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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 29, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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witnesses say smelled like jet fuel. now the jet had just taken off for japan when one of the engines stops working forcing a return to the airport. that's when the debris started falling. >> someone's car was damaged out in the back. so i knew my car was out in the back. went to check it out. ended up being my car unfortunately. so, yeah, surprising to say the least. >> while it is rare, experts say plane parts do peel off due to metal fatigue or maintenance issues. that is so not comforting to hear. >> uh-uh. in other news, two people died and another was hurt after two small planes collided in midair in rural northern virginia. the victims were apparently the pilot and passenger in one of the planes. the other pilot managed to land his plane safely at the airport before being taken to the hospital. and now we turn to an amazing story of survival from the mountains of idaho. that's where a family's small plane went down over the weekend and for a while it didn't look too good.
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but after a 911 call and a freezing night in the wild, everyone is okay, believe if or not. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> what is your emergency? >> hi. i'm in an airplane and i crashed. >> reporter: they were trapped. a father, mother and daughter inside their mangled cessna on a remote, snowy idaho mountain. >> i need you to send a search party, please. >> reporter: it was 9:00 p.m. on saturday when the browns went down. father brian in the cockpit telling his wife and daughter, i don't think we're going to make it. somehow, they did spending the entire night, 15 hours, in below freezing white-out conditions. the windshield smashed. their own blood on the door. >> i can get up and walk around but my head is split open pretty good. >> reporter: a fire captain from northern california, usually it's brian doing the rescuing. this time, his family needed help. daughter heather had pelvish
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injuries. the mother injured her head and back. >> how is the weather where you're at? >> we're in the snow. >> reporter: still, they stayed calm. starting a fire with the plane's fuel, cesealing off the cabin t stay warm. a medical helicopter spotted the wreckage. but to get to the family, ground crews had to trek through sifoot snow drifts down 60-degree mountain slopes. >> slick, wet, icy. everything you don't want to have, we had. >> reporter: finally, the family hoisted one by one to safety above. >> they were very lucky. >> reporter: lucky and thankful to be in a hospital recuperating together. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. a scary incident in what should have been a fun carnival outside of miami marlins' new baseball stadium. her dad was behind the camera when 11-year-old emily davis got to the top of a rock climbing wall. she hit the buzzer up there, started making her way down but that is when she crashed to the
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ground. >> there was no tension, no nothing. it was just like she jumped off with nothing. how long does it take to fall 18 feet? there's nothing anybody could do. >> reporter: emily suffered a concussi concussion. she was hospitalized wearing a neck brace. she is able to move her arms, her legs. she is able to speak, but for something like this to happen with all those harnesses is unthinkable. >> imagine they are investigating. that whole complex just opened back in march. it's a brand new facility. they are looking into it. looks like she's going to be okay. >> let's hope. now we turn to a major business headline this morning. the king of the big box store is downsizing. walmart discovered profits in smaller stores these days after test marketing ten drastically smaller walmart express stores. the company is going to build some more. the small stores are about 15,000 square feet. compare that to the traditional big box stores which are about
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108,000 square feet. walmart's profits are up more than 9% from last year so folks are still loving walmart. >> call it smallmart. >> you're good. always thinking, girl. >> just not even awake this morning. i apologize. let's hope that in upstate new york couple will always look back on their local memorial day parade with fond memories. >> it was in that parade yesterday that samantha miner got the shock of her life. her boyfriend chris was driving a sanitation truck with a fairly obvious sign on it. there it is. >> the sanitation truck. really? our future stinks? chris asked samantha to marry him. they've been dating five years. now can look forward to a lifetime of good times together. but very, very, very sweet. and creative. >> he swept her right off her feet. thank you. >> oh, no you did not say that. >> he sucked her into the relationship. >> he did.
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>> but he seemed a little full of it to me. i'm joking. i hope they're very happy together. very cool. coming up next -- why a scientific discovery could make you think twice about eating certain seafood. >> we're just giving you some ideas for when you finally propose. and technology to help you around the house. we'll show you tomorrow's affordable gadgets today. you're watching "world news now." ♪ go, gadget go >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times." follow the wings.
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welcome back, everyone. for the first time, scientists in california have detected radioactivity in fish that have migrated from japan following
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last year's nuclear meltdown. >> but is there reason for concern just yet? abc's dr. tim johnson has some answers for us. >> reporter: the massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami in japan caused the world's worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl. three reactors at the fukushima nuclear facility experienced full meltdown, including the release of radioactive materials that provoked large-scale evacuations. since then, there have been concerns about how pervasive that radiation might be. now a study in the proceedings of the national academy of science has one example. scientists measured the level of radiation in pacific bluefin tuna who swam from japan to california after the accident. and compared them to levels found in the same kind of tuna before the disaster. all the post disaster tuna had levels of radio nucleodites
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called cesium that were higher than in the pre-disaster fish. but the authors note that even these new levels of cesium were low. still, 30 times less than those of other naturally occurring radionucleotides. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> it really is amazing the fallout. we did a story about how the debris field is washing up on parts of california. it's the size of the state of california, that debris field moving over here. not a surprise that it's impacting seafood as well. some of the huge fish that swim the world can metabolize and shed radioactive substances. that can be good news in terms of not having that much of an impact on the food supply. angetss he did mention in the piece, even despite these elevated radioactive levels, it is still safe to eat. >> and that's -- the number one
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headline from that story. so that is good. coming up next, after we get back from break, tomorrow's gadgets today. courtesy of our giz whiz. >> we love him. we'll see how these innovations might make your everyday life easier. you are watching "world news now." >> don't go far, everybody. we'll be back.
