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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. >> lisa baden is standing by to help us with our commute. we start with adam. it is heating up but there. >> it is. debitors are on the rise. 90 degrees tomorrow. -- temperatures are on the rise. 90 degrees tomorrow. right now rather mild. 71 in arlington. in the upper 60's in northern virginia. leesburg 68. fredericksburg, 69 years of montgomery village 69 b. -- 69. fog early that will burn off later. looking ahead and human into the weekend. >> ok. it feels pretty good on the highway. 270, i 70 no worries to report. good on the telescreen way and the dulles toll road over the
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american legion bridge. travel times are looking good in and out of baltimore along 95 n 295 coming up of southern maryland. we take you to the toll booth across the bay bridge. that looks like it is moving at speed. more to come on the traffic side. but get back to the news tao. >> thank you. an elderly man burned after a fire that started in his apartment. fire officials say it started in the kitchen. the 91-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is still unknown. fairfax county police are investigating a stabbing in shooting in chantilly. this was on lee jackson highway. a shooting victim was driven to the county courthouse before an anonymous 911 call was made. paramedics took him to the hospital. the stabbing victim arrived at a different hospital. not clear what led to the
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incidents. police are not sure if the suspects were fighting. the d.c. community will have chances to say goodbye to the godfather of go-go. >> john gonzales drives as with the arrangements. >> good morning. the mayor's office and the family of chuck brown have finalized the memorial plans for next week for the late go-go star. those memorial plans include the newly refurbished theatre here in northwest d.c., appropriately enough where brown was a regular. he scheduled a performance here for next month. pretty much all day on may 29, there will be a public viewing here at the howard theater from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. then that thursday, may 31 there will be a public memorial service just on the street at
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the convention center from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. there will be road closures and thousands of people are expected to come out on both days to pay their respects. the city is strongly encouraging public transportation. this man, known as the godfather of go-go passed away at the age of 75 after being hospitalized for pneumonia. he was still active in his late years. forced to cancel several shows earlier this year due to his bed health. he received a grammy nomination two years ago. a section of seventh street next to the howard theatre was renamed and chuck brown way back in 2009. the family of chuck brown is asking the public to donate to the chuck brown foundation. reporting live outside of the howard theatre, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. the mother of a murder suspect
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sikhs foreclosure. christy littleford is convicted with the death of natasha pettigrew. >> as a mom loves her child, i could not fathom that she suffered some any injuries -- so many injuries and there was nothing i could do to take away the pain. >> natasha pettigrew a green party senate candidates. she was riding her bicycle when she was struck by christy littleford's sub. -- suv. she said she thought she hit a deer. littleford faces up to 10 years. >> marion barry apologize for making contreras to comments about the asian-american community. >> italians came here. italians came here. polacks came here. >> his loose lips offended some
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polish americans. many say the term is offensive. he should have known better than to use that term. barry has not apologized for these comments, but he did say he meant to just say poles. >> still ahead -- >> enough to watch everywhere. >> cameras are coming to the --. -- the area. >> take it easy on the roads. lisa baden another check on the morning commute. it will
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>> i am with the united states army drill team. good morning, washington. >> good morning. it might seem a bit early right now but hundreds are gearing up to hit the road this holiday weekend. more people are driving to their destination to kick off memorial day. jummy olabanji joins us from the bay bridge with aaa spokesman. good morning fixing good morning. anderson is joining us. -- >> good morning. anderson is joining us. what do people need to know about memorial day travel? >> the bridge is always an issue when we get to the holiday weekend. we are projecting about 875,000 washington people heading out of town and about nine out of 10 of them will be on the road. of course, when you are talking
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temperatures in the '90s, hot hazy humid afternoon thundershowers, it sounds like july. this is memorial day. people will be thinking about you know, the mountains and the ocean and probably in larger numbers than we were projecting because gas prices have continued to fall into new this weather would happen? i think when people hear the weather forecast and realize that gas prices are down, a lot of people will head out. >> just a quick question be. i know that a lot of people left yesterday. electric meeting today. when is the best time to head out of town? -- a lot are leaving today. when is the best time to head out of town? >> the sooner the better. the later it gets today, the more credit it will be. by 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m., it will be jammed up pretty tight.
