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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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any guesses? >> william levy's going to win. >> donald driver. that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> have a great day, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a busy night for police in southeast washington. they're looking for a warmer is responsible for a deadly shooting -- for whomever is responsible. good morning on this tuesday, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> prince william county was the bull's eye for the rain showers mr. day andy vihn do the nighttime and early morning. there were flashboard warniflash flood
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warnings where they saw 3 inches of rain around manassas. lightsnow showers are now drifting to the northeast. 66 degrees in washington, 65 and dulles airport. a few sunny breaks today. more thundershowers likely especially this afternoon with highs near 80. a good amount of sunshine by the weekend, and 90. >> we have two pages from prince william county of roads that remain closed because of flooding. piper lane is one of them, that's the entrance to the vre station. will not be able to access piper plane. i believe you have gateway road to get down there. no accidents as far as interstate travel south into richmond and north into baltimore. montgomery county, prince george's county on the beltway everything looks beautiful. an overnight and construction on
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the beltway. in beltway we will have more on traffic soon, but now to news. >> d.c. police looking for those behind the deadly shooting in southeast. >> it happened after 1:00 this morning in the 1300 block of stevens wrote. they found a man with a gunshot wound to the head whose name is not been released. no word on what led to the shooting. a boy recovering after falling three stories from a building last night in a hundred block of the chesapeake street southeast. the toddler suffered head injuries, but was conscious when taken to the hospital. a traffic stop turned into a police chase that involved three different agencies. it started late last night in prince william county. officers did not pursue the driver because it was on 95 northbound and considered it to been too dangerous. other jurisdictions were alerted and then the chase continued to southeast d.c. a woman was arrested at 57 straight. >> turning to a terrible ordeal
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for homeowners in stafford virginia. the young couple said the attackers broke into their home and forced them to strip naked while pointing out things they could steal. tom roussey has the story. >> that is scary. >> these whitewater village residents came together to discuss what they could do to help such a scary crime from happening again. >> i will go door-to-door and teller for neighbor that i know and even people i don't this situation so they can be aware. >> the stafford county sheriff says two houses were hit last night. neighbors say beauport olympic drive. in both cases, the criminals got into a basement window. they tore the screen off and ransacked the place. but the owner had not moved in yet and was not there. the other houses where the scariest crime happened. >> i am horrified. >> one man carrying a knife " the couple up after allowing the
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woman to put her baby in a swing in the basement, but forced the young couple to strip naked and then took them through the house for 40 minutes forcing them to point out things they could steal. >> it anchors me that somebody has the audacity to do that? . >> residents cannot believe the suspects would strike here. >> that is like every other house is eager police, firefighters, or military officer. >> it was hard to go five minutes without seeing a sheriff's officer patrolling. neighbors will not rest easy until a suspect is caught. is senseless act of violence, a tragedy. >> residents tell me a lot of people who live here own guns and we spoke with some last night was said normally they would not feel comfortable with a gun but would consider getting one after what happened early monday morning. fortunately, this young couple and their baby were not harmed physically. the sheriff says this was a very traumatic experience for them
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and destroy? that's the suspect before they strike again. tom roussey reporting from stafford. >> a soldier from virginia has been killed in the war in afghanistan. the 28-shell road captain died on sunday from wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. jesse was from prince george, virginia, and was based in oklahoma. >> justice department investigating two agents who may have hired prostitutes. in prostitutes federal agents say it's not related to the secret service incident last month. a dozen secret service employees and u.s. military personnel were implicated in that incident. >> and assistant treasurer for d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign as a plea agreement hearing today. thomas gore was charged yesterday with making a pay off. he reached a plea deal with prosecutors.
