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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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utside for the morning. widespread 70's all across the viewing area. a few 60's here and there in virginia. it is 70 in frederick frostburg and woodstock, 70. 72 in manassas. at the beltway, 75 in chevy chase and arlington. the average afternoon high for today is 79. we are four degrees away from that in the beltway. high temperatures near 90 degrees this afternoon with heavy humidity. there's a lot of moisture in atmosphere. that will get to run out in the thundershowers later on today. numerous showers and storms expected, especially in the afternoon and evening with locally heavy rain expected into the nighttime. there could be problems for the evening commute. >> this morning's commute has no problems. travel times in our favor between richmond and baltimore. giving you the green light.
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there was a minor collision reported on 270 northbound at father hurley boulevard. traffic heading away from us is northbound. no problems. now back to news. >> we are following breaking news from overseas this morning. at least one person has been killed in a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in northern italy. it caused buildings to collapse in areas hit by a larger quake last week. stores and schools throughout the area were evacuated as a precaution. >> police looking into what led to a deadly crash in clinton maryland, just before midnight on route 5 south of woodyard road. one driver was killed. police of not release the condition of the other driver. in fauquier county, we expect to learn more about those involved in a deadly plane crash that happened yesterday. >> two planes collided killing the pilot and a passenger and a second pilot survived. john gonzalez has reaction from
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witnesses. >> moments after the two private planes collided in mid-air, one of the aircraft exploded on this person's backyard killing the pilot and passenger. he picked up his camera and documented the airplane engulfed in flames. >> i saw some white on the ground and heavy fire on top of. >> a mile away, t complaint crashed in a fing pilot appeared to be denounced for the airport. >> right after it went past the trees, even before the turnaround, there was a loud sound. >> virginia state police and officials are securing the secluded area and collecting debris from the wreckage. the flanagans ran toward the wreckage and witnessed the pilot walked away. >> i saw that he was bleeding profusely. >> the surviving pilot was concerned about calling his wife and kept referring to a trip he was attempting to make to alaska. >> it disintegrated on the
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ground. you could see the pilot bump the grass and clipped the top of a tree. >> the victims have not been identified. the surviving pilot was taken to mary washington hospital. the extent of his injuries are not known. john gonzales reporting, abc 7 news. >> the public gets a chance to say goodbye this week to d.c. musical legend chuck brown. today a public hearing for the "godfather of go-go will be held at the howard theater in d.c. jummy olabanji is live in northwest with a look ahead. >> good morning. we are outside the howard theatre. even at this early morning hours, preparations are underway. you can see crews are putting up several dozen of those steel grates that will be the line for people waiting to see chuck brown. he died last week after suffering from pneumonia. he was 75 years old.
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the public viewing will take place today at the howard theatre beginning at 11:00 this morning. that will go until 10:00 tonight. everyone is invited. members of his family will be here as well as his band mates. and city dignitaries including d.c. mayor vincent gray. on thursday, that's when there will be a public memorial service. that will be held at the d.c. convention center from noon until 3:00. that is expected to be a heavily attended event as well. just a reminder for anyone wanting to come out, here this out d.c. police have this area blocked off several. blocks around. you cannot drive in front of here. only the media is allowed. you should take metro or some other form of public transportation as parking is very limited. jummy olabanji reporting, abc 7 news. >> some district leaders will hold a news conference today in an effort to protect the sea
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home-rule. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton, mayor vincent gray, and leaders of some national organizations will be there. norton says it will focus on protecting the reproductive rights of women in d.c. manly. d.c. gun safety, marriage equality, hiv and aids laws will also be discussed. turning to the race for the white house, it's expected to be a monumental day for republican mitt romney. >> is expected to get the number of delegates required to close the gop nomination. brianne carter is live in the newsroom to explain. >> after what some say has been years of planning and months of campaigning and a narrowing field of candidates, today could be the day that mitt romney has been waiting for. voters in texas will have to the polls for the republican primary. they could be the ones to give romney the votes he needs to cleanse the republican nomination. today in texas, 152 delegates are up for grabs. romney is just 58 shy of the
