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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a hero remembered after >> live and in hd this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> a new twist in the deadly collision between two small planes.
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michael duncan played a critical role in the rescue of a group of miners in chilly two years ago. he is one of two men killed in a plane crash and fauquier county. >> one of the victims dr. michael duncan worked here as a medical adviser. prior to that he was nasa chief of medicine. he worked with astronauts, and he was involved in the rescue of those chilean miners. the world shared an unforgettable the way in 2010 when miners were polled one by one to safety. a team led by dr. michael duncan played a key role in helping those men survive underground and surface to a life renewed. he won numerous awards for his contributions. he was also a pilot.
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during his flight review on monday something unexpected happened. with michael botkin at the controls and paul by his side, they collided in mid-air with another small plane the. duncan and gardella both died. >> extremely traumatic. the ban was in his mid 50's i think. that is terrible. >> i cannot believe it. is so sad. >> she says she knew at one time he worked at nasa but she had no idea things to his humility that he was instrumental for caring for astronauts and saving trapped miners. >> i did not realize how important he was. he was very low-key and very unassuming. >> why those two small planes
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collided in midair continues to be under investigation. live, jay korff abc 7 days. >> will learn more about the victims and monday's crash. investigators are in the process of taking over the case. thomas proven was an employee of the aviation association. he continues to recover from the injuries he suffered on monday. >> we are learning more about a story we reported at 6:00. a house fire visible from the parkway causes chaos in the neighborhood. investigators are telling us what led to the fire where a man was found inside the home where it was said. this chopper 7 was there. tom is live on the scene with the latest. >> a sad story.
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the firefighter left minutes ago after being on the scene for well over five hours. i will get out of the way and it sure you what is left of the house. trying to salvage what they can according to police. the man had a domestic dispute with his wife and got so angry at some point he said the house on fire and killed himself. >> last night he called me out of the blue. he would not say something is wrong. >> her female neighbor was like family to her. she was sad when she and her husband started having domestic troubles. the husband assaulted his wife and let the house on fire and killed himself. >> 12 the years. it hurts. >> fortunately the wife and her
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kids were not heard. the husband was coming for a his wife with again. he then turned around and said the fire. >> he went in a different door and closed the windows. after that you heard two shots. >> it has caused a nightlong disruption into where residents call normally a quiet neighborhood. >> the kids he escaped. the flames were 60 feet above the house. >> rarely do we have any problems. >> people say they are saddened and the husband would reach a point where he would do this. >> my prayers go out to the family. >> you see some people working at the home trying to salvage what they can. one of the reasons the fire got as bad as it did was the fire department was not able to fight it because police were concerned there was still a gun man inside
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the home. once the police give the all clear they were able to put out the blaze. >> thank you. we are on storm watch tonight as we keep an eye on the severe weather later this week. conditions were calmer than they were 24 hours ago. doug hill with his first look at what is in store overnight. >> fairly mild here in arlington. 72 degrees with clearing skies. all of that rain hit the eastern maryland the carolinas remnants -- remnants of what was a tropical storm. that will be the story. 75 and the city but if you look to the north and west temperatures cooler in the 60's. a wake-up temperature from the 60's. lots of sunshine that will last all day. you are right about the possibility of weather on friday. a cold front heading this way.
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we will lay out the possibilities which join you in the studio in a few minutes. >> new at 11:00, we have learned a second serviceman from our region has been killed in afghanistan this week. the 22-year-old sergeant was killed monday while conducting combat -- combat operations. he was a marine based in japan. the soldier from springfield was killed in a helicopter crash on monday. >> a new twist in the plan to honor former president dwight eisenhower with a memorial. the family appears to be disappointed with design changes made by the architect frank gary. it calls for statues to replaced stone carvings. the new design kept metal tapestries depicting his home in kansas. the family called them
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controversial and divisive. >> am hours from now family and friends will honor the life of chuck brown. ] they will pack the washington convention center for a three- hour service. donnie simpson will host the service. chuck brown died two weeks ago after battling pneumonia. he was 75-years old. multiple crews covering tamara's memorial service. tune into our newscast to marron good morning washington. can log onto and our social media websites as well. coming up, selling success with a 6-year-old. find out whether this little girl in our region continues in the spelling bee. >>
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>> following a developing story from seattle where a gunman shot and killed four people. this started with a shooting in a cafe. it spread to a carjacking near the university of washington. across the city, it ended when the gunmen took his own life. >> it made me nervous. i live in this neighborhood. i have never seen anything like this before. >> the suspect saw the uniformed officers in the middle of the street and put a gun to his head and shot himself. >> during the manhunt nearby schools and businesses were placed on lockdown. the identity has not been released. it is not known what led to the shooting and the first place. >> deer hunting is coming to the park. the park service wants to reduce the population over 15 years and
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will be using deadly and not deadly force to achieve that goal. deer hunters will be killing up to 20 deer per square mile. visitors will be told of the plans ahead of time. >> legislative leaders won a task force to examine the controversial court ruling on parables'. they declare them to be inherently dangerous and say owners can be held liable for dog bites. whether a single braid should be singled out. the task force will study the ruling and make recommendations. >> coming up, a 6-year-old for a spelling championship. >> the future of the washington wizard's was hanging in the balance of a ping-pong ball tonight. did this or the number one pick? i will tell you later in sports.
