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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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dent accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct. they came across another student who suggested he had sexual contact with her in 2008. >> i never thought -- i never thought anything like this would happen. >> the sexual conduct happened between the school and his home. tonight christine is thankful she did not grant her daughter's request. >> i want to sign up for carotid classes. this is an eye opener. crooks they wonder why the allegations surfaced almost one year ago. >> we knew somebody was an investigation like that. why would he bring your kids around somebody like that? >> fairfax county could not say anything about le until they had
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enough evidence to charge him. he faces seven felony counts. if convicted he will be away from his school for a very long time if not permanently. >> thank you. le is in the process of moving his business to a larger facility in a more upscale facility. >> we are still on storm watch. some are moving through the area as we speak. doug hill standing by. >> on the western side of the key bridge in arlington is when the and 72. on the other side is pouring down rain. let's take you to live super doppler radar. thunderstorms have been developing in moving from southeast to northwest. smaller slow movers. here is one over the city.
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heavy rain over parts of northeast washington. everything is moving north and west. plenty of action out there. lightning strikes in that part you see on the screen. let's take a look at these storms can. numerous showers and storms of the daytime heat moving southeast and northwest. a rumble of thunder that showed up on the screen. this is bethesda country club. we went from sunshine -- this is worth watching if we have one second to give back their one page. we started with the sunshine and saw the storm to move up. we went from dry conditions to this. the fair way -- it turned into a hazard. the storms are now river is moving across the fairway. a lot to share in a few minutes. >> we just heard the thunder here as you're talking.
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>> thank you. we will get back to you shortly. a serious crash shut up the racing scene and maryland the. something went wrong. hal the drivers and the horses are doing this evening. >> the horses were not injured. they feared better than some of the drivers. there were hundreds of people who watched what happened and they cannot be the things were not much worse. >> when rose croft says welcome, he already is. >> this is like a second home. >> he remembers years of races. he will not forget the one on tuesday night. >> 33 years i have come here. i have never seen anything like
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that. >> it was halfway into the race is when things went wrong. >> the course and the lead position -- it end up causing a chain reaction. >> one horse jumped into the air and the other ran into him. cox you hear the whole crowd go "ah." >> i just thought, i hope nobody is dead. >> this video shows medical response first responders had to turn off their sirens so they would not scare the horses. they took the two most dangerous drivers to the hospital. broken bones that are expected to be ok. the friends fully expect them to race ahead. >> i want to give you some idea how tough these drivers can be.
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there were nine horses and drivers out of the track. some of them who were not injured at all. they went back and it competed it later races last night. >> thank you. the secret service prostitution scandal took center stage on capitol hill today. they apologized for the most embarrassing scandal in its history. >> i am deeply disappointed. i apologize for the misconduct in these employees and the distraction it has caused a. >> market sullivan and tested -- testified before a committee today. lawmakers want to know how that happened and whether this is a culture issue at the secret service. much more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> in that a person connected to gray's campaign is facing
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criminal charges. howard brooks is charged with lying to federal law investigators. one of the campaign treasurers thomas gore, pleaded guilty yesterday. he called on the mayor to resign in the wake of for's guilty plea. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a that the pedestrian accident in clinton. he was struck and killed late last night near the intersection of branch avenue and it curvy road. the driver stayed at the scene. branch avenue was shut down for several hours. >> the trial for a woman in a deadly hit and run got underway yesterday. natasha pettigrew was struck and killed. brad bell has more with what went on in court today.
