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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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george zimmerman is back behind bars. >> we're getting a better idea how many tornadoes touched down on friday. >> expect a packed house for tonight's public meeting on the metrorail project and why some residents are against extending metrorail into loudoun county. good morning, washington continues now. >> >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you're with us early on this monday morning. we have a cool start to the day but it is comfortable on this june 4. >> is cooler than it should be and we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is a little bit cooler than we should be this time of year. the first week of june will be unseasonably cool with
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temperatures below average. there is a look at the sun rise over our nation's capital. the sun was up at 5:44 a.m.. we're mostly in the 50's across the area. 63 in the district. on our way to 77 degrees for the high temperature. we should have some light showers anytime after 2:00 p.m. nothing in heavy but a few areas of light rain through thursday can be expected. >> nearly a dozen tornadoes touched down in maryland and virginia with a severe weather friday. nine of those twisters were in maryland and six were close to the d.c. area. one of the hardest-hit areas was here in harford county where a tornado left behind plenty of damage. two people were hurt in the national weather service said two people touched -- two
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tornadoes touched down in virginia. >> there is a new legal battle for georges armond, the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin. they could have a new bond hearing as early as today after his bond was revoked friday. we have the latest and why the judge revoked his bond. >> a furious judge revoked the bond of george zimmerman friday after he apparently misled the court about the state of his finances. he has vehemently argued that he shot trayvon martin in self- defense saying that trayvon martin and tactician. the 28-year-old faces not just a murder charge but also questions about his truthfulness. >>after six weeks of freedom georges armond would step behind bars this morning. he was escorted back to jail only minutes before the judge's
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deadline passed. how much money does he have? during an april hearing he and his wife claimed they were broke. prosecutors accused him of saying that to ensure a lower bond when fact he had raised about $135,000 per online defense fund. >> i will flat out call it what it is -- the defendant's blood to this court that -- lied to this court. the judge told a year in the next few days to decide how long he will be imprisoned. >> it's a credibility question. now the credibility has been attacked or tarnish. >> if the judge agrees to a new bond hearing, it is possible he would reject a new request. the zimmerman and attorney says
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he will explain what happened with the misunderstanding. he says the couple will apologize to the court. meanwhile, the martin family is applauding the george zimmerman return to jail. >> the public is invited to a meeting tonight on the dollar's rail project. it is a chest for you to wait in on extending metrorail into loudoun county. there's mixed reaction to this project. >> phase 1 is already taking shape in tysons corner but in loudoun county, extending the silver lining is a source of debate. >> my school and the community everybody loves it. >> in ashburn, metrorail dulles silver line is a popular project. what does it -- what if it means higher taxes? >> i think loudoun county can afford it and i think it is worth it. >> we found a different opinion
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from those in purcellville. >> you can afford to live in loudoun county per and. it will be awful. >> it public hearing tonight promises to be packed with people on both sides of the issue. there have been several information gathering sessions leading up to this public hearing by the board of supervisors. that starts at 6:30 this evening and you have to sign up to be there and there are 100 speakers assigned a already. >> it should be an interesting night. the latest on the late deadly accident on thursday in which a woman ran over five children with her as you vapor the woman mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of a break. one of the children was the woman's 8-year-old daughter and she was killed. a prince george's county woman is recovering after a terrifying
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incident on riverdale road. she was asleep in a better match the morning when a car came crashing through her ground- floor apartment. the impact knocked the woman out of bed and onto the floor and she was taken to the hospital. police are investigating but appears the driver was pulled into a parking space when her brakes failed. the time is 6:00 sex and it is 61 degrees. >> estelle ipad, scary moments during an air show in california. >> plus, metro is prepared to introduce a program it aimed at easing packed trains during rush hour and we will talk live to the metro general manager about the new plan. >> we will check in with traffic and weather again.
