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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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vey. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden in a moment. but first, adam caskey. we are drying out a little. >> we still have some areas of light showers. a few sprinkles. 1.9 inches of rain fell in gaithersburg yesterday. unbelievable. heavy rainfall yesterday. now just a few sprinkles in northern calvert county entered charles county. northern neck of virginia crossing into st. mary's county. and in shenandoah county we have a few light sprinkles and in martinsburg. some sunshine this midday and afternoon. cannot rule out a stray showers in afternoon and evening 30% chance of. 82 degrees later. >> travel times look great on 95 between fredericksburg and springfield. also good in baltimore. looks good on the beltway all
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of it. quiet on 270 70, the greenway, 66 between centreville and the beltway. no projects on 50 right now between annapolis and the new york avenue and again across the potomac river. more to come with newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. >> we will start with major developments this morning. in the february shooting death of all men in culpeper. police announced yesterday one of their officers has been charged with the murder of patricia cook. >> the officer of's mother is facing charges. >> culpeper county police officer daniel harmon-wright has been indicted, accused of shooting and killing 54-gerald patricia cook, a driver that he pulled over earlier this year following a support -- a report of a suspicious woman in a vehicle. he shot the driverhe claimed that
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he fired his gun after being trapped and dragged. >> there's no way that he was being dragged. correct he was indicted on the count of murder and malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle, on tuesday if. or wrongful death lawsuit was filed earlier this month on behalf of the woman's husband. gary cook always disputed the officers' story. >> she was not aremed. >> while the officer is being held without bond, his 55-year- old mother, bethany sullivan, has been charged with erasing some of the offofficer's personal records, and other charges. >> local soldier has been killed in the war in afghanistan. prattt died on monday from one substance and in a helicopter
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crashed. he was from springfield virginia and was based in germany. >> a military tool used on the battlefield could be coming to virginia. >> we told you recently how the police chief of fairfax county and that of d.c. endorsed the use of drones. now virginia governor bob mcdonnell is voicing his support. brianne carter has more. >> more support for additional eyes in the sky. yesterday governor bob mcdonnell said that if he believes it or put in place correctly that perhaps drones could be the right thing to do for law- enforcement in virginia. he is one of many to go support behind the use of drones flying over the commonwealth. he is open to looking into any new technology that can keep police officers save, a law- enforcement more productive, and save money. >> i think using technology to
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make law-enforcement more productive, cut down on manpower and it is safer. that's why we use it on the battlefield. " the governor also spoke about the issue of privacy. that was an issue for a number of residents in virginia when talking about this issue. the governor said he believes it would be important to maintain civil liberties and to address all those issues if drones were something put in place. he says no proposal has been brought to his desk at this point, but he knows virginia is always looking at new ways and technology to continue to attack crime. brianne carter reporting. >> according to the june issue of men's health magazine, d.c. is the city with the most extensive surveillance network in the country. the magazine looked at the amount of traffic, red lights and police surveillance cameras. it looked at the rates of authorized government wiretaps. the city where big brother has
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the fewest eyes is billings, montana. >> a new council member for ward 5 in d.c. thomas is headed to prison after pleading guilty. for guilty mac duffy is a former prosecutor and will serve the remainder of thomas' term which runs through 2014. >> it is 65 degrees in warrenton. >> still ahead, there's talk of tolls on 95 in virginia and. >> an update on its former rutgers university student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his roommate kissing another man. what he's doing for the first time. >> lisa baden and adam caskey
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> there was hail last night. at least one twister was reported. no thunderstorms. pretty good sized hail coming down. 50,000 people waking up without
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electricity this morning. we got it pretty bad, but not like that. >> we typically don't get hail that large. it's difficult for our region to get hail that big. looks like golf-ball-sized hail. that's in oklahoma city. here's a look at showers right now. a few light sprinkles in the shenandoah valley up and down 81 from woodstock towards martinsburg, a few light sprinkles. especially northern calvert county. huntingtown northward. light sprinkle in charles county, crossing over the potomac into st. mary's county light rain. temperatures in the '60s to nearly 70. not quite as timid as yesterday. 66 in manassas 59 in cumberland, 71 in the district, 73 in annapolis. -- not as you dhumid as yesterday.
