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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, weather extremes. >> on this back to work day soaking rains and sky high temps punishing weather sticking around for another day. >> look out below. airplane pieces falling off a jumbo jet packed with more than 300 people, raining down on cars below. >> dangerous drop. a young girl plummets off a climbing wall while her dad records the whole thing. and wanted man. cops near l.a. have questions for justin bieber, his bust-up with paparazzi after this training session with iron mike tyson. good morning, everyone.
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we begin with nature's wrath. flooding and record-breaking heat. >> georgia is now bearing the bankrupt of what's left of beryl. winds diminishing but it stalled over the state poised to dump a day's worth of soaking rain along the coast and cling to south carolina before drifting out to sea on thursday. we have more on this now from abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: there is no escape. a tropical storm, record-breaking heat, wildfires, across the country americans are fighting extreme weather. beryl, the holiday crashing tropical storm, is now a tropical depression but not before leaving behind a mess. >> i didn't think the whole tree would go. we weren't thinking about the whole thing. >> reporter: beryl toppled trees and power lines and emptied out beaches over the holiday weekend. in florida, 20,000 homes without power. thousands more in georgia. the remnants of the storm are still soaking coastal florida and georgia. although the winds have tapered off, the storm could trigger
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strong thunderstorms and tornadoes today as it stalls over georgia. beryl should drift out to sea wednesday afternoon or thursday morning. in other parts of the country the battle is the soaring heat. nearly 300 record highs smashed this holiday weekend. >> it was hot and i felt like i was going to pass out. >> nervous to see what august and july brings. >> reporter: the heat is providing new fuel for wildfires burning in eight states. in the southwest, a furious fire in new mexico's gila national forest. more than 122,000 acres up in flames. >> we are just hoping and praying that mother nature will give us a break. >> reporter: in michigan a fire raging across more than 22,000 acres of land. local landmarks, homes, cabins consumed by the blaze. temperatures are expected to fall the next couple of days. much-needed relief after what has been for many the warmest spring on record. tahman bradley, abc news. dangerous conditions today and our extreme weather team is
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covering all of it later this morning on "good morning america." and now we turn to the latest details about that bizarre incident in the skies above toronto. pieces of a huge air canada jet fell to the earth smashing right into cars. >> safety experts are now trying to figure out what would cause such a dangerous condition. here's abc's lisa stark. >> reporter: the air canada 777 was heading from toronto to japan, 318 passengers and 16 crew. after taking off one of the engines shut down and it appears pieces of the plane, possibly parts of that engine, fell off the jet. plummeting into a nearby suburb. the metal parts smashing flew the windshields of parked cars. their owners, stunned. >> first thing i said, oh, my god, what is this. what is going on, right. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this? >> no. >> reporter: up in the air the captain declared an emergency with just one of two engines still running. planes are designed and pilots
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trained for just such an emergency and the jet returned and landed safely. just last week in florida a main cabin door flew off a private plane crashing into a golf course. again, no one injured. it is not common for airplane parts to peel off, but it does happen. usually due to metal fatigue or maintenance issues. it can be catastrophic depending on what falls off the plane and during what phase of flight. thankfully in these two recent incidents, both those on the planes and those on the ground escaped injury. lisa stark, abc news, washington. unbelievable no one was injured. breaking news from afghanistan where nato forces have killed al qaeda's second highest ranking leader in that country. he was responsible for commanding foreign insurgents and launching attacks on u.s. troops. more breaking news this morning from northern italy where a strong aftershock has damaged more buildings.
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the quake registered a magnitude of 5.8, the region was hit by an earthquake just over a week ago which killed seven people and damaged or destroy eed hundredsf buildings. new concerns this morning about radiation stemming from last year's nuclear disaster in japan. a bluefin tuna has carried it from japan all the way to california. that's 6,000 miles. the level of radiation was ten times higher than tuna caught last year. but no fear, that is still well below the safe to eat limits set by the government. now we turn to presidential politics this morning. after today's primary in texas, mitt romney is likely to see hi magic number of 1144 and that will be enough to officially end mathematically clinch the republican presidential nomination finally. but he will not actually be in texas tonight. instead he's attending a fund-raiser with the one and only donald trump and after
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marking memorial day in san diego yesterday he refused to back away from trump's continued questioning of president obama's birthplace. >> you know, i don't agree with all the people who support me. but i need to get 50.1% or more and i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. >> of course, that birth certificate matter actually settled months ago. now mr. romney does lead the presidential overwhelmingly among veterans. meanwhile, the press honored the nation's war dead at arlington national cemetery as well as vietnam war memorial and said too many vietnam vets have been disrespected and underappreciated. today the president hands out the nation's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom which will go to 13 recipients. time for the weather across the nation. aside from the storm in the southeast expect a hot and sticky day from new york to d.c.
