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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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egend chuck brown as hundreds pay their respects at a public memorial. >> plus a local man posing outrage against the president the charges, and what his wife says is really going on. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us on this thursday morning may 31. a beautiful start to the day. it should be nice all the way around. good morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. lisa baden is here to pick us off. >> some traffic in forestville, maryland, is getting by there was a fatal crash overnight on marlboro pike and donnell drive. is no longer completely closed. we will have more details on that. if let's go to newschopper 7 looking at a crash on 66 eastbound live. this is just before the beltway would do is expected from 123
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pass nutley street. they are trying to move everyone on to the left shoulder. only the two right lanes open. -- past nutley street. now to adam caskey. >> things will take a turn tomorrow for the afternoon hours. beautiful picture right now of the federal city at sunrise. just a few clouds in the distance. that's all. 62 in virginia. to 7 in the shenandoah valley. -- 67 in the shenandoah valley. 69 at reagan national. 83 degrees for the high temperature. the bright sunshine and low humidity. it will be possible at 83 with a north wind and 5-10. we will talk storm chances for tomorrow, coming up. back to you. >> thank you. flags in the district will fly at half staff today in honor of local music icon chuck brown. thousands expected to attend a
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public memorial at the washington convention center later this morning. >> several dignitaries expected to attend. john gonzalez is outside the convention center with everything we need to know. >> ddot crews have started closing off some of the streets surrounding this convention center. laws and will begin to line the sidewalks in a few hours as people get ready to pay their final respects. inside they will pray celebrate, and jam to some of his greatest hits, including "bustin' loose." there will be a lot of speeches including a speech from the mayor and even from comedian/actor mike epps. and there will be in the music, from gospel music to go-go music, which chuck brown made so popular in the d.c. area. browne's band will perform a
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medley of his well-known songs -- brown. the program is expected to run close to four hours this afternoon. if tuesday's public viewing was any indication, thousands and thousands of people are expected today. the howard theatre believes about 12,000 people showed up to pay their final respects at the public viewing earlier this week. and many of them will come back today. the 75-year-old the "godfather of go-go" passed away two weeks ago after complications with pneumonia. he was the scene's adopted son and the city will pay it back today. thousands expected. more than 13,000 seats inside. we understand all of them will be filled. the door for this public memorial service will open at 10:00 a.m. john gonzalez reporting. >> as you mentioned, some roads will be closed down the convention center for the memorial. l street nw is closed in both
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directions between seventh street and ninth street. it will be roped off the entire duration of the service. >> now will story that you first saw on 7. we're learning more about one of the victims of the deadly plane crash monday in fauquier county. dr. michael dunton political role in the rescue of a group of miners trapped in chile nearly. two years nearly-- michael duncan. jummy olabanji has more on his life. good morning. >> before he came here to the ntsb, he was the chief medical officer for nasa. it was there that he helped with the rescue of those 33 chilean miners and he also helped dozens of astronauts. his neighbors tell us they had no idea that he was that accomplished. they say that he was a humble and nice man. the entire world watched as 33 trapped chilean miners were brought to safety in 2010.
