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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tional captioning institute >> right now, we have two breaking stories. at least four people are hurt after a fire breaks out on a nuclear submarine. we will have the latest on that, but first, our other big story the heavy storms that have brought more flooding and water rescues. parts of northern virginia got hit hard. we will have a live report on that but let's look at the storms moving into the district and parts of maryland at this time. let's get to senior meteorologist bob ryan, who is tracking at all. >> a couple of days of unbelievable boundaries. some people in manassas, five, 6 inches of rain, and there is still a flood warning overnight for basically manassas, southern
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parts of prince william county, broad run because of the left over rain. all of these showers and leftover thundershowers around washington are ending. southern maryland, some rain storms those are gradually winding down in the belfort from merger weather center. look at the amount of rain. much of this has been in the last couple days. saunders middle school, 5 inches of rain. as we go through the night finally the rain is ending. i am afraid there could be more tomorrow. more about that, as well less standing water and morning fog. especially and the western suburbs, -- especially in the western suburbs, it could be a rough rush hour. >> the storms that hit tonight have renewed fears of flooding.
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>> more specifically those in northern virginia, who dealt with flooding earlier this week. jay korff is live in gainesville where the police have closed area roads because of rising waters. >> to give a sense of the speed and power and force of the flash flood, at one point an hour and half ago the water was wasted according to a driver who got stuck here on this road. she had to be rescued, a terrifying evening for a number of folks. pounding rain and a de lucia forced water onto a number of prince william county roadways. fire officials say that two vehicles got stuck in dangerously high water in manassas. a number of people in the pickup truck got out on their own but the driver of the minivan told abc 7 news she had to be rescued because the water around her vehicle was nearly waist deep. a woman who lives nearby was
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amazed how quickly the road flooded. >> it is incredible. i have lived here a couple of years, and is always floods, but never this quickly. >> they rescued one person. >> no, this is incredible. i just drove through here about 45 minutes ago. this happened quickly. >> the driver of the minivan is grateful for the prince william county firefighters who rescued her. we also heard of another water rescue in the northern part of the county. fire officials say that everybody got out ok, but in many cases, these flash floods do not end well. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> we will take any silver lining that we can get. we are tracking the storm's 24 hours per day. for live radar at any time, click on the weather had at
11:04 pm -- click on the weather tab at >> breaking news from maine where there are battling a fire on the uss miami. at last check four people were injured when the fire broke out in the forward compartment of the ship. it is a submarine that uses nuclear power. all non-essential personnel have been evacuated. at last check, there is no imminent danger to anyone near the ship. also, closer to home, at least one child was struck by a vehicle on the d.c.-prince george's county line this evening on indian head highway in oxon hill. paramedics transported the child to a nearby hospital. the vehicle that struck them stayed at the scene. the specifics of their injuries are not known there are expected to survive. >> learning more about be the fairfax county martial arts
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should coach who is not accused of sexually abusing some of his students. master le ran a university in burke. autria godfrey is there with more of the accusations leveled against him. >> le is such a successful instructor here in springfield that he was in the process of expanding. he has a new studio on construction in burke virginia, but tonight he stands accused of molesting two under-aged students, one at his studio, one at his home. >> he did not seem to be a particularly nice person. >> he is accused of inappropriate sexual misconduct with two underage students at his martial arts academy. fairfax county police began investigating last june when a former student accused him of
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inappropriate sexual contact from 2003 to 2005. the detectives then can across a second victim who says that he had inappropriate conduct with her in 2008. >> i cannot imagine that. >> not wanting to be on camera, one parent, whose daughter goes to a different martial arts school says he is disgusted to hear of the charges. this person said that his method of training raised eyebrows. >> running in the snow barefoot. i don't think that it builds character. >> in springfield, the police recovered child. biography on his home computer. -- the police recovered child pornography on his home computer. >> he was listed as the usa tae kwon do coach of the year in
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2010 and also a coach at penn state. fairfax county police are not aware of any other victims at this time. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> a mystery illness has sent eight members of the d.c. fire and ems for medical treatment on florida avenue. an official with the d.c. fire union says the victims began to feel ill after responding to where reported drug lab. >> it appears that marion barry is about to make amends with asian business leaders following a series of controversial comments that he made in recent weeks. he is scheduled to meet with asian american officials tomorrow. he was criticized after making disparaging comments about the cleanliness of asian food businesses and expressing concerns about d.c. hospitals hiring filipino nurses. >> turning to an investigation tonight, when you take a taxicab
