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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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what to say about that. i have no plans to resign. >> the federal court released the document today, suggesting he admitted to bank fraud. kwame brown willfully devised a scheme and artifice to defraud industrial bank, falsified documents that overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars. all afternoon reporters camped outside his office, his staff locked the door and as a cat and mouse game for hours. things were worse for brown when the number to an authority said someone went into his office. >> we did speak on the phone. he told me if i could come see him as soon as i got back. >> do you think he is going to resign? >> i will find out. >> attorney fred cook arrived to see brown. he has represented many d.c. officials in trouble. many gathered in brown's conference room initially
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without brown and events moved quickly today. >> there is such uncertainty. what is going to happen and when is it going to happen? that is a step toward. >> according to court documents the troubles are around him are refinancing his house for a home equity loan to buy a boat. so brown is the second d.c. council member to go down this year. the situation with brown is a different. people were expecting him to be charged with campaign fraud and the work questions about irregularities. but this is a home loan that seems to have nothing to do directly with his job here at the wilson building. a lot of questions about that, nevertheless he is apparently pleading guilty to this bank fraud charge and i guess he will be one of those marching to the
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courthouse to appear before a judge. >> thank you. this is just the latest in a string of d.c. government issues. last week, the mayor's campaign officials pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice that lying to the fbi. we will continue to follow this story for you right here. >> our other big story of the day, the redskins are moving training camps to richmond. an excited gov. bob macdonald made the announcement today, but not everyone is excited about this move south. let's go live now to one of the possible practice locations. >> emphasis on possible because they're not telling us exactly where these training camps will be held. this is the old city stadium in richmond where the university of richmond used to play its football games. it is certainly in need of a little tlc. they have not told us where these training camps will be
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held. they said they have not even decided that. but they do know the redskins will be here for seven years starting next year. >> in richmond, the reaction is hail to the redskins. everyone we spoke to said they are thrilled that for three weeks each summer, this will be an nfl city. >> i think it's great. i love the redskins. >> gov. bob macdonald and the mayor of richmond made the announcement this afternoon. in exchange for $6 million of incentives from the state loudon county, and the city of richmond, the team will invest $30 million in its permanent facility and moved summer training camp to richmond for seven years starting next summer. >> they will be embraced by our citizens and it's going to expand their fan base. >> the site for the camp has yet to be determined but redskins officials did tour aging city
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stadium in march. this man says he would be very happy to have the team train here. >> i would love to have them here. i've been read to get all my life and i will still be a redskin. >> but in d.c., we found mixed reaction. some are happy, some are worried about when that lawsons. >> the redskins -- maryland, d.c., that's it. now richmond. >> the offensive line is the only thing i'm worried about. >> he just wants a good offensive line so he can get some wins. i asked the governor about those folks from northern virginia who will be disappointed because the team is moving and he stressed this is something the coach wanted to do to get the players away from home to concentrate on football. we will have more fan reaction coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. everyone is talking about this today.
