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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> good afternoon to you and thank of joining us. a spectacular celebration fit for a queen in london -- today is the final day of queen elizabeth ii diamond jubilee and people filled the streets of london for celebrations which
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included a parade, a fed is giving service and the queens appearance on a balcony at buckingham palace. >> it was fun to watch all day long. the queen is expected to speak from the balcony at buckingham palace at the top of the hour. she rarely makes public addresses. you can imagine that many people will be watching that as well as the men watching the celebration that wrapped up today. queen elizabeth ii looked genuinely pleased as she waved to the hundreds of thousands who gathered outside buckingham palace this midday. the celebration is the fourth day of commemoration marking her sixth decade on the throne. it was a whirlwind of a day. the royal family including the prince of wales, prince william and his wife catherine first appeared at st. peter's cathedral this morning for church services. noticeably missing was her husband of more than 60 years
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prince philip. he was hospitalized yesterday for a bladder infection. the royals did not let that or a slight drizzle dampened the celebration. the royal family boarded open- air carriages and with millions of people lining the streets of the capital they made their way around the city first to a luncheon with 700, many representing british charities. the royal family and gathered at the balcony as they fly over had the colors of the british flag and the sounds of "god save the queen"brought to merrymaking to when and. prince philip is doing a little bit better according to his youngest son visited him a little bit earlier this morning. he is expected out of the hospital in a few days. , just in time for his 91st birthday. the queen's speech at the top of the hour -- >> it was quite a show last
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night in london. a concert starring sir paul mccartney, sir elton john, and stevie wonder celebrating quinellas of a possible raid. u.s. and the highlights but tonight you will see the concert in its entirety at 9:00 tonight right here on abc 7. also this afternoon, it is feeling more like spring and summer. temperatures are below normal for this tuesday afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun along with a cooler temperatures and a chance of showers will be back later in the week and adam caskey is here with a look at the first forecast them up even later today, we could see erode shower or two. this is still the daily rain chances which are light in major today through thursday. it is a delightful tuesday afternoon. according to the weatherbug network, 65 degrees in chevy chase and a little bit cooler in the west. it is still in the upper 50's.
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hourly forecast looks like this. 71 for the high temperature. outlying areas will only make it to the upper 60's and may be an isolated showers. the real heat is off to the west and down to the deep south. look at rapid city, 91 degrees. 93 in dallas and in terms of storms along the gulf coast, there could be severe thunderstorms from atlanta at to jacksonville. no airport delays at this time. >> five men under arrest after a math lab was found in a howard county hotel. the danger is that was found late last night in a room at the holiday inn express on marshall lee drive in elkridge. we have more on what happened when police came to into the scene. >> people staying at this holiday inn express and marshall lee drive in elkridge woke up to police cars. >> they said we had a hazmat
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issue. >> this man was staying on the fourth floor. howard county police say several men or operating a meth lab. howard county police said they got an anonymous call around 10:00 very last night from someone complaining of a strong honor cut -- overcoming from the fourth floor. police knocked on one of the doors and found three men inside making meth. those men were arrested along with two other men nearby. >> i was actually going out to get something to eat and i seen some cop cars drive by. and then i seen the fire truck go by. >> police and hazmat cruz evacuated hotel guests. they're not allowed to go back to their rooms for several hours. many told us they were worried about the possibility of an explosion that i am a little bit appalled about this than i was on the second floor of the hotel
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and they had no idea what was going on above them until this morning when they turned on the television. >> they mentioned holiday inn express and it was pretty shocking. >> they said nothing, have a nice day. >> the five men are from out of state and were passing for maryland for work. they say they believe the man could not could meth locally so they decided to make it by themselves in their hotel room. police also found heroin and a handgun. this investigation is ongoing. >> thank you. investigators in dickerson maryland are looking into a deadly crash that happened about 1:00 this morning on route 28. one person reportedly died after being trapped in a burning car. their identity has not been released on the cause of the crash remains under investigation. the quiet in an arlington neighborhood is shattered by ains.
