez with these stories and more. >> good morning. topping america's money -- an embarrassment for nasdaq. the exchange admits it bungled facebook ipo on friday. there were problems with the order processing technology. nasdaq cto -- ceo -- some managers were disappointed in the ipo. a little more optimistic about jobs and housing but not other parts of southern iraq -- recovery. in a survey, they predicted modest growth through the end of the year and picking up a lot of the next. first is facebook and now the super bowl. general vote -- general motors says it will not buy time for commercials for the pro -- for the championship. they say the results cannot justify the prices. and "the avengers" continues to beat up every film -- taking in $55 million this weekend. >> diana, thanks so much.
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let's check in with adam caskey and a look at the forecast early this monday morning. >> we will start off looking at live super doppler radar, where the action is this morning. you will notice areas of widespread rain, starting with the wide view and then type your closer to the metro area moderate to heavy rain parts of the metro and about what. calvert county, just like action culpeper, a few light areas -- along 70 in maryland, a few light sprinkles. notice the yellow, orange, rain, -- red that indicate the heavier rain. bowie, a little heavier showers from hyattsville through college park, pushing to the northwest. silver spring, a minute downpour. especially just west of mclean the heavy downpour just north of
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the dulles toll road pushing to the northwest, parts of northern fairfax county and approaching reston and crossing the potomac a little bit. northwest d.c. an arlington you are still feeling the light rain at this time. it is not raining everywhere and it is not going to rain everywhere all day. it would just be off and on, periodic showers. a few disturbances, palo on shore. it started with the cloud cover and a leading to the rain. tropical storm alberto to the south will not have an impact on our weather. this little cold front and upper level component to it out to the west will keep our rain chances enhanced all the way through the middle part of the week. in terms of rainfall totals, i think the computer models gives a good ballpark estimate. along the beltway, up to an inch by noon. northern virginia, over and inch by noon wednesday -- noon wednesday. the chances of rain through wednesday. a few showers possible thursday
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and friday. >> we have plenty of traffic outside. just one the tisch bark -- to start with the camera showing you conditions of the highway. wet pavement but right now just what pavement and roads break and little befog here and there that is the major issue. we had an accident on 270 southbound close to falls road, as you can see in this picture. southdown moving at speed now that the class -- crash is clear. >> all right lisa, thank you very much. 62 degrees out there. check this out. >> a ring of fire eclipse. pretty rare -- a lot of folks and asia and western the states that if -- chance to see it. we will show you more pictures of the. >> people in renault and even california were holding watch party. >> any reason to celebrate. talk about celebrating -- virginia teenager gets a dream
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date with justin bieber. >> major status which for facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >>
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>> ♪ and i will always ♪
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>> one of those bittersweet moments that the billboard music award, honoring those passed away recently. >> and robin gibb, donna summer -- >> and the word robin gibb died came out just before the awards happened. but at the tribute in there as well. and with the disco theme from "stayin alive" and donna summer. it was not all upsetting news for the billboard music awards. >> katie eimer was a virginia bank -- virginia student and went to the awards with justin bieber. she had been asking him for quite some time to be her prom date. she had been asking him to go to prom with her and he could not
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because the schedule was full but he said, said,come to the award with me instead? >> she was a little aggressive. she started the website years ago. here is what kind of stinks of these days. she is happy, but now they're all buthaters out there tweetin g-- why not me? justin bieber trying to make one girl happy but not making others happy. she is excited about. how about mark zuckerberg over the weekend making this? he had his birthday, turned 28 the ipo of facebook, making it worth some $20 billion, and then this happens. >> major status update. he is now off the market. mark zuckerberg a married man married his longtime girlfriend, they have been together since their days at college. she is a pediatrician. >> folks thought it would be a party and they showed up and
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guess what, you are invited to a wedding. that is the way to do it -- keep everybody in the dark. outside, 63 reece. >> still to
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>> straight ahead -- the best search for a missing 6-year-old boy. >> chaos in the streets of chicago. another day of protest set to overshadow the president's nato summit. it is monday, may 21. i'm autria godfrey in 4 cynne simpson. >> i'm steve chenevey. get things started with track -- traffic and weather of a 10 minutes. first, lisa baden and some wet roads. >> you hit that on the head. we have had our share of woes and a daytime running lights will not cut it, make sure you put on your headlights.