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>> the photographic evidence may be the most important for the jury. the bicycle, the clear-and from her head on the driver's side had it. prosecutors say she had to do she hit pettigrew. >> i cannot imagine anybody would have been driving and thought they hit a big old der riding a bicycle. >> there is no dispute. on december 19 at 5:00, she was driving her escalated, hit pettigrew alogn route 202. she drove 2 miles home on a flat tire dragging the bike in the hallway. she maintained she thought she hit a deer until she got home and saw the bike. she is charged with hit and run. she is being sued also on behalf
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of the mother. a cox there is no way about it. she knew what she hit in she did not want to stop. >> she was taking a break from law school to run for the u.s. senate as the green party candidate. her mother says now she just wants justice done in her daughter par's a name. >> i want her to nome -- i want her to know my life will never be the same again. >> the lawyer said this was nothing but an accident. when his client realized she struck somebody she went to the scene, to the hospital, and then to police. he says she is guilty of nothing. >> an investigation is underway at as to why some personnel records were being burned at the fire academy. >> this video and the pictures
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were taken by firefighters responding to a blaze in two dumpsters friday afternoon at the fire training academy. according to officials when they brought the blaze under control and looked around the dumpsters they found was burning was some of their own personnel documents, documents of their colleagues and of police officers. they contained sensitive information, names, social security numbers and a medical records. >> who knows what else was out there. that is why we are pressing the inspector general's investigation to get to the bottom of it. >> according to the union it was fire department officials to transfer the documents to burn. recruits were out picking up any documents that may have been left behind it. police say they are investigating the matter.
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a spokesperson said "they are looking to see if any records retention protocols have been violated." the whole matter is under investigation. in the meantime, the unions are livid and they are wondering what this byrne was really all about. >> there are rules about how to dispose of records. >> that was horace homes. funeral plans for chuck brown and are starting to come together. a service will be held on thursday. a venue has not been chosen but it could be the convention center or the horizon center. he died last week at the age of 75. coming up on abc 7 news, a homeless man was shot and killed. >> a child is placed in a washing machine that automatically turn on.
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see what had to be done to free the little boy. >> a yorkie is stolen
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>> an airline has done a with one of its family friendly policies. >> united airlines will no longer allow families to preboard. >> this family is flying to florida today for vacation. they're counting on the extra time it will have to board with their two children. if they were to fly united they would no longer have the luxury of boarding before other families. >> it will make a harder to find a spot to put our backs. >> imagine boarding all the families. it will be chaos. >> united is doing away with early boarding for passengers with small children. in a statement released they said -- other airlines like american, u.s. airways, and delta allow
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families to preboard. they allow family morning after their first sitting group gets on. they say they do not like the new policy. >> i think it will slow things down because parents will be clogging the aisles trying to find where the rest of the family is. >> it is not a good policy. there are a lot of families that will not fly with them because of it. >> this can be traced back to the 2010 merger with continental airlines. they said they wanted to move to a common boarding practice for both airlines. >> in our facebook poll today we asked, should families with kids be able to board planes first. 52% said, yes, they should board first. 48% said no. a new york woman who had -- who
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faked having cancer said it would pay for her wedding was released from jail. she said she was dying from leukemia and wanted a dream wedding with the father of her child. she pleaded guilty last month. a young boy is said to be ok after a scary situation at a laundromat. a man was seen putting a child into a laundry machine that started running. an employee said to shut off the machine and said the boy free. the babysitter's boyfriend at the time of the incident. authorities want to speak with them but it is unlikely they will be facing charges. >> awful story. let's talk about the weather. it is very active. we can hear the thunder. >> the center is spooky.
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-- the thunder is spooky. live super doppler radar, lots of rain out there. thunderstorms all over the place. a lot of lightning with the activity. because of the slow movers they are laying out a lot of rain in a short period of time. that will be high water issues. they were moving this way and now they are drifting to southwest washington and parts of northern virginia. more moving to the north side of the city toward areas of chevy chase and eventually up toward kensington. there is more to the west. take a look at the storms can. a broader picture of the moisture. that is how we are getting counterclockwise rotation. the trend will diminish in the next couple of days and that we
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are and to summer for the weekend. i want to share a time lapse from this morning and sure the beauty of washington. watch it. the sun comes up and the low clouds move out of the way. a spectacular morning. once we got the heat to the storms popped up and this is what we are looking at now across the city. you can see the edge of the heavy rain a little for the north and there will be more of that. over 1 inch in gaithersburg. we are at 64. areas of rain are a lot cooler. areas without rain are still pretty warm. we will go to hot as we head over the holiday weekend. 92 in omaha and dallas. that is heading here in time pretty holiday weekend. you can get a good indication
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of an upper low will blow. they will diminish later chapa we will still have more showers, small slow movers with lighting and a lot of heavy rain. scattered showers in the forecast. we will be in the upper 60's. partly cloudy and warm midday and will climb into the lower a the's. tomorrow it will drop to 20% on friday. it check out the weekend. low were 90's and partly cloudy. a 30% chance of showers monday afternoon. a better chance of a cold front. >> thank you for the beautiful video. >> dancing with the stars has a new champion.