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♪ inspector gadget welcome back, everybody. we are pleased this morning to welcome back one of our favorite guests. the one and only giz wizz, dick
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debartolo here with the latest high-tech gadgets that will help you around the house. and you are fresh back from the national hardware show which is where you got all of this cool stuff. >> neat stuff. we'll start with a low-tech gadget that's really neat. so this little ratty jelly jar. turns out that this is called hidden in -- it's called hidden in plane sight. it's really a place to put jewelry or money. and the same with this. and this is kind of neat. put this on a kitchen shelf. all they have is there notes and appointments and -- but hidden underneath is a first alert safe. >> so these are security features to fool a burglar who thinks, oh -- >> yeah, what do i need this clean and fresh stuff for. >> so that's not really a aerosol can or a jar or a magnet thing. perfect. >> this is coming in august. now this is just out now from a
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company called slobproof. and it's paint pen. a lot of people are talking about this at the hardware show. so you paint the walls and the trim. six months later someone scars it. you go find the paint. it's dried up. when you do the painting, you fill the paint pens with paint. water-based paint. if someone scratches the wall, the company says the paint will stay years in here. you just turn this. it will force the paint up on to the little brush and you just do the trim or whatever. kind of like white out for your walls. paint out. >> very good. >> i want 10%. >> you ain't getting it. >> no kidding, right? this i love, too. this could solve a lot of mysteries. >> exactly. this looks almost like an electric drill with a long probe. at the end of the probe is a video camera. i'm going to turn the light on. you're going to hold up -- now we had this years ago and it had
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a built-in monitor. now this is called iborscope because it goes to your ipod, ipod touch or iphone. >> now you get a great picture wherever you are going to send that probe. it comes to here. >> we want to look down the drain. no wonder your drain. look. you have paper clips in your drain or a dollar bill in your drain. >> there's jimmy hoffa. all kinds of stuff. >> that's under $300. this is coming in july. >> what a great tool. great for drains or lost items in weird spaces. >> we both have the same problem. they want the serial number off something that's installed in the wall. you send this back and you can get the serial number. >> so smart. smart stuff. >> from general tools. >> this is cool, too. >> this is from swiss tech. and it's a little -- can go on your key chain. a little tool set. what's different about this is that it has a magnetic place.
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you put the tips in here. they are held in magnetically. it's a ratcheting wrench, which i've never seen before in something this small and a little built-in flash light so it illuminates your work. and it's under 12 bucks. >> this, i love. this could save some household stress and drama. >> for the draining in the tub. >> drain easy. unscrew your old bathtub stopper. the hair is sent through these little channels. something gets stuck in there, move this up and down and it grinds up the hair. >> to allow it to flow smoothly down the drain. >> that i love. >> goes in the purse and it lights the purse. you can put it on your belt, use it as a flash light. you feel threatened. a 130 decibel alarm on the side. i won't sound that off. but you can attract attention if you feel threatened. >> it was a good time. i can tell you had a good time. >> days, days, days. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it as always.
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all this is really great stuff. find detailed information about all these cool gadgets on our facebook page, we'll be right back with more "world news now" right after this.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> okay. so this man who just happened to be a brain surgeon had this elaborate proposal planned in florida. they flew in. he and his girlfriend flew in from denver. had this elaborate proposal. they were going to go to the beach. he buried the engagement ring in a little section of the beach but he totally forgot where the buried it. he's a brain surgeon. >> forgot? >> his soon-to-be fiancee had to google and find ring finders, this network, i guess, that finds lost rings. and fortunately, they found the ring. but she returned it and said it was too sandy.
2:56 am
no, i'm kidding. she said yes. >> he's a brain surgeon, too. if you are a brain surgeon you should know a little better than to bury it in the sand. i respect the creative proposal and all that. come on, dude. watch that rock. >> seriously. >> got you. and people like to watch their, you know, their skin. everyone's quest for youth and beauty and all these things. >> how do i look? >> the botox look. i'm so not surprised. but now apparently there's this cool thing called as-10. researchers at the university of utah found this drink they usually give to nasa astronauts to protect them from radiation. they found it can protect folks from sun damage here. they said after just four months of drinking two shots of the potion every day, uv spots were reduced by 30%. wrinkles by 17%. basically a mix of exotic fruits, vitamins, anti-oxidants. a 25-ounce bottle of this stuff which is called as-10, 25 ounces
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run about 50 bucks. it's kind of expensive. but they say this former astronaut brew can save you sun damage and save you wrinkles. may be good news for some of the women folk. >> who would have thunk. i wonder if this next woman that we're going to talk about. she's 70. never thought she'd get married. and got married over the weekend for the very first time. >> at 70 years old. >> isn't that sweet? >> she met her husband online. he's from france. and i love this. when he proposed, she said he got down on one knee but pulled the chair close just in case he couldn't get back up. classic. >> i like that. this is one of my favorite stories of the day. this couple in israel divorced because the woman simply had too many cats in her house. i say many, i mean many. 550 cats. i can't get in bed. they're all over the bed. i can't get into the bathroom. i can't get to the kitchen and
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cook. too many kittens and she went to the court and the woman chose student loans to taxes on-line.
