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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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causes heart breaks for a family. >> and how to keep you and your family safe from something very common in d.c. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you're with us on this tuesday morning. a beautiful sunrise as we get things rolling on this may 29. good morning, washington. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden standing by but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. temperatures will keep climbing. >> we are starting the day in the '70s, on our way to nearly 90 this afternoon with humidity. you will feel that first thing today when. you step when it will get run out in the thundershowers later on today. expect downpours and localized heavy rain. not everybody will see the downpours, but we will have chareas of heavy showers.
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it is 73 degrees right now in arlington, 72 in suitland and leesburg, 69 in hamilton, virginia 71 in waldorf, 69 in culpeper. widespread showers and thunderstorms later on today with localized downpours. some of the first few storms could started around lunchtime west of interstate 81. how does it look so far in the commute? >> we will talk to lisa in a moment. in northern italy there was a 5.8 magnitude quake that shook the region. italian media reports at least eight people died. some survivors are still buried in the rubble. schools and stores have been evacuated as a precaution. the region was hit by a strong earthquake earlier this month. >> firefighters have put out a two-alarm fire at a storage unit in alexandria. it started in the 4900 block of
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eisenhower avenue and. no injuries and it's not clear what started the fire. >> new this morning, police are investigating a double pedestrian accidents in prince george's county. this happen overnight in clinton. >> the man died immediately. the driver of the striking carded stay on the scene. an unidentified man found unconscious on a busy marylanders street has died. police were called to the 5600 block of bladensburg road overnight after a passerby reported the man in the middle of the road. the circumstances surrounding his death are not clear. investigators have not identified the man and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> of maryland family's son was hit and killed by a drunk driver in ocean city. diogo facchini faces homicide charges in the death of mathew cheswick. he had the man when he was trying to cross the coastal
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highway at 54th street sunday night. they said the driver was drunk and speeding and would not stop. witnesses helped police track him down. friends and family remember mathew cheswick as a bright and vibrant young man. >> always smiling. >> i will always remember his laughter. everybody called him smiles. >> the medical examiner said that he was not drunk when he crossed the road. police are laying all the blame on the suspect. he is facing a host of charges. >> in a few hours, fans will remember the life and legacy of the "godfather of go-go." of ewing will take place at the howard theater for chuck brown. hundreds are expected to pay their respects. -- a viewing will take place. now to jummy olabanji. >> the white hearse has arrived at the howard theatre, getting ready to bring the casket inside
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the theater as a public viewing is set to take place in just a couple hours. as we have been reporting, the "godfather of go-go" passed away at the age of 75 last week due to an ammonia. many people across this area say they miss him. this is surely going to be ongoing and a celebration of his life -- a homegoing. organizers expect up to 30,000 people to walk through the doors later on today to say goodbye to the godfather. because of that there are many things put in place such as street closures around the howard theater. d.c. police have those blocked off. everyone is encouraged to use metro to get here. april 21 was when chuck brown was set to play a sold-out concert at the howard theatre and he became ill and went to the hospital.
