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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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along with a winchester, 59 in the district. 56 right now in camp springs. on our way to 71 today, 10 degrees below average. a few more spotty showers possible later on today. it's 5:00 sharp. now to lisa. >> everything looks pretty smooth. it's good as far as the beltway. heading south into richmond and north into baltimore and to the airport. steve will tell you bought an accident that happened overnight in montgomery county. the road is still closed. we will give you details on that in a moment. first i will take you to 395 traffic, leaving the beltway is heading away from us in landmark. it's a beautiful ride up to the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning a woman killed in a fiery car crash it happened in montgomery county. >> this was before 1:00 this morning on route 28 in poolesville at dickerson.
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emergency crews responded to reports of a woman trapped inside a burning car. if the trooper found her dead at the scene. the victim is not been identified and the investigation continues. howard county police have arrested four men in the math lab bust at a hotel room in maryland. officers got a call before 11:00 last night reporting there was a math lab inside a room at the holiday inn express. police responded and detected an unusual odor inside a room on the fourth floor. they found chemicals inside. the firefighters evacuated all the rooms on the fourth floor as well as the rooms above and below the suspects room. >> use developments in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state as jury selection begins today? in the trial of assistant football coach jerry sandusky. now or preview. >> despite repeated efforts to delay the trial does get underway this morning in pennsylvania. finding a jury will be a
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monumental task. about this. the jury pool is from the penn state area, filled with penn state alumni and fans and employees. the trial will bring jerry sandusky face-to-face with his accusers. of them are now grown adults. the former assistant penn state football coach is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 14-year period. he has pleaded not guilty, but admits to questionable interaction with young boys in the past. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and touched their legs without intent of sexual contact. >> it will be up to the defense team to try to reinvent his image in the face of jurors and paint him as your typical if 68- year-old grandfather who created the second mile charity for underprivileged children out of
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the kindness of his heart. prosecutors alleged the charity was a breeding ground for jerry sandusky. a judge ruled there will be no veil of secrecy surrounding the accusers. they will have to testify using their real names in court and their credibility will be on trial. >> and the humiliating experience in the past life that has a bearing on their believabl -- believability will be on trial. >> and a former assistant coach will be on trial as well. you can bet the defense team will try to take downhim down. jury selection begins. >> thanks for that report. d.c. police trying to figure out what caused a woman allegedly stabbing best friend to death. the 29-year-old amber kent was
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fatally stabbed yesterday morning in the 3400 block of 13th place southeast. yesterday afternoon police arrested cydrisse alvin. one person close to the investigation believes she may have taken the violence-inducing drug pcp. >> my sister who did not deserve this. she had her problems. everybody does, but she had a heart of gold. the two women lived right across the hall from each other. some in the apartment complex believe kent wanted to end their friendship and that is what infuriated alvin. kent's 6-year-old daughter was just feet away when her mother was stabbed. >> of viewing today for maryland marine killed in afghanistan. 22-year-old sergeant julian chase died in helmand province. is viewing will be held from 1:00 until 7:00 at chesapeake christian fellowship. his funeral will be wednesday at the same location. he will be buried with full military honors at arlington
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national cemetery at a later date. >> of bowie, maryland man has been sentenced to nine months in jail for falsifying of time sheets for metro workers. the is been ordered to pay more than $9,000 in restitution. the 62-year-old allow premature workers to collect overtime and double time they did not earn and it ended up costing metro $24,000. employees who benefited from the scheme have been fired. your time on this tuesday, 5:05 55 degrees in leesburg. >> still ahead, you missed the big storms on friday night. the cleanup effort continues throughout the area of. >> also, celebrating 60 years how the biggest names in music are paying tribute to the queen. >> we will find
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>> many maryland residents picking up the pieces after friday's storms. parts of damascus littered with debris and tree limbs. two of nine different tornadoes in maryland touched down in damascus if. twisters damaged roofs and buildings and toppled trees. damascus nobody was hurt. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will get things started with adam caskey and a look at the weather. the timbrel and nearby?
