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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. extreme weather batters the east coast and the midwest. with heavy squalls from d.c. to maine. what remains of beryl, drenching the southeast. a parolee, just out of jail, walks on a commuter plane. sneaking through an unmanned energy door. we'll tell you how he was discovered at the last possible moment. break in the case. police revealing new clues in the frantic search to find the missing louisiana college student. why police are focusing on these three scars. and brand-new pictures of
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mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan, on their honeymoon. is the honeymoon over for the world's most famous billionaire? that drumroll this morning. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday to you. we reached a new milestone in the race for the white house yesterday. mitt romney went over the top, clinching the nomination. you see right there, next to donald trump's plane. he raised a lot of money with donald trump last night. but trump is always causing a little trouble for romney, by continuing to question where the president was born. this morning, we'll have the latest on the new attacks both campaigns are launching on the jobs issue. we'll have an exclusive look at that. and new pictures of jessica simpson's little baby girl
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revealed. mex well drew. how she is inspiring her and so much more. >> one cute baby. and check out this amazing scene at buckingham palace. thousands there for a huge jubilee garden party. if you've think you've seen that dress on kate before, you have. all headlines about her recycling. >> headlines. that's part of the reason why we adore her so much. she can recycle a dress in two weeks' time. we're going to begin with severe weather soaking the east coast. and, sam, you've been tracking it all. >> 450 storm reports. a very active day yesterday. more than half of them came last night, as one powerful, loud line of storms moved through the northeast. look at the dots on the map. that will show you all of the storm reports. now, look at the video. we start with the trees down in the northeast. a lot of wind, a lot of hail and lightning and gusty winds. enough to knock trees down across the northeast. if we have that video.
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if we don't have the video, i'll describe them. there you go. you have a lot of folks on cleanup duty today, after that long line of storms. two tornado reports. one reported in new york state. that's unusually enough. one in oklahoma. and a lot of hail reports in oklahoma, as well. anywhere from two-inch to five-inch hailstones. we've had incredible reports of hail this spring with the long line of storm. more so than with tornadoes. we'll continue to watch the storms today. we'll continue to show you where they are. beryl probably becomes a tropical storm again. we'll talk about that in weather. >> sam, thanks very much. let's get to other developing stories with josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with a developing story overnight. a security breach at san diego's airport. a man able to board a flight without a ticket. let's get to jim avila with the very latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. a modern-day stowaway, delayed air operations in san diego.
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and they have delivered a wake-up call to airport security nationwide. a shock for passengers on this united express plane out of san diego. >> i can't at all understand how in the world this ever happened. >> reporter: a parolee, fresh out of jail, able to get onboard, walking on to the tarmac at san diego's lindbergh field. >> he was released from jail yesterday. has a criminal history. >> reporter: the suspect walked through an alarmed but unguarded emergency door in the terminal. he melted into a line of passengers, boarding a commuter plane on the tarmac. nabbed only at the last moment, the last passenger count by flight attendants on the plane. >> they said, what's your count? they said, well, that's wrong. >> reporter: police swooped in, arresting the suspect. it was not deemed a serious threat. just a delay for passengers. much like the newark man, seen on surveillance video, walking through an unstaffed security post to kiss his girlfriend
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good-bye, before returning to the supposedly secure area. that stopped airport operations for six hours. the results of last night's breach missed connections. back to jail for the 37-year-old suspect, now charged with trespassing and embarrassment for airport security. >> to be sure. jim avila, in washington. thanks for that. crews in italy have pulled a 65-year-old woman from the rubble of an apartment building destroyed in tuesday's killer earthquake. one person remains missing. 16 people are now confirmed dead. and it's been called the most powerful espionage tool ever created. and this morning, iran confirms the so-called flame computer virus has attacked the computers of high-ranking iranian officials. it's not only capable of copying files but also recording conversations. it may be the latest attempt to infiltrate iran's nuclear program. the u.s. and israel are suspected of launching the
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virus. iran claims it's already come up with a quick fix. just this morning, we're getting new information about the price of gas. just in time for summer, however unofficial. overnight, prices dropped again. they've dropped 5 cents per gallon this week alone. the national average stands at $3.63 per gallon. and a stunning upset at the french open. serena williams, beaten in paris tuesday, by france's own, virgin virginie razzano. first time williams has been bounced from a grand slam event ever. >> had to happen some time. >> she was 46-0, in the first rounds of the majors. >> too bad for serena. we go to the presidential race right now. mitt romney went over the top last night, clinching the race with a win in texas. but donald trump stole some of the headlines. and romney is facing a new
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attack from the obama campaign. it's "your voice, your vote." abc's jake tapper. good morning, jake. >> reporter: abc news has learned that starting this morning, the obama campaign will open up a new front in their attacks on mitt romney, going after his record as governor of massachusetts, when the state of massachusetts ranks 47th in the nation in job creation around the same time you mentioned, when romney risked being overshadowed by donald trump, who keeps bizarrely attacking the president, falsely, for not being born in the united states. overnight, mitt romney was raising money with donald trump, who is on a tear, spewing birther nonsense, alleging the president was not born in the u.s. >> a lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate. >> how can you say that? >> a lot of people report it, wolf. many people do not think it's authentic. >> donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous. i have to tell you. >> you are, wolf. >> reporter: republicans say it's risky for romney to
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continue to appear with trump. it undermines his seriousness. and suggests he cannot stand up to that false nonsense from that wing of his party. >> i don't agree with everybody who support me. and my guess is they don't agree with everything i believe in. but i need to get 51% or more. and i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. >> reporter: for their part, this morning, the obama campaign will launch a new line of attacks. saying romney made all of the same promises when he ran for governor ten years ago. and the results were less than stellar. take job creation, for instance. he told this to college students in 2002. >> this is a critical election for you. this may determine whether or not there's a job waiting at the end of your graduation. >> reporter: similar to today's pitch. >> when you get out of college, if i'm president, you'll have a job. if president obama's re-elected, you will not be able to get a job. >> reporter: the attack, as david axelrod tweeted last week, he sold the same hooey in massachusetts ten years ago. and then, turned in one of the
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worst performances as any governor in the usa. 47th in job creation. romney has billed himself as a businessman who could right the economic ship. >> i want to bring that skill for you here in massachusetts. >> reporter: and the obama team will use officials from massachusetts to make that attack. starting tomorrow, in response to the romney campaign says, george, romney created more jobs in the state of massachusetts than president obama has for the entire nation. we're happy to compare the 4.7% unemployment rate against president obama's failure to meet his own goal of 6% right now. >> jake, the romney campaign, in their edge, taking a bull's eye on the president's record. take a look. >> to create jobs. how is he doing? you've heard of solyndra. they took taxpayer guarantees
