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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 7, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and get $250 back. last chance. is incredible offer ends june 16th. call 1-877-729-fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1-877-729-3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ♪ ♪ fios. a network ahead. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> following a developing story. a man under arrest after a stabbing in tysons corner. it happens inside a building which houses sanford brown college and another company. >> we are live on the scene with the latest. >> what we know right now is a man in his 50's is fighting for his life. a man described as in his early fifties was rushed to the hospital early this morning
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after being stabbed in abdomen. you can see that it is still an active scene. in happened around 9:15 this morning at prs inc.. it is called psychiatric rehab services. in the cafeteria two schizophrenic men got into an argument and one of them stabbed the other with a sharp object. the victim was rushed to fairfax hospital with life- threatening injuries. are awaiting a condition on him. the suspect is a man in his 20s. he was taken into custody. investigators are questioning witnesses who were in the cafeteria at the time. the programs are cancelled for the rest of the day. sanford brown college remains in session. sanford brown shares the building with this psychiatric educational program. reporting live, abc 7 news.
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>> the latest political scandal in the district has resulted in the resignation of d.c. council chairman kwame brown. >> we learned about a charge of bank fraud last night. prosecutors have filed another charge this morning. brianne carter joins us live with what we are learning and reaction from his constituents. >> good afternoon. we are at the wilson building. people could talk about was brown's resignation and then the news of the latest charge. it involves his 2008 campaign, according to court documents. former d.c. council chair kwame brown charged yesterday with bank fraud is now facing misdemeanor charges for campaign finance violations. according to charging documents he authorized one of his relatives to open a side campaign account that he would be used for illegal cash campaign expenditures. >> i did not know about that. i would have to learn more before i could comment.
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it was a big surprise yesterday. >> when things are not done properly there should be accountability. >> braun resigned last night less than two years after taking the top spot on the council. brown said, "i have made serious mistakes in judgment for which i take full responsibility." >> i think it is the most selfish thing you could do. >> weeks ago, mayor vincent gray's campaign aides thomas gore and howard brooks pleaded guilty to charges. six months ago former councilman harry thomas kraft was sentenced to three years for embezzling city funds. people who live and work in the district believe things need to change. clerk unfortunately, the nation will look at the district and say that is to be expected. i just hope that as the new generations come along, a lot of those types of old spots will change. -- old thoughts.
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>> brown is expected to appear in court tomorrow on the bank fraud charge. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we're getting new details about a horrific accidents in fairfax city. we have just learned a 5-year- old faith williams has died from injuries suffered in a car crash on tuesday night. witnesses say that ms. williams was traveling 100 miles an hour when her car crashed on the highway. williams and her 7-year-old daughter died after the crash. >> 3 workers cutting down trees for pepco were struck by a truck on rockville pike in brazil when the driver of the boxed up went past a man directing traffic. none of the workers has life- threatening injuries. montgomery county police investigating a homicide in silver spring. officers found a 34-year-old
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dead inside his home in 1100 block of east-west highway. police went to check on eric because family members were worried when they cannot reach him. they found him dead of at least one gunshot wound. >> the virginia supreme court will hear the appeal of a sex offender who argues evidence against him was inadmissible. lawyers for david believe police used an electronic tracking device without first obtaining a search warrant. the u.s. supreme court ruled police cannot use gps technology to track suspects without a warrant. it's a large employer is leaving northern virginia. exxonmobil is transferring 2000 employees from its fairfax county itstolocation to houston t texas. >> drivers are feeling less pain at the pump according to a new survey. is in our area have dropped 6
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cents in the past week. the national average for a gallon of regular gas right now is $3.57. in the district, $3.68. in maryland, $3.47. the cheapest gas in our area is in virginia, $3.35 a gallon. transportation secretary ray lahood is pushing for tougher distracted driving laws. at a press conference this morning he said the key to luring injuries and deaths on the road is strict enforcement. -- lowering interest. 39 states have bans on texting while driving something the secretary would like to see expanded. >> we think we can use these any time and everywhere, including behind the wheel of a car. if >> he also plans to test a ticketing program in delaware and california. says the effectiveness of the
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"click it or ticket" campaign has been used in considering a similar program for distracted driving. steve rudin has a look at the forecast. there might be a chance of thunderstorms. >> later on this afternoon, we may have thunderstorms and heavy downpours and even the potential for small hail. we don't expect anything like last friday. looking outside right now clouds beginning to roll in. it's dry. denver, oklahoma city, dallas, no problems. here's the satellite and radar high-pressure will eventually build across the mid-atlantic. we will talk about the full forecast and the extended outlook with temperatures in the '90s, in a few minutes. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon syria is preventing you and observers from reaching the location of a reported mass killing that happened overnight. >> republicans calling for special prosecutor as the fbi
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looks into possible leaks of classified information by the white house. >> we are talking with john legend about his new show bed airs on abc 7. >> looking outside now, beautiful shot.