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and as a team led by dr. michael duncan played a key role in helping them get above- ground. he won numerous awards for his contributions. but i did not realize how important he was. he was very low-key and unassuming. >> he was also pilot. during his biannual flight review something went wrong. the small plane that he was controlling collided with another small plane a piper in rural fauquier county, virginia. >> i cannot believe it. it's so sad. a 57-year-old flight instructor, paul gardella, was a passenger on board. he was killed on impact, too. >> pretty dramatic. the man was in his mid-50s, i think. it's terrible. >> officials say the piper's pilot, a 70-year-old faa accident investigator if somehow managed to land safely
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in a nearby field. he was taken to a hospital. what caused the crash is still under investigation. it is being handled by a team out of canada. that is because the surviving pilot worked for the faa and. dr. duncan worked at the ntsb and those are the agencies that would usually investigate. >> while we learn more about the victims, canadian investigators are the process of taking over the case. the survivor, 70-year-old thomas proven is an employee of the federal aviation administration. he is recovering from his injuries this morning. >> new this morning, a person is in the hospital after being hit by a train before midnight near the east-west highway in riverdale. queensbury lane. the victim's condition is not known. >> there was a deadly domestic incident in prince george's
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county. a fire broke out last night in the camp springs, temple hills section of the county. the man who lived there assaulted his wife and said the house on fire and killed himself. >> we heard a boom. they closed the kitchen doors and then the windows. after that you heard two shots. >> the woman and her children who were there were not hurt. investigators are trying to find out what led to the incident. >> its story that we first brought you on 7. a manassas man is behind bars for trying to purchase a fully automatic ak-47. what's more, federal prosecutors say 48-year-old doug story made online threats to a high ranking officials including the president. his wife calls the whole thing a misunderstanding. >> he is a 15-year-old boy in a 50-year-old body. and he thinks things and says
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things and put things on the computer, he is just talking. he would never do anything to anybody. >> fbi agents say that he frequented by its promises web sites and made threats against president obama, attorney general eric holder, and local law enforcement. >> outside, 66 degrees this thursday morning. >> feels pretty good. still ahead spelling bee blunder. see what happened when a local 6-year-old contestant took the stage at the national spelling bee. >> first, lisa baden
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>> d.c.'s schools build teams forin after-school programs. we are presenting the 2012 d.c. schools jamboree along with wjla. >> good morning, washington. >> she dazzled and amazed at the national spelling bee competition greg. she did well. 6-year-old lori anne madison of woodbridge, virginia, made it past the first round. she spelled dirigible correctly but then got stumped. and that was all. >> i-n-g-u-v-i-e-s ingluvies. >> that is incorrect. >> she missed it by one letter. >> almost had it. >> been this contested ever to qualify for the national spelling bee.
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the word she could not spell ingluvies which probably use in your conversations, it means the craw of a bird or insect. you had a chance to talk with her earlier this week. did she talk about how much she studied for this event? actually she took in stride. she said i'm not nervous being here, i have eight or nine more years ago. she was very mature. almost like talking to a 16- year-old instead of a 6-year- old. >> you feel bad for her when she got that one spelled wrong. >> she was dumbfounded. was so close. we have to give her props forgetting that close. >> i had to look up the word. >> kudos to her for getting that far. we hope to see her again next year. >> 6:00 hour of right now traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey. >> a beautiful day today gorgeous, a perfect thursday.
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-- it will be 83 degrees today, but comfortable because of the gentle north wind. there's a beautiful look at the bay from chesapeake beach. sunrise was 25 minutes ago. not many clouds in the sky over the bay. we will be sunny for the majority of the day. 69 now when the district, 73 in quantico 62 in hagerstown. we will make it to 83 this afternoon. same story tomorrow. but there will be an increase in humidity tomorrow and a chance of late-day showers and storms, which could be strong to severe friday afternoon and evening. it will become active late in the day tomorrow. the weekend still looks good. now to lisa >> . the complication that is the biggest issue is 66 eastbound, a collision at the beltway. only two right lanes getting by. delays begin after 7100, passed
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50 to get up to the beltway. in maryland we have normal volume of traffic. marching south on 270 at 109 here. no problems through germantown gaithersburg rockville, and down to the beltway is open. back to you. >> thank you. 6:14 right now, 66 degrees. >> banning some beverages. where large sugary drinks could soon be nonexistent. >> angela theismann is with us to talk about a growing silent killer, after the break. -- and joseph ozmjoseph
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>> this is "good morning washington" on your side.
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>> joe is urging people to get tested for its serious condition. he's hosting a free health condition that will be a gaylord national resort. good to see you again. first, i want to get this right. aaa -- abdominal aortic aneurysm. >> i got involved because my father was diagnosed with this. if you are over 60 years old and i encourage you to go through the national harbor on friday, june 8 from 8:00 until 5:00 and reregister, please. 866-371-3592, please call to register. it's a silent killer. over million people are walking around with this and don't even know it. -- preregister.