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we will have sunshine by lunchtime. tied temperature of 82 degrees by 5:00 p.m. with a 30% chance of isolated showers later on today. 80 degrees tomorrow, low humidity. >> perfect on 270 southbound with no accidents, just growing volume coming out of frederick. looks good in virginia on route 7, if the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. it's good across the american legion bridge, travel times in our favor in baltimore on 95, and 295. nothing complicated over to northeast and over to the third street tunnel. back to news. driving down 95 in virginia will cost more soon. >> virginia and north carolina both have preliminary approval to charge tolls along 95. the toll booths would likely be located south of fredericksburg. it could be another 18 months before the final approval comes
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through. it is believed putting a toll on 95 would raise somewhere between $30,000,000.60000000 dollars a year. concerns are raised about intercounty connector, which opened last year in montgomery county. phil andrews told the washington post the multibillion-dollar highway is not very much used. the head of the maryland transportation authority says vehicle volumes arre at or above expectations. 5:11 right now, 69 degrees in morningside. >> coming up on this wednesday why president obama is apologizing for comments he made during yesterday's presidential medal of freedom ceremony. >> put another big purchase be in the works for facebook? sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this s parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because gegeico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look,
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>> this is "good morning washington" --on your side. >> whether to approve the extradition of wikileaks founder julian assange, britain is considering whether to extradite him to sweden. he visited the country in 2010 and a two women accused him of sexually molesting them. he says that he is innocent. if former rutgers university student says that he is sorry. ravi apologized today for the first time, calling his actions thought list and immature. his roommate tyler clementi killed himself after the spying incident. ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail and will begin serving that sentence tomorrow. >> now all that's needed for mitt romney is a formal announcement. last night's victory in the texas primary gives him an of delegates./
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he only needed 58. texas offers 152. the republican party will formally announce romney as their nominee for the white house during the convention in august. >> president obama is getting ready to host a jewish-american heritage reception today at the white house. but he's already catching heat for comments that he made yesterday at the medal of freedom ceremony. the white house said the president misspoke when he referred to a polish death camp while honoring a polish war hero. the remark drew immediate criticism from polish people who said the president should have called it a german death camp. >> more bad news for nfl star terrell owens. this is about as low as you can get. >> looks like he is getting the boot again. >> this time from the rena team that he was pulling for which he hadwas up for part ownership of.
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he has been released from the allen wranglers. that's an indoor football league. he did not really feel like playing by the same rules as everyone else, apparently faugh. >> the owner of the team said it's impossible to maintain a player when our fans notice and comment on his lack of effort on and off the field. >> he did not want to go on a road trip. the final straw was the did not show up at a children's hospital with the rest of the team when it went to go see the sick children. he is done. >> it's hard to blame them for that decision. >> cal ripken is still going strong. now you can take a bite out of the iron man. >> he is starting a restaurant that will be gourmet burgers. and it's pretty good to me. it will be in 30 giant food stores. >> he has been selling them in aberdeen for a while so they are expanding. >> he went to d.c. and northern
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virginia and maryland as well. you'll see that on store shelves. >> in "tech bytes"," facebook might be in the future of a major technology manufacturer. >> paula faris has more. >> news from apple. the ceo of tim cook speaking last night about what is ahead for his company, he said that he would like to see more of the company's products made in america. he said that he hinted at a stronger relationship with facebook. a samsung-built machine uses the internet for storage rather than hard drives. if it's faster than last year's chromebook. there's a deal that could be worth as much as $100 million photographs recognition technology for facebook.