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>> new reports about an overnight massacre in syria. >> u.n. monitors to try to reach the village where this happens have been shot at. now the latest on the volatile situation. >> the victim's allegedly of a massacre. some just infants and others burned beyond recognition. arian opposition activists say the residents of a small village
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are some of the scores killed on wednesday by government-backed -- htugs. >> it-- thugs. >> it is unconscionable. >> they went on a rampage burning and killing a militia. >> they are civilians working with the army regime. they're using weapons like machine guns. >> we cannot verify the count, but the syrian government denies the charges, nine people were killed by terrorist gangs. video evidence is limited. there may be as many as 80 people killed. the un has 300 monitors on the ground, but they have been denied access to the site. it is almost identical to what happened two weeks ago? in the village of yolo, where more than 100 were killed after
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shelling by syrian forces went shooting and stabbing, house to house. many children were killed. the current u.n. peace plan has been ignored by other regime and its opponents. the question at the united nations today is how can we stop this bloodshed? >> in vote 2012, a new poll shows president obama leading mitt romney 47% among virginia voters. the university poll released today reports the margin is slightly smaller than in march before romney had clinched the presidential nomination. virginia a battleground state, which could determine the 2012 election. the fbi is reportedly investigating a number of u.s. defense leaks. seven will involve a u.s. cyber warfare program against iran. leaders of the house and senate intelligence committee said to
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hold a joint meeting on the issue today. congresswoman dianne feinstein spoke about the effects of these potential leaks earlier this week. >> it has this made our allies and puts american lives in jeopardy. it puts our nation's security in jeopardy. >> i call on the president to take immediate and decisive action including the appointment of a special counsel. >> arizona senator john mccain suggested the obama administration might have leaked that information for political gain. the white house is calling that charge grossly irresponsible. >> it appears a vacuum cleaner started a $400 million fire and onboard a nuclear submarine. the navy things a vacuum started the fire in the front compartment of the u.s. as miami last month. that area was the living quarters of the crew. no one was injured. >> off from a vacuum cleaner. -- all from a vacuum cleaner.
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let's talk with steve rudin about the weather. >> not bad right now. but later this afternoon might need the umbrella. a few heavy downpours and then we will feel the heat and humidity. it's quiet and dry outside right now. clouds beginning to increase. heavy downpours later this afternoon. 78 degrees already at reagan national airport. the wind is around 5 miles an hour. wtop radio, 73 degrees. seven 6 at fairfax station. our final stop will take us to hyattsville, 72 degrees. let's show you what's going on across the area, warming up nicely in martinsburg and winchester, mid 70's. already near 80 in quantico. our temperatures will remain slightly below average today with the heat and humidity building just off to the west. we will feel the difference for the upcoming weekend with temperatures in the low 90s.
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the index readings in the mid 90's expected by sunday. a few showers popping up later this afternoon. some may contain heavy downpours and the potential of a little hail. not expecting a widespread outbreak like we had last friday across the mid-atlantic. everything clears out by midnight tonight. looks like a beautiful sunrise tomorrow and a relatively nice day with comfortable temperatures in the low to mid '80s. here's today's forecast for. the upper 70's to low 80s with partly sunny skies, afternoon thundershowers. then gradual clearing after midnight. temperatures will be in the mid 50's and low 60's in the district. 85 degrees tomorrow. the extended outlook calls for daytime highs approaching 90 degrees by saturday. low 90's on sunday. chance of a few thunderstorms on monday. by tuesday and wednesday slightly cooler temperatures of with highs in the upper 80s. .
