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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 25, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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admitted to killing a child in new york city a long time ago. some serious accusations against former big league ball player chad curtis. he hit a home series game-winning home run for the yankees against the braves back in 1999. well, now curtis is accused of inappropriately touching two female students at a high school in michigan where he had been volunteering. curtis is free on bail and he's deny anything wrongdoing. jurors in the john edwards trial will deliberate for a sixth day today. edwards faces six felony counts related to illegal campaign contributions. prosecutors say he solicited those contributions to hide an affair that might derail his presidential bid. jurors appeared to be working methodically through those charges. and yesterday they asked to review evidence on two of those six charges. all right. turning to politics and the battle for votes over the key campaign issue of the economy. abc news poll just released shows 65% of voters believe mitt romney would do more to advance the interests of the wealthy. and also believe half of them
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believe romney would do more to help financial institutions and when it comes to the interests of you and your family, president obama and romney are essentially tied. more than half of those polled said the president would do more to help the middle class. one of the nation's oldest newspapers is cutting back. the "new orleans times-picayune" will no longer offer print editions every day. they'll print just three issues a week as part of a new focus of online news. that would make new orleans the biggest city in the countryth without a daily paper. the paper won the pulitzer prize for its coverage of hurricane katrina. since then, the circulation has dropped. facebook's first week as a public company ends today. and who could have expected all that's gone on for it and its investors in just the last seven days. >> facebook shares closed over $33 a share yesterday, up 3%, which means facebook's market value is now just about $15 billion lower than last week. abc's t.j. winick joins the facebook stock uproar. morning, t.j. >> reporter: john and diana, good morning. you can add congress to the list
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of those now looking into whether certain investors had an unfair advantage surrounding facebook's ipo. u.s. regulators continue to investigate if big-time investors at morgan stanley were tipped off about a negative report on facebook's finances, information regular investors didn't get. those regular investors are now suing facebook alleging the social network hid those slowing revenue projections just before the company went public on friday. >> mom and pop investors, pension plans that were buying stock on the ipo didn't have the same information that the big banks' own clients had. >> reporter: who are the big bank clients or qualified investors? someone who has at least $2 million. their banks and advisers spend hundreds of millions on research and the most powerful computers to squeeze every tiny advantage. >> the analogy would be a weekend warrior tennis player thinks, i hit a good shot once in a while. i can go to wimbledon and take a set off roger federer. no, you won't. on wall street, it's the same thing.
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big investors are just getting better information. >> reporter: facebook hasn't commented but just visit the site and you can sense the frustration. the only ones who made millions and billions were the ones who had millions and billions of shares. >> it gives a face to what the 99 suspect about wall street anyway, which is the 1%, the rich guys, get before information. they get it faster and stick it to main street. abc news has learned facebook is in talks with the new york stock exchange to move its stocks from nasdaq after the botched ipo. john and diana. >> t.j., thanks. >> it's interesting that, you know, the new york stock exchange is kind of swooping in to try and take it away from the nasdaq. >> interesting. well put. >> you know. you never know what's happening behind the curtain, and that's something i had no idea was going on. >> this facebook launch has really been interesting. >> we'll see what happens. >> yes, we will. the so-called space x dragon capsule was stoat dock with the international space station in a matter of hours. they show it off in the distance floating just below the station
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yesterday. the capsule is carrying 1,000 pounds of food, clothing and other supplies. mission controllers are thinking positively about the rendezvous. >> certainly from the nasa side, we are excited. >> it is a test flight, and we are being cautiously optimistic. >> the space station crew will have just under a week to unload all of those supplies. the capsule should return to earth next thursday. some powerful winds being blamed after a ferryboat gets stuck in lake michigan. it was shuttling more than 300 cars and dozens of cars when it ran aground on a sand bar. the tug boat got back to the dock four hours later. it was the first crossing of the season. and a look at mother nature's might near pence coal aflorida. this is a waterspout churning under the glow of that rising sun there. it formed yesterday morning with no warning. dancing around for about ten minutes and it dissipated without coming ashore. without rain. that's really amazing. >> that doesn't really happen often.
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here's your friday forecast. heading into memorial day weekend. showers in the pacific northwest. northern rockies and daircts. five more inches of snow around yellowstone park. thunderstorms from peoria to pittsburgh and showers for much of the east coast. >> 90s along the gulf coast. 84 in baltimore. 70 in boston. detroit getting up to -- detroit, 82. chicago, 77. and up to 20 degrees cooler than normal in the northern rockies. a windy 84 in albuquerque and 94 in phoenix. well, there's a saying that goes something like this. kids do the darnedest things. what do you know, we have another example of just that for you this morning. >> yeah, look at all the toddlers dressed up for their dance recital. you can tell a couple of them aren't quite right. while the others are getting on with the routine. these two are clearly more interested in giving each other a hard time. >> giving each other the business. >> thankfully no serious blows were landed but this looks pretty serious. and order was finally restored when adults final lly intervene.
