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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in wisconsin, how it could impact the presidential race this fall. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, june 6. time to get the day started. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. this time, let's begin with lisa baden. >> we thought we would go to newschopper 7, because they have a good picture. delays are typical southbound on 270 coming out of frederick and montgomery county. lane divide, it looks pretty good. the complicated in the hov lanes where everybody mergers together to 495. traffic headed toward us is southbound. at the decision point of the mormon temple or the american legion bridge. now to adam caskey in the weather center. >> we have a few areas of light
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rain out there early this morning. we have a great face a picture from my friend donna in prince frederick. -- facebook picture. i will share that later on. right now in culpeper, lights sprinkles, even in the shenandoah valley. that will be the case through the day. if a few sprinkles herein there, especially west of washington. 59 and now and the district, 49 in martinsburg, 46 in gaithersburg. a crisp start to the day. leave the windows open. mid 70's with low humidity. >> metro's green line is back on this morning. as i did was a different story after a man was shot and killed outside the southern avenue station in prince george's county. that's where brianne carter is this morning with the latest update. >> good morning. this is still an active investigation. authorities tell us it will take time to determine what led to the shooting the left one man
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dead. service has resumed at this station. it was shut down temporarily last night for a little while as authorities were here. they got the call around 9:30 last night. that's when they say suspect came out and opened fire killing a man who was sitting inside a bus bay, a man in his 40's. suspect that authorities are looking for is a black man in his 20s, last seen wearing a black hoodie and jeans with a full beard. the station was open and it is believed there were witnesses w ho may have information about this. they're asking those individuals to contact police if they do have any more information. this morning the station is back open. service has resumed. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> there was a violent confrontation as protestors tried to stop a northeast d.c. woman from losing our home.
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u.s. marshals drove protesters from dawn butler's home. butler said she had a deal to buy the home but the bank would not allow it. she says she will keep fighting eviction of. >> workers on the way to clean up a fuel spill at d.c.'s fish market on maine avenue southwest estimate after an empty barge broke away from the water. between 100 gallons and 500 gallons of fuel spilled into the water when the fuel tank ruptured. >> a woman and young child are dead and another child is in the hospital after a crash on a fairfax city road. jummy olabanji is live along the highway and germantown road to tell us exactly what happened out there. >> what happened is what fairfax city police are calling the worst crash so far of this year. i will step out of the ways so you can see the orange spray paint in middle-of-the-road. that is where the cars came to rest.
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what we're hearing from police is that just after 11:00 last night a four-door honda civic was traveling east on the highway if when it sideswiped one car, broadsided a minivan then hit the media before coming to rest in the middle of the road. the woman behind the wheel of the honda civic was pronounced dead on the scene. the 8-year-old and the 6-year- old were both passengers of the honda civic. the 6-year-old is in surgery but the other child died. >> it was a horrific scene to even drive past, let alone actually see it happen. the memory will never fade. >> that gentleman is a vdot contractor who was working just one street over and heard the loud noise and came over here and saw the crash. the man who was behind the wheel of the minivan was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he is expected to be ok.
