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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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service. top officials will testify before a senate committee. >> a new poll which part of the region has the worst drivers. virginia, maryland, or d.c.? let the debate begin. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight up 5:00 on this wednesday morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. traffic and weather every ten minutes, lisa baden standing by, but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> we do have some concerns for flash floods later this afternoon and into tonight with more localized heavy rainfall possible later on today. there's a flood warning for small streams right now in prince william county, manassas, and manassas park until 10:00 a.m. there's just a little sprinkle after northwest d.c. arlington, 66 north along the
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beltway across the american legion bridge to the spu, a light sprinkle, that's all. that is falling apart. the rain is ending and we will see sunshine later on today. that will lead to thundershowers this afternoon and evening. it will be warm and muggy, 80 degrees. more localized heavy rainfall is possible. we have some concerns for what could turn into flash floods tonight. >> we will keep an eye on that. northern virginia residents of their morning routine is a little drier today. correct yesterday's flooding led to several road closures and other problems. manassas was one of the hardest- hit areas. storm watch coverage continues with john gonzalez. >> frightening sounds of a normally tranquil occoquan creek in prince william county. x. this is insane. this is the craziest i've ever seen. >> an overnight deluge raised the water level near the dam by
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6 feet, forcing some evacuation's. clerk i have never seen it like this in 23 years if. >> the rena has fallen in the past 24 hours has overwhelmed waterways and created problems from road washouts to flooded streets. it's there's not much you can do. stay in the vehicle and hope that it stops somewhere if. >> county fire and rescue crews pulled nearly a dozen drivers out of harm's way. >> just a couple inches of water will displace a vehicle if. they need to obey the signs if there are high water signs. >> john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> a late-night accident sent a bicyclist to the hospital. the bicyclist was hit by a car in northwest washington and was taken to hospital. we don't know their condition. >> expect to learn new information today in the sex scandal involving the secret service. top officials will testify before a senate committee today and as we learn some of the fired agents are fighting back.
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jummy olabanji is live this morning in the newsroom with details. >> good morning. the agency's director mark sullivan is set to speak publicly for the first time since a humiliating scandal erupted more than a month ago. he is expected to tell the homeland security and governmental affairs committee that the night his agents engaged in heavy drinking and paid sex did not breach of national security. at the time, none of the involved agents had received any secret or security-related information or equipment. but sullivan still most likely face tough questions from lawmakers. in congress don't believe the incident in colombia was isolated and wonder how the agency will prevent this from happening again. eight secret service employees including two supervisors have lost their jobs. four of those employees say they plan to challenge their dismissals, arguing the agency made them scapegoats. insiders say many democrats and republicans on the hill do feel
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sullivan should keep his job saying that he's done a good job of handling this scandal and the investigation. when house has indicated yesterday that president obama still supports him. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> meantime, a woman charged in an accident until the maryland u.s. senate candidate is said to go on trial today. natasha pettigrew was fatally struck by an suv while riding her bicycle in september 2010 bicycle in202 in largo. the driver christy littleford called police hours later apparently when she spotted a bicycle under her suv. she initially thought that she hit a deer. >> a maryland state trooper was shot and killed will be honored with a high with signed. in june of 2010 trooper first class wesley brown was working as a security guard part-time at and applebee's restaurant? when a man that he had removed from the restaurant china.
