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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> we start with breaking news about the burgundy and gold. the washington redskins are moving their training camp to western virginia. where falling the breaking news right now. the redskins play in maryland. they call themselves the washington redskins. now they're moving their training camp to a new location in virginia.
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virginia gov. bob macdonald just confirmed the news a moment ago. he says the skins are currently looking for a new training camp site in richmond where they can start holding summer practice starting next year. this move may be surprising, but not totally unexpected. the team has spent the past several years holding camp in- burn -- in ashburn. they will keep their main business and headquarters there while the training camp will move south. this means more money for richmond and more money for the state of virginia. we talked with football fans about it. >> we have to go too far to seek training. i would not feel like they are a
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home team because they are so far away. >> it does not matter to me because i am never been to their training. >> as long as they win during the regular season, and it doesn't matter where the practice. >> on the telephone we have grant paulson the redskins beat reporter. why do you think they want to make the move to richmond? all right, we lost that interview with grant. but this is a huge to supplement for d.c. mayor vincent gray. he was hoping to have them relocate back to the district. we will be following this story throughout the day. we have much more coming up throughout the day. >> we will continue to follow that story throughout the day.
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we have new information about a perfect accent that happened in fairfax city last night. police identified both people on lee highway near germantown road. investigators say that dejan williams lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a minivan. she died in that crash along with her 8-year-old daughter faith. a contractor in the area said he heard the crash and says he will never forget what he saw. >> it was a terrific scene to even drive past, let alone actually see happen. that is in memory that will never fade. >> williams other daughter a six-year old, and the driver of the minivan are in the hospital in critical condition. they say that excessive speed was a factor in that accident. >> ray bradbury died in southern california last night. his literary work spans decades.
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he published more than 500 works, including novels, short stories, plays even television scripts. he was 91 years old. >> there has been an arrest in a deadly shooting at the seventh avenue metro station. police were called their about 90 p.m. last night. they found a man with a gunshot wound to the head. >> the collaboration that we received from metro tens of -- metro transit police department and residents in the area helped us with that investigation. >> the suspect has been identified as norman bonds. right now, please do not have a motive for the shooting nor did they know the relationship between them. >> montgomery county police are searching for a man who stabbed a woman several times this
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morning. it happened at the 100 block of bold cattle drive in gaithersburg. the woman says she does not know the man who stabbed her. after the attack, he took off on a red children's bicycle. if firefighters hurt while battling a public fire. it was at the 5600 block of regency park court. it spread upwards several floors and into the roof. it took about 45 minutes to extinguish the flames. several families were displaced. the cause remains under investigation. >> bradley manning is back in the courtroom in fort meade today where they hope to get 10 of the 22 charges against him dismissed. he is accused of leaking
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documents to wikileaks. >> today marks 68 years, the anniversary of d-day. veterans are marking the day. >> it has been an emotional day for many already here at the world war ii memorial. many from across the country have been here today. a schoolteacher here in virginia, and the wife of a member of the military, they wanted to remember the members of her home town. at the world war ii memorial this morning, a warm welcome for dozens of veterans marking this special day in the nation's capital.
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it was 68 years ago today when 160,000 american and allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy. >> the last two japanese ships of war ii. it was an experience. it was good. >> students from ashland elementary school joined the veterans. the made cards and letters for the and 75 who gave so much for their country. >> we're here to celebrate the day and welcome all the veterans who served us. thank you for serving your country and saving it. >> that group we caught up with while many of them are in their 80's and 90 paws, they said they were happy to come today.
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and it was emotional remembering those who will never be here to see the memorial. a network gives them free flights to be able to come here and see the memorial. >> a great moment. a great day to be here. >> a beautiful day today. hoping every june they could feel like that. low humidity, very comfortable. you can have the windows open again today and let fresh air circulate. let's take a look at the reader. a few spouses and sprinkles -- a few spritzes and sprinkles. a few showers this afternoon. >> a big vote today on the
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future of the dullest rail project -- the dulles rail project. loudoun county said that there would withhold funding if the deal was approved. >> hundreds of transcripts from the university of virginia students were recently accessible on line. a spokeswoman said that human error likely cause of that problem. about 300 themof them were on line, including social security numbers. they do not believe that anybody still the information but they are offering free credit screens. >> wisconsin facing a tough job of bringing the state back together. >> and a 9-year-old saves his mother's life -- her mother's life. >> also, a warning for parents. a new study finds that the
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vaccines given your children may not be doing what they're supposed to. >> natomas talking about it,
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>> he is only the third governor in history to face a reelection -- a recall election. >> and gov. scott walker will action get to keep his job. he faced tom barrett. >> it was a big night for scott walker and wisconsin republicans. the embattled governor scored a decisive victory in his recall election. and he gets to keep his job.
