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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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donald olander pitaand peta. >> "good morning washington at 6:00 continues. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. what a beautiful start to the day. we are taking a look at what's happening in fairfax. a great sunrise. thanks for waking up with us. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson is on assignment. it's parts of northern virginia still under water. it's all because of a slow- moving storm that caused flash floods across the region overnight. manassas keeping a close eye on the water levels as they continue cleaning up after yesterday's direct hit. if we get more this morning from john gonzalez. >> the sights and sounds of a normally tranquil occoquan creek in prince william county is something residents have not seen in a long time. >> this is insane, the craziest i've ever seen it.
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barrels getting beat up down there. >> an overnight deluge raised the water level near the dam of dumphries road by six and a half feet forcing some evacuations. >> i've never seen it like this in 23 years. the rena and has fallen in the past 24 hours has overwhelmed waterways and created a ton of problems from road washouts to dozens of flooded streets. >> there's not much you can do. you just a with the vehicle and hope it stops somewhere. county fire and rescue crews pulled a dozen drivers out of harm's way. >> in just a couple inches of water, it displaces the vehicle. they need to obey the signs if there are high water signs. stay clear of it. >> john gonzalez, abc 7. >> adam caskey has a check on the forecast high if. a big difference now from what it was when we woke up this morning and the rain was still coming down. >> it was coming down hard from 11:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. in particular? in prince william county, the bull's eye again for the heavy rain.
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they had over 5 inches of rain since monday measured in manassas on the weatherbug network at the alternative school. let's look at the beautiful rooftop picture on top of our building. there is the son -- sun. it rose at 5:49. is the live picture of laurel, mixture of sun and clouds. 5.1 inches in manassas. we still have a small stream flood warning in effect for manassas, manassas park, and prince william county until 10:00 a.m., but nothing on the radar screen right now. sunny breaks this morning and midday, tender showers this afternoon and evening with indebted heavy rain. we still have a chance of isolated flash floods this afternoon and evening. >> we will keep that in mind for. what's happening on the highway on 66? just volume eastbound and 234
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coming to the car rest area trafficked where everybody is merging out of manassas. but that is normal volume. the pavement is still wet. more to come, but now to news. >> thanks so much. prince george's county police trying to figure out what led to a deadly collision between a pedestrian and a car in clinton, it happened before midnight near branch avenue and kirby road. brianne carter is live. any word on the victim's identification? >> that is being withheld. police tell us the victim is a male. it happened along branch avenue a little ways down to where we are standing. accident reconstruction team was here several hours trying to figure route exactly what happened. police stopped a collar around 11 and 30 -- police got the call around 11:30. a driver struck a pedestrian
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down branch avenue. all we know about the victim is that it is a man. no age or other i did the information is being released at this time. police tell us the driver did stay on the scene. the roads in this area were closed several hours. the good news in the morning rush hour is that the roads are back open. this investigation is still very active. theyas we continue to get information, we will bring it to you. brianne carter, abc 7 news >> . thanks so much. traffic is picking up this morning. half the region's population according to a new poll says d.c. drivers are the worst in the washington area. that's according to the the beltway poll. when asked to have the worst drivers, 49% of respondents say that d.c. tops the list. 21% picked maryland. 20% say virginia drivers are the worst. 9% say that all three are bad drivers.
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>> on the hill today the head of the secret service is facing a senate panel investigating a sex scandal that rocked the agency during last month's trip to columbia. director marc sullivan will tell congress incident did not breach national security. put in remarks prepared for today's hearing, maine senators susan collins says the scandal is even wider than reported. in the meantime, washington post reports of four of the agents fired will fight their dismissal. the agents say they are scapegoats for behavior disservice long tolerated. >> investors are not feeling very friendly to facebook this week if. the stock dropped once again yesterday. now the sec is looking into what wall street insiders knew about last week's ipo and did not share. three banks determined the company's earnings would likely be lower than expected but they never told the public. >> there was this hype that was
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created, there are going to move the price up, so they go to the insiders and say if we move the price up you can sell more stock, so the insiders took advantage of that? . >> massachusetts officials have subpoenaed morgan stanley to find out more about the insider information accusation. in a statement morgan stanley said that its actions were "in compliance with all regulations." >> on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is likely a week away from clinching the gop nomination. the former massachusetts governor swept contests in kentucky and arkansas on tuesday and that leads and 80 votes shy of the 1144 delegates that he needs. voters in texas will cast ballots next. today president obama heads to colorado to deliver the commencement address at the u.s. air force academy. this is the fourth time the commander in chief and deliver the graduation speech at one of the nation's military colleges. >> it is 6:06, 63 degrees on
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this wednesday morning. it's getting a little better out there. >> still ahead, the ultimate wedding pressure. the couple was not about to let that tornado stop their party if. >> unbelievable video. and aircraft at rosecroft raceway. three jockeys less seriously injured. we have the video showing what happened right afterwards. >> we have one flood warning in effect. i will talk about that and look to doppler and help you plan for your day.