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>> this is the lacrosse and soccer team. good morning, washington. >> good morning , everybody. it is 6:00 and nine and scary moments out was during a weekend air show in southern california. >> a vintage plane slid off the runway and onto a grassy field. officials said the plane's landing gear collapsed and the pilot got out safely. despite what you see on your screen the plan is not a total loss. >> the space shuttle enterprises on the move again but this time by water. it left kennedy airport yesterday on abortion was towed to jersey city. the enterprise had been parked at jfk since april after it flew
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from dulles on top of a 747. it will be taken to the intrepid air and space museum on the website where will probably go on display. >> such a cool photograph. it is 10 minutes after 6:00 on this monday morning and time to check on weather and traffic. >> we will go aloft to newschopper7. they are holding a picture of 270 trafficwatch is looking better right now at 109. it looks great in germantown. no problems to report as far as the drive across the american legion bridge. we can construction is now complete at the wilson bridge. no issues in and out of baltimore and we are good on 66. >> look at this beautiful picture of rock will this morning at montgomery college. that is a good example of the mixture of sun and clouds overhead. checked for the most part, we're
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starting in the 50's. it is refreshing with a northerly wind today. it will be breezy but that will keep our humidity down all week long. those of you that crave the heat and humidity, your time will come by this weekend. as for today, 59 in chevy chase. have your umbrella with you every day. we will not see much in terms of rain but we do have rain chances daily all the way through thursday. a few late day sprinkles are possible because we are in an unsettled weather pattern which will bring as the cooler temperatures all week long. it also brings the chance of a little bit of rain every day but just a few wimpy sprinkles here and there. >> thank you. the time is 6:11 and we are looking at 57 degrees.
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>> coming off, we'll talk live with the general manager and ceo of metro about a new program aimed to ease crowding on trains to rush-hour. >> during your internship, you will not believe how sfx: sounds of maring band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of maring band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd chring and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> this is "good morning washington," on your side to them. >> metro wants to serve more customers and ease crowding. here is the general manager and ceo of metro. >> good morning. we are on the final countdown to change the service in two weeks. we will have in hand to service on the blue, orange, green, and
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yellow lines with more trains and transfer-free opportunities for more people. we want to make sure our customers are prepared and that they pay attention to destination signs in addition to the color of the line they are getting on. >> why wait until now to do this when crowding has been a problem. for quite some time? >> it has taken time to plan for this but we are getting ready for the silver lining which comes into service at the end of next year. this is the first step along that way. >> many people might be wondering if extra staffing will mean extra cost to the writers? >> we have already made fare adjustments and we are hiring people this coming year to get prepared for this service. we have budgeted for this. >> when you do your studies to ease up as overcrowding, do you
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feel like this will make a significant impact in the number of folks during rush hour? >> people on the arons line, the so-called orange crush, will see relief. people that ride the yellow line, we will see more trains into the district and there'll be new opportunities or we don't have to transfer from one line to another. i'd like it will help folks in their daily commute. >> in theory it will help a lot of people. we appreciate you joining us. good luck with the metro + program. if you're not take a metro and you're going to drive this summer filling up your tank may not put as big a dent in your wallet as originally thought. gas prices are going down and the national average for regular is $3.59 a gallon, down about 20 cents in the last month.
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prices could fall below the $3 mark sometime this summer. >>that would be welcome news. >> i paid $3.61 yesterday. >> in business news, the merrill lynch acquisition was troubled. >> it pays to be facebook in turn. >> good morning a worldwide sell off investors are pulling their money out of the stock market after disappointing economic news from around the world. the chief among them was the u.s. jobs report which indicates economic growth here may be slowing. bankamerica executives apparently knew in advance that the company's acquisition of merrill lynch would create huge losses that they did not tell shareholders. that information was disclosed in court documents filed last night as part of a lawsuit by
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shareholderss. "snow white and on huntsman" did better than expected this past weekend. intern's @ facebook are paid almost $75,000 per year. that is america's money. >> if you go through that ever to land that internship and you make that money what do you do when you get a job after that? >> what do you do with the job pays you last? maybe they will pay you inexperience. >> we bought into that. >> let's talk about the weather. a beautiful sunshine this morning, a gorgeous day today with a refreshing breeze. it will be gusty at times at
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about 10-20 miles per hour. that is a beautiful picture over arlington and over frederick this is another lovely picture with blue sky behind the clouds. frederick is not reporting a temperature right now but hagerstown as 57 degrees. -- is 57 degrees. 52 in martin's bird and 63 in the district. in outlying areas, we're in the 50's. similar temperatures for the next several mornings and maybe a few upper 40's to start the day tomorrow. 77 will be the high temperature today and we will run below average all week with this unsettled weather pattern. we cannot rule out a few spotty light showers or sprinkles here and there. every day through thursday. it will be unseasonably cool,
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about 10 degrees below average tomorrow. we have an upper level low pressure systems with scattered rain around that low and we will see that energy that dips down into washington periodically the next several days and that will lead to the light showers every day. we have a 40% chance of rain today, tomorrow, all the way through thursday with that cool and unsettled weather pattern. we're not looking it anything severe. , just a few spotty showers and tomorrow will be even cooler down today. better pool whether by the weekend >> >> heavy volume of traffic here and there but nothing that would be surprising. weekend road work is gone. for the wilson bridge drivers out of maryland. we will take a lie to the geico
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traffic center camera on 395 north of the beltway. it is moving at speeds. >> 6:20 and outside the temperature is around 60 degrees. >> coming up next, another overtime game between the miami heat in the boston celtics. >> why would anyone want to be paralyzed? you are looking for a doctor whose severed spinal cord? >> yes.