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reddit fans can get disappoints on other products. the game has been down loaded 10 million times. >> are you a fan of "angry birds?" >> i do play it. >> i thought that craze was over with, but not apparently so. >> it rains last night. >> the downpours really came down. we had almost two inches of rain in gaithersburg. 1.9 inches. today we have lingering sprinkles, but it's a nice transition. 1.9 in germantown. that's according to the weatherbug network. almost 1.7 in sterling. over 1.5 in martinsburg. over an inch in reston. if it was good for isolated locations. we did have a few severe thunderstorm warnings posted yesterday with the showers and thunderstorms. today is transitional because you'll notice the humidity dropping gradually and
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temperatures are down quite a bit. we have been 90 degrees on monday, 91 on tuesday. 82 today for the high temperature. fairfax is 65 no, hamilton, 62. 68 in huntingtown along with suitland and adelphi. not a bad start to the day. a few sprinkles, especially in southern maryland. no. calvert county into huntingtown, a clipping prince frederick, into the southwest and more showers crossing the potomac into st. mary's county. a few sprinkles in the shenandoah valley up and down the interstate 81 corridor. the dark red on the screen is not rain. those are ground targets. ridgetops and tree lines across the ridges inside fauquier county and the blue ridge. here's the wider view that filters out some of those echoes. just some light rain mainly in
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the tidewater area of virginia and into southern maryland. the wider view shows tropical depression beryl, which is likely to strengthen into a tropical storm later on today and will clip the north carolina coastline. that will be swept out to sea. a few lingering sprinkles this morning. bentsen sunshine. keep the umbrella handy later today. 30% chance of stray showers. less humid and near 80 tomorrow sunday. another round of showers and storms late friday lingering into early saturday. the rain scared away a lot of the construction. >> that's true. off to a good run except for 2 70 southbound. its volume for you guys out of frederick into montgomery county, normal. police are arriving on the scene of a crash between 370 and shady grove road southbound on 270. looked at the headlights, slowing down a little. there's a crash after this on 2
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70 southbound. we will have more informational this coming up in the next report. >> we will talk to you soon. thanks. it is 67 degrees on this wednesday. >> are you ready for some football? >> we want to see where we are against one of the best teams in the world. >> it is game day at fedex field. the u.s. men's national team takes on world football power brazil. it does not get much bigger than that. tim brant has a preview of. >> it's a new anti aging drug everybody's talking about. human growth hormone. some say i
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clucks to parker. yes! >> and 0 sansan antonio
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wins over oklahoma city. tony parker had 32 points and eight assists. >> they are honorable. the spurs have won 20 straight games. no team has ever swept through the playoffs unbeaten. >> they will be on the road in oklahoma city for game 3 tomorrow. here's tim brant with the rest of sports. >> hello everybody. the nationals have tried to avoid a sweet. the loss for the second straight game to the marlins last night, 301. let me take you to the top of the fifth inning. ian desmond on third period desmond's course. manufacturing runs and playing aggressively. miami leading in the bottom of the eighth inning. 3-1 was the final, miami now trailing the nets by 1.5 games.
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soccer has taken center stage at fedex field. some of the most talented players in the world will play tonight. more than 70,000 fans are expected when the usa plays brazil. the u.s. continues climbing the world bank's, brazil is a 5 time champion. they will meet at 8:00 tonight and that police should be rocking. have a great day, everybody. >> that will be a good game. >> its 5:00 of 2626, 66 degrees in warrenton. a culpeper police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of a woman. find out why his mother is also facing charges. >> the national spelling bee kicks off today. i am jummy olabanji at the national harbor. we will introduce you to a 6- year-old speller from northern virginia. >> plenty of rainfall yesterday evening. of ewing during sprinkles we. will look at doppler and i will help you
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 5:30, a culpable police officer finds himself in jail this morning charged with the murder of an unarmed woman. good morning, washington. it's wednesday morning, may 30. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us on this wednesday. we start with traffic and weather. adam caskey has the forecast. >> we have a little rain outside. now just a few sprinkles. that's all. let's go to live super doppler 7 radar. in northern virginia and new the blue ridge, disregard the red. that's not rainfall. those are ground targets.
