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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 30, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, making it official. >> mitt romney wins the nomination he has spent years fighting for. but that is being trumped this morning by the donald's doubts about the president's place of birth. we're live in washington. wild weather overnight. severe storms sweeping up the east coast. while hailstorms plumle the plains. facebook stock in a free fall. dipping to a new low. mark zuckerberg taking a multimillion-dollar hit in one trading day. and proof that even a hamster has talent.
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good wednesday morning, everyone. forget all of the political sniping you've heard so far. the real war of words is just getting started, now in a mitt romney has clinched the republican party's nomination. >> he did it in a victory of the texas primary. getting enough delegates to be the nomination in august. >> already starting to shake things up. tahman bradley joins us from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: hey, paula. hey, rob. as you mentioned, it was texas that put romney over the hump. but that's not where he chose to spend his night celebrating. instead, he was in las vegas, fund-raising, with a man who is beginning to make a lot of republicans nervous. mitt romney should be savoring victory. but donald trump is spoiling his party. that was trump speaking at a rund phaser last night. less than 24 hours for romney
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getting the delegates needed for the nomination. his campaign is facing tough questions on how to handle donald trump, who once again, is alleging president obama was not born in the u.s., more than a year after he released his hawaii birth certificate. >> a lot of people think it was not an authentic certificate. many people do not think it was authentic. >> donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous. i have to tell you. >> no, you are, wolf. >> reporter: as romney spends the day raising campaign money in california, some say trump's claims threatens to undercut the seriousness of the campaign. and to attacks that he's not willing to stand up to members of his own party. >> the cost of mixing with this ignoram ignoramus. >> reporter: trump only said this. >> i don't agree with all of the people who support me. and my guess is they don't all agree with everything i believe in. >> reporter: the white house called the trump birther issue
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nonsense. asked by abc news if trump is going to given a speaking role at the convention, if he does participate, it will be very exciting. paula and rob? >> thanks to tahman bradley in washington. >> a war of words with wolf blitzer. big chunks of the country got a taste of nature's fury overnight, from powerful storms to tornadoes, even an earthquake out west. >> the northeast got slammed last night with 60-mile-per-hour windses and torrential rains. they triggered flash flooding from pennsylvania, maine. and tornado warnings were posted in new england. it's even stormier in the southern plains, where the oklahoma city area was getting battered by gusty winds and large hail. the destructive hailstorm was accompanied by at least one reported twister. powerful winds blew out windows. left more than 60,000 people without power. at least three people were
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injured. and there was a big jolt in southern california, shaken overnight by an earthquake. you're looking at the 4.0 magnitude quake struck. it was centered in the pacific ocean, about 30 miles from malibu. but the shaking could be felt in l.a. and in santa monica, as well. crews are digging through the debris of the second killer earthquake to jolt northern italy in the last nine days. at least 350 people are injured. a woman trapped inside her collapsed apartment building for 12 hours was rescued after crews heard her cries for help. seismologists say the two quakes come from different faults. and they will both continue producing powerful aftershocks. in syria, there's new reports of government troops shelling rebel-held areas this morning even after the hunt for last week's massacre continues. the gunmen were believed to be backed by the regime.
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at least ten nations, including the u.s., have expelled syrian diplomats, telling them to get out. also, the former president of liberia, charles taylor, is being convicted to prison yesterday. he was convicted of aiding rebels in the bloody civil war in a ravaged sierra leone. jurors of the john edwards trial begin day eight of their deliberations. concern is growing that they may be divided on some or all of the charges. the testimony and the documents along with the charges, complex legal issues, create the perfect storm for disagreement. and former rutgers university, dharun ravi will head to jail, after apologizing for his role in his roommate's suicide. in a statement yesterday, he called his actions thoughtless, insensitive, immature and stupid
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choices. he said he was not motivated by hate or bigotry, when he set up a web cam to capture a gay encounter. ravi has been sentenced to 30 days in jail. and it is time, now, for the rest of the weather from across the nation. we're going to have downpours for the carolinas. rain in the northeast. thunderstorms along the gulf coast. more stormy weather from north texas into oklahoma and kansas. showers from montana and wyoming. and a windy day across the rockies. >> near 80 in boise. 85 in sacramento. and a sizzling 99 in phoenix. dallas climbs to 95. kansas city 77. just 66 in minneapolis. and 69 in chicago. 80s, meanwhile, from boston to atlanta. 90 in miami. >> getting hot in here. >> in here. coming up, how about some soda to go with your cereal? well, the concoction is hitting menus at one fast food chain right now. and the future of apple.
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the company's secretive ceo makes an appearance. and later in "the pulse," tom brady in a hilarious new comedy spot.