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we were on the scene of the crime this morning on 10th street and george mason drive. four cars are broken into, the windows smashed, the air bags were taken from the cars. the vehicles were hondas and police are looking for the suspects. the trial of the former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is now under way. he arrived at the courthouse in pennsylvania this morning. he is accused of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. some of the alleged abuse happened on the penn state campus and also at his home. jury selection is now under way. >> all want to try to make sure that mr. sandusky gets acquitted and gets a fair jury to hear his side -- both sides of this case. >> legal experts say the case against him will hinge on the credibility of his accusers. sandusky has denied any wrongdoing. >>a major confrontation is unfolding in the district over a
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tenant who was about to be evicted. a court ruling says dawn butler must live in ne county has been living in since 2006. protesters chained themselves to the front door of your house and got into shoving matche with u.s. marshals. a public meeting is septuplet take place in alexandria over a proposal to widen rte. 1. federal, state, and local leaders want to extend the road but some residents are upset because the road expansion with threaten properties including historic land which once belonged to george washington and the woodlawn horse stables. the meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at hayfield high school in alexandria. we have more to come on abc 7 news at noon including a crucial vote in the midwest. see why people are headed to the polls to get their governor out of office. also, cuddling with your other
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half may be good for your health. we have the results of a new study. part of the country wishes they had temperatures and the 70's because it is still snowing. we will show you where this is coming up next
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>> we are following break-in news -- a bicyclist has been struck by a vehicle of the gw parkway. this happened is just south of memorial circle. the bicyclist, an adult male, has been hospitalized with non- life-threatening injuries. police tell us the driver remained there at the scene and there is no word on whether any charges will be filed.
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we turn to a different type of election day in wisconsin. the possible recall of the governor which could have national implications. republican scott walker is only the third governor to face recalled from office. his conservative agenda comes down to what the people of wisconsin decide today. >> it is decision day and wisconsin. voters there are heading to the polls to determine if there republican governor, scott walker will be the third governor in u.s. history to be recalled out of office. the recall but caps a contentious 17 months in office for him. he fired teachers and state workers when his successful is stripped away their bargaining rights in order to balance the state budget. >> we took on the powerful special interest. >> $60 million have been spent
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on a recall campaign, most of it from outside the state. independent conservative groups pump in cash for walker and unions put their weight behind a democrat milwaukee mayor tom barrett b. hedges given to walker. >> most of them will be happy to have the election over. >> wisconsin as a presidential battleground. but polls show very few undecided voters. the electorate for the november presidential election could be just as hyper-polarized. presidents obama rates campaign cash last night with bill clinton. the former president said a mitt romney presidency would be calamitous for the u.s.. >> his plan is to go back to the bush program. except on steroids. cut out everything that helps
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middle-class people. >> president obama has the edge and risk -- wisconsin but the mitt romney campaign says a. scott walker win could put the state in play it. >> it may be june 5 but it is still snowing in parts of the country. this is in sierra, california where a couple of inches of snow fell last night. that is probate's no system lingering over that part of the state. temperatures fell below freezing overnight but it was still warm enough to keep the roads clear. space lovers are getting ready for a once-in-a-lifetime event. later today, the nest will cross the face of the sun. the last venous transit happened in 2004 and after today, it will not happen again until 2117. the event will begin at 6:00 this evening. you should not stared directly at the sun to see this. there are several locations around town where you can see this through filters. >> yes, you look at a reflection
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of it. not a direct reflection but a select a theme that is safer? >> a lot safer. the next date is 211771 to see it, now is your time. >>we've got significant cloud cover overhead. that may affected by this cloud cover could fade away later in the afternoon and evening. i still think we will have a good amount of clouds at that time. here's a look at the sunrise this morning and cloud cover. there were some brakes on a cloud off near the horizon and as we get toward the late morning, more clearing. there's a good amount of sunshine out there. just some patchy clouds. even with our roof camera, when the water is extra dark brown you can see that we have had extra rain.