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and went bankrupt. >> they say this trumps the president's attacks on bain capital. >> reporter: they're trying to make it appear that president obama is a venture capitalist. and the stimulus and the auto bailout were his funds. you're going to see the romney campaign focus on the economy. and the obama campaign try to make mitt romney an unacceptable alternative, even as the president is under water in his approval rating, george. >> thank you very much. now, to the latest on the high-stakes trial of former presidential candidate, john edwards. the jury is heading into its eighth day of deliberations today. bob woodruff has been covering the trial since the beginning. and is in greensboro, north carolina. good morning, bob. >> reporter: this is the eighth-straight day of deliberations for the jurors. and this is the sixth-straight week for the trial. a moment ago we were talking that this verdict was coming. but it didn't. for a fleeting moment, late tuesday, it appeared the jury
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had at last made their decision. judge katherine eagles said the jury had reached a -- and she paused. everyone in the room held her breath. she continued. a good stopping point for the day. the courtroom erupted in laughter, including edwards and his lawyer, abby lowell, who buried his face on the defense table in apparent exasperation. does it seem like the judge is getting exasperated? >> i think it's an indication she would like the jury to reach the verdict, sooner rather than later. >> reporter: john edwards, his aging parents and his daughter, cate, has been close at hand throughout the deliberations. anticipating the moment they learn the verdict, that could send him to prison or clear the dark cloud over his head. he had taken walks outside with cate and his mother. and has taken in a few college baseball games at a stadium
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nearby the courthouse. >> regardless of what they're doing for him externally. i think he is projecting confidence. >> reporter: still, what everyone wants to know is what's happening inside that jury room and why this is taking so long. >> you could have division on the ultimate facts of the case or counts. but if there's division about the process, then that's a whole new level of problems that causes jurors to go awol and unable to reach a verdict. >> reporter: we don't know exactly what the jurors are thinking about. the 12 main jurors behind those doors. but we do know that the alternates, the four of them seem to be having some fun. they've worn the same clothes many times last week. they all wore pink. then, they wore yellow. and red, white and blue. yesterday, it was all black and gray. we're also being told we have about 15-minute warning when the verdict is about to come. that's why john edwards and his family are not able to go far away from here, either. robin? >> each and every day. all right, bob. >> seems like one intense jury
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room. we're learning about the man who confessed to killing etan patz, the 6-year-old new yorker that disappeared 30 years ago. the sister said she went to authorities years ago. but they did nothing. >> reporter: we heard within hours of hernandez's arrest, that he told family members and friends of the crime in the 1980s. this morning, his sister, norma, said not only did she hear of this. but she tried to tell police. this morning, the sister of the suspect in the etan patz case is speaking out. one week after her brother confessed to strangling etan patz 33 years ago, norma hernandez is telling abc news, she went to police years ago. telling them, her brother had confessed to something terrible during a prayer group. she says she remembers going to a camden, new jersey, police station. telling a man at the front desk in a police uniform, that her
7:14 am
brother shared a disturbing story. >> he had to do with a little boy. he confessed that he strangled and put a little boy in the trash. >> reporter: all these years later, she says she remembers police giving them a copy of her license. they never called her back. >> i was expecting a detective to say something. but they never did. >> reporter: but this morning, camden, new jersey, police making a statement. this is the first time we're learning of her comments. calling this an ongoing homicide investigation. new york city police say they had not heard of this before. but said that pedro hernandez had told friends about the crime as far back as 1981. meanwhile, two parents who never moved, never changed their phone number, now dealing with the case making headlines again. a photographer taking this picture, riding his bike past the same corner. where hernandez worked in the bodega. and said he lured that little boy with the promise of a soda.
7:15 am
and then, strangled him. and years after norma hernandez says she went to police, she says she would do it again. >> if he's innocent, i ask god to forgive me for going to the police. but at that time, i thought i was doing the right thing. >> reporter: her brother is being held in a psychiatric ward. his attorney saying his client is bipolar. you saw etan's father on his bike. etan's mother, had reporters outside their door. that same apartment, that she just wishes this was all over. you can imagine what they're going through. >> thanks very much. >> david, thank you. a lot of investors unfriending facebook right now. the stock keeps going down since the company went public. but pictures out this morning of mark zuckerberg and his wife, priscilla, on their honeymoon. they don't seem to have a care in the world. abc's bianna golodryga has much more on all that. >> reporter: so much has changed since you sat down with mark
7:16 am
zuckerberg a short time ago. it's safe to say mark zuckerberg has a lot on his mind. everything from facebook's botched ipo, to investor lawsuits. to news that he's falling off the list of the 40 richest people. right now, shareholders are asking, why isn't he at work. >> reporter: while mark zuckerberg and his new bride, priscilla chan, may be enjoying a roman holiday, his romance with investors appears to be cooling off. as the couple dined out in rome, sailed the coast, strolled the cobble streets and checked out the ceiling of the sistine chapel, facebook stock has dropped through the floor. closing tuesday at $28.84. dropping 20% since the company went public. leading to heated debates on cable news. >> good investment -- >> reporter: and leading one paper to write, zuckerberg's in rome, while his investors are burning. >> if mark zuckerberg was to
7:17 am
rush back, people would interpret it as a crisis. >> reporter: it's not everyday investors who have last money. zuckerberg's own net worth has plummeted, falling by $5 billion. some online point out that the couple's smiles just 11 days ago, seem to become a bit more solemn. one british newspaper saying that the billionaire and his wife didn't leave a tip after dinner or a lunch. >> he's a guy living a shockingly modest life for somebody work the dollars he's worth. and nobody begrudges him a honeymoon at a time like this. >> reporter: should mr. and mrs. zuckerberg be saying good-bye? some say probably not. >> we had a difficult few weeks in the market. a lot of news globally, unrelated to facebook. it's difficult to have an extreme move to the upside. >> reporter: some would be wondering why facebook executives haven't spoken out
7:18 am
about the flailing stock performance. they're in a quiet period where they can't talk about financial matters relating to the company. >> they can't begrudge them a honeymoon. >> we were discussing this. and knew that life was going to be different once they went public. >> he has to carry a little cash and leave better tips. >> that's embarrassing. >> that's true. bianna, good to have you back. sam? >> good morning, you guys. we start with what's going on in the southeastern seaboard. remember the spoiler for beryl. it's still there. we'll watch that low pull back into the water and probably restrengthen to tropical storm strength. by the time it pulls out, there will be places that continue to get rain out of this storm. it will be on the carolina coastline. but also virginia and southern new jersey with showers. then, look at the heat across the country. even though, the cooler temperatures have moved into the great lakes and the northern
7:19 am
tier, most of the nation will bake under these temperatures today. skies and rain over maryland all that is pushing up to the east and northeast. washington.n 65 at dulles airport. leesburg, 63. a lot cooler today than yesterday. say goodbye to the 90's.