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the question is why the move and what does that mean for the team? >> we have been talking about it here, let's check in with the latest. >> i don't think it's as big a story as everyone is talking about. hysterically, the training camps are moved to an outside location. the coaches get the players away from their routine and away from any distractions at home. almost all the camps held their camp away from home and now just over half the camps move away for the summer. for the redskins, this move is not new. >> >> moving training camps has been on the table for more than two years now. >> i enjoy a going away if you can get the right environment. you have to have the right facility. >> most teams old camp elsewhere
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as the redskins did until the daniel snyder area began. of all
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starting in the last week of july, the rookies have to be here, but let me repeat this for everyone listening. they're not moving their facility. they're just going away for summer camp. >> that makes it sound fund. >> its not. >> when you hear the words and redskins move, that gets everyone. >> they made $6 million. they're going to put the money into their facility in virginia. >> thank you for the perspective. >> where do you folks at home think the redskins' training camp should be? 44% of those voted say they should stay in aspirin. 39% said the redskins should train in the district. to go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. >> more on the train can move coming up tonight. fans in loudon county are reacting to the team not being
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around during the summer. >> speaking of summer, another below average weather day today. >> it was just gorgeous out there. here's a first check of your forecast. >> is going to get out by the weekend of that kind of cool. let's get started with a live look down the river. a couple of raindrops on the camera lens. the heavier showers are across portions of prince george's county and st. mary's county. a number of small heavy, slow- moving downpours will continue to advance se and eventually chesapeake bay. 72 in manassas. 72 in fredericksburg. the dew point temperatures are very low. still some isolated showers and partly sunny as we had a overnight. partly cloudy and cool and 61 by
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morning. we'll talk more about those summary days just around the corner. >> thank you very much. new developments tonight in a crash that killed a mother -- we learn that the mother was speeding and had a link the driving record. this happened about 11:00 last night. two people remain in hospital, including the woman's other child. let's go live to fairfax for the latest tonight. >> fairfax city police say a lot of people saw this accident and the speeding car and the motorist that cost it. in fact, a lot of people called police but there was little they could do to stop to people from being killed here last night. >> this is the woman i witnesses say was driving at an estimated 100 miles an hour when her car slammed into a mini van last night. the 27-year-old was driving eastbound when she struck a honda odyssey. >> apparently this one was
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traveling through northern virginia and there were several calls about her driving. they were saying a black car came through here and we did not get a good description of it. >> also in that car for her 5- year-old and 7-year-old daughters. she has a history of dangerous driving. she lived in this rural community outside winchester and her neighbors say she was a mother who was watched over children. they say her erratic driving last night is inconsistent with the woman who lives here. >> i have seen her drive out of here and come in. i've never seen her exceed any speed limit. >> she's young, it's a shame. it's a shame. >> the driver of the minivan is from woodbridge and he's also listed in critical condition
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tonight. >> thank you. a conviction today in a deadly drunk driving case in alexandria. and that wasn't guilty of manslaughter in the death of an 8-year-old who were walking on it -- who was on eighth street when the car jumped a curb and struck them both. police say the manhattan -- had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. he will be sentenced in august. >> coming up, an arrest is made just hours after a deadly shooting outside a metro stop. tonight, the search is on for a motive. >> a high chair recall that could affect thousands of children. >> a step ford ended jerry sandusky trial.
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>> the new developments to report tonight in the sex abuse trial of a jerry sandusky. a jury has been ceded to consider the 52 counts from 10 alleged victims. >> now we are learning more about love letters he allegedly sent to some of the boys. but go to the newsroom for the latest. >> here is where we stand with
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the jury. it's made up of seven women and five men. some of them have deep ties to the school. three current penn state employees and a student and a long time ticket holder. as for sandusky, he joked to members of the press today during a break saying what did you guys do to deserve me? how did you get stuck with this? just another indicator this trial could be a real spectacle. with the cameras snapping away, jerry sandusky gave a brief smile and his attorney a brief statement about confidence in the jury selection. they will certainly have plenty to consider when hearing from eight of his accusers. according to the attorney for one of them, he will present love letters from sandusky along with expensive gifts provided to the then underage boys -- golf clubs and football jerseys. >> it may be the only thing in his life that will be more difficult to handle other than the abuse he suffered at mr.