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police have not identified the victims of the crash. reporting live in fairfax, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> now to politics. republicans are celebrating a big victory this morning in vote 2012. wisconsin governor scott walker will stay in office. he won a recall election with 53% of the vote. democrats and union members tried to throw him out of office because of restricting collective bargaining for state employees. we will have analysis coming up a little later this morning. >> 56 degrees outside. >> still to come, a diploma may look nice on the wall, but is it really necessary to get a promotion? what an expert has to set. >> surprising details in the penn state sexual abuse case coming out before the jury is even seated. >> lisa baden has another check of your wednesday morning commute. you might have some
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>> hi, my name is brian. i'm here with the capmac cup. -- capmac truck. after you watch "good morning washington," come down and check out our macaroni and cheese. >> you can go to the ronald reagan building today for lunch. >> award winning singer gladys knight kicking off a free summer concert series. she will take the stage between noon and 1:30 today. other performers are scheduled
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at the same time monday through thursday until august 2. >> that's a fantastic opportunity to be outside. i played golf yesterday for a good cause. i was invited by the great folks at prince george's county crime solvers to take part in the fund-raising golf tournament in glenn dale. approaall proceeds go to people who give tips to police. please support their golf tournament. thanks to the prince george county police department and crime stoppers. >> crime stoppers does great work and you looked good out there. >> thank you. >> today will be another good day to get out and enjoy the day. right, adam caskey? >> a tough assignment. twist my arm to take that one. let's look at live super doppler 7 radar. a few lights sprinkles a special
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in culpeper county and in parts of the shenandoah valley. and on the eastern shore along the bay to start the day. a good amount of sunshine in washington at 59 degrees. upper 40's in outlying areas. 75 this afternoon with low humidity, keep the windows open. near 90 by sunday with added humidity. the real heat is not in the northeast. 270 in syracuse, 57 in boston for the high temperature. -- 70 in syracuse. of passover, 99 later on today. a few thunderstorms from the great plains and northern plains, parts of kansas all the way into texas. in terms of airport delays, nothing to worry about. looks good all across the eastern half of the united states, so that looks good. now the latest on the roads with lisa baden.
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lisa? >> she is deep in thought trying to pull up the latest delays. my now it is 6:11, 56 degrees outside. >> of to a nice start. wait until you hear what a child was served when his mother ordered him and orange juice. >> and a d.c. council member went after a wtop reporter. >> experts say that you may not need an advanced degree to get ahead. well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> if you have a college degree
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or advanced degree, that's great. but it may not be necessary for some people. there are ways you can change careers and even make more money without getting a college degree. >> post secondary certificates can pay off. you would earn $240,000 more over the course of your career, on average. some certificate turner's actually make more than those with four-year degrees. i sat down with a research professor at georgetown university center on education and a workforce about the findings. we are dealing with difficult economic times, a lot of people trying to assess what they can do to make more money moving forward and perhaps going back to school is an option for some of them. >> most definitely. we know that people tend to go to school more often in economic hard times. we just released a report on certificates. you can get them faster and half of them take less than a year. we found they have a lot of bumping into earnings.
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high-school kids who gets certificates the block is 20% overall. there's a lot of variations. when you are out there, you should try to see which ones are better and which are not. what is very important is working in your field. when you go to a program tried to evaluate the school in terms of how well the price it. if you work in the field and you have a certificate, you get 37% more than just a high-school diploma. >> what are some fields where there is potential for earnings? >> health care is a big field. business services. i.t. but there are a lot of blue collar certificates as well. construction electrician machine operator, even transportation operator.
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>> when we talk about increased earnings, what kind of earnings over the course of a career? >> over the course of a career, probably go from making $30,000 per year from on high school person up to about $35,000 in general. but for a higher-paying fields, you can make $50,000 or $60,000 or in a high-paying information technology job you can make $70,000. >> for more informational the study, go to our web site, >> it's official, d.c. council has approved its $9.4 billion city budget. among other things, the plan would extend our hours to 4:00 a.m. on 19 nights during the year and double the number of traffic cameras in the city. it will also raise the price of parking in metered spaces during
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high demand time. the district estimates that could bring in an extra $3 million. trustees of the plans national slavery museum in fredericksburg has fallen on hard times and then have until tonight to prove to the judge that its plan to get out of bankruptcy will work. the museum of about $7 million to creditors when it filed for bankruptcy in september. the plan to reorganize the museum will soon be able to restart fund-raising, which is its only source of income. >> some facebook investors could be getting some money back. rob nelson has that and more from new york. >> good morning. will the fed come to the rescue? the fed could step in to stimulate the recovery after recent reports suggest the economy may be stalling. the wall street journal says just the possibility of fed action may reassure markets and employers. the nasdaq exchange today is expected to announce it will make up some of the losses from the facebook stock offering.
