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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> another shake-up within d.c. council. former council chair kwame brown expected to comment on his resignation just hours after being charged with bank fraud. >> first lady michelle obama back on the campaign trail. she is stopping today in northern virginia. >> kevin durant did not turn the nba mvp title this year, but he is in the hearts of thunder fans and for many in d.c. the local star played every minute of the game last night to help the thunder to the nba finals. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is thursday, june 7. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson.
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glad you are joining us. we want to get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden to see how the roads are. >> fabulous. no problems on 95, 81, 70 in good shape as well as 66, all clear around the beltway to arundel mills. looks better than last night. we are good as far as the trip south into dale city and north out of richmond up to baltimore. now adam caskey has the weather. >> comfortable start today in the 50's to kickstart thursday morning. we have isolated showers popping up yesterday around arlington alexandria, and waldorf. look at the rainfall totals. in ice accumulation. under a half-inch in alexandria. about two thirds of an inch in arlington -- i should say about
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a third of an inch in arlington and in waldorf. it is 53 degrees in montgomery village avenue yet on our way to 80 degrees this afternoon with low humidity and a few more thundershowers between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00. >> another scandal involving d.c. city council. today, former also shar council chair kwame brown stepped down. >> yes, after being charged with bank fraud. brianne carter has more details. >> good morning. tuesday, brown said that he had no plans to resign. have learned this morning that is exactly what has happened then he stepped down last night. we could hear from him later today. this is the latest shake-up involving the city council. d.c. council chairman kwame brown steps down from his post
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after being charged by the feds with bank fraud for allegedly lying about his income on loan applications. his resignation letter, he writes "i have made some serious mistakes in judgment for which i will take full responsibility." >> it's a very sad day for mr. brown, for us on the council and for the people in the district. >> is charged is the latest in wrongdoing involving city leaders in the nation's capital. >>council members say they plan to keep moving forward. but the most important thing is to assure everyone that our city will continue to move forward. >> residents say they are tired of problems. >> feels we have no say in what goes on in your own government. >> councilwoman mary che is going to be acting chair at least for the next week. then she will call a meeting to have an election for an interim
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chair. brown will head to federal court sometime tomorrow. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> brown's resignation is the latest in a series of problems within the d.c. government and the d.c. council. earlier this year, former councilman harry thomas jr. was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling city funds intended for a youth soccer program. two campaign aides to d.c. mayor vincent gray, thomas gore and howard brooks, pleaded guilty to charges tied to the 2010 mayoral campaign. >> turning to the afghanistan war, defense secretary leon panetta is in afghanistan in order to review the progress and to discuss plans for troops to drawdown. the arrived overnight, a day after three suicide attackers blew themselves up in the marketplace near kandahar. 22 people were killed and 50 others wounded. >> now to the latest in vote 2012. first lady michelle obama will
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campaign in northern virginia today, meeting with campaign volunteers from manassas. she will be at a vfw post in dale city at 2:45 today. tickets are required. the president pulls the west coast tour continues. he will be in nevada today talking about college affordability. >> he received a warm welcome during a fund-raiser in california last night. he received a standing ovation at a fund-raiser with gay and lesbian supporters in los angeles. he told them he would not tolerate any attempts to roll back gay-rights that americans have gained during his administration. a maryland congressman's daughter says she is a lesbian. standing order's daughter. revealed her sexuality because she wants maryland residents to bid both america person they love. -- steny hoyer's daughter. >> jeb bush said that he would
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not take the job of vice president under any circumstances. he said that he would not do it and it's not going to happen. that does not mean he would not enthusiastically support mitt romney's candidacy. it is 56 degrees outside. >> much more still to come. it was a long night for hundreds of gamblers in maryland. they've braved long lines to get inside the newest casino. what they had to say about the experience. >> from france said the redskins dropped the ball with their latest decision. reaction to the team moving the training camp to richmond.