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cyril williams was sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> it's a rainy wednesday morning. >> still ahead a new twist in the trayvon martin shooting investigation if. key witnesses in the case are changing their story. >> and the results of a new poll asking which drivers are the worst? those in d.c., maryland, or virginia? >> we will get a traffic updates from lisa. adam caske
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>> wednesday, 4 traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's check with adam caskey. >> we will make it 4 for 4 as we go into tomorrow with more rainfall on the way. look at the totals since monday. over 5 inches in manassas measured at new directions alternative school. over four. -- over 4.5 inches in manassas. 3.9 in bristow. doors were the highest totals i could find on the network. prince william county manassas and manassas park have a small stream flood warning until 10:00 a.m.. the rain is quickly dissipated. it's a roundabout way from 66
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across the legion bridge and in chevy chase, north arlington and parts of montgomery county, rockville and gaithersburg, a light sprinkle coming to an end. 679 now downtown. on our way to 80 degrees this afternoon. it will be muggy with sunshine. later this morning into the midday, a few sunny breaks will help lead to more thundershowers this afternoon and evening. localized heavy rain possible so we could see more flash flooding andin a few spots later on today. 83 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. warm and humid. hot and humid by the weekend. the unofficial start this summer. probably in the low 90s by sunday and memorial day. we cannot rule out an isolated thundershowers especially on sunday. at the forecast. what's the latest on the roads > >> a collision on 95. virginia northbound at dale
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boulevard. northbound 95 at dale boulevard only one lane getting by to the right. a tractor-trailer involved in a collision. upstream in pretty good shape on 95 between springfield and the pentagon. and this is the beltway live in montgomery county, leaving 270 heading around old georgetown road, everything in great shape. no issues for metro rail, marc rail, or vre. back to you. >> thank you. it might not be much of a surprise to those who spend a lot of time on the road. >> but nearly half of the region's population says d.c. drivers are the worst in the washington area. this is according to a new beltway pull. when asked who had the worst drivers, 49% said d.c. topped the list. 4121% chose maryland. 20% said virginia.
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>> not many traffic lights on the beltway. so it's easier to maneuver. >> coming up, learn which smartphone is on track to be the fastest selling gadgets ever. >> and a bizarre story. an auction house is selling something that co well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. saso to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in our top stories people in northern virginia cleaning up after yesterday's flooding problems. heavy rain on monday raised the water level near the dam of dumphries road in prince william county by six and a half feet. that forced some evacuations of
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many roads -- and many roads were closed yesterday. a pedestrian is dead after being hit and killed in clinton maryland last night before 11:00 burdick at old branch road and kirby lane. the man was dead when officers arrived. the driver did remain on the scene. the senate: security committee is set to grill top federal officials over the sex scandal involving secret service agents in colombia. this comes as four agents by their dismissal from the service. they tell the washington post the secret service is making them scapegoats for behavior the agency has long tolerated. in the trayvon martin shooting fl yorkie witnesses have changed their initial accounts of what they saw or heard the night george zimmerman killed the teenager. the orlando sentinel reports reaching and their stories in ways that may damage zimmerman. a fourth abandons her initial story about seeing one person chasing another. now she says that she only saw one person. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the case. >> it turns out the uncle sam might not want you after all. the u.s. army is being more
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selective on recruits. last year the army took in no recruits with misconduct conviction or drug or alcohol issues for. it's part of an effort to cut the number of active-duty soldiers to 490,000 by 2017. there were 570,000 active duty at the heart of the iraq war. -- at the height of the iraq war. >> the channel island auction house is selling a vial that contains blood that belonged to ronald reagan. >> apparently this was used by a laboratory that tested his blood when he was fossilized after a 1981 assassination attempt in washington. his son michael is condemning this auction and says he is confident it is not his father's blood. >> i don't know what is more bizarre, but they would put it up for auction or the someone has already bid $11,000. >> i know.
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>> we will see if they allow it to be sold. nobody is working on a movie about president obama, but if they do, someone is lobbying for that job. wh >> let's wo this-- let's find out who this year's. >> it is the ears, so i am the most natural choice. i told him it is definitely something i would consider but you just have to write the ending. fl>> he has the ears. >> you never know what casting agents are looking for. if will smith wants to do something these days, he pretty much. get to much. -- he pretty much gets to do it. >> a smart card may be on the road soon. here is diana perez. >> "move over law" iphone. the samsung dallas 8 s3 is
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poised to become the fastest selling gadgets in history. already 9 million preorders for the android smartphone. as more than double the initial sales of the iphone 4s. smart cars, the federal government this summer plans a real-world test of 2800 wired vehicles. they will talk to each other alerting drivers to road hazards. the man who gave us a wireless tv remote control has died. he invented what was then called the flashmatic in 1955. zenith gave him a $500 bonus. he was 96. you can earn virtual cash in the real world. signing up for the new american express "farmville" prepaid card is a game itself. >> thanks so much. 5:17. a check on traffic and weather. >> we have a lot to talk about. >> it has calmed down quite a bit. a few sprinkles if left over