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there's a 95% chance you will not survive if it bursts. you can get a simple screening, like a pregnancy test for women. it's not invasive something you can do to take care of yourself. i'm at the age where there are concerns for our health and we have to be careful. you want to be around long enough, you have to take care of yourself. >> this is something that could potentially affect 1 million people without knowing anything about it. it's not in face of. a lot of people don't want to get screened because they think it will be uncomfortable or awkward. >> guys are terrible. women are great when it comes to going to the doctor. i encourage the women and kids to get that 16-year-old mother or father or grandmother or grandfather to the doctor and say, you have to go. if we had a tee time, we would not miss it. >> we would rather be on the
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golf course any day. but if we want to stay on the golf course, we have to do things like this. if the information is on the screen and we will posted on our website. i went to the u.s. a-brazil game last night and r.g. iii was getting mobbed by fans. >> i've had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with r.g. iii. i call him robert now. he has everything. the thing that is important is i don't think he understands the responsibilities and burden that's been placed on the shoulders and expectations in this city. we have been starved for a long time. for someone to really lead the team for a long time, that is. >> does it make it tougher having those type of expectations? >> it so much easier not to know what is out in front of you. the thing i love is he is aware of everything around. is a bright young man, a wonderful, engaging personality a terrific athlete. i believe he has the important
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ingredient, he has the team around him. mike shanahan and bruce allen it has taken them three years to build the team. he has good defense, good offense, wide receiver. i am excited. have not been this excited going into a preseason or into a season for about 10 years or. i really mean that. something the city has really needed. it's a great confusion when it comes to our football program our football team, if somebody you can get behind and really get excited about. >> off-season always brings us hope but a little more this year. thanks for joining us. here's some of the information on the screen. and it's on back to pamela. >> the food and beverage industry may not find some government decisions all that pleasant. here's rob nelson. >> good morning. tough times for a key u.s. interest rate.
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the 10-year treasury note at its lowest point in 66 years investors worried about the european debt crisis. it's lowering interest rates. regardless, you may be losing money in your retirement account. hidden fees in many 401k plan speak to weigh the balance as much as $150000 per couple over a working career. the fda said the name of a controversial sweeter will remain high fructose corn syrup. many health experts say it contributes to obesity. new york city is banning super sized cups of soda pop and other superstars drinks. 16 ounces would be the maximum size allowed, under the rule. i am rob nelson. >> 6:20 right now, to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> its gorgeous out there. >> perfect thursday. tomorrow will be decent until
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the afternoon and evening. friday, late-day thunderstorms likely. the reason i am pointing this out is i think they will be strong to severe in spots. we have a good chance of seeing that. >> we will not worry about that much today. >> it's beautiful. open the windows for a little while this morning to let the fresh air in with low humidity levels. look at the beautiful sunrise in damascus at the elementary school overlooking ridge road. gorgeous sunrises with a few clouds often the distance. 62 degrees in damascus, 63 in gaithersburg, 62 in hagerstown. in the low 60's for the most part. 69 degrees downtown in the district. annapolis along the water, 72. 83 for the high temperature. by noon, 80. at lunchtime, bright sunshine, and then 83 degrees for a high- temperature. a north breeze at 5-10.
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not much in terms of clouds right now and not much later on today. if a low pressure system will push our way over washington for tomorrow. you will notice a brief uptick in our humidity on friday. low humidity tonight. tomorrow there is a brief swing upward in the humidity. that will destabilize the air. there's a pretty good chance of late-day and thunderstorms. we're talking evening commute and through dinnertime, storms which have a good chance of being strong and severe. something to keep a close eye on tomorrow. highs in the low to mid '80s. for the weekend, clearing out, partly cloudy, looking and feeling good. temperatures running a little below average with cooler air on saturday, highs in the mid 70's. let's go to lisa for the commute. >> 66 eastbound, accident before the beltway moved on to the left shoulder but we are slammed from at least fair lakes to get through fair oaks and into vienna.
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a long line on eastbound 66. on the beltway, look at the outer loop near university boulevard. now we have sunshine issues forming near the mormon temple out of college are getting into greenbelt. no problems on 395, just the typical slowdown if out of springfield to get through landmark and past duke street. back inside. >> 6:00 hour 23 is the time. >> rachael ray dishing about her visit to the white house kitchen. what she whipped up with the first lady. >> sterilized by the state. nobody's talking about it. next "anderson."