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>> yes. -- keep the umbrella nearby? >> yes. a chance of rain here and there today all the way through thursday. have that light rain right now basically from dunkirk in calvert county south word for all the way down to lusby and solomon's island and point lookout. from cedricfredericksburg southeast as well. we could see and other rogue shower today later. there's a chill in the air this morning with low humidity, pleasant. 55 in waldorf, 58 in culpeper. in arlington, 58. lees summit today, the highs around 70. 10 degrees below average. warming up by the weekend swimming pool weather, and 80's with a return to humidity. now to lisa. >>
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pretty good shape as far as 270. the beltway in montgomery county is moving nicely, even where they change the traffic pattern if on the inner loop at montgomery boulevard. 28 is closed, dickerson maryland. an accident happens in the 1:00 hour. the detour is near monocracy road 20. aid is not a viable option. what is working is not only 270 but 495 across the american legion bridge. 95 in and out of baltimore in good shape. no worries from park police on the b-w parkway. our friends in the district are welcoming you on york avenue, kenilworth avenue, route 1 rhode island ave. that's all in good shape. back to you. >> thank you. the diamond jubilee continues this morning to celebrate in london. >> a star-studded concert last night paid tribute to queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne.
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♪>> ♪ still standing after all this time ♪ >> the occasion was tempered by news that prince philip was hospitalized with a bladder infection. after the concert, the queen lit a beacon and fireworks lit up the sky. around 10:30 this morning we will air a brief special report as the queen marks the end of the jubilee festivities. night you can watch the concert hosted by katie perry, starting at 9:00 on abc 7. >> that was not a real diamond was it? >> it may have been. i would like to think not. they have quite a display in london. it is 56 degrees in gaithersburg. >> we're learning about a maryland college student charged in a disturbing case. the prior warning about the man accused of killing his roommate and then eating his organs. >> the latest in a presidential
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. >> the melancholic student charged in a disturbing murder case. virginia tech waiting to happen. that is what morgan state police said about alexander kinyu. is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing his housemaid and eating his heart and part of his brain. investigators have not given a possible motive in the case. the -- killing his housemate.
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the fbi released this picture of the suspect in the morgan harrington murder case. her remains were found in virginia after a concert. >> former president bill clinton teamed up with president obama for a fundraiser in new york last night. tahman bradley has more on how clinton mourned donors about rival mitt romney. correct president obama tapped a big democratic gun to raise campaign cash and make the case for his reelection. speaking at three new york fund- raisers last night, bill clinton vowed that collecting republican mitt romney would be calamitous and sang president obama's praises. prexy set about to do what was necessary to prevent another financial collapse, to put a floor under the recession, and to begin to create jobs again.
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>> this comes on the heels of a weak may jobs report of. the polls show the president and romney neck-and-neck with romney's favorability ruising. the president is trying to convince voters that romney pose economic plan was the same as the policy that brought the economy to the brink of. >> we're not going backwards. we're not going backwards, new york. we intend to go forward. romney continues to argue that president obama's policy is preventing the economy from recovering. it has made it harder for our economy to come back. >> a pivotal recall election in wisconsin today seen by many as a barometer of the november match up between obama and romney. voters will decide whether to oust republican governor scott walker who has attacked organized labor. the democratic challenger tom barrett has seen little backing
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from the democratic party. polls show the contest neck-and- neck. tahman bradley reporting. >> of laws are stored for massachusetts where man said that he suffered second-degree burns from the flames of a girl after reapply sunscreen. >> it was a spray on sunscreen. he said that after he put on the sunscreen, he walked over to his grill and then suddenly he was engulfed in flames and was burned on his chest, arms neck , and is backed. >> i went into complete panic mode. i have never experienced anything like that in my life. >> banana boat is very concerned and is launching an investigation. you can see more on good morning america starting at 7:00 a.m. right after "good morning washington." >> scary stuff. keep that in mind. it is growing season. we're seeing how far some fans