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ones thousand 144 needed. just five months before the general accident, romney says today will be a big day for him. -- before the general election. the former massachusetts governor is scheduled to campaign in colorado and las vegas. he will attend a fund-raiser in las vegas tonight with donald troyer. -- trump. >> president obama this afternoon will award the presidential medal of freedom to 13 receptions. honorees include john paul stevens, pat summit, bob dylan and john glenn. the medal of freedom is the country's highest civilian honor. >> it's tuesday already 73 degrees >> . still ahead, good news for metro rail customers. find out when more trains will be added during the morning and evening rush. >> a reminder of the dangers of heat. trips to the
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>> after this walter memorial day, more heat is expected today. and yesterday's high temperatures prove dangerous in some instances. d.c. fire and ems responded to a dozen heat-related calls. one of them was at 21st and e
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streets where several of the people from a tennessee marching band became ill from the hot weather. >> by the cotton right now. let's look at how hot it's going to be. -- 5:10 right now. >> let's talk about thunderstorms. that will be the headline this afternoon and evening. notice the first few thunderstorms could fire from the potomac highlands around lunchtime and as early as noon and 1:00 p.m. it will be later in the metro area, close to the evening drive, through the nighttime and into wednesday mordent east of 95. otherwise we will be clearing out on wednesday. tomorrow, and humidity will be dropping. 76 right now in washington. highs around 90 degrees with late-day showers and storms. >> it's dry and quiet this morning, good for martyrmetro rail
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and marc rail. no problems in maryland and virginia on 95. out of fredericksburg getting past the marine base and open all the way into springfield and beyond to the 14th street bridge. good in and out of baltimore and washington. on 95 " beltway at new hampshire, university, colesville road, it's all a nice trip. back to you. >> thank you. metro will add a few more trains for the morning and evening rush hours starting next month. it will run more trains between 6:00 27:00 p.m. and again between 3:00 24:00 p.m. that will be at 21 of the busiest metro stations. but arlington national will see a decrease of service. metro is unveiling a new map to coincide with the new rush-hour schedule. first lady michelle obama will hang out with good morning america at times square this morning to discuss her new book
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clucks this is "good morning washington" --on your side club. the fiddle like to dance in clinton, maryland. one driver killed in a two-car crash before midnight on march 0 -- and route 5, south of woodyard road. two planes collided in mid-air over fauquier county, virginia.
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one of the planes went down in a backyard around 4 cluster afternoon. the other plane narrowly made it through a gap in some trees and landed in a field. that pilot survived. a public viewing will be held today for chuck brown at the house or bitter in northwest d.c. it will start at 11:00 this morning and go until 10:00 tonight. then on thursday there is a public memorial service at the washington edmonton center from noon until 3:00. he died at the age of 75. >> police in toronto believed chunks of metal that fell on cars near the airport came from an airplane bound for japan. it had to land after takeoff yesterday because of engine failure of. witness is saw smoke coming from an engine and then called police. no one was injured. violence is a clearing in egypt around the first round of voting in the upcoming presidential election. someone set fire to the campaign headquarters of a presidential candidate named shafik.
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there would be a runoff next month. >> the biggest scandal to rock the vatican in decades. the pope the's butler is charged with leaking documents showing power struggles corruption, and intrigue among the highest levels of the catholic church. he is now willing to work with investigators and that could mean more church officials could be implicated in the alleged shady dealings. for the right price, you can oqbn -- own the tomb once used by elvis presley. >> he was on the in it for about two months. starting at $100,000, if you could have a chance to be the owner. >> somebody will buy that. >> i am sure some of his big fans will try to get this.