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 6:00 hour 26. --6:25. >> this small median narrows the westbound lane and slows traffic by about 11 miles an hour. drivers say it's not an unexpected but hard to see. neighbors say it has led to several popped tires. extortion going up throughout the universe in maryland system for the third straight year. the board of regents yesterday approved a 3% increase for in- state do is starting this fall.
6:27 am
in-state tuition a college park campus will rise to seven cows and $175. at the baltimore county campus, $7,085. >> the official start of the landed 13 season is this friday. already two tropical storms have popped up. last year the d.c. region felt the impact of hurricane irene and tropical storm lee. people are warned to plan in advance. you can purchase radios, first- aid kits, and the duct tape. >> still another half-hour ahead. >> coming up on this thursday, shape up amid a spending scandal. a top-level official is back on the job after being involved in a lavish spending spree. >> and the district says goodbye to the "godfather of go-go." live report straight ahead. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. looking ahead at a beautiful thursday, but things will soon
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> he's a legend from d.c. >> he will be truly missed. >> at 6:30, remembering chuck brown. friends and family and fans finally get a chance to say goodbye to the local music legend today. a hero is dead. good morning on this monththursday may 31, i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey. first, adam caskey. >> it's a gorgeous day. we are tracking conditions. temperatures in the 60's right now for the most part with sunshine. look at fairfax, 65 degrees at
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the leo the great. pretty much nothing but sunshine out there. get used to that picture for the rest of the day. 65 right now in masses, 63 in leesburg. 57 in inwood. 69 at reagan national. 83 degrees for the high temperature, lower humidity. it will be comfortable. clear tonight in the 60's. things will change tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, increasing humidity. also, i expect showers and storms by the afternoon and evening. a decent chance of those becoming strong to severe late tomorrow if. nothing to worry about today. i'm sure it will be a different case on the roads. now to lisa. >> the commute has been a little complicated through forestville, maryland. accident investigation and reconstruction. marlboro pike between silver hill road and donnell drive looks like they're still working
6:33 am
on. on accidents you will have to follow police direction in the area right now. we will be back with more after the news headlines. >> thanks so much. we continue with celebration and fanfare for the late the "godfather of go-go." family and friends will honor the life of chuck brown during a public memorial service in a couple hours. >> john gonzalez joins us outside the washington convention center where the homegoing will take place. family and friends will gather in a few hours with thousands of chuck brown fans. ddot crews have already started closing some of the roads surrounding the convention center. a few hours thousands will line the sidewalks to get ready to pay their final respects. since died, they will pray celebrate, and jam to some of his greatest hits including "wind me up." this will be a poor service with
6:34 am
a bit of a go-go feel to it. it will include speeches from the mayor and from comedian/actor johnmike epps. chuck brown's band will perform in a medley of his songs. the howard appeared relieved about 12,000 people came to see brown's open casket earlier this week. the 75-year-old the "godfather of go-go" passed away two weeks ago after complications with pneumonia. he was d.c.'s adopted son and the city will show that today with a very large crowd. there are just over 14,000 seats inside and all of them are expected to be filled. the doors for this public memorial service will open at 10:00 this morning. reporting live downtown, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much.
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abc 7 news will have multiple crews covering today's memorial service for chuck brown. tune in to our newscasts at noon, 5, 6, and 11. for instant updates, log on to our website, >> now to a story that you first saw on 7. we're learning more about the victims involved in the deadly collision between two small planes on monday. one of those victims, michael duncan, played a critical role in helping trapped miners in chile. he led a team of engineers as they helped the man survives. he was flying a plane that collided with another in fauquier county on monday. he and his flight instructor died. duncan's neighbors remember him as a humble man. >> he seemed very low key and very unassuming. >> the pilot of the second plane survived. 70-year-old thomas proven is recovering from his injuries.