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whether you have formation to get or ideas to give, is the official place to connect with your government. our new mobilele apps will keep you updated on the g so, , check out because the cotry runs better when we stayay connected.
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this morning on "world news now" -- jumbo jet junk. investigators say debris that smelled like fuel rained down from the skies as a jumbo jet flew overhead. >> the investigation, the damage and the fear as heavy debris fell from the sky. it's tuesday, may 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. happy tuesday morning. everyone had a good holiday weekend. i'm rob nelson. good morning. >> i'm paula faris. we're going to get the latest on that airliner debris mystery coming up. but can you imagine debris
3:01 am
falling from the sky and miraculously no one was injured. >> that's the crazy part. some cars took the brunt of the damage. thankfully no injuries. >> and then this could be mitt romney's big day at the texas primary. he could get the delegates he needs to become the gop presidential nominee finally. >> we've been talking for weeks about that magic number 1144. apparently today will be the day mitt romney finally gets it even though it's been unofficially official for weeks. today, mathematically it becomes a reality. also this morning, the flooding and the power outages as tropical storm beryl dumps several inches on the southeast. and where it's headed next. >> the secrets of a long and happy marriage. we're not going to tell them to you actually. we're going to -- just kidding. meet the nebraska couple together for 65 years. they insist that their coordinated clothing really does it for them. >> rob and i aren't coordinated. does that tell you something? >> yeah, but whatever the secret
3:02 am
is to last 65 years. some people don't live 65 years, let alone stay married for 65 years. if it takes a coordinated closet to do it, god bless those folks. >> does she have anything but floral in the closet? >> you'll see in a second. flowers are very important to that marriage. first, before all that, the details on the bizarre incident in the skies above toronto. pieces of an air canada jet literally fell to the earth smashing right into cars. >> now safety experts are trying to figure out what would cause such a dangerous situation. here's abc's lisa stark. >> reporter: the air canada boeing 777 was heading from toronto to japan. 318 passengers and 16 crew. after taking off, one of the engines shut down. and it appears pieces of the plane, possibly parts of that engine, fell off the jet plummeting into a nearby suburb. the metal parts smashing through the windshields of parked cars. their owners stunned. >> first thing i said, oh, my
3:03 am
god, what is this? what is going on, right? >> have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, first time in my life. >> reporter: up in the air, the captain declared an emergency with just one of two engines still running. planes are designed and pilots are trained for just such an emergency. and the jet returned and landed safely. just last week, in florida, a main cabin door flew off a private plane crashing into a golf course. again, no one injured. it is not common for airplane parts to peel off, but it does happen. usually due to metal fatigue or maintenance issues. it can be catastrophic depending on what falls off the plane and during what phase of flight. in these two recent incidents, both those on the planes and those on the ground escaped injury. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> wow. >> as you said, miraculous no one was hurt. parts of the plane falling from the sky. we heard so many horrible airplane and airport stories the last six, seven months. and this one kind of takes the
3:04 am
cake. >> those pieces, she was -- that woman was holding. they said that the pieces, the debris were just about the size of a cell phone. but as -- >> but enough to do that. >> we've seen that big, as lisa pointed out, especially on "world news" there's like a large cargo door that had fallen on to that golf course. that's unbelievable. >> oh, man. >> what happens if that happens when they are like halfway over the pacific? >> whoever's car is damaged, i hope they charge the airline a hefty fee for that damage. turnabout is fair play. now we turn to another airline scare. this one involving a southwest jet. the pilot just took off from burbank to fly to vegas. that'shen an unusual noise in the back of the plane forced the crew to abort the takeoff and return to the airport. the 737 landed with no further problems, thankfully. passengers were put on another flight. in and two people died and another was hurt after two small planes collided in midair in
3:05 am
rural northern virginia. the victims were the pilot and passenger of one of the planes. the other pilot managed to land his plane safely at the airport before being taken to the hospital. well, today's republican primary in texas could be the one for mitt romney. we're talking about the one that gives him enough delegates to officially become the gop's presidential nominee. romney spent part of his memorial day in san diego honoring the nation's war dead. he was joined by vietnam veteran and senator john mccain who got him the last word with a heckler. >> great place in america, have a relative -- jerk. >> a nation that has been formed and preserved by heroes. john mccain is one of them. >> romney also promised to maintain the nation's military power which he said has no equal. he won't be in texas tonight. instead he'll be attending a