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not many people can say they will be buried where elvis was. >> we will see where it goes. a topic up for debate, the son of entertainer sean combs is getting criticism for receiving a full scholarship to ucla. the question is not whether he earned a scholarship. he had good grades and is a good athlete, playing football. so he got a full scholarship. >> what do you think about this? he made a three-point 75 gpa and is a great athlete from high school. other kids that have similar abilities probably would like a scholarship as well parrot-- 3.75 gps. some people say the money should go to the less fortunate because his father is wealthy. >> the nice thing would be, because you don't want people to say you are relying on your father's money, it would be nice
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that he gets to keep the scholarship because he earned it but then maybe his father would donate the money to other kids in need. then everybody is happy. >> i agree. >> samsung cements its position as the top smartphone maker in the world. >> paula faris has more. >> mideast >> mideast computers under attack in iran and other parts of the. middle the iran blames the u.s. and israel. samsung galaxy smartphone goes on sale today in europe and the middle east. it runs on the android operating system and has a much bigger screen than the iphone. it will be for sale in north america in three weeks. there is a company that plans to introduce a program to keep your wi-fi signals within your walls. and your house plants, there's
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a sense of place in the soil to collect data such as moisture and could relate it to a smartphone application. what will they think of next? >> adam caskey said earlier that today will be similar to yesterday. >> we will be near 90 degrees. >> how about humidity? >> i was about to ask about that. you said tomorrow will be a little better. >> tomorrow we will start to see the humidity dropping gradually. big improvements on wednesday. thursday is the best they all declined in terms of how it will feel outside and thunderstorms chances for. if i expect widespread showers and thunderstorms today. hold off on watering the garden. it will get a soaking later on today. this morning it is rather warm outside, 76 in the district of. 76 at reagan national if. still a few degrees shy of our average afternoon high temperature 7. the to a dulles airport and 70
5:20 am
in the shenandoah valley. 73 in winchester. in cumberland, 68 degrees to start your day and. lexington park, 75. satellite and radar, clear skies over the washington area. a lot of sunshine to start the day. clouds will develop quickly. there's a lot of clouds and thundershowers off to our west in the midsection of the country. that's a cold front that is pushing our way. we have a tropical depression beryl. and will stay out of our region. it will get swept out to sea. the cold front will affect us and energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere. behind the front cooler, less humid air moving into town tomorrow and selling in for the end of the week into the weekend. -- settling in. localized downpours expected this evening even into early
5:21 am
tomorrow morning. mid 80's tomorrow for the high temperature, dropping humidity. it gets better by the end of the workweek. >> starting very well right now beltway travel, interstate travel, everything working in our favor from metro rail, marc rail, and vre. more traffic in less than 10 minutes. now back to news. >> it's tuesday. >> the u.s. men's soccer team preparing for a big olympic test against brazil tomorrow night. we will look at monday afternoon's practice in college park. >> the nation's tallest man. even walking around is difficult. >> i cannot continue life living the way i am.
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>> the celtics shot just 39% from the field. miami takes game one of the eastern conference finals, 83- 79. >> the second game is wednesday night. tonight is game two of the western conference finals. antonio took game 1 against oklahoma city. >> now more. >> the u.s. men's soccer team played against scotland. it was a 5-1 draw led by brendan donovan -- and an donovan's patrick. -- landon donovan. one thing is for sure, it's going to be an exciting match up. " i have always enjoyed playing games in the d.c. area. there was a very good rivalry in the new england area. people love soccer here.
5:26 am
>> it's a different team. they are using these games now to get themselves ready for the world cup. it's gone to be really hard game if. >> the nationals in miami are looking to get the first win of that series today. have a great day. >> thanks so much. 72 degrees outside this morning. the news continues at 5:30. >> searching for clues into what caused two planes collided in mid-air in fauquier county yesterday. two people killed and a third person hospitalized. >> a public viewing for the late chuck brown will be held today. i am outside the howard theatre to he give you a preview of the event that thousands are expected to attend, coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. yesterday was our first 90- degree day of the year. will we do it hello! honey? who's she? downy unstopables. here to shake up your fresh. like a cheerleader on espresso.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 5:30 investigators will be back of the scene of a deadly plane crash in fauquier county, trying to determine how two planes collided in mid-air, killing two people. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, may 29. i am steve chenevey. >> thanks for being with us, i am pamela brown. let's start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey. >> under showers this afternoon and evening. even tonight. into tonight the heat and humidity is the other deadline. near 90 this afternoon with dick humidity. that will change tomorrow. -- thick humidity. 72 in montgomery village along
5:30 am
with suitland and fort washington. near 73 in huntingtown right now to start the day. showers and thunderstorms expected as early as lunchtime in the northwest of town in the potomac highlands. in the afternoon and evening we should have areas of rain and even in the metro area with localized heavy downpours later on today as well. we have a lot of moisture in the air. you feel the humidity. locally heavy rainfall and a few downpours expected. near 90 today. temperatures on the downswing tomorrow. more coming up. now to lisa >> . we start in virginia, off to a good start. 86 95, 395, no problems on the beltway as far as virginia. light volume northbound. we will get back to the tuesday morning routine up to the pentagon and beyond. the beltway traffic in maryland reports of a driver in medical distress on the beltway on the outer loop side. that would be the headlights in
5:31 am
this camera. near river road. emergency equipment is on the way to help the person. he pulled onto the shoulder and dialed 911. back to news. following a developing story in fauquier county. two people killed yesterday and a third person fighting for his life after two planes collided in mid-air. >> this was videotaped by a man after one of the planes went down in his backyard at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the pilot and passenger in that plane lost their lives. but the remarkable story of survival about a mile away. >> coming from over there and coming really fast. >> nowhere in the tree line could he have hit those trees and survived. >> you can see the small gap in the trees where they are walking. the pilot of the second plane guided his aircraft through that tight area. lost a wing in the landing but walked away with his life.