7:20 am
back to 80's today. sunshine later this afternoon. >> i do want to point out the storms in the middle of the country. particularly bad for central oklahoma today. so, robin, george, josh? let's look right now, one more time at the scenes from buckingham palace. there was kate right there. beautiful pink outfit. but 8,000 guests of the queen's diamond jubilee guarden party. >> and the beautiful dress that you pointed out, george, that we saw a couple weeks ago. >> you made fun of me for pointing that out. >> so much more pressure on lara and me. >> next monday and tuesday, great coverage of the jubilee. we're looking forward to that. >> we'll be recycling a lot, too. >> okay. >> recycled looks good. >> you look good once. look good again. we have new clues in the desperate search for the missing
7:21 am
louisiana student. her bike found abandoned by the road. and new details in what really happened in that dust-up between justin bieber and the paparazzi. what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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charged, accused with killing cook.ia claims he was trapped in the window and was dragged down the street. prosecutors disagree. filed a lawsuit. one of the lowest performing schools is going high-tech now. students at kramer middle will be spending half learning online. students work for less and set programn pace and the is seeing much success elsewhere. have more on news channel 8 in just a few minutes. right now, let us take a look a traffic. baden. lisa >> first of all, susan parkway there is a multi vehicle crash. this is after branch ave. before naylor road. some traffic and -- take an route.te pennsylvania avenue. you are not the only one. let us go live to our picture 270 traffic.
7:28 am
delays out of clarksburg. the crash of montgomery village avenue. quite as bad. normal delay off to the pentagon. ?dam caskey >> we will see improvement today. not as much sun. not any downpour. just light rain right now. think, see some sun, i lunch hour.e now.ght way to 82. slight chance of a late date shower. >> thank
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that's mickey shunick, the louisiana college student, missing for a few weeks now. that bike you see, found abandoned beside the highway. there the discovery finally help police crack the case? >> we hope so. we showed you the video that has become an internet sensation. madonna, expressing herself. mixing her song, with lady gaga's "born this way," a little mashup. is it a tribute or a jab? and the first pictures of jessica simpson's baby. on the pictures in "people" magazine. little maxwell. >> already inspiring her.
7:31 am
you're right, george. you met the man who shot to worldwide fame. zenny. now, we're going to introduce you to the woman giving him a real run for his money. and she has a terrific backstory. but she is a ridiculously photogenic woman. >> she is. right now, we get to new details in the mickey shunick case. >> reporter: george, good morning. the police tell me they haven't given up hope that shunick is still alive. but the new developments, including the condition of her bike, and the fact they've called off the large search parties, suggest the investigation is heading in a different direction. abc news has learned that 22-year-old mickey shunick's bicycle was found with significant damage to the rear tire, including a bent rim. police say they found tire marks near the area where the bike turned up sunday, submerged in
7:32 am
water. ten miles where shunick was last seen riding it on this surveillance footage. >> we believe that person, the perpetrator drove to the water and dumped the bike not to be found. >> reporter: former fbi profiler, brad garrett, says the fact that the bike was damaged and dumped near the highway, suggests that shunick may have been hit by a car. the crime lab is running testing on the bike. >> paint from the suspect's vehicle. mickey's dna on it. it could be the subject's dna on it. it would be a wealth of information gathered, in addition to the location of the bike. >> we're going to see her soon. we're going to get her home. it's going to be over soon. >> reporter: the university of louisiana at lafayette student, was last seen leaving her friend's house on her bike around 2:00 in the morning on
7:33 am
may 19th. prompting her family and friends to launch an extensive search. late tuesday, that search was called off. >> as far as volunteers go, we love them and appreciate them. and we feel they need a little bit of break. >> reporter: instead, police are focusing their search on these three cars, captured on security cameras around the same time the tape of shunick was taken. they've not heard from the drivers of this four-door chevy truck, this older model sedan, or this newer model white pickup. >> it's important for them to locate and identify the drivers of the three vehicles that were on surveillance tape because one of them could be the suspect. but equally important, they could be witnesses. >> reporter: and mickey's sister believes this latest development is positive news. supporting the family's theory this was all an accident. and mickey is out there, alive. >> john, thanks very much. let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, for more on this. that's the question right now. we know the bike was hit. was it an intentional hit or an
7:34 am
accident? >> it looks like the bike was hit. the first thing they wanted to determine was could the bike be thrown off the bridge? the authorities seem to have ruled that out. they don't think that has happened. they think the bike was placed there. there's limited damage to the bike. does this mean she was hit by a car? they seem to think that is likely. was it intentional? or wasn't it? meaning, was someone trying to push her off the road so they could grab her? or did someone accidentally hit her and then, whatever happened? >> then, the surveillance tape becomes key, of course, because you want to figure out if one of those cars hit the bike. >> or witnesses. that's a wealth of information right there. the fact you have three identifiable cars there, to go after. to try to find the people who were driving them. that's really important in the context of this. >> even though the bike was under water, they can try to connect -- >> they can still try to get evidence. the bike was not there for years. so, there's still fingerprints,
7:35 am
other things that can be gotten off of that bike, even though it was underwater for a period of time, that they're hoping can help answer a lot of the questions. >> and police say even though they're calling off the intensive search, that's not a sign they're giving up hope. >> it's more targeted. it's not to suggest they're giving up. it's not to suggest they're throwing in the towel. but they have a lot better information now to target the investigation. so, they don't have to do the massive search. now, they have all of the information we just discussed about the car and the location and the bike. and they can now use that information to do a much more pinpointed investigation, rather than just to send out all these people and all these volunteers doing a massive search. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right, you two. justin bieber is not letting that reporter run-in with the paparazzi slow him down. you see him right here, saying hello to fans. now, there's new video of the photographer just after the
7:36 am