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will go to get some donald driver memorabilia. >> there was a charity game yesterday -- actually this weekend, on sunday, i believe. after woodawards, donald driver stayed around to sign autographs. he was throwing some memorabilia up to a young fan but there's a lady next to him holding a "dancing with the stars" mirrorball trophy who grabs the items from a little boy and takes off with it. donald driver later tweeted that he wants to make sure that the cleat gets to the little boy. >> if you would like to own a famous wig worn by jimmy john's son of nascar fame. but this was after he won the
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bidding race -- the big race in dover. " this has to be a bizarreone of the most bizarre in interviews. serve full wigs like that were worn in the celebration afterwards. carr was painted the color is of an upcoming movie with chris rock. he will give them away to some of his twitter file worse. >> that's fun. it has the nascar logo on it. >> the big video game conference opens today. microsoft making headlines for. >> paula faris has more. >> and other halo is on the way. halo 4 builds nicely on the earlier halo. halo >> in has a lot of jungle
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environment, it's more organic and the enemies are different. so that's a nice touch. >> it goes on sale in november november 6. also coming in the fall is microsoft xbox application that lets users stream ensure content across their phones, tablets and tv's. zune is going away and will be replaced by xbox music. electronic arts says older versions of "star wars will go on sale later this month. they hope that will cause more players to subscribe. have a great day. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we start with lisa baden to see how the roads are. >> i got nervous when i heard about a stalled car in woodbridge but everything is open if leaving the quantico marine base to get through dale city and up to the occoquan river bridge.
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good shape on 395 as well, all the way to the 14th street bridge and the potomac river. from there we go to adam caskey in the weather center. >> below average today. temperatures taking a dive. >> it is refreshing. >> it is good. some people are craving heat and humidity. >> really? >> yes they do like it. it will be back by the end of the weekend. people have been complaining because the poles have been opened. -- pools have been opened. >> here's a look at our rooftop camera. a few gaps in the clouds in the distance, so you get that red color on the horizon. sunrise at 5:44 a.m. we have light rain this morning not a big deal, showers pushing southward through calvert county and moving north to south clipping prince charles.
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moving to the south and southwest and crossing over the prince william line into fauquier county, north of bealeton and approaching catlett is a little sour. south -- is a little shower. with an upper level disturbance we have energy rotating around it. every once in awhile that energy drops into washington and causes the areas of light rain. notice how the rain is widely separated and not very heavy. that will be the case every day. a few spotty showers all the way through thursday. improvements by the weekend. temperatures right now in the '50s. procession, a chilean air relative to what we have experienced over the past couple weeks. 55 in gaithersburg, 59 in the district, 56 in hagerstown. a week ago it was 91 degrees.
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today we will be 71 for the high temperature, 10 degrees below average. 25% chance of rain later on today, tomorrow, and thursday. baby steps back into the upper 80s by sunday. let's go to lisa -- or back to listen a simpson. >> up next, we will to exports. steven strasburg herb, bryce harper, and more. the nationals have transformed into a contender for the major- league draft. >> was this couple scams out of their baby? >> a loss of the child, a trail. >> next "anderson."
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natalal flavors blended with i. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> second block for him. >>a foul.
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>> oklahoma city beat the spurs in san antonio in the western conference finals for. oklahoma city now leads the series 3-2. they can close it out with a win at home tomorrow night. >> the nationals with their status on the line at home against the mets tonight. the mets are drilling d.c. by half a game. >> the nationals continue to build for tomorrow if. in yesterday's draft, they selected high school pitcher lucas from california. an injury caused him to slip to no. 16. let's hope for the best. here is tim brant. >> hello. the redskins are back on the field this week. of the guys who has been getting a lot of attention is santana moss. broke his hand last year and never got back on track. he had only 46 catches.