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memories to last a lifetime. >> that is something else. >> or something. >> parents must have been cracking up. >> they were hysterical watching that. >> if you are the parents of the kids behaving themselves you are like, hey, quit it. you'll see when you have a daughter you get all into it. >> it's actually kind of hilarious. >> it's very hilarious if it's not your kid. >> maybe it was a little boy. >> a little jealousy thing? >> yeah why not. you took my boyfriend. you never know. >> somebody stole somebody's, i don't know -- >> lunch box? >> tutu? candy? who is dumbing down on capitol hill. >> and the hidel health dangers that may be lurking in your bathroom shower and can make you terribly sick. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ splish splash i was taking a bath ♪ a rare lung disorder called the shower disease is becoming more prevalent throughout the country. it's often misdiagnosed as pneumonia. >> one california woman had such a bad case that part of her lung had to be removed if you can believe it. kabc's denise reports from los angeles. >> reporter: before she got a lung infection, mary lou says she used to take long showers. but after awhile, she wondered if there was a connection between the showers and problems she was having with coughing and fatigue. >> i truly believe that i got it from a shower head. >> reporter: for weeks she didn't know what it was. after coughing to the point of exhaustion, she went to a specialist. >> he said you may have this really weird thing. >> reporter: the weird thing, a
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nontuberculous myco bacteria, or ntm, also called shower disease. i thought, oh, that's ridiculous. >> well, this is an infection with a certain type of bacteria that's a distant cousin of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. >> reporter: doctors are seeing a spike especially in women around age 50 who are slim, caucasian and otherwise in good health. the disease strikes hard nest people with a weakened immune system or chronic lung problems. dr. yang says ntm is usually harmless to healthy individuals. guess what? all of us are bathed in bacteria every day but not all of it gets into our bodies. but to the shower head, it makes it especially easy for all that potentially harmful bacteria to have a direct route into your respiratory system. >> as the water is coming out, it's an aerosol. >> reporter: to reduce bacteria exposure, experts recommend running very hot water through your pipes for a few minutes and soaking your shower head regularly in a bacteria killing agent and occasionally replacing your shower head.
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but dr. yang says since bacteria is all around us so it's going to be very difficult to avoid. >> yeah, i guess i would caution people not to panic. >> reporter: mary lou's case was extreme. she had to have part of her lung removed. and many patients will have to continue with antibiotics. for mary lou it will likely be for the rest of her life. >> it's hard to enjoy your life when you feel not so hot. >> reporter: although there's much debate about how much of a public health threat ntm is, she's hoping someone will hear her story, get help and become more vigilant about showers, hot tubs, whirlpools and maybe change their routine. denise dedor. >> you know, the hot shower is one of the few places you go in life where you just get in there and you go, nothing but good. >> garden hose showers for me from now on. >> makes you wonder if you need to change your shower head every now and then. >> there's a couple of things you can do to prevent this happening. run really hot water through your pipes a few minutes before you get in.
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number two, soak your shower head with some kind of bacteria killing agent. and number three, get rid of the shower head once in awhile. when is the last time you -- that's not one of the things you tong replace. >> i live in an old house. i don't know how old that is. but i'm still standing. coming up, there's so much criticism launched at capitol hill. >> the latest criticism has nothing to do with politics, though. you're watching "world news now."
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snoelt don't know much about history don't know much biology ♪ >> congress is getting another bad grade. this time bafs study that shows lawmakers don't sound so smart. >> the congressional dialogue is
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even on par with high school students vokaebulary in some cases. abc's sunlin miller shows us why they didn't make the grade. >> reporter: congress may be getting dumber. at least that's the way it sounds. a new study finds that congress has gone from speaking collectively at an 11th grade level to now only a tenth grade level. and for some in congress, it gets even uglier. a mathematical formula calculated final grades for all members based on sentence structure and word choice. here are the worst offenders. from the house, south carolina representative mick mulvaney who only speaks at a seventh grade level and kentucky senator rand paul, he speaks at an eighth grade level. but among the best congressional speakers at what amounts to a 16th grade level, representative dan lunngren from california and from the senate, hawaii's daniel akaka, speaking at a 14th grade level. the difference isn't hard to hear. >> will require them to allocate
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their cases more judiciously. >> do you really ever intend to pay it back? if the answer is yes, my question would be, well when? >> can speaking plainly sometimes be a good thing? by the same standard i'm now communicate with you at a ninth grade level. and some say for congress, this could be useful. with so many complicated issues, it's easiest to brick it all down into concise words. and new members of congress may be paying attention. the study shows the sharp decline started with the flood of new members coming to congress in 2010. drutman conducted the nonpartisan study. he suggests they are dumbing it down for a reason. >> a lot of younger members want to speak more directly to their constituents. speaking plainly, speaking directly is more of a populist approach. >> reporter: whatever the approach, the grades appear keep falling. sunlin miller, abc news, capitol hill. >> you always want the people running the country to be smarter than you are. but at the same time, how many times have you heard them up
2:52 am
there talking whatever they are talking about and you are sitting there going, can you repeat it in english now? >> i guess it's not much trouble for congress. hey, check it out. you can trust that guy. vote for him. >> oh, yeah.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all right. a new study on men and their behavior, maybe not so surprising. slightly embarrassing. don't shoot the messenger. this comes courtesy of the university of texas at austin. when it comes to finding a mate, men may not be looking for charm and intelligence. in fact, they'd prefer a woman who looks dumb or drunk. enough for a one night stand. this is according to the survey. easy prey, in other words. they did studies and the men when they are looking for something easy, they want a woman who appears vulnerable. but, you know in defense of men it does say they rejected the silly looking and drunk women as
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potential wives or gives to. so they redeemed themselves on that part. no comment from me. >> basically, if they look drunk, if they look tired if they look like they don't know where they are, then those are the girls that men are going for. >> for that quickie. >> for the quickie fling. sure. why not. >> shameful, but yes. all right. and now our tradition. friday polka. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's the "world news now" polka.