alleged scuffle has emerged. and police say they haven't heard from the pop star. abc's rob nelson has the latest. >> reporter: justin bieber made time tuesday to wave to fans before a concert in norway. and to release "die in your arms" his second single off his new album. ♪ just die in your arms >> reporter: what he has not made time for is talking to police. after more than three days, l.a. scout sheriff's investigators still have not spoken to bieber about charges that he roughed up this photographer. once they do talk to the star, they say they'll most likely forward the case to the d.a., who could charge bieber with battery. meantime, new details and video are emerging from the scuffle. this newly-released video shows the still unnamed photographer getting into an ambulancing being treated by paramedics. he says he was pushed be i the 18-year-old pop star. witnesses and other photographers said bieber lost his cool, and his shoe, after
7:37 am
the paparazzo snapped pictures of bieber and salena gomez, later blocking their car. >> he came this way. and i was over there. and just went for him, against the car. >> reporter: during the aftermath, as gomez tried to calm down her boyfriend, witnesses say she lost her phone. and some accused the paparazzi of taking it. >> we don't have the phone. we really don't. >> reporter: at a memorial day party, gomez, however, was in no mood to chat. blowing off questions about the incident. >> salena, was that self-defense with justin? >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> you think they're going to answer when they shout out a question like that? >> you can always hope. you never know. it is 7:37. time, again, for the weather. boy, that board. a lot of trouble on the board. >> yeah. we're about to show you kind of frightening and disturbing pictures in the west. these are the pictures out of
7:38 am
new mexico. how bad are they? this fire right there, in the hilo forest, the largest wildfire in new mexico history. they're concerned now, it's 0% contained that it will threaten towns and populated areas if they don't get a handle on this fire. and conditions are not going to help them. it is massive and burning. look at the heat here. and zero right in on that area and continue on towards new mexico. the southern parts of the states that aren't as mountainous, they are in the 90s to 100-degree temperatures. the cooler temperatures are where you have a little elevation. nice on the west coast. it's a beautiful day in the west. we'll watch where these storms are firing up. 70 degrees downtown. outlying areas. is cooler. highs in the edie's. in dropping humidity level. a few sprinkles. chance
7:39 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by tempur-pedic. in the next half hour, we talk about a refreshing change for most folks. i said the next half hour. >> you big tease. coming up, madonna versus lady gaga. is the music world's hottest dust-up, about to get even bigger? come on back. ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? it's not a sealy, a simmons, or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] did you know there's tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm, and everything in between. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. [ female announcer ] visit a participating retailer and save up to $600 on a tempur-cloud supreme mattress set. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic -- the most highly recommended bed in america.
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a little madonna rehearsal video. we're going to get to the growing feud between two of the world's biggest stars. madonna has never come out and accused lady gaga of steal her stuff. but on hur new tour, she has a new way to show what she really thinks. and linsey davis has more on the dueling divas. >> reporter: the newly-released footage is producing a diva dust-up. videos of her rehearsal on her tour, shows a mashup of her song, "express yourself," and lady gaga's hit, "born this way." madonna once said the similarities between the two songs was interesting. but is she taking a dig? if imitation really is the highest form of flattery, madonna should be thrilled. from the cones to the bland pony
7:44 am
tail, lady gaga has made no secret of her admiration of madonna. >> there is no one that's a more adoring and loving madonna fan than me. >> reporter: but when does inspiration cross the line into imitation? "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden asked madonna about that earlier this year. after the merrill girl said she found "born this way," strikingly similar to "express yourself." >> it feels reductive. >> is that good? >> look it up. >> reporter: reductive. simplified or crude. gaga answered back in an interview with a british music magazine saying, i'm not dumb enough or moranic enough, that you're dumb enough or moranic enough not to see that i stole a melody. now, madonna is expressing herself on the controversy again. check out this video. madonna mashing up the two
7:45 am
songs. first hers. ♪ express what you've got >> reporter: and straight into a cover of gaga's. ♪ baby, i was born this way >> reporter: at the end, madonna sings a song about a copycat that doesn't have her flare. >> we wouldn't be talking about madonna in the way we are today, without her singing a little snippet of "born this way." this only helps her. >> reporter: if it is a p.r. stunt, it wouldn't be madonna's first. that's another thing the star's been known for since way before lady gaga was even born. ♪ express yourself you've got to make it ♪ >> reporter: now, gaga says the chord progression is the same one that's been in disco music for the last 50 years. the fact she uses it doesn't make her a plagiarist. it makes her smart.
7:46 am
madonna kicks off her tour in israel. it continues. >> and we hustle along. >> it's a win-win for everybody. >> didn't we see this story earlier? >> i think sam pointed it out. it was old -- >> "pop news" on monday. >> you were with us memorial day, which you should have been, it was on pop news. >> i think sam was talking about the piece. >> all news to me. thanks for coming on. >> sorry, sam. josh has "the play of the day." and check out katy perry. she is not hot and cold about revealing a whole, new look. that's just ahead. these are ocean spray sparkling juice drinks. they have bubbles. it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing. refreshing ocean spray sparkling juice drinks. in these really cool cans. sparkling... savings.
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7:51 am
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7:56 am
live and in hd, this is an >> good morning. chenevey. bob mcdonnell voicing his support for police departments using drones. .aircraft's fairfax county in d.c. have been officers useve these equipment. drones make policing safer. those against the proposal say toy could easily lead invasion of privacy. day for thisbig
7:57 am
in therticipating spelling bee, the youngest person to do that. up against 280e schoolers. have a full report up at the top of the alhurra on news channel 8. right now, here is lisa baden. >>." -->> ok. slow. includes what we will show on our camera. southbound on 270, we had delays between 80 and montgomery village avenue. shoulder and montgomery village avenue. some -- ia, here in the pentagon, it is beautiful. morning.there this rain in southern maryland. a thin line of light rain from
7:58 am
virginia along the bay. temperatures are in the 60's in areas.g 82 this afternoon. dropping humidity. becoming sunny later today. >> nice. thank you for watching. [ breathinheavily ] we hurried.
7:59 am
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♪ you're beautiful, beautiful [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. great crowd with us, as always, here in times square. and this morning, we have exclusive photos for you, from "people" magazine. everyone has been waiting for jessica simpson with her baby girl, maxwell. >> and we got all kinds of new details from that "people" magazine. we hear about the birth. how baby maxwell has inspired jessica simpson. and how she feels about motherhood. >> maybe we can matchmake, too.