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>> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. looking at your forecast. another crisp start to the day, widespread 50's early this morning. i know folks to exercise our loving this weather. low humidity and comfortable temperatures especially for early june. still running below average. not much in terms of cloud cover, just a little long the mason-dixon line and in parts of. northern of the action on the radar screen is in texas and in parts of the great plains
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states. it's 59 in the district, 53 in martinsburg, upper 40's right now, 48 degrees. 50 along the water in lexington park. near 80 this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. patchy clouds developing and a few isolated thundershowers possible. we could see just a couple later today between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00. still hot and muggy by sunday 90 degrees. swimming pool weather for the weekend. next chance of rain after today is monday. any problems on the road? >> no. good morning. are we feeling hot? looks good on 95 66, but across the wilson bridge, looks good. good. let's try the next camera to see if it is just as pretty.
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that would be southbound 270 not bad at falls road. >> a lot of people are excited about maryland's newest and largest casino finally opening. it attracted big crowds during opening night last night. the maryland live! casino at arundel mills mall in hanover about 30 minutes from d.c.. the opening was in spite of opposition from residents concerned about potential. crime potential. >> i think it's going to bring maryland some revenue. even at the mall it will bring some revenue. it's going to be a good thing. >> it did not look this large. then you get inside and explodes. it's gorgeous? . >> the casino has 3200 slot machines. more a-- were expected to be added between july and october.
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and it has five restaurants. >> redskins fans will have to go out of town 120 miles from ashburn to richmond if they want to see them practice. this will be for the next seven years starting next season. redskins fans are not thrilled by the news. >> what about washington? grex in might broaden the fan base. but a lot of people here will be disappointed. correct the redskins have trained in far away locations over the years including carlisle pennsylvania, and frostburg, maryland if. the teams as the headquarters will remain in ashburn. it will still be playing at fedex field. >> it's 57 degrees. >> coming up, new details on the trayvon martin shooting investigation. when a new bond hearing will take place for accused murderer george zimmerman. >> we will have more on what is being called the most anticipated shoe design by rapper kanye west.
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cook's 5:15. the man charged with shooting and killing trayvon martin will have a new bond hearing later this month. george zimmerman's lawyer says the hearing is set for june 29. return to jail on sunday after its previous bail was revoked. prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife misled the court about the state of their finances. he has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. a jury has been picked to hear the sexual abuse case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. seven women and five men. include people affiliated with penn state university. is charged with molesting 10 boys over a 15-yearperiod. he has denied wrongdoing. opening statements begin on monday. the trial is expected to last
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several weeks. >> we're learning more about the man who chewed off the face of a homeless man. his girlfriend is speaking out. >> did he ever drink alcohol or use drugs around me? i only saw him smoke a marijuana cigarette one time. >> she says that rudy eugene was a caring man and had no history of mental illness. she believes someone may have slipped him a drug causing him to attack the homeless man. during the attack police had to shoot and kill eugene. the victim remains hospitalized. >> country singer taylor swift not making apologies for talked- about her ex-boyfriend on her albums. one of those guys is speaking out. >> john mara says the song "dear john" is about him and he did not appreciate it, that he did not do anything wrong.
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>> she was 19 at the time they hooked up. he is upset because she never took her concerns to him first that she put it out there for the world to hear. >> and john mara has such a stellar record of being a great guy. -- john mayer. >> he looks like sour grapes right now. >> the economy is a little shaky right now, with that is not stopping some sneaker heads from shelling out big bucks for kanye west's new shoes that he designed for nike. >> i don't get it. i have never been in the sneaker craze. some people go crazy over this. this is one of those examples. let us know how much you ever spent on a pair of sneakers. we are talking five digits. >> this is supposed retail for
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$245. but online people are bidding up $80,000. there are dozens of bids between $3,000 and $4,000. >> it is a limited edition which is good marketing. but if you spent $80,000 to get the first pair a couple weeks from now when everybody else has them, they will be worth the same as everybody else's. how much time do you really have to enjoy the bragging rights? >> i don't get it. they don't look that hot to me. >> folks trying to get them, lining up all around the malls. let us know if you get your hands on some. >> i don't know if that is worth congratulating someone over. it is a high price. >> 5 a cult 89 now. millions of accounts may have been hacked. >> and there are new features in the works for google maps. paula faris has details.