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this morning on "world news now" -- bombshell confession. a major break exactly 33 years after the disappearance of etan patz here in new york. >> and it's coming from a man who claims he killed the little boy after luring him away from his bus stop. it's friday, may 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez. paula faris is on assignment. >> i'm john muller in for rob nelson. the latest on the etan patz investigation coming up. then the busy memorial day travel weekend is upon us. some are going to get an unexpected break. >> also this morning, staying
3:01 am
celibate until marriage. we'll hear from the olympic hopeful who is almost 30 years old and still a virgin. her views on sex are not that unusual. and later this half hour, two big movies this holiday weekend from will smith's latest "men in black" to the impressive cast in "moonrise kingdom." the reviews in insomniac theater. first the flaeft the case of 6-year-old etan patz who vanished on his way to the school bus 33 years ago today. >> after decades of false starts, new york police say they may finally have their man. jeff beguise has the story. >> reporter: this photo was identified as pedro hernandez. he has confessed, describing in detail what he did, when he did it and how. >> etan was waiting for the school bus. apparently mr. hernandez made a
3:02 am
promise of a soda to etan and led him down the stairs into the basement where he was choked. >> reporter: the stunning revelation caps an investigation that for decades has gripped the city and the nypd. numerous potential suspects have been interviewed and cleared. potential leads discounted. but in the last couple of months, as renewed hope led to frustration, investigators received the tip that changed everything. over the years, police say hernandez had been talking to friends and a family member. and that led to the tip that eventually took police to hernandez's home in new jersey. he confessed, according to investigators, to killing the little boy in the basement of this building. he confessed, according to investigators, to putting the remains in a plastic bag and then placing that bag in the trash. police say it is unlikely they'll ever recover etan patz remains. and they say they are still trying to determine what
3:03 am
motivated hernandez to target the 6-year-old. pedro hernandez was on investigators' radar 33 years ago. according to police, they knew that he worked as a store clerk as a 19-year-old in that convenience store. but they never questioned him. jeff beguise, abc news, new york. >> you just hope that really there is some closure coming because there's been so many ups and downs with this one. >> and that family. they stayed in the same home. they never changed their telephone number hoping etan would find his way back home. that makes this story even sadder. and the brother-in-law of the suspect here, he actually spoke to a television crew and he told them if he could say one thing to pedro it would be why didn't you do this any sooner so the family could have closure even sooner. >> another sad thing, it really struck me according to the confession, the little boy, etan, made it to the bus stop. all along we think he didn't quite make it to the bus stop. he made it there and then was lured away. just so, so sad.
3:04 am
>> by a soda. that makes this tougher to comprehend. it was something that every child wants. every child is always asking for. and he knew that. >> he knew that. and nobody else saw it. strange. >> it is strange. now to a stun regversal for a south california high school football player who was wrongly convicted. brian banks sobbed as he was cleared of crimes for which he spent five years in jail when he was 16 years old this happened. a childhood friend accused him of attacking her. he pleaded no contest rather than risk a conviction and decades in jail. his accuser contacted him recently and banks secretly recorded her admitting she lied. >> there's been an extraordinary request in the trial of george zimmerman accused of killing trayvon martin. prosecutors and defense lawyers want some evidence to be kept private until the trial. included are the names and addresses of witnesses, zimmerman's text messages, e-mail and journal entries and martin's cell phone records. florida law normally requires they be part of the public record. turning to politics and the
3:05 am
battle for votes over the key campaign issue, the economy. an abc news poll just released shows 65% of voters believe mitt romney would do more to advance the interests of the wealthy and more than half believe romney would do more to help financial institutions. when it comes to the interests of you and your family, president obama and romney are essentially tied. but more than half of those polled say the president would do more to help the middle class. another campaign issue has been what to do about student loans. and before the senate went on memorial day recess, it decided to do nothing about them. two mostly party line votes yesterday defeated democratic and republican-backed plans. they would have averted a doubling of interest rates on federal college loans for millions of students. a deal, though, must be struck by july. the key issue is how to pay for all of this. an estimated 30 million americans are going to travel this weekend over the busy memorial day holiday. >> the number of people traveling by car is up a little more than 1% from last year. but airline travel is down more
3:06 am
than 5% due to higher fares. >> but travelers will get a break on car raentales horks telerooms and fuel. abc's karen travers picks up the story from here. >> reporter: good morning, john. good morning, diana. remember all those predictions of $5 gas? well, it looks like that's not going to happen. and that's very good news for travelers as we head into summer. summer officially kicks off this weekend and americans are hitting the road for some fun in the sun. aaa expects that nearly 35 million americans will travel 50 miles from home for the memorial day weekend. that's a 1.2% increase over last year. >> we're seeing summer travel trends picking up. >> reporte but it was just a few weeks ago that experts were predicting five, even $6 gas. >> gas prices have gone up every single day for almost a month. 28 in a row. >> reporter: good news for drivers. it turns out those forecasts may have been too aggressive. as gas prices have steadily dropped in recent weeks. in early april, the national