8:01 am
bianna. >> play date? play date system? >> could happen. yeah. we have something about this photogenic -- and you guys, we are blessed. we have the most photogenic guys in our midst. but who washehe most photogenic? >> you mean the fourth? there he is. >> and we'll look at the girl who has been nick nanled the most photogenic girl. her name is rachel. >> she's a very pretty lady. and also, we're going to bring back the "dance moms" today. we're going to go behind the scenes with the controversial moms. they are tougher than ever. and they spark a very fierce reaction at this table. i'm sure it does at your kitchen
8:02 am
table. first, we got to justiosh elliott and the news. >> first, the official day of the presidential election. mitt romney has clinched the republican nomination with his win in the texas primary. but it's partially overshadowed with the criticism of donald trump, who is questioning whether president obama was born in the united states. in the meantime, the romney campaign, misspelling america on the iphone app. a man just released on parole, was able to sneak on to an express flight to l.a., without a ticket. just walked through an emergency exit in the terminal that had been left unguarded. and was only caught after the flight crew completed a final passenger count. breaking news from italy. the body of the final victim missing after tuesday's earthquake has been recovered from a collapsed factory. it raises the quake death toll
8:03 am
to 17 now. earlier, a 65-year-old woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a fallen apartment building. and new concerns from the future of the company that makes our blackberries. blackberry, has less than fewer of 10% of the market, according to one estimate. and this morning, shares of facebook, opening below the $29 mark for the first time. the stock lost 10% of its value on tuesday alone. as a result, ceo mark zuckerberg, is no longer one of the world's 40 richest people. oh, no. meanwhile, here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> josh, great to talk to you this morning. what if we told everyone watching "gma," that people could take money out of their 401(k)? and we're talking thousands of dollars. hard-earned savings. how can you protect yourself?
8:04 am
be sure to watch tonight on "world news." >> we shall, diane. finally, look, with sunglasses and all. rock legend, bob dylan, given the nation's highest honor by president obama, tuesday. astronaut john glenn, and toni morrison. and there in the blue, college baseball coaching legend, pat summitt, after stepping down and leading the lady vols all those years. >> not stepping down. stepping aside. >> one of the greatest college coaches of all-time. >> that's one of the best ceremonies all year. i love how you just cheered for bob dylan. what are you going to do when they give it to bruce? >> he got you on tv. we have lara spencer, taking a little time off. and bianna golodryga is back from maternity leave.
8:05 am
you're not going to have this in your "pop news." >> no, i'm not. >> sarah dessen. she tweets us a lot. "the truth about forever." it's too had. >> one of the great young adult authors in the country. >> top that. >> let's turn to the music world. i'm going to try to top that. apart from the makeup-clad katy perry i sat down with, katy is revealing a new fresh-face look. check out the pop star a little less done-up, for "part of me." perry says it will be more of her awe natural glow in the documentary. she promises shots of her looking bloated and, quote, normal. i think she looks beautiful. >> we saw the trailer over the weekend. it looks like a great movie. >> i love her. >> in her smurf getup, the
8:06 am
eyelashes out to here. we know a thing or two about fake eyelashes. these were out to here. moving on to the sports world. tom brady is getting a little heat for his boston accent, in a new sketch from funnyordie. but the quarterback is from california, not boston. take a look. >> you know, you look a lot like that stand there. >> yeah. >> it's uncanny. >> yeah? >> you don't need to go knocking it over like that. >> i am the guy on the standy. >> i am the guy on the friggin' standy. >> oh, my -- >> matt damon, shame on you. >> it's nice to know he's a good sport about it. he knocked it out of the park. >> that was funny. what's the point of it? >> they were mocking him, assuming he was from boston.
8:07 am
he's not. he's not matt damon, either. >> follow-up. >> it's a follow-us-free zone. >> have we had enough of justin bieber today? >> no. >> you can never have enough of justin, right? there's another headline. it turns out supermodel, bar rafaeli, has a crush on the pop star. check out a picture of her biking around the city. she recently said she wants to marry the 18-year-old singer. she must be taking her hands off the handlebars to text him a proposal. he's a lucky guy. >> that was the connection there? >> that was the connection. not good? >> no follow-up? >> we don't have time, anyway, for follow-up. and the animal kingdom has a new star. a pet hamster, playing dead on command. don't worry. no hamsters were hurt in the
8:08 am
making of this. but take a look at this. >> wait for it. wait for it. >> that was worth waiting for, right? >> yeah. >> what, george? >> i really, really hope that harper is not watching. he just killed a hamster. >> no. nobody died. no one was hurt. just brilliant acting. >> that was amazing. let's get the weather from sam. >> what is going on in there? what are you -- what is happening? good morning, everybody. now, tell me your names. >> i'm jordan. >> i'm jessica. >> what's your name? >> annette. >> read the sign to me. i don't quite understand it. >> two grads. one grandma. and 1,000 memories. >> who is the grad? >> we're the grads. we graduated. who is the grandma? >> my grandma is passed out in the hotel.
8:09 am
we wore her out. she's tired. >> your grandmother's where? >> she is passed out. sleeping. >> oh. i thought we had a breaking news story. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to tell you about. the refreshing change that we promised. it works right here in times square. by the time we get into thursday and friday, we're getting some cooler, drier air. it's going to feel better for a lot of folks. here's a look at the next map on the boards. we have a thin line of rain virginia across the along 301 year. especially along 235 in st. mary's. falling apart early this morning. the 60' in downtown, 70. dulles airport, 67. 82 today. couple ofn the past days. gradually drop in humidity.