5:28 am
was over 200 pounds. did not look as fast if. he has lost 15 pounds and has a pep back in his step and has taken a leadership role among the receivers. mike shanahan says this is the best the as ever seen santana. >> i came off the season injured. i have to bring them something new. that's the new me, coming in, in shape, doing all i can do. >> there's a look at sports. >> thanks so much. 5:28, 56 degrees this morning in annandale. news continues in two minutes. the legal process moving forward for penn state former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. will look ahead to the start of his child sex abuse trial. >> police in howard county believe they have possible methylamine in a local hotel. jummy olabanji with details on
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the story coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a little action on live super doppler 7.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a sleepless night for some hotel guests in howard county, maryland, after police found him at the lab inside a room, forcing the evacuation. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, june 5. i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. >> i am steve chenevey. we will start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey. >> there's light rain outside early this morning. not much happening on the radar screen, but we have a few light showers. let's look at live super doppler
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7. mainly lower southern maryland, calvert county, crossing into charles and st. mary's counties, areas of light rain pushing south. that's moving out of the region. meerkat let we have a light sprinkle moving southward as well -- in catlett. it is 54 degrees in leesburg, 55 in berkeley springs 52 in frostburg, 58 in remington, virginia. highs today around 70 degrees. upper 60's northwest of town with a slight chance of spotty showers later today. 20% or 30% chance of seeing that. now to lisa. >> i will take it from here. new this morning four men are behind bars right now accused of setting up a methylamine in their hotel room if. police say they made the bust last night in the holiday inn express in elk ridge, maryland.
5:33 am
jummy olabanji is there this morning with details. what is going on there? >> some of the crews have left the scene this morning since we arrived, but they are still investigating inside a hotel. now you can see behind us, all this unfolding in want was a fourth floor room of the hotel. police in howard county tell us after 10:30 last night someone in the hotel tipped them off saying they smelled something funny if in the hallway of the fourth floor. police were called and they busted a meth lab inside one of the hotel rooms. they have arrested four men police. say there were three men inside the hotel room at the time and a fourth man was on his way to the room when he was busted. but not released the identities of the men who were arrested. dea agents on the way to the hotel and they will conduct the investigation. some of the hotel guests on the
5:34 am
fourth floor of the hotel were asked to evacuate during the time and there were put in the lobby, as well as some guests staying on the floors above or below where they lacked was taking place. we are still waiting for more information from our county investigators. -- where the laboratory was taking place. >> thank you. we want to get to the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university because during selection begins today in the trial of a former assistant football coach jerry sandusky if. kendis gibson is falling all the details. he is live in a satellite center of. >> jury selection gets underway later this morning in pennsylvania. it is expected to last several days. there's a good reason for that. the jury pool is from the penn state area with many employees and fans right there. 68-year-old jerry sandusky has tried several times to delay the trial, but to no avail. he faces 52 counts of criminal
5:35 am
charges, accused of sexually molesting 10 boys over a 15 years. the judge ruled the boys will not be able to conceal their identities. they will come face-to-face with jerry sandusky over the next few weeks at the trial also. expected to take the stand is mike mcqueary, a former assistant football coach. he testified last december to seeing jerry sandusky sexually molesting a young boy in 2001 in the shower at penn state university. jerry sandusky's defense plans to paint him as just a grandfather who was so fascinated with helping the needy that he started a charity for kids. opening arguments getaway on monday. reporting live from the satellite center, kendis gibson. >> thank you. d.c. mayor vincent gray is expected to announce his picks for the city's new government ethics board. the washington post reports the mayor will nominate former d.c. attorney general robert -- to
5:36 am
head the board of ethics and government accountability. it will of thethe panel was created as part of an overhaul of city ethics rules. the d.c. council is expected to give final approval to the city's 2013 budget today. the $9.4 billion plan would extend our hours until 4:00 a.m. on selected nights and a double the number of traffic cameras. the cost of parking in metered spaces during high demand time will also increase. the council gave preliminary approval to the budget last month. >> it's 56 degrees outside on this tuesday morning 5:36. >> much more to come. your chance to witness a rare sight in the skies tonight. we have details on what the transit of venus is all about. >> ♪ is an she lovely ♪ >> some of the biggest names in music celebrating the queen's
5:37 am
60-year reign. we will have much more from last night's big jubilee concert. >> and we have
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>> hi, we are the animal ambassador team from orlando. we have pangolins and the bald eagle and the woodpecker. we would all like to say good morning, washington.