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hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> 3 harness race drivers recovering this morning after an
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accident last night at rosecroft raceway in maryland. it happened about 9:00. you can see what happened as the first taurus went to lose. at least two jockeys were airlifted with serious but non- life threatening injuries. all the horses are ok. >> time for looked at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> i hope the roads are in better shape than the raceway was last night. >> and the commute this time yesterday morning. in pretty good shape right now as far as the beltway, interstate. normal volume. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. i have a couple pictures for you. we will go live -- at the sunshine -- the beltway looks good at holy cross hospital moving nicely, inner loop and outer loop in virginia, no worries on 66, 95. 395, normal stack up on the way to the pentagon. back inside.
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>> a warm welcome to the sun. we can see it this morning. nice to see that for a change in the metro area. i was taking cameras in annapolis, just gray skies. in rosslyn overlooking the potomac, beautiful sunshine, a gorgeous sunrise this morning over the nation's capital. i will be posting. these posting it is 65 degrees in arlington 63 in clarksburg, 60 in warrenton, in the upper 50's and parts of west virginia like berkeley springs at 59, 57 in in would -- inwood. all stream flood warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. for prince william, manassas manassas park. showers could be point lookout and st. mary's county, moving over the bed. dry otherwise. more thundershowers expected this afternoon and evening. some heavy rain possible within
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no storms. we do have the chance of isolated flash flooding later on today as well. hot and humid this weekend, low 90's by sunday. >> feels like summer. also, baseball reminds you that bryce harper and the nationals continue to dominate the philadelphia phillies and they did it again last night. >> he rams it. that's bryce harper with a triple in the third inning, scored two runs. a few batters later, ian desmond. rick ankiel added another home run. final score, nationals 5, phillies 2. d.c. has beat philadelphia six times in a row, 13 of the last 60 and they will go at it again tonight if. >> we wish them luck. 6:12 is your time on this wednesday if. >> and the erotic best seller marks a milestone. and making the nation's safer. the latest safety ratings. >> and the link between weight
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>> could you send an ambulance right now? [snoring] >> a montgomery county dispatcher is on paid administrative leave. a woman called 911 because her husband was having trouble breathing. but the dispatcher was asleep and snoring. good morning america will have more on this story at 7:00 a.m. 7 is on your side with, losing weight the lower your risk of breast cancer. a new study finds even a 5% weight loss can reduce the levels of circulating estrogen. of hormones are linked to an
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increase breast cancer risk. the study is published in the journal of clinical oncology. >> today the trust for america's health releases its annual report. the study ranks states by the number of deaths from injury and grades the states on ways they can make themselves safer. joining us with a breakdown of our region is the executive director jeff levy. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, steve. >> let's look and maryland d.c., and virginia. about average, when you look at the injury and violence rate accidents associated with injury and violence. the scened.c. was slightly above the national average. virginia was slightly below. when you looked at the country d.c. ranks 29th maryland, 37, virginia 39. you want to be at the bottom of this list. >> what can we do to get better?