8:10 am
>> and this follow-up to that report, grandma is really is fine. she's in the hotel. a long day of walking around. but she's fine. bianna? >> sam, the hamster is fine, too. grandma and the hamster are safe. now, here's a look at what's on the "gma morning menu." the pictures of jessica simpson's baby girl. and "dance moms" are back. and move over ridiculously photogenic guy. get ready to meet, ridiculously photogenic gal. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the
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♪ hey, baby it was one of hollywood's most closely-watched celebrity pregnancies. and now, "people" magazine, as you can see, showing off the very first photos of jessica simpson and her brand-new baby girl, maxwell. the superstar opening up about how life has changed since her daughter's birth and what's ahead for her family. take a look. meet max. it's the first look at baby girl maxwell drew johnson. "people" magazine reveals jessica simpson and fiance, eric johnson's, adorable bundle of joy. in the interview, she says, little max is her career at the moment. i always knew i was meant to be a mom, she says. baby maxwell drew, born 9 pounds, 13 ounces, arrived two
8:16 am
weeks early, via c-section. simpson is avoiding exercising until she fully recovers. but says she is eager to get back to her prebaby weight. after you have your baby, it's like, oh, my god. what happened to my body? this is not me, she said. it would be nice to feel comfortable in a bikini. but that's not the goal, she says. simpson was criticized for gaining too much weight during her pregnancy. but now, is launching a new maternity line, designed to show off baby bumps. meanwhile, the couple is enjoying every second with their newfound bundle. when i look at her, my heart melts, simpson says. i didn't realize how much love i could have. all right. keep it down in the cheap seats over there. suzanne zuckerman, a senior writer for "people" is here. the magazine is on stands friday. she says her life has completely changed, as it has for every new
8:17 am
parent. but what does she mean? >> jessica has been breast-feeding and has been waking up every three hours to meet baby maxwell. she has never had to keep to such a schedule in her life. and what's great is the confidence, the bubbling over with her. she is normally self-deprecating and has been known to be a little bit ditzy. but when it comes to being a mom, she fully admits she is doing a fantastic job. >> she's 9 pounds, 13 ounces. that's a lot of little girl. >> as one of the nurses exclaimed when she was born, she's a chunk. but a beautiful baby. she was born via c-section, two weeks early, in part because of her size. but there was a wonderful, family bond instantaneous. as max was being born, eric was holding jessica's hand and max's hand. so, there was the bond the moment she arrived. >> she took some criticism for the amount of weight she gained
8:18 am
when she got pregnant, which seems absurd on its face. what is she going to do to lose the baby weight? >> jessica planned to work with weight watchers, even before she was pregnant. but she is working with that program when it's healthy for her to do so. she doesn't have plans to get into bikini-ready shape. she is hoping to get married to eric johnson, her fiance, by year's end. and she wants to feel fantastic in a wedding dress. >> plans to give max a little brother or sister? >> she would love to have more kids. but she wants to devote her full time and attention to max right now. no immediate plans are in the works. >> immediately understandable. suzanne, thanks for coming in. and mazal tov to you, jessica. >> george, what an awesome job you were doing, josh. >> the bikini body. we're going to switch gears to the return of "dance moms" who had so many rooting for the
8:19 am
little girls and screaming at their pushy moms. it's back on lifetime. and abc's reena ninan has a closer look at what makes this show a reality hit. ♪ >> reporter: viewers are tuning in by the millions. maybe it's because of the determined girls ranging from 8 years old to 14. >> six, seven, eight. >> reporter: practicing just about every day. for practically the entire year. guided by their overachieving coach, abby. and their moms. >> i was back there making costumes, while you were eating. >> reporter: this summer, "dance moms" enters its third season. is it hard to see yourself on tv? there's moments when you guys break down and cry. >> definitely.
8:20 am
there are times when i've been crying. times i've been screaming. you know? it's embarrassing. and you just look at yourself and say i wish i wouldn't have done that. but we're not all perfect. >> reporter: how do you allow the girls to go back in and get beat up by her, week after week after week? >> she does have a big heart. but she has a big heart. >> reporter: putting the girls through this for the end product? >> i think that part's worth it. >> reporter: really? why? >> she's the best. >> reporter: even if that means pitting one girl against the other. >> i'll be happy for you. i don't want you to turn out like that. you have too bright a future. >> reporter: why is maddi your favorite? >> she has it looking better than i could imagine it looking. >> abby is trying to turn her against your kids? >> no. >> and you're letting her do it.
8:21 am
>> reporter: abby isn't afraid to see them cry. i have to ask you. what makes abby miller cry? is there anything? >> as far as crying goes, save your tears for your pillow. >> reporter: do you think kids like something someone like abby in your life that's tough on them? >> no. >> reporter: do you feel like it's too much pressure? >> yes, a lot of times. >> reporter: but the girls tell me it isn't all about dance. they're also crazy about -- >> justin bieber. >> reporter: and they seem to understand dance might not last forever. so, they're also planning for -- >> college. >> yes. >> college. >> college. >> we go to school every day. and mostly all of us get straight-as. >> reporter: but their pressure still rests on the dance floor, willing to endure whatever it takes. what's it like when abby calls
8:22 am
you ding-dong? >> i don't like when she calls us that because she thinks we're dumb. >> reporter: but the girls spilled some big news to "good morning america" about the next season. >> we finally get our revenge. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, lancaster. >> and "dance moms" returns with all-new episodes next tuesday on lifetime. robin? >> all right, george. remember zeddie? the ridiculously photogenic guy? we met him in april. now, a young girl rivals him. after she posted this shot in her hospital bed. we're going to talk to her live in just a minute. first, here's her story. meet the ridiculously photogenic surgery girl that has captured hearts and has folks swooning around the world. this army wife made waves with an instant following, with these pictures taken from the hospital. photogenic? sure. but what makes it so ridiculous,
8:23 am
is this picture was taken less than 48 hours after she had major surgery, to remove 60% of her lung. remember zeddie watkins little? he was the ridiculously photogenic guy after this picture. >> i kind of feel like part of a joke in good spirits. >> reporter: now, rachel is honing in on this title. it started with this seemingly innocent post. i'm currently in the icu of the cleveland clinic. my pain is being reasonably managed. but i cannot fall asleep. and, boom. she made the internet go gaga. prompting responses like, surgery delayed. in hospital for a week. in my dreams for an eternity. but the winning one comes from perhaps rachel's most infatuated fan. lose 60% of her lung. wins 100% of my heart. ding, ding. that is the winner. and look. rachel is here with us this
8:24 am
morning. [ applause ] all the cameras that are out there. i know you said you're -- you're a little bit nervous. don't be. and first of all, how are you doing? it was just a couple of weeks ago you had the surgery. >> yeah. less than two weeks ago. i had the surgery on wednesday. so, the 16th of may. and now, i'm feeling pretty good. i still have some pain. i'm still not allowed to drive. it's going to be a few weeks still. taking a lot of medication. don't have my full lung capacity back. but hopefully soon, i'll be 100% and great. >> and you don't have your lung capacity. but you've taken the breath away for a lot of people when they saw your picture and your story. and tell us about it again. you had the surgery. you're in icu. it's loud and noisy. you can't fall asleep. and you just reached out? >> yeah. my family had all gone home.
8:25 am
it was a few hours after my surgery. i thought, i really want to talk to someone. it's late. m maybe people have questions about this. add in photos. they kept asking for me photos. seemed like they liked them. they wanted more photos to verify that i was in the icu. >> oh. wasn't the picture -- you had tubes and everything underneath your shirt, didn't you? >> yeah. that's the actual photo they're using for the ridiculously photogenic girl, that photo, they couldn't see everything going on around that photo. they don't see the same thing i see when i look at it. >> bless your heart. >> i was very tired. i had a room full of people. i had my entire family, lots of friends. i was on a lot of pain medication. >> and look at that universal hug. and we talk about twitter and facebook and all.
8:26 am
but just what that meant to you at that time, to have that outreach from people. >> i can't describe it. it was amazing. i couldn't believe so many people were looking at my posts, looking at my photos. people have all around the world, wishing me luck. the get well soons. and the speedy recoveries. it was amazing. >> well, i'm glad you're on the road to recovery. and you are a an absolute delight. you take care. we've had a lot of huge guests in times square. but are you ready? a dinosaur?