6:36 am
>> a second serviceman from our region has been killed in afghanistan this week. the department of defense confirms 22-year-old sergeant julian chase was killed monday,. conducting combat operations in helmand province. was based in japan and lived in atwater -- edgewater, maryland. >> of maryland task force will review controversial court ruling on pit bulls. the court of appeals declared pit bulls to be inherently dangerous and ruled that owners can be held liable for dog bites. some legislators question whether a single breed should be. be. >> turning to the latest on the gsa spending scandal. david foley spent more than a month on administrative leave. the gsa spent $822,000 on a las vegas conference. the scandal led to the visitation of the head gsa
6:37 am
official and other officials but david foley is back on the job. >> the white house threatening to veto widely popular house spending bill for veterans programs. and mitt romney is hitting the ground running after winning tuesday's texas primary. ginger gibbs joins us in the newsroom from "politico." >> thanks for having me. >> now it's mitt romney turn to go to california and get some big money. >> mitt romney is fundraising in california this week, trying to bring in those big dollars ahead of what is going to be an expensive general election. he has multiple fund-raisers in california where he will be asking donors to write big checks to his campaign. california is a place where republicans and democrats frequently visit. it's a great place to have a couple fund-raisers.
6:38 am
>> let's talk about the veto pen that the white house says it will do when it comes to the veterans' programs. is this targeted at veterans' programs or is this a message from the white house to the gop saying let's do everything that we planned to do? >> this is a much bigger fight over spending and the deficit and funding agencies. in this bill are cuts to agencies that the white house said has already been negotiated, already been talked about when they were dealing with the debt ceiling and the deficit during the summer. they say the republicans are putting those cuts in a bill for veterans programs intentionally. it's about a bigger fight over how agencies will be funded across the board and whether or not republicans and democrats will stick to the deal that they made before. republicans are trying to get out of the cuts to the pentagon and this is how they are doing
6:39 am
it. >> political squabbling during a campaign. thanks so much, ginger. see you soon. >> 6:38 on this thursday, 67 degrees. >> from 7 on your side, and a steady reignite the debate over breast-feeding. >> disguising the fax. the fda rejects a proposal to rename a popular food additive. >> things are starting to back up on 395, but the hov lanes
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>> the faa has decided not to change the name of high fructose corn syrup. -- the fda. supporters say that high fructose corn syrup is nutritionally the same as sugar. but high fructose corn syrup has been linked to higher obesity rates of. new study suggests a breastfed babies are smarter. researchers monitored the babies from birth through preschool. they found these babies scored higher in motor skills development and preschool language skills than formula-fed babies.
6:43 am
>> 6:00 hour 43 right now, time for traffic and weather. >> lisa baden, how are the roads? >> there was a collision on 66 eastbound as been there for about an hour. eastbound just before the beltway. everything that is left of the crash was moved on to the left shoulder, but delays are extensive from 7100. let's go to a live picture. first, look at the inner loop, a collision reported after the left exit for 270 north, but before old georgetown road. someone rolled over on the beltway. now we will change cameras to take you elsewhere. other side of town looks great and washington boulevard. back inside. >> you can see the golf course on the edge of 395, a beautiful day if you can sneak out for a little while.
6:44 am
a perfect thursday, bright sunshine lower humidity if, highs in the lower 80's. but it will be comfortable. price sunshine over the district early this morning from the rooftop camera overlooking the potomac and roosevelt. roosevelt increasing clouds tomorrow. friday i expect widespread showers and thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow to finish the work week. even. among the evening even another reason i am pointing this out today and a hais some of those storms have a good chance of becoming a strong to severe. nothing to worry about today. bright's and china, 83. the weekend looks good as well. the bump in the road will be friday afternoon and evening. back to you. >> thank you. 66 degrees outside. >> tv host rachael ray is cooking up something special with first lady michelle obama.