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there were technical glitches in the nasdaq system that delayed many traits. disney, our parent company, is banning junk food ads beginning in three years. first lady michelle obama calls it a gain changer in the war on childhood obesity. pop star justin bieber will use social media to promote a fragrance called girlfriend. it goes on sale later this month. his first one set all kinds of sale records last year. i am rob nelson. >> that will get so much money, just like jessica simpson getting money from her clothing and fragrances. endorsement deals. time to a check on traffic and weather for 10 minutes. >> we will start with lisa baden. good morning. >> we are hitting the highway and. we want to endorse that right now. looks good on 66, 95, normal volume. no problems on 270 70, typical slowdown between urbana to get
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into hyattsville. looks good in baltimore. good morning waldorf, normal on route 5 getting up to andrews air force base. i will pull up a picture. first, we will swing on over to 270 southbound at falls road looks great. nothing to report on 95 virginia. left side of the screen is northbound. that is a beautiful day. adam caskey. >> it is. i have been geeking out in the weather center with all these different pictures of the showers. >> and the sunrise. >> a beautiful sunrise. that's over the district. it is a beautiful picture. here's the weather camera at chesapeake beach, maryland. look across the bay on to the eastern shore. in the center of your screen is a heavy downpour falling close to st. michaels, maryland. here's another vantage point from my facebook friend, donna.
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thanks for posting this. a beautiful picture in prince frederick along the water overlooking the bay. not only can you see the rainfall and in that shower, but there is the sun coming up behind a rain. a gorgeous picture, thank you. you can see the raid are showing the rain on the eastern shore chesapeake beach right here prince frederick right here. both cameras looking across the bay at the showers. the radar shows the actual rain falling. interesting situation this morning. here's a look off to the west on doppler radar. lights sprinkles in the shenandoah valley especially around woodstock and strasbourg, virginia. near culpeper, light rain west and southwest of washington. that will be the case even into the midday and early afternoon if you like sprinkles and showers especially west and southwest of washington. the heaviest rain is in north carolina.
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still in an unsettled weather pattern. that means a chance of rain off and on through tomorrow. by friday into the weekend sunny and dry and warmer. hot by sunday. right now, on the cool side, 46 in gaithersburg with low humidity. 59 in the district, 54 in winchester, 50 degrees in hagerstown. keep the windows open all day long. low humidity, temperature of 75. that is seven degrees below average for this time of year with widely separated lights sprinkles and showers today. maybe a few rumbles of thunder tomorrow late in the day. the heat and humidity returns by the weekend. 90 degrees on sunday. back to you. >> thank you. that will be hot and sticky. >> 6:21 is the time. >> a love letter could soon be front and center in the penn state sex abuse trial. >> next "anderson" -- can hypnosis help you lose weight? a world-renowned hypnotist. >> you can eat whatever you want and lose weight.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> jury selection may be completed today in the trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. nine jurors were seated yesterday. the panel will consist of 12 jurors as well as four alternates. he is charged with sexually abusing 10 young boys over the course of 15 years. most of the victims are going to testify. he wrote love letters to one of his alleged accusers according to news reports. a mother says her 3-year-old son and drank alcohol during a memorial day weekend dinner cruise. her son began acting strangely as he drank orange juice. she discovered that it actually had vodka in it. she alerted the staff and got a very poor response. the boat's owner says they regret what happened and will refund your money. >> a south florida middle school
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student has to wear this pink sign in public. the sign reads "i don't listen to my mother and i hang with the wrong crowd." this was after sabrina was suspended from school three times for fighting and for leaving campus. >> this is to teach me a lesson to. >> i'm sending her to school to learn, not to go away with friends when she's supposed to be in school. smoking and following the wrong crowd. greg certification mother said that she was at her wit's end with constant suspensions and she hopes this punishment will have a more lasting effects. 6:25 right now. still another 30 minutes ahead. >> police tried to figure out what caused a late-night accident that killed a woman and an 8-year-old. >> and why a busy metro station was shut down overnight. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a few
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>> a terrible car crash killed a woman and eight-year old child. >> plus, why an election in the midwest could spell trouble for the president? it is wednesday morning, june 6. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne simpson. we will get started with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we have happy stories to tell about maryland traffic to andrews air force base, in and out of baltimore 270 just a typical volume out of a urbana. 95, north band out of woodbridge -- northbound, out of woodbridge, status quo just the heavy volume. we will keep an eye on chopper
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7, but let's go to the weather now. >> keeping an eye on doppler radar and our rooftop camera. you know i love the roof top camera around sunrise. beautiful blue skies over washington. but you go off to the west you have thicker clouds, especially the shenandoah valley with a few sprinkles and around culpeper county a few drops of rain. eastern shore, some heavier rains but not moving our way. warmer than yesterday but you can keep the windows open. you don't need the air conditioner. another refreshing day. a few isolated showers especially west of the district in the metro area. tomorrow, a little bit warmer but the real heat and humidity returns on the weekends. >> new this morning, a woman and an eight-year old child dead after their car crashed into a van at lehigh way and jermantown road in fairfax.
