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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is abc 7 news at 6 -- on your side. >> this could very well be the trial of the year. the case against former penn state assistant football coach sandusky. >> jury selection begins tomorrow morning and sandusky faces 52 charges of sexual assault against 10 boys. beside charges in pennsylvania, we now learn sandusky is facing a federal investigation. rebecca cooper has a look at what to expect from the trial. rebecca. >> today, the pennsylvania supreme court denied sandusky's request for a delay. our affiliate in philadelphia explosively reports that sandusky and has received notification he is now under federal investigation. victim number four said sandusky abused him at two ballgames crossing state lines which is considered a federal crime. jury selection begins tomorrow
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in pennsylvania and the challenge for sandusky and his team of lawyers is to try and portray the grandfather as someone who mentor young boys who were just understood. previous efforts to repair the damage had backfired. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attracted? >> in this awkward exchange with bob costas, he finally said this. >> i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i -- i-- but now i'm not sexually attracted. >> he accused -- he is accused to lure in and sexually abused at least 10 boys during a 15- year period. they will have to prepare for withering scrutiny to have their
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day in court. >> any humiliating experience that is bearing on their believability potentially may be revealed to the whole world in this trial. >> they plan to play offense other will potentially bringing in more previously on named users forward to make the case against sandusky. -- unnamed youth forward. >> they will be required to reveal their names. they will still appear in court but fear the repercussions this will continue to have as they try to move forward. rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> we will not hear what is going on in the courtroom while the trial is under way. a judge ruled that electronic communication will not be permitted in the court room, changed from a previous decision, and is typical procedure in pennsylvania. we will have coverage of these and as the trial on the air and
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on line on our web site, >> today was a big day in the trayvon martin case as they're trying to get the neighborhood watch capt. out of jail. there revoked bond after they found out zimmerman and his wife wide about finances. donations have been pouring in. the attorney for martin's family says it only helps their case in proving zimmerman lied about what happened that night. prosecutors say they cannot speak to any possible perjury charges at the moment. >> following a developing story of a southeast washington were a woman was stabbed to death this morning. 31-year-old alvin killed amber kent. they suspect that she was on pcp and is angry she wanted to end their friendship. after she was pronounced dead, the boyfriend attack to the
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father of the friends child. >> new at 6:00, a packed house expected to talk about the future of the dulles metrorail project. a project will be held on the silver line, a multibillion- dollar deal that everyone has an opinion about. the sign up sheet to talk about how it will be paid for is full. we are live in leesburg with more on tonight's meeting. >> this has a lot of passionate people on both sides and they are both out here holding a rally. to my right the people in green supports bringing metro's in to loudoun county and they believe it will bring economic development that they say will be good for the tax base and for the county as a whole. to their right the people who think this will not be a good deal for loudoun county and they want them to back out for having metro come here. their biggest fear is taxes. look at the animal they brought
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with them. opponents of metro left no doubt without this pig. they feel it will be a money pit for taxpayers. >> to have two options, raise taxes or cut services. >> they say the money would be better spent elsewhere. >> where will we come up with the money? >> i believe it will bring in more money than it will cost. >> she said it will be a moneymaker for taxpayers. her company is already building transit-oriented development. >> we think it will bring quality development in the county. >> the public hearing that will be here will start in about 25 minutes. at last check over 100 people signed up to speak. at two minutes a piece, you're talking five hours for this meeting tonight.
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if you would like to have your say, you can, up at the meeting. they will not actually make the decision on metro tonight. they have until july 4th. they will either decide to have metro come here or they could opt out and not have it come two stops past dulles into loudoun county. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> the rushes on for the metro rush plus, a program designed to ease congestion on the orange, blue yellow, and green line. metro workers were passing out information about the changes. the biggest differences will be noticed on the orange line along with the fact that more trains will be running in the district. >> the d.c. city council is preparing to approve a budget with extras. they will vote on a budget tomorrow totaling $9.40 billion.
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it will extend bar hours to 4:00 a.m. and will double the number of traffic cameras. it would raise the price of parking in metered spaces during peak times bringing in an extra $3 million. >> still to come on abc7 news at 6, taking a to a ceremony remembering a pivotal battle in the early days of world war ii. >> the republican candidate getting a little extra help. >> a new federal law aimed at immigrants in d.c. takes effect tomorrow and the city government does not like it.