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sandusky's hands. >> the defense offered a preview of testimony as a violation of the gag order. the judge disagreed. it will certainly be a jury of peers. the first 40 questioned this morning, 10 work for penn state. eight have personally or have relatives have volunteered for his charity. 20 know someone on the witness list. the judge says they will trust them not to follow news reports of the trial. attorneys will have to trust taken separate sentiments from the school for the fact and judge only on the case before them. >> as a prosecutor, you want the jurors to strictly focus on the actions of jerry sandusky, not the actions of penn state. >> there's still aiming for this trial to start on monday and take about three weeks. it will be action packed. the prosecution because many as 50 witnesses and the defense may call 100, rate -- ranging from
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his wife to the family of the late, legendary joe paterno. >> tonight even flow is recalling about 35,000 of these high chairs. the trade can unexpectedly at -- unexpectedly detached. there have been eight reports of minor injuries. the shares were sold at toys r us and walmart. parents should contact even flow for a replacement rate. >> some good news for coffee drinkers to night. researchers say caffeine may hold the key to avoiding alzheimer's disease. older adults with minor memory impairment can reduce the risk of alzheimer's by drinking 3 cups of coffee a day. 10 million americans fall within one of three developmental stages of alzheimer's disease. >> a mysterious that has washed up along the beach in oregon. some people actually believe it
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may be from japan. this massive hunk of concrete and metal washed ashore yesterday with a commemoration plaque in japanese. a photograph says -- a photograph of the plate has been mailed to the japanese consulate in seattle. >> incredible. >> a concrete structure can float? literally across the ocean like that? >> i guess a through 15,000 feet of water it will stay buoyant enough. >> they need to find out where in japan it came from. >> they will be able to track it down with that plaque. >> most of the day just looked out the window and enjoy the clouds. let's start with a time lapse. it has been gorgeous throughout the day at the air is very dry. you see the flat bottoms of these cumulus clouds and watched them for manned dissipated fred verizon. just enough motion to trigger
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isolated showers and that's what we have in the area now. it's raining in arlington and other parts across the river into parts of northwest washington. if you move farther to the south and east, heavy rain developing across southern maryland. this seems to be the sweet spot this afternoon, just around waldorf. no lightning but heavy downpours and drifting south and east moving across charlotte hall into france -- into prince frederick. that pattern will continue for another hour or so and we will have a repeat performance tomorrow. things will settle down and the drive for the weekend. the air is very dry and it's a comfortable day. it just does not feel like june 6 at all. 73 in gaithersburg. 72 in fredericksburg.
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ochpartly cloudy and cool overnight with temperatures dropping off. look at this -- wheat, grass, mold, trees and dog dander -- all of the things that make you sneeze in the low range today. first time we have seen that in a while. look at this strip of warm air moving from the gulf coast up to the canadian border. that's on the leading edge of a new area of high pressure that will start, temperatures climbing around here. 58 in boston. 68 at la guardia. tomorrow, inching up closer to 80 degrees and then climbing toward the 90 degree mark as the weekend approaches. how a couple of areas of showers south of the mid-atlantic today. still seeing the circulation of facts off the coast of new england. that will draft of the picture and allow high pressure to build
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in. we will get the clearing skies and warm weather and once the high moves offshore, we will see the increasing humidity. showers, thunderstorms and tomorrow and beyond that, dryer warmer air into friday and the weekend. it 58 degrees in the morning. 74 at midday tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and dry, warm air. this has been a nice break in early june, but the warm air is just round the corner. >> that was amazing about the dog dabber level. so glad you are researching that. >> coming up, a miss u.s.a. contest and is tossing of her sash, saying the pageant is rigged. donald trump says she's a sore loser and he's taking action of his own.
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>> more d.c.'s the cameras are up and operational. look at where they are and how much the city is making on your speed. >> a fatal shooting at a metro station
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[ female announcer ] with xfinity you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework ♪ [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ ♪ ♪ >> prince george's police made a quick arrest last night at the
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southern avenue metro station. >> a man is behind bars accused in a murder. we have the story from the scene in temple hills. >> about 9:30 last night, a man walked up to the bus, pulled a gun and opened fire, killing another man. he then ran through the mattress station. the family of the victim is asking why. the brazen shooting went down and fairness of the world -- and from several people. witnesses provided vital info within hours. police had a suspect in custody, charging a 32-year-old with a rap sheet that reads like an opus. >> we have no motive at this time. >> the family of the man who was killed is reeling from what police told them. >> they told us someone shot and killed our son.