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jummy olabanji has the details. >> just a horrible scene the crash team investigators left just after 4:00 this morning but you can see the orange markings where the tire tracks were, where investigators say the car ended up. we are told by fairfax city police it was just after 11:00 p.m. last night that they were out here for this accident. they say a four-door honda civic was traveling east on lee hi way when whoever was tried -- driving, sideswiped a car and brought cited another before hitting the median. two children in the car were taken to hospital and one of the children has passed away and a six-year old was taken in for surgery. we talked to a man who was a witness who got to the scene just moments after. he described the horrific scene.
6:32 am
>> i heard the loud noise and saw the paramedics coming and when we came here it was just two cars in a complete shambles. you cannot even tell it was a minivan or a sedan. crushed, just both of them were crushed. >> that gentleman said he could see pieces of the car nearly a half mile down lee highway. you heard him say, this is one of the worst days he ever saw. fairfax city police calling this the worst accident so far in 2012. the man behind the wheel of the minivan was taken to hospital with serious injuries but police say he is expected to survive. the investigation continues. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> and 16-year-old from louthan county is in juvenile detention accused of trying to sexually assaulting a young girls. investigators said he tried to grab a 12-year-old and a 14-
6:33 am
year-old as they were walking to school. another teenager saw to happen and chased the suspect away. the girls were not injured. despite facing a federal investigation into possible corruption, d.c. council chair kwame brown says he has no intention of resigning. but he may be looking for a deal with prosecutors, though. questions about the investigation appeared to calls brown to get pretty upset, so much so he pushed abc 7 reporter mark segraves. he later apologized. >> plans to widen a major highway in fairfax county. there was a public meeting to widen route 1 in alexandria area. they are trying to find a way to completed without harming a historic home, cemetery, an unstable ones on by george washington. -- once owned by george
6:34 am
washington. >> deadly shooting at a metro station. the green line running normally just an hour after a man was killed after the seventh avenue station. >> things looked normal here this morning but a difference in just hours ago. police were out here trying to investigate, trying to figure out what happened that left one man dead inside one of these bus bays. a violent night outside a metro station after authorities say the man inside the bus bay was shot and killed. according to officials the violence erupted at around 9:30 p.m. last night at the sothern avenue station. >> there may be witnesses and we encourage anyone to call metro transit police. >> after the shooting the suspect ran through the station but it is not clear whether he got on the train. service was suspended in the
6:35 am
station for hours. police have released a description of a suspect. they believe he is a man and his 20's, m male they believe was wearing a black hoodie and jeans and a full. . they are asking for anyone with information to please contact police. >> 67 degrees outside. >> we will talk about the votes counted and the big winner in wisconsin recall election. what does it mean for the fall presidential race? >> also, where you can see an olympic-style torch relay in our backyard. >> plus, traffic and weather every 10 minutes and we will check in with adam and lisa baden.