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in d.c., we discovered a startling number of attacks on taxi cab passengers at the hands of the road drivers. now one victim says a driver pulled her out of the taxicab by her ankles. the driver is facing assault allegations but some are still picking up passengers. >> it was startling. you don't know what to do in that situation. >> this woman says an early morning taxi ride from dupont lead to a terrifying experience. >> i said can you take me to georgetown, but i only have $5. he said ok. >> at the end of the ride, she realized her phone had fallen out of her purse and the cab. >> he got very belligerent and demanded i get out of the car. he opened the door, grabbed my feet by the ankles, and i had my hands inside trying to
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prevent him from pulling me out, and he pulled me very forcefully onto the ground. >> at least a dozen people have submitted complaints to the d.c. taxicab commission for assault by cab drivers. in these records, one passenger said that his cabbie pulled him by the jacket and punched him. it woman said that her driver twice reached behind the seat to grab her on the leg under her skirt. the taxi commission says that seven drivers have recently been arrested for assault, but they have not had their licenses revoked. the chairman says that is because the commission only has the authority to fine drivers. cannot pull their licenses, not even for felony offenses. >> if we had that authority, we would have the ball seven of those drivers brought before a commission -- we would have had all seven of those drivers brought before a commission. then depending on the facts
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suspend or revoke their licenses. >> this man is one of 85 taxicab drivers that has gone through a background and training before being licensed. he said in his experience, is typically the driver who was the victim. >> i have been attacked physically and verbally by passengers who have had too much to drink. >> this woman wants aggressive taxi cab drivers taken off the road. >> i hope this does not happen to another passenger. >> the police could not give details on the drivers who have been arrested. new legislation is in the works to give the taxi commission the authority to hold hearings and revoke or suspend licenses. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> read more about the specific tax with the police reports on our website which agreed more about the specific attacks with the police reports on our website at >> and retired lieutenant commander wesley brown has died.
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he was the first african- american to graduate from the naval academy. he died yesterday. a graduate of from the naval academy in 1949. he was a cross-country teammate of former president jimmy carter. it was the sixth african- american accepted into the academy. he was 85 years old. also new tonight, for the first time, our colleague at abc 7 greta kreuz is sharing her story of survival. >> earlier this spring she was diagnosed with lung cancer, despite the fact she was never a smoker. tonight, she shares the eye opening second part of her story, as she explains that one cancer is the second biggest killer in the u.s. and against little research funding because of the stigma that if you smoke you deserve it. >> this former ohio congressman mike oxley has never smoked. two years ago he was diagnosed with stage 3 long cancer.
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>> i had a tumor the size of a baseball. >> no symptoms, lot of assumptions. >> invariably, people would say i did not know you smoked. >> smoking is the number one cause, but more people who have never smoked are getting lung cancer including me. they found a tumor during a routine physical four months ago. shockingly little money is going to fight lung cancer. in 2011, federal funding for breast cancer was more than $26,000 per death. half of that for prostate, half again 4: cancer. look at lung cancer, the biggest killer of all, just getting $ 1442. >> a lot of people feel that the majority of patients have smoked and is a self-inflicted disease. >> and there is a lack of survivors. no pink army like with breast
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cancer to demand action. >> those who are diagnosed sadly, did not live very long, and thus we do not really have voices. >> a recent trial found that low dose ct scans cut the metrology rate among smokers by more than 20%. -- cut the mortality rate among smokers by more than 20%. i was stage one my surgery was successful, and my prognosis is excellent. researchers say that the stigma surrounding smoking is helping efforts to help all of those with lung cancer, including those of us who have never smoked at all. >> and we are glad to have her back with us. for more on her story, log onto there is much more on how to get help if you have a family member or friend suffering from lung cancer. >> 7 on your side with a look at the memorial day weekend
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getaway that has already begun. tomorrow morning but all highways will be clogged with vehicles leaving or passing through. we have a reason that you may smile despite the traffic. tom, easplains. >>- explains. >> aaa says that nearly a million people in the d.c. area will be taking some sort of trip this weekend. some of them have already hit the interstates to had on their trips. at everybody who is leaving about one in two will be going to the beach. >> i want to eat crabs. >> that have not been traveling much in recent years. why? >> things have been tight. >> today, they were about to cross the bay bridge to had to ocean city. >> we have better jobs, so we have a little more.