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>> all he did was work. he worked, came home, work, came home. >> last night, he chose a direction that ended in violence. >> the family is convinced he did not know bonds and the killing was random. >> he has no enemies nobody didn't like them. he was a good man. i can't imagine anybody wanting to hurt him. i just can't imagine it. >> he's charged with first- degree murder. the victim and his family hope to learn more about what transpired last night as the case against him proceeds. >> thank you. still ahead, today marks 68 years since the day. some world war two veterans traveled from all over the country to visit the memorial in honor of those who fought that
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day. but they were not alone. >> the redskins announced a big move that has f
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>> let's get back down to the story about the redskins moving to richmond. >> the team is moving its training camp from lubbock county to virginia's capital city. -- from loudon county to virginia's capital city. >> this news is not sitting well with businesses in this area are fans who like to come out here any chance they can get to see their favorite players up close and personal. redskins fans filed out of practice today at redskins park happy to have seen their favorite players. they were happy until we told them the team is moving its yearly summer training camp to richmond. >> what are we going to do?
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>> it is great for the die-hards down in that area. but for us folks up here, we will be going down there. >> i think we are being cheated as fans because we can't come to events like this >> if the fans are this upset, imagine how businesses feel about the move. >> we have banks coming in here. >> this man loans to businesses just around the corner of redskins park. >> it will have a great economic impact on the part of the area. >> they are real big. they take up the whole table. >> she says her customers love to come and see the players in the restaurant and summers will be lonely without them. >> everybody recommends us. go to manhattan. now they're not going to be
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doing that anymore. >> one more summer here at redskins park and it's off to richmond for the redskins. >> thank you. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following tonight. another political bombshell unfolding in the district. council chairman kwame brown may be just hours away from stepping down. this afternoon prosecutors charged with bank fraud, saying he lied about his income on a loan at the -- on a loan application. >> new details about a horrific accidents in fairfax city. a man was traveling -- a woman was traveling about 100 miles an hour and she was killed along with her five year-old daughter. her 7-year-old was critically hurt. >> a jury is seated for the jerry sandusky sexual abuse trial. the seven men and five women
5:33 pm
pit, many of them have ties to penn state. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. opening statements begin on monday. >> 68 years ago today, allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy in what is known as the day. world war two veterans from around the country visited the memorial in their honor welcomed by some young americans. >> those veterans were so excited by the welcome they got from the children. among the many veterans here today was an elderly couple that met during the war and got married, sharing the same anniversary of d-day. >> she was in the navy and i was in the marine corps. >> they met during the war and today, they came all the way from the ozarks in missouri to celebrate their wedding anniversary and the 68th anniversary of d-day. >> i will never forget it.
5:34 pm
>> it was june 6, 1944 when 150,000 allied troops lounge -- landed on the beaches of normandy. more than 9000 were killed or wounded. today, they were among some 150 world war two veterans flown here for free on honor flights to witness their memorial for the first time. students from the manassas school greeted them. >> i think it is important that they come to see the memorial. >> its a big honor to meet them because they serve our country. >> there are not many of us left. we are down to about five now. i've lost a lot of friends. >> it brings back memories. >> these people are heroes in some ways. >> it's a special anniversary. it's a chance to remember so
5:35 pm
many heroes who fought for our country. >> veterans told us again and again how proud they are that americans continue to remember their efforts in world war two. a specially on this very summer holiday anniversary. >> that's a good to hear. we would not be here today if it wasn't for them and what they did. thank you very much. an exclusive investigation by abc news uncovered a serious concerns about children vaccines. i spoke with diane sawyer about that and what else is coming up tonight on world news. i see that you're looking at vaccines and some that are being improperly stored? >> that's right. we have exclusive reporting about 75% of the vaccines in doctors' offices are improperly stored, raising the question do they actually work anymore? you will hear about what action we got today.
5:36 pm
>> everyone wants to know what's happening with sheryl crow and of the brain tumor she was diagnosed with. >> a lot of people have been asking us who in the family is most at risk for a kind of tumor and how do you know if you are feeling is a symptom of that very thing. we're going to tell everyone that tonight as well. >> thank you. you can watch those stories and more tonight on world news, right after abc seven news at 6:00. >> right now, it's time for a check on our traffic situation. >> as you travel 395 southbound, some delays from the pentagon. additional delays pass the fairfax county parkway and as you work your way through the triangle. in but emery county, a serious problem with a house fire working eastbound. -- in montgomery county, a serious problem.