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that will come to an end. and we will see sunshine and then more thundershowers later on today. it is an active week. >> we have been bracing for it. >> its unsettled. the weekend looks downright hot and humid. 90 degrees at for memorial day and a slight chance of late they thundershowers especially on sunday. let's look at what's happening right now in terms of warnings. we have a small stream flood warning in prince william county manassas, and manassas park until 10:00 a.m. stream and rivers have swollen due to the heavy rainfall. looked at the rainfall totals since monday. 5.07 inches in manassas. bristow had almost four inches. dew point 76 in leesburg. 2.5 in meyersville. temperatures in nei low 60's. -- there's sprinkles coming to an
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end in bethesda and chevy chase light rain ending this morning in fairfax and montgomery counties. it is 61 degrees in martinsburg. 59 in cumberland, 67 degrees in lexington park along the water. here's the wider view of the satellite and radar. heavy rains slowly drifted from the west to east, the line of showers. now dissipating early this morning. we still have a stationary front. that should act as the focal point for more rain later on today. there's an upper level low that will add to our unsettled weather today and a little into tomorrow. during this morning is coming to an end. we will have a few sunny breaks around and after lunch time, kind of like yesterday. then more thundershowers with the potential for heavy rain and may be localized flooding. 80 degrees and humid today if. probably low 90's by sunday with
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a chance of late fday thundershowers. " i don't have a long list of road closures from prince william county because of the deep water. aden road is notable in nokesville where the road was compromised. we have a collision on 95 in virginia northbound at dale boulevard, moved to the right shoulder. traffic coming out of stafford to the marine base and toward woodbrige, you will have flashing lights along the way. at least the lanes are open. normal travel times elsewhere. on 66 and put on the greenway, the toll road, and 270, where things are moving very well and in our favor as you can see in this picture at 109 all the way down to the beltway. metro rail is in good shape as well. >> thanks. we'll give you the chance to win two vip tickets to see madonna this september at verizon
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center. >> all you have to do is watch abc 7 news at 11:00 to get a clue. if enter the ifat facebook. the winner will be announced tomorrow on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> somebody will enjoy that. >> a great opportunity. is 64 degrees on this wednesday. >> bryce harper plays old school baseball in philadelphia. why he may have even more motivation to play that way tonight. >> next "anderson" -- the storage wars hidden treasure. what do you think that is worth?
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>> a rebound. he scores! but that is how the west was won. the l.a. kings edging past phoenix in overtime last night to earn the western conference crown. if they are on to the stanley cup finals and will face the winner of the rang
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gers game. >> the nationals will face the phillies in the city of brotherly love. >> there's no love lost. tim brant sets the stage with a look at what a 19-year-old did last night. the nationals have won 13 of their last 16 games against philadelphia after last night, including six in a row at citizens bank park. jordan zimmermann got his first win ever over the phillies. what a night. bryce harper continues to bring energy. he did it again last night. triple in the top of the third. he also singled. knocked in two runs, scored another, played well in the outfield. the 19-year-old continued to keep on the pressure. ian desmond barreled this pitch to deep left field. a home run. that made it 4-1.
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rick ankiel also got a homer. the nationals have won three in a row and are back in first place. the baltimore orioles, the red sox, bottom of the second. young steve gets this pitch and his first major-league home run. they win. the orioles are in first place as well. a gray day, everybody. >> 5:26, 64 degrees. news continues at 5:30. >> a dog napping caught on tape and woodbrige. the latest in the search for the yorkie. >> there's a flood warning in effect. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center.
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>> straight ahead homeowners in northern virginia crossing their fingers hoping they don't see a repeat of this. team coverage of storm watch is coming up. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, may 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. a busy wednesday morning. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey. >> i want to start with a great picture from our rooftop camera. look at that shot of washington. still about 20 minutes away from sunrise. what a beautiful picture, pink and orange on the horizon mixing with the cloud cover. we will see sunny breaks today if. here's a look at what is left of the rain. sprinkle from rockville to potomac, bethesda, getting a light sprinkle. and gaithersburg as well. we are in the 60's. on our way to near 80 degrees for the high temperature. with sunny breaks, that could boost temperatures into the low
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80s. there will be more thundershowers expected this afternoon and evening. localized heavy rain possible if later on today. we still have some concerns for the potential of flash flooding later this evening. i will have the extended forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. residents in northern virginia bracing for another rough day. >> some areas hit hard, including prince william county. storm watch continues with john gonzalez. >> the sights and sounds of a normally tranquil occoquan creek in prince william county is something residents nearby have not seen a long time. >> this is insane. this is the craziest i've ever seen it. we have barrels getting beat up down there are. overnight deluge raised the water level near the dam of dumphries road by six and a half feet, forcing some evacuations. it's i've never seen this in 23 years of living here. >> the rain has overwhelmed waterways and created a ton of problems from washed out roads to dozens of flooded streets.
