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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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have a great wednesday, everyone. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. homeowners in, eyrthern virginia hoping th up to more scenes this. we have the latest on the yesterday's drive morning's rain. it's thursday, may 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we will have traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. >> the rena is letting up right now. have a small stream flood warning in prince william county and around manassas. that is for the next several hours. levels are up. let's look at live super doppler
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7 radar. slowly drifting east, through the beltway in even montgomery 270.y and up 395 and creeping into prince county, along the down 95.and it is 61 degrees in winchester, dry. 66 in college park. partial sunshine today. cloudy this morning, sunshine afternoon, then more thunderstorms later today. rainfall within some of storms and there could be areas of flash flooding later on today? . degrees for the high temperature. more thunderstorms yesterday. possibly lasting until friday. it will be hot this weekend, the low 90s by the end of weekend with the of thundershowers especially on sunday. now to lisa baden.
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>> waiting for an updated list of foreclosures. we would not be surprised if that would include aden road at. two separate closures on that road yesterday because of the road being compromised. let's take you elsewhere. we do have wet pavement on the street bridge, overnight construction is pulled out of the roadway. in springfield, across the bridge we going to maryland, things don't. things don't look complicated. to the mormon temple. have another look at in less than 10 minutes. now to news. >> many residents in northern don't see ae they yesterday's flooding. spent most of the day cleaning up the mess. much of it took place around manassas. more.rff has
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>> the mood along the occoquan creek is anything but tranquil. >> this is crazy. barrels getting beat up over there. >> the water level rose by six half feet, forcing evacuations. never seen it like this in 23 years. >> those who live nearby are to the sky with a chance of rain in the forecast. >> it almost looks like the ocean. river. it's just a this is moving. i have never seen it like this. >> the view of long valley view several miles away, is frustrating.t >> its a great inconvenience. closed so the patch the road washed by floodwaters. >> pretty amazing. vdot cannot help in the case
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of brenton court because this is a private road. homeowners will have to pick up .he tab >> it should not be too bad. >> a few inches of rain falling create a lot of chaos lot of the taurus. >> its a good thing there's more way home. >> the water is receding. prince william county fire officials are not taking chances for. they will closely monitor this waterway for some time just in case more rain does fall. jay korff reporting for abc along the lake jackson dam. >> a pedestrian was struck and killed in clinton, maryland last night. was dead when officers arrived on the scene. driver did remain on the scene. a bicyclist was injured in a night crash in northwest washington along 15th street and g.
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the victim was taken to the don't know the condition. >> the secret service scandal, the senate homeland security committee is set to grill top officials over the incident in colombia. the secret service inspector today asill testify agents fight their dismissal from the service. say the secret service is making them scapegoats for the agency has tolerated. >> after an accident at raceway, a rider was to the hospital. it happened after 9:00 last night. is is pretty graphic. >> you can see the first horse down and causes a big pile .p since the driver sits behind the types of accidents .eem to snowball
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>> it causes a chain reaction. >> two of the drivers were to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. were no serious injuries to any of the animals. turning to business news, the investigation expands into a chipotle's worker issues. and ford gets out of the junkyard. linda bell has more from new york. >> good morning. begin with stock-index futures, good.oking very indicates a lower open. leaders in the european union summit in brussels today to discuss the recent debt crisis. ford's investment-grade is getting a boost by moody's. the great-grandson of the has reclaimed the blue that he put up for collateral. for a loan in 2006. announced its to workers on systemlic address
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for fire drills at the michigan headquarters. the companies that had been status since august 2005. chipotle had been facing over hiring and firing of illegal workers. say the justice department and the u.s. in d.c. areffice security lostible at violations. the chain was subpoenaed regarding work authorizations. this is in addition to go related probe previously. and the microwave handles in company break room are your help.o more on that later. for now, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. another health hazard. >> it is 54 degrees outside. >> still ahead, what is being today to honor maryland nearlyrooper murdered two years ago.
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>> health issues for former first lady nancy reagan. news of the injury became public six weeks after it happened. >>
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>> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. let's get to the flood warning effect until 10:00 a.m. for
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county,illiam manassas park. that's the green outlined in the of your screen. a flood warning for small vicinity ofhe william county, manassas, manassas park until 10:00 a.m. look at the rainfall totals since monday. manassas, over 5 inches. bristow, almost four inches. meyersville, 2.5 inches. monday.since here's what is left of the rainfall overnight. .t's just a light shower along the beltway in virginia gaithersburg and rockville, light showers moving d.c., arlington, and alexandria. and in prince george's county 210, light showers. up in dale wrapping city. partial sunshine today. day sunshine and then more isolatedowers with heavy rainfall. flash floods our concern again isolated locations later on today. just got an updated list
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william authorities as to what remains closed. apportioned is aden road in nokesville where the road was compromised from the web stuff portion is aden road. there's very light volume. overnight construction in silver spring and on the beltway through springfield. tysons, 66 is pretty good outside the beltway. is 95 traffic just outside the beltway through springfield. times onnormal travel 95 between richmond and baltimore. on it. keep an eye hope to have newschopper 7 in on thee while, depending weather. stay tuned for that. back to you. >> thank you. a woman charged in an accident the maryland u.s. candidate is scheduled to go on trial today. natasha was fatally struck by an while riding her bicycle in
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largo. the driver called police hours when she spotted a bicycle under her suv. told police she initially thought she had struck a deer. >> a maryland state trooper who killed will be along 495 with a highway sign. wesley brown was working as a time security guard at an applebee's restaurant when a man the restaurant shot him. cyril williams was sentenced to life in prison without parole. on this wednesday. >> new problems for local man months in aruba after his travel companion disappeared. on the embarrassing landed garyt giordano behind bars. mitt romney is a step closer clinching the republican presidential nomination.