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we have rain in potomac and bethesda and light showers into southern maryland. la plata down to newburg and stretching into lexington park, showers. prince frederick huntingtown and up north into the chesapeake beach area as well, sprinkles and. potomac and bethesda, there we go. a few sprinkles lingering in rockville. ties in the '60s -- temperatures in the 60's. highs around 80 degrees with sunshine. 30% chance of a brief shower later this afternoon. now to lisa. >> there was a crash on 270 southbound between 370 and shady grove road, that has been moved to the shoulder. in virginia on the beltway, inner loop between the g.w. parkway and american legion
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bridge, we are on the way to an accident there later. here's a beautiful ride near washington boulevard on 395. the main line and hov moving nicely. back to you. >> following a developing story in this wednesday morning. culpeper police officer in jail this morning after being indicted in a shooting. daniel harmon-wright is charged with murder in the shooting of patricia and nn cook. original reports that he had been tracppedin her in her jeep window, but witnesses said that was not true. >> the term "dragged" was not accurate. >> his mother destroyed evidence in her son's police
5:32 am
file. she is on bond -- out on bond. >> near the city grove metro station before 1:00 yesterday afternoon a train pulled into the yard where the cars are washed and somehow hit an employee who works as a mechanic. it took fire crews nearly an hour to free the man. he lost part of an leg. >> metro is not safe for the employees or the customers. >> you feel like you take your life in your hands every time the door closes. >> new metro leadership is working to improve the safety culture at the company. >> a showdown over maryland's same-sex marriage law. opponents say the law has delivered more than twice the number of signatures needed to put it on the ballot in november. >> i represent thousands of
5:33 am
marylanders from across the state who have work to ensure marylanders get the opportunity to vote on this critical issue. we are turning in by the end of this day 115,000 signatures. >> maryland's law legalizing same-sex marriage, but does not take effect until january. that leaves time to put it on the ballot for voters to decide. same-sex marriage supporters in annapolis say they are seeing growing support. >> mourners of chuck brown became protesters last night as they shut down the public viewing nearly two hours early. the protests grew so intense that organizers at the howard theatre reopens the facility. people would be told that they would be allowed inside in small groups. >> we still have to show respect even with the rainfall.
5:34 am
>> is still in my heart if. >> a public memorial will be held tomorrow at the washington convention center from noon until 3:00. >> the girl from northern virginia hoping to advance to the next round of the national spelling bee. >> 6-year-old lori anne madison is the youngest contestant ever. she will upstage to spells and complicated words today. jummy olabanji is live at national harbor where the contest is being held. good morning. >> good morning. this little girl lori anne madison, her mother said that she started reading when she was just two years old. now just four years later she will be on a nasa calls stage -- on a national stage spelling these words and competing against some people much older. most of us cannot even say words this long, let alone spell them. but this 6-year-old at's spelling skills have landed her
5:35 am
as one of 278 finalists in the national spelling bee. >> i never pretty normal life. i like to play. >> maybe. but this bouncing little blonde is also very special. is the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee. today she will be competing against contestants twice her age. >> honestly, it is not as big and i am not really excited like i am going to the national spelling bee! i'm more like, it's fine. >> she has a big future. she wants to be an astral biologist and has plans of being an olympic swimmer. but as for the media coverage and autographs and interviews, she says she can do without its >> . too much of it is overwhelming. one is fine, but not too many. i hope this is going to be my last one. >> it may not be her last one.
5:36 am
>> it certainly will not if she does well today. >> she has, any more years? >> she has nine more years of eligibility. you can compete until the age of 15. >> 5:36 right now, 63 degrees in haymarket if. >> still ahead, mitt romney has earned the number of delegates needed for the republican presidential nomination. but he has a new challenge dealing with donald trump. controversy. >> how the redskins newest quarterback is making headlines when it comes to sales of his jersey.
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>> we are team becker from bethesda. on june 2 we will be running in the susan g. komen race for the cure. >> good morning, washington. >> wednesday morning, 5:39. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. have the umbrella handy today would you will not needed as much as intraday evening. just a few sprinkles here and there this morning. and again this afternoon, one or two showers. here's a look at the cloud cover early this morning over the nation's capital. sunrise is seven minutes from now.
