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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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r the wilson bridge. virginia railway express, marc rail, and metro rail on normal service. no worries on 95, 395, looks good on 66, and it looks good on 270 for marilyn commuters. we will have newschopper 7 in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. the national weather service said nearly a dozen tornadoes touched down in the d.c. region friday night. officials confirmed nine twisters touched down in maryland, six hitting close to the d.c. area. one of the hardest-hit areas was harford county in northern maryland where a tornado caused plenty of damage. two twisters touched down in virginia. >> there's a new fight ahead for the attorneys of george zimmerman. he is the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin.
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zimmerman's lawyers could request a new bond hearing after his bond was revoked on friday. he returned to jail yesterday. mike conneen explains why the judge revoked bond. >> the judge revoked on friday after he misled the court about the state of his finances. zimmerman argued that the only shot martin in self-defense as martin attacked him, but now the 28-year-old faces not just a second degree murder charge but if a question of trustworthiness. after six weeks of freedom, it zimmerman wakes up behind bars this morning. he was escorted back to jail. the issue is how much money does the man accused of killing 17- year-old trayvon martin have? april he and his wife said in april
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they had less money than they really had. he raised $35,000 through an on- line defense fund. >> the defendant's wife lied to this court. zimmermann now sits in a cell in isolation for his safety. the judge could hold a hearing in the next few days to decide on he will stay there. zimmerman's attorney says that he will have to rehabilitate his client's image. >> now the credibility has been attacked or tarnished. >> if the judge agrees to a new bond hearing zimmerman's attorney says that he hoped to clear up what he calls a misunderstanding and that the couple will apologize. it's not clear if prosecutors will charge zimmerman's wife for her alleged role in the deception. the martin family is applauding zimmerman posing return to jail. conine reporting. >> new details about thursday's
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deadly accident in lewisdale maryland. a woman ran over five children with her suv. woman mistakenly had the gas pedal instead of the break. one of the children, the woman's 8-year-old daughter, was killed. three of the children are out of the hospital. one of them is still in hospital but improving. a prince george's county woman is recovering after an accident on riverdale road. she was asleep in her bedroom early yesterday morning when a car came crashing through the ground-floor apartment. the impact knocked the woman out of bed and onto the floor. the incident has neighbors stunned. >> then i heard a real loud noise, very loud. i thought something came out from the roof. then my son thought it was a tree that fell. but it was a car. >> the victim was taken to the hospital. police are investigating. they say it looks like the driver was pulling into a parking space when air brakes failed. >> wisconsin's historic recall
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election will be tomorrow. the result could mirror what happens in the upcoming presidential race. republicans got walker is the third u.s. governor to face a recall. the drive to oust him was spurred by its plan to end most public workers' collective bargaining rights. the polls show a tight race between him and democratic challenger tom barrett. president obama will travel to new york to appear at two fund- raisers. bill clinton will join him. it would buildbe the second time the two would make a joint appearance. >> vietnam will reopen the three new sites for excavations of the u.s. can search for truth remains. the agreement was announced during a meeting between defense secretary leon panetta and his vietnamese counterpart. the two exchanged artifacts collected during the war. those will be returned to the families of the soldiers. it is 60 degrees in prince
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frederick. >> still ahead, special enterprise on the move again. we will tell you about the latest journey. >> and some good news for drivers. gas prices going down. we will look at the latest averages. >> and we will keep an eye on what is happening. happening there's
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it's monday morning. >> let's check traffic and weather. first, meteorologist adam caskey. it is a little cooler out there. >> especially, definitely with the low humidity. -- definitely, especially with the low humidity. barry unsettled weather pattern in place. that'll give us a chance of rain daily today all the way through thursday. 35% chance of showers. nothing widespread. we had a few light showers especially north and east of washington overnight. we cannot rule out a few sprinkles or light showers later this afternoon and evening and through the night. right now, 63 in washington, 59
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in winchester, 55 in gaithersburg. high temperature of 77. running below average today. actually, for the next several days as well. breezy northwesterly wind at 10-20 of. close to 70 tomorrow. now to lisa. >> overnight construction and weekend work now complete. lanes are open around the beltway. that's good news. near oxon hill and alexandria, to and from the wilson bridge open. they had been working overnight in springfield. that project is complete for the evening. the beltway in new carrollton at 450, running smoothly. working in your favor. dry pavement, that's important. no complications to report in maryland, virginia, around the beltway, and on interstate. >> still ahead more backlash
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from a proposal to ban oversized sugary drinks in the big apple. how the soft-drink industry is attacking new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> and more changes for facebook. what has to do with the age well the kidwawanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> this is "good morning washington" -- on your side of. a dozen tornadoes touched down friday night in maryland and virginia. nine of those twisters hit maryland. montgomery and harford county is among the hardest hit. more tornadoes in hampton and petersburg, virginia as well -- four of them. zimmerman is behind bars. george zimmerman turned himself in yesterday. judge revoked his bond last week, saying he lied to the court about his finances.