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>> the marilyn special olympics begin friday but today the celebration begins. annapolis police officers will escort the court -- torch starting this afternoon. the special olympics kickoff june 8 at poulson university -- towson university. >> now time to get a check of the traffic and weather every 10
6:39 am
minutes. >> from my vantage point in calvert county sunshine but a few miles eastward across the bay, heavy showers. let's look at chesapeake beach live. eastern shore it even east of tilghman island -- watching that in real time. across the bay -- we see two showers on the eastern shore this morning and other areas west and south of the city this morning. i think most of the activity will remain in the morning west and south of washington. temperatures definitely on the cool side here for the sixth day of june. a week of temperature and gaithersburg -- couple of degrees warmer this afternoon high of about 75 this afternoon but just a chance of a few
6:40 am
showers across the region. we are still on track to see a major warm-up by the weekend. 30% chance of showers west of town and south of the city today and tomorrow and then clearing and warmer for the weekend. >> now let's find out what is happening on the roads. lisa, nice shades. >> i felt it appropriate since doug hill started off talking about sunshine and it does tend to cause delays eastbound heading into a restaurant, -- reston, passing the mormon temple. 395, the sun at your back. moving nicely at the pentagon. we will take you to another picture, that will be for maryland drivers. not too complicated on the beltway between 95 and georgia avenue, and pretty good along 270. >> 57 degrees.
6:41 am
>> coming up a sneak peek inside a brand-new casino that opens tonight in maryland. >> and we
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>> a huge election night for republicans. >> after more than a year of fierce fighting wisconsin that the governor survived his recall election challenge. >> wisconsin governor scott walker gets to keep his job. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that boulder is really do want leaders to stand up and make the tough decisions. >> voters decided to stick with
6:44 am
their republican governor rather than his democratic opponent milwaukee mayor tom barrett who despite his loss was happy to see so many involved. >> for those of you who care about the state which i love please please, please remain engaged, remain involved, because we will continue to fight for justice and fairness in this city and the state. >> democrats and labor unions tried to oust walkers after a push to strip public employee unions of bargaining right to balance the state budget and conservatives rallied behind him and pointed to the results. last year's $3.6 billion deficit, a state record, has turned into a slight budget surplus and it is all from cuts and no tax increases. the obama administration of downplaying suggestions that this race has implications for november postelection. >> a race where one side is outspending the other by a ratio of at least 8 to 1 probably will
6:45 am
not tell us much about a feature race. >> mitt romney buys a campaign believes walker's win could help put wisconsin of light but exit polls show wisconsin voters still favor the president over the presumptive nominee by more than 10 points. abc news, new york. >> a politico national political reporter is here with us with more on what this big republican victory means. we heard president obama in this story -- or the white house saying you cannot read much into this. but there is some reading. what are the takeaways, winners and losers? >> for republicans obviously this is a big message that they think they can compete in wisconsin in november. for scott walker, for the rnc potentially for mr. romney it really does open up a big opportunity. the democrats, it is tough. democrats did not get involved in this race adults were the very end. president obama was not particularly involved as well.
6:46 am
for obama's people they will say this is really not a referendum on his influence in the state. >> some wisconsin democrats a little upset that the president and the dnc did not step up. but the last republican to carry wisconsin was ronald reagan. does the kind of take away from the impact this might have on the national scene and november? >> it does. democrats already making the case it will not affect what happens in november. additionally wisconsin has been a strong democratic state. obama won it in 2008 so from their perspective it is not necessarily mean that walker's victory last night has any sort of the implications for november. >> looking at the national perspective, several primary races. what were the big takeaways? >> one of the big things we learned that in california they used the top two system for the first time rather than the party primaries, so that was a big accomplishment for california. we had a couple of incumbent
6:47 am
versus incumbent races in the state and the country as well, california and new jersey. >> thanks, emily. good to see you. other political news -- looks like mitt romney's private email was hacked. an amateur hacker was able to break into his hot mail accounts by correctly guessing the answer to a security camp -- question. but the romney campaign says they will ask that the person who broke into the account be prosecuted. take a look at this touching scene -- former first lady nancy reagan laying flowers at her husband's grave site in california. she is there to mark a eighth anniversary of the former president's death. he passed away in 2004 after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. >> current first lady michelle obama is out promoting her new book on gardening. sheikh appeared on the late show with david letterman -- letterman. fun facts about gardening. tongue-in-cheek headlines -- and
6:48 am
the last time -- their lifetime the average american will eat half a radish. and the largest zucchini ever grown contained eight starbucks. time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> good morning, doug. >> let us get you right to the. looking at the time lapse from one of the two rooftop cameras. high clouds moving. very pretty day. a little more sunshine than yesterday but still ever present chance of showers. much more in the way of sunshine north of the metro area. an update on the rain shower we have been watching of the eastern shore, live from chesapeake beach across the bay. pretty heavy downpours. breezy point, plum point, and chesapeake beach. if you -- a few showers west of
6:49 am
the area, where the action i think will be today. things will settle down later this afternoon and a persistent layer of low pressure from new england and heavy rain around the carolinas will stay to the south. 54 degrees recorded in winchester. all across the region, cooler than average. average high is 82. how high will we go? about 75. partly sunny, just a brief shower possible. maybe a sprinkle tonight. tomorrow, close to 80 degrees maybe a chance of thundershowers midday and afternoon hours. back in 10 minutes with a look at the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> let's check with lisa baden to get a look at the commute. see if we need the sun glasses. >> yes, we do.