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dunkin's new breakfast burritos with fire-roasted veggies and delicious s$eak. try one today. >> if you had a day that started out perfect to end and disappointment, you know what the mac -- washington nationals feel like this morning. >> the nationals had some offense, too. there were back-to-back home runs and the first inning. that is the first time since 1900. the braves pushed three across and they wound up winning 3-2. the washington nationals are in a three-way tie for first place. tiger woods is in first place this weekend when he won the pga memorial crown. >> he is back to his pre- scandal record.
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he matched the tournament host jack nicklaus with 73 wins, the second all-time behind sam snead. >> to have him here that means something to us as players. it is special for me to be with him right now. >> he had to rub it in my face. >> for now, a tiger woods is at the top of his game. the u.s. open is getting underway in about 10 days. >> the final seconds, he looks up and puts abate 3 for the win no good. >> they missed a three-pointer at the buzzer and that gave the celtics a 93-91 overtime win to even the series at two games apiece.
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lebron james sat out for the first time ever. the spurs and thunder will play in san antonio tonight. >> it is a cool 58 degrees. another half an hour of "good morning, washington." >> you can share your thoughts and public meeting on metro 2 night. >> the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin is back behind bars and white his bond was revoked. >> we have low humidity outside but what will t
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight dead, georgia's armond starts of this week back in a jail cell when i judge revoked his bond saying he lied about his finances. it is monday morning, june 4.
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>> we will get started with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it has been quiet this morning. it will be a little breezy today with low humidity and temperatures are running below average all week long. it will be on the poolside but better summer weather by the weekend. here is a live look over the federal city. we have a good amount of sunshine with some cloud cover. 56 degrees in vienna, a crisp start 2 hour day. -- t our day. on our way to 77 degrees this afternoon. have an umbrella with you all week because some light showers cabral -- be ruled out but nothing have a. >> nothing heavy or threatening as far as traffic on the
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highway. we can't construction is now grown across the wilson bridge. things seem to be moving well on route 4 route 5 through annapolis to and from the wilson bridge on the virginia and maryland side. normal troubled times along 66 and 95 and that means typical volume. from springfield on to 395 up to the pentagon, the orange and blue line to lead or just posted for metro rail. we will have more on that and newschopper7 in our next report. >> inouye bond hearing could be held as soon as today for george zimmerman. on friday, a judge revoked his bond and ordered him back in jail. he surrendered to authorities yesterday. >> a furious judge revoked the
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bond on friday after they said george zimmerman apparently misled the court over his finances. he returned to jail last night. his attorney says he plans to file a motion today seeking a new bond hearing. he and his wife are expected to apologize to the court. prosecutors say they lied about their finances to pay a lower bond when in reality, zimmerman had raised about $135,000 through a web site set up for his legal defense. the prosecutors suggested more money had been collected since and deposited in a bank account. he is charged with second-degree murder he has pleaded not guilty claiming he acted in self-defense. his attorney described him as feeling solemn about returning to jail that he has worry about him and his wife and his family and anybody who has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred
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that has come from this case. >> the local sheriff's office says he is being held a small cell without a television in isolation for his own safety. his legal team says it hopes is voluntary surrender will show he is not a flight risk. the trayvon martin family is applauding his return to jail. >> 6:32 right now and we could be in for a heated discussion tonight to extend the dulles rail project into loudoun county. >> good morning phase one of the $6 billion project is already taking shape here in tyson's but in loudoun county, the extension of the silver lining is far from a done deal. the second phase will bring the rail project to dulles airport and into ashburn. it will have a final stop along 267. loudoun county would have to pay for two rail stations.