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>> that's the main idea of the report. whether you rank high or low are injury rates are injurytoo in this country. injuries are the third leading cause of death in this country. sometimes forget that and sent to focus on diseases that happen to individuals. in fact, there are a number of evidence-based simple policies that can be put in place to make a difference. for example, in virginia we don't have a primary seat belt law. if we don't have a mandatory bicycle helmet law for children. we doare not addressing things like teen dating violence there those kind of policies have proven to reduce the number of fatalities and the number of accidents. whether it is -- >> i don't want to interrupt but does your organization until it would be better off to have more of these guidelines done on a federal level rather than having the states make the
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decisions for themselves? what these things are generally made by the states, the decisions. different states face different types of challenges, so there's a value to implementing these at the state level. where the federal government can make a difference is in making sure every state has the resources to have injury prevention programs. the federal investment in injury prevention programs has gone down 24% in the last five years. that will not reverse this trend. >> we appreciate your joining us this morning and we invite our viewers to look at the polls online. log on to our web site at and you will find that. >> making news in america's money, the finger-pointing over facebook and 50 shades hit the 10 million mark. now those stories and more. . >> more facebook fallout. the securities and exchange commission looking into how "the social network's initial public offering was handled for. massachusetts wants to hear from morgan stanley, the lead banker for the ipo and an investor
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suing the nasdaq exchange. we are doing better at paying our automobile loans. late payments fell to their lowest level in more than a decade in the first quarter. many people have been keeping up with car payments and ahead of mortgages. ford can reclaim all of its assets after moody's upgraded its credit rating. "50 shades of gray "has sold more than 10 million copies in less than six weeks. that is america's money. >> everybody is talking about it. >> everyone, especially women and some men. >> 6 client 89 now. let's check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> nothing shady going on, on the highway. loving life on 95 in and out of baltimore.
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normal volume. 66, we will show you the traffic, eastbound from newschopper 7, delays in manassas. slowing briefly in centreville and up to the dunn loring metro where we are alive, very good this morning. we're on dry pavement. >> looks like wet pavement. a little wet pavement and it's drying out now. >> the sun is coming out. >> beautiful sunrise this morning. >> it's gorgeous. >> i will have it on the time lapse. i will also look at it from the rooftop camera to share with you at noon. in arlington, a beautiful sunrise. and the sun rise was about 11 minutes before 6:00 this morning. a mixture of clouds and sunshine this morning. at least we have a little sunshine to start the day locally if. annapolis, it's not quite as beautiful this morning over the water? . 67 degrees now.
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humidity at 100% with low clouds and a little fog. my facebook friend jose mendoza at fort totten metro station spotted this rainbow. thanks for taking that picture this morning. i appreciate you sharing with us. live super doppler 7, prince william county, manassas manassas park, colored in bright blue. they are under a small stream flood warning until 10:00 a.m. water levels are up due to the heavy rainfall the past couple days. over 5 inches of rain since monday measured at one of our sites in manassas. little sprinkle from point lookout over the bay and a few sprinkles in the northern neck. northwest rinsing mary's county a little sprinkle just popped up. that's all on the radar screen this morning. but i expect showers to fill in again later this afternoon and evening and vigor into tonight with more unsettled weather expected. here is the wider view of what's happening. cloud cover to the carolinas
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virginia, maryland. we are seeing some sunshine and we will continue to during the day, but it is still unsettled. upper level circulation to our south is throwing energy our way. that along with the humid air in place is a recipe for more showers and maybe a few downpours this afternoon and evening. slight chance of more flash floods is a concern. right now is 67 washington, 63 at dulles. high temperatures 80 degrees this afternoon. into the weekend look at that, near 90. low 90's by sunday. hot and humid and a chance of a late-day storm. the real deadline will be the heat and humidity over the weekend. >> thanks so much. outside, warming up a little. 63. >> looks good. on this wednesday morning highlights from dancing's big finale. the latest nfl star to have the mirrorball trophy. >> next "anderson" -- the storage wars, hidden treasure. we're hosting our own storage war. what do you think that is worth? [woman screams]
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> i came into this thinking i will get out again in the first week. donald promised me that we were not going to be out and we are winners. it is amazing.
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>> we took this journey together. i think my wife -- i thank my wife for giving me the opportunity to be on the show. i made everybody's dream come true. >> donald driver was the winner last night. >> it was a little bit of an upset because katherine jenkins got so much praise. >> she had been at the top of the leader board all season. athletes are very popular on the show. >> is the seventh athlete to win so far the third nfl start after hines ward and emmett smith. it appears the pecking order among the winner is athletes actors, and singers. it's i love his reaction, rolling on the floor. he has won a super bowl. you would think that he had won another super bowl. >> when you win the mirrorball trophy, you are allowed to do that. eight men and six women have won
6:26 am
the mirror ball the past seasons. the next season they will bring back some winners of the past. >> that's the inside scoop from hollywood. >> exactly. it was a good season all the way around. congratulations to donald driver and all the finalists. that will be on good morning america right up next. >> 63 degrees on this wednesday.
