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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 6:00 heavy rain, high water, and flash floods. is the worst over? clucks and going where no private business has ever gone before. >> englert katherine jenkins pitahaya notes on dancing' finale. perfect. "good morning washington" continues by now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> looking a little better than yesterday. we can at least see the capitol this morning. we could not see it very well on monday. it's a wet start on this tuesday morning, may 22. glad you are with us, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson is on assignment in hollywood. it is a message morning thanks to rain allovernight. >> there's more on the way especially this afternoon and evening. standing water in prince william
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county will have a little longer to drain. we could have a few isolated issues in terms of the rainfall this afternoon mainly in prince william and loudoun county is where we got the heaviest rain yesterday. there's a live look down the potomac, g.w. parkway, reagan national on the right side of the screen. an ugly start, but i expect a few sunny breaks later this midday and afternoon. a few sprinkles around bowie and about 50 in prince george's county, 95 as well, and montgomery county ron the beltway, a few sprinkles. also moving through leonardtown in southern maryland, sprinkles. blue mixed with gray, thundershowers likely widespread this afternoon and evening, near 80 degrees and humid. more of the same tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. remember to log on to our weather page to check the forecast anytime. >> a two-year-old child survived a
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three-story fall from the building last night in the 800 block of to as a pick street. no word on the extent of the injuries or the circumstances of the fall. >> a man in custody this morning in connection with the disappearance of a northern california teenager. the 15-year-old sierra lamar has been missing more than two months. last night santa clara county sheriff's arrested a 21-year-old named flores. he kidnapped the girl while she walked to her school bus. . he faces murder and kidnapping charges. >> it is a new first for the final frontier. this morning marks the first time a private business has launched a vessel for the international space station. >> 3, 2, 1, 0 -- launch of the spacex falcon 9 as nasa turns to the private sector to supply the international space station. >> the rocket lifted off at 3:45 this morning with 5,000 pounds of provisions for the space
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station. it is expected to dock on friday. >> a change of command in afghanistan. cnn reports u.s. ambassador ryan crocker will step down from the diplomatic post this summer. the announcement comes a day after he attended a nato summit with president obama which focus on how to wind down. meanwhile, the u.s. death toll in afghanistan keeps rising. last night the department of defense announced the loss of a soldier from prince george,. , the 28-year-old captain was killed in action during an attack of an ied. >> one year since the disaster in joplin, missouri. today the town will mark the occasion with a day of unity to honor the 161 people died when a powerful twister tore through the town. last night the president was in joplin to deliver a commencement address to the graduating seniors. the call on the class of 2012 to remember the lessons they learned overcoming adversity. >> you are from joplin and you
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are from america. no matter how tough times get you will always be tougher. you will not be defined by the difficulties you face, but how you respond, with grace and strength and a commitment. to commitment credits as part of the day long memorial events today, city officials will break ground on joplin's high-school's future home. >> today we will see the first guilty plea in a pay for play scandal that cast a shadow over d.c. mayor vincent gray's first years in office. former campaign aide thomas gore paid a rival candidate and destroyed evidence in a. federal jummy olabanji is live outside district court with more details on this and what is next. >> thomas gore is a good friend and a longtime friend of mayor vincent gray. we now know that he is the first
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person officially charged in this federal investigation into the merits 2010 campaign. thomas gore was charged yesterday with paying them mayoral candidates sulaiman brown -- then-mayoral candidate. they paid brown to heckle then- mayor adrian fenty during a campaign event. brown was paid three money orders. when the mayor was contacted yesterday, he was out of town attending a conference in las vegas, and he had no comment on the charges. thomas gore will appear at u.s. district court at 11:00 this morning, where he is expected to plead guilty. does face up to 20 years in prison for these charges. because is expected to plead guilty under the plea agreement with the federal government, it is expected that he will get a
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lesser conviction. reporting live outside u.s. district court, jummy olabanji abc 7 news. >> thank you. president obama's reelection campaign is feeling the point of a new voter poll. >> the question is whether romney can capitalize on the obama slide. tahman bradley joins us with more details from northwest. good morning. >> good morning. six months before the election, president obama looks vulnerable. a new abc news poll shows the president's job approval rating has fallen to 47%. on the economy, things are not much better. if only 16% of americans say their financial system has improved under the president while 30% say they are worse off. the prosperity shortfall echoes george h. w. bush in 1992 when he lost his reelection bid. not wanting history to repeat itself, president obama's campaign has been attacking from