5:37 pm
you will find fire equipment on the scene there, closing the roadway. that's between 28 and abroad would drive. on the inner loop of the beltway, as georgetown road 270 northbound is slow as you go through gaithersburg and germantown. back to you. >> thank you. still to come, housing aid for families who make six figures? we will tell you where that is a reality in one local area. >> it really changed my life. >> there's a reason these local students are happier and more confident than ever, and it's all because of tonight's harris 'hero. >> coming up, you'll see why millions of people have
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when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad t this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> for a group of hispanic crew -- hispanic students in virginia, there's a push for them to go on to college. a sponsor of the latin dance
5:41 pm
team and this year's national hispanic teacher of the year is tonight harris'heroes. once feeling shy and isolated, the students on the latin dance team have a new-found faith in themselves. a new feeling of belonging. >> it feels good to do this because i feel like i can represent who i really am. >> since i joined the team, i've grown confident and my self- esteem is better. >> the man who lifted up these students and took them on a path to happiness and college is a spanish teacher at dominion and the team's sponsor has the kids performing at other schools and colleges. >> when it comes to any type of form of teaching he's one of the most influential people in my life. >> he believes strongly in his students. >> one of them might make a cure
5:42 pm
for cancer, we never know. >> but now he might be forced to return to his native colombia. >> i have to go because of my visa. >> is a visiting teacher visa expires next month. >> no one wants to see him go. it's going to be really hard. >> there are efforts underway to find a new visa sponsor for him as he and the student pray for resolution. they will also continue to dance. they certainly can dance. the latin dance team recently beat out eight other teams from the d.c. area at the seventh annual latin dance competition. the men in one first place in the group division so congratulations. if you want to nominate someone to be a harris'hero just
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contact us at >> a contestant controversies swirling around the miss usa pageant. one contestant claims its text. newspeak cameras in the district
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>> it the district is adding more than two dozen new speed cameras. >> new numbers show the city is on pace to rate in nearly twice as much as it did last year off of those automated tickets. >> even some d.c. council members are admitting the city is balancing the budget on the back of drivers. >> you are kidding? >> that's one pc driver's reaction to how much the city has raked in from these cameras. at 2 $250 a pop, d.c. has issued more speed camera tickets this year than all of last year. >> i can't believe people are still speeding. >> in 2010 and 2011 combined, more than $100 million was
5:47 pm
collected from speed and red light cameras. so far this year, it has raked in $40 million. >> we are nickeling and diming our residents. >> he says revenue is the biggest reason for these cameras. >> it was put in the budget to balance the budget. if it was for safety purposes, it would have been done a different way. >> a different tune than the mayor was singing to the couple weeks ago. >> this is not about revenue. >> 22 new cameras are coming on line today to add more to the budget. it's one thing to put speed carries in residential and school zones but it's another to put on main arteries like the 14th street bridge for the speed limit abruptly dropped down to 35 miles an hour. >> 35 is way too low for the bridge. i probably go 45 or 50 anyway. >> and he's not alone. using our radar gun, we clocked
5:48 pm
many drivers on the bridge at a 45 to 60 miles an hour, well over the posted speed limit. >> people coming off the bridge, there's a tendency to go faster than you should. >> that's why the chief says there adding cameras to places like this one in the ninth street tunnel. >> if you don't slow down that's where we have all lot of collisions. >> they say 10,000 winning tickets were handed out at the new enforcement locations just in the past month. for a complete list of the speed cameras go to >> a contestant in this year's miss usa pageant claims the contest was rigged. she says she is stepping down as miss pennsylvania. she wrote on her face but page another contestant saw the list of the top five hours before the
5:49 pm
show was broadcast. >> she is angry about losing and frankly, in my opinion, i saw her for nearly a second, she did not deserve to be in the top 15. >> trump is suing are for making a false charge. he says she is upset about change in rules that allows transgendered contestants to compete. >> it is a night of comedy in prime time tonight, starting with "the middle" and ending with "modern family." stick around for abc seven news. >> but here with coming up tonight at 6:00. >> guess who's back from vacation? gordon peterson is live with a look ahead. >> tanned, rested, and ready. >> we do have a lot going on tonight, including the latest on the charges against kwame brown. it's also a big night for gamblers in the area.