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hair so healthy it shines. taking news around world, and in egypt'snderway egyptians getting a chance to president forheir the first time in 60 years. the election should end six of effective military rule in egypt. clear how much the generals will
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cede. mitt romney is one step closer clinching the gop nomination. swept kentucky and arkansas yesterday just ahead of a campaign stop in washington today. he is a benign side of the number of delegates he needs to win the nomination. nextould reach that mark go to the polls in texas. this morning the president will head to colorado to deliver commencement address at the u.s. air force economy. has used past speeches to militaryhe role of the and protecting american an age of war and terrorism. after he wraps up the address, will step to a campaign events in denver and california. >> former first lady nancy reagan is slowly recovering from fall six weeks ago at her home angeles. the announcement that she as yesterday at the reagan presidential library scheduled to been attend a speech. because of attend injuries. she suffered a broken rib.
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she is 90 years old. >> problems for a gaithersburg in aruba after his traveling companion disappeared. gary giordano is charged with indecent exposure. and a woman were arrested on friday in annapolis. if found them naked on the -- on a mattress inside his vehicle. called thettendant cops after customers complained. as i went up to check it out and enough to see that it was kosher. >> you would think that he would take a low profile of. >> i wonder if this woman and his reputation. detained in aruba last with the connection presumed death of robyn gardner. released in november after a judge ruled there was evidence to continue holding in there. >> only on seven, a woodbrige family is devastated after someone took one of their dogs. was caught onng tape. youngest son austin was walking her two dogs monday
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afternoon. the yorkshire was lagging aunt a blue truck drives woman gets out, and they dog.the >> we want to let them that she did not wander off. but the family had a security installed because they had bicycles stolen from their front yard. just want the dog returned safely. only thoughtey wil the little dog was lost. it is 64 degrees on this wednesday. it's a victory of the field for for next.onnell drive it only took me one season to trophy, so irball happy about that. >> what his wife had to say winning season 14 of dancing. >> first another check on traffic
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a.m. as a result. have noticed issues with around princeys william county. if you live in prince william know some flood prone roads, and disciplined flooding. we will check with lisa. now the last of the rain is light showers along 66 from fairfax into the district. 270, gaithersburg .outhward to the spur partial sunshine today, like yesterday. cloudy this morning with the grain handling and then sunshine of. that will lead to more thundershowers later this afternoon through the evening. heavy rainfall is possible, so we have concern for more flash flooding later today into tonight. highs around 80 degrees. you will feel the humidity especially into the weekend. partly cloudy tomorrow, more sunshine than the past few days. warm and muggy oxides with late- thundershowers, highs in the lower 80's. i think we will make it to the
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90s this weekend. i think we will make it through the morning rush hour better than yesterday morning. morning we were struggling because i had my and three pages of road closures. prince william has two little items this morning. in nokesvillead the road was compromised. of a minor closure nokesville road at hornbaker. 270 out of frederick into county in this picture, so far so good on the wet pavement. issue, butwill be an everybody behaving for now. back to you. >> thank you. frustration and tears, a winner has been announced on "dancing with the "tars. >> it is someone who knows a or two about winning a competition. >> the winner and a new champion
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of "dancing with the stars is donald. >> he was so happy that he dropped to the dance floor and rolled around. he beat barlett opera singer and actorjenkins william levee road came in third. driver is the third nfl start to win and the seventh athlete to so. i am very competitive. we are always up for the challenge and we were up for the challenge once again. would be a battle, but she pushed me through it after week. are champions. happy >> . now driver can at the trophy to hardware whichof a super bowl ring that he won with the green bay .ackers >> and a simpson was in for last night's finale. >> a chance to speak with
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wife about the victory. congratulations. >> thank you. it meant everything to him. he worked so hard and i'm so proud of him. so nowt's over can rest finally. >> you have been very generous sharing your husband with america have. practice schedule was growing. >> barely saw him. i saw him mostly in the studio dancing. i was his main coach. the schedule has been growing. fun, quite a journey, and it's over. he can take home the mirrorball trophy and enjoy it. >> you did well as his coach. congratulations. as the show is over, the cleanup begins. the practice for is being picked back in the will be fall for the all-star season this fall. --the practice floor.
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>> it is 64 degrees outside. >> still ahead, there's no movie in but one actor thinks he has what it takes to but [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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another roughd be for residents in northern virginia. at concerns over more flooding. new developments expected scandal the sex


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