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>> we continue with a controversial program getting under way in the district. >> the program is called secure communities. city officials say they do not want any part of it. sam ford is live at the wilson building with more on the new program. >> maureen when someone is arrested in d.c. and fingerprinted, the information is turned over to the fbi. starting tomorrow, they will turn it on to the immigration police helping to remove criminal aliens. d.c. officials rallied here with immigrants who say it is alienating them from cooperating with city police. >> i am looking for work every day. >> he is among the man here illegally who come to the home depot in northeast d.c. hoping for someone to hire them for a few hours of work. with the new secure communities
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law that takes effect tomorrow? >> we already have a problem with the police now, but tomorrow? i do not know. >> he joined mayor gray and the officials to denounce the law. >> we're not going to be immigration agents for the government. >> when people are free to report crimes because they will get caught up in the immigration process, then we all suburb. >> according to eyes, immigration and customs enforcement, it applies to people arrested. that they automatically put the finger prints through ice. elizabeth also lacks legal status. >> a simple ticket or a day in court can turn into a visit with ice. >> they said they will cooperate as little as possible.
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among residents we spoke to today -- >> it's unfair for them to be deported back. >> i'm glad d.c. is not going to cooperate. >> the d.c. council will consider a bill tomorrow which will charge ice to hold detainee's and refused to hold others. >> they say they want to make deep country safer sang last year alone there removed 216,000 "criminal aliens" from the u.s. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> next, the major cleanup after friday's severe weather. see where the stars made the biggest mass. >> and looking at today's weather. it does not exactly feel like summer. doug has the workweek forecast when we come back. >> the wizards trying to generate a little magic. nats gearing up for the mets. and tiger is the talk of golf
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>> is special memorial to remember when the naval battles of world war ii to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the battle of midway. survivors were on hand for the event. it took place at 6 months after japan bombed pearl harbor. now, the race to the white house. >> president obama left andrews base heading to new york city where he will attend three fund raisers including one at the waldorf-astoria hotel with former president bill clinton. >> met romney has tapped the former governor of utah to lead his transition team. he then became the secretary of health and human services under secretary george bush. >> cleaning up in maryland tonight after 11 confirmed tornadoes touched down during the friday storm. the purple storm tossed around
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trailers, flipped over cars and trucks, and knocked down trees. two people suffered minor injuries and they are expected to be fine. >> there was one in damascus where jennifer donelan was close to. it was just 1 mile west of relocation when we told her to take shelter. they were small and damage was limited. now things are quiet. take a look at this. rain showers across the map pennsylvania, new york, new jersey. this is responsible for the very cool air coming our direction. this is the time lapse out in damascus. in much prettier data and friday afternoon. -- a much prettier day.
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beautiful temperatures around the area. 75 was the official high at reagan national. tomorrow will be even cooler, so a chill for early june. if we miss that hot, humid stuff? hang in there. we will back near 90 on monday. for the moment, i 60's low 70's with lower dew point. on a sunny day in june, this happens very seldom lead. a very nice evening. on the other side of this equation we will get pretty chilly tonight may be around 50 in suburban areas. the war. not that far west, but it is the circulation sitting here, the motion from north to south. we missed most of it, but there could be a sprinkle or shower
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tomorrow wednesday, possibly thursday. this will all pushed out late thursday and allowing for temperatures to climb back toward 80 and warmer. here are the numbers. 56 waking up tomorrow, 66 at midday. look for a high probably around 70 with a stray showers and we are 10 degrees below average. mid 70's, a chance for showers. a 30% chance on thursday and back to 80 degrees on friday. check out the weekend. sunny and more humid closer to 90. >> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> it appears the wizards are moving forward. >> a big announcement today. i do not think we are surprised. it was made official that randy whitman will return as head
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coach. not much debate secret or surprise even though his record was only 18-31. the players say they want him back. randy whitman won 8 of the last 10. >> what did that 8-2 finish do for you moving forward? >> it was important for them to have that feeling of winning especially the younger guys. we have not had a lot of winning in the last two or three years. it's important feel that. >> meanwhile, the eastern conference finals. the celtics even add up at two games apiece. rajon rondo was the difference again with 15 assists. 93-91 boston. miami says chris bosch to be back for game 5.
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believe me, miami needs and carried a roller coaster of emotions for tiger woods. his agent was arrested for a dui. then he came back from four behind and birdied three of the last four shots finishing with a five under par 67 to win the memorial. how about this? jack nicklaus called this the greatest shot under the circumstances he had ever seen. the nationals are tied for first place with miami and both teams are off tonight. they start a home series with the mets tomorrow night. meanwhile, this team is having fun. yesterday, for the first time in the history of baseball, two rookies led off with back-to- back home runs. look at the way the team reacted when these guys got to the dugout. everybody just ignored him. then after harper, he came back to the dugout and all of a sudden -- these guys are like
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little kids. they're having fun. no pressure. june 1st, and still in first place. in nascar, johnson played the court jester wearing the rainbow with promoting the movie "madagascar 3." he's laid it the monster mile for the seventh time. -- he slaid the monster mile. the caps get a draft pick in return for the trade. he would have been a free agent july 1st. all that talk about the future they had to have made it. it would not have gotten anything for him. >> what we have to do to get you in one of those waves? [laughter]
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