3:07 am
average for a gallon was hovering around $4. it's now down about a quarter. so what happened to those dire predictions? this week, the price of a barrel of oil hit a seven-month low. analysts point to a dip in demand for gas here in the u.s., along with several big global factors, as the reason for the price drop. >> tensions with iran have lessened. that was one of the things pushing oil and gas price ups. the global economy has certainly slowed down. >> reporter: analysts say that we've likely seen the peak of gas prices. >> it's almost like a form of stimulus or a little tax cut that people are getting going into the spring and summer driving season. >> reporter: nine out of ten americans are expected to travel this weekend by car. and the trips will be a little easier on their wallets. >> i'm happy with $3.50 as it was 3.69 last week. $3.79 the week before that. experts expect these prices will hold steady over the summer. and that means many more happy travelers. john and diana? >> all right, karen. thank you. it brings us to the facebook
3:08 am
question of the day. your taking a memorial day trip this year. and are you spending more on travel travel than last year? let us know at >> the price of gas really does affect your decisions. we're going away because of the price of gas. >> no kidding. >> and also the tunnels and tolls. i mean, every city has them. these highway tolls. they add up. you get the ez pass and sort of forget until the credit card bill comes around and you say whoa. >> we said it going into karen's package. a lot of people don't want to fly anymore because it costs so much to fly. >> if it's only a three-day weekend, it's kind of a hassle deal with the whole airport security thing. >> pack the car up and go. >> or stay home and do the stay vacation. that's what i'm doing. hurricane bud has strengthened into a category 3 storm and making it the earliest major hurricane on the record in he eastern pacific. bud is whipping up 115-mile-an-hour winds as it inches closer to beach resorts along mexico's southwestern
3:09 am
coast. but it's expected to weaken before making landfall tonight. the atlantic hurricane season is also getting off to an early start. tropical storm burl could form this weekend. >> here's your forecast. heavy rain in florida. showers from the carolinas to new york. thunderstorms around pittsburgh, cincinnati, louisville and indianapolis. snow showers the dakotas, northern rockies and pacific northwest. more snow near yellowstone park. >> expect 90s from texas to florida. upper 70s around the great lakes. 94 in phoenix. and 75 in salt lake city. here's a morning special delivery, literally. meet lily goldsboro of provo, utah. she was born on monday. check her out. >> she was born in a hurry. in such a hurry, that there wasn't even time to get to the car. her granmother had to catch her so she wouldn't fall to the ground. >> man, oh, man. >> lily was 7 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches long. baby, mom and grandma are all
3:10 am
doing fine. >> oh, no. >> as a man i'm going to ask you this. as a woman is that like a dream delivery or -- not the stress, but, i mean, i would imagine, how much pain could you be in if it was that easy of a delivery. >> she said the contractions started and i think it was within an hour the baby was already born. and, quite frankly, the same way it's a dream to say, you know, the women that don't know they are pregnant until they push the baby out is like a dream come true. that could be a dream come true but both are horrifying experience to even think about. >> i would imagine. >> you are standing and, oh, 32 goes my baby. >> that would be -- >> i don't see that happening and being good. >> it's tough being a woman. the big movies competing for audiences this memorial day. >> and the olympic hope whofl is saying no to sex until she's married. her views on virginity at age 29. you're watching "world news now." [ degeneres ] what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls.
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♪ it's friday, friday got to get down on friday ♪ did they have to do that? now we're going to have it in our head all day. >> no way to get it out. >> all right. time for the friday tradition and a look back at the week that was from facebook founder's wedding to the facebook stock debacle. >> things are heating up with political attack ads. and one of the most regarded mayors is calling for an end to those attacks. here's our friday rewind. >> to me mitt romney takes from the poor and the middle class and gives to the rich. he's just the opposite of robin hood. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. >> this individual was not convicted of a hate crime. i do not believe he hated tyler clementi. he had no reason to. but i do believe he acted atins.
3:16 am
>> mr. ravi did these criminal acts because he saw my son as not deserving basic human decency and respect. >> my 20-year-old son already has too much burden on his shoulder to face for the rest of his life. >> mr. president, i am bringing to you and to the people of the united states the gratitude of the afghan people. >> the people are sick of war. we want money for education, for housing, for jobs. >> there's a new energy here, and people are excited about what rebuilding can mean. >> there are issues that we need to at specifically with respect to facebook. >> i ended up selling my shares at an 11% loss. >> on the heels of the second largest ipo in american history, the ceo gets married. >> if mark zuckerberg did not sign a prenup, he needs to see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer. >> honestly, it was one of those days where you feel very elated. also completely terrified, i have to be honest. the prospect of 2 billion people watching was quite daunting.