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>> a major security breach at linkedin. it is notified more than 6 million users to change their passwords. information may have been hacked and posted on the internet. most of the new games being shown at the big industry conference in las angeles -- los angeles are spinoffs. but there were some original games. >> there was beyond is super natural mystery thriller. and there was supposed apocalyptic action game. and an ambitious adventure game called watchdogs. >> content now drives the video- game industry and not hardware. google maps is adding new features including offline access for mobile devices and better three-dimensional views of major cities. those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with lisa baden.
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>> it is growing volume of traffic. no major problems. metro rail on normal service. looks pretty decent for everybody as a whole. a beautiful picture of 270 headlights are southbound at germantown. running at speed. no problems getting on the beltway, the american legion bridge, the wilson bridge, looks good on 66, 95, of taking you live to springfield. everything is open to the beltway and beyond heading up to the pentagon and across the river. now we will head over to the weather center with adam caskey. >> very similar to the past few days, low humidity, nice and crispy this morning. >> it's very nice if. >> it does not feel like early june. give it time. the heat and humidity will be back. there's a live look from the rooftop camera in rosslyn at our building overlooking the potomac
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and the district. we will have a gorgeous sunrises at 5:43. temperatures in the '50s. folks who like to go jogging or walk the dog in the morning, they are loving this weather. 54 degrees in winchester, 52 in culpeper. gaithersburg, 54 degrees, 48 in culpeper, 59 in lexington. lexington this helps indicate to the overall weather pattern look at this yellow, getting squeezed all the way into northern canada. rapid city, south dakota, warmer than washington. minneapolis, 67 degrees. that's because of our jet stream. there was a big bump in the jet stream stretching all the way up through the midsection of the country and central canada. that is where the warm air is. that will slowly push our way over the next couple days. we have been entrenched in the trough in the jet stream several days now. that will move out of here and
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the warmer air will slowly work back in all the way through the weekend. 80 degrees this afternoon for the high temperature. a lot of sunshine to start the day, but patchy clouds will develop by late morning. of use thundershowers cannot be ruled out. a couple of them popping up on the radar screen here and there. -- a few thunderstorms cannot be ruled out. 83 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature with still low humidity levels. still looking like we will be around 90 degrees on sunday with an uptick in the humidity. a pleasant weekend overall with a good amount of sunshine. >> 5:22 is the time, 57 degrees. >> living to play another day or night. the new jersey devils. prevent a devils. -- >> next "anderson" -- mtv's "teen mom" and the real face of teen pregnancy.
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>> kevin durant from way down. >> gets the inside. oklahoma is much better than just ok. the of the conference champions now. they defeated san antonio 107- 99. kevin durant led the way with 34 points. game 6 of the nba finals tonight. >> happy for him. speaking of finals, the new jersey devils staved off elimination last night in los angeles. game 5 is on saturday in new jersey. let the kings still hold a dominating 3-1 lead.
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here's tim brant. >> the nationals will host the mets in an afternoon matinee this afternoon. the nationals won last night's game in a first-. this was the first inning. a base hit. that's the tone for the rest of the night. jim on first periodadam goes long distance, right field, over the bullpen. it was 3-0 washington, they win, 5-3. robert singles to right field. the game tied at 1. baltimore has 3 out of 4. >> continues at 5:30.