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>> another night of heavy rain and high water could mean more flooding and another miserable ride to work. we are tracking trouble spots. >> in the hot seat -- the head of the secret service faces a senate panel investigating the prostitution scandal.
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>> it is wednesday may 23, and steve chenevey. cynne simpson is on assignment. >> that's right. i'm pamela brown filling in. >> for the second day in a row much of virginia underwater. now folks living in manassas are keeping a close eye on water levels as they continue to clean up after yesterday's direct hit. >> a little bit of good news -- a little bit of sunshine right, adam? >> welcome back, sunshine. nice to have you with us. the good amount of sunshine in the metro area but still areas of fog and thicker clouds east of washington, especially along the bay. a good example of the sunshine, in fairfax at st. leo the great 53 degrees. round hill virginia, 60. winchester, a little bit cooler at 57. on the way to near 80 this afternoon with more
6:31 am
thundershowers this afternoon and evening. could be some heavy rainfall in bed in the thundershowers. we do still have a chance of some isolated flash flooding. some flash flooding concerns for later on today. i don't think that will be all that widespread. 80 degrees for the high temperature today. tomorrow partly cloudy skies and a chance of late a storms. by the weekend, he and humidity back to the low 90's by sunday. >> but the best -- a pedestrian is dead after being struck by a car in clinton, maryland, just before 7:30 p.m. last night. officers say the man was dead when he got there. the driver that hit him did stay on the scene. old branch road has since reopened. >> one person was taken to hospital after being hit by a car in northwest washington. it happened around midnight at 15th and g streets. police have not said whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. >> on the hill today, the head of the secret service facing a senate panel investigating a
6:32 am
6:00 a.m. -- sex scandal that rocked the agency during last month's trip to colombia. he will say the incident did not breach security but maine senator susan collins says the scandal is even wider than reported. jummy olabanji with more details and claims from four of the agents already fired. >> mark sullivan is set to speak publicly for the first time since the humiliating scandal erupted more than a month ago. sullivan is expected to tell the homeland security and governmental affairs committee that the night agents drank heavily and paid for sex did not breach security -- he said none of the involved agents have received any secret or security related information or equipment but sullivan will still most likely have to face tough questions from lawmakers. there are many in congress who do not believe the incident was isolated and believe it happened before. since last month eight secret
6:33 am
service employees, including two supervisors, have lost their jobs and four of the employees say they plan to challenge the dismissal, arguing the secret service made them scapegoats. but insiders say many lawmakers feel that sullivan should keep his job, saying he has done a good job of handling this scandal and the investigation. the white house has also stood by sullivan and indicated yesterday that the president still backs him. in a newsroom, jummy olabanji come abc 7 news -- abc 7 news. >> the social network's stock dropped again yesterday and now the sec is looking at what wall street insiders knew about the ipo and did not share. according to reuters, three banks determine before facebook's stock one public the company's earnings will be lower-than-expected, but they never told the public. >> there was this hite that was created -- so they go to the insiders and say listen, if we move the price up you could still moore's stock.
6:34 am
they to complete advantage the insiders. >> massachusetts officials have subpoenaed bank morgan stanley to find out more about the insider accusations. in a statement morgan stanley said its actions were "in compliance with all regulations. >> one of d.c. mayor vincent gray's former campaign treasurers could face up to 80 months in prison after pleading guilty. he admitted yesterday he funneled campaign funds to another lawyer wrote candidate sulaimon brown and he shredded records. he said the great campaign promised him a job and paid him to stay in the race to attack then mayor adrian fenty. more problems for gary giordano now charged with indecent the exposure. he was detained in connection with the presumed death of robyn gardner. on friday he and another woman were arrested in annapolis. police found two naked on a mattress inside his vehicle in a
6:35 am
parking garage. the parking attendant said he called police after customers complained. >> outside, we are looking at about 63 degrees. >> still ahead, mitt romney takes a step closer to the gop nomination and president obama reaches out to gay voters. >> kiss the bride or run for cover? they had to make a choice because of a tornado on the horizon. >> but first, a check on the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington. what you are looking at is the uss interested in new york city. it is fleet week in new york and that means a lot of great ships including some of the old tall ships from around the world will be there. of course, the intrepid, the future home of the space shuttle enterprise which of course was at the dulles center for so long. recently made the trip to new york in getting ready to be put on permanent display sen. enjoy it.