5:32 am
the identities have not been released. >> 5:32 on this tuesday. deliberations resume today in the edwards trial after a weekend break. this will be the seventh day of deliberations. speculation is growing that jurors may be deadlocked. they are reviewing 17 days of testimony and 500 trial exhibits. must determine whether edwards knew about secret payments received and whether he knew he was violating federal law by allowing this. >> expect big crowds in d.c. today for the public viewing of music legend chuck brown. the public can pay its respects at the howard theatre in northwest d.c. today. that is where jummy olabanji is live. good morning. >> i just spoke with the event planner at the howard theatre. he said they expect up to 30,000 people to walk through the doors of the howard theatre all day long to pay their respects to chuck brown today. behind me they have the silver barricaded up.
5:33 am
that's where the crowd will be waiting in line to go inside later on today when immortals starts at 11:00. he passed away last week at the age of 75. he had been suffering from pneumonia and died at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. his family, friends bedmates and fans are expected to be here at today's public memorial. -- bandmates. they are expecting so many people to be here today that ems and police will be here as well as a water station. the temperature will be in the '90s. they are asking everyone to dress lightly and to be patient as there could be long lines to get into this public memorial. the funeral will be held at the d.c. convention center on thursday. that will begin at noon. that is also open to the public. if you plan on coming down here today, officials are warning you
5:34 am
that several blocks have been closed and they're asking that you use either green or yellow line or get dropped off at the university metro stop. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> today is likely the day romney becomes the official gop presidential nominee when voters in texas head to the polls. is expected to get the final delegates needed to cleanse the party not. the texas primary offers 152 delegates. he is only 58 short of what's required. a new gallup survey finds veterans are for running over obama, 58% to 34%. >> a big disparity in median income in jurisdictions in our area. loudoun county is the highest at $120,000 a year. that is up from four years ago. in the district the median income is $61,000, also up 8%. it's also up in prince william
5:35 am
county. but it fell in alexandria, fairfax, and montgomery. today we get a sneak peek at maryland's newest casino as the maryland live casino anne arundel bill small is holding a media preview day today. the $500 million casino will have 4800 slot machines. that's more than any other casino in maryland. it opens to the public on june 6, pending approval from the state lottery agency. it will be the third casino to open in maryland. >> the national spelling bee kicks off tomorrow in the nation's capital. one contestant is getting a lot of attention because she is only 6 years old. lori anne madison of woodbrige, is the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee. >> honestly, it's not as big and i am not really like i'm going to the national spelling bee in! i ami'm more like, uh, it's fine. >> she will compete against spellers from across the u.s.