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>> there's not much you can do, does stay with the vehicle and hope that it stops somewhere. >> a dozen drivers were pulled out of harm's way. >> just a couple inches of water will displace a vehicle. they need to obey the signs. if there are high water signs they need to stay clear of it. greg john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> new this morning, a pedestrian was struck and killed in clinton along old branch road and gerber lane. brianne carter is on the scene with more on this story. >> good morning. we know that police are still investigating what is now a fatal pedestrian accident. -- old branch road and kirby lane. a driver was traveling along the intersection and struck a pedestrian. we understand the driver stayed at the scene. the pedestrian was pronounced
5:32 am
dead upon arrival. the only information we have from authorities at this time is the pedestrian is a male. no age or identification has been released at this hour. a rogue was shut down several hours and has now been reopened to traffic. avenues heading into the morning rush hour. authorities continue to investigate this. we will follow its throughout the day. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. a check on traffic and weather lisa baden >> . we had an accident northbound 95 in dale city where there was a longstanding accident yesterday. but this one was moved to the shoulder right away. traffic is expected to be moving coming out for the worfredericksburg. nothing out of an on 270, 70 95. route 1 hundred near kaplan avenue, there's a structure fire that may cost you a few moments. -- route 100.
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northbound leaving woodbridge on the way to the pentagon, volume. >> not just on the road where there are problems. last night 3 riders are recovering after an accident at rosecroft raceway. some of the video is graphic, so be aware. if this happened at 9:00 last night during a race when two riders were tossed and three injured in all, two airlifted with serious injuries, but not life-threatening. good news for the horses, all of them are ok. >> unbelievable video. more problems for the gaithersburg man who was detained in aruba after his traveling companion disappeared. gary giordano is charged with indecent exposure. he and a woman were arrested friday in annapolis. police found them naked on a mattress inside his vehicle in a parking garage. a parking attendant called police after customers complained.
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>> here's a story you will only see on 7. a woodbrige family devastated after somebody took their dog. her security cameras show her son austin coming home from walking two of the dogs on monday but the yorkie was lagging behind on the sidewalk. a blue truck pulls up and a woman gets out and takes the dog. the woman says that she hopes it was a mixup and the family wants the dog back home. >> we want to turn to john edwards,. jurors will deliberate for four day today. yesterday possession ended without a verdict. the jurors requested access to notes from bunny mellon's lawyer. she provided most of the nearly $1 million in secret payments prosecutors say edwards used to help hide his pregnant mistress during a 2008 presidential campaign. >> it is 64 degrees outside. >> still ahead more primary sweeps for mitt romney. number of delegates he needs to
5:35 am
cleanse the republican presidential nomination of. >> health issues for nancy reagan. details on the injury that got her sidelined for several weeks. >> first a check on traffic and weather with adam
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correct d.c. schools have after- school programs for over 800
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d.c. young people every year. we are thrilled to work with wjla to present the 2012 d.c. schools jamboree. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:38 on the nose on this wednesday morning. adam caskey with your forecast update. i love the rooftop camera around sunrise. this picture is worthy of a post card. i have been posting them on facebook and tweeting them. i will post the time lapse later and i will share that with you at noon. it is 66 in adelphi if 64 in fort washington, 65 in arlington, there's a flood warning in bristow until 10:00 a.m. there's a lingering sprinkle around rockville and potomac the coming to an end. we will have a few sunny breaks out there? with more than a showers this afternoon and evening which
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could lead to a localized heavy rain and the chance for more isolated flash floods. into the weekend, slight chance of a lateday storms mainly on sunday. the headline will be the heat and humidity. we will be in the low 90s by sunday. really warming up. >> it's my turn. can you tell me how to get over to the cameras that? take you live. nothing major going on. there was a crash 495 dale boulevard, but don't worry about it. pierce 395, looks good up to the pentagon. a good ride in maryland. and metro rail is on normal service. >> the virginia state fair will take place this fall. it had filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on nearly $80 million in loans. yesterday the owner of the tennessee-based amusement company placed the winning bid for the fair. he is a $5.5 million for the fair in caroline county purity