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>> want to show you some incredible video we have of a very memorable wedding ceremony. a kansas couple said their i dos as two tornadoes touched down in kansas. the twisters were about 8 miles away as the couple finished their ceremony at a farmhouse. after they were pronounced man and wife, they snap some photos of the tornadoes in the background and the bride said she could not ask for a better picture. i guess not too far out of the romney possibility in kansas. >> you just feel bad for the bride because she went to the attention on her and the tornado may have stolen a bit of heard thunder. folks want pictures of her and a tornado in the background. contract -- check traffic and weather. >> news chapter seven will give us a live picture of traffic on 395 leaving the ballot -- but we, past edsall road, normal
6:40 am
volume through landmark to seminary road and then to the pentagon. live on 270, and low ebb and flow between 80 and one of nine, lanes open down to germantown, gaithersburg, and into rockdale. -- rockville. >> a beautiful picture from our rooftop camera. you can actually see the sun a little bit. the rain showers for the most part have come to an end. i will show you the exception of live super doppler 7 on port-au- prince that -- prince frederick and calvert county. prince william county, manassas, manassas park, a small stream flood warning until 10:00 a.m. 67 in washington, cooler in the shenandoah valley 57 and winchester. high temperatures today near 80. a little sunshine and then more
6:41 am
thundershowers expected into the afternoon and evening. there could be some localized heavy rainfall and are some concerns about more flash flooding. slight chance of storms thursday and friday and even into the weekend because with the heat and humidity, talking near 90, with the heat and humidity comes the slight chance of a late a thunderstorm -- thundershower but don't let that move your plans indoors. it will be all the money in this in the air for the holiday weekend. not memorial day without 90 degrees in washington. >> a quick sports note -- the washington redskins are out $36 million, an arbitrator rejecting the salary cap challenge. that means the team will forfeit $18 million this season and $80 million next season. >> 63 degrees outside. >> coming up this wants -- what all three artists have in common. >> the president's outreach
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, it personal and intimate account from our reporter greta kreuz on her battle with lung cancer. and non-smoker, she was shocked which adopted by most -- diagnosis two months ago and now she is getting healthy and fighting back. >> as we take a look at the day had, i highway sign will be dedicated in honor of a maryland state trooper who was killed in an apple be restaurant -- apple bees reston. he was shot in 2010 while working security. the sign will be unveiled along the beltway near the state police barracks and forest
6:45 am
though -- forestville. supporters of measures to allow illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition at colleges is gearing up, launches -- launching a grass-roots campaign. opponents want the law rejected in november referendum. a north carolina jury was then a fourth day deciding the fate of former presidential candidate john edwards. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted of all six conspiracy charges. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is likely one week away from clinching the gop nomination. the former massachusetts governor won contest's end arkansas and kentucky tuesday, leaving them less than 80 votes shy of the delegates he needs. voters in texas cast ballots next. turning to the political minute -- president obama's campaign kicks off its outreach to the voters. joe, two weeks after the
6:46 am
president endorses same-sex marriage the obama campaign is stepping up efforts within the gay community. >> today they are announcing the launch of obama pride, a specific grass roots organization to reach out to gay and lesbian voters to try to draw them into the obama campaign and generate and build on the excitement the president created when he made his announcement coming out of favor of same-sex marriage a couple weeks ago. >> what kind of things will they be doing to reach out to the gay community? >> a number of things -- house parties, some phone banking outreach person-to-person to identify the gay and lesbian voters, draw them in and try to make them a part of the campaign. they're expected to also help the fund raising as well because as the community starts to generate more excitement around a candidate the checkbooks and wallets 10 to open up. you recall it shortly after president obama made his announcement he came to
6:47 am
california and was greeted like a conquering hero and brought back millions from hollywood community. >> does want to talk -- touch on the politico article republican possible revelations about mitt romney that he could and fact win. >> this is given the white house a bit of heartburn. they are still confident that early on in the primary season, but republicans were river much in distress. headlines, is in its romney really going to be our nominee and they were trying to find somebody conservative enough, but the polls reflecting a new optimism for mitt romney going into the general lection. they think he actually has a legitimate shot, which is almost a 180 from three or four months ago. >> thanks so much for that. today president obama had the colorado to deliver the commencement address to the u.s. air force academy. it is the fourth time the commander in chief has delivered the graduation speech at one of the nation's military colleges.