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the's record as a businessman running ads portraying romney as a heartless corporate raider. romney argued the president refuses to accept responsibility for his failed economic policy, but there are signs mr. obama was the argument may be working. 19% of voters think they've would be better off under a president romney reporting live, tahman bradley. >> thank you. 62 degrees outside. >> still ahead, its first day on the sidelines for redskins coach mike shanahan. >> and a pair of dramatic waterfall rescues caught on tape. >> the u
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>> stunned tourists watched a man tried to commit suicide by plunging over niagara falls on monday. he survived the 180 footfall. rescue crews had to rappel down a rocky cliff near the horseshoe falls to reach the civilian demand, now becomes only the third person to live after going over the falls without any kind of safety device. >> check out this video. officials rescued a 13-year-old boy stuck at the top of washington state's's paul westphal spa more than eight hours. he was waiting by a nearby river when he lost his footing on saturday. >> lutz a check on traffic and weather, starting with lisa baden. >> very busy in prince william county. aden road shutdown in virginia
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because of deep water and a sinkhole has developed where the road has been compromised in some manner. two separate accidents in virginia, both going southbound threw dale city into dumphries only one to the left getting by for each crash. i will take you upstream to springfield, where things are open to get up to the pentagon, and the lights northbound. back inside. >> 6:11 in the belfort furniture weather center. cloudy and dreary, but not much in terms of ongoing rainshowers. yesterday evening and last night we got some heavy rain. in loudoun county and prince william county, over 3 inches measured. in manassas yesterday alone. more rain later on today especially this afternoon and evening, where we will see widespread showers and a few thunderstorms. you'll notice the humidity today and for the rest of the week. let's look at a live camera in chesapeake beach, 65 degrees. low clouds, no rain falling at the moment of.
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just cloudy andrea outside. i expect some sunshine, just a few sunny breaks today. most of the light rain is around bowie and that 50 in prince george's county. also along the 95 corridor in maryland, if a few sprinkles west of leesburg. all the action is coming to an end. more and shaw was likely through the afternoon and evening. 80 degrees for the high temperature with a few sticks of sunshine. i humidity that you will notice. still unsettled tomorrow and into thursday and friday. we will talk about the weekend coming up. >> the cardiac nationals need all three outs in the bottom of the ninth inning until they got the job done. >> up the middle. game over! lady luck is with the nats in philadelphia tonight. >> another 1-1 game. ian desmond with a solo home
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run. gio gonzalez struck out seven of the first nine batters. the nl east rivals go at it again tonight in philadelphia. >> redskins coach mike shanahan is gone after taking a hit on the sidelines of the redskins' first ota yesterday. the team was working out in the new indoor practice field when a defensive back brandon thompson blindsided the coach. shanahan stayed down on the ground several minutes and skipped the post practice press conference. redskins tell us that he is expected to be ok. thompson on the plate in one game last year. i guess this was his third tackle. not the one you want. let's definitely not. i'm glad he's ok. it is 64 degrees on this tuesday. >> startling results from a new study about traffic congestion. might not believe it, but gridlock is actually getting better. that's ahead. >> i find that hard to believe. and why facebook's stock is
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>> 7 is on your side with your recommendations for prostate cancer screenings. a government panel suggested doing away with the blood test. given the low mortality rate of prostate cancer, the test often leads to needlessly, for treatments. >> let's look at what's making news america's money. facebook fallout. why the social network shareholders are getting a little nervous. >> good morning. topping america's money, facebook fizzling. the social network's stock as lost 11% of its value since last friday. investors are blaming the lead banker for the ipo the nasdaq
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exchange, and facebook. most prices many americans say that they are worse off now than those who say they have done better during the obama administration. 30% versus 16%. that is according to a new abc news poll. but more than half say they are doing about the same. apple is still the world's most valuable brand. survey finds the brand's value rose 19% in the past year. seven of the top 10 most valuable brands were technology firms. a judge says that health claims are not so wonderful from pom. the judge ruled that the benefits of the pomegranate juice touted by the company was not supported by scientific evidence. that is america's money. i am diana perez. >> we want to check in with adam caskey with a look at the forecast. >> we could still have rain by friday, a very unsettled week.