5:40 am
plans to put on the fare from september 28 through october 7. >> mitt romney is one step closer to clinching the gop nomination. he swept the kentucky and arkansas primary system day ahead of a campaign stop in washington today. that brings his delegate count to 1055, does 89 shy of the amount needed to win the gop nomination for president. he should hit that mark next week when voters go to the polls and texas. this morning, president obama will head to colorado to deliver a commencement address at the u.s. air force academy. he has used past speeches to discuss the role of the military in protecting american interests in an age of war and terrorism. after he wraps up his commencement address, he will lead to a campaign events in denver and california. where voting is underway in the deposing landmark presidential election. egyptians getting a chance to freely elect their president for the first time in 60 years. the election should end six decades of military rule in
5:41 am
egypt? . it's not clear how much authority the generals who took over will cede to the elected leader. >> we have 62 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> coming up a big honor for a because the woman. we will speak to her and her bosses about being named nanny of the year to. since it took me 13 season to win a super bowl, but only one season to win the mirrorball trophy. >> nfl star donald driver is winning off the field. what else he had to say
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>> tonight at 5:00 greta kreuz's battle with lung cancer. a nonsmoker, she was shocked when she got the died diagnosis two months ago. the story that she wants to share with you, tonight a 5:00? . >> coming about 6:00 this
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morning, making the nation safer. the latest safety rankings for d.c., maryland, and virginia. >> and why the sec is investigating facebook's ipo. >> the ultimate wedding crasher but these newlyweds are not about to elect a tornado stop the party. now you will get the story. those stories and a preview of the president's trip west, coming up with the top of the hour. >> news from around the nation former first lady nancy reagan slowly recovering from a fall six weeks ago at her home in los angeles. the announcement was made yesterday at the reagan presidential library where she was scheduled to attend a speech. she did not attend because of the fall in which she suffered broken ribs. she is 90 years old. late singer donner summer will be laid to rest today at a private funeral in national. >> known as the queen of disco, she died at the age of 63 nearly a
5:46 am
week ago. she had been battling cancer. she's known for "let's dance." the daughter of whitney houston could be in trouble for gambling when she was in las vegas. the nevada state gaming control board is looking into reports that the 19-year-old bobbi kristina brown was playing slot machines at the mgm grand. you have to be 21 to do that according to the law. you can call it a score for the green bay packers receiver donald driver. >> last night he was crowned the winner of season 14 of "dancing with the stars." >> the new champion of dancing -- donald. >> driver was so happy that he dropped to the dance floor. and rolled floor he beat out opera singer katherine jenkins and actor william lavery. drivers said the mirrorball trophy means everything to him. >> i did not know how i was
5:47 am
gonna feel until i won. now this is amazing. to win something is truly special. i'm glad that i 14won for her. >> he is the third nfl player to win and the seventh athlete to take home the mirrorball trophy. athletes have proven popular on the show. >> athletes, actors, and singers have won the most so far. tradition continues with donald driver. congratulations. a bethesda woman named iniki has been named nanny of the year by the international nanny association. >> jummy olabanji spoke with her about receiving that highest honor in the industry. >> sing these faces day in and day out makes and 80's hard smile. -- makes nikki's heart smile.
5:48 am
she has made a successful career out of being a nanny. now she is being honored in a big way. she was named the 2012 nanny of the year getting the highest stamp of approval in the industry. it is exciting, thrilling. >> her employer's nominated her for the coveted award citing her dedication and hard working and caring for their twins. she is an amazing nanny. >> you want to go exploring? >> they say that she deserves the war for what she does on the claude gueant off the clock. >> she would always go above and beyond. the call of beyond and that was at the most important time in our lives for the twins. when she won it really felt like the ultimate validation of what we knew about her that she was really extraordinary and what she does.