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a debate has begun over whether or not to bail on rail due to costs. >> it will generate jobs and help people out about the commute would be easier in general. >> it will raise taxes. you cannot afford to live in loudoun county. >> there have been several public information sessions leading up to this public hearing that is happening tonight at 6:30 p.m. folks that want to speak after sign up in advance. they're more than 100 speakers already registered. >> i'm sure they will get an earful. make sure you follow the rules driving through montgomery county because police are increasing their vigilance of aggressive driving. they will lead ticket speeders, until august, and other aggressive drivers and that will educate the public about the dangers of aggressive driving.
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>> nigeria has started three days of national mourning from the victims of the plane crash yesterday. all 153 people on the plane and a number of others on the ground died when the jet crashed into a densely populated neighborhood in the capital city. officials said the pilot reported engine trouble before the plane went down. two pilots fighting a wildfire in utah are dead after their air tanker crashed. investigators are trying to find out what caused the plane to go down. they were dropping fire retardant on the whitefire at the utah-nevada border. >> jury selection begins tomorrow in the trial of jerry sandusky the assistant football coach accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. legal experts say the case against a likely hinge on the credibility of his accusers.
6:35 am
they allege he abused them in his home and a locker room and at local hotels. jerry sandusky has denied wrongdoing. >> still ipad, a former mistress of john edwards is ready to tell all. details on her upcoming book. >> octomom has come up with a new way to get out of debt and it includes showings ken. >> we will -- we will have an update on traffic and
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>> welcome back at 6:38. >> time for a trek on traffic and weather every 10 that's the real star with doug hill. >> good morning, what a beautiful weekend we had. that is turning into a rather cool week. let's take a look at annapolis at the naval academy with a gorgeous sunrises and a few high clouds. our average high inwill be 81 degrees this week. starting off in the 50's across most of the areas.
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there is an area of low pressure burwell to our north across no england and as a result, we will have cooler temperatures this week. we will make the upper 70 pause briefly this afternoon with light showers in the next seven days shows a cool week with unsettled weather and partly cloudy skies and a chance for showers and warming up more seasonally this weekend. >> thank you and we will see you in a few minutes. let's check in with lisa baden. >> it is not too bad in maryland pear. the construction project at the wilson bridge is complete now. lanes are open and let's see if we can get a glimpse from newschopper7. there were flying near 7100 where they had an accident and a tractor-trailer ran off the road
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and into the woods. we will get some updates for newschopper7 coming up. orange and blue line customers have an additional wait for trains on metro. an earlier track malfunction was resolved at farragut west. >> it seems like a daily experience. justin timberlake has made a marines dream come true for the second time. >> this woman asked him to be heard date to the italian party in virginia last july. he agreed and went weather. he returned the favor last night and astor to be his date -- and aster to be his day at an awards show this weekend. he was honored as entertainer of the year and made reference to her when he gave his acceptance
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speech and said it is amazing to be standing on stage with these american heroes. >> he said this is one of the highlights he has had. what a fantastic honor for the corporal. many people are jealous of that. >> times are getting hard for octomom. >> she has tried numerous things to get money. we heard she declared bankruptcy and now she is ready to show off some skin. she has apparently bought herself into a german club in florida. she said a few lucky guys will have the privilege of watching her remove some of her clothing. >> she says she will keep it classic. y. there will not be any lab dances.
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-- lap dances. >> 6:42. drew barrymore is all grown up at 37 and got married. >> she is officials of the market. she got married this weekend to heard current boyfriend she is expecting a child with. >> this will be her first child? >> third marriage, first child and third times a charm. >> a to the marriages lasted less than six months. we'll check back and see how it is going. it is a rather chilly 57 degrees. >> coming up this morning, how i recall election in wisconsin could affect the presidential race. >> party time in britain has only the royals can do. 1 million
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>> plenty of eyes are on the wisconsin historic recall election to mark them of the result could be or what happens in the upcoming presidential race. mike allen is with us. >> this could give big momentum to when the parties after the recall election and the combination of the recall election and the senate race there is more political advertising in wisconsin than any other state. it looks like the governor scott walker, will hang on and if that's true, that should help mitt romney.