6:50 am
he is in thing how one would get and i am asking how slow will it get. outer loop, 95 to georgia avenue, every day, slowing 270 southbound as we normally do, and 95 in virginia northbound under the word live, it delays often on through springfield. your turn. >> thanks, lisa. outside, just 56. quite comfortable. >> still to come, a check on the morning's top stories including a shooting outside a metro station. you are [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving. let me get you back.
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>> good wednesday morning to all of you. coming up, a disturbing -- disturbing new report raising serious concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines parents rely on to give the children healthy. our doctor is here with what every parent needs to know, next right here on "good morning america." >> a look at this morning's top stories -- a woman and her eight-year old child are dead after a car crash in fairfax city. police say it looks like the woman lost control, had another vehicle and that a highway median and lee highway and jermantown road. >> the green line is open this morning hours after a man was shot and killed at the southern
6:54 am
avenue station in prince george's county at a busy bay near the parking garage. the gunman as the one the loose. >> republican scott walker 153% of the vote and wisconsin's gubernatorial recall letson. democrats targeted him for support of a budget bill that restrictive union rights. experts say the wind could be a sign of trouble for democrats this fall. >> if you were staring at the sun yesterday evening he certainly was not alone. >> people from all over the washington area gathered at the air and space museum and watched as been is passed over the sun. the of that started at 6:00 p.m. and lasted until sunset. if you missed it, you are out of luck. the phenomenon will not be seen again for 105 years. >> there will be something else in the meantime. if you are looking for some fun tonight, perhaps into the gambling thing legally a brand-new casino in hanover in maryland the maryland live! casino and doors open tonight at
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10:00 for the first time for the public. the massive building with more than 3200 slot machines and of with a chronic table games and also big-name restaurants and of course the arundel mills mall is nearby, if you would rather spend your money there than leave it in the slots. it can be fun either way. another look at traffic and weather. the let's start off this time with lisa baden. >> taking a gamble hitting the road -- not too much fun with delays but no accidents reported 95 in maryland or virginia. belt way, just a typical slowdown. slowing of 50 at fair oaks. we will take you to the traffic center picture so you can get a glimpse of sunday traffic and moving nicely at the american legion bridge. adam caskey? >> a mixture of sun and clouds, sprinkles especially northwest of washington and west of town a few little late showers. semi's, keep the windows open
6:56 am
with low humidity. by the weekend, we really warm- up, back to the heat and humidity and near 94 saturday and sunday and specially noticing humidity sunday into monday. a live look at this hour we have been watching on the eastern shore. a good picture from the distance. chesapeake beach overlooking the bay. you consider renal eastern shore. i want to leave you with the gorgeous sunrise. look at that couple sunrise this morning. >> i think you just like the chesapeake beach shot, not for the showers but the boats in the foreground. the jealous of all the people in the boats at sunrise. >> he dreams about it. >> you are the king of time elapses, for sure. >> thank you so much for being with us this wednesday morning. it will do it for this edition of "good morning washington" but they do because "good morning america" is coming up next.
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