3:06 am
fund-raiser with donald trump in las vegas. and trump was joking earlier yesterday he would like to be on the ticket with romney. or at least we think he was joking. >> hopefully the donald is not holding his brerth breath on that one. president obama was also paying tribute to the military on this memoryial day. after placing a wreath at arlington national cemetery, mr. obama said the nation must remain committed to helping veterans just back from the war and the families of those killed in action. then at the vietnam war memorial, the president remarked too many of that war's vets were under appreciated. he called the reception upon returning home, quote, a national shame. interesting political point, too. in this election, obama and romney, these will be the first election since 1948 where neither candidate has any military background. interesting little footnote for post-memorial day here. >> interesting nugget. it's an interesting nugget. >> just a little something, something to get you through the morning. day seven of jury deliberations is getting under way in north carolina today in the john edwards corruption
3:07 am
trial. the longer jurors take to reach a verdict the more speculation grows they may be deadlocked. edwards is charged with accepting illegal campaign contributions to cover up his extra marital affair while running for president back in 2008. and now to that scandal that has rocked the vatican. the pope's butler arrest forward having confidential documents in his home has agreed to tell everything he knows to prosecutors. that could spell legal trouble for a top vatican leader since few believe the butler acted alone. >> even if this butler is somehow involved, he may also be a sort of convenient scapegoat for people who are higher up in the system. >> believe there's a lot involved in this. the leaked documents shed light on power struggles and corruption at the highest levels of the catholic church and have been a major embarrassment to the pope. bands of blinding rain are still drenching the southeastern coast this morning. more than 24 hours after beryl
3:08 am
washed ashore. beryl continues to weaken this morning as it hovers over the coast gaffe ga. but the downpours will continue as beryl moves out to sea by thursday. abc meteorologist ginger zee has more on the storm. >> reporter: loud, rude and violent. it's the holiday weekend guest no one invited but everyone knew was coming. beryl. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. i was expecting, you know, not so much gust. >> reporter: spinning on to shore near jacksonville beach, florida. tropical storm beryl was just shy of hurricane strength. 70-mile-per-hour winds, drenching rains and choppy surf. beryl's powerful gust knocked power lines and left thousands in the dark. ray lackey found his 60-foot-tall tree uprooted in his front yard. >> not surprising something wasn't going to go. i didn't think the whole tree would go. we weren't even thinking about the whole thing. >> he is great tfl didn't fall on the house. >> we were lucky the storm
3:09 am
wasn't as bad as they thought. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by hurricane savvy floridians. >> i don't want the big one. i don't want anything with a category number behind it. >> please don't drive. don't go out into the water. make sure if you see a live power line down, call 911. we want to make sure people are very cautious and careful. >> reporter: even though beryl has weakened it is going to take its sweet time to get out of here dropping heavy rains and gusty winds from here in jacksonville up through southeast georgia. by the midweek it will be out of here but affecting the carolinas. and we won't be done talking about it until thursday. ginger zee, abc news, jacksonville, florida. >> and with that, here's a look at your tuesday forecast. your back-to-work forecast. hot and humid from new york to d.c. feels great outside. i think. severe storms there by late afternoon. cooler air and showers across the midwest from fargo to northern wisconsin. but some hail and dangerous winds around joplin, wichita, oklahoma city and dallas.
3:10 am
showers in the northern rockies. >> 78 in boise. 86 in albuquerque. 97 in phoenix. just 55 in fargo. 64 in minneapolis. 82 in chicago. dallas heating up to 93. atlanta, 83. it does feel great outside. bad for the hair, though. at least mine. >> the humid hair? >> yes. it's just flat and nasty. >> came here with an afro tonight? it wasn't the normal holiday for a couple of sisters in southern california. not when you have a visitor like this. >> their parents weren't home so they immediately started snapping pictures when they saw a young bear wander into the backyard. it only got better, though, when he made his move to the pool with the mountain top view. >> even bears have to chill out. >> take a break, smokey. >> he's taking a break. the family has lived there 20 years. none of them has ever seen a bear on the property before. >> of course it happened while the parents were away. >> always does, doesn't it? chill out, bear. student loans are not just a
3:11 am
burden on people in their 20s. >> and later, can color-coordinated clothing be the secret to a long and happy marriage? meet one coup whole never leave home without matching outfits. you're watching "world news now." ♪ you can't have one without the other ♪ ♪ love and marriage >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by p&g corporate.
