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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> and see how people are beating the heat this holiday weekend. a sneak peek at the stars gathering at the capitol. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6 on your side. >> temperatures arrive in the washington area just-in-time for the long memorial day weekend. how hot did it today? >> into the mid and upper-80's. 86 right now at reagan national airport. to the west and west virginia and the north and pennsylvania,
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we have some thunderstorms. the majority of our viewing area. mineral county, but we have a little bit of light rain. slowly drifting to the southeast and dissipating. in southern pennsylvania, harrisburg, we have a little shield of rain, remnants of what was a pretty active thunderstorm. that could creep into the mason- dixon line later this evening. 85 in arlington. a slight chance of a shower along the mason-dixon line, otherwise dry. >> those high temperatures can just in time for the memorial day events happening across our area. we are live in dupont circle.
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>> the time and temperature clock says 92 degrees. it has been baking and the sun all day long. it is pretty testy. if you like this kind of weather, this is the weekend for you. when you see the heat haze shimmering off the sidewalk the sun blazing through the trees -- >> i guess summer is back. >> all signs of the dog days of d.c. are not far away. >> we decided to take a break and cool off at the fountain. >> to stave off this misery, they say a fifth dip in the sculpture garden at fountain does the trick. -- foot dip in the sculpture garden does the trick.
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a test of wills against the heat at the annual parade. bottled water is a fashion accessory. construction workers, the vendors laboring through the high temperatures this holiday. but i did it when it was 120 years ago a couple of years ago. >> the unofficial start of summer right on time. >> i am sweating, it is horrible. >> as this 14-year-olds said, she clearly does not like this weather. this is just the start of it. summer does not officially been -- begin until june 20. >> richard, i think we are in for some long hot days. many more memorial day events are planned through monday. the biggest is the rolling
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thunder motorcycle ride. it starts at noon tomorrow at the pentagon. memorial day is also been marked at arlington national cemetery. 260,000 flags have been placed on graves there. another big event this weekend is the annual memorial day concert at the capitol. we are light on the west lawn with a sneak peek. >> just a couple of hours before the full dress rehearsal. stars from the entertainment industry and the stars on our country's flag, all four service men and women in uniform. they have laid the cables, said the shares, -- set the chairs, hung the lights. the 2012 national memorial
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concert arrives. ♪ it will feature the jessica sanchez, whose father and grandfather served in the military. all to celebrate those who served our country and have given their lives. >> i am excited. i feel like i am a real part of this. it is an honor to sing for everybody here. >> various stations will broadcast the concert live. today, people from the philippines to italy stopped by to watch. >> i do not know very much about this day. it is important for you and for your country. >> as we give a little bit back to the many who have given everything. if you want to catch the concert, you can do so tomorrow night at 8:00 on pbs.
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>> looks like a great time thank you. we have much more information on the concert at the weekend activities around the washington area on our website d.c. police are looking for two women after a static near the convention center. it happened last night in northwest. the victim was hit in the job but she was not seriously hurt. virginia state police are ticking off a -- are kicking off a safe driving initiative this weekend. operation care is to reduce accidents. extra officers will be on patrol for monday night. in howard county, police are getting some help from volunteers on horses. 12 people have signed up to ride their own animals to deter crime
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in this area. the volunteers do not have any police powers, but they will support -- report any suspicious activity. if you are planning on taking the metro to the events, you'll want to plan ahead. there are delays on the red and green line tonight. there is no train service between green belt and fort totten. on the red line, trains will single track between forest glen and takoma. while we are dealing with each, other parts of the country are seeing snow. history is made in the outer space. police have a confession
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> police have a confession in one of the most notorious missing child cases ever. dallas still linger about what really happened to etan patz. >> pedro hernandez was charged with one count of murder in the second degree for allegedly strangling etan patz. police have only one piece of evidence linking hernandez to a crime committed so long ago, his
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confession. he told police that he lured him as the boy was walking to a bus stop. that store is long gone. >> there will not be any forensics left. >> that is not the only problem. police transferred hernandez to a hospital on concerns that he was suicidal. >> i think the authorities want to make sure that he is just not a mentally disturbed by confessing to a guide that he did not commit. >> police will have to talk to some of the people closest to hernandez to find out for sure. >> in the years following his disappearance, hernandez told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york.