3:17 am
>> i'm just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life. there will never be another one, ever. >> donald and peta! >> do you feel you helped your father win this trophy? >> yes, like encouraging him and telling him that he can do it. he can win. >> are those kids not adorable? >> absolutely. donald driver worked hard. he made it. he beat my guy. that's okay. >> i know. you really have a crush on that man. how about that man? >> there we go. >> i like that mirror ball trophy, though. i told you. if we got out of there, we would have beat everybody. >> next time. >> next season. let's talk about a few more things coming up this weekend. summer redneck names tagames ta place in georgia. >> pig wrestling. >> spitting the watermelon
3:18 am
seeds. >> apple bobbing. >> what else? >> vice president biden is going to deliver the commencement speech at west point, which is also very exciting. >> very nice. >> game seven of the nba playoffs. boston and 76ers going at it on game seven on saturday. >> and coming up -- saying no to sex until marriage. >> the surprising views on virginity and who is sharing them with a talented athlete. we're going to tell you about it on "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪ it's the perfect song coming in every single time. well, here now to a personal decision of a world class athlete hurdler, lori lolo jones, a decision she calls even more difficult than training for the olympics.
3:20 am
>> apparently jones has decided to remain a virgin and she let the world know on twitter. "world news now" anchor paula faris has more. >> reporter: she's an olympic sized catch. stunning, sporty and a 29-year-old virgin. >> i want to wait until i'm married to have sex. >> reporter: jones, a devout christian, explains her reasoning in a recent interview with hbo's "real sports." my mom was with my dad for 20 years and never got married and they're not together anymore. so i want to have that solid bond. it's just something -- a gift i want to give to my husband. >> reporter: she's been training six hours a day six days a week for the past 12 years. part of it captured in this recent espn documentary. >> as i approach the hurdle, my body has to be forward. my chin low, arms tight. >> reporter: but her biggest hurd cell fighting the sexual temptation. calling it the toughest thing she's ever done. how lolo could some of her callers go, go. >> they are like you know if you have sex it will help you run faster. if you marry me, then, yeah.
3:21 am
>> she's well known. she's an athlete in great shape. she looks great. so you -- one would think she could have the social life of whatever she wants. >> reporter: jones isn't the only abstinence addict athlete. the most famous is footballer tim tebow. other celebs include tina fey and carrie underwood who both say they saved themselves for their husbands. >> look at that reaction from lolo jones. >> reporter: sexy, single and celibate. jones is currently training for the 2012 london olympics. and jokes that hollywood may be her next relationship. >> i say if they are making a sequel to "the 30-year-old virgin" i am their candidate. >> he's a virgin. >> you guys are hilarious. >> i would love to. i'm a little auk worried like steve carell. i could definitely play that role. >> paula faris, abc news, new york. >> wow, to each his own. and -- >> it's a choice. >> she said it was more difficult than training for the olympics and training for the olympics is not easy at all. so good for her. >> i guess. but do you want to announce it
3:22 am
to the world or is it just a personal decision and you let it go at that? >> i don't know. >> she said she has tried dating sites but wait toer is also where she gets her date. so twitter has been it for her. >> i guess you know what you're in for now.
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time out. sweet. [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft,
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you can get that cushiony feeling while still using less. designed with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent and you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. ♪ time now once again for a holiday welcome edition of "insomniac theater" which brings a brand new chapter of will smith's "men in black." >> and another film with big expectations is wes anderson's "moonrise kingdom" about young love in the 1960s with quite an impressive cast. diana has more on this. >> this is quite the cutest little tale that you're going to see in the movie theaters these days. it's about two 12-year-olds who fall in love. this is, like you said, based back in the 1960s in a little island off the coast of new england. and these two young children decide they are so in love they want to run away so they go off to an inlet. and it essentially turns their
3:26 am
tiny little town upside down as they start looking for them. turns out that isn't so much a bad thing because it brings everybody together. but in a lot of ways, it's a tale about growing up, falling in love and in a lot of ways, the two children act more -- much older than their age. and this is star-studded. we're talking about bruce willis, bill murray, edward norton. the list goes on and on. here's a clip. >> scout master, i presume? >> yes. >> your reputation precedes you. you two are the most appall league incompetent custodial guardians social service has ever had the misfort town encounter in a 27-year career. what do you have to say for yourself? >> you can't do this. they'll eat him alive in there. >> where? >> what's the name of the place again? >> juvenile refuge. >> juvenile refuge. >> and there is proof yf the "chicago tribune" is calling this an engaging and dead pan fun movie. 97% favorable rating on rotten
3:27 am
tomatoes. it's a great, great movie. you've got to go see it. >> they make a good duo. i love this franchise. "men in black 3" is back in the theaters. tell you a little bit about it. will smith and tommy lee jones are back. and essential ly the fate of th plan planet. they discuss secrets to the universe that kay never told them. he teams up with a young kay played by josh brolin. look like he's going to be awesome in this part. essentially they save the future of humankind. >> oh, man, this coffee tastes like dirt. whanget did you expect? >> ground this morning. >> oh? i call ladies o. to me, o is fem min. k is masculine. and i see a couple. i'm like, okay. "washington times" says it's