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>> 5:39, light rain on live super doppler 7 radar mainly in lower southern maryland calvert county near is county, if charles county getting clipped by widely separated sprinkles and points south across the potomac in the middle peninsula, falling apart near bealeton. 59 degrees right now in the district, 57 at dulles airport 59 in college park. refurbishing out there today. partly sunny conditions. -- it is refreshing out there today. high temperature near 70 degrees. upper 60's northwest of washington. have the umbrella handy later on today. stray showers possible although not very likely. same story all the way through thursday, chance of rain if. warming up into the upper 80s on the weekend. >> muddy creek road, a problem
5:41 am
with a utility pole. that is at dalesville. traffic leaving 270, moving nicely. you're looking at the beltway in montgomery county with no delays at new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. we will have more with newschopper 7 in a little while. now back to news. >> thank you. today is your chance to witness history in the skies. ifyou will have to wait another century for a repeat if you miss this. it involves the planet venus moving all the way across the sun. astronomers call it the transit of venus. the smithsonian's national air and space museum is one of several local spots where you can go to witness the event. it is expected to happen a little later today after 6:00 p.m. it is 5:41 might now. it's a little chilly outside, 43 degrees in hindsville. >> grab a jacket.
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if you are looking for a career change, we will tell you how to turn your passion into a successful gig. tips on how to start a business. and find out the state
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> tuesday morning, 5:45. coming up in 15 minutes we will talk with the police officer who made one of the most famous arrests in u.s. history. >> also, what you and your kids will not be seeing any longer on disney television shows. >> and we will go live to london where the queen's diamond jubilee celebration is in. full in the bigger events happening right now. and we will hear from the queen a little later today. >> 7 is on your side with morning with increasing opposition to new york city mayor michael bloomberg's
5:46 am
proposal to ban oversize drinks. bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces in the city's restaurants, food trucks, movie theaters, sporting arenas and delis. 53% of new yorkers think it's a bad idea. 42% say it's a good health policy. in london is the diamond jubilee continuing. we will pick inside st. paul's cathedral right now where they are getting ready for the national service of thanksgiving. the spectacular concert held last night outside a queens resident at buckingham palace to celebrate the queen's 60 years on the throne. >> ♪ she's still standing after all this time ♪ >> that was elton john, one of the performers along with paul mccartney. the queen's has been principal was hospitalized with a bladder infection. he will stay in the hospital today. these 91.
5:47 am
after the concert, the queen let the commemorative beacon. and the fireworks lit up the sky. in case you missed it, the queen addressed the nation which does not happen often. that will be on the queen's royal youtube channel. >> i like the idea of the beacon been a diamond. maybe that's. 1 million that's if you are dreading another workday, now might be the time to turn your passion into a paycheck. it's not that difficult to start your own small business. it does not have to cost a fortune if. autria godfrey recently got some tips. >> tory johnson is coming to the d.c. area with tips on what you need to know to turn your passion to a profit. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get started.
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the idea of trying to start your own business can seem like a daunting task. what are the basic rules people need to know? >> don't get overwhelmed. just focus on a couple of specific things if. and you want to sell and to whom? that clarity will take you forward. how much can you charge and how much money can you make? instead of just saying let's see where this goes, no, you have to know your numbers. and what is your hustle? your hustle is all about the marketing and sales strategies that will help you get to your target market and help you make those initial sales. that is going to really be the basis of your business success. can you sell what it is you are looking to offer? >> you say that you don't need millions of dollars to get started. you don't need a master's degree. the average person can be successful at this. >> you really can. i dropped out of college to
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start my businesses. i built two very successful companies. people that i work with are ordinary people who want to get started right now. they have to use what they have to get what they want. that often means they don't have a credit to get a bank loan if or don't have access to capital and other ways. want to get moving right now if. i say forgettingt about writing a 40-page business plan. instead focus on how can i make my first sale and how quickly can i make it? you can use the money from your initial sales to help fund the future growth of your business. >> that was stored johnson. will be in the d.c. area. and it's for joining us today. >> thanks for. having for >> door johnson will be moderating today is spark and puzzle event happening at the waterford at springfield. other speakers include the founders of georgetown cupcake and supernanny.