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one will sprinkle to the west which is not a big deal but mainly midlevel cloud cover but we could see a few sprinkles west of 81 this midday and maybe later today could be a passing shower later this afternoon and evening. that will be few and far between. we are at 65 in the district and 63 in manassas, a little cooler out to the west. cumberland is 59 degrees. 67 and lexington park and 65 in annapolis. the highs will be around 70 today but we will be in the upper 60's northwest of washington. notice the 20-30% chance of rain later today of it is few and far between in terms of rain showers today through thursday. we have that chance every day but it will be limited. here is the big bopper level low pressure system that has been affecting our weather. the big upper level disturbance
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has counterclockwise rotation. the energy circle way -- circulating around it so periodically, that energy dips into washington triggering a few showers especially along the western shore of the day. -- the abbay. this afternoon, we're about 10 degrees below average in tomorrow morning we will start the day comfortably cool for this time of year. the low humidity is refreshing and you can keep the windows open again tomorrow. and there is a chance of a late day shower. we will have back to cool weather by the weekend and we will add some added humidity by sunday as we get near 90. is your source for all weather information and a good blog on the venus transit. >> we have some good news about how cuddling with your
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significant other. sharing a bed could actually be better for your health than sleeping alone. couples to snuggle up are more secure and have lower stress levels and are less anxious. nearly one in four couples sleep in separate bedrooms, though. disney is taking states that it hopes will make kids eat healthier. the company leaders say kids will see fewer junk food ads airing on its tv, radio and website. disney and michelle obama unveiled plans at the newseum this morning. all food and drink advertised on the disney channel will have to meet the company's standards to limit calories and reduce saturated fat and sugar. coming up next, a man's simple plan to protect itself from sunburn ended up with a much bigger problem. we'll show you what happened to his son screen as it caught fire. later -- >> was this couple scam out of their baby? >>
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>> we continue with concerns over sun screen as the summer tanning season begins. massachusetts man says he was badly burned after his son's green caught fire. rob nelson explains what happened. some of the images might be difficult to look at them of these graphic photos show where this man's skin was burned by flames from his girl after he says his son's green caught fire. >> i went into complete panic mode and screamed. i have never experienced anything like that in my life. >> you can see his skin appears or read in the areas where he applied some block. he suffered second-degree burns on his chest year, and back and
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he claims he applied this brand of banana boat sun screen right before he walked over to the grill not knowing it is still flammable. >> people were told this or flammable, people would not use the. >> the ceo of the burn prevention network believes that sunscreen may not have fully absorbed into his skin and the drop was from the aerosol spray may have still been in the air. >> as he approached the flame on the charcoal, it simply caught the vapor and it follows the vapor trail to his body. >> in a statement provided to abc news, banana boat said it was sorry to hear about his experience and said we are aware that as for the man, he says he does not plan to sue but is sharing the photos with others because
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it wants to make sure no one else gets burned after the use sunscreen. >> i had no idea and it was scary and i would not want to see it happen to anyone else. >> in entertainment news, fans of the late whitney houston can hear the final song recorded by the music icon. the track "celebrate" being released on itunes. she recorded it with jordin sparks. still ahead, anna caskey is back with a final look at the weather. [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn.
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verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest.
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>> a big fund-raiser in prince george's county and it couldn't be prettier day. the crime solvers and it is holding its annual fund-raising golf tournament day. steve chenevy is out there. he took good day off and all proceeds from the tournament go
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directly to the crime solvers program. it pays for records on tips on crimes across the country. i'm sure they are creating some cloud cover. >> it's in the hall. hole. it is nice to have a little avail of cloud cover when you're out in the sun. it is not too hot that's nice, but by the weekend, for all of you looking for a cool weather, it will be back by sunday, back up to 90 degrees with increased heat and humidity. in the 70's through thursday with a slight daily rain chances. they will be few and far between. the colony -- the pollen count is not much of an issue. grass is barely a moderate category. >> thanks much for joining us this midday and we will see back here for "good morning washington"at 4:00 the
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