5:36 am
and u.s. territories. most of the opera disciplines are twice her age and twice her size. >>-- most of the participants are twice her age. if she does not do well this around, she still has nine more years. >> i think she will do fine. it is 74 degrees in bowie. >> still ahead, more changes for metro customers. why the transit agency will introduce a new smartrip card. >> and an update on a georgia woman battling a flesh eating disease. the milestone that she reached over the weekend. >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10
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>> good morning, my name is kamira. we are at martin luther king jr.. >> good morning, washington. >> that always puts a smile on my face early in the morning. 5:39. expect rain showers and heavy downpours later this afternoon and evening, even as early as lunchtime off to our west. we are starting the day with nothing but clear skies. sunshine and we will see the sun
5:40 am
rise in five minutes. it is 69 in warrenton, 72 in winchester, 75 in arlington. bowie and clarksburg, starting at 71 degrees, hot and humid today. highs near 90 degrees again. it will feel like yesterday of. widespread showers and thundershowers later today tonight, and into early tomorrow morning. cooler and a little less humid tomorrow. >> giving you the green light on 95. volume is increasing, but normal travel times for this time of morning between dale city and the beltway out of fredericksburg up to the marine base, and in baltimore. in good shape along 270 between father hurley and the beltway. they are looking for a driver on the beltway near river road in medical distress but it's not affecting traffic. we were watching 270 at 109 because someone hit a deer southbound near clarksburg.
5:41 am
what's left of that accident is on the shoulder as folks are looking at flashing lights. lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning bladensburg police are working with prince george's county police to w figure policeho killed a man last night. an unconscious person was discovered after 11:00 in the 5600 block of annapolis road near the medical center. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators think this was a homicide, but they don't know who killed the man or why. metro plans to issue a new type of smartrip card early this fall. you can continue to use your old card but the new style card will cost metro and its customers for less money. the current cards cost about $5 each and not including the fares. smart trip cards will be more important for transit starting july 1 when metro will begin charging $1 per trip for rail passengers using the paper farecards. >> first lady michelle obama is
5:42 am
sponsoring a new navy attack submarine. u.s.s. illinois, named former home state. it is being built in connecticut and newport news, virginia. she will establish a special bond with the sailors and their families. it is expected to be commissioned in late 2015. other first ladies have sponsored submarines including laura bush and hillary clinton. the time is 5:42, 74 degrees in reston. >> coming up, a look at the extreme weather affecting parts of the u.s. including the mess that tropical storm beryl left behind in florida a. estrange mission for five hikers. they're hoping a ghost will help to break occurs. we will [ mechanicacal humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ ♪
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here's what's coming up in the next half-hour at 6:00. another controversial comment made by a high-profile lawmaker. it made the crowd gasped at a
5:46 am
graduation. >> and 7 is on your side with some new airline fees. >> always getting attention. and house hunting in the district. those stories and more coming up at the top of the hour at 6:00 a.m. >> police in texas are working a high-altitude standoff. a man is still in a crane on the southern methodist university campus. he's been in there's insisted afternoon after some officers -- after telling officers that he was armed and threatening anyone who would approach. electricity has been cut off and the cab was exposed to sweltering heat. no students on campus. >> flesh eating bacteria victim aimee copeland spoke for the first time on sunday. she said to her father that it feels weird being. able to being she developed the disease after cutting her leg while falling from a homemade
5:47 am
zip-line over a river. sheep washe began breathing on her own. >> a tropical storm brought to drenching rain to the east coast on the weekend. >> and there's record heat. >> there's no escape. tropical storm katia near record-breaking heat wildfires americans across the country are fighting extreme weather. a tropical storm is now a tropical depression, but not before leaving behind a mask. i did not think the whole tree would go. >> it toppled trees and power lines and ruined beaches. 20,000 homes without power in florida. thousands more in georgia? . the remnants of the storm soaking coastal florida and georgia. wind has decreased, but the storms have triggered strong and
5:48 am
thunderstorms and tornadoes today and stalls over georgia. it should drift off to see wednesday afternoon or thursday morning. in other parts of the country the battle is the heat. nearly 300 record highs smashed this weekend. >> . it was high at -- it was hot. >> i'm nervous to see what july and august will bring. >> there's a wild fires burning in eight states. daturas fire in mexico in the national forest. more than 122,000 acres up in flames. >> we are hoping and praying mother nature will give us a break. >> in michigan, a fire raging across 22,000 acres of land. local landmarks homes, cabins consumed by the blaze. temperatures expected to fall the next couple days. much needed relief after one has been the warmest spring on record for many. tahman bradley, abc news. >> we all want to beat the heat. that means taking a dip in the pool for a lot of people.