8:27 am
life and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. chenevey. a federal judge has ordered it $1 million fine. he was convicted of conspiracy to a call.ated recording urged black voters to home and not vote in the gubernatorial race. be sentenced in two buri -- two weeks. one of the lowest performing schools hopes it can log onto better grades. kramer middle school will spend half of their time learning online. we will get an in-depth report
8:28 am
companiester station channel 8, on how it is doing that. us check in with lisa baden. a little bit better. and susan parkway has been difficult. there was a crash between branch in beeler road. all lanes are open. outer loop of the beltway was heavy. landover near fedex field -- the stop n go. this is past new hampshire get to georgia avenue. 95 at virginia improving. north and southbound. same piece of traffic. that is good. it will be cooler today, right, caskey? yes. the way through the middle week, 76 to 82. areas of rain. light showers over southern maryland. calpers county, the eastern shore. 82 is the high temperature for
8:29 am
today with gradually dropping humidity. have sunshine later. >> thank you.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a fantastic crowd here in times square. everybody cheering. i think they heard a little about brad paisley. before we came on air. watch out for the dinosaurs to be coming. welcome to "gma." > >> just in a couple days, brad paisley will be in central park. we can't wait for that. what do you want to ask brad? go to the "gma" app on your smartphone. or head to our facebook page to vote. and be sure to tune in on friday. >> do you think brad paisley has a go-to karaoke song?
8:31 am
>> what's yours again? >> "my girl." >> very nice. see? you learn. we also have had a lot of stars here on the program. but as george mentioned, this guy or gal may be the first. one of the biggest in real-life jurassic park. i may say you need to see it to believe it. but you're seeing it. do you believe it? that's the dinosaur, everybody. just when you've seen everything -- remember how i said on twitter how you think life is going to surprise you today. this is one way. and if you're planning to travel with your four-legged friends -- we've got everything you need to know about. a member of the jet-set. i'm working hard over here,
8:32 am
george. that's becky. she's going to show us about traveling. there's sara moulton. she has favorite recipes from "gourmet" magazine. we'll get to those in a little bit. first -- >> it will be delicious. we got historic guests on "gma." i don't think we've had a prehistoric one. this t-rex here is one of the stars of a new attraction that will thrill the pint-sized dino fan in your life. paula faris, where are you? >> paula? >> i'm not getting any closer, you guys. i have my -- >> a new weatherman. >> you know why his breath is bad, bianna. he just got back from eating somebody, right? you never know what you're going to go when you start digging in jersey. but we unearth a dinosaur park that will have you roaring or running for your life.
8:33 am
the state that brought you "the sopranos." >> are you getting cute with me. >> no. >> i think you are. >> reporter: and snooki. >> i don't care about anything but me and jonny smushing. >> reporter: now, has brought up dinosaurs. >> this is the hatch-asaurus. >> reporter: the first near-complete dinosaur skeleton was discovered in new jersey in the 1800s. so, he decided to channel his paleontology obsession, by creating 35 rip-roaring, robotic and real-life -- >> me, me, me. >> reporter: real-life dinosaurs. this dino park near see caucus,
8:34 am
new jersey, can say there's not another one in the country. the dinosaurs are animatronic. they move, they blink, they breathe. >> they sense your motion. and if you tease it a little bit, it gets a little mad. >> reporter: what kind of reaction are you going for? >> excitement? borderline on fear. looks like we hit it right on the head. >> reporter: he emptied his pockets on this project, and worked hard to duplicate the natural habitat. >> this guy has dug him a hole to keep himself safe here. >> reporter: because the dinos have manhattan in sight, you'll get the sense "jurassic park" is back and ready to take a bite out of the big apple. what is this, guys? >> dinosaur. >> i want to leave.
8:35 am
>> reporter: you want to leave? okay. so, field station dinosaurs just opened over the weekend. a big hit. they don't bite. and i'm not that bad of a mother. my son said he wanted to leave. we got in the car and he said, i want to go back. >> he looked like he wanted to go back. >> he actually did. mom of the year, not. >> it's nine minutes from manhattan. 90 million years back in time. >> that's right. >> that's what you're saying. >> that's right. >> hey, billy. how are you doing? i feel like i have a.d.d. this morning. >> the candidate. i know. >> thank you, paula. thank you. >> you're in for a surprise. the first complete dinosaur skeleton found in jersey in the 1800s. >> a fun takeaway. by the way, bianna will be grilling now. it wausz joke.
8:36 am
it was a joke, people. t-rex. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning as you head outside your door. how about the twitter pictures? we had so many from the storms yesterday. electra, texas, watching clouds move by. and also, in bath, new york. what a rough night it was last night and early in the morning, as the front of storms went through the northeast. a lot of hail reports and wind reports and rain reports there. there's one part of the country that is soaking wet today. cape hatteras into burlington. that is probably what is left of comfortable today. 64 in leesburg. 70 degrees in college park. is dropping. highs are in the 80's. becoming sunny with a slight chance o
8:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by e-surance. josh elliott's right there. amc's "the killing" weaves together three stories. one of the stories focuses on a hotly-contested race in seattle. this man, billy campbell, is the top mayoral candidate. and at this point, the number one murder suspect. >> how did it go with gwen? >> she's fine. you don't have to worry. >> good. i'll make it up to her after this is all over. what? >> you have any skeletons i need
8:38 am
to know about, darren? that's my job. but i can't help you if the newspapers and the people know more than i do. >> don't worry. >> you do a remarkable job, billy, of really making everybody a suspect at some point or another. why do you think this show has resonated as it has with fans? >> because, really, i think because most crime fiction on tv gets short scripted to the other victims of crime. or you know, the friends and family of the original victim. it's intense. >> if nothing else. it must have been a challenge for you, as well. most of season two spent recuperating, in a wheelchair or a bed. as an actor, what kind of challenge was that? >> it was a big challenge. i got to sleep all day. they'd break for lunch. i'd go to sleep. and they'd wake me up after lunch when they were ready to shoot. you think i'm not. but there were challenges.
8:39 am
obviously not something i've been through. there were challenges. >> what did you make of the outcry to the controversial end of season one, when, in fact, the killing was not, in fact, solved. if something else, does it speak for the fan ardor of this show? >> i think exactly that. i was encouraged about the reaction. it meant people were passionate about the show. >> quickly, a friend of mine, matthew willard. his directtoral debut. >> matthew directed a film. "fat kid rules the world." you can get it on kickstarter. >> great review. this is billy campbell, star of "the killing." it airs sundays on amc. billy, thanks. coming up, get ready for the
8:40 am
jet-set. everything you need to know about traveling with your four-legged friends this summer.