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your online home for abc 7 newsweather. later today we have a fascinating photo gallery on waves. >> thank you. a police department in virginia and maryland lining the flames for the special olympics. 47 people this morning from the arlington police department took part in the torch run. officers are carrying the flame more than 1,900 miles across va. they will end in richmond. in maryland, service members are getting in on the action as well. a group of marines will lead the runners behind a specially selected torchbearer. >> coming up, a landmark class- action lawsuit against the nfl. ormer players say that the nfl and hid information about the effects of football related head injuries. > next "anderson," mtv's "teen mom" and the real face of teen pregnancy. >> people don't understand what we have to give up for our
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> lawyers for former nfl players filed a lawsuit today accusing the league of hiding information leaking football related head injuries to permanent neurological problems. >> the lawsuit brings together more than 80 pending lawsuits under one big complaint. karen travers has details. >> hard knocks are major part of the nfl. bone crushing place like this dominates the highlight reels. it has helped make pro football the nation's most popular sport. but today it is the nfl that is taking a hit. more than 2000 former players are suing the league in a
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landmark class-action lawsuit. the players claim the nfl misled them for decades about the risk of brain injury. >> there's just no focus on the most important part of your body which is your brain. kevin played fullback for the philadelphia eagles and can remember just two documented concussions. believes that he suffered long- term brain damage and is one of the former players filing lawsuit --- filing suit. >> this is about retired players getting the help they need. >> in may, junior seau committed suicide in his home. another high-profile deaths that leaves questions about the dangers of the sport. >> now we're hearing about the dark side. >> the former players say in a lawsuit that the nfl exacerbated a health risk by promoting the violence and deliberately concealing the link between a
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concussion and long-term brain damage. the league said that it has made clear safety a top priority and any allegation that the nfl intentionally saw to mislead players has no merit. the former players are seeking damages and asking the nfl to set up a monitoring system for players with potential brain disorders. abc news, washington. it is a one-of-a-kind singing competition. abc posing "duets" searches for undiscovered talent worthy of being proteges. -- abc po's "duets." star john legend is joining us now. this is the first elimination. >> yes, somebody is going home tonight. first we judged them, but this week there are consequences. the bottom two will have to compete on a cappella in a sing-
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off. somebody's going home. >> how do you go about finding your contestants for the show? >> each of us auditioned the contestants that we were going to duet with. we had videotapes of missions. we did live auditions. each of us did them in different places. jennifer was in new york and las vegas. pillich clarkson was on tour and was auditioning people during that period of robin was in los angeles. i did my live auditions in los angeles, but they were based on videotape auditions i had received from all across the country. we wanted to pick great singers who not only sounded good but would sound good singing with us. but i love the contest because you have launched into super stardom. this gives you an opportunity to give someone else that opportunity to be seen on a world stage. >> yes, and this is what i love
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to do anyway. i have my own production company. i work with new artist and i write with them and produce them. i have always been in a position where i have been able to collaborate with some " people. now that i am in the position i am now, as someone pretty successful in the business, i get to mentor people in my real life, but now i am doing it on the show. it's been a lot of fun for me. >> we get to see you perform each night so i look forward to it. thanks so much for joining us, john legend. >> thanks for having me. >> watch that night on abc 7 at 8:00. >> that's great stuff. steve rudin will have a final check of the
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>> we were just talking about the ocean. when you think about surfing, you probably don't think of alaska. some enthusiasts to grab to their boards this week when the
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full moon with its position with the sun created a bigger than normal waves. that means up to about 3 feet. that's pretty big by alaska standards. so they were able to get the board's out there. you can see them flopping around in the waves. they might want to stick with some other sports like hunting or fishing and leave surfing to the experts. >> it is like surfing on lake erie. >> some folks will go anywhere in the world to find the waves. >> this weekend you will want to head over to ocean city or rehoboth beach, upper 80s, low 90's. this afternoon, we may see a few thunderstorms pop up, capable of producing small hail, heavy downpours, highs around 80 degrees. >> that sounds great. >> not bad at all. thanks. >> thanks for joining us. we will be back for "good so, you're
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