6:48 am
>> a potential bomb threat forced the plane headed to north carolina to make an unscheduled stop. two f-15 fighters escorted the flight to maine yesterday. a passenger handed a note to a flight attendant saying she has a surgical implanted device. doctors found no scars or incisions and officials say there was no evidence the plan was in danger. nearly 20 buildings, including two homes, were destroyed in this about a wild fire. up to 200 homes were in danger and one. but authorities say the fire is now moving away. if the winds hold as they are now looks like the homes may be out of harm's way. the fire has burned an estimated 4,400 acres of farm. linking employees been credited for stopping a robbery at the bellagio in las vegas -- one man grabbed chips of another man's brain chemical at the dealer. >> let's take a look at traffic
6:49 am
and weather every 10 minutes. >> we will start with lisa baden. >> the way it is supposed to be the normal volume -- 66, 95 in and out of baltimore also in good shape. we will take you to use chapter 7, they were flying over 395 leaving the belt way up to seminary road. that is the right side of the screen. plenty of traffic but no accidents and dry pavement. maryland traffic, kind of normal and volume -- route 4 5 the beltway and the topside, and 270 of gaithersburg, germantown rockville open to the beltway. >> a beautiful start locally. >> kind of a change. >> the rain has come to an end for the most part. one little shower that popped up on the radar screen. flood warnings for prince william county manassas and manassas park, until 10:00 a.m., for small streams.
6:50 am
they have had over 5 inches of rain since monday. one little sprinkle on live super doppler. the toxin river from st. mary's county and to calvert -- patuxtent river. here is a great time lapse of the sun rise over frederick. you got to see the sun, whereas along the bay and parts of shenandoah valley, thick fog and clouds. and as little picture of the sunrise. look at the visibility in the shenandoah valley, thick fog -- winchester under a quarter of a mile. 0.3 of a mile in martinsburg. and limited visibility in the district and around the beltway. 67 in washington. temperatures not so bad. you feel the humidity. you will notice it especially into the open the -- upcoming weekend, not just the humidity but he does what.
6:51 am
martinsburg, 59, 61 and culpeper. there is the sprinkle their. mixture of sun and clouds in the morning and then more thundershowers this afternoon and evening. the sunshine will only further destabilize the atmosphere and add to the heavy rainfall potential. we do have some concerns for highly localized flash flooding later on today. a few storm chance of the next few days and also into the weekend, coming with the territory, highs in the lower 90's by sunday and monday. >> it seems like every memorial day is like that. looking forward to a. >> you are watching "good morning washington. much more to
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>> coming up here, the fallout from facebook -- new questions about why the company's stock tumbled. big investors have information the average investor did not? why a major investment bank is under scrutiny. and the "dancing with the stars" after a party. the winner, donald driver. all next right here on "good morning america."
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>> now to "dancing with the stars. the super bowl winner can add the mirror ball trophy to his collection. >> donald and peta. >> congratulations goes to donald driver and his partner peta. driver is thrilled -- of course he also won a suitable recently. katherine jenkins and mark ballas dance to a second place finish. all will be at "good morning america. the library of congress memorializing songs and sounds that shaped american culture. among the latest additions is donna summer's "i feel love. -- "i still love" was back to a selected weeks ago. joined by dolly parton's "coat
6:56 am
of many colors," and prince's "purple rain it." >> a chance to win two vip tickets to see madonna at the verizon center into timber. >> just watch abc 7 news at eleven o'clock to get the clue word and then take it to and enter it and the winner will be announced tomorrow on abc 7 news at 11:00. good luck. >> actually have some sunshine this money, pleasant. more showers and storms this afternoon and evening so we are not out of the woods yet. should have some more downpours later on. flash flooding does remain a minor concern for localized area flooding. the weekend, hot and humid. chance of a late day storm of the weekend. >> that does it for "g
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still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.


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