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[ cheers and applause ] as you can tell, folks around here very excited because summer is right around the corner. plenty of people are busy planning their warm-weather getaways. the big question for dog owners, do you take your pup along for the trip? "gma" contributor, becky worley, takes a look at what it takes to turn your pet into a jet-set. >> reporter: celebrities travel everywhere with their dogs. they make it look so easy. and they have so much gear. bags, harnesses, jackets. i mean, do i need something like this? to figure out how hard it is to travel with pets, i'm fostering nicki, from the tone in a larussa animal rescue foundation. she's a terrier/chihuahua mix.
8:44 am
she's under 20 pounds, which is the limit you want to bring your pet into the cabin. there was a little option. and i had to pay 125 bucks to fly with nicki. she's gotten her paperwork from the vet, certifying she's healthy. now, it's time to talk carrier. lisa gill from "conde nast traveler" is here with options. there's lots of new options. easier for you to carry and swankier for the dogs. they have to be airline-approved, crush-proof, and big enough for the dogs to stand up and turn around. next, consider the temperature. my next concern, going to the bathroom. these are doggy diapers for the airplane. she is mostly house broken. on the day of travel, the obvious. tucker her out. feed her at her normal time.
8:45 am
she won't be able to eat or drink on the plane. and one thing you have to remember, doggy health certificate, mandatory for travel. nicki needs her own boarding pass. and your pup in its carrier is considered a piece of baggage. so, yo uh can only take one other thing onboard. also one other things, most airports have doggy relief areas. but they're not centrally located. a lot of extra time for the walk. at security, the big message, carry the dog through. don't put her on the conveyor belt. full disclosure, this was kind of stressful. lots of shuffling. making sure nicki's okay. and i'm a little nervous. we're taking the red-eye because i thought she would be more likely to sleep. that's a tip. fly around your dog's schedule. what if she barks? okay. we've made it onboard. i'm not supposed to take her out of her carrier at all.
8:46 am
but, hey. she needs her sweater. it's wheels up and lights out. wish us luck. it's all on nicki now. up, up, and away. [ cheers and applause ] >> how did nicki do, becky? >> we did great. we made it here. it was a little stressful. but on the plane, she seemed to zone out and go to sleep. and no peeing. >> always concerned about that. you travel with k.j., right? >> a lot. i never thought about the sweater. >> don't you find it to be a lot of hassle in the airport? >> it's worth it. it's worth it when they're like this. >> we had one small incident. i had another crate that she wasn't in. it was an empty crate. it was attached to my luggage that i was checking. as i was wheeling it into the elevator, it popped off of my luggage and went flying. and someone screamed on the
8:47 am
elevator, is your pet in there? no. she's safe. >> and she's available for adoption? >> yes. she's from tony la russa animal rescue foundation. nicki needs a home. but k.j. needs a friend. >> you can read more about becky's trip on on yahoo! coming up, sara moulton's here and whipping up tasty dishes you do not want to miss.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] everyone here giving a big welcome back for sara moulton. one of our favorite chefs here at "gma," here to tell us about this great, new cookbook called "gourmet weekday."
8:50 am
over 400 recipes from "gourmet" magazine. >> we're going to start with the flank steak. we put it on the grill. it can be any steak you want. we put a little oil on so it seres nicely. it's also in the sauce, though. we have sois sauce, unseasoned rice vinegar. >> we have an asian thing going on. >> we do. but it would be good on everything. siracha sauce. i never know how to pronounce it. a little sugar and sesame oil. that's it. this is the most important thing here, this sauce. you grill the steak until it's done. and as it's resting, we're going to put a little sauce on it. >> is this an adaptation of a korean dish? or authentic korean dish? >> it's both. we finish it off with scallions.
8:51 am
>> it looks spicy, sara. >> and a little tip about slicing. you do it at an angle, against the grain. the grain goes this way. >> this is an affordable cut of meat, too. >> this is affordable and a leaner cut of meat. this is a good choice if you want to be healthy. everything in moderation, as julia child would say. you take a little bit of the meat. use the tongs. and a little race. put a tiny bit of sauce. and we'll spoon some sauce on. scallions and sesame oil. and very healthy. >> looks like a spring roll. >> and i'm going to go through the ingredients. pack eyed peas, corn, edamame. zucchini, fennel. and we make the sauce like a
8:52 am
dill bread. we have scallion, dill, mustard, lemon juice. i want to make sure i get to the cobbler, too. >> we have time. >> hi, everybody. i'm sorry. down here, we have blackberry peaches. what do you do is you bake them in the casserole dish. then, you make the biscuits. and the hot mixture cooks the biscuits. >> look at sam. >> you are the only person to get me to eat black-eyed peas. i find them objectionable. but they're delicious in here. >> i don't normally like dill. but it's great. >> summertime, right? summertime. absolutely. you can use any of this. and make this ahead of time. and just let it sit there on the counter. people can help themselves. >> you're actually making the
8:53 am
biscuit on top. >> you make the biscuits and you drop them on top. >> yeah. >> eating all of him the. >> there you go. for all of the recipes, and a whole lot more on our website, on yahoo! ♪ oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
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thanks for being here. counting down. two more days until brad paisley, live in central park on friday. >> did you tell her how good this was again? >> it's so good. >> oh, my goodness. oh, you're right. it is starting to sprinkle. and valerie bertinelli is going to join us. and "the real housewives" in new york, getting ready to return. but they'll be here on "good morning america" tomorrow. >> live and in hd, this an abc 7 news update -- on your side. chenevey.eve
8:57 am
if former prosecutor will be today as dc's representing ward 5. he replaced harris -- harry thomas jr. guilty to embezzling $350,000 from the city. tributes continue for chuck brown. was held yesterday for the man known as the godfather go.go- a memorial service will be held tomorrow from noon until 3:00 at the washington center.on is open to the public. here is a look at traffic on this wednesday morning with lisa baden. two crashes. north on 95. you will not be able to get through. that is taking pressure off upstream. we are in springfield. looks pretty good. near andrewseltway force base.
8:58 am
moving very nicely. clearing maryland now to move to traffic off the green the dulles toll road. pretty good. after 9:00 a.m., they set up realruction at the dallas road.t on the connector happen weather was? gray right now. sunshine in western maryland. go to the other and of maryland, have someou light rain. . light rain. 70 now in washington. 60's in the aligning the area. 82 today. less humid the next several days. for the weekend. watching.for we are back at noon.
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