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especially the first half, monday through wednesday. that is when we will see the majority of the showers. a few raindrops in arlington overlooking the federal city. sleep cloudy conditions. i think we will see little blue mixing with greg as we go through the day. for the most part, another damp day. there are scattered showers in southern maryland, like sprinkles here and there. the action is coming to an end of a wider view. all the rain from last night dissipated earlier this morning. we have areas of fog setting up southwest of washington. there's a cold front to our west that will slowly drift into town as we go into tomorrow. to as that happens, it will trigger more showers and thunderstorms. we already have a boundary overhead today that will act as a focal point for storms. the hourly forecast. a few more thundershowers this
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afternoon and evening. 80 degrees, the high temperature. warm and muggy. you feel the humidity. into tomorrow, a repeat performance. more showers and thunderstorms likely. thursday and friday we will see more sunshine than what we are experiencing now. just a few isolated or widely separated late date thundershowers thursday and friday. still unsettled, but not as bad as the first half of the week. on the weekends, near 90 degrees with sunshine on the memorial day weekend. open up the swimming pool. >> seems like we're going right in december. and with that comes more traffic. gridlock in the u.s. as a whole is getting better. least according to a new study that shows congestion dropped 30% in 2011. drivers in the d.c. region still wasting dozens of hours stuck in traffic. joining us with more details on what is behind the drop is co- author of the traffic scorecard. jim, this is because of things
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like unemployment, high gas prices, how does it work together? >> yes what we've seen since we started the study is there's a direct correlation between traffic congestion on our roads and the economy. what we are seeing this year is lackluster employment combined with high fuel prices in the last year has actually driven delays on d.c. roads down about 22%. that is the good news. i guess the bad news is d.c. drivers are still wasting about 44 hours per year in traffic. for those that have a 40-hour work week, u.s. basically -- you are basically spending a week's vacation sitting in traffic. dcm's worst hour of traffic is thursday afternoon -- d.c.'s
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worst. but tuesday morning is the best. >> we collect traffic information from 100 million vehicles around the world. that enables us to not only understand what traffic is like on the interstates but also on the arterial streets. the worst road in the d.c. area no surprise, the 21st worst in the country is interstate 95 southbound from 395 to russell road. that stretched takes 41 minutes with about 20 minutes of delays. that is a long time to go 23 miles. >> it's no shocker that is the one topping the list. people can check out the most of the on line. we appreciate your research and your time. >> thanks a lot. >> for those details, log on to our website, you will find all the wonderfully enticing and uplifting traffic news there. if >> let's put the study to the
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test and toss it over to lisa baden to look at the road on this tuesday morning. >> i just heard 395 northbound at king street has possible in the crash. 395 -- it is a downed tree on 395 at k street. is there anyway we can find the camera? i think that is virginia 3 that we are going to look at. let's see if we can pull that up. a tree down. we are working are magic. look at the slowdown. it is between seminary road and king street. is like a saturday morning upstream. that definitely tells us that the problem is real northbound between seminary road and king street. you are the first to hear about it. back inside. >> that looks ugly out there unfortunately. it is 64 degrees. >> 395, 95, choose your poison.
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>> if you stayed up to watch dancing, you know what we are talking about. it's not, we will give a recap. going country last night. >> next "anderson," a guest that left me speechless. why do you have a seven-year-old pole dancer? >> it's good exercise.
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>> coming up on 6:25 right now. tonight they will crowned the new champion of "dancing with the stars." cynicism is front and center in hollywood. qwikster is on assignment. last night she covered the dancers. 3 jenkins did a great job. she had two perfect scores. >> the only one. >> she has been at the top of the leader board the whole season. she is keeping her grasp on the lead >> . the judges were very 10-happy with their scores. william levy doing a great job. donald driver was the biggest shakeup of the night. he said everyone will think i will do a hip-hop dance and that no one would expect me to do country, but i'm from texas and we will go shake things up. >> representing. >> the judges loved it. they said you took a chance. he got a perfect 30 on his freestyle. looks like it is neck and neck.
6:26 am
>> it is. let's see how the people judge them. >> the finals are tonight. mature to what on abc 7. >> 6:00 hour 26, 62 degrees. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> straight ahead at 6:30 a.m. this morning, that shows and all -- heavy rain, high water, flash floods. is the worst over or are we just getting started? >> bully going where no private business has gone before. thanks for being here with us this tuesday, may 22. i'm pamela brown. cynne simpson is on assignment in hollywood. >> it has been a messy morning. more could be on the way. let's go back to the weather and the traffic every 10 minutes.