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and three children injured when a lewisdale woman accidentally backed her suv into an area where they will playing has now left the hospital, but a-year- old natalie died after thursday's tragic accident. >> space shuttl-- 8-year-old natalie. >> the enterprise has been parked at j.f.k. since it flew on top of a 747 jet. it will be taken to the intrepid sea, air and space museum in manhattan where it will go on display. the space shuttle replica explore is finally at its new home in houston. it took eight days to make it across the gulf of mexico from florida. today the replica was driven along a highway to its final destination. >> aaa says the national average for regular gas is $3.59 a
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gallon. 20 cents less than a month ago. in the district, $3.72 a gallon. $3.52 in maryland. $3.40 in virginia. aaa says the prices could fall below $3 a gallon. an 11-year-old minnesota student had a good reason to skip school and he got a one-of-a- kind excuse letter. >> 11-year-old tyler sullivan went to meet the president. the president asked him, should you not be in school? >> he was with me signed barack obama. >> this is one the president was in minnesota last week at the plant. >> so the president said, should you not be in class >> ? so the president wrote him a note. >> tyler says that he feels like a celebrity. >> let's see if the president
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trump's school policy. >> i bet he's ok. >> something for show and tell. you heard about what happened in new york with mayor bloomberg setting soft drinks should not be bigger than 16 ounces. not just the new yorker is fighting back but the soft drink industry. >> been taken out a full-page ad but chose michael bloomberg in a not so flattering light. it has him dressed up as a nanny. the soda pop industry is not happy with his new proposal. let's i cannot believe they pay for a whole page ads for that. we will see if he changes his tune but that's the response from the soft-drink industry. facebook is considering giving children under the age of 13 access to the social networking site. >> paula faris has more. >> all eyes in the gaming industry and on nintendo. the company is expected to
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unveil its next gaming console at this week's the electronic entertainment expo. it previewed the wii game pad that will access the social networking service for gamers. apple and twitter are about to formalize a deal. and facebook is looking at how to integrate preteens into the social network. federal law requires children under the 13 to get parental permission, but many kids like. facebook is looking at technology that would allow their participation as well as their spending. a gray day. >> facebook paying some of their intern's $75,000. >> internes? -- intersns?
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>> who wants to go and work another job after that? >> most intern's don't even get paid. the weather will be unsettled this week. when i say that, we're not talking anything big, just some nuisance showers here and there off and on throughout the week. there is a nice look at the skies right before sunrise. sunrise at 5:44 a.m. currently 5:17 temperatures in the 50's in outlying areas. 53 downtown at reagan national. -- 63. 52 in cumberland with low humidity. that will be the case all week long, low humidity levels. give the air-conditioner break. 77 degrees for the high temperature today.
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we will be running below average for the first whole week of june. we will need the umbrella in your briefcase because there will be in a few sprinkles possible mainly through the afternoon and evening. even at night we could see it. here's the reason. we had a few showers that moved through north and east of washington while we were sleeping. but there's a counterclockwise flow around the low. that will influence our whether all week long. by friday into the weekend it will move far enough away from us where we will see a return to the warmer conditions and humidity and more stable air. we will not have a chance of rain daily through the weekend just through the workweek, through thursday. partly cloudy tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds again. that's no surprise, a few
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sprinkles possible. 35% chance of seeing that in your neighborhood. running 10 degrees below average tomorrow, and 270 degrees. then slowly warming up into the 80's by the weekend. at the forecast. what about traffic? >> looks pretty good. let's start in virginia on 66, route 7, looks good on 15. nothing complicated on the greenway, the dulles toll road. looks good on 28 out of manassas park. good through the battlefield on 29, through falls church has a little volume. 395 is a beautiful trip from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. good along the george washington parkway. no worries in montgomery county where we take you to the beltway at university boulevard. the weekend construction is complete at the wilson bridge. all lanes open across the wilson bridge in both directions. back to news.
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>> it is 61 degrees in largo. >> miami takes boston to overtime at the garden. while lebron james was nowhere to be found for the final shot. >> what would anyone want to be paralyzed? were looking for a doctor to sever your spinal cord.
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you're going down! it's all over!