5:50 pm
the newest and most expensive casino in maryland will open in just a few hours. we will see you at 6:00. >> first, let's get another update on the weather situation. >> it is kind of cloudy right now, but some sunshine and heavy rain and all kinds of things happening. here in arlington, some heavy downpours. that is drifting to the south and southeast. more showers keep regenerating. all of that is pushing off to the southeast. looking at live at the camera some blue skies and rain drops in the foreground. localized shower activity through that evening.
5:51 pm
72 degrees in the city, but warmer air is on the way. partly cloudy skies and warmer in the upper seventies to 80 tomorrow. a better chance with more areas seen isolated thundershowers in the afternoon and things will settle down into friday and the weekend. no rain in the forecast on the friday. mostly sunny and upper 80s and near 90 on sunday. the next chance of rain probably not around until the middle of next week. a few showers and downpours over the area right now. >> thank you. >> a lot of folks are getting worked up about the skins moving their summer training. >> any time the redskins are in the news, it's big. the redskins announced today that they will do their training camp to richmond starting in
5:52 pm
2013. more than half their teams hold their own summer camp somewhere different anyway. 170 miles from washington -- more recently, the skins' 12 frost burke. starting next july, they will move south to richmond about 116 miles. >> we understand the importance to our fan base. it's going to be a fun time for the bread can nation. >> but they're not moving their main facility. we'll have more on that at 6:00. >> some of the puns say the mets gave it to them last night but who cares? bases loaded -- delivers the
5:53 pm
game winning single. we caught up with harper this afternoon in the clubhouse. >> he wasn't going to get me twice. i felt that way going up to the plate. just try to win the ballgame and get that was great for our team. >> we have a good group of character guys that have a hard to win. we have some gamers and here. he adds the energy and keeps us all up. >> they are all excited and a in first place right now. they play the mets again tonight. >> i will be there. >> he's got his ticket ready. >> i've got a parking pass. >> you would. >> thank you. >> coming up next --
5:54 pm
>> if you make $100,000 a year, should
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5:57 pm
>> we have breaking news coming in -- a house fire in rockville. one person has been taken to the hospital. firefighters knocked the fire down but no word on what started the fire. >> meanwhile, finding affordable housing around metro area can be difficult. but there is help for those who don't make enough money. >> but a new proposal in tyson's corner what offer aid for families making six figures, believe or not. >> it is no secret that living in the d.c. area is pricey. but this might be a new one. housing aid if you make 70,000 to $120,000 a year. >> that's not fair. >> you look across the united
5:58 pm
states, most people don't make that kind of money. how long is that going to last? >> here is the proposed plan -- developers set aside 20% of the residences in tyson's corner for households making between 50% at 100% of the median income for a family of four, $107,500. if developers go for it, they could build 20% more units. >> living here, if you're not making 100 grand, you are hurting. >> some fairfax county leaders want people not only to work in tyson's but live there as well. but the board supervisor says the subsidized housing would cost $500 million and knees to be spent on transportation. >> it's ludicrous and wouldn't have money for transportation. for tyson's to be successful, we have to have the money going to transportation. >> the incentive is not a done deal yet. there's a board meeting where
5:59 pm
this incentive will be discussed and voted on. that we could be months out before a final decision is made. >> we will keep you posted right here. that's it for us at 5:00. the news continues at 6:00. >> live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> breaking news at 6:00 -- another member of the d.c. city council facing serious criminal charges. >> kwame brown is charged with one count of bank fraud for allegedly lying about his income and there are reports he will soon resign. our d.c. bureau chief is on this breaking news story live at the wilson building. >> kwame brown has not yet resigned but post observers believe it's just a matter of when and not enough. we have just learned he has a court date in today'


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