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the charges against him represent the first criminal case to emerge from a yearlong probe into vincent gray's campaign. >> a commercial rocket headed to the international space station for the first time with food clothing, and batteries. >> and launch!. flexed it went off at 3:44 this morning from cape canaveral, florida. the company is based in california. the first private business alarms a -- to launch a vessel to the face station. >> more d.c. workers are headed to work but without burning gas. >> and linda bell has news from bloomberg headquarters. >> let's begin with stock-index futures. indicating a slightly higher open. the senate banking committee is holding a hearing with top
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financial regulators including mary shapiro to discuss dodd- frank rules. the hearing will focus on the massive trading loss at j.p. morgan chase. there's an investigation of google. they've been examining whether global favors its own services in search results. -- whether google favors its own. maybe you'd like to work every day. d.c. ranks fourth in the country for bicycle commuters. bicycles carry 2.2% of workers on capitol hill. in case you're wondering about the top city,. its, facebook could be wreaking havoc on marriages. why more americans are taking vacations lately. all that coming up in the next hour. plyo-sled bloomberg headquarters
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in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. it's about 64 degrees outside. >> still ahead we will have an update on the health of d.c. councilman marion barry, hospitalized during a trip to las vegas. his message to the hospital workers. >> to the market here since the deadliest tornado in the u.s. in six decades. hear what president obama had to say during yesterday's commencement at joplin high school. >> lisa baden and
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" today marks a year since a tornado devastated the town of joplin, missouri, killing 161 people. the town has shown some signs of recovery. construction in full swing and rebuilding under way. last night the president was there to deliver the commencement address to the high school which reopened in part of a shopping wheel after the twister -- a shopping center after the twister. >> the people that went through this with you, the people who you once thought of as neighbors, acquaintances classmates, the people in the auditorium tonight, your family now. >> crews will break ground on two new elementary schools a middle school, and a new high school. >> good to see progress.
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time to look to traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. >> let's look at the rainfall totals from yesterday and overnight. looking at these numbers. boy did it bring in manassas. three-point 9 inches of rain. that's in 48 hours. 3.15 inches in bristow. dew points 3 6 inches in leesburg. the same in haymarket. area temperatures in the 60's. impressive rainfall caused flash flood warnings and closed some roads in parts of prince william county. just light rain passing through the district. there's not much wind to push these showers. are drifting to the east. 95 corridor, fall in virginia and around the beltway especially 66 and 395, light rain moving east. more rain is likely later are today. a little heavier this afternoon and evening, more widespread. a few breaks in the clouds with
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some sunshine. >> two lanes are closed in virginia southbound 95 at the truck scales in dumphries. we have a collision with a round at the quantico marine base. there's one in both directions of 95 in virginia. we still have several boats affected from all the rain that we had in prince william county. they are pretty hard hit in particular. let's take you to springfield virginia. traffic seems to be handling its own. no problems to report in maryland, in and out of baltimore. they're looking for car fire in college park the beltway. other side of town is moving along through greenbelt. looks good at andrews air force base and at the american legion bridge. the beltway drive is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43. >> we will explain why medical marijuana will be an issue during an advisory neighborhood commission meeting tonight. >> ♪
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>> the issue of medical marijuana will take center stage an advisory neighborhood commission tonight. they will vote on whether to recommend to the d.c. government a medical marijuana dispensary.