6:46 am
i think will will see a lot of republican cheeseheads. >> they have elections out there all the time. it looks like the downside is that people are getting burned out on everything happening. >> that is a great point it is a danger in a lot of places. the most heavily advertised states and battleground virginia is at the top of the list. if you get enough calls and mail will you stop listening? the republicans will find creative ways to break through like going on line. >> there are seven elections in 14 months? thanks so much. >> you have been cut off from
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your tweeting? >> computer problems. >> thank you. >> former presidential candidate john edwards' former mistress will reveal more about their will relationship. she has a new book out later this month. john edwards denied the affair initially but later revealed the truth. he talks about the child after the jury reached a decision and his campaign a corruption trial earlier this week. >> he is apparently very upset still but he denied her. in fact, during the trial when quinn came up, he would get emotional. >> contour and edwards work well as co paris the the nature of their relationship is unclear. >> vice president joe biden patuxent it to good use over the weekend this past saturday, his
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30-year-old daughter tied the knot in wilmington, delaware. she married a plastic surgeon and the family released to this wedding photo. >> britain is celebrating queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. festivities yesterday including a ride down the thames. [bells] >> more than 1 million people lined the river bank to see the queen and a flotilla celebrating her 60 years and the throne. she will join thousands of us -- at an outdoor concert later today. you can look for more coverage on "good morning america." >> 6:48 and timed to track -- to check traffic and weather data. >> it was a great weekend but a
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little on the cool side but pleasant weather. there is a time lapse of the sunrise at 5:44 this morning. as you make your plans for the week, there will be an ever- present chance of a shower every now and then along with cooler than average temperature is. a nice scattered of midlevel cloudiness. temperatures are starting out in the 50's. here comes the spin in the atmosphere that will give his periods of sunshine and clouds through the next few days. today it will be cooler than average by a few degrees upper 70's with a few clouds and a chance for a sprinkle and more of that tonight and temperatures could drop down in the middle 50's and tomorrow, look for a
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partly cloudy day, a cooler than average. that is the latest. we will be back with a seven-day forecast without caskey and a few minutes. >> let's enjoy this while we can. >> it is a nice commute this morning so far. >> you are looking at loisadle road near 7100. look at this traffic trying to exit from loisdale road near 7100. this is a heavily traveled areas. we're looking at interstate 95 which is not bad. >> it had been smooth going this morning.
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your time is 6:50 and 61 degrees embargo. >> your
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>> coming up here, stocks continued to attack. they had plunged to their lowest level in nearly 30 years in japan. is this the start of a new financial crisis? a mother allegedly chokes a boy
6:54 am
who was bleeding her 13-year-old daughter. did she go too far? she will join us live to enter next on "good morning, america." >> let's check this morning's top stories -- the national weather service is confirming 11 tornadoes touched down in maryland and virginia friday night. nine of those twisters in maryland cost plenty of damage, two people were hurt in harford county and two tornadoes touched down in virginia. >> of three children were hurt when a police say woman backed her suv into a home. another child heard in that accident and died. >> people for and against the dulles road project will speak out in a public hearing tonight in leesburg. the county will decide whether to commit to the second phase of the metro rail extension to dulles airport. 100 people signed up for tonight. maybe it is the flannel shirts --
6:55 am
anchorage, alaska has been named the worst dressed city in america. >> that is according to the readers of "travel and leisure." baltimore came in third in washington d.c. came in 14 death -- out of 22 cities. the best dressed honor goes to new york city, of course. >> that is where the magazine is based. a final check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we will run over to some pictures thanks to geico. it is looking wonderful across the wilson bridge. the weekend project we had at the bridge is now complete everything is open with no delays. this is 95 virginia and
6:56 am
everything is open on 66 and good in maryland and the dulles greenway and dulles toll road has no complaints. parents9 >> i love the outdoors and fishing. we will be below average this week. we will be doubted as 70's lower humidity and tailoring chances but nothing heavy or widespread. a few isolated showers every day through a thursday. >> not bad at all. >> i am supporting you. >> tomorrow you will show up in flannels. >> that does it for us. >>
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