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encountered was postponed. now we know that concert will not happen. but thousands of his fans are planning to be here today. you will have to wait in line to come in. d.c. fire and ems are setting up a water station. temperatures will be in the 90s today, as reported. there will be a lot going on out here. you will see his guitar and his famous hat. they are starting to set up the t-shirts that will be available -- this is one of them, for people to grab outside the theater. if you plan on coming, 11:00 is when the viewing starts. remember to add time for the commute and to wait in line before if you are able to go inside to say goodbye. reporting outside the howard theatre, jummy olabanji. >> abc 7 news will have multiple crews covering today's viewing. tune in throughout the day and
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yuka log on to for instant updates as well as our social media web sites. >> 72 degrees on this tuesday. >> much more still coming your way. >> ♪ >> beyonce hit the stage just months after giving birth. >> why are there two of you? >> just because of the medicine. what happens after the anesthesia wears off. if a response when the boy woke up from surgery. -- a funny response when the little boy
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>> the rockville high school lacrosse and soccer teams. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, everybody. superstar and a new mother beyonce is back. >> ♪ >> the 30-year-old had her first show after the memorial day holiday in atlantic city. more than 5000 fans packed the new resort to see the singer. she lost 60 pounds after giving birth to her daughter blue ivy in january. most vance said that she looked great and did not miss a beat. i can see why they said that. >> she picked up where she left off. she's doing well. 6:00 tonight now come a time for traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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>> adam caskey. >> hot again, near 90 degrees this afternoon. get used to the heat and humidity for one more day. but things will start changing tomorrow. let's look at temperatures. 76 in the district, 70 in winchester. low to mid 70's for the most part on this tuesday morning. walking outside into the humidity. you'll notice that throughout the day. that means there's a lot of moisture in atmosphere. this will get squeezed out with a shower is in storms later on today with localized heavy downpours later this afternoon and evening. the first storms could happen west of interstate 81 in the potomac highlands around lunchtime. hot and humid. more humidity by the end of the workweek -- lwoer humidity. now to lisa >> . the commute looks ok as well as beltway travel. the interstate travel growing on this tuesday morning, north into
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baltimore, south into richmond. 395 near the pentagon, light volume for now. here comes the march looks good on 66, no worries on 270 of frederick but all your neighbors hitting the road. now to news. >> investigators at the scene of a deadly plane collision in fauquier county. >> two dead and another injured after two planes slammed into each other yesterday afternoon. john gonzalez is live near the scene where crews are trying to. connect the to >> they're trying to figure out exactly what happened? at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two small private planes collided in mid-air not far from where we are live this morning. this is a very rural, secluded area in fauquier county. the ntsb and faa officials have recovered the bodies of the pilot and passenger from a six-
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seater private plane that burst into flames after it crashed in a backyard. about a mile away the second pilot crash landed his plane at a farm near a large tree lot with a missing wing. that pilot was in town for the warrenton-fauquier county airpl -- airport. james flanagan, the owner of the farm, tried to help the pilot. >> he mentioned that he was trying to get to an adjoining field southwest of us, but he said he ddid not have any power. craigslist george flanagan telling us the surviving pilot was very concerned about calling his wife and that he kept talking about referring to a trip he wanted to make to alaska. the victims have not been identified. the surviving pilot was taken to mary washington hospital,
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where he is -- his condition is still not known this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. we will have an update later this morning. it is 72 degrees in manassas. >> coming up, one of the nation's biggest retailers is getting smaller. why walmart is becoming friendly. >> and what was said at a graduation ceremony by a congressman that has people talking. >> no one wants to hear about another airline sfee.
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>> primary day in texas expected to get big results for republican presidential hopeful mitt romney. if 132 delegates at stake.
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romney is just 68 delegates shy of the votes he needs to officially become his party's nominee for the white house. meanwhile, the former governor is shying away from renewed efforts by donald trump to dispute the. president's the the business mogul claims president obama was born in kenya. a former republican gop presidential candidate has advice for maryland governor martin o'malley. newt gingrich recommended that o'malley raise a lot of money when he runs for president in 2016. the two both appeared on meet the press on sunday. they sparred over job creation and the economy. >> a controversial remark has landed congressman barney frank in hot water. >> i am particularly policed to get an honorary degree today. i think now you have a hoodie that you can wear and no one
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will shoot at you. that was referring to trayvon martin, the florida teenager shot and killed. trayvonfranikk that he monly meant to ridiculed the idea that the article of clothing has become something sinister. >> now rob nelson. >> good car sales even before the memorial day weekend was over. although dealers were reporting heavy traffic in their showrooms. this month's sales will be 20% higher than a year ago. world's biggest supermarket chain plans to get smaller. walmart finds that its smaller stores are doing better than expected. the giant retailer plans to open more express outlets. the fiasco with facebook's initial ipo is turning off many small investors. are pulling out of the stock
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market after the technical glitches, reports of insider tips, and falling prices for facebook shares. it should be easier to store your carry bbags overhead. many airlines are offering -- ordering new airplanes with larger overhead bins. >> i was waiting for him to say there was another fee. >> you know it's on the way. >> we have one temperatures if. >> more heat and humidity today. i temperatures this afternoon near 90 degrees. yesterday was the first 90- degree so far this year at reagan national. we will do this and today. rights in china overhead the federal city early this morning. there's a live picture from our rooftop camera. and in fairfax, the sun rising behind the church at st. leo the great. 72 degrees at fairfax with a wind up to 7 miles an hour out of the south.