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- 33 years after the disappearance of etan patz here in new york, a potential break in the case. >> etan's disappearance sent shock waves across the nation a generation ago. now police hope to solve a case that's been cold for so long. it's friday, may 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm john muller. >> and i'm diana perez. rob and paula will be back on monday. we'll get to the confession in the etan patz case in just a moment. and as memorial day weekend approaches, there are two major tropical disturbances to keep an eye on. one of them is a category 3
3:31 am
hurricane. >> already. and as americans head to their backyards for holiday weekend parties, here's something you don't see every day. listen to this. a herd of cows from who knows where break down the fence and start drinking the beer. >> i can't wait to see that story. later on this half hour, the newly crowned "american idol" is sharing a painful secret about his health. we'll explain his condition and why it might be surprising to fans. that's later on in "the skinny." first, it was the case that changed the way we responded to missing children. etan patz vanished on his way to the school bus 33 years ago today. >> on this sad anniversary, an arrest that might finally give his family some answers. abc's scott goldberg has the very latest. >> reporter: for three decades, the picture of a smiling boy named etan patz has haunted new york city, helped focus on the issue of missing children and frustrated police, until now. >> we believe this is the individual responsible for the crime. >> reporter: nypd commissioner
3:32 am
ray kelly announced a stunning development, the arrest of 51-year-old pedro hernandez who kelly said confessed to luring etan into a corner store near the 6-year-old's bus stop by offering him a soda. >> he then led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there, and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> reporter: hernandez was a clerk at that store in 1979. that morning etan vanished was the first morning his parents let him walk to the bus by himself. police say they found out about hernandez after a reopened the case last month and went digging through a basement down the block from where etan lived. they didn't find any evidence, but it prompted a relative to call and say hernandez had hinted he had something to do with the disappearance. that led investigators to southern new jersey where they found hernandez living in an apartment with his wife and daughter and they took him into custody. >> it's hard to believe he would do something like that. i don't think he did it.
3:33 am
>> it's really awful, you know, to even think about. that he did something like that. i don't know what to think really. >> reporter: police say they've told etan's parents about all of these developments. parents who never moved from the home they shared with him, hoping their little boy would one day find his way back. and today, john and diana, is the 33rd anniversary of etan's disappearance. >> thank you, scott. >> let's hope we finally have some closure. you never know. i was watching abc's legal analyst dan abrams earlier. he was saying, you know, you can confess to the police and then turn around and get in court and say i'm pleading not guilty and that was, you know, i made that up, so nothing is a done deal here. and it's been so long that there's really no physical evidence right now. >> they have everything that they need, you would think. they have a written confession, a video confession and even want to give him a lie detector test. even though that isn't
3:34 am
admissible in court, i think they just want to cover everything just in case that does happen and he does turn around and say this was a mistake and i didn't do it. >> hopefully a final chapter here. i was struck by this story. etan made it to the bus stop. everybody assumed he never made it. according to this confession, he made it to the bus stop but got lured away. >> that's awful. >> so sad. now to another case of justice long denied. a young man convicted of rape when he was just 16 has been exonerated. brian banks was a high school football star when a classmate accused him of rape. instead of risking a he said/she said conviction and decades in jail, he pleaded no contest and served five years in prison. when his accuser contacted him recently, banks recorded her admitting that she had lied. in north carolina, jurors will deliberate for a sixth day today in the trial of john edwards. yesterday they asked to re-examine 20 pieces of evidence, including edwards' interview with abc's bob woodruff and documents related
3:35 am
to donations from a wealthy texas lawyer. legal scholars are divided on whether edwards did violate campaign finance rules to hide his affair with rielle hunter. it looks like the political fight over student loans is going to go down to the wire. the senate couldn't do anything about it yesterday defeating democratic and republican-backed plans that would have averted a doubling of interest rates on federal college loans for millions of students. senators have until july 1st to strike a deal on how to pay for continuing those lower interest rates. across the potomac river from washington at arlington national cemetery, a reminder of why we actually have memorial day weekend. soldiers from the army's 3rd infantry regiment placing a small american flag at every grave marker yesterday. that's more than 220,000 in all. they will be removed after memorial day. it's a tradition that's been taking place since 1948. an estimated 30 million americans will spend the holiday weekend traveling. the number of people traveling by car is up a little more than 1% from last year. but airline travel is down more than 5% due to higher fares.
3:36 am
still, aaa says travelers will get a break on car rentals, hotel rooms and fuel as gas prices continue a downward trend. hurricane bud picking up steam as it closes in on southwestern mexico. bud is now the earliest major hurricane on record in the eastern pacific. a category 3 storm with 115-mile-an-hour winds. there's also lots of action in the atlantic ocean. abc's sam champion has more on that and what's in store for the coming months. >> reporter: the atlantic hurricane season is supposed to begin june 1st. but tropical storm alberto jumped the gun last week churning up the waters off south carolina. and now a tropical disturbance could turn into tropical storm burl over the weekend. two named atlantic storms haven't happened this early in 104 years. add in hurricane bud on the west coast of mexico, and we're seeing something completely new. >> this is the first time in recorded history that we had a preseason named storm in both the atlantic and eastern pacific basins.