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no! it's not over ye$! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. >> the nationals game against atlanta was opposed to being -- was supposed to be about a stroll in the park. >> the nationalsthe braves won the game 3-2. tiger woods schemeclaimed victory
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on sunday. he was burning up the back nine with a birdie on three of the last four holes. he could tie jack nicklaus' record. what that means something to us as players, to have him right next to me. >> he had to rub it right in my face. [laughter] >> tiger woods is back at the top of his game for now. the u.s. open gets underway in 10 days. >> it actually went in the hole. at the london olympics, jim mr. shah and johnson has given up her bid due to a lingering knee injury. -- gymnast shawn johnson.
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>> miami's dwyane wade gets a 3- pointer at the buzzer, giving the boston celtics and overtime win. lebron james had filed out for the first time ever as a member of the heat. the spurs and thunder play in san antonio tonight. >> a good series. more good stuff coming up as we continue at 5:30. >> new developments in the trayvon martin shooting case. is accused murderer is back in jail this morning. why a judge reversed his bond. >> does loudoun county want to bail on extending the dulles rail into ashburn? i will have that story coming up. >> a little on the cool side
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, an unexpected court date for the attorneys representing george zimmerman now fighting to get him a new bond hearing after a judge ordered him back to. to good morning, washington. it's monday, june 4. i am steve chenevey. >> i'm autria godfrey. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. unsettled this week? >> not talking big storms or anything threatening. it will be daily rain chances all the way to thursday. like sprinkles and showers
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possible every day through thursday. not a bad sunrise out there. we have a mixture of sun and clouds. sunrise 15 minutes from now officially. a little cloudy to start the day. 58 degrees in arlington where we have that beautiful view. 54 in culpeper, 63 in the district, 64 in lexington park. we will make it well into the 70's today for the afternoon high temperature, 77. the average is 81. a few spotty showers this afternoon and evening. after 2:00 p.m. you could run into a few raindrops. breezy with a northwesterly wind at 10-20. even cooler tomorrow. we will talk about that, coming up. now to lisa. >> we just heard from newschopper 7. it's getting ready to go lost. we will have the aerial photographs soon. right now we will rely on our geico pictures. here comes the volume of traffic, southbound 270
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leading frederick into montgomery county, everything is open. not bad in virginia. 66 and 95 starting to see more of your neighbors hitting the highway. marc rail, metro rail, the army on normal service. -- and vre on normal service. >> friday a judge revoked george zimmerman's bond and ordered him back to jail. he surrendered to authorities yesterday. hemike conneen explains why he went back to jail. >> the judge was furious on friday after zimmerman apparently misled the court about the state of his finances. with minutes to spare zimmermann return to jail last night, meeting the deadline. his attorneys said that he plans to file a motion today seeking a new bond hearing. zimmerman and his wife are expected to apologize to the court.
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prosecutors say they lied about their finances to obtain a lower bond for zimmerman when in reality he had raised $135,000 to website set up for his legal defense. the d.a. suggested even more money has been collected since then and deposited in a bank account. charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin, zimmermann has pleaded not guilty, claiming that he acted in self-defense. his attorney describes him as feeling solemn about returning to jail. >> is where about himself, his wife, his family, everybody who has to be in hiding because of the enormous frustration and hatred that has spurred from this case. >> zimmerman is being held in a small cell without a television in isolation for his own safety. his legal team hopes that is voluntary surrender will show that is not a flight risk. the martin family is applauding his return to jail. >> thank you.
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a family tragedy in maryland. an 11-year-old boy shot and killed by his little brother. it happened in harford county. 11-year-old michael and his aide-year-old brother were playing around with a gun they took from a neighbor's house when the gun went off. the boy was hit in the head and he died? . no charges have been filed. >> the public is invited to a meeting tonight on the dulles rail project. this is your chance to weigh in on plans to extend metro rail. stacy is at tyson's corner to explain how there's a mixed reaction to the project? . >> good morning. the first phase of construction is well under way right here. but whether or not to extend dulles rail to loudoun county is the source of much debate in that county. >> everyone i talked to would love us to come out here. >> dulles rail is a popular project. >> it will generate jobs.
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>> it would be easier for me in general. >> what does it mean for higher taxes? but i think loudoun county can afford it. >> but we found a different opinion from some in purcellville. >> you cannot afford to live in loudoun county. >> there will be more crime. it's going to be awful. >> a public hearing tonight promises to be packed with people on both sides of the issue. that meeting is expected to be. be their holding at 6:30 tonight. cassatt to sign up in advance. must sign up in advance if you want to attend. >> d.c. council expected to give final approval to the city's 2013 budget tomorrow. the $9 billion plan calls for an extension of our hours and expansion of the city's traffic camera program and an increase in performance parking.