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it will be out of the southwest today at 5-15. warm and muggy. you will notice the humidity first thing when you step outside. shultz leaves today. 71 at dulles airport and in martinsburg. cumberland, 64 degrees now. 73 in lexington park. here's the hourly forecast. 87 by noon. sunny and outside. 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees for the high temperature. when you factor in the humidity it will feel like 95. we are expecting showers and thunderstorms later on today. as early as lunchtime, west of interstate 81 in the potomac highlands. thereafter in the metro area. for the evening commute we could have localized heavy rain and a few downpours here and there. you will feel the humidity. that is moisture for the storms to squeeze out of our atmosphere and dump rainfall on this later on today. here are the features we're watching. tropical depression beryl over
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georgia and north florida. and will stay out of our region because of the cold front. behind the cold front, dryer, more comfortable air by thursday and friday. what is the latest on the traffic? >> jummy olabanji in less than a minute. she's on georgia avenue near the tower appeared. both directions of georgia avenue closed near seventh street and near florida ave. 270 traffic at father hurley boulevard, moving smartly. no delays right now between germantown and the beltway. in a springfield, we are loaded northbound. slowing in woodbrige at the beltway. pretty good near the pentagon. slowing briefly in manassas and briefly at 50 in fair oaks. back to news. >> we will talk to jummy olabanji in a moment. 72 degrees on this tuesday. >> this northern virginia 6- year-old is on the way to becoming the national spelling
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bee champion. >> the nation's tallest man. even walking around is difficult for you. >> i cannot continue life, living the way i am.
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>> more than 200 contestants are in town for the national spelling bee this week. but one participant in particular is getting a lot of attention. she is from northern virginia and she's only 6 years old making her the youngest
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contestant in history to qualify for the national spelling bee . lori anne madison acts like a typical 6-year-old girl. >> i have a pretty normal life. i like to play. >> this precocious little girl is anything but ordinary. not only is she the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee, if she will share the stage with contestants twice her age. but that seems to faze her. >> i honestly -- it's not as big -- and i am not really like i'm going to the national spelling bee! but i'm more like, uh, it's fine. >> home schooled in prince william county, is well ahead of the curve from other kids her age who are still learning how to read. we put her to the test in march. and she passed with ease. when she's not spelling sophisticated words, she enjoys playing "angry birds." a very advanced. we got through almost all the levels.