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with severe storms moving through by late afternoon. cooler air and showers across the midwest from fargo to the twin cities. and northern wisconsin, hail and dangerous winds around joplin, and dallas and showers in the northern rockies. >> 78 in boise, 86 in albuquerque. 97 in phoenix. just 55 in fargo, 64 in minneapolis and 82 in chicago. dallas heats up to 93. atlanta, 83. and it'll be 88 right here in the big apple. well, coming up, something for the elvis fan who has everything. you can buy the king's tomb. >> thank you very much. plus, as walmart, the company gets bigger, some of its stores are getting smallerment introducing now walmart express. >> i think they should call it smallmart. only in l.a., a bear takes a dip. we're right back.
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welcome back. well, it appears to be a merry month of may for the auto industry. even before the memorial day weekend was over auto dealers are reporting happy traffic in their showrooms. now most analysts expect this month's sales will be up about 20% from a year ago. the world's biggest supermarket chain plans to get smaller. walmart finds its smallest stores are doing better than expected so they're going to open up more walmart express outlets. the facebook fiasco is
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turning off small investors. many are you will pulling out of the stock market after the technical glitches as well as insider tips and falling prices for the shares. they hoped it would encourage smaller investors but it is doing the opposite. overseas markets higher as investors did some bargain hunting. tokyo's nikkei average picked up 64. hong kong's hang seng added 197. in london, the ftse opened higher and back here at home on wall street, u.s. markets were closed yesterday for the holiday. last week the dow gained 85 points, the nasdaq index was up 59. well, from the why didn't i think of this file, wallpaper could soon help preserve the privacy and security of your home wi-fi network talking about actual wallpaper. a finnish company is going to introduce met that paper that will keep your signal within your walls. >> nice idea. all it takes is one idea. here's something for the
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ultimate elvis fan out there. a chance to rest eternally in the tomb of the king. presley was interred here for two months after he died back in 1977 before his body was moved to graceland, of course, that's his estate. the crypt in a memphis cemetery is now up for auction starting bid, $100,000. >> i'm going to stay with the family plot. >> i think that's smart. next up this tuesday morning one family's incredible survival story crash landing in a blizzard. >> and the moment a father watched his young daughter fall right off a climbing wall. we'll tell you this morning how she's doing now. i'm here with karen and her bffs and we are talking about activia. i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity
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at home including taking a nice dip in the pool. the sisters who took the video said it seemed like the bear could not care less that they were watching. their family lived there for 20 years and say this is the first ever bear sighting. >> looking for some porridge i believe too. now for a look at morning road condition, wet on i-95 from the carolinas to daytona beach. flooding on parts of i-10 and 75 in florida. heavy rain on i-35 from oklahoma city to dallas and it's going to be slick on i-90 from billings to spokane. >> flying today, airport delays are possible along the east coast with all that rain here in new york, philly, washington, d.c., and atlanta. okay, there is nothing cliche about saying the family we're going to tell you about is lucky to be alive. they survived the crash of their small plane in the mountains of idaho. >> pretty miraculous. luckily their 911 call went through and rescuers arrived just in time.
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abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> what is your emergency? >> hi. i'm in an airplane and i crashed. >> reporter: they were trapped. a father, mother and daughter inside their mangled cessna on a remote, snowy idaho mountain. >> i need you to send a search party, please. >> reporter: it was 9:00 p.m. on saturday when the browns went down. father brian in the cockpit telling his wife and daughter, i don't think we're going to make it. somehow they did spending the entire night, 15 hours, in below freezing whiteout conditions. the windshield smashed. their own blood on the door. >> okay. >> i can get up and walk around but my head is split open pretty good. >> reporter: a fire captain from northern california, usually it's brian doing the rescuing. this time, his family needed help. daughter heather had pelvic injuries. mother jayann injured her head and back. >> how is the weather where you're at? >> we're in the snow. >> reporter: still, they stayed calm. starting a fire with the plane's
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fuel, sealing off the cabin to keep warm. a medical helicopter spotted the wreckage. but to get to the family, ground crews had to trek through six-foot snow drifts down 60-degree mountain slopes. >> it was slick, wet, icy. everything you don't want to have, we had. >> reporter: finally, the family hoisted one by one to safety above. >> they were very lucky. >> reporter: lucky and thankful to be in a hospital recuperating together. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> and we have a new detail about investigators piecing together their case against the man who confessed to killing etan patz. "the new york post" reports that police ruled out a landfill search for the little boy's remains and "the wall street journal" says the sister of suspect pedro hernandez went to the police in the '80s after hearing her brother confessed to a prayer group. what they did with the information is not known.
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>> it gets stranger and stranger. also a young girl in miami is recovering after a frightening fall at a weekend carnival. her dad was taking video while 11-year-old emily davis near the top of a rock climbing wall. she started coming down and that's when she fell 18 feet to the ground. something went wrong with her safety harness. suffered a concussion and was placed in a neck brace. well, the san antonio spurs go for their 20th straight victory tonight when they face oklahoma city in the nba's western conference finals. as for the eastern conference, highlights now from espn. good morning, i'm hachem dermish. paul pierce and dwyane wade sharing pleasant tris. first quarter, lebron with the sdpael take it the other way for the dunk. takes his time. he should. he's smooth. then mario challenge mers off to lebron, this is good as well.