3:37 am
>> reporter: despite all this early activity, noaa predicting a nearly normal hurricane season with 9 to 15 named storms, including as many as 8 that could grow into hurricanes. three are predicted to be major with winds over 111 miles per hour. but predictions only mean so much. last year was the sixth year in a row without a major category 3 hurricane hitting land in the u.s., but it was still a very active season. in fact, there were 19 named storms last year. the third highest on record. category 1 hurricane irene caused nearly $16 billion in damage last year along the east coast. there's a 40% chance this storm will become a tropical storm in the next 48 hours. but whatever its form, most of the forecast models keep it near the southeast coast for the majority of the holiday weekend. sam champion, abc news, new york. here's your friday forecast as we head into the holiday weekend. downpours from orlando to miami.
3:38 am
what else is new? showers from charleston, south carolina, to new york. thunderstorms in the ohio valley. showers from omaha to boise and portland, and another windy day in the southwest. >> 90 in albuquerque. 72 in sacramento. and just 47 in billings. a beautiful warm day around the great lakes before turning stormy over the weekend. 78 here in new york. and 89 in atlanta. not to alarm anyone just ahead of the memorial day beach trip, but the next story serves as a reminder that we share the ocean with some big, mean, hungry animals. >> including this 18-foot great white shark encountered by some fishermen 20 yards off of the most popular beach in australia. it was attracted by some bait that had been tied to the back of the boat. check it out. >> not only did this great white devour the bait, it took a bite of the boat several times before it disappeared into the deep. >> how unlucky is that shark? >> it's eating another shark right here. >> so the little shark gets
3:39 am
caught by fishermen, tied to the back. probably going to haul it to the shore and this great white says, no, i think i need dinner right now. >> fascinating video. looks just like "jaws" the movie. >> and then he took bites out of their boat. what do you do? do you jump in the water? do you panic? we need a bigger boat. >> they are pros. i would imagine they were probably smiling and recording the whole thing. maybe they were running down below deck in fetal position. but they probably loved it. coming up -- surprising comments from the queen and from britain's prince william. >> later on, party crashers from the pasture. who knew that cows enjoyed beer this much. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer wet jet. doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm going to... drink this... on the porch!
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♪ we are fast approaching the diamond jubilee of queen elizabeth. beginning next weekend, she will mark 60 years on the throne. >> amazing. grand celebrations planned throughout great britain, and abc's katie couric sat down with prince william as the royal family prepares to celebrate. >> reporter: seeing the queen at 86, it's hard to remember how young she was when her reign began in 1952. in fact, he may be the only person who can truly relate to what it was like for the queen to take the throne in her 20s. >> it seems as if it would have been so overwhelming. i guess you are pleased you have a lot more prep time. >> yeah, definitely. i've got a lot more practice now under my belt because of it. at the time, she was a woman in a man's world, but she's, you know, done it brilliantly. i still think she's just my grandmother. when i was younger, my parents
3:44 am
would sort of slap my hand if i was picking my nose or running around screaming i'd be told to shut up. i understood when i was around her i needed to be a little more low key and polite. >> reporter: that's not to say the queen isn't understanding and open minded. take the little matter of planning a small, intimate wedding at westminster abbey last year. >> i was given a list in the first meeting of 777 names and not one of them i knew. i wasn't happy about it. so i rang her for a bit of moral support and a bit of backup. and she said, they're ridiculous. get rid of the list and start from your friends. >> reporter: prince william's marriage to a commoner catherine middleton was dubbed a modern day fairy tale. now the duchess of cambridge can take notes from someone who knows a little something about how to be incredibly public while remaining intensely private. >> the queen, your grandmother, has never done what we're doing now. she has never sat down for an interview with a journalist.
3:45 am
why do you think that's the case? >> because you ask lots of questions. >> all right. we've got a promo. you can catch katie's full interview with prince william, prince harry and the royal family next tuesday. a two-hour special edition of "20/20: the jubilee queen" with katie couric at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. that should be quite entertaining. >> i want to say a rare look inside the royal family, but we've caught some glimpses. especially lately. >> lately. obviously, the wedding thrust them in the world's consciousness, but also prince charles doing the weather and -- what was -- >> deejaying. >> he was deejaying. right. exactly. >> i think they are loosening up. i think they realize that being well liked around the world, and they are well liked anyway, kind of really helps them out as a family. >> i think so, too. >> and we just love them. >> they are getting warmer and fuzzier. and then pippa is making news. infamy. >> where is she moving to now?