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10 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. the later you get the worse it will be. later tonight would be a good alternative or early tomorrow morning. >> great. thank you so much. if you are planning to get out of town, leave as soon as possible. back to you. >> all right. good information. thank you. we know where more than two dozen cameras will go up in the district. 27 cameras will join the others across the city. those cameras bring in about $55 million per year for d.c. the sites were determined by the number of our injuries and crashes in the locations. for a map of the speed cameras locations, go to >> time for us to check traffic and weather, as we do every 10 minutes. >> it is looking pretty nice out there as people had to the
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beach. >> here is a live weatherbug camera or that overlooks the bay bridge from the eastern shore. traffic is moving smoothly. this is our live camera. here is the boardwalk with the fog. it looks like milk. the fog has taken up a little bit over the past 45 minutes. here is your beach forecast. over the weekend on the eastern shore, a lot of sunshine. highs in the 70's. they're the outer bay upper 70's. cloud cover in the chance of a few thunderstorms. we will see some storms in eastern north carolina and the other base on saturday and sunday. water temperatures, jersey shore, 65. ocean city, 67. 70's 4 water temperatures. here is the forecast locally. 72 in washington. mid- 80's today. warm and humid. flake the thundershower, 20%
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chance. that will be west of the blue bridge. we have a chance of it thundershower on memorial day itself. do not let that takes you inside. keep an extra eye and ear to the skies. if you hear the thunder, coincide. -- go inside. >> loving that. you are the man of the hour. it does not traffic right now. it is very quiet out there on the highway. we are not surprised, either. across the american legion bridge. good in virginia on 66. nothing complicated to report on this 95. leiter than average. traffic going away from us is heading from the channel 7 logo -- northbound. it looks like it is heavier northbound but everything is open. if you take mass transit metrorail are on normal service. >> we love your outfit.
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>> sure do. >> we have 69 degrees. >> coming up, anybody looking for a house has good news now. why the time to buy maybe now. >> our children's safety and well-being is implanted -- >> parents outraged about a community ambush. neighbors were not even notified about walmart. >> is school uses the trayvon martin case as sfx: sounds ofof marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheeeering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. whicis actually quite fitting because geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with adam caskey -- cynne simpson and steve chenevey. >> welcome back. abc elementary school has declared today -- htc elementary school has declared today
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trayvon martin day. the principal, j. harrison, jain says life. great to have to tell us about this today. >> the seminar is our purpose of reaching out to parents to bring them in. let us keep our children safe seminar. we as saying we need to some better messages. the message to the descent, if someone hits you coming hit them back, that does more harm. >> what do you hope that takeaway will be for students, parents, and others? >> i think we take my hope is that the takeaway will be that we -- i hope is that the takeaway will be we stop some of the violence. it is all to relative to our children. the children at malcolm s.x note trayvon martin and they know the
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incident because of what they experience every day. we hope we will send a message that we want to stop the bleeding -- bullying and bring a happy spirit to the school. >> before we leave, any more details about the day? >> the program starts at 9:00 a.m. every adult that enters will get an arizona iced tea and all of our students will carry home a bag of scandals. we invite the community -- bag of skittles. we invite the community. >> thank you. >> it could be a sign that the economy is on the mend as mortgage rates hit a new low. >> good morning. fueling up before the holiday dry. gas prices have dipped below april's highs. the gap is widening. west coast states could average
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$4.50 this week and wall and the south, they could go below $3. americans overwhelmingly say mitt romney would do more as president. when it comes to your family, he and the president run even. good news for house hunters. the average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage has hit 3.78% the lowest in 40 years. there is an epic box office battle this weekend. this film will send "the avengers" to the 4th spot. >> a lot of good movies. people will probably be outside. >> that said, adam caskey joins us with a look at the forecast. people might be catching a break from the heat. >> air-conditioning is good for
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you. especially folks who are successful -- susceptible to the heat. pollen is high. this week and will be hot and sticky. what is memorial day in washington without heat? let us start with a live look from our rooftop camera. and we will go to the beat and local forecast. -- beach and local forcasts. low clouds and fog. it will not last long. very strong sun. speaking of that, have your sunscreen handy. there will be plenty of sun this weekend. 66 in culpeper. 67 in hagerstown. 72 in annapolis. 72 degrees at reagan national. temperatures by noon, 76. monday. -- muggy. 85 degrees by 4:00 p.m.. warmer today.