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>> it's all on our website >> job cuts looming for verizon workers. and affirmative action violations at a nine-year high. >> linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. the obama administration has cited federal contractors in 2011 for the large number of affirmative action violations in nine years. according to figures from the department of labor, it was driven by a surge in violations designed to help veterans. and people with veterans contractors cited for shortfalls include hewlett-packard, fedex and a technology company owned by lockheed martin. today there's a senate subcommittee looking at whether the labor department is doing enough to make sure contractors are falling the following altaffirmative-action laws.
5:51 am
horizon workers, if they don't take a buyout, the company has warned the move will result in 600 layoffs. and we are watching finance ministers from the central bank governors from the g-7 holding a conference call to discuss the european debt crisis. stock-index futures ahead of that indicating a slightly lower open. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's check in with adam caskey. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> a little damp outside in southern maryland, a few sprinkles. unsettled weather pattern. if you spotted showers daily through thursday. then we will warm up. >> really? >> it will be refreshing. you can have your windows open most of this week. back to the air-conditioning on the weekend. it will not be intense heat.
5:52 am
let's look at our rooftop camera. the sun has risen and there's a cloud sunrise over the nation's capital. a good amount of clouds. here's live super doppler 7. one sprinkle approaching la plata, from waldorf down to la plata if. and in calvert county we have had light rain on going through the nighttime and early morning if. widely separated light showers. and south of highway 3, in parts of virginia, crossing the northern neck. no more showers in pennsylvania. later on today we could see one or two showers pass through our region as well. 20% to 30% chance later on today. we have this upper level disturbance, this big rotation? in the upper levels of the atmosphere. there is energy wrapping around the globe. every once in awhile it dips down into washington and increases are clouds and gives us isolated light showers from
5:53 am
time to time. we expect sunshine today, a mixture of sun and clouds later this morning into the midday. 55 reynaud in manchester and cumberland. a good morning to go for a job. temperatures in the 50's, low humidity. -- go for a jog. 61 degrees along the water in annapolis, 59 in the district. cumberland will reach about 68. 10 degrees below average. seven the one locally. 72 in fredericksburg this afternoon? . partly sunny conditions, temperatures will be 10 degrees below average. close to 90 by sunday. with that will be a return of the humidity. what's on the roads? it's not much. normal volume of traffic to. we are not complaining. dickerson, maryland 20 is open your dickerson market where there was an overnight accident. now everything is gone. we will take you live.
5:54 am
first we will go to virginia. the complicated on 95, 66, and across the roosevelt bridge. next in maryland, often a pretty good run on the beltway between fedex field and andrews air force base, and here we are live in montgomery county on the beltway moving nicely and university boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. fog and clouds 54,57 degrees in bladensburg. >> abc has decided whether to renew its own soap opera. stay tuned to find
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" there's good news for fans of the soap opera "general hospital." it has been renewed. ratings are going up and the show leaves the way with 23 daytime emmy nominations. we have much more to come in the next hour. >> still to come, police find a medical lab inside a hotel room in maryland. our live on the scene with details of the late-night discovery if. >> and lisa baden coming back with an update on the roads.
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>> police bust a meth lab that was operating out of a local hotel room. >> and prosecutorsa football coach that prosecutors say sexually molested young boys will go on trial. >> and celebrating 60 years of queen elizabeth terrai's reign. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. tuesday june 5. a little wet stuff


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