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♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ love that song. >> it is good, isn't it? >> classic. >> groovy. >> timeless. >> welcome back, everybody. not just 20-somethings carrying's weight of student loans. a sizable portion of student loans are held by baby boomers. >> the number is pretty staggering. 6 million americans over the age of 50 still paying off their loans. and as neal karlinsky explains, that is delaying their big plans for retirement. >> are you ready? >> reporter: after years of hard
3:16 am
work, savings, plus an air force pension, terry and edward thought they had retirement taken care of. then the student loan debt started piling up. >> what does this do to you in your golden years? >> not sure about retirement. >> no retirement? >> reporter: they are part of an often hidden but huge number of retirement age americans drowning in an estimated $36 billion in student loan debt. some still struggling to pay off their own debts. others paying for their children. >> the whole concept that student loan debt as a 20 or 30-something problem is just misplaced. >> reporter: the feclers co-signed for loans to put their son mark through college and now he can't afford the payments. >> i don't want to be a burden on them. i think about it all the time. >> reporter: mark, a veteran with a good job, is just barely making the $600 a month interest-only payments on his student loans with help from mom and dad. >> this oppressive debt hanging
3:17 am
over our kids is very scary for me because i do want them to have a good future. >> reporter: financial planners have this harsh advice. co-sign only if you are prepared to pay it all back yourself. and remember this. it's almost impossible to eliminate student loan debt, even in bankruptcy court. the fecklers say they'll do what they have to, even if that means paying for the kids' education for the rest of their lives. >> it's so telling of our country, too. people finishing you declare bankruptcy you can get out of those loans. but you can't. you are stuck with that until you have paid the government back. it's kind of crazy. i've said it ten times on the show before. student loan debt in this country is bigger than credit card debt. that says a lot about the state of higher education in this country. >> and we've seen that even if you have that diploma and that degree it doesn't always parlay itself into a better job than if you don't have that degree. 2 million seniors over 60 have
3:18 am
student loan debt. had no idea. >> plus the ripple effect is that you make higher end something that's only accessible for middle class, upper middle class. that's dangerous as a society. lots of problems there but very telling. coming up after the brick, more on facebook's potential new venture. >> why the company could be launching its own smartphone. get the buzz from silicon valley, next. get the buzz from silicon valley, next. >> announc when we resolve to stop snacking and slacking, resolve to start reading and running. this year, resolve to help someone else, too. resolve to support the american red cross. because the red crososs provis hope, help, and compassion, not only during disasters, but t every day. resolve to do something that means something. support the red cross before the new year. visit today.
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♪ call me call me anytime ♪ well, the latest buzz from silicon valley is that facebook is now working on a mobile phone. recruiters have been looking for experts familiar with the smartphone market. >> of course they are diving in there. money from the ipo could fund facebook's latest endeavor. kgo's david lui explain.
3:20 am
>> reporter: we know facebook is a social network. why does it need its own facebook mobile phone? >> they don't need a phone. they already have plenty of apps that run on phones. by controlling their own ecosystem on the phone not only will you be able to run facebook but facebook can have its own apps. >> reporter: its own phone can also help facebook become a major mobile advertising platsform. facebook generates its income from ads online. critics say it's behind in making mobile a moneymaker. google was facing the same issue. that led to the creation of the android operating system. google even developed its own phone. it was built by htc, a taiwan company with factories in china. however, making a phone isn't as easy as it sounds. >> it's hard to do a phone. first, the technical issues and second of all, the ecosystem of the carriers. and the carriers are difficult companies to do business with. steve jobs called them orifices referring to something that you
3:21 am
had to get through. >> reporter: apple succeeded with its iphone and google just completed a $14 billion deal to acquire motorola mobility. that could lead to a new breed of google-made phones. facebook could do i have similar deal with the $16 billion raised from the ipo. reports indicate its busy recruiting engineers who worked on the iphone. that could mean it wants to create its phone in house. >> i think facebook challenges to not be a one-trick pony. it has to have multiple products if it's going to be worth $100 million or more. and certainly having a phone and lots of apps and an koerks system around that theoretically could bring them a lot of money. the buzz is facebook would like to launch this phone next year. however. analysts and bloggers are skeptical it can happen that fast. no one is sure how far along the project is. david lui, abc news. >> the stock markets have been closed. i'm interested to see if this will have any ramification on how much stocks are worth.
3:22 am
>> it may be too early to tell. obviously still in the planning stages. according to "the new york times," they are starting to meet with folks from apple. stay tuned. facebook taking over the world. follow the wings.
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♪ love and marriage love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage ♪ ♪ this i tell you brother you can't have one without the other ♪ this next story is really sweet. it's not about al and peg bundy. this couple has been married for 64 years. and now they are letting us in on their secret to a good pairing. >> you are soon going to learn why this coup cell really perfectly matched. nicole burley from our omaha affiliate shows us why they are so well suited for one another. >> reporter: there's no blueprint to a long lasting marriage. but for mel and jolie, this
3:26 am
closet holds a key component of their union. >> this is one of my favorites. >> reporter: the nebraska couple has been married 64 years and for the last 3 1/2 decades, this is how you'll find them. in matching outfits. meaning mel's tie is an exact match of joey's dress. >> we don't dare go somewhere without being matching outfits, you know. >> reporter: 146 custom made matching outfits to be exact. they've been doing it for so long, even they don't remember exactly when it started. >> but it was before we traveled in '76, so let's see -- >> oh, goodness sakes. no, i don't remember how that first outfit came about. >> reporter: though these days it sometimes takes a few extra minutes to locate the matches. >> always a little hard to spot the right tie. sometimes it takes both of us. >> reporter: 81-year-old joey and 86-year-old mel always work it out. >> every day. every day our time, my tie
3:27 am
matches her dress. >> reporter: you may have noticed a pat northern these ties and dresses. flowers. that's not a coincidence. it's because they owned and operated a flower shop for more than six decades. and that flower shop had actually been in joey's family since 1896. >> it's the oldest business in fremont. still in the same family. >> this is another one of his favorites because it's got lots of flowers. >> reporter: in addition to matching, they admit there is another secret to their marital bliss. >> we kind of decided early in the game that he would be boss from 8:00 to 5:00 and i would be boss from 5:00 to 8:00 in the morning. >> well, i get to have a word in edgewise once in awhile. and i think she's still the boss. >> what a sweet story. >> that is really sweet. >> this is our facebook question of the day. logon to what is your secret to a long-term marriage?