5:40 am
fairly gray skies. 52 in leesburg -- 62. the humidity will drop gradually. 68 degrees in bowie, 65 in manassas. high around 82. we will break into sunshine around lunchtime. keep the umbrella next to you this afternoon as one or two showers could pop up late in the day mixed with sunshine. a perfect thursday, sunny, low humidity, near 80. now to lisa. >> a fender bender on 270 southbound minor problem on the inner loop of the beltway between the g.w. parkway and the american legion bridge. a smattering of traffic is what we are watching grow as far as 66 and 95. still giving you the green light on 66. more our neighbors hitting the roads out of manassas, 95 out of woodbrige pretty decent on the beltway near route 4 and route 5 and on 50 between annapolis and north avenue -- new york ave.
5:41 am
270 collision moved to the side, everything is open. we will have livelive copter three later. >> peyton manning took his job in denver and then took his spot for the best-selling jersey in the nfl. >> manning's bronco jersey and tim tebow's the jets jersey have sold more than any other. as for r.g. iii, he had the third best selling jersey followed by andrew up. griffin's jersey has been the top seller this month, however. the nfl's report is somewhat misleading because they report sales from april 1 through may 28. and his jersey did not call on sale at the beginning of that. donovan mcnabb's jersey was the
5:42 am
second-best seller in the league after he joined from the eagles in 2010. >> i guess it does not insure success. 5:41, 67 degrees on this wednesday. >> coming up, details on a gruesome story that happens in florida. police asking for the public's help in a case where a man was found shoeing on another man's face -- chewintgg on.
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clerks 5:45 right now. at 6:00, surprising details about the deadly mid-air collision over virginia. with until year? what we found out about the pilots. >> we all know to wear sunscreen. something else could help cut your risk of skin cancer. and why it may be more difficult
5:46 am
for some women to get breast cancer screenings this year. all those stories at the top of the hour. now to vote 2012. it is official. mitt romney has the delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. >> he will focus on fund-raising and a nagging problem for the campaign -- donald trump. >> he should be savoring victory, but donald may be spoiling his party. that was strong speaking at a fund-raiser last night less than 24 hours after romney reached the number of delegates needed. his campaign is facing tough questions about to a handled donald alleging once again that president obama was not born in the u.s., more than a year after president obama released for his hawaii birth certificate. >> many people don't think it was authentic.
5:47 am
>> donald, you are beginning to sound a little ridiculous. >> as romney spends the day raising campaign money in california, some republicans say that donald's claims threaten to challenge the seriousness of romney's campaign and opens him up to a tax that he's not willing to stand up to members of his own party. >> he is an ignoramus. >> romney made no effort to correct his campaign surrogate. >> i don't agree with all the people that support me. >> the white house called it donald issue nonsense. a trump spokesman said that if donald participates in a gop event, that it would be exciting. correct a disturbing story from miami as police are hoping someone will come forward with new information in this
5:48 am
disturbing attack. an officer shot and killed 31- year-old rudy eugene on saturday after he was found chewing on on another man's face. the victim was reportedly a 65- year-old homeless man named ronald poppo. both men were naked. police believe that the suspect poses a delirium was caused by drugs. the victim is in the hospital. it has been 10 years since the cleanup of the world trade center formally ended in new york city. crews from across the country went to ground zero to remove debris and help and recovery efforts. many of them contracted serious illnesses from the toxins in air. officials in new york are holding a ceremony at ground zero for all first responders. meantime, a juror selection begins tuesday in the sex abuse trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. a hearing has been tentatively scheduled for today to deal with any unresolved pretrial issues.