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>> steve and pamela, whenever i put my glasses on and i have a high later, you should be frightened. a list of problems with prince william county. now a jury has come down on interstate 395 northbound no. of seminary road -- a tree has come down. if you are trying to get toward the pentagon, look up the pace of traffic leaving the beltway. try and going to jump on over to a map where all morning vdot has been working with a crash southbound 95 at dale city and southbound at dumfries. >> not much into the rain fall at the moment. of course, the heavy rain yesterday and into the night. we have had over 3 inches of rain in manassas yesterday alone. more showers and thundershowers likely later on today. right now cloudy, 64. of course, damp, what ground everywhere. 64 in sterling, 65 in reston, 63
6:31 am
in suitland, maryland, montgomery bill, 63. temperatures only very couple of degrees. looking at live super doppler seven, all you see are a few little patches of green on the screen, isolated -- southern maryland prince george's county even fairfax county near dulles airport we have a little spring -- sprinkle and the leesburg area. a few sunny breaks. more thundershowers especially in the afternoon and evening. cloud cover, a bit of sunshine. high temperatures right near 80 and you will feel the humidity. tomorrow, repeat performance. the seven-day forecast with the memorial day forecast coming up. >> a woman under arrest after allegedly leading police on a chase that ended in southeast d.c. mary -- d.c.. the suspect took off on 95 north. police alerted other jurisdictions with the car potty
6:32 am
description. the woman was finally arrested at 57 street and southern avenue in southeast washington. this morning arts in new era for outer space. >> for the first time, a privately owned space craft is bringing a payload to the international space station. the spacex company felt the nine lifted off with about 1,000 pounds of supplies. up until now this is the type of work usually handled only by major governments. >> a change of command and afghanistan, as cnn reports u.s. ambassador ryan crocker will step down from the diplomat -- diplomatic post this summer, one day after crocker attended a nato summit with president obama which focused on how to wind down the war. the death toll in afghanistan keeps rising. last night the department of defense announced a loss of a soldier from prince george, virginia, 28-year old jesse osback killed in action. >> one year since the disaster in joplin, missouri, and today
6:33 am
the town will mark the occasion with a day of unity to honor the 161 people who died when the powerful twister tore through town. last night president obama traveled to joplin high school for the commencement address for graduating seniors. he told them to recall the lessons they learned recover from the tragedy. >> you are from joplin and you are from america, and no matter how tough times get tough, you will always be tougher. you will not be defined by the difficulties you face, but by how you respond. with grace strength, and the commitment to others. >> as part of the day-long more relevance, today city officials will break ground on joplin high's future home. >> the first guilty plea for a pay for please can of that cast a shadow over d.c. mayor vincent
6:34 am
gray's first years in office. they say 4 mayor gray 8 thomas gore paid -- and destroyed evidence in an investigation. >> thomas gore is expected to plead guilty here this morning, which means he will probably do best to avoid any lengthy stay in prison. this comes after yesterday when we learned that federal investigations -- investigators charged him with making illegal campaign contributions and also obstruction of justice for destroying evidence related to payments that the great campaign allegedly made to them your candidate sulaimon brown, long said he was paid in money orders to the tune of $535 from of the great campaign to heckle and makes -- make fun of mayor adrian fenty during the mayoral debate in 2010. now, thomas gore expected to plead guilty for his part in this case. he is expected to spend some
6:35 am
time in prison, although we will not find that out for probably quite some time. many are saying, though, this is just the first person in a lengthy federal investigation to face charges. some say that more people related to the mayor's 2010 campaign could come under fire as well. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much for that. meantime the washington archdiocese, catholic university and dozens of other catholic institutions are suing the obama administration. the issue is over the health care -- health care mandate that requires religious organizations to provide birth control to their workers. many religious leaders say the requirement violates the right to religious freedom. turning to today's political minute -- president obama's reelection campaign is still in the plunge of the new voter paul. >> we have this new abc/washington post poll and it shows, no surprise, it is a close race between president obama and mitt romney.
6:36 am
what jumps out to you the most? >> absolutely right. not surprising that this is a close race. what is surprising is if you look at the numbers on the economy, tracking polls historically, mitt romney has always had a tidy lead coming to economic issues but this poll shows very close between the president and governor romney and i think that shows that is the issue on which the election will pivot, depending on how each campaign decides to play it. president obama has had an economy with a% employment and mitt romney has framed his campaign about his message to get america back to work. i expected to be a bitter debate. >> it seems like the president's recent support coming out supporting same-sex marriage really was not a huge factor correct? then i think you are absolutely right. i would not expect social issues to play a tremendously large role. i think the economy and foreign particle -- foreign policy a much more likely to dominate. >> we will see how mitt romney capitalizes on this.