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we cannot rule out a slight chance of a thundershower. west of the blue ridge later this afternoon and evening. hear here is the view of what is going on. not much happening in terms of shower action. how sure, a few showers. notice this action here off the carolina coast. an area of low pressure will track to the north and then turned back to the southwest over georgia and florida over the weekend. it will be enough to affect the weather of the outer bay. we have short chances on saturday and sunday for a virginia beach all the way down to the outer bay. high temperatures in the 70's. eastern shore, jersey shore beautiful with highs in the 70's pure water temperatures -- 70's. water temperatures in the 60's. here is the weekend forecast for metro area. hot and humid. lower 90's by sunday and monday. monday, a light a chance of a
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thunderstorm. keep that in mind to keep an extra eye on the sky. predominately, it will be dry. we will have our first 90 degree day this upcoming memorial day weekend. how is the commute? >> nice and cool and running at an even pace right now. we will show you traffic heading to and from the bay bridge. this is on the annapolis side of the bridge. nothing complicated to report. virginia 66, 95, 395 -- lighter than average volume of traffic. no accidents around the beltway. here is the green light on the maryland side to and from the wilson bridge. but on the beltway near fedex field. nothing complicated in montgomery county. >> all right. thank you. >> up next it is that every day you stop a cop. delivering a baby on the side of the road sure did.
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>> drinking and parenting -- >> i will have a beer. >> the surprising results when moms take alcohol challenge.
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hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps m moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> this is a great way to have fun with the whole family. >> the well known dreamworks
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characters are bringing silver screen magic to life. there is a feast with the swamp juice and sugar cookie castle building. everyone will feel like a kid. >> this is a good opportunity for them to have a good time. and enjoy the d.c. maryland area. >> the fund will take place at the gaylord this summer every weekend. there is a fireworks show over the potomac. >> a lucky day for an arlington woman whose baby would not wait to get to the hospital. the woman and her sister were driving down columbia pike when the baby started coming out. they spotted an officer riding someone a ticket the baby girl was delivered in the suv. -- writing a ticket. the baby girl was delivered in the suv. >> the accord was wrapped around her neck. she started to breathe and then
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i started to breathe. >> everyone started to breathe. mother and baby needed to the hospital. they are doing just fine. the child is named stephanie. >> that is nice. a lifetime tribute. >> coming up misdiagnoses -- 7 is on your side with new reports about testing children for autism. >> low clouds over the federal city.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> it was more than she could handle. >> straight ahead the story you will only see here. a university of maryland student's suicide is linked to a military investigated. >> facing off, and a school
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upset about walmart moving in. >> i am steve chenevey. we will check in with lisa baden in just a minute. first up meteorologist, adam caskey. >> more fog starts the day. the fog is not a problem. it is not that thick. here is a live look overlooking the potomac. you can see the gray skies to start our morning. the upper 60's. 71 in college park. culpepper, 66. 67 degrees, look played up. a warm start. kimmitt, as well. sunshine will come after the fog burns off. high temperatures in the 80's. slight chance of a few thundershowers mainly west of the blue ridge later on today. for the weekend hot and humid. our first 90 degree day so far this year.
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a late day storm by memorial day, but it will probably be dry. good weather for the beach. we check in with doug hill with our seven-day forecast in a few. >> the traffic volume is lighter than average. that is what we expected on friday before memorial weekend. how light is it? thank you for asking. northbound at the prince william parkway, we had a minor collision. there is no delay. on a normal day, that would cause a backup. not today. we will show you some live pictures of traffic right now on the potomac river and the 14th street bridge. next, we go to rosslyn your traffic across the roosevelt bridge. we will stick with our quiet bridge steam up with the beltway at the american legion bridge. rowling nicely. >> it sure is. thank you. we will talk to you again soon. investigators are investigating whether a soldier to a woman
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into marrying him to pad his paycheck. katherine morris took her life just weeks before graduating from the university of maryland. her family says in a note, the young woman was distraught. possibly because the man she had fallen in love with was using her for money. >> she was naïve. she was very naïve. i think this guy had a plan, for about -- sought her out and took advantage of her. >> the marriage benefit added $700 a month to isaac goodwin's pay. she went to officials who are trying to determine whether isaac goodwin married katherine morris under false pretenses. >> a father and his two sons had died in an accident on the maryland farm. it seems that the men fell 20 feet into a minority it. that happened wednesday night in
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maryland. -- fell into a manure pit. that happened wednesday night in maryland. >> a fight is under way over plans to build a wal-mart in a neighborhood in oxon hill. it is next to a school and parents are concerned about the extra traffic a wal-mart would bring. a lawyer representing several parents from the schools say the property is known to the research park. >> it was not intended for low and retail. there is a lot of traffic. >> we have to fight this because our children to >> 80 and well-being is being put in jeopardy. >> the zoning board approved its. the lawyers say that he will appeal. >> it has been a busy week on and off the campaign trail. our national political reporter joins us in the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. >> let us talk about the big
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talkers this week. the poll numbers in the swing states. how do they look? >> we have had a couple. virginia ohio, florida. all of them show a moderate leader for president obama. great news for him. it tells us it will be a close race between now and november. >> the news for the president he may be ahead but that as far as in the past. well things tightened up? >> i think they will if, you know, it is showing that he has not hit 50% in any of the polls. that is not a sign of extra strength in those states. he is ahead, but it is not a sign that he will win this. >> let us talk about cory booker he has been getting a lot of attention coming off his plan he had with chris christie. now, getting attention for calling political debate and discourse on both sides of the aisle nauseating. >> he is gone from being the guy
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who saved someone in a fire to being the one who questions the strategy of the obama campaign. that is something that republicans have all just seized on this week. it is a sign for them that they are arguing that obama's top aides do not agree with him so it has caused it pushed back for booker. >> scale it back a little bit. a question of too little, too late. thank you. had a great weekend. >> 69 degrees. still ahead -- >> all of your phone secrets. >> there is not a reason to avoid these but they should be used cautiously. >> a health risk for babies born to see sections. -- c-sections.