5:49 am
nothing unusual. >> two sisters in california caught an uninvited visitor going for a dip in the swimming pool in their backyard. they watched from inside the house. thee bear appears to be young and was quite a shock. >> we thought it was crazy. he was not fazed by us at all. he was staring at us. he was swimming like he's a person. >> the two girls say their parents of lived there 20 years and have never seen anything like this. it eventually left and wandered away. >> very smart. a nice pool. >> i wonder what's going on with all these recent sightings. many americans including those in d.c. face an early end to their jobless benefits. >> the company behind blackberry, research in motion, facing thousands of layoffs. linda bell joins us from
5:50 am
bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. begin with research in motion. it's reportedly preparing for a major global restructuring that includes to hundred thousand job cuts. sources say that the layoffs which could be even deeper, may start in the coming weeks. also senior executives continue fleeing. the latest departure is its chief legal officer. it is troubling to perverse plunging sales as consumers thornto -- turn to the iphone and an droid phones. "usa today" says thousands of americans out of work longer than a year are expected to lose their extended unemployment checks this summer after congress mandated reductions this year. 30 percent of college students who took out student loans dropped out of school. that is up from fewer than 1/4 of students a decade ago.
5:51 am
says college dropouts are among those most likely to default on their loans. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> adam caskey has another check on forecast. another steamer. >> near 90 degrees with high humidity. but changes are coming tomorrow. a cold front will move in later tonight. we will have cooler less humid air flowing into town behind the front. with the cold front moving into town, we will have showers and thunderstorms later on today. you will feel the humidity in the air. a lot of moisture. that will get run out in the showers later on today. localize downpours and heavy rainfall expected. we have the sunrise this morning. a beautiful shot from our rooftop camera. there is the son popping up over the district. and in laurel, 73 degrees at the high school. realists south wint -- rather
5:52 am
fairly light wind out of the south and southwest. cooler drier, less humid air will filter into town later. if 73 degrees in gaithersburg right now, 76 at reagan national and annapolis and 75 in lexington park to start the day. here's the normally forecast. by lunchtime, 87 degrees with a good amount of sunshine, a unit. you should have lunch indoors today. you might want to stay in the air conditioning or at least in the shade. near 90 degrees at 3:00 p.m. for the high temperature. temper jurors will drop this afternoon because of showers and thunderstorms. we could see a few storms pop up around lunchtime in the potomac highlands. around noon, west of 81 we could see a few storms locally later than that and especially for the drive home through the night and early tomorrow, areas of rain. here's the cold front off to our west. showers and storms developing
5:53 am
along the front already. trouble depression beryl will not affect us. but the cold front will. this is due to the temperatures. near 80 and into the upper 70's by the end of the work week with lower humidity. no problems this morning. later today, downpours for the drive home. >> no problems right now in traffic. newschopper 7 is looking at traffic flying over 66. headlights on the left are are eastbound. on the right side, that is westbound. 66 off to a pretty good start. eastbound traffic, normal volume, out of manassas through centreville and then at 50 and right here approaching the done lorton.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> welcome back. five tigers have wrapped up a huge project. >> the men walk the billy goat 1,300 miles from arizona to chicago's raley field. >> we could smell chicago. flexed they started their journey in february and arrived at chicago over the weekend. they want to remove a decades- old curse from the chicago cubs. the billy goat curse. that's while raising money for cancer fund. fans say it will take more than a walk to help the last-place clubs -- cubs. >> i don't believe in that.
5:57 am
all the praying, everything i have done, nothing has worked. i don't believe in a curse. >> if they would get a good picture, they would do all right. >> the five will be at wrigley field today with the animal. they've raised $20,000 so far. the goal is to raise $100,000. still some work to do. the owner of the billy goat tavern took the animal there and got kicked out and supposedly purchased the team many years ago. they have been losing a lot. >> there's more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, reaching a milestone in the presidential race. how mitt romney is expected to reach the number of delegates officially needed to cleanse the gop nomination. >> and lisa baden helping you
5:58 am
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like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework ♪ [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a plane just crashed in our yard. >> defining moments after day after two planes collided in mid-air. -- shocking moments. a live report near the scene this morning. >> i cannot imagine hitting someone and then to keep going. to a drunk driving


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