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the pace of traffic, conditions of the roadway -- here we go with the normal slow down. open up to pentagon is 395 66 look like this, manassas, a book, 50, southbound 270 struggling from 85 to get to one of nine. let's go to adam caskey. >> another damp start to the work week. it's up monday morning to roll out of bed renault it is raining. let's look at live super doppler 7. it is not raining everywhere. a few light showers in southern maryland, and in northern virginia, some more moderate rain even around the beltway and parts of maryland. college park area, silver spring, even around bethesda potomac, and toward leesburg, all make, manassas -- that is where you have enhanced brain, even around city of fairfax and reston. mostly cloudy, periods of rain or often on showers.
6:31 am
a few rumbles of thunder as well. mint 60's and on its way to 76 for the high temperature. we will see more rain the next couple of days. doug hill will be back to talk about that. >> d.c. police need your help finding a missing 6 year-old. jayvon brown missing from the 1300 block of columbia road in northwest, wearing a green t- shirt with a white teacher underneath it. if you know about his whereabouts, please, give police a call. other big story -- chaos in chicago. this morning riot police are preparing for yet another day of clashes with protesters as the nato summit enters its final day. so far more than 40 people arrested and four face terror related charges all as world leaders tried to work out a deal to wind down the war in afghanistan. jummy olabanji live in the newsroom with the latest.
6:32 am
>> as president obama and afghan president hamid karzai met indoors to talk troop withdrawals, thousands of protesters marched the streets of downtown chicago, calling for an end to the war. while much of the protests were peaceful saturday night a group of protesters clashed with police to try to keep them from going inside the lakeside convention center. over the weekend both protesters and police officers were injured including one officers who officials say was stabbed in the light. at least 45 people were arrested including three men who police say were plotting to use of explosives to attack the president's campaign headquarters in chicago and a home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. the suspects are being held and $1.5 million bond, including one man police identified as 24- year-old jared chased from the hampshire, and according to "the boston globe" chase was involved in the occupy movement, including occupy d.c. where chase the minute he was arrested
6:33 am
earlier outside the white house. cathem after today's meeting the president will fly to joplin, missouri, where he will deliver the commencement address to the high-school class of 2012, 1 year after the deadliest tornado and 60 is. it killed 161 people and destroyed joplin high school. >> new this morning, the deadly riot at a private prison in mississippi now over. one guard died during the uprising. five others and one inmate were heard. officials say at one point prisoners had at least two dozen people hostage. no word on what led to the revolt. the prison population is largely illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. >> prince george's county police officer on administrative leave after a drunk driving and -- arrest. >> officer daniel gonzales crashed his police cruiser near
6:34 am
rte. 1 and tanglewood drive. >> from hero to criminal, this off-duty police officer crashed the police cruiser in an area this weekend where he has patrolled for many years. on the wrong side of an arrest, he has probably made hundreds of times. it was just three months ago when this prince george's county police officer received a valiant -- valor award for his part reston when elderly and disabled residents from an apartment fire. a stark contrast to this morning -- the six-year officer on paid leave this morning allegations crashed the police cruiser while driving drunk early saturday morning. responding officers immediately suspected there was a problem when they found him. now, the well-known officer was not injured when he crashed his car along rte. 1 near bling ginsberg, but they say his blood alcohol, 0.13, well over the legal limit of 0.08. this morning his police powers
6:35 am
have been suspended and his department issued gun has been taken away pending an internal investigation. he could definitely lose his job. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. them also in belize news, a fairfax, a police officer on administrative leave after shooting a man he said attacked with a sword. it happened saturday night. officers tracked down a man in springfield who was wanted on charges of disturbing child pornography. police say when he found me pulled a sword and ran toward him. police say he was shot after he ignored the offices demands when he surrendered. >> back to work today for the jury in the john edwards conspiracy trial. today the 12 men women continue to deliberate the former presidential candidates fade. the faces up to 30 years in prison when heat -- if he is convicted. also today in new jersey judge -- sentencing for a former rutgers to the -- ravi could
6:36 am