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>> research wings of childhood obesity with the womb.
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researchers found that babies born by c-sections may be at higher risk for developing childhood obesity. certain bacteria from natural childbirth can change and insulin resistance. studies are needed to confirm these studies. we have new information about autism. a study finds out his and can be developed -- diagnosed at the three-years-old. the current treatment makes it difficult for children to mentally develop. >> every dog has his day. sometimes, that day is in court. >> k-9 officer was subpoenaed to testify. the only problem is he is a dog. a man cited for failing to use his turn signal demanded the dog be present for his case. the officer inspected the man's car for marijuana when he was pulled over but found nothing. it is not clear what he expected
6:39 am
the dog to do for him in court. the man had to pay $300. the motion cost taxpayers several hundred dollars in wages and overtime. >> i am not sure what that celebration is for. maybe only paying the $300 fine. >> that is one of the stories you do not know what to say. >> a florida barrett not so camera shy. -- bear not to camera shy. he is taking the food outside to eat on a patio. the apartment complex neighbors say they were afraid of the bear. that there was not afraid of the people who lived there. officials say that is good news because it should make catching him even easier. >> he is just doing his thing. mining is business. >> not take care in the world. taking over. heading back into the woods. let us check in with lisa baden. the calm before the storm?
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>> that is true. a lot of storm traffic yesterday afternoon. south of richmond beautiful now. north into baltimore out to the airport and across the river and the bay bridge. we look great. great shape at the american legion bridge. nothing from our friends in the district according to ddot. also, good shape for the railways. getting calls from folks on route 9 at kramer lane. there has been a collision east or south on rte. 9. look at the beltway. look at the beltway. it looks beautiful right now. marching along just fine between new hampshire avenue and the hospital. back inside. >> we will send things down with doug hill. >> the big plans? >> we are just when to hang out and enjoy some summer temperatures. summer will arrive this weekend. 90 degrees -- we are almost sure
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of that. let us go up to arlington. here are some low clouds. similar to yesterday. that will clear out before long. temperatures mild to start out. this will get you right through the weekend. temperatures near 70. 72 is a warmly to start the day in the district. and through the day, we will see a steady climb heading into the 80's. we will have a mix of cloud and son. a slight chance of a thunder shower this afternoon west of the blue ridge. the weakened -- here is how it is shaping up. hot and humid with sunshine. a slight chance of thunderstorms west of blue ridge. bella, memorial day in the afternoon. 30% chance. -- that will come on memorial day in the afternoon.
6:42 am
there% chance of cool and rainy but not this time. -- 30% chance. cool and rainy but not this time. >> we will keep our water bottle it. >> coming up honoring olympic athletes. the story of one of the greatest the libyans of all time. >> later, what is good at the movie?