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lexan debating with her parents. >> i do it until their heads spin. >> she already has big plans for future. >> i want to be microbiologist because i like astronomy and biology. i also am aiming to be in the swimming part of the olympics. >> ask for autographs and air time, she says that she just wants to be back to being a normal kid. >> too much of it is really overwhelming. 3 is fine, but not too many. you feel like it is too many? >> exactly. i hope this is going to be my last one. she still has to make it past the preliminaries on wednesday and the and semifinals before being able to compete in the finals thursday night. if she does not make it that far, she still has nine more years to compete. best of luck to her. >> you will be out of college in nine years. there's still another half hour ahead. >> screaming and shaking. had to pick him up. >> a toddler suffering horrible
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burns after falling on something very common. 7 is on your side with a warning this morning.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> straight edit -- remembering the godfather of go-go. the chance to say goodbye to washington legend. >> boom. >> two planes collide and the exclusive video of the aftermath. good morning washington, it is tuesday, may 29. >> we'll start with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it is another hot one today. >> you feel it right now when
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you step outside. you will notice the intense humidity and heat will follow later today. it is rather warm from morning hours. widespread 70's and back to work and back to school and back to 90 degrees. 72 degrees in reston and 74 in arlington. you get the idea. low to mid 70's this morning and on our way to 90's this afternoon and widespread showers and expected later today with localized heavy rainfall. they humidity gets squeezed out in the storms and tomorrow we will drop humidity. >> 66 in manassas and fair oaks, 95 getting of dale city and going to the occoquan and lorton and newington and 395 this is live. between the beltway and seminary
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rd., plenty of volume. more to come from newschopper7 in a little while. >> washington will remember a local music legend, chuck brown. family friends and fans will gather at the howard theatre. >> jummy olabanji is out died -- outside the theater with more. >> people are already starting to arrive. a number of fans are out here with t-shirts and paintings and posters in memory of chuck brown. you can see that the silver barricades' are already up. this is where people will be waiting in line today as the way to go inside the howard theatre to pay their respects. we spoke to one of the event planners a couple of minutes ago and she told us they are expecting up to 30,000 people to be here today.
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to pay their respects to this d.c. go-go legends. it will be hot out here and they could be waiting outside for quite some time. chuck brown was scheduled to play a concert here on april 21 but that had to be postponed because he was sick and went to the hospital. it was rescheduled for june but that will not be happening. that will not stop thousands of his fans from coming out here today. there will be limited parking and street closures. d.c. police are asking you to take a metro if you are coming out today. the public viewing starts at 11:00 this morning and goes until 10:00 tonight. and we expect members of the brown family and the mayor and several council members will also be here this morning.
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>> thank you. chuck brown died nearly two weeks ago. he had been hospitalized at johns hopkins in baltimore while battling pneumonia. another moral service is scheduled of this thursday at the d.c. convention center. >> crews are on the scene of a deadly plane crash that happened yesterday in fauquier county. two planes collided in mid-air. we were there following the aftermath. the investigation continues this morning and john gonzales has more. >> several witnesses have told us they were just out in their backyards and in their swimming pools and barbecuing when they saw these planes flying very low. they just collided in mid-air. this happened at around 4:00 in the afternoon. it is not far from where we are now in a rural and secluded area. officials have recovered the
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bodies of a pilot and a passenger from a six-seater private plan that ended up crashing in a backyard. it eventually burst into flames. 1 mile from there the second pilot was able to avoid homes and crash landed his plane on a farm near a large tree line with a missing wing. he was able to walk away from that crash. we spoke with the owner of the farm. he told us the surviving pilot was very concerned about where to land this play. he was trying to get to a nearby airport. the victim from the first play and has not been identified this morning. the surviving pilot has not been identified either. he was taken to mary washington hospital and the extent of his injuries are still unknowns this morning. >> thank you. we have more details on the plane that was able to land.
6:34 am
the plane is a piper pa-28 which is primarily used for flight training and personal use. it is registered in fauquier county and was built in 1965. >> fairfax county police are investigating a shooting involving four of their officers yesterday morning at old mill court in mount vernon for the officers went to a man's apartment tried to serve aboard, charging him with destruction of property. police say after he threatened the officers with a knife, he was shot once in the chest. there is no word on his condition this morning. >> a toddler recovering from severe burns the boy was taken to the park friday and he dashed off into the grass and he tripped and fell on migrate to that had been sitting in the sun all day. he now has second-degree burns on his forearms, his palms, and one leg. his mom wants answers. >> what are they for?