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" >> prosecutors are trying to collect evidence to prove that in court. >> it has been three years since piracy seized a ship off the coast of somalia. half of the crew members are suing for $50 million the capt. ignored warnings to sell clear of the pirates-infested waters. the standoff ended when the navy seals killed three of the captors. a waging -- a wildfire is continuing to scorched 21,000 acres. the weather is not helping. authorities said the fire began wednesday after a lightning strike. it is only 20% contain. more history being made in space today. but morals -- the world's first privately owned supply ship. the drop in successfully docked
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with the space station yesterday. yesterday, at they will -- they will unload the 1,000 pounds of food and other supplies. up next, the weather is hot and the washington area but one part of the country is seeing some out
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>> it is memorial day weekend. it is the official start of summer. the cold snap has kept some campers away. >> i woke up freezing and i walked outside and there were giant snowflakes everywhere. >> it is not that unusual to see snow in the sierra this time of year. last year, there was so much snow, some of the campgrounds did not open until the fourth of
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july. can you a mountain? >> they were skiing into the summer. >> it is hot here, but i will take the heat over snowflakes any day. >> i am not a hot weather guy but i kind of liked it today. >> there is more on the way. >> more heat and humidity for the next couple of days. if you look closely especially at the top of your screen, you will see some hig thin clouds moving overhead. this is up in frederick. you can see it cloud cover that is not just hayes. -- haze.
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here is the situation. these are slowly drifting to the south, not much wind in her upper atmosphere to push these showers. we have some cloud cover blowing off the thunderstorms. the evening forecast does until a few showers along the mason- dixon line and parts of northern maryland. here is a better view of the cloud cover. quickly, the upper level wind blows that cloud cover south of the metro area. we are right on the edge. it will continue to fizzle out and dissipate over the next couple of hours. we also have some tropical storm to talk about. not a big deal, but you can see
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it off the carolina coast line. it is kind of a horse shoe shaped. it will track down to the southwest into the panhandle of florida. it is kind of an awkward system. it will move backwards and then back up and around. i do not think it will have in the impact on our weather. over the next couple of days, we could see a few thundershowers. predominately, we are looking dry. 86 was the high temperature today. right now, we are a little bit but cooler. 84 in the district, and 84 in frederick. you feel the humidity out there. i immediately along the waterway it is a little bit cooler. partly cloudy tonight, a chance
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for that mason-dixon shower over the mountains of west virginia. dropping down to 70 tonight and patchy fog cannot be ruled out. tomorrow, look at the air quality, code orange. on help before sensitive folks. anybody with a sensitive respiratory system. otherwise, a mixture of sun and clouds. tomorrow, we could see a thunder shower over the mountains again, west of i-81. it really does not look like a big deal. just a situation where one or two of those storms popped up over one or two of those of barbecues. >> all right. >> i wish baseball was in town. >> we have been wanting a hot dog any way. >> harper put on a show today.
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a big game tonight
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the nationals have won four of their last five games. what happens when you -- plays the hero and hits a double and wins the game. top of the second, 1-0 nationals. boom. deep left. say hello or good-bye, atlanta.
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stephen strasbourg did not have his best today. he turns the double play. the national's lead 6-4 in the seventh. the orioles and royals bottom of the second. davis goes the opposite way. waiting it away. the birds go up by one. why not just keep it rolling? bottom of the third. it is no secret the redskins have struggled in the receiver position. this off-season landing a big free agent. when asking whether he feels the pressure to be the number 1 guy he said no.
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he was never the top guy he was always behind reggie, but he did have a career best 70 passes. now we is hoping to build on that. >> it feels good. i am out here, happy to be here. cannot wait to start. it gives me motivation to keep playing. >> three years ago, d.c. united he was still a midfielder. the goalie had not even signed a professional contract yet. the struggling club is reminiscent of those glory days with a new and improved look. they host the new england revolution tonight. a when it could put them in first place. they have not accomplished this
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since 2009. he and the rest of the black and white are hungry. >> it is all about the next opponent. it has been a pretty good start but i still see a lot of things we need to work on and get better at. as long as we are not holding the trophy, there is a lot of work to do. >> jason is your leader after three rounds. yes, sir. a for under 66. david beckham superstar appealed dropping off in major league soccer? he is no longer the highest paid player. his salary was cut. >> i do not think he will ever lose its appeal.
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>> a lot of voters will be sailing this holiday weekend. in seattle, in different kind of a boat will be hitting the water. a hot tub boat. it is filled with 4,000 pounds of water, yet it is able to flood and the sale. it could be something that you could check out. does that look like a good time? >> fantastic. >> i like it. >> we could use a regular poo. a lot of poles are opening this
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weekend. the temperatures and humidity drop by the end of next week. >> we will look for that reprieve. thank you so much for


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