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well, facebook stock appears to be in a free fall. the social network stock is now below $30, after losing nearly 10% yesterday alone. that's a drop of 24% since its much-heralded initial public offering earlier this month. as a result, ceo mark zuckerberg
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is no longer on fortune's list of the 40 richest people in the world. >> oh. >> he is still rich. don't worry about him. overseas markets are mostly lower on disappointing news from europe. tokyo's nikkei average lost 24 points yesterday. hong kong's hang seng fell 376. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow rose 126 points yesterday. and the nasdaq index was up 33. well, many college students are paying fees to access their financial aid money. nearly 1,000 colleges are now using payment cards to disburse aid. an interest group says the cards has fees from inactivity to how the cards are used to make purchases. and rim is on the edge. blackberry maker, research in motion, admits it's looking into partnerships and perhaps even a sale. it plans to lay off thousands of workers soon. it's one dominant share of the smartphone market has fallen
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sharply, thanks to apple and android phones. apple's ceo was speaking out on companies you sourcing facebook and siri. tim cook made the rare appearance last night, saying there was, quote, incredible new products coming from apple. he told the industry crowd he'd like to see more of the products made in america. he hinted at a stronger relationship with facebook, in his words. stay tuned and says that apple is working hard to improve siri, the iphone speak recognition personal assistant. >> i love siri. forget about hmimosas. you can start your day with mountain dew and some o.j. it begins in california. >> i kind of like it. kind of like buzzing right now with all of the caffeine. what are you talking about? >> it's the morning news. all right. next on this wednesday, common pain relievers. can they really help cut your
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risk of cancer? even melanoma? new research just out. and tennis superstar, serena williams, dealing with something she's never ever faced before. sports news is coming up. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪ [ male announcer ] kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal has 8 layers of whole grain fiber... so they stick with you. ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! in those fun little biscuits.
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the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. well, you can add hawaii to the growing list of states battling tinder-dry brush. firefighters in honolulu are battling a brush fire, burning dangerously close to some homes. a freeway had to be temporarily shut down as the fire spread. fortunately, there were no winds. crews were able to make the water drop. expect a slick morning commute, with flooding on i-40, from oklahoma city to amarillo. also on i-35, from kansas city to dallas. windy from cheyenne to salt lake city. flooding in the carolinas. and wet from d.c. to boston. >> if you're flying the friendly
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skies, airport delays are possible in boston, philadelphia, new york, d.c. and kansas city. back to the news this morning. the sister of the man who admits killing etan patz in 1969, says she alerted police years ago. >> norma hernandez, says she heard a rumor that he confessed to the killing to a prayer group. she says after making her statement, police ignored her. >> the police didn't come back to me. they never called me. nobody ever said anything. i was expecting at least a detective or somebody to say something. but nobody never did. >> now, hernandez admits she can't exactly remember when she made that report. but the camden police department is not commenting. now, the search for mickey. police are hoping to find some dna evidence on the damaged
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bicycle. that bike was found submerged in water, 25 miles from where she was last seen in lafayette, louisiana. they're looking at a possible link to the disappearance of lauren spear. but they don't believe there's connection between the two. before heading out to the pool or the beach this summer, plenty of us will be packing sun screen to prevent skin cancer. but you may want to have aspirin or ibuprofen, as well. sharyn alfonsi explains why. >> reporter: on a day like today, millions of americans are armed with sunscreens and hats. now, the encourage possibility that there could be a new weapon in the war against skin cancer, aspirin. yep. aspirin. a study shows that people who took a low dose of aspirin or ibuprofen for three years, are less likely to develop carcinoma and malignant melanoma. >> if you were to take 100
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people who have carcinoma, maybe 15 would not have gotten it if they had taken a lot of aspirin. >> reporter: and the anti-cancer benefit was greater for those who took aspirin for seven years at a higher dose. why? one theory is that aspirin counters cancer growth, by suppressing inflammatory pathways. blocking the tumor's ability to expand. michael has been taking it for years to prevent heart attacks and strokes. but recent studies show aspirin might prevent his risk of other types of cancer. >> all the more reason to take it. >> reporter: still, taking an aspirin every day isn't for everyone. one a day with food can cause fatal bleeding. while researchers continue looking at the benefits of aspirin, doctors say this summer, the best bet under the sun is still sunscreen. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. well, tennis star, serena williams, is not blaming an injury for her first-round defeat in the french open.
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williams had been 46-0, in opening round of major tournaments. that was before yesterday's defeat to the 111th-ranked player in the world. williams was philosophical afterwards saying, quote, it didn't just work out. ouch. and the stanley cup finals begin tonight in new jersey, with the devils facing the l.a. kings. as for the nba playoffs and san antonio's long winning streak, we have all of the highlights from espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. let's play some hoops. gregg popovich and the spurs, looking to take a commanding lead over the thunder. ginobili, finding tim duncan. he throws it down over serge ibaka. ibaka, using nasty blocks. not so much here. manu, behind-the-back pass to tony parker. and the spurs lead by 20. ginobili knows a lead can disappear quickly.