3:28 am
>> look how much they have to be in unison and think about it every day.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- dangerous debris. the chunks of junk that fell from a jumbo jet not far from a major airport. >> and it's not the first time something has fallen from a boeing 777. it is tuesday, may 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we will get the latest from investigators on that jumbo jet debris coming up in just a second. but also a very bizarre story to tell you about this morning. the man that miami police and eyewitnesses are calling a cannibal. officers shot and killed him. for the first time now, we're hearing from his ex-wife and
3:31 am
also from his neighbors as well. details beyond gory in this story. >> definitely gruesome details there. also this morning, the special breed of service dogs trained by amputee vets for amputee vets. see why these special canines are more than just man's best friend. also later in this half hour, one of your favorite stars from "sex and the city." we'll have an update on her love life. some big news about cynthia nixon. so we will get to that in just a second. first, the air canada jet had just taken off from toronto to japan when the trouble started. one of the engines shut down. and then in a nearby residential neighborhood, parts of the plane began crashing to the earth. >> as you might imagine, people on the ground could not believe what was happening. ctv's scott laurie reports from toronto. >> reporter: it was a normal afternoon at this gas station, but not for long. >> me and my husband were just putting the gas in our car and
3:32 am
then just pulling out and we heard a big noise. like boom, right? >> reporter: that noise was a car window shattering from parts falling out of the sky. >> it smells like gasoline and it's quite heavy and it's warm. >> reporter: all believed to be from an air canada boeing 777. >> and then the windshield, driver's side, it was cracked, right? and then i saw another car. it was broken, too, on the back side. >> reporter: that car belongs to jonathan burke. >> someone's car was damaged out in the back. so i knew my car was in the back. went to check it out. ended up being my car unfortunately. so, yeah, surprising to say the least. >> reporter: as flight 001 from toronto to tokyo took off, one of its engines shut down and it wasn't just the pilots who noticed. so did people on the ground. >> we had, i guess, people calling in saying there was something wrong with the plane at the time. some sort of a malfunction. they saw smoke and flames coming from the -- from the plane. >> reporter: on board, 318 passengers, 16 crew. the plane made an emergency
3:33 am
landing. >> when it powered down, no one seemed to bat an eye. and no one seemed to think anything was odd. >> reporter: passengers didn't know their troubled flight was causing a flood of 911 calls. on board, businessman jason flick tweeted that passengers were told it was an engine overheating. seems like my plane fell apart. luckily, we managed to land it, he wrote. the transportation safety board is investigating. and an air canada spokesperson tells me there's no official confirmation that what fell actually came from an airplane. >> scott laurie there reporting for us, too. interesting. the chunks that fell were no bigger than a cell phone. we're not talking about meteor-sized debris. as you can see from that video right there, relatively small items. >> they say they haven't confirmed, but the reporter says it smells like gasoline and it's warm. you can just see the damage it did. and it falls in a residential area and a suburban neighborhood. you just have to be thanking your lucky stars that nobody was
3:34 am
injured and nobody was killed in this because it could have been a whole lot worse. >> a lot worse than a windshield, for sure. more drama in the skies. this time over virginia. a pilot and a passenger were killed after two small planes collided in midair. the two bodies were recovered from a six-seater aircraft in warrenton in northern virginia. the other pilot managed to land his plane safely at the airport before being taken to the hospital. and now to a developing story in dallas where a police standoff at a construction crane on the southern methodist university campus is now coming to an end. the man climbed up there yesterday telling officers he was armed and also threatened to shoot anyone. our dallas station just reported the man fell from the crane and we're awaiting more details. no students were on the campus because of the holiday. a follow-up on a bizarre story and we're going to warn you some of the details are gory. we're learning more about a man who was shot dead by police over the weekend while chewing on
3:35 am
another man's face. with the dead man's identity and details on his past, ross palombo reports from miami. >> ripping and tearing into your flesh. >> reporter: as the causeway clears -- >> his ears, his nose. >> reporter: as the images fade -- >> eating him up. tearing his face apart. >> reporter: and as the memories linger -- >> i never thought i would see someone eating someone. >> reporter: -- the picture of the one they call a zombie, a cannibal, a crazed killer is coming into focus. >> i was actually talking to him the other day. >> reporter: the homeless who camp right here knew 31-year-old rudy eugene. saw him frequently confused and coming here to the macarthur causeway. eugene's ex-wife too scared to show her face. >> i was married to him. >> reporter: would only say he was violent. >> he always felt like people was always against him. >> was he violent? >> yeah. >> yes. do you ever fear for your life? >> that's why i left. >> reporter: police say eugene left a 65-year-old homeless man
3:36 am
bloodied and disfigured here. security cameras caught that victim's legs shaking saturday just after police say eugene bit out the victim's eye and pieces of his nose and cheek. a frantic officer is seen after police shot and killed eugene to stop him. >> scary. that's insane. >> reporter: family members can't say whether he was insane, whether he was on drugs or whether he was now homeless, too. >> that was him? >> reporter: but we know eugene grew up in this north miami beach house. that he left it in foreclosure, and he scared the new owners. >> kind of looked weird a little bit, but other than that, as long as i got bars and got the alarm system put up, i was okay. >> closest thing that i've seen to it, the walking dead. >> reporter: that victim is in critical condition this morning. all we know about him is that he has a criminal history as well, including assault and battery charges. ross palombo, abc news, miami. >> disturbing is not even the word to describe that sort of thing. like reminiscent of "silence of
3:37 am
the lambs." that kind of cannibalism. took police two shots to kill eugene in this. even after the first shot, he kept attacking his victim. wasn't -- it wasn't until the second shot that he stopped and was killed. >> just foul, foul, foul. and they are not releasing any information about this 60-year-old victim as well. but just highly disturbing. >> obviously, some issues. probably better he's no longer with us. in other news this morning, one worker was killed after an explosion and fire at a paper mill in minnesota. investigators say the accident happened when an air compressor blew up just before lunchtime. a full shift of 50 workers was on duty at the time. the company said, though, all had been accounted for. and a sad story from the northwest where searchers will use sonar equipment today as they try to find a 13-year-old boy who presumably drowned in the columbia river. the boy's father and grandfather were rescued after their small fishing boat capsized.