6:35 am
why are they there? why aren't they marked? >> many parents of the same reaction. the incident is a wake-up call because the temperature is on the rise in a metal grate has been shown to get dangerously hot. >> there are new efforts to curb gun -- gun violence in prince george's county. the council has signed on as co- sponsors of a bill requiring a gun registry. that makes it mandatory for people convicted of gun crimes to regularly check in with police. 64 people died last year from gun violence in the county and a vote on the bill is expected next month. >> 60 -- 6:35. >> d.c. tops the list with another -- with yet another dubious distinction in the report reveals what summers really do inside public swimming pools.
6:36 am
>> first, another check on traffic and weather every
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>> the transportation security administration wants to raise fees for airline passengers. the security fee ever bettie
6:39 am
page now when you buy a ticket is $2.50 per flight. tsa wants to double that. the agency's budget is expected to be cut and it says boosting that fee would cover the increasing price of security. the airlines do not want that caused shifted to their customers. probably the longest running joke of the swimming pool but it is no laughing matter. in a survey, one in five americans admit to urinating in public pools. nearly 70% say they do not shower before they go for a dip and the council says it can create an unhealthy situation in the pool. those are the folks who admitted. this is no surprise -- >> the nation's capital has been named among the top expensive cities to live.
6:40 am
new york had the total subsidies manhattan and brooklyn and honolulu ranked fourth on the list. >> nobody here will be shocked by that one. speaking of pools someone found a private poll. >> this was an uninvited guest. >> i hate when people crash a party. >> especially when it is a bear. it must've been hot. you can't blame him. the folks had lived there for 20 years and had never seen anything like this but they did not have to do anything. the bear cool off and then left. >> he gets tired and had enough. if you've been around somebody who has come out of surgery we want to show you a youtube video of a youngster coming out of anesthesia >> hey dad whassuip,
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man? what's that they are and then on my arm, man? >> he has already had about 600,000 views so far. he will be a hit said school. >> we've heard of paul dense and which is the new fed in gems and now it could become to the olympics. -- we heard of old dancing - pole dancing. >> some say is it is a legitimate activity. that looks like it would take a lot of strength. a lot of ladies are wondering
6:42 am
why you have to wear bikini tops. their reasoning is that you need this game to be able to stick to the pull to do those maneuvers. >> they are not wearing high heels. the president of the pole dancing federation says this is a valid sport. >> they are trying to make a push for the olympics. >> i wonder what adam caskey is thinking about right now? >> i think we need to go back to the video for me to formulate an opinion. it is going to be another sticky day and hot and muggy out there back to 90 degrees this afternoon. yesterday was our first 90- degree day of the year ended they will be a repeat performance. 76 degrees in washington and 73
6:43 am
in lexington park. you will feel the humidity first thing when you step outside today. you should have shorts and shirt sleeves and have the umbrella ready for the seven men. with all the moisture in the air, it will get squeezed out with thunderstorms later today. heavy rainfall locally later today. there should be a few downpours through tonight and even into tomorrow morning. otherwise, sunshine and tomorrow that humidity will go down. it will become more comfortable over the next couple of days. >> it is slowing down out there. 95 between richmond and baltimore does not have an accident but here's the volume of traffic. this is from newschopper7 and they're looking at traffic beyond the beltway i-95 and i- 395 . coming out of woodbridge, the
6:44 am
slow traffic stop and go at dale city to get onto i-395 . there's plenty of sunshine. >> 6:44 and 74 degrees in bowie, maryland. >> coming up next -- >> it was a long process of the neighbors trying to figure out what they will do. >> a major tragedy the story of a special graduate. >> an incredible discovery going back more than half a century and was found in a wall and i
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>> mitt romney plans to make a clean sweep across texas today.