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its proposed location is that 6925 blair road in northwest next to a liquor store. meantime d.c. councilman marion barry is recovering this morning after being hospitalized in a sens -- in las vegas. he writes that the nurse was frustrated because he was grouchy, but now she is his best friend at the hospital. the 76-year-old councilman said that the developed a blood clot over the weekend while traveling to a convention in las vegas. he was allowed to leave the hospital but must stay on blood thinners exercise, and to take it easy for the next few days. >> an investigation under way after man claimed d.c. police profiled and then brutalized him. wilson was attending a conference at the capitol hill hyatt on saturday. he said that task force members followed him because he fits the description of a murder suspect. they demanded to see his idea, but they never gave him an
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explanation why, so he refused. that is when he said things got out of hand. >> but trust me athey rushed me up. it should not have happened. >> a source tells us wilson was not cooperative, a belligerent, and refused to go to a more private setting to speak. wilson said police used excessive force and pepper sprayed him and then charged him with assaulting a police officer, which he insists he did not do. >> turning to the hill, virginia senator mark warner and three other u.s. senators will unveil legislation today aimed at jump starting the economy for the creation and growth of businesses. it would alleviate regulatory burdens and make changes to the tax code to encourage investment and startup companies. lawmakers in maryland are a step closer to scheduling a special session to consider the expansion of gambling. last night governor o'malley and
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house and senate leaders said that if they reached a consensus that in a work group, a special session will be held july 9. lawmakers will consider a bill bolling table games and the six casino in the state, which would be built in prince to discount the. >> it is 63 degrees. >> up next on this tuesday morning, wrapping a season 14 of dancing, getting an idea of what to expect next season. why it will include familiar faces. >> first another check on traffic and weather as we enjoyed a drier air view
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>> tuesday morning, four clocks 52. -- 4:52. take a look at some areas of light rain around the beltway. in the metro area, northwest dcm creeping up to college park and wheaton and rock hill and northwest of potomac and barnesville, light rain. fairfax, there's a sprinkle. in prince george's county, a few sprinkles. in southern maryland, crossing from the northern neck into the potomac and in to st. mary's county soon, light to moderate rain moving in to st. mary's county. in charles county there's a shower as well.
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thundershowers this afternoon and evening. it will be more widespread for the afternoon and evening. expect a little sunshine here in there. we will have some will skies mixed in with the rain today. near 80 degrees for the high temperature and humidity. it will be muggy the rest of the week and more rainfall is likely tomorrow. >> you should be frightened. have on my glasses and i have a highlighter pen in my hand. that's never a good. have two pages of closed roads. this came in on our fax machine this morning from prince william county. authorities -- listen, if you know there's a road that always floods, today's the day. notable for commuters wellington at piney branch, linton hall road at rocky run
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and piper lane at the vre entrance. so you have another entrance available. open is interstate travel? except for virginia. 95 has one accident outbound of the truck scales with only one lane getting by. and one northbound at the marine base. we will keep you updated as to what is going on in maryland in about 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. there's a lot going on on "dancing with the stars." tonight we will learn who will take home the mirrorball trophy. >> katherine jenkins, donald driver, and william levy will perform one more dance before a winner is crowned. cynne simpson is in hollywood with a recap of last night. >> it was an exhilarating night for william levy, earning a perfect 30. and then a 29 on his high energy freestyle. it was great. we had a lot of fun and there
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were a lot of lists and movement everywhere. it was very difficult that the beginning, but we got it. >> donald driver's tango captured a 29. but it was his freestyle that would be the most talked-about dance of the night. >> i am just glad i made history with her. >> the one to beat maybe katherine jenkins, who received perfect 30's, placing her at the top of the leader board. >> i think it would be amazing to win. i feel like we stepped up and did our best. now it's in the hands of everybody and home -- at home. >> these finalists are among the most talented front 14 seasons of dancing. rumors are true. next season the stakes will be even higher. i understand the decision has been made. >> i'm not supposed to say
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anything. all stars. i can tell people it will be an all-star cast of people, fan favorites from the past 14 seasons. i will not tell anybody that. >> and a simpson, abc 7. >> just after the winner is announced, senescence and will have report on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> looking forward to that. we have 63 degrees on this tuesday >> . still ahead, too sexy for work.
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>> coming up d.c. police looking for the gunman behind a deadly shooting in southeast. >> trouble for former campaign worker for d.c. mayor vincent gray. why thomas gore is in court today. >> you will not see purple and gold in the western conference finals this year before the lakers. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday, may 22. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment, but first, adam caskey. >> we have halight sprinkles out there. there's not much wind in the atmosphere. not much wind


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