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>> a local man and his love for an illegal man -- illegal weapon has him in trouble tonight. he was trying to buy a fully automatic ak-47. >> that is only part of this story. prosecutors say he was a threat for others including the president. he is live with the latest. >> that suspect was the wife got home a little while ago. she says she was not able to talk to her husband. it was a big misunderstanding. >> 48-year-old doug story is behind bars after he tried to illegally modified his ak-47. his walk for says he would never. >> -- his wife says he would never. >> he thinks things and it says
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things and put things on the computer. he is talking. he would never do anything for anybody. the >> he first and grab the attention of fbi agents in august when he discussed buying in illegal fully automatic ak-47 on several white supremacist websites. he made eight series of threats against president obama, eric holder and local law- enforcement officers. >> if you make threats against the president you should be locked up for it. >> he wrote, i think there is one way obama would be proven as a mere mortal. if somebody put say 30.06 into his skull. >> i will be honest. i have been afraid to put an obama sticker on my car because i do not what my tires slashed
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from my car key. >> this is the second time the story has been in the headlines. virginia revoked his license plate because it was believed to be code for neo-nazi white supremacist. they say there is a maximum of 10 years in prison. >> thank you. new at 11:00 see world will be facing a reduced punishment. they will produce define to $12,000 saying the death was not an intentional disregard to safety. he was attacked by a whale in 2010. you may have remembered the story. the judge recommended he will be -- to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. >> she dazzled and amazed at dispelling the competition today.
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we are talking about lroori anne madison. she was knocked out in the second round. >> at 6-years of age she is the young this contest and ever to qualify for the spelling bee. it is the claw of a bird or insect. >> did you see the look on her face? this is probably the first time she has ever misspelled word. >> the idea not know what to say. >> everybody was rallying behind her. >> we have a lot to talk about especially for friday. >> computer models are pretty much resolved on a cold front
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door storm coming in friday. a pretty good chance of severe weather. that's the started. 74 in silver spring. if you live in montgomery, a high of 84 degrees. 67 degrees right now and viena. on our almanac page, these are the numbers a reagan national airport. 83 this afternoon. 63 the morning low. 79 and 61 are the averages. we are calling down to the north and west after howard temperatures. we will be cooler and drier air generally up in the 70's tomorrow. that will last -- to myrna was the changes occurring. let's say goodbye to the tropical storm. and then a post tropical depression -- moving out to sea
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koller skies. friday is one we see our eyes on things. high pressure builds and tomorrow. it will be very pleasant. and then the moisture will return as the wins the to the southeast. the south and southwest on friday. the storm -- all the elements in the atmosphere, the wind shear and the moisture of the air and the front coming and all. to a pretty high likelihood of widespread thunderstorms and a potential of severe weather being part of the system late- night time hours of friday and we will cool things down and have a pleasant weekend. here is how we will start the final day of may. 66 degrees in the morning. throughout the day seems great. 78-82 degrees. into the lower 80's on friday.
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the nasty weather that may accompany it. 80% probability of storms. in temperatures stay in the 70's for a while. you can keep up with all of this on if nothing else check out live radar. >> will enjoy tomorrow and embrace ourselves for friday. >> to have a full plate tonight. >> not a good night for the home team. the united states gets wax to by the brazil team. the wizards find out their positions. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ ♪ this is
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the wizards had a great chance to get the first pick in the nba draft tonight.
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leon harris thinking conspiracy theory. it went right down to the chalk until the final three teams. when they open the envelope for the third pick you can almost hear the air coming out of and be a -- wizards of fans. the no. 2 pick was charlotte. they will get the no. 1 selection in the june 28 draft and will most likely take anthony davis. let's go to miami. the celtics led 5346 at intermission. three blocks between them. they combined for 24 1/3. points. they built the a six point lead. is tied at 99 with 30 seconds remaining in the game. the nationals ran into a buzz saw in miami.
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the marlins are on fire. let me take you back to miami. one on and one out. he drives the ball to deep right-center field. that is trouble from the get go. has been no such tries to score. he is out of there. the national's lead 3-1. between ramirez, they killed the nationals 547. the marlins when 5-3 to sweep them in three straight. let's go to toronto. unfortunately for baltimore this turned into home run derby. the toronto beat baltimore 3-1. that is five straight losses for the baltimore orioles. the united states soccer team used a high tempo team against brazil. brazil was so quick. he had been taken down, came
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back. that was making it 3-1 brazil. they beat the united states 4-1. the stanley cup finals got under way. we will pick it up in overtime. the game winner, the kings to take game 1. the mystics open their season against minnesota. lindsey scored with one second left to beat washington 79-77. the heat and celtics are taking -- taking it into overtime. i did that for the home team. >> will be right back
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>> the remembered for chuck brown remains the story. the arrest of a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed woman. and the forecasts for the week. they're all t this country was built
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