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>> there is a new exhibit at the smithsonian. and during the 1920's game is, items will be on display at the
6:45 am
national museum indian. we're joined on the legendary career. but to see you. >> thank you. >> your dad was the greatest athlete of the 20th century. >> i know they changed the pentathlon to other events. he was the only man in the world to ever win both. >> what was he riis reaction of being considered an athlete of that level? >> he was very happy to be able to compete and end up winning. >> was not just the olympics. he had a professional career in many other sports. >> you bet. any sport he got into he was good at. >> there was a little bit of
6:46 am
trouble getting the metals -- medals return. what will folks see if they go to the museum of the american indians? >> they have this metals displayed in a case. -- his medals displayed in a case. they have a magnifying glass that you can look through. there are other pictures and things as well. >> what would you like people to know about your father? >> as far as debt was concerned and -- dad is concerned, he was a good father. he took us fishing and hunting and try to help us learn outdoor life. he loved them. >> no pressure to believe that athletes? [laughter] >> he left football. that was his best board. he told us -- his best sport. he told us if we wanted to get
6:47 am
into sports and be any good, play baseball. >> you will not meant -- when any arguments with the greatest athletes. >> that is true. >> we invite people to check out the exhibit. we will have more information on our website at those medals will be there for a month and then they will go to london. >> right. >> thank you for joining us. >> let us toss it back over to doug hill for a check of the holiday weekend forecast. it will be hot and steamy. >> if you have a lot of outdoor activities, you will enjoy the summer weather. we go down to the chesapeake bay. here is our new web cam looking across the bay to the west side. a lot of clouds. this is where our boardwalk webcam showing fog.
6:48 am
that too, will burn off. it will be cool in the beaches. 70's this weekend. here is the beachcast. into the outer banks, pleasant. a chance of scattered showers on saturday and sunday in the southern beaches. northern beaches, a bright and sunny. in arlington our route up camera is showing some low clouds and again. these will phase out and we will get some bright blue skies. already off to a warm start around the area. temperatures in the 60's and lower 70's. 71 in arlington 70 in manassas. 60 degrees in frederick and in not. . through this day, -- mountain. . throughout the day, we go to the 80's. only a slight chance of a shower west of the blue ridge.
6:49 am
for the weekend at home, it will be hot. temperatures near 90 degrees tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. maybe an isolated thunderstorms as we head through saturday and sunday. most everyone will have a hot and humid weekend. by when the, memorial day 30% chance -- by monday, memorial day, 30% chance of thunderstorms. maybe that will be a break. adam will be back with a look at things. have a great holiday weekend. >> you do the same. thank you. >> it will not be too long until we see the 90's every day. >> that is true. but the holes on top and run for the sprinkler. -- put the hose on top and run the sprinkler. we are great around the beltway. interstate travel is working in our favor. a little bit of volume across the hospital. we will take it. into virginia, loving life on
6:50 am
395 at the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. the 69 degrees outside.
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>> breaking bang. documents released over nine in the case of the missing tucson girl. footprints and blood discovered
6:53 am
in and around the family home. we will have the full details next on "good morning america." >> memorial plans have been set for the godfather of go-go. may 20 net come a public viewing from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. a public memorial on thursday may 31. hundreds are hitting the road for the weekend. more drivers of this year than any year since 2006. expect delays. pack your patience. aaa says there are times not to hit the road. that includes tonight after work and the same time tomorrow evening. >> if you are not at the beach maybe you will head inside to cool off a little bit at the movies. >> headlining is "men in black
6:54 am
3". arch campbell tells us whether this third time is the time. >> i am art campbell with your weekend movie guide. will smith 3 boots men in black as back to the future for men and black. -- man in black. >> take this in jump. >> want me to jump? >> a time jump back to 1969 to save tommy lee jones from another time traveler determined to change the course of history. c-sections -- "men in black 3"," the old gag still works. 3 stars. pg-13. here's your best bet for the weekend. "the avengers" and "men in black 3"," amongst others.
6:55 am
i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thank you. tough to beat "the avengers." they're setting record after record. >> the fourth highest grossing film of all time. people might be catching a break. if they stay outside, what is your preference? >> you can get a cheap little cool for your backyard with the kids. >> who needs kids? [laughter] >> any chance of rain? we know that it is unit, which gets and drops. >> maybe monday. a few thunderstorms over the mountains the next couple of days. you have the pool. looking into the weekend, high temperatures in the 90's.
6:56 am
92 by sunday and monday. it will be humid. it will feel like it is about 96 or 97. there is a slight chance of rain on monday. a better chance into tuesday of next week. temperatures falling back into the 80's by next week. tuesday and thursday. as for the beaches, eastern shore has bright sunshine with highs in the 70's. >> do we get up to the 90's already? >> our first 90 degree day could come at any time. we compiled a list and it is all over the board. we will hit our first one of the year this week at. >> maybe a couple of bonus days as well. had a fantastic memorial day weekend. do not forget to honor our troops. that will do it for "good morning washington
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