3:46 am
is it france or the u.s.? >> she's hot. i'll say that. >> everybody thinks so. britney spears drives somebody off the stage. >> and what a pain for an "american idol" winner. that's all coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all righty. welcome back, everybody. time now for "the skinny." britney spears has been in the headlines a lot lately. just in the headlines again because she decided she was going to host "the x factor" the next season. now she's in the headlines once again because she apparently decided she was so unhappy with the performance of one of the contestants, she walked off the stage. she was sitting in her judge's chair and decided to get up. now this is coming from people who were in the audience. four contestants had to audition in front of the judges and an empty seat because she didn't come back right away. she was that upset. this contestant, according to the audience member, butchered her song "hold it against me" and she just couldn't take it. so she walked off. but someone connected to britney
3:49 am
says she was just taking a short break and didn't really leave because of the performance, but i don't know. >> that's kind of nice being able to get up and leave your seat. if somebody writes some bad copy i can just get up and walk off the set. i don't think that's going to fly. >> if your britney spears maybe. we don't have video because "the x factor's" next season starts in the fall. phil phillips the "american idol" winner from this year. he's been through a lot. everybody knows that. it's a grueling, grueling competition. every week he's preparing for it. lots of stress. lots of pressure. we're finding out now that not only was he dealing with that, he was dealing with a serious health issue. he has some problems. we found out earlier in the season he made an emergency visit to the doctor for kidney stones, and he's been unable to pass them. so all this time he's been dealing with it. he's going to need surgery. reconstructive surgery on his kidney. he has a stint in them. according to his family, he's in good shape, but it's painful. he's very famous for making these funny faces when he sings and you wonder if some of them may not be grimaces. i don't know if that's definitely the case. but according to his dad, he's in some pain and he trucked
3:50 am
through it. >> i can't relate because i've never been but just imagine having to stand up there. and then he won on top of everything else. it makes the win, the victory even sweeter. >> and singing with soul when you have kidney stones and a stint in you. good for him. tough guy. on to "the jersey shore." it is back to haunt us one more time. snooki signed a contract with a company called srg ventures because she said she was led to believe she could make $100 million by letting this company sell products in her name. well, so far she's only made $250,000 instead of the $100 million she was promised so she's taking them to court. srg ventures, meanwhile, has filed their own counterclaim for $7 million claiming that these are for damages, by the way, claiming they have been unable to get any licensing deals with family friendly companies like target and disney because this woman is constantly in a drunken state.
3:51 am
>> family friendly business with snooki as your spokesperson? >> i don't see target picking up anything snooki anytime soon. this is an interesting one. john mayer, the singer, trying a little barry white action on a woman friend. apparently he told this to jimmy fallon. you know that -- they call it mommy porn, that book "50 shades of grey." he's decided he's going to try to woo this woman. this is in his own words. he decided to sing a page from the book. >> what? >> he picked a random page from "50 shades of grey," sang it to music and apparently the reaction from the woman was laughter. >> oh, i can imagine. >> she fell on the floor and laughed. >> you are opposed to even looking at it. i picked it up and read one page, and the page that i read is so dirty -- >> really? >> -- i can't even imagine reading it out loud to my own husband. >> i never said i was opposed. odyssey. odyssey. show me later. >> oh, my gosh. anyway, coming up from the
3:52 am
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wake up. >> hey, insomniacs, you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ the song is putting me in the mood for memorial day. now our favorite story of the day. >> there we go. nice. >> we've never seen anything quite like this. a group of roving cows cashing in on a backyard -- crashing this backyard. it was a party in massachusetts. listen to what happened. >> after they chased off the guests, these cows pigged out on all of the leftover beer. wcvb's janet wu gets to the meat
3:56 am
of this story. >> you guys having a good time tonight? >> reporter: that was the aftermath. this was the party. five young steers wandered into kevin spencer's yard sunday night. his daughter and her friends were having a college reunion playing beer pong in the backyard. >> she came in and said, dad, there's some cows in the backyard. i said, no, stop the drinking game. i said this -- she said, seriously. >> reporter: sure enough. >> there were five cows knocking the glasses over, drinking the beer, going through the recycling bin. it was very comical. when they were all through drinking, they just wanted to take off. >> reporter: where did they come from? a mile down the road from the rock maple farm. these bottom fed steers aren't afraid of people and love adventure. >> typical teenagers? >> yeah, yeah, exactly. looking to have fun somewhere else. >> one of them is trying to get my hat in my back pocket. >> reporter: perkins lives across the street and helped dan's father chase down the cows after their booze fest at the spencers, and finally got them home sunday night.
3:57 am
>> dan just told me the cow is about a year old. so they were definitely underage. >> reporter: this wasn't their first escape. they are from his brother's dairy farm but are here for the summer to graze. and they are curious about everything. even locked gates can't keep them in. meanwhile, the spencers are still cleaning up after their guests. >> there's a few presents left over. i keened up most of them. >> wipe you out of beer? >> yes, oh, yeah. they finished up quite well. i'm sure they rested very easily. it was cows night out. >> reporter: their wandering days aren't over. they escaped. they managed to find four of them. the other two wandered home on their own. the good news is they like to stick together. >> cows gone wild. >> having a good time, weren't they? >> here's the thing. these cows are between 600 and 1,000 pounds. what do you do? >> i think it would take a keg to get them buzzed. >> what do you do? >> you let them drink. there we go. >> i look weird in that picture. that's -- >> you look good. >> what's with my forehead? i don't mind the beer but what's with the forehead in the picture? >> i thought it looked good. >> well, thank you.
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. 
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