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voters will head to the polls in that state's primary. at the phillips is live in a newsroom with more. a big day for mitt romney. he is expected to become the presidential nominee for the republicans and will be joined by donald trump for a fund- raiser in las vegas but donald trump has been stirring up his own controversy. >> mitt romney says he will take as much help as he can possibly get to get to november. it does not matter where that help comes from. he does not share the views of donald trump about whether the president was born in the united states but he is happy to take the money that donald trump is willing to raise for him in las vegas. the texas primary will be icing on the cake for mitt romney. i think he will ride that wave throughout this week. >> we heard mitt romney yester day giving a speech yesterday in san diego. he said we would have the strongest military in the world.
6:48 am
it sounds like he was taking a shot at president obama. >> absolutely, this has been the mitt romney message from day one. he believes barack obama is apologetic for the united states abroad and does not utilize u.s. power effectively. this message will become more important this week because the situation in syria has gotten so bad that the republican nominee and some of the president's other opponents like john mccain are out there talking about whether or not the president is tough enough on the brutal syrian regime. mitt romney has attacked president about about the strength of the military not going away and it will become even more important this coming week. >> abbie phillips, thank you. >> defense secretary leon panetta is set to address
6:49 am
academy graduates. one is paralyzed from the waist down last april when a storm rolled in and knocked a tree on top of him. he had to give a history of being a navy seal. he almost could not return to the academy but his family and friends did not let that keep him down. he came back in the spring and today he will get his degree in economics. an amazing discovery founded fort meade in maryland and. >> workers reason i found 11 letters inside the wall of a barracks dating back to world war two. there were sent to members of a unit as they prepared to add to the front lines in europe and three of the letters remained unopened. historians are working to preserve the letters and try to track down the soldiers to a room the letters were sent. >> that is pretty neat, all that history. >> we would love to read what those letters said. >> the penmanship is wonderful.
6:50 am
that has its own beauty. hot and humid today. you will feel at the first time you step outside. back near 90 degrees. >> moral is a transition day? >> yes, back to cooler and drier conditions. there is a nice look at the sun rise over rockville. 73 degrees in arlington with nothing but sunshine. total sunshine across the board and temperatures will quickly be climbing with that son. 71 in middleburg, virginia. in maryland, 72 in la plata. low to mid 70's across the board. only a few exceptions.
6:51 am
by lunchtime, 87 degrees. about 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees for the high temperature with a thick humidity and moisture in the air. you will feel the sticky nesbit also some thunderstorm should develop. there will be locally heavy downpour is expected later today. by lunchtime we could see the first few storms develop to our west. here are the two features we're watching -- pressure to our south will not affect us. there is less humid air moving into town over the next few days. watch for showers and storms this afternoon and evening and even early tomorrow. closer to 80 degrees and upper 70's by the end of the week. >> thanks so much. >> you are watching "good
6:52 am
morning, washington."
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>> coming up here, an exclusive -- first lady michelle obama is your loved to talk about the passion a new project that could change if families live next here on "good morning america." >> before get there let's run
6:55 am
down our top stories -- two people are dead in a third injured after two planes collided in mid-air in fauquier county. one of those plans went down in somebody's backyard about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and the other plane, a pilot steered toward a narrow gap in the trees and crash landed into a field of that pilot was able to walk away. >> mitt romney is expected to earn the remaining delegates needed to cleanse the gop nomination in texas today. there are 152 delegates up for grabs in texas and he omni's 58. >> there will be a memorial at the howard theater for chuck brown today. on thursday, a public memorial service will be held at the washington convention center from noon until 3:00 p.m. and chuck brown died on may 16 at the age of 75. if you are headed down there for
6:56 am
that viewing today cannot be aware that you might be in line for a long time and it is hot out there. >> take the necessary precautions and get plenty of fluid. it will be another sticky day today. the highs will be near 90 with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. i'm expecting areas of heavy rain and localize downpours. keep that in mind and that will be tonight into early tomorrow. there will be a transition back to lower humidity and more comfortable and seasonable conditions. for the end of the week in the upcoming weekend. >> just be prepared. "good morning america"is [ breathing
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