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felicidades ! >> a special treat. not everyone gets to visit the white house and cook with first lady michelle obama. >> brianne carter had the honor of speaking with rachael ray about the experience. >> joining us this morning is the fabulous chef rachael ray. it's like to be inside the white house? >> i have so much fun every time i come here. you have to pinch yourself and say, is that the white house? the first lady makes it feels so easy and effortless. she makes you feel comfortable. today i told her that i did not know she was that powerful. the weather was idyllic and we were in the garden harvesting
6:48 am
broccoli for a beautiful, like it grilled lunch with all the dipping sauces. we were celebrating the first lady's in book coming out at the end of may, called "american ground." we sat at the picnic table and grilled vegetables. -- "american grown." i even met their dog bo. they love the beauty of that garden and fresh peas. they love feeding the community and white house guests. especially this time of year, they love eating clean, simple food, not hiding things in a lot of sauces, just enjoying the flavor of homegrown food. >> there's more coming up later today on abc 7 news. >> thanks very much.
6:49 am
that will happen at 10:00 and you can watch rachael ray on abc 7. can want the entire interview with rachael ray by going to -- you can watch the entire interview. >> adam caskey is our resident gardner. >> i will have a plethora of cucumbers. >> you have to share. >> once they start coming in. everything is growing nicely especially with the rain showers over the past couple weeks. that helps. and the sunlight today. some rainfall late in the day tomorrow, but that could come at a cost. let's start with the sunrise over washington this morning, a beautiful time lapse of the sunrise. now we have 14 hours and 42 minutes of daylight. just a few clouds on the horizon. gorgeous sunrise over the
6:50 am
federal city this morning. a live picture in frederick, a few patchy clouds. baby blue skies because of the lower humidity level. right now, 69 in washington, 61 in manchester. petersburg, 58 in west virginia. 59 in cumberland. here's the time line for today. by lunchtime, 80 degrees. you could have lunch or even dinner outdoors. 83 degrees at 3:00 p.m. for the high temperature. it will be comfortable because of the north breeze dropping the humidity. we will notice an increase in the humidity on friday. with that will be a very unstable air mass. i expect widespread storms, some of which could be strong to severe. the rainfall tomorrow, there could be downpours with gusty wind. by the weekend, cooling down to the '60s with sunshine. what's the latest on the
6:51 am
accidents? >> eastbound 66 from 7100 to the beltway, an accident has been there over an hour, moved on to the left shoulder, if but the damage is done. now? geico-- now , normal backups near holy cross hospital. >> 6:51 is the time on this thursday. >> back after the break. enjoy this shot of the
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>> good thursday morning. a band that could make -- a ban in new york city. no soft drinks over a certain size to help with obesity. and a college students suddenly struck by a bus during a campus celebration. he joins us live in an abc news exclusive, next on good morning america. >> thanks so much. that's in a couple minutes. first, our top stories around here. one of the victims of monday's deadly plane crash played a crucial role of in a dramatic rescue. dr. james michael duncan helped the 33 chilean miners a couple years ago. he lived in bethesda. >> a manassas man is behind bars for trying to turn an ak-47
6:55 am
into a fully automatic weapon. 48-year-old doug story made online threats toward high- ranking officials including the president. >> thousand people expected in the scene at the washington convention center to say goodbye to chuck brown. the public memorial service starts at noon for the man known as the "godfather of go-go." you will see flags across the district flying at half staff. >> we have confirmation on our website, >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa. >> the focus has been on 66 eastbound? . standing crash just before the beltway. newschopper 7 is there. the collision was moved on to the left shoulder, but the delays look like this out of centerville to the beltway on 66. at least its bright. it's it is. it will be a perfect day nothing to worry about. open the windows this morning to get the fresh air with low humidity. 83 this afternoon.
6:56 am
it will be possible because of the lower humidity. a gentle northerly breeze. it could get interesting by friday afternoon and evening widespread showers and storms. there's a pretty good chance some of those could become strong to severe. we will get some more rain, but that could come with the cost of damaging wind. we will keep a close eye on that. online and on air. on the weekend, nothing to worry about, partly cloudy, then a brief shower on sunday over the potomac highlands. berdi agreeable over all in the mid to upper 70's. very humid. maybe we could have lunch outside. a lot of people play golf today. thanks for being with us. enjoy your thursday afternoon. that does it for us, but keep it right here for good morning
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