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green bay packers receiver driver's celebration. driver and the two other finalists flew overnight with their partners from l.a. to new york to be on good morning america. the winner talked about his victory moves. cox i was on fire so i had to roll around and get the fire out. >> i think we are relieved and exhausted right now. >> casting begins now for the next "dancing with the stars." we are told it will be an all- star season. >> donald and driver will have to come up with a better touchdown and zone dance than that. >> he was putting the fire out. >> whatever he said. you have a chance to see one
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here. one more chance to see madonna at the verizon center. >> this is a big one. get a clue into that clue at we will announce the winner tomorrow night. >> coming up here, the food truck fight in arlington. >> long the cancer affects millions of people. we learn firsthand the fear that surrounds the diagnosis. greta kreuz shares her story with us including why more research is not being done.
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we gotta sell the car. where would d we even start? get the car. hi howard. gein.
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> a woodbridge family is relieved now that a yorkie is found. >> the searches on four who took the dog. -- the search is on for it who took the dog. >> she had a reunion 48 hours after she was shown to was taken.
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>> it is not seem that she was trying to be nice. >> as austin walked back toward the house, a blue truck pulls up and a woman gets up. >> it shows her increasing her pace as she gets back into the car and pulls off. >> they had installed outdoor cameras. >> can you believe the dog was taken by a good samaritan? >> know. everyone has their own opinion. >> animal control officers picked her up wandering around the neighborhood miles from home. >> she looks like she is ok. >> they will continue to review the videotape to try to determine what the circumstances were around the
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disappearance. >> it could be a misunderstanding but it could also be crime. >> they are thrilled this is the outcome. >> a federal appeals court dismissed an arlington dog day care facility. the honor had a mural painted on the back of the building. the county called it advertising and it said it needed to be covered or repainted. they dismissed the lawsuit. >> new pots arrive at the national zoo but it was a rocky start for the cubs. >> giving girls the confidence they need to succeed by lacing up. >> a homeless man gets angry because somebody refused to give him money.
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>> developments as the storm moves through the area. >> a flash flood warning until 7:00 for an area largely within prince william county. a lot of activity continuing as we zoom in west of the metro area. that is under a flash flood warning until 7:00. manassas had all the flooding yesterday morning. it is important to keep an eye
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on this. the area drifting north west. there could be more as the heavy storms moved out of the district. more coming in just a couple of minutes. >> a homeless man is dead tonight after being shot in a parking lot. >> the shooter says he was acting in self-defense. jennifer donelan live with the story. >> the homeless man is 29-year- old christopher rigby. we understand he was angry and showed up with a knife. he went up against a gun. >> my roommate knocked on the door. he said somebody was shot down the street. cox he rushed out of his home last night to flashing lights after somebody shot and killed a homeless man in the shopping center. >> since the recession it has
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gone up. >> the stores were closed for the night. a man was having a conversation when two homeless man approached the car looking for money. the man said no and told the man to move on. one walk behind the homeless center and got a knife. he went to back and tried to stab the man. he did not know the man had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. he was shot twice in the chest. >> if he was doing something wrong, you know. >> nearby workers were surprised by the shooting but said it was self-defense. >> being homeless is one thing but threatening somebody else's another. >> police agree at this point because there are no charges filed.
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>> thank you. let's take a look at the top stories. a fairfax type one though instructor was charged with having an appropriate contact with minors. he molested two students. they also found a child pornography at his home. police say they are not aware of other victims. >> 5 a jockeys' hurt in a collision at the raceway at oxon hill last night are expected to be ok. none of the courses appeared to be heard. >> d.c. fire department officials burned to personnel records of firefighters and police officers. >> there is a consumer alert about a warning for parents. i talked to diane sawyer about
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the story. hello, good evening. and you are working on a story about little detergent pods that should make laundry easier. it sounds like it is really terrible if it gets in the hands of kids. >> it turns out the poison centers around this country are finding more children who have been into these. the results can be horrible nausea. it can be trouble breathing and side of facts. >> we will look for that story. something that is truly remarkable about dogs that are really wonder dogs and they can sense a change in our blood pressure. >> it turns out there are certain dogs that can smell when your blood pressure is dropping too low and he will fainted. you will see a young woman who
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can stop wearing a helmet now because a dog is by her side. >> we look forward to those and much more as always. you can watch those stories right after abc 7 news and 6:00. >> a state trooper received a special honor today. they dedicated a highway sign along interstate 495 it to trooper wesley brown. he was shot and killed while working part-time. the man accused of killing him was sentenced to life in prison and without parole. hanover seraph led the search for robert wood who disappeared while visiting a battlefield with his family. he was found after a five-day search. >> it just speaks volumes.