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>> rivals in the race for the white house. but last night president obama and mitt romney played nice for an awards show. how they showed their sweet side. >> and d.c. council chair brown stepped down. that story coming up. >> i will be back to a dog rain chance
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's a very sad day for mr. brown, a sad day for the council, a sad day for people in the district. scandal hits in other d.c. councilman. today we expect to hear from kwame brown about his resignation. that is just hours after he was charged with bank fraud. good morning, washington. it's thursday, june 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you this morning. let's start with the forecast. adam caskey. >> it's a beautiful start to the day again. we will have a gorgeous sunrise mostly clear conditions. temperatures right now in the '50s. a crisp start.
5:32 am
a nice start rooftop picture at washington-lee high school. sunrise in about 12 minutes from now. 53 in my privilege, 55 in leesburg, 54 in fredericksburg, 49 in warrenton. a few upper 40's here and there to kickstart our thursday morning. the 52 and fort washington. 30% chance of a few showers later on today between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. just a few isolated downpours associated with them. nothing severe. 80 degrees today for the high temperature. we will climb another 10 degrees by the weekend. close to 90 by the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. our top story and other d.c. council member resigning in scandal. kwame brown expected to talk today about stepping down. this is after he was charged with bank fraud.
5:33 am
brianne carter is at the wilson building with details. >> good morning. we have heard no public comment from kwame brown after the resignation or about the charges. we expect we could hear from him later today. all this happened yesterday and he said that he had no comment but that he would be able to speak out today. he initially said that he would not resign his post as council chair, but that is what happened. in a letter to the council he said that he takes responsibility for his actions and goes on to apologize to d.c. residents. he is facing a charge of bank fraud for allegedly lying about his income on a loan application. is expected to be in federal court sometime tomorrow. again, we expect to hear from him sometime later today report. and live in northwest, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> kwame brown is the second councilman within the past year to resign amid scandal. earlier this year, former
5:34 am
councilman harry thomas jr. was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling city funds intended for a youth soccer program. in addition to the troubles on the d.c. council, two campaign aides to d.c. mayor vincent gray, thomas gore and howard brooks, pleaded guilty to charges tied to the 2010 mayoral campaign. >> the turmoil surrounding brown's resignation will not stop the council from conducting normal business today. a council committee will hold a hearing on overtime for firefighters and paramedics. the panel will look at what the d.c. fire and the mess department is doing to reduce overtime cost -- and ems department. >> tom barrett a woman slapped the democrats after he conceded the race to republican scott walker. he continued treating people as if nothing had happened. the woman reportedly told tom barrett that she wanted to slap him for conceding to the governor of wisconsin.
5:35 am
in the race for the white house president obama and mitt romney both taped video spots for last night's music awards. >> they refused to take sides in a feud over whether toby overorkeith or kristen bell should host the awards. >> its one of the toughest decisions i've had to make since i've been in office. i want them both. >> i thought the presidential election was a tough race but it's nothing compared to the politics stuck at the tnt music awards. i propose they co-host the show. i just put two people back to work. you're welcome, and america. -- you're welcome america. >> those are some of the
5:36 am
pictures of the red carpet arrivals. -- we were looking at some of the pictures of the red carpet arrivals. >> 5:35 is the time, 57 degrees. a big loss for fairfax county. one of its largest employers is moving thousands of jobs to another state. >> parents and students never made it to washington for a field trip. we have the latest on this tour bus crash. >> first, traffic and weather every ten minutes. 53 degrees in
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>> my name is daniel schwartz. i'm here with the sixth graders of dunston middle school. we want to say -- good morning, washington. -- danielle schwartz. >> that's a beautiful picture of the bay. no clouds in the sky. 59 by now and reston. 50 in aldie. 56 in arlington. another crisp and profitable early june day. berkeley springs, 50. frostburg, 48 degrees. running a little below average
5:40 am