5:49 am
>> initially she tookmrs. mills wanted to take on the task of caring for the twins herself but her husband encouraged her to get a nanny. >> i was not trying to nurse as a new mother and do all these things and she was very kind and she supported me as well. >> the excepted the award at the international conference earlier this month in las vegas. she still gets emotional when thinking about the moment. >> words cannot describe the feeling of being appreciated so much. there you go, buddy. >> she says she would not change her career for anything and shares this high honor with pride. >> every nanny deserved to be in any of the year. >> jummy olabanji reporting from bethesda. >> congratulations to her.
5:50 am
there are offers germs. >> and a face off for who is responsible for facebook stock. linda bell joins us from new york. >> a lot of good things to talk about. but you may not want to hear this. let's begin with wall street's first. it is pulling the blame game over whether facebook's offer was priced high. the investment bank was subpoenaed over allegations it gave negative information to some clients. the brokerage industry watchdog says it may review the offering. a facebook investor is suing the nasdaq over the embarrassing glitch on its opening day. it caused a delay order cancellations and updates which overwhelmed the nasdaq. at work today, ponder this. a new study found that besides
5:51 am
keyboards and telephones, candles on microwave oven doors and kitchen sinks are among the germiston surfaces touched by office workers -- germiest. that was sponsored by kimberly- clark. makes you want to think again before grabbing the microwave handle. >> we would be wiping everything down. thanks, linda. adam caskey looks at the forecast. gillmor rain overnight if. >> we have heavy rain overnight and it led to some flooding in prince william county where we still have if a small stream flood warning. prince william manassas, and manassas park until 10:00 a.m. otherwise a beautiful morning, a gorgeous start to the day. i will show you the rooftop picture to prove it. the heat and humidity will be the lead-weekend. you can see the sun rising on the left side of your screen from the rooftop. in fairfax, this is a pretty
5:52 am
picture. i love this. 63 degrees at st. leo the great in fairfax. looked at those colors from the gray clouds to the pink and yellow. a beautiful morning. elsewhere across the region, we have a few sprinkles that are coming to an end. really ending all across the metro area. rock hill and potomac had a light sprinkle which has ended the. the northern neck is in the sprinkle moving over the bay. that's all. we have a fair amount of clouds falling apart. we have an upper level circulation down to our south which will add to the unsettled aspect of our weather pattern that we have been dealing with for the past couple days. the upper level circulation will continue to spin and throw energy our way along with a frontal boundary helping trigger more showers and thunderstorms. later this afternoon and evening, lingering into tonight. there will likely be heavy rainfall and a few localized storms here and there. that could lead to a few more
5:53 am
areas of isolated flash floods. there's a slight chance of that later on today. but it will not be very widespread. we tested, 69 -- 59, 67 in the district, 66 in lexington park. we will have sunbreaks and then under showers this afternoon and evening. 80 degrees for the high temperature and a little warmer where you get extra sunshine. slight chance of lateday storms tomorrow into friday. we cannot rule out an isolated thunder shower on the weekend. it comes with the territory when it's 90 degrees and hot and humid. low 90's by sunday. >> i will keep an eye on that. 270 traffic, where everything is cool. it is just the volume of traffic. i was watching traffic on 95 virginia. look at this in the geico traffic camera to a picture. ebb and flow this morning, kind of normal out of dale city, if
5:54 am
in springfield 395 66 in manassas and centreville at 50. there was a stalled car insolent, but that will be moved well before you get there. -- in suitland. >> its wednesday. >> coming up, a college student got back-to-back balls. and how he was ho are you still sleeping?
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just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i haveegreat news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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clucks the college student to receive national attention for catching two back-to-back home run balls now he's back in the spotlight. >> is making the most of it. the reds made the 20-year-old taylor, a local college student an honorary captain. got to meet the umpires. he was in the left-field stands monday night when the reds pitcher and the shortstop hit back-to-back home runs. he , both of them. he gave the first one to the pitcher and got a bunch of autographs >> . i just read in an article that he almost did not go to the game. it was a last-minute invitation. >> 5 a cult 57. we will be right back. --
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, another night of heavy rain and high water could mean more flooding and another miserable ride to work. we are tracking the trouble spots. >> and the price slide of the social network. why there's an investigation of facebook's ipo. the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are


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