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telling his teammates to keep their head in the game. ginobili, teardrop. 20 for manu off the bench. james harden, 30 points for him off the bench. thunder down nine after the made free throw. ginobili, deep three-pointer. spurs go on to win this one, 120-111. how about on the west coast? ryan brawn and the brewers in los angeles. one on for brawn, hits the first pitch he sees over the right field wall. and the brewers quickly up 2-0. bottom nine. dodgers trail 2-1. kemp this time. robs the double into the left gap. tying run, now on second. later in the ninth, kemp on third. two outs. hits moyer to ground out to short. and the brewers win 2-1.
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make against the dodgers. the eastern conference finals live on espn first at 8:00, as the nba draft lottery. late eshgs at 8:30, celtics/heat, on espn. another sports star is next in "the pulse." >> tom brady, not afraid to be the butt of a joke. the hilarious video, coming right up. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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you're going to love this story. it's time to check "the pulse." we're going to start with new england patriots' quarterback, tom brady. >> showing off his humorous side in this one. a new video for a great website. it was shot in a sportings good store, where a clerk gives brady a hard time about his boston accent. >> hey, that's some wicked hot crowder. >> what? >> i'm doing an impersonation of you. i'm an actor. >> i don't even sound like that. >> you sound a lot like that. >> i sound nothing like that. >> i beg to differ. >> could brady be mistaken for massachusetts native, matt damon. brady and his wife, gisele bundchen, there is word they're expecting their second child. i do like his new hair cut. >> you like the new cut? >> i do like it.
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the new do. >> i'll alert him. >> he couldn't possibly look bad with any hair cut. if tom is thinking about a push present for his bride, there's bun less bobble to buy. >> this one was sold at auction. it was given to queen elizabeth in 1947. this one is called the martian ink diamond. after bidding in hong kong, it sold for more than $17 million. >> yeah. no thank you. they would probably chop my finger off to get it. >> no kidding. instead of spinning its wheels all day, a talented pet hamster has spent more creative ways to spend his time. >> he's hamming it up by playing dead at the sound of a gunshot. he falls back against the wall. the eyes closed the entire time. >> the ham-star video, has received about 100,000 hits on
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youtube. that hamster has a bright future. for some of you, your local news is next. for some of you, your local news is next. >> stay with us, everybody. you know, from car insurance companies shouting, "save 500 bucks over here!" "no, save 300 bucks over here!" "wait, save 400 bucks right here." with so many places offering so much buck-saving, where do you start? well, esurance was born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so they're actually built to save you money... and time... and whiplash. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call. esurance. insurance for the modern world. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest.
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updating the top story. it doesn't become official until the republican convention in august. but mitt romney has locked up his party's presidential nomination by winning the texas primary. jurors in the john edwards trial enter day eight of deliberations this morning. edwards is charged with six felony counts of campaign corruption. and the nation's best young spellers have gathered for the national spelling bee. preliminary rounds begin today. looking at today's weather, now. windy with showers in the northern rockies. severe storms from wichita, to dallas. heavy rain in the carolinas. and morning thunderstorms, here in the northeast. grab your umbrella on the way out the door. and finally, a poignant day at the white house, from science to the arts. the president paying tribute.
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>> president obama awarded 13 medals of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. and among this year's recipients, trail blazers bob dylan and john glen. karen travers has more from washington. >> today, we present this amazing group with one more accolade for a life well led. and that's the presidential medal of freedom. >> reporter: outstanding achievement. that's the common denominator among today's medal of freedom recipients. president obama awarded the highest civilian honor to 13 political, cultural and athletic icons. >> what sets them apart is the incredible impact they've had on so many people. not in short, blinding bursts. but steadily over the course of a lifetime. >> reporter: among the honorees, a space pioneer, the first american to orbit the earth.
4:29 am
>> john glen became a hero in every sense of the word. >> reporter: the first female secretary of state. >> madeline's courage brought peace to the ball kins. >> reporter: the winningest coach in basketball history, who is bringing her competitive drive to her own fight against alzheimer's. >> when i think about my two daughters, who are tall and gifted. and knowing that people like coach summit, they're standing up straight and diving after balls. >> reporter: and a rock legend that shared a generation with his songs. >> i remember listen to bob dylan and my world opening up. >> reporter: the president says that all of the honorees have made an impact on his life. he counts bob dylan and author, toni morrison, as personal heroes. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> amazing group there. >> great hon


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