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we have 64 degrees this tuesday. >> coming up -- a humiliating home invasion in stafford. scary, too, and a suspect still on the loose. >> lightning strikes twice for a lucky fan of the great american ballpark. >>
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>> it is 6:40 a.m., and we have had our share of problems because of the weather there rolled through. doug hill will tell you about the weather pattern in a moment. hard hit with lots of closures in prince william county, with deep waters particularly in the nokes bill -- nokesville area. southbound 95, one is notable south of the truck scales, all morning, only one lane getting by. they are taking pictures and measurements. and a notable one in the back of southbound 95 close to dale boulevard. 295 northbound -- a tree fell down on the interstate. after seminary road but before king street. only one to the left is getting by. let's go back to pamela and steve. >> thanks so much, lisa. now let's check in with our chief meteorologist doug hill.
6:41 am
>> some incredible rainfall total data, close to 4 inches in one of our weatherbug sites in manassas. live look at the naval academy in annapolis. definitely a cloudy, gray start again. elsewhere around the area, the cloud cover -- very mild. mid 60's. we will see it climbed to the 70's to near 80. 64 in washington dulles, and hagerstown. as we look through the day, a little sunshine at times, and then as we get through the afternoon, showers and maybe heavy downpours. as we go our by hour, this morning showers will dissipate a few bricks of shark -- sun. then we get into a likely category of showers and thundershowers later this afternoon. the next several days -- we will continue the next few days with a cold front that will continue
6:42 am
to hang out in the neighborhood. but day-by-day the shower chances will diminish. a lot more sunshine -- it will be hot over the weekend. upper 80's to near 90. and he'd and humidity combining may be to give an possible thunderstorms late in the afternoon in the weekend. but for the moment, just kind of hazy and humid with a few isolated showers. more in just about 10 minutes. >> the ever catch a home run ball at a baseball park with some of them actually, not that i remember. >> one foul ball last year at a mets game. this piece at the bar so high. caleb lloyd -- that 10 catching a home run ball hit by the picture. and would you believe it, the next batter hits another home run ball and you know where it is going? write to him again. it bounced around and landed to his lap.
6:43 am
back-to-back home runs for the reds and caleb both balls. >> what are the odds of that? he actually end of giving one of the balls to the pitcher who hit his home run -- >> this first ever. congratulations go out to ernie turner the entrant in the winter of our go ahead and chip with tiger woods. >> he went with his wife to congressional yesterday. he did not make it past the first round but he did get to meet tiger woods. >> how exciting is that? hope you had a good time out on the golf course, ernie, and good luck with the golf game. >> don't give up. if you are going to lose to someone, might as well be tiger woods. >> 63 degrees outside. >> coming up -- why hundreds
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, the -- it talk with a famous home town girl bringing her message back to tv, she talks about our local routes and her favorite things about growing up in northern virginia and we look ahead at the new show she will be bringing right here on abc 7 -- tonight at 5:00. >> looking forward to that. neighbors in a stafford community on alert after a couple of home invasions. >> pretty horrifying. in one of the cases, a couple was forced to strip naked and show with these items to steal. john gonzalez has reaction. >> this couple and their 10- month old baby were awakened early monday morning to the sound of two armed men drinking in their home. >> i am going to go door-to-door and tell every neighbor i know and even people i don't come of this situation, so they can be aware. >> once inside, the men will
6:47 am
that a knife, covered their faces with bandannas and forced the family in the garage and demanded the young couple strip naked. >> it angers me somebody has the audacity to do that. >> the victims were forced to walk around house as the intruders help themselves to cash electronics, and jewelry. this morning residents are frustrated the suspects were able to get into the skated community. >> it is just like every other house -- either police firefighters, a military officer. >> essentially the victims were bound with rope and a bit before the suspect took off. >> senseless act of violence. it is a tragedy, it really is. >> later this morning, hundreds of mothers nurses, and cancer survivors will possess a bake in a brigade on capitol hill. they are there to demand something be done to protect americans, especially children from toxicants -- toxic chemicals. joining me is a mother of two from chesapeake, virginia. i am guessing you are not coming along. >> good morning.