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>> members of the military and police officers from five states were honored it. >> congratulations to all of the winners. a time now for a check on the traffic situation. >> we are finding delays on 395 southbound. we are seeing delays starting around 110 around of duke street heading toward a quantico. a slow delay across the american legion bridge. delays from 66 towards the 270 spur as you work across the american legion bridge and additional delays heading toward new hampshire avenue onto 270 we have the latest from the beltway heading up toward middlebrook road and we have delays to work clarks birgit. a vehicle in the right lane as a
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block. >> it will be a busy evening for most of the. still ahead, the fight against long the cancer hits home. greta kreuz shares her official story. >> it is really fun. >> of the scrolls are on the run and getting more than exercise. >> who are the worst drivers in the area? what a new poll says about
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>> the preteen years can be difficult, especially as a starter with a social acceptance. there is a group that teaches them to put 1 foot in front of the other. that makes it grows on the run tonight's harris's heroes. early sunday morning, the start of a 5 mile race and the end of
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a journey for grows across northern virginia. >> it teaches us how to work together. >> these pros have been training for the race held sunday at the university. it is the life lessons they have lined along the way that said the core of girls on the run. >> it teaches you how to solve things in life. it makes you stronger as a person. >> laurie is one of the 650 volunteer coaches that works with the girls. >> it is a fabulous way to teach the girls they can do anything they set their minds to. >> the program instill confidence and builds self- esteem. >> they start coming out of their shell and it is a beautiful site. >> they have to get an adult to run with them, usually mom or
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dad. cox also to become a better person. more out coming and -- outgoing and considerate of others. >> with the help of the girls on the run, the future looks bright. congratulations to all the volunteers. if you would like more information, go to and click on harris''s heroes. you can see a photo gallery of the race. >> still to come, it changes could be coming to your favorite food trucked in arlington. >> greta kreuz welcome join us to
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>> long the cancer affects millions of families. tonight we have a story about how it has affected our abc family. >> greta kreuz joins us with information you might not know. >> it is great to be back.
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i have never smoked for the record. i had no symptoms. mentioned i had a little cooling sensation right here. thing got my doctor said let's get an x-ray to make sure. as how they found the tumor. the majority of cases for lung cancer are people who no longer smoke or like me who have never smoked. >> moments before i did this live report i got the call from my doctor. >> he said you have lung cancer. i said, what? i have never smoked a day in my life. there it was on my cat scan. he showed me a half inch tumor on my long it. long the cancer kills more americans than the next -- lung canercer kills more americans.