again today. near 80 degrees for the high temperature. most locations outside the beltway will be in the upper 70's. a few thunderstorms this afternoon. dry friday through the weekend. a return of heat and humidity for the weekend. >> maryland, everything is clear. vdot, just bought and growing on 95 and 66. no problems for metro rail, marc rail vre reporting normal service. overnight construction barrels have been moved so the beltway looks pretty good right now if all the way through prince george's county across the american legion bridge through tysons. a good run through alexandria and up to annandale, tysons springfield, and good on 66 eastbound. in particular, just noticed ongoing in manassas at 50 and a little bit in falls church. "star wars 7 l little while. now to news. >> " one of the largest
5:41 am
employers in fairfax county is leaving. a exxonmobil is transferring about 2000 employees from virginia starting in 2014. they will go to a new campus which is being built in houston. exxonmobil's campus on gallows road will be vacated. >> 5:41 is the time, 55 degrees in suitland, maryland. >> after a shaky start to the week, wall street turning around. investors hoping for more good news. >> maryland's largest casino is officially open. i'm jummy olabanji and a hofast is
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cooks at 6:00, miss pennsylvania has some surprising things to say about how ud pageants really work. >> we will find out about the feud between her and donald trump. and find out when the first witnesses will take the stand in
5:45 am
the penn state sexual abuse trial now that the jury has been seated. >> why you may want to change your password if you use a popular social networking website if. >> that's never a good thing. and how you can easily find out if your account was hacked. the late-night crowd did not stop folks from checking out the newest casino and largest casino in the state of maryland. look at all the way around the building last night. customers waiting to be the first inside to spend their money at maryland live! casino. >> we hope the customers were able to get in before closed. it is attached to arundel mills mall in hanover, maryland. that is where we find jummy olabanji this morning live with what customers thought about it. >> everyone we spoke to tell us they really like this casino. a lot of people were lined up outside hours before it opened. some said they were here to test their luck and in many.
5:46 am
others say there were just here to. check it to from newschopper 7 you could see people lined up around the mall waiting for their chance to coincide. once inside, they were greeted by a red carpet before a date with a lady luck. >> i did not know it would be this large. it's gorgeous. >> packed with 3200 brand new slot machines, the hope is that the $500 million maryland live! casino, will boost the free state economy by $400 million a year. >> but even at the mall it will bring in some revenue. it's going to be a good thing. >> maryland live has put 700 + people to work not just at the casino but at a new retail stores and entertainment venues. maryland residents say that's a good thing that even with the negative stereotypes gambling can bring. >> a lot of people may disagree, but i think it's a good thing if. >> if you don't like to gamble, you can eat.
5:47 am
five new restaurants are set to open including bobby flay's burger palace and the well- known cheesecake factory. >> if you cannot find something to eat, you are not trying. >> 3200 slot machines, if that's not enough, phase two of the project will continue between july and october and another 1500 will be added. the casino reopens this morning in about two hours at 8:00 and will stay open until 2:00 in the morning. on fridays and saturdays it will stay open until 4:00 in the morning. jummy olabanji reporting from the maryland live! casino. >> it is 5:47 right now. on wall street yesterday american investors were positive helping turn the dow
5:48 am
jones positive for the year. >> later today we could get hopeful news from the fed and from europe. tahman bradley has more. >> hopes for another big day on wall street today after investors sent stocks surging amid speculation the u.s. and europe will take action to further stimulate the economy. the dow jones soared yesterday gaining 286 points, its best day of the year. the index is up for 2012. the nasdaq rose 2.4% yesterday. and stocks rose overnight. the european union will act to save spanish banks. and the u.s. is exploring its options. >> it encourages investors to come back to the market and buy. >> more top of stimulus at the fed. members are publicly discussing support for more stimulus if the u.s. economy weakens. fed chairman ben bernanke could provide further insight when he testifies before congress this
5:49 am
morning. this could not come at a better time. only 69,000 jobs were added in may, the weakest month for job growth in the year. >> employers are still cautious to make those hires, and invest in their companies. they're staying more focused on driving productivity and increasing revenue and profits. >> some fed officials will resist actions. the fed could breed inflation being the worry. >> we will see a prolonged period of volatility. >> the dow jones jump erased the entire year's losses and the biggest loss of the year which came last friday after the release of the dismal may jobs report. tahman bradley abc news. >> dozens of kentucky students and parents injured when a tour bus bringing them to washington overturned. just after the start of their trip. about two dozen people were hospitalized. the injuries were not life- threatening.