6:48 am
>> what is the purpose today? >> we are really hoping to get our senators to back the safe chemicals act. that act that appeals to parties on both sides. it is really about trying to set some clear expectations for businesses in terms of the use of chemicals getting the toxic to moguls out of our everyday products. >> lisa, you have done this before. you have from -- you are from chesapeake and you organized a brigade in norfolk. how was the reception there? >> it went well and we had a really great time and good turnout. we learned a lot more about the toxic chemicals and this important act. and we thought being a part of it here at the national capital would be an exciting thing to be a part of. and it is bringing people from all of the country as far as alaska, to advocate for this and to let our senators know how concerned we are about texas -- toxic chemicals. >> gathering 100,000 signatures
6:49 am
to take to members of congress what else will be done today? it will be quite visual. bringing the youngsters with strollers? >> the stroller brigade, we will bring them to the capital and somebody will be going to the senator's officers -- offices today. >> how do you judge success? >> hopefully just kidding relationship established with our senators. having them support the act is our big bowl. we have 18 senators now supporting it and we hope it continues. we hope to see the act come up for review within the committee it is in. it is due in the next month or so, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can do it today by getting attention. as mothers we are concerned about our children's health, the developing problems with learning disabilities, optimism, as of the much traveled cancer. so, we really just one more attention to this, and we hope that happens. >> a lot of moms and strollers
6:50 am
and capitol hill between now and in. >> thank you very much. >> let's take a look at the roads with lisa baden. how is the situation with the tree down? >> 20-mile backup, giver take a mile. northbound 95 in virginia from dale boulevard all the way to a tree that is comedown 395 between seminary road and king streets. the crew with the chain saw just arrived but it is a sizeable trade. maryland's, what do you look like? kind of cherry is to see myself. 270 inching along but looks like we are only on damp pavement. >> we will head down to the calvert county to speak to doug hill. >> in little sunshine today. yesterday a lot of sunshine east of the city. today periods of sunshine but
6:51 am
also showers and storms. let's look at the time line from damascus. early overnight through sunrise a few raindrops and lingering showers. that is what we have come a few lingering showers. temperatures kind of monday. rainfall totals -- 3.9 inches since this began early yesterday in manassas. leesburg closing on 2.5 inches. cloudy skies, high humidity, intended just pretty much across the board in the 60's this hour and we will make a steady climb, even with limited sunshine, numbers close to 80 later on. there are the showers, live super doppler 7. mostly light and very scattered. we will get those brakes of sun and then fire of more showers this afternoon. in the atlantic, it is gone, but the slow-moving cold front, the motion and the rest of moisture in place to give us a mixed bag the next few days. warm humid, periods of sun and
6:52 am
showers and thunderstorms. it pretty good lock as we take you through the day -- again showers and thunderstorms more in the afternoon and as we head through the day tomorrow another opportunity for it again with kind of a monday, on the overnight with more thunderstorms tomorrow. today, a little bit of sunshine in the forecast, along with warm and muggy -- monday tonight in the 60's and tomorrow a replay, more clouds and sunshine. also more showers and storms near 80 degrees. adam will be back in 10 minutes to check the complete memorial day weekend. >> thanks so much. >> we will be right
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>> in good tuesday morning to all of you. coming up here legends of the fall -- a man plunging 180 feet down niagara falls and surviving, one of the few people to ever live. a harrowing tumble. his rescue caught on tape. next right here on "good morning america." >> this week, a chance to win two vip tickets to see madonna at the verizon center. >> coming up in september -- yet the chance to enter online. was abc 7 news at 11:00 tonight and tomorrow night, you'll get a clue and then go to our facebook page and you can go ahead and enter. >> let's check in with lisa baden.
6:56 am
20-mile backup? >> i know. doesn't it sound painful? northbound from dale boulevard to a tree that came down 395 north of seminary road. the guys with the chain saw showed up -- i'm a lumberjack, and i'm ok. they managed to move it to the shoulder but this is the pace of traffic trying to get to the pentagon. >> not a good spot for a trade to get down, morning rush hour. we don't have much rain falling right now. a few sprinkles, not a big deal. kind of nuisance rain. later on today, more widespread and slightly heavier in the afternoon and evening, for the drive home. tomorrow, a repeat performance. there will be some blue in the sky mixed in with the gray. then thursday and friday, chance of showers and storms. >> still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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