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>> aaa mid-atlantic says any sign of things getting better, more people in the d.c. area and the country are expected to take a trip this weekend than at any time since the recession started. where are you going? >> north carolina. >> although gas prices are high, they are falling fast, and that is helping. >> that has only happened twice where prices have fallen before memorial day. >> if you are going somewhere the absolute worst times to leave are thursday and evening rush hour -- >> it will start backing up. >> and friday evening rush hour. >> if you are out there at 6:00 friday night that is a doomsday scenario where you'll be stuck in traffic. >> this woman who lives at the beach has already seen it traffic picking up. >> it is definitely more pact. >> the best times to leave right now interstates are
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looking clear but aaa says if you are able to leave tomorrow morning, that is a good day. avoid a thursday evening and friday evening rush hour. the best time to come back is later monday night. if he tried to leave monday morning it will be you and -- if you try to leave monday morning, it will be you and the rest of the world on the road at the same time. >> more details on how much to expect to pay if you are driving to the beach this weekend. virginia beach, they pay about $3.51 per gallon. ocean city, rehoboth, or the delmarva beaches also $3 ticket one cents per gallon. if you are going to the jersey shore, it costs 361 per gallon -- $3.61 per gallon. >> in woodbridge family is overjoyed because it's teacup yorkie is back home after it was dog-napped.
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>> to you think it was taken by a good samaritan? >> i mean, nah but i mean, everyone has their own opinion. >> a surveillance camera shows the woman in this blue truck dragging a the yorkie. animal control officers found the dog wandering in a neighborhood miles away from where it was taken. sassy is ok, and the police are trying to figure out who took her and why. >> that is the question, why. >> and the weather? >> a can be threatening when you hear about flash flooding. -- it can be thrilling when you hear flash flooding. when you see any moving water don't cross. people say i have never seen anything like that. fortunately, we will be dr ying out.
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for the cat at leon's house it should be very nice. -- for the cookout at leon's house, it should be very nice. the time lapse on the rooftop you hear the rumble of thunder. the power of the lightning. imagine 200,000 100-watt light bulbs, that is how much korena is in some of the strong thunderstorms. fortunately, they have really diminished. manassas gainesville under the aerial that is possibly still seeing standing water. look at how things happened along the past couple hours really diminishing. in southern maryland, there is still a little bit of lightning, coming into parts of st. mary's county.
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the amount of rain. over 8 inches of rain so far this month. as you know in manassas, that is in the past couple days. germantown over 5 inches of rain. around washington and many of the areas and prince george's county, anne arundel county what is with the rain? still in the 70's, muggy. the past 24 hours this was yesterday. because of the spin in the atmosphere, that is what was causing the nasty thunderstorms. here is what is left of them, diminished out to the west. there is still another batch to the south. those are slowly drifting to the north. southern maryland may have an early morning wake-up call, 3:00 in the morning, as some of these finally move through. unfortunately the future-cast
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tomorrow with that moist pattern and the saudi air we may still have -- with the soggy air we may still have rain, but diminishing. watch out for any standing water in the morning, but still afternoon thunderstorms possible. heading to the beach? dara is the way it looks with the water temperature into the 60's. -- there is, with the water temperatures and the 60's. saturday sunday, monday, a lot of great weather at the beach. each afternoon, a slight risk of afternoon thunderstorms. ready for the 90's? they are coming this weekend. >> 60-degree weather will make 90 feel good. before we get to that, time to unveil the third and final clue. >> two vip tickets to the madonna concert at the verizon
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center in september. tonight's final clue - holiday. remember that you will receive two bonus injuries for every friend that interest. -- two bonus entires for ever friend that enters. >> the nfl players association sues the lead to. and hamill's and harper face of the city of brotherly love.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the showdown never really developed tonight other than battles between two good baseball players. may 6 cole hammels welcome to harper to the big leagues. tonight, victorino goes to right-center field. pence will score easily double. the nationals threatening in the sixth. harper gets in front of this, espinosa coming around to score
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the tag, get him out of here. victorino put an exclamation point, muscle to right field. the phillies beat the nationals 4-1. camden yards the red sox- orioles, before the rain. look out he gets a lot of that. that is a game-changer, home run. boston beat baltimore 6-5. the nba playoffs, celtics-six years in philadelphia. sixers trying to even the series. turner nice baseline play, the reverse layup, the foul, and one. the turning point turner with the drive, kicked out. look out,. down.
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philadelphia wins, 82-75 forcing game 7 in boston. madison square garden, the rangers coming back from the 3-0 in the first game tied up in the third. carter will score. start the celebration. but the devils beat the rangers, 5-3. the devils' lead the series with new york, 3-2. arlington, two nfl coaches received the outstanding civilian service award for their outboard public support of the military. the presentation was made at the home of the chief of staff of the army. great coaches, great american's. the nfl players association has filed a collusion complaint against the nfl claiming the owners had a secret salary-cap and restricted salary during an uncapped year. it is a federal lawsuit that could help the redskins and the
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cowboys in their salary cap issues.
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>> today's storms remained eight trending story. remained a trending story along with the facebook ipo and some
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cheetah cubs at the national zoo.
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