5:50 am
police believed the bus improperly negotiated a turn on a ramp to an interstate highway. they did not make it out of kentucky. we hope they are doing ok. >> apple feeling more heat from samsung. it's looking to block its latest smartphone. >> more americans are staying put in their jobs. with those stories and more, linda bell at bloomberg. >> hello again. the deepest economic slump since the great depression has left its mark on job-seekers and job creators. americans are feeling less inclined to leave their jobs and less willing to strike out on their own to start their own businesses. for those people holding onto their jobs, some positions may make you more susceptible to gaining weight. a survey says travel agents, attorneys, social workers administrative assistant, and teachers, are among occupations with high numbers of workers reporting weight gain. that is because their link to a high stress that and spend much of their day sitting down. let's talk about apple.
5:51 am
they're looking to block samsung's latest smartphone. the iphone maker has asked a federal judge to include the galaxy in its ongoing request to block sales of other samsung products. the two companies have been in court battles accusing each other of copying designs and technology and they're fighting patent battles on four continents to retain their dominance in the smartphone market that is worth $200 billion worldwide. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey joining us. off to a pleasant start. >> and other chris morning for june standards. in the fifties right now. a few upper 40's. good weather to go jogging. -- crisp start. you get a rainbow whenever is
5:52 am
sunny and training at the same time. >> looks like a double rainbow. >> it is. >> the secondary rainbow on the left sideright side. i was looking for that rainbow, but the kids could not find one. ms. perez said that to us. thank you. there the sun rise over the district. there's one little cloud over the district. that's all we have. a gorgeous sunrises at 5:43, nine minutes ago. 54 degrees in gaithersburg, 59 in the district, 50 in cumberland 61 in annapolis. a low humidity. look off to the west. minneapolis is warmer than washington at 67 degrees.
5:53 am
65 in rapid city. the warm air is getting shoved north due to the jet stream going into north central canada. we have been in the dip in the jet stream and that pulls the cooler air southward. we have been below average. the average high is 82. we will be close to 80. mostly in the upper 70's outside the beltway. the warmer air will slowly push our way. we will notice the temperatures climbing a little day-by-day all the way into the weekend. 80 degrees this afternoon. we cannot rule out a few thundershowers later on today. another good opportunity to see some rainbows this afternoon. a few isolated thundershowers. drive the next couple days through the weekend. a good amount of sunshine through the weekend. -- dry for the next couple days. dew points in the mid 60's for the weekend. now let's check in with lisa baden. any new problems?
5:54 am
>> 270 at a crash southbound between 80 and 109. police are on the way. they're slow traffic developing in that area. no worries to report on the beltway at the american legion bridge. travel times still working for us between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. not bad on 95 and the b-w parkway. pretty good if you take new york avenue, kenilworth avenue, rhode island ave. looks good through southeast as well. back to you. >> thank you. turns out
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> you have a chance to see the king once again, virtually. >> of visual production company says it has signed an exclusive deal to resurrect elvis via hologram. is is the same one that did tupac shakur in april. elvis presley and paul brown will be used for a range of projects but it has yet to announce any specifics. get the feeling we will see a lot more this in the future. i think so. i guess michael jackson will be next. but that is a safe bet. 5:57 right now. much more to come in the next hour. >> another scandal rocks of the
5:58 am
d.c. council. reaction to the resignation of council chair kwame brown after being charged with bank fraud. >> and lisa baden has your thursday morning commute. if it could only
5:59 am
>> straight ahead, we are live as the resignation rocks the


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