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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 3, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> it was a bad week for the u.s. economy. >> the numbers came out friday showing the unemployment rate rose last month and it quickly became an issue in the presidential campaign. >> after a disappointing may with unemployment increasing slightly and the economy adding fewer jobs than expected, president obama addressed the crowd in minnesota. >> thomas 4.3 million new jobs over the last 27 months. but we're not creating them as fast as we want. >> the president announced a
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program that would help veterans earn accreditation so they can help land a job in the private sector. the economic crisis in europe and high gas prices amid concerns over iran's nuclear ambitions. >> the greatest headwind that the american economy is facing right now is uncertainty in europe. >> last july? >> and economy has experienced tough headwinds. >> more than a year ago -- >> our economy has been facing some serious head winds. >> they want congress to take action on the to do list. >> my message to congress is that now is not the time to play politics. now is not the time to sit on your heads -- sit on your hands.
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>> mitt romney accused the president of passing the buck. >> the president always finds someone to blame. but the truth is that the job of the president is to get america back to work. >> recent polls indicate that nationwide and key battleground states, voters are split on which would do better on the economy. >> let's talk about this a little bit more. right now, we have jonathan allen. what impact will this have on the campaign trail? >> we have seven more months to see how the jobs report comes out and where the economy is headed. i do not think this necessarily has a real impact on what happens in november, other than to -- the president has been talking about better job numbers and this is a real dip in the job corps.
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-- job core. the president is talking about manufacturing jobs. they are doing better than a lot of other sectors. that is particularly important in the industrial and materials mid-west states. >> let's talk about wisconsin. let's switch gears a little bit. a key vote will happen this week with the recall on tuesday. what is the sense of what will happen and how the campaigns will view this? >> wisconsin has the advantage of heading into the recall alexian. -- recall election. it suggests that the voters were upset with them, but tom barrett
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of milwaukee seems to have a uphill battle. he has been talking about civility and really hitting walker hard on partisan things. >> it is fascinating that the president's poll numbers in wisconsin are higher than the mayor of milwaukee. >> let's talk about donald trump. he doesn't seem to be able to stay out of the spotlight. is he helping or hurting mitt romney at this point? >> i am not sure that he is helping him, other than to raise money. i am wondering well -- i am wondering when people will ask for gold trump's birth certificate and his report card. >> thank you. >> in a week or so, we should more know about john edwards affair.
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his former mistress is coming up with a book about their time together. edwards initially denied the affair and denied fathering a child with hunter. later, he admitted to it. a jury found him not guilty on one charge and failed to find a verdict on five other traders. >> food safety inspection will check ground beef for six additional strains of e. coli. most strains are harmless, but some cause serious illness. it is part of the new government initiative to improve safety. >> we should learn more next week about the future of the proposed monument to president eisenhower. a powerful congressman wants to delay construction. california's congressman issa says that questions of the
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design have to be answered before the project is approved. >> wednesday will be the big day for gamblers in maryland. the new live! casino will be opening around the arundel mills mall quite. >> it is huge. outside, it powers over the mall. inside the slot racine -- the slot machine section is the biggest anywhere. blining, buzzing lights stretch out across the huge gaming floor. there are also vegas-style table games, one where a robotic dealer flips virtual cards. the state of maryland plans a
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special legislative session to vote on real table games for the casino in national harbour. >> we think it is wrong and inappropriate to put another competitor in the heart of our market. >> there will have a bobby's burger palace, the cheesecake factory, and a buffet. >> it will put people to work. >> he is one of 700 new employees here. >> after giving somebody a job has been unemployed for a year or more, who looks at you in the guy with a tear and says thank you for changing my life, i can i go home and not think that that is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. >> still ahead, a look at some of the national stories in the week ahead including moving day for the original space shuttle. >> and you would like to write up a complaint but find out why
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your post could cost you a lot of money. >> a few showers outside right this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ ♪
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>> here are stories in the week ahead. on tuesday, wisconsin voters will decide whether to remove gov. walker from office. they are unhappy with him because he signed bail law -- because he signed a law that eliminated bargaining rights for unions. >> a plan to reorganize this museum will soon be able to start fund-raising with its main source of income.
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>> a sentencing hearing his sentence for jonathan malaku. he tried to damage memorials at arlington national cemetery. he is expected to be sent to prison for 25 years. still ahead, we will check on some of the top stories and wine george zimmerman is back behind bars. >> steve does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola whatever you want to do... droid does.
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>> here is a look at tonight's top stories. and george zimmerman is back in jail. a judge ordered him back behind bars. ms. zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. he claimed to kill the teenager in self-defense. >> tomorrow, the loudoun board
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of supervisors is having an input session on the metro rail project which would extend trains into loudoun county. a series of meetings were held over the past few weeks. and the space shuttle enterprises on the move again. it is making its final trip over the water to its new home at the intrepid sea and air museum of of the coast of manhattan. it should arrive on tuesday. >> that must have been a fascinating scene. >> we have a few showers outside right now. they will wind down through the morning hours. they will stay with us through tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon. outside right now, we have noticed a big bright moon in the sky through the break-in in the
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crowds. -- through the break in the clouds. the weather bug network takes us to green springs gardens school. 63 degrees. george washington university, 68 degrees with a high just around 80 degrees earlier in the day. temperatures will cool down just a little bit. temperatures to the north of us are a little bit cooler, in the mid-to-upper-50's. the mild air will not be leaving any time soon. a little bit of a spin in the atmosphere. some energy moved through earlier in the afternoon and evening hours. that is why we have the severe
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thunderstorm warnings for hartford and carroll county. there's some wind and small hail. other than that, nothing much through the metro. just a few widely scattered showers now pushing through montgomery county. it will not amount to much. just a little bit of drizzle here and there. but in the afternoon hours tomorrow, we will have a better chance, about 30% chance for scattered showers and maybe a rumble of thunder, especially out toward the east near the d.c. area. clouds will stay in the forecast and wind out of the east. tartars will be in the lower- 70's 4 day timer -- temperatures will be in the lower-70's for the daytime highs. daytime highs tomorrow will hover just around 80 degrees. the wind out of the northwest at 15 m.p.h. to 20 m.p.h.
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cooler air for wednesday and thursday. by friday and saturday, the skies began to break a little bit. sunshine and a change in the wind direction. temperatures will move back into the lower-to-middle-80's. >> once every 10 years or something like that? >> maybe 20 years. very rare, within four hours across our area, nine confirmed. >> unbelievable. >> next, watch what you say about your hotel stay. >> see how [ male announcer ] are
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>> have you ever stayed at a hotel that was so bad that you wanted to postpone line and tell the whole world about it? >> now some of those complaints are backfiring. we have more on why some will be fined for their complaints. >> even if your bed is dirty the shower does not work and the staff is rude, you might want to think twice before you fume about your hotel stay.
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some owners and management companies are finding customers who complained to the world on -- are fining customers to complain to the world on travel sites. some can be as much as $500. >> that is ridiculous. >> how are they doing it? either by charging your credit card or deducting it from a deposit refund your boat. >> i cannot imagine that it will help their business. >> they are trying to gag a consumer from letting them see what they believe about their service. >> this is a consumer advocacy group in washington, d.c. he advises that you read the contract before putting down an online down payment. >> they have access to that deposit. >> on the other side of the corn, some hotel and management
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companies say that they're trying to protect themselves from those who tried to get a discount or complain on line without giving the manager a chance to make things right. in the way customers say that it comes down to one fair censorship. >> i find that an outrage. >> anybody that gets hit with one of these fines are encouraged to call the credit card company and refused those charges. >> we


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