3:38 am
the youngster was not wearing a life jacket. divers could not get into the water because of some pretty rough currents. >> hoping for the best in that situation. after spoiling memorial day plans, the remnants of tropical storm beryl are still soaking coastal florida and georgia. beryl's winds continue to taper off, but it could trigger strong thunderstorms and tornadoes as it stalls over georgia for much of the day. beryl will drift back out to sea by thursday. beryl did knock out power to tens of thousands of people as it barreled ashore near jacksonville with near hurricane-force winds. it toppled trees, flooded neighborhoods. some areas got a half foot of rain but so far the overall damage has been relatively minimal. and the folks down there are trying to look on the bright side. at least we got some much-needed rain. trying to stay positive. >> that part of the country, tropical storms, they don't sweat it too much. they're used to that in the southeast. and hurricane season days away. starts friday, june 1st. here we go again. here's a look at your weather.
3:39 am
stormy from central texas into oklahoma city and wichita. showers from montana to wyoming. a major cool-off in the upper midwest with rain from north dakota to michigan. sweltering, though, in the northeast with some severe storms by late afternoon. >> it is 88 here in new york. 89 in miami. 93 in dallas. 80s from kansas city to detroit. 55 in fargo. 63 in seattle. and 78 in sacramento. here's a tasty little story about one american doing something pretty delicious for the nation's men and women at war. she is candy bishop of chicago, and she's known to those in uniform for all the cookies she has sent to troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> she's been baking for a couple years, ever since sending some oreos to iraq and in return being asked for some homemade peanut butter cookies. they look yummy. thousands and thousands and thousands of cookies later, she is still going and has no plans to stop.
3:40 am
nothing like homemade cookie. and i know those guys -- men and women -- have to appreciate that. >> absolutely. one of her secrets. never use margarine. always use butter. >> oh, that's right. >> you know those cookies are good. you may not live long, but they're delicious. >> the real thing. giving a helping hand or should we say paw, to injured veterans. >> and the youngest contestant to compete in the national spelling bee. the talents of a 6-year-old. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. follow the wings.
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♪ you've got a friend in me you've got a friend in me ♪ really appreciate this next story. combat veterans severely injured in iraq and afghanistan are
3:44 am
getting special assistance with everyday tasks. >> they are getting help from man's best friend, but what makes these loyal partners extra special is who is training them. abc's jake tapper has more. >> reporter: irvine the golden retriever is not just man's best friend. he can open doors. >> yes, good boy. >> reporter: turn on lights. and pick up your wallet. a dollar bill. or a credit card. >> way to go. >> reporter: irvine and other dogs such as 4-month-old puppy cadence are part of a three-year training course to help wounded warriors. troops back from iraq or afghanistan with debilitating injuries. now that in itself is not new. what is new is who is training these service dogs. other wounded warriors. such as sergeant brian bradley from st. mary's, ohio, who lost his right arm in battle in afghanistan in 2010. he says it helps for the dogs to be trained by actual amputees with prosthetic limbs. to get used to them. >> and i can do a lot of things with this. and when i first got to the
3:45 am
program last year, like some of the puppies were like, what is that? they see the hook moving around and stuff. >> reporter: private first class corey doan lost his leg to an ied in afghanistan in july 2011. he says training these dogs has been a life line. >> it's going to be depressing to be sitting in a hospital bed recuperating. >> for sure. kind of takes like the man out of you, but it was nice to actually go out and do something again. instead of just sitting in the bed healing or doing physical therapy. >> reporter: bradley says the service dogs can help combat post-traumatic stress disorder. >> every time i put on the prosthetic that looks like my other arm, it's like an instant memory of me actually losing my arm that day. >> reporter: but irvine helps? >> oh, yeah. it's a great day when i'm with him. >> good boy. >> reporter: jake tapper, abc news, at the pentagon. >> love that story. >> so often they just need something to channel their energies and their efforts and
3:46 am
passions into. glad to see that program is working out for them. >> very cool story there. >> sweet dogs. dogs that even you can appreciate. >> i do. i do. they are doing a great task there. hard not to love that story. good guys all the way around. coming up next after the break -- the star from "sex and the city" who just had a big life change. update her marital status. >> and why the queen of hip-hop soul is accused of being a deadbeat diva. what? it's all next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back, everybody. time for the tuesday "skinny" here. good news to start off with in the romance department this morning. of course, you all remember cynthia nixon from "sex and the city" fame. on sunday, she took a big step here in new york. she got married to her longtime partner christine marinoni. they got married on the 27th, which was sunday. cynthia is now 46 years old. and her partner there christine is 45.