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the examiner reports those changes opposed cuts would fill a $172 million budget shortfall. >> inspection reports show there are still big problems with metro's emergency exits. include locked doors equipment blocking x, and collapsed stairs. the oversight committee told metro to fix the problem once in 2007 and again in 2010 but metro has yet to begin some of the changes it promised a year ago. 5:34, 57 degrees in potomac. what she was so close, but miss maryland did not get the u.nmiss usa crown. >> we are following a disturbing story from phoenix. a mother facing charges after she forgot her baby on the roof of the car and drove off. how the baby is doing. >> first, traffic and your forecast. and i
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> hik, we are the senior ambassadors in arlington virginia. >> good morning, washington. >> i went to speak to the kids
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at wakefield high school and that's a great group. this is one of my favorite cameras at st. leo the great. a mixture of sun and clouds and that will be the case daily. there's no heavy rain expected, but just a few sprinkles every day. 59 by allan bristow, 60 insolent, 58 in hamilton along with culpeper and waldorf at 56 -- 59 in bristow. there's a northwest breeze at 10-20. even cooler tomorrow, close to 70 degrees. now to lisa. but i'm excited. we are open across the american legion bridge. also opens out of town at the wilson bridge.
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we have no worries to report in virginia. look at all of your neighbors on the road. out of dale city to get to springfield, a great ride. we are good out of leesburg. this is the dulles greenway over 28 it reads the dulles toll road. a pretty good trip on 270 with volume only southbound between 80 and 109. metro rail is on normal service. now to news. >> congratulations to a cellist from mare island who will represent the u.s. in the miss universe pageant. -- from a rhode islandrhode island.
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>> ♪ >> the d.c. jazz festival is underway. last night kendis gibson was the emcee of an event in northwest washington at the howard theatre. a grammy award winning singer performed -- dianne reeves. go to our web site for the list of performers. >> 60 degrees outside. >> kind of like london weather. coming up, britain continues to celebrate the queen's jubilee. we will look at weekend events to honor the queen's 60-year reign on the throne. >> new ways to keep the bed bugs away. alcohol
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> here's what's coming up at 6:00. relief could be on the way for metro will customers frustrated
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during rush hour. how about more trains? we will speak with metro's general manager about the new program aimed at trying to ease overcrowding during rush hour. >> i bet you consider yourself lucky if you got a paid intern ship before your career started. i bet it was small peanuts compared to what some facebook intern's are making. >> times are hard for the woman known as octomom. you may not believe what she is doing to pay the bills. if you have been following her story, it may not be shocking. that's coming up at 6:00 as well. >> checking news around world the nigerian president has declared three days of national mourning after a deadly plane crash in the country's largest city. all 153 people on board the plane and a number of others on the ground died when the jet crashed into a densely populated neighborhood in the city of lagos. the pilot reported engine
5:45 am
trouble shortly before the crash. egyptian prosecutors will appeal the verdict in the trial of former president mubarak. on saturday a court convicted the former leader and his security chief and sentenced them to life in prison for failing to stop killings during the protests that led to his ousting last year. he and his two sons were cleared of corruption charges. >> two pilots fighting about fire and western utah were killed after their air tanker crashed. investigators are trying to find out what caused the plane to go down. the pilots were dropping retardant yesterday on the 5,000 acre fire near the utah-nevada line. that's when the plane crashed in steep mountain terrain. a drama related to the gulf oil spill has two hollywood stars on opposing sides. jury selection begins today for stephen baldwin against kevin costner. the dispute is over their investments in a device that bp used to try to clean up the oil spill. both are expected to testify. >> and arizona mother faces
5:46 am
charges after she forgot her baby on the roof of her car. the 19-year-old smoked pot with some friends in phoenix early saturday morning. when she left, she did not realize her 5-week-old baby was on top of her car. the infant was later found in the middle of an intersection. >> i cannot believe that i have a parent out there that would put their child in this situation. we are very fortunate the baby is going to be ok. >> police say the infant was still in the car seat and did not suffer any serious injuries. the girl faces dui and child abuse charges. 's new tanning mom-- new jersey's tanning mom is back in court. she allowed her 6-year-old daughter to use a tanning salon but she denies the charges. >> at a weekend conference of
5:47 am
30,000 cancer specialists, as reported several developments including new smart drugs that deliver poisons directly to cancer cells. there's also a new tool that helps immune system attack a broad range of cancer types. there are treatments aimed at new genes. and better tests to predict which patients will benefit from those treatments. if you want bed bugs to leave you alone, have another drink at the bar. researchers at the university of nebraska city insects prefer the blood of a sober person. they are urging people not to become a binge drinkers just to get rid of the bed bugs because that could cause other problems. >> sign me up for that study. a celebration 60 years in the making. >> queen elizabeth celebrating her diamond jubilee at a series of events fit for queen.