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>> tonight we tell wisconsin we tell our country, and we tell people across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> last year, the republican governor fired up teachers and state workers when he successfully strip away their bargaining rights in order to balance the state budget. the $3.6 billion budget deficit in 2011 was a state record. that is now a slight budget surplus and that is all from cuts, not tax increases. today, both parties are trying to send some national significance from last night's results. they say it is proof that going after the political establishment can be a winning formula. but the budget battles left wisconsin voters bitterly divided. walker acknowledges that bringing the stick together will take time. >> we wake up with people who care about the state of wisconsin. >> the governor has his work cut
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out for him. democrats are angry. tom barrett got slapped by one of his supporters. she was reportedly upset that the democratic candidate had defeated the race while people were still trying to vote. the romney campaign says that wisconsin is now in play and the obama campaign points out that the voters prefer the president over romney. >> jerry sandusky's trial started this morning. nine jurors were picked yesterday. a total of 12 jurors and four alternates are needed. sandusky is charged with more than 50 two counts of sexual abuse involving 10 voice over 15 years. >> we have to take a look at this one. it is not hard to figure out what is wrong with this picture. cholera police pulled over a woman during a seat belt enforcement campaign last week.
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they found this. a gas cans track into the car seat. next to it, you see the toddler with the seat belt across rollout. children under 6 years old are required to sit in a child seat while in a car. >> the forecast looks pretty good out there. >> filled grave. >> how often in washington can you open a window all day? >> in june? >> yes. we will take that. i think we like that. >> but it does not sound like it will last long. >> no, it will not last. this is probably one of my top 10 favorite time lapses. a very colorful sunrise. wait for the really cool clouds to start bubbling in the sky. here we go. we get a little bit of
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convention. you like that? some of those may turn into a brief little showers. otherwise, we will have areas of light rain. let's zoom in on some of these for you. a few light little sprinkles in woodstock. also marshall towards alsie that is a small shower that is now starting to fall apart. one little isolated downpours in st. mary's county. it is falling apart as it drifts south word along highway 5. it is still an unsettled weather pattern. we still have those daily ranges. some showers mixed in with some sunshine.
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tomorrow as well. a few rumbles of thunder tomorrow afternoon, i think. 72 degrees now in washington. 63 degrees in winchester, that shows you what a little bit of rain will do to your temperature. 75 degrees is the high today. this does it all. the dewpoint are down. this is a measure of how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. when we get to do points in the 40's, especially in june, we will take it. very comfortable outside. here is the doppler down to the south. look at this in carolina -- in north carolina. we will have some stray showers with temperatures in the 50's. then 90 degrees again by sunday. kindness of people are looking forward to that. it is good pool -- i know some
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people are looking for to that. it is good pool whether. -- it is good pool weather. >> when katie's mom fell downstairs and hit her head, kb acted quickly and called 911. she showed remarkable poise for someone her age. she received the 911 citizen lifesaver ward. congratulations to katie. >> coming up, some of the vaccines given to youngsters may not work properly. seven is on your site to find out why. >> coming up later -- >> can hypnosis' help you lose weight? >> you can eat whatever
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>> a warning for parents. a disturbing new report is raising concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines given to your kids. >> a study found that many were stored at the wrong temperatures or expired. >> nothing hurts a mother's heart more than two deliberately put her child through pain. juilliard at the -- juliet her child the pediatrician. a new disturbing government report shows children everywhere may be crying for nothing. the centers for disease control put the microscope on itself and was shocked when the inspector general found severe storage violations in the federal
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vaccine program. eyes on flu shot which shouldn't be frozen, and others that had been expired. >> temperatures were either too hot or too cool. >> 75% of the 45 doctors' offices and clinics inspected were storing vaccines improperly. poorly stored vaccines are not the the were harmful. but they can become ineffective. and that can lead children exposed to the diseases that these drugs are designed to protect them against. >> doctors need to be taken out to the woodshed on this. they need to look at their offices and see how other nurses are doing this. >> the cdc is vowing to improve the system with retraining and more oversight. as for what went wrong -- >> recycling refrigerators -- there are probably more vaccines now being stored in offices than there used to be. >> it is crucial for children to
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get their shots. but it is recommended asking your pediatrician direct questions about how the store the vaccines. >> in entertainment news actress miley cyrus is walking down the red carpet. but soon she will be walking down the aisle. she is engaged to william helms worth -- william hemsworth. we know that he gave her a 3.5 karat diamond.
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>> this based jumper flying into the record books. this is in russia. he set a new world record from a leave from what is known as the matterhorn of the himalayas. it is 21,000 feet up making his launch the highest ever. it took six days to climb the
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mountain. how long did it take to get down? 90 seconds. he wore the win a suit before deploying a parachute and landing safely. >>that is a lot of work for a 90-second freefall. >> yes, in the freezing cold. >> a good reason that you landed. >> we will warmup for the next few days. then we will be back up to 90- degree weather. we will keep an eye on the weekend forecast and latino if there are any tweaks and modifications for you. otherwise, scattered sprinkles today. >> we will see you back here for "good morning, washington" starting at 4:30 a.m.
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