5:49 am
four alleged victims are asking the judge to prevent their real names from being made public. years for one of them is asking a pseudonym be used for him during the trial. jurors in the john edwards trial are showing no signs of hearing the verdict. they will deliberate today for a eighth day. there has been potentensions in the jury room. many things can happen during long deliberations and some are not good. the judge warned the jurors to make sure their deliberations could not be overheard in the courtroom. now a discrimination lawsuit involving wells fargo and involving united continental. >> linda bell in new york. >> good morning. united continental, the world's largest airline is being sued for racial discrimination by nearly two dozen black pilots if. they alleged the company offered minority employees fewer promotions. the pilots alleged that black
5:50 am
employees who are promoted were only promoted to give the appearance of diversity and were then excluded from informal e- mails and social gatherings w here operating procedure and other an important issues are being discussed. the company said the lawsuit is without merit. wells fargo is resolving a discrimination lawsuit brought on by memphis, tennessee. the lender is pledging $432 million in mortgage credit and investments to the city and residents. it is to end a lawsuit filed more than two years ago alleging it mistreated black homeowners since at least the year 2000. that is business news from bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:50 on this wednesday morning. >> use that to keep the umbrella handy later today. >> i don't think you will need
5:51 am
it, but there could be a few more showers later on today. that will be mixed with sunshine. very will be showers, just like what we have on the radar screen early this morning. not much action. we had such heavy rainfall yesterday. 1.9 inches yesterday evening measured on the weatherbug network in germantown. here's a look at live super doppler 7. if you do see a little red and yellow on the screen, which typically indicates heavy rainfall. that is not the case this morning in northern virginia. these are ground targets that the radars detecting. that happens quite often when we have a certain temperature profile in the atmosphere. so that is not rain. what we have in southern maryland, this is rain. thacross the knights bridge there are showers. in st. mary's county, slowly lifting across the pax river enter calvert county. there's one sprinkle crossing
5:52 am
270 from potomac rockville. shenandoah valley, one sprinkle as well. all very light action just east of interstate 81, pushing east. the red and yellow is not heavy rainfall, again. that is ridgetops entry lines being detected by radar. there's a cold front that moved through a few hours ago. the cold front will keep the remnants of beryl out of the washington area. tropical depression beryl is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm beryl as it skims across the north carolina coastline later today and gets swept out to sea by the cold front. temperatures right now near 70 degrees downtown. much cooler north west of town. 59 in cumberland, 62 in martinsburg. the cooler air is slowly filling in. you'll notice the humidity dropping gradually through the day, but especially tomorrow if. it will be a perfect thursday. here's today's forecast a.
5:53 am
lingering sprinkles early this morning. and show another rise around lunchtime. in the afternoon you need the umbrella handy although you probably will not needed. 30% chance of stray showers later today with a high temperature of 82 degrees. noticeably cooler than the weather we have been having. bright sunshine tomorrow, a perfect thursday mostly sunny, low humidity, near 80 degrees. similar temperatures friday if. by the weekend dropping to the mid to upper 70's with still low humidity, looks like another round of thunderstorms late friday and maybe into early saturday. that's the forecast. >> nothing very strong in the commute. just growing volume. 66 into manassas. again at 50 fair oaks. a little in fair oaks. 95 out of woodbrige, a pretty decent between lorton, newington, and springfield. a little slowdown near landmark. looks good on route 4, route 5
5:54 am
50 out of annapolis to get into cheverly. newschopper 7 looking at southbound 270. lining up out of germantown moving past 370 to shady grove road, all lanes open. back to you. >> thank you. it's wednesday. >> coming up, it has happened to all of us. the mess up your order at the drive-through. one angry driver [ female announcer ] introducing new all mighty pacs™. our most concentrated all ever! packed with all's active stainlifters... each pac has more cleaning power per ounce to help tackle tough dirt and stains the first time. new all mighty pacs™. powerful clean. mighty results.
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>> we can all get frustrated when our food order gets messed up. usually you'll drive off and. >> you don't usually do this. the guy got upset when the workers at taco bell forgot to give him a taco. he is his truck to get through the front door. he was arrested and charged with felony vandalism during nobody inside was hurt. that is extreme. >> that is one of those moments when you are like, really? >> much more to come in the next hour. >> coming up on this wednesday a culpeper police officer breaking up in jail, charged with murdering an unarmed woman. the latest in the investigation. >> lisa baden helping you navigate the wednesday commute.
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questioning developments in what was thought to be a closed case. a police officer charged with murder cracks. and a military tool used on the battlefield could be coming to skies in virginia. >> [


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