5:48 am
it's all happening in london. >> all smiles as great britain rejoiced. >> she is an amazing woman. >> the center of their affection, queen elizabeth ii. she rode a royal barge down the river escorted by a flotilla of ships. the queen led three generations of her royal family. her husband, her son prince charles and his wife camilla and her grandson prince harry and her grandson prince william and kate. she is celebrating 60 years on the throne. the british people have known her as a fresh-faced young woman who just learned of her father's
5:49 am
death. a new queen at 25, a young mother raising three children, a grandmother, and now the second longest serving monarchs in british history. they turned out by the tens of thousands to congratulate her including this tip of the hat. the bad weather could not dampen all the good feelings. >> you've been here all night? >> in the pouring rain. for our queen. >> honoring the great lady of great britain. the big jubilee bash does not end here. there are two more days of spectacular events including a star-studded concert in front of the queens home at buckingham palace. abc news, london. >> a power lunch with warren buffett back on ebay. a popular hotel chain
5:50 am
getting down and dirty with uv lights. >> and credit card reward points. linda bell has more. >> the l.a. times reports more than half of those in the survey plan to use a reward points to cover some of their travel costs. travelers using points on everything from air fare to a hotel costs as well as gasoline. in time for the summer travel season, best western is attacking hotel crime. housekeepers will be armed with a want using new delights to sterilize alarm clocks, telephones if light switches, door handles. there will also be mandated to wipe down television remote controls. best western is launching the new program after research found guests questioned the cleanliness of myth scale hotels. how does lunch with billionaire warren buffett sound? for the 13th year, bids are open for lunch with one buffett in a charity auction on ebay. it is to benefit san francisco's
5:51 am
glide organization that serves meals and gives housing to the meeting -- the needy. the winner will have dinner at a steak house with him. it was over $2 million last year. >> i will need him to pick up my tab. >> it is 5:51 right now. the hotel's using a black light now. but i don't even want to know how dirty my hotel room is. >> i would not want to see the scorecard. >> it is refreshing outside. unpleasantries with low humidity. not the best cool weather necessarily. >> there will be time for that. >> by this weekend. enjoyed a low humidity this week and temperatures running
5:52 am
below average for this first full week of june. here's a look from the rooftop. a beautiful shot over the nation's capital, as kennedykennedy center in the middle. there's a look at laurel, a mixture of sun and clouds, 58 degrees currently at laurel high school. 63 in washington. mainly in the 50's in outlying areas. it is refreshing to start the day. 52 in cumberland, 53 in martinsburg. that's good running weather. low humidity. that's the case not just this morning but for the majority of the week. 77 for the high temperature at 2:00 p.m. we will make it to about 77 degrees. of his body showers later on today. not talking anything heavy. nothing widespread. -- spotty showers later on
5:53 am
today. nuisance showers all the way through thursday. here's a look at the satellite and radar. upper level disturbance circulating over new england. there's energy rotating around that. showers here and there around the upper level low. with that energy circulating, we will have a few spotty showers every day all the way through thursday. only a 35% chance of seeing it. we are not looking at anything threatening, nothing heavy. if you have a compact umbrella, that's your best bet, the kind you can slip in your backpack or your briefcase. a little breezy today. cooling down to near 70 tomorrow for the high temperature. by the weekend, warming up into the 80s by saturday and sunday. clearing out quite a bit by then. now to lisa. >> i don't have my pocket umbrella. it is in the car. it has a zebra prints.
5:54 am
nothing animalistic on the beltway. we are 2 good we70 three germantown, quiet across the american legion bridge. loving life in baltimore, 95 hand 295. 66 95, 395, here comes the volume. we can construction at the wilson bridge is gone. all lanes are open to get through oxon hill. and hill get me out of this. >> thank you so much. 5:54, 59 degrees. coming up, the famous golden popcorn trophies have been handed out. we
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>> fans had a healthy appetite for the "hunger games." >> it won the best fight, best on-screen transformation, and best male and female transfer mand transformations. harry potter won for last cast. twilight won for best movie. jennifer anniston won for best screen dirt bag for "bosses." >>there's jennifer anniston
5:58 am
accepting her award. more to come >> . metro will rollout a new program in two weeks to ease crowds during rush hour. we will talk with the general manager and ceo about metro rush -- rus plus
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