face up to 10 years in prison. the case made national headlines because they roommate, tyler today, committed suicide when the video when public. >> mineral virginia, the epicenter of last august's earthquake -- >> how are you doing and i? >> and happens to the country superstar alan jackson gave a free concert in mineral last night, as part of the competition across the country and as towns and cities competing. people voted on line and mineral got more than 30,000 votes, the most of the country. generated money to help lease accounting rebuild its schools that were destroyed during the earthquake. >> thousands of votes and only 500 people there. >> a lot of support. >> it is 62 degrees this monday morning. >> still ahead -- foreign policy and the presidential race. politico joins us with a closer
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>> if you have ever looked for a
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parking spot in d.c. he probably -- which you pay $1 million for your own parking spot? new york city's first million- dollar parking spot is up for grabs. it offers complete privacy. the developer of the law said it is for a celebrity type of business person who does not want to be seen. the space would have its own deed as sales contract and the tenant would still be irresponsible for me and its fees just like a condom. you pay a million dollars for the parking spot and in the maintenance fee. >> continue to cough up more money. >> never. i would be the one circling around the block. >> let's get a check of your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa baden now -- looks like he did not approve. >> wow, what we could do with a million dollars. it feels like a parking lot but it is actually 270 southbound. stop and go between 85 and 70 --
6:41 am
a crash close to falls road has been taking care rick perry love this camera because it shows you just how wet -- visibility will really be poor. let's leave silver spring and go to springfield with northbound 95 slow to go around stafford the marine base lorton, and springfield. >> i am thinking the million dollar parking spot should at least come with a car. >> and a house. >> let's take a look -- go the doug hill for the forecast. >> a little bit of a rainy day and monday field. we were able to squeak out a nice weekend. but now clouds and quite a bit of rain. live super doppler radar, a little bit of effort -- different wrinkle weatehr-wise from a coastal system from southwest to northeast, not the
6:42 am
normal direction. heavy downpours, most as north and west of metropolitan washington. clearly, some pretty good downpours. temperatures, with the winds and the cloud cover, pretty consistent across the area. the numbers are as well commit 60's in many areas starting out. cloudy skies in washington, 66. 66 in annapolis and fredericksburg. satellite and radar -- here it is, the distortions in the atlantic ocean pushing northwest. chance of rain. same time as that, cold front to the west will make sure we see periods of rain probably the balance of the week. hourly forecast on the temperatures climbing into the the 70's. the next seven days, no real changes. showers and thunder is straight through the work week. if you like the promise of sunshine and warm temperatures, check out the week and outlook. >> not a good week to wash your
6:43 am
car. >> let mother nature wash the car for you. >>62 degrees this gloomy monday morning. >> if you are hitting the road, make sure you click it or
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, we will introduce you to the breast cancer survivor beginning the wedding day with a race, while -- why she's determined to run the race for the cure before walking down the aisle. ♪ ♪s>> unfortunately another deaf in the music industry, bee gees robin gibb divested -- he helped
6:46 am
find the 1970's with his brothers maurice and barre -- thes extent it's -- taying alive" and nig night fever." and the suspect in the lockerbie bombing died yesterday. pan am flight one of the blue of 31,000 feet over scotland killing 259 on board and 11 people on the ground. >> let's talk politics and the political minute. how foreign-policy figures and to the presidential election. wanda summers on this now with a look at the nato summit to going on in chicago right now. it's been a whistle president obama and afghan president hamid karzai pub but the end of award and heard hamid karzai thank president obama because of the support. how much an issue will foreign- policy? >> foreign policy will be a huge
6:47 am
issue. kind of a perfect storm with the death of osama bin laden during the present administration and the recent elections -- i believe greece is showing a huge foreign policy moment. that said, and it romney has not particularly taken the president to test on foreign policy. his campaign has been largely focused on economic issues but i expect that to accelerate very shortly. >> do we think president obama is intentionally trying to make foreign-policy issue because he does not want to talk about the economy? >> i am not sure if that is the reason but i think his campaign would be incredibly smart to emphasize his foreign-policy strengths for a first term president was some criticized early on as being in experience i think that is a great area for him to emphasize going into the general. he has had a number of successes that no one certainly can't argue with. >> it will be interesting to see -- and no war in afghanistan taking center stage at the summit in chicago.
