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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  June 3, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> and the neighborhood watch man who killed a florida teenager is back in jail tonight. >> a local woman hurt when a car plowed into her home. >> queen elizabeth celebrates 70 years on the throne in style. >> live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> a big deal in florida tonight. >> in a stunning turnaround, george zimmerman is back in jail tonight. >> just minutes before the 2:30 deadline, george is a mormon
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arrived at the jail under custody of the sheriff's deputies to net him a short time earlier. he appeared heavier and may have been wearing a bulletproof vest. >> he is worried about his wife and family and everyone who has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger frustration and hatred that has come from this case. >> the surest paraded him in front of the camera. he is charged with second-degree murder in the charge -- of trayvon martin. he said that they had hidden the fact had raised $135,000 through a web site. his attorney says they will file a motion for a bond hearing. meanwhile he admits his client defense, which rests upon the credibility of his account is in jeopardy. >> now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished and he
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will have to rehabilitate it. >> the sheriff's office said zimmerman would be in a cell by himself, separated from the general population because the case is so high profile. we will have more on his return to jail at all of a clock. >> shifting our focus to the weather, we are on storm watch tonight. the pleasant afternoon could turn to reign over some parts of that area. let's get a live look at the forecast. >> a few showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop just north of the maryland-pennsylvania border, or we have a severe thunderstorm warning for harrisburg. look outside the doppler radar right now and you can see the line of storms slowly cracking toward the south and east. the bigger concern is over altoona and indiana pa., this will all move toward the south over the next hour or so.
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hagerstown already looking at a few thunderstorms. this is what the forecast looks like tonight. temperatures slowly fall and once the sunset, we are looking for the showers to diminish. we will look at the forecast in just a few minutes. >> let's get to a developing story at of prince george's county where a woman was injured after a car slammed into her apartment. let's go live to riverdale road to see the damage left behind. >> this had to be terrifying for this woman that has unnerved her neighbors as well. along this whole corridor are these garden apartments with the first floor apartment on the ground level, just below ground level and parking spaces in front. neighbors had feared something like this crash might happen. >> it happened at about 3:30 in the morning. a woman is sound asleep and the
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bedroom of her ground-floor apartment when a car comes crashing through the window. the impact is so strong that it knocked her out of her bed and on to the floor. the next-door neighbor didn't know what happened. >> i heard a real loud noise. very loud. i thought something came from the roof but my son thought it was a tree that fell down, but it was a car. >> police are still investigating how it happened. so far they say the driver was pulling into a parking space but for some reason the brakes failed. the damage to the car seems confined to the passenger side of the front. no one had to be evacuated but neighbors were definitely concerned. >> i'm concerned because i live on the bottom floor and i've always question to myself whether something like that what happened to me. >> police say the woman was taken to the hospital suffering from minor injuries after a very close call. >> it was a little scary but it
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turns out the lady is ok. >> that is the good news. relatives say she is medicated at wresting for now. police say at last check, the driver was being treated for chest discomfort. >> thank you. let's stay in maryland where there is new information about an accident that left a child dead. police say three other children were hurt in the accident but are out of the hospital. this eight year old died on thursday night when her mother accidentally hit her and the other children with her suv while pulling out of the driveway. officers say it does appear to be just a tragic accident. >> a warning to drivers in montgomery county -- slow down and avoid aggressive driving. starting today, police are stepping up enforcement as part of the smooth operator program that will run through next saturday. police will hand out tickets to speeders tailgaters, and others
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to behave badly on the road. police hope the program will educate the public about the dangers of aggressive driving. the loud and board of supervisors is holding a public and put a session on the dulles railroad project. they have until july 4 to decide whether to commit to the phase two of the project which would extend trains into loudon county. a series of public meetings explaining its cost or how the last few weeks. >> the space shuttle enterprise hit the water this afternoon, making the trip by barge from a hangar at jfk airport to its new home at the intrepid sea, hair and space museum off the coast near the hudson river. enterprise used to be housed at the air and space museum in northern virginia but was replaced by the shuttle discovery in april. >> hundreds of people gathered in fort lee, va. to remember a soldier killed in afghanistan.
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a native of peter burke -- of petersburg, he died last week. said chappell a standing room only. on display were his bronze star and purple heart medals. he was on his second tour in afghanistan when he died. television fans are mourning the death of richard dawson tonight. a longtime host of "family feud" passed away last night after fighting cancer. he had a long career in film and television including a role in the classic show "hogan's heroes." he was 79 years old. >> he kissed over 20,000 women during the course of his lifetime. >> coming up, at the prom unlike any others. see what makes this celebration so special. >> wait until you see what was in store for the queen's 60 the anniversary on the front today. >> the former mistress of john
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>> former presidential candidate, john edwards's former mistress is about to spill the beans. she's coming out with a booklet this month. he initially denied the affair during his presidential bid and denied fathering a child with
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her. he became emotional last week when he talked about his daughter after a jury reached its decision in his campaign corruption trial. >> he is apparently very, very, very upset still that he denied her. during the trial when she came up, he would get very emotional. >> the book will be called "what really happened." "people magazine" says that work well as co parents but it's unclear what their relationship is now. >> vice-president by in's family has grown by one. his 30-year-old daughter was married yesterday. the family released this photo. she's a social worker and her husband is a plastic surgeon. the family wedding took place in the same church where joe biden was baptized. >> it is the second day of the big celebration marking queen elizabeth's 60 a year as head of the monarchy.