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wow. second quarter, celtics coming back. paul pierce buries the three from the wings, celtics down two. more pierce. how about another three from the corner? game tied at 46. here we go. third quarter, tied at 50. shane battier with a block on rondo. get that out of here. then chicago mers feeds battier, lets him finish what he started. buries the three. heat up, 53-50. later in the third, wade grabs a rebound, chucks a full-court pass to lebron. that was sweet. another look. lebron with 32 points and 13 rebounds in this game. later in the third, more heat, battier, forcing a turnover, gets it to challenmers. miami led by as many at 17. fourth quarter, wade, drives. 22 points in the game for him, the heat win it, 93-79 and
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winner of game one in the conference finals goes on to win the series, 80% of the time. eastern conference finals continue on wednesday. but first the nba lottery at 8:00 eastern and then the heat will look to get lucky in game two, 8:30 eastern on espn. >> i'm thinking boston in that game. >> really. i think the heat got it this year. >> we'll see. >> we have a side bet. up next the pulse and new questions in a pop star scuffle. cops want to question the biebs. and meet the couple with a style all their own. they never leave the house without matching attire. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one story. pain doesn't have much of a place in my life. i checked the schedule and it's not on it. [ laughs ] you never know when advil® is needed. well most people only know one side of my life.
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time to check "the pulse," stories you're going to be talking on this tuesday. we start with the biebs' run-in with a photographer. >> we told you about it yesterday. that photographer claiming he roughed him up while he attempted to take his picture. he was working out with former heavywheat champ mike tyson before the alleged dust-up. he was hitting the heavy bag with iron mike. >> big fan of boxing, the biebs is. they want to question him about the altercation he and selena gomez left the scene before they
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arrived. >> i thought he was a good kid. going to be a great boxer one day. he's going to be great. you like that sorry, mike. chris hayes apologized after comments that outraged veterans on the eve of memorial day day. >> hayes said he was uncomfortable with describing soldiers as heroes. he felt it could be used. >> he acknowledged he was talking about something he had never experienced. >> careful what you say. >> a couple from nebraska may have discovered the secret to a successful marriage right in their very own closet. joey and mell schwank who said "i do" 65 years ago never leave the house unless they wear matching outfits. >> they have 150 custom-made outfits. we picked some of our flavors. it's usually floral. it's a nod to their business as florists. >> zigzag look, fashion forward
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the overnight relief you're looking for. updating our top stories now safety experts will be trying to figure out what caused pieces of an air canada jet to come crashing to the ground near the toronto airport. several cars were damaged. jurors in the john edwards corruption trial are entering day seven of deliberations fueling speculation they might be deadlocked. the remnants of tropical storm beryl is expected to hover over georgia for much of the day with flooding downpours. the storm will then cling to the carolina coast before turning back out to sea on thursday. and taking a look at today's weather, showers in the northern rockies and upper midwest. hail and high winds from wichita to dallas. it's going to be hot and humid in the northeast with severe storms by late afternoon. and finally from us this morning, the amazing animals would are helping out our nation's wounded warriors helping them to rebuild their lives.
4:28 am
>> what's surprising about these loyal service dogs is who is training them. here's abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: irvine the golden retriever is not just man's best friend. he can open doors. >> yes, good boy. >> reporter: turn on lights. and pick up your wallet. a dollar bill. or a credit card. >> way to go. >> reporter: irvine and other dogs such as 4-month-old puppy cadence are part of a three-year training course to help wounded warriors. troops back from iraq or afghanistan with debilitating injuries. now that in itself is not new. what is new is who is training these service dogs. other wounded warriors. such as sergeant brian bradley from st. mary's, ohio, who lost his right arm in battle in afghanistan in 2010. he says it helps for the dogs to be trained by actual amputees with prosthetic limbs to get used to them. >> and i can do a lot of things with this. and when i first got to the program last year, like some of the puppies were like, what is that? they see the hook moving around
4:29 am
and stuff. >> reporter: private first class corey doan from vancouver, washington, lost his leg to an ied in afghanistan in july 2011. he says training these dogs has been a life line. >> it's going to be depressing to be sitting in a hospital bed recuperating. >> for sure. kind of takes like the man out of you, but it was nice to actually go out and do something again instead of just sitting in the bed healing or doing physical therapy. >> reporter: bradley says the service dogs can help combat posttraumatic stress disorder. >> it looks identical to my other arm and it's like an instant memory of me actually losing my arm that day. >> reporter: but irvine helps? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. it's a great day when i'm with him. >> good boy. >> reporter: jake tapper, abc news, at the pentagon. >> oh, what a great story on many levels. very cool. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> make sure you stay with us for "good morning america" and have a terrific tuesday, everybody. >> thanks for watching.


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