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symptoms did not show up until it is too late. those ads aimed at scaring smokers smokeless, i was thinking, that is not me. i am safe. >> we are seeing more women being diagnosed with lung cancer who have never smoked. >> 80% of new lung cancer patience either quit years ago or have never smoked at all. so what was it? was it secondhand smoke? my sister died of lung cancer but she had smoked. >> i wish i could tell the but we do not have an answer. this is a disease that has been so stigmatized and underfunded. >> last month i underwent
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surgery. stage one. it had not spread. my long the capacity is almost back to normal now. five weeks after surgery i am back at work, definitely one of the lucky ones. >> you probably have an 80% chance if not higher of being cured of this. very good. i like the odds. >> that is thanks to my doctors as well. i do not even have to get in the chemo or radiation. just ct scans for the next five years. >> that is great. >> cause for celebration there. when you talk about 160,000 lung cancer death last year alone. should more be happening? >> it is the biggest killer
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after heart disease. there is no money for research because there are so few survivors. some obituaries would just say person died of cancer because they do not want them to know it was lung cancer.] i will show you some good news at 11 o'clock. >> great to have the back. take it slow and easy. do not -- take your time. >> thank you for telling her story. >> let's move on to this really adorable video. the newest residents at the zoo. they do require around-the-clock care after complications at birth. they had to perform a rare see section on the mother. a 5-year-old two. they will move to the suit because they do need special
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attention including bottle feeding every few hours. for more go to our web site at a lot of family milestones tonight on "modern family." alex goes to her first prom and haley gets a job. >> i in celebrating -- would you end up like to join us? tonight i am telling my parents the biggest news of all. after graduation i am moving in with somebody. >> and his name is me. >> and all new "modern family" at 9:00 followed ""revenge" at 10:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we have modern news for you at 6:00. in other shoe drops in the campaign schedule looked surrounding lookedgray's
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election. -- surrounding been sent -- vincent grya's election. this book has not done well so far. now they are facing an investigation over the initial public offering. more coming up at 6:00. >> let's get over to doug hill and the weather center. >> rain here in arlington down to 67 degrees. let's get you started. howard time lapse. this is the past 40 minutes or so. some of fast-moving clouds and heavy rain. it is moving generally from southeast to northwest. we have and a -- we have had an opposite direction traveled. the atmosphere spending throughout the mid-atlantic and carolina's. we still have a flash flood
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warning for a small section of the northern parts of prince william county. here come the heavy storms out of the district through falls church. that moves to the northwest along the potomac river. here you see the counterclockwise spin and the atmosphere. there is not a lot of southern maryland. i think most of the heavy rain is in progress right now. over 1 inch and manassas with more to come with lingering showers and a fog over night. lesser chances of showers and storms still possible. check out the holiday weekend. afternoon thunderstorms on sunday and monday. we will keep an eye on flash flood warnings. >> thank you. >> right now the weather in philadelphia as holding up.
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is safe to say when hamilton hits it bryce harper with a fast ball it elevated or escalated the motion in the series. they face each other tonight. he had to harper in the back with a missile. he was then suspended five games for the incident. to that they face each other for the first time since that incident. espn is carrying the game nationally. harper says he is not intimidated. >> we are all competitors. it will be a fun time. he is an all-star. he is really good out there. he is a bulldog and knows how to pitch. i have the most respect for hamilton and the organization. >> i do not expect anything extraordinary to happen. for me that was even up when they head cold. crux i do not care what they
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say, i am watching the game tonight. the redskins are back on the field for organized team activities. there has not been a lot of talk about trent williams since they were suspended the final four games last year. the lead set them down. while there were not in the playoff haunted still hurt the team because he led the team in receptions and yards. britt mchenry asked about life lessons learned. >> what have you learned about that off the field and maturing like every year? >> you cannot really -- it is one of those things -- you do not want to lose games. you want to help your team. >> let's hope he is smarter as life goes on. >> more on that and more on hamilton at 6:00.
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>> i do not think anything will happen. i will be turned in just in case. >> coming up next at 5:00, -- >> f
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>> arlington restaurant owners are fed up with the increasing number of food trucks driving up and taking customers away from them up. >> they are taking actions to restrict goes and meals. >> he has found the brooklyn bagel shop for more than 13 years. he is surrounded by competing restaurants. his biggest rival is 100 yards away. a food truck. >> they do not have overhead taxes, employees. it is a big competition.
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>> food trucks are nothing new. any given day there are more than a half dozen lined up. >> it is nice because it gives you more options. last week carries a trek to give you more options. >> the roslyn business improvement district is proposing ways of controlling food trucks. the board will get the recommendations next month. >> among the proposals, limiting the number of food trucks that can be in any one block and making sure there is enough sidewalk space. " the rabbi to restrict the proximate -- proximity from 55 feet from businesses. they have little sympathy for the old establishments. >> they are a chain. they can make their money elsewhere. >> there is no guilt from food
5:59 pm
truck benders. >> as he points out, he does pay rent. $4 to park in this spot. >> that is abc 7 news at 5:00. stick around, abc 7 is at 6:00 starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we're keeping an eye on nasty storms. >> it includes a flash flood warnings for part of our area. doug hill is on storm watch tonight. where are the storms? >> the heavy storms are outside of the studios to the north. a light rain will just go for a few miles to the north and


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