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the queen rode a royal barge down the river thames, escorted by a flotilla of 1000 ships. the queen lead at three generations of the royal family and was really happy about it. her husband, her son prince charles and camilla and her grandson's, prince harry, prince william and kate in allred there, marking the queen's diamond jubilee will continue through tuesday. >> all of the pomp and circumstance you would expect. >> coming up, it is a chance to be a prince or princess for one afternoon. we will take you to a special prom in the district. >> and another look at
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>> it had a look and feel of a senior prom, but it was with a twist. >> all of the students are disabled or facing a life- threatening blood -- illnesses. but the to the red carpet of the cinderella ball. >> they arrive to a regle reception, complete with a marine corps sore arch. they came all dressed up in frilly and fancy gowns. >> its nice. >> the guys wore tuxedos, just like a typical prom. but one with some very special attendees. >> you look out and see kids having fun. >> the host is an advocacy group for students. one of the highlights is the annual cinderella ball. >> every year, it is so special and the children are really living for this moment. >> the current new york giants
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linebacker just had to accompany his little sister to the prom. >> they have the opportunity for normalcy just for one night. not only for me about my family. >> married mary provided some live entertainment. >> for a lot of these students, the real highlight for the event is the dance. is a traditional prom dense. ashley lucas has attended for cinderella balls. she keeps coming back because of how she feels when she's here. >> like a princess. >> you have to love the smiles on their faces. it's incredible. >> you have some fancy computers that tell us the forecast? >> we have this on our web sites,, we have a computer gallery of computers from the '70s, '80s and '90s.
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we have come a long way since then. take a look at the website. we have a lot of interesting photo galleries and an update on the tornado totals from friday. now up to nine. some thunderstorms starting to prove to the north of the pennsylvania border, slowly moving toward the south. a decrease was high at reagan national for this day. the record was 99 degrees set back in 1925. 79 at the airport with winds of the west southwest at 10. children's hospital in the district at 74 degrees. 73 in woodbridge. temperatures across the area are in the '70s. head toward hagerstown, they have a shower popping up at this time. temperatures falling into the middle sixties. cooler air to the north.
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65 in pittsburgh. satellite and radar at this time, an area of low pressure to the north with little bit of energy driving toward the south for the next couple of hours. as these little bits of energy move closer to us, we will see thunderstorm's began to pop up. this shows the storms driving toward the south. they have extended the severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00 so about another 12 minutes to go. a lot of these showers and storms will fizzle out as they move further south. you may see a pop-up thunderstorm but nothing like we had on friday. no need to worry there. the next 48 hours, keeping the showers in the forecast. just a chance and that evening in hours. 55 to 63 for overnight lows.
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a similar situation right now although more clouds are expected tomorrow along with a cool down by tuesday wednesday and thursday. temperatures back into the lower 80s once again. that severe thunderstorm warning for carol and hartford county until 7:45. >> looks promising for next weekend. >> let's get to sports. >> the fifth home run of the year, on a street. >> and he just got called up a month ago. >> some of the young guns -- was that enough? just when you think he's gone at tiger comes back.
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>> tiger woods still has a ways to go before he surpasses jack nicklaus for the most major wins but today, old tiger was back and accomplished in the feet come at doing it -- a long birdie putt -- maybe -- right into it. tiger moves to 7 under and is still on fire. ships just off the green and maybe -- a birdie for the lead at 8 under. 18th hole, tiger with a one stroke lead and takes it for the exclamation point. he went his 73rd pga tour event
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tying jack nicklaus for a second of the all-time list. he knew all along today he had the stuff to do it. >> i never really missed a shot today. go out there and put on a strike show, and i did. i paced the greens and i swear i struggled yesterday and made -- >> before today's started the nats pick that this of accolades. pretty impressive considering before 2012, the only national to do so was back in 2005. bottom of the first -- first batter drives one to deep right. his first career home run. he gets into the dugout and
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everyone as ignoring him. not for long. good for him. next pitch -- in to the upper decks. as a fifth of the year. when he reaches the dugout, most of the players to come back and and congratulate him to. all about the fake out today. a grounder between ash -- sending to runners home. the braves never looked back and went 3-2. a solo shot to deep left center -- on the border early 1-0. this just goes right off the glove. i hate it when that happens. bewrays went 8-4. roger fetter got a bit of a challenge at the french open today.
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taking the first set against his childhood idol, advancing to the quarterfinals for the 32nd consecutive major. a little nascar -- jimmy johnson won the fedex 400 today his seventh win in darlington. i know you watch that race. >> absolutely.
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>> we have some storms to keep our eye on today. >> mainly north and east of the d.c. until about 7:45 tonight. showers and storms drifting toward the harbor. looking for another band of the
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showers near hagerstown and frederick. some will have the potential to drop heavy rain and gusty wind. we will keep you updated. >>
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