3:49 am
she's an educational activist. they've been together awhile. like eight years. since 2004. and cynthia has two children from her previous marriage to a man. obviously, things have changed. she's happy. she's married. she's in love. we wish her the best. doing well in these post-"sex and the city" years. >> she did take some criticism from the lgbt community because she said that, for her, it was a choice that she -- you remember that? >> and she later backtracked. there was a big backlash. so congrats to cynthia. so keira knightley, i'm not sure what she's done of late, in terms of movies, but she's getting married. she's got a ring on it from a british rocker from the band the klaxons which i've never heard of them. i apologize for my naivety. but she and her new beau have been together for about a year. his name is james righton. they are there looking happily
3:50 am
in love, or not. their heads were down. but she's going to be off the market soon. >> she's doing well. she's one of those hot young hollywood -- >> she needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers. >> she's caught some flack for being on the thin side. >> she's beautiful, though. >> beautiful. maybe now that she's married, they always say marriage adds a few pounds. >> may add a couple of ounces. some drama with mary j. blige. this one i don't get. this comes from "the new york post." she started this charity back in 2007. the whole goal was to empower women and give them money to go off to college, things like that. apparently now this thing is broke because there's a whole litany of things here. $60,000 that was raised by the sale of her perfume that's unaccounted for. a bill unpaid for a musician that played at a benefit concert. a default on a bank loan for $250,000.
3:51 am
and $18,000 spent on a press conference in 2008. who knows what costs that much. apparently this thing is just a little shady here. we don't have a response yet from mary's camp. she's gone on tv and touted this charity as all the great works. and sending women to college. i'm doing this. i'm doing that. her career is doing well. she's in that new movie coming up "rock of ages." >> doesn't make a ton of sense. you have to think something fell through the cracks here. >> mary, stop singing about chicken and start paying your bills. just what i'm saying. i don't understand that. get it together. especially for such a good cause and she can afford it. >> i need your opinion on this next story. there's this new biopic about jimi hendrix they are currently filming. we saw what andre 3000 looked like recently. what do you think? spitting image or no? >> i didn't even know they were making a movie about jimi hendrix. >> it's a biopic. >> is it biopic or biopic? >> i don't know. it's tuesday morning. it's a new movie but the estate
3:52 am
hasn't necessarily given them permission to use his music. let's see how that works out. he's not saying if that afro is real. >> i don't see resemblance other than the hair. follow the wings.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ a-b-c easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ i learned something. it is a biopic. 36 years of my life i've been saying biopic. >> i bet you can spell it and that's what counts. home-schooled 6-year-old lori anne madison is ready to s-p-e-l-l her way to the stop. >> you misspelled that. >> did i? >> no. she's the youngest contestant on record to qualify for this week's national spelling bee.
3:56 am
pamela brown introduces us to this remarkable young l-a-d-y, lady. >> reporter: lori anne madison acts like a typical 6-year-old girl. >> i have a pretty normal life. i like to play. >> reporter: this precocious pint-sized little girl is anything but ordinary. not only is she the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee, she'll be sharing the stage with contestants twice her age. but none of that seems to faze her. >> honestly, it's not as big, and i'm not really excited like, oh, i'm going to the national spelling bee. i'm more like, it's fine. >> reporter: home schooled in prince william county, madison is well ahead of the curve from other kids her age who are still learning how to read. abc put her to the test back in march. >> a-n-t-i- -- >> reporter: and she passed with ease. when she's not spelling sophisticated words she enjoys playing angry birds.
3:57 am
>> very advanced. got to almost all the levels. >> reporter: and debating with her parents. >> i just do it and do it and do it until their heads spin. >> reporter: she already has big plans for her future. >> i wanted to be an astrobiologist. i like astrology and biology. i'm also aiming to be in the swimming part of the olympics. >> reporter: as for all the aug autographs and air time, madison says she just wants to be back to being a normal kid. >> too much of it is really overwhelming. i mean, one is fine. two is fine. three is fine, but not too many. >> do you feel like it's hit too many? >> exactly. i hope this will be my last one. >> wow. that girl is going places. makes you feel dumb. >> i love that she was spelling antidisestablishmentarianism. i remember learning that word in fourth grade. boom! fourth grade. >> you are smarter than a 6-year-old girl. >> but i can't say biopic.
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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