6:48 am
thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> the department of transportation's annual click it or ticket campaign, cracking down on drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts. have to be joined by david strickland, administrator of the national highway transportation safety administration joins us. >> thank you for having me. >> perfect timing because last night i just happen to see one of the new promotional messages on television. a little different campaign. what is the message? >> fakarooni is the campaign -- focusing on young men 18-34. we lost -- of the group we lost more of a 2010, 60% for young -- were young men. this is to remind everybody to buckle up every single trip, but particularly the young men like to take risk your behaviors on the road. >> looks like the messages on tv seemed to target a younger demographic, the younger folks
6:49 am
who are still in the target zone. unfortunately one of the ways you have to get the message across is through enforcement. will we see increased enforcement over the holiday weekend? >> absolutely. over 10,000 law enforcement agencies across america getting tickets if you are not buckled up. bottom line -- we are not trying to make people get tickets. the goal is to change behavior. and law enforcement supporting the ad campaign will hopefully change behavior and make sure everybody because up every single trip, especially at night where we see a tendency for people to be less buckled up at night than during the day. >> appreciate you being with us. david strickland, administrator of nhtsa. >> have a wonderful memorial day weekend. >> we sure will. and if you are heading out on the roads -- but first some of you will more details, log onto, and all the roads and i out for our special photo -- >> promoting this morning. >> we will see what we can do.
6:50 am
the latest photo of cynne and i on the metro car. send in your photos when you see it. these were from our good friends from the show. good morning to tommy and kelly and janet and all of those down that fresh fm. time to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden, how are things looking this morning? >> going from fun to jerry. you will have to keep your headlights on. we had our shares of fender benders -- outer loop, between 2 02 and 50, d.c. -- collision at 11th street bridge for most of the morning. i will take you to be geico center picture because so you know how to plan your ride on screen 95, this is southbound before duke street, southbound
6:51 am
traffic trying to get to the beltway, stay to the left -- on 395. >> the weather has not been playing nice when it comes to the role but -- roadways. doug hill with a look. >> i think we will be kind of in and out of rain all day long and the next several days as well. this tells the stories -- raindrops on the lands, low clouds. we will see periods of rain. it will not rain every 10 minutes. mid 60's in spots, and pretty good range fall total as well, close to half an inch in woodbridge and annapolis and less and falls church. patches of rain moving from southeast to northwest, bottom right to the upper left-hand side. yellow areas more moderate rain. east -- you see more getting ready to come from offshore.
6:52 am
moderate, especially west of the city of washington. in between, we will see some dry moments, but it will stay warm and muggy -- monday. the first tropical storm alberto will not bother anyone but we do have some unsettled areas, and they will impact us as well as the cold front moving in. a very unsettled weather week. this model shows continuation of rainfall from southeastern north and west -- northwest, and we will finish the report and look at rainfall prediction across the area the next couple of days. generally three-quarters of an inch. getting an idea, this rain will definitely be a highlight of this upcoming week. adam will have details of the forecast, especially the next several days, in just a few minutes. >> enjoy the rest of your day today. >> you are
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>> good monday morning to all of you. coming up, a shutdown in chicago, protesters clashing with police as president obama and world leaders gather for the nato summit. at least three violent plots are foiled and a group of suspected terrorists under arrest. what were the planning? find out next right here on "good morning america.
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>> thank you. we are getting close to the end of season 14 of "dancing with the stars. >> tonight is the start of a two-part season finale. catherine jenkins william and donald driver. there is a fourth star in hollywood as well, our own cynne simpson who will be joining us live from los angeles tonight with all the highlights starting at 11:00 tonight. betting she is not awake right now. >> i would put money on that. let's look at the forecast, it will be damp the first half of the week. often on areas of rain. another unsettled start to the week. thursday and friday we still have rain chances but i did not think it will be as widespread or the showers would be as numerous as today through wednesday. memorial day weekend looks like it will start to clear out, well
6:57 am
today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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