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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the wilson building with the latest. >> kwame brown has two court hearings tomorrow. and 11:00 hearing for the federal charge and at 1:30 hearing at d.c. superior court for the latest misdemeanor charge. they have scheduled a special session for next week to find a successor to the chairmen. kwame brown left here yesterday in disgrace. his name today was gone from his office suite and the city what side as he walked out yesterday. he was charged with bank fraud. today prosecutors charged him with a misdemeanor for unlawful cash expenditures saying in his 2008 campaign he kept a side account and authorized a relative to make withdrawals. the relative is believed to be his brother che brown. this comes as harry thomas is heading to prison for theft, two
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campaign aides admitted to felonies. >> [unintelligible] >> for residents it is all becoming too much. clacks i am kind of disappointed to hear it. again, you'd never know who is to. >> the more serious charge he faces is bank fraud. he inflated his salary to get a lot of the house. he got $50,000 to get a speed boat docked on the anacostia river. >> all of his staffers were let go when he left yesterday the chairman pro tem says she will hire them all back tomorrow there will be a special ones -- there will be a special session
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and he eventually an election that will be held around the time of the general election to pick a chairman. there will be a lot of politicking between now and next week. reporting live, sam ford. >> thank you a special election process gets under way. if the election is held on november 6, that is the day of the general election, it could save taxpayers close to $1 million. you can read more about the charges and what is next in the process on our web sites >> now we go to the race for the white house in what continues to be a tight battle for virginia. a new poll indicates the president has a slight lead in the old dominion. it comes as the first lady visits supporters in virginia.
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she made a surprise stop. scott thuman was the only local reporter there. >> i guess the big story today is what happened after this event here in dale city. mrs. obama decided to make a surprise visit. she stopped at mom's apple pie bakery. they had a heads up that somebody would be there is about and an hour's time the first lady walks into a lot of surprised faces. she shakes some hands and gives some hogs. the d.c. this is 6-year-old who offered to play the violin for him. she pulled it out and played"ode to joy." the first lady said, i would be killed if i do not get out of here with a pie. meaning she better bring
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something back to the white house. the big story is what happened at the vfw. the first time the first lady has gone out on the road by herself in this campaign. >> virginia, let me ask you one last question. are you in? >> for the first time in this race michelle obama in virginia and solo encouraging supporters to do more than just a vote. >> you know those people not registered. find them, shake them, and get them ready. >> old dominion is one of the new top prices. blacks if somebody does a job well, do you not want them to continue doing it? >> we are working as hard as we can. we will do it with people power. >> what is encouraging, a new poll numbers out today that
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show zero >> a 47% to 42% in virginia with 6% undecided. slipping just a bit, he still dominates among female voters while mitt romney takes men. >> i will not keep you. remember this journey is going to be long. it will be hard. there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way. >> you can bet with the stakes so high we will see a lot more of the first lady as well as ann romney. we have been getting some questions about the stop at the bakery. what exactly did he order? she got an apple pie and a sour cherry pie organically made of course. we asked some people, they said only local tv reporters have
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stopped by before. >> thank you. in the meantime, both president obama and mitt romney are bringing in big money for their campaigns. inmate mitt romney came out on top with $76 million taken in by -- in the may mitt romney came out on top with $76 million taken in by the republican party. >> a developing story from a silver spring where police are investigating a homicide. they found 34-year-old eric somuah shot to death in his loft wednesday afternoon. concerned friends and family members alerted police after they had not heard from him for several days. if you have information the police want to hear from you. >> fairfax county police are investigating a fatal stabbing
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in tyson's corner involving two patience. police say 24-year-old mark shelor and grady alexander vickers got into a fight in the cafeteria that spilled out into a stairway. grady alexander vickers night at the hospital. no word on what sparked the incident. mark shelor is now charged with murder. >> defense secretary leon panetta made a surprise to visit this morning and says the united states is reaching the limits of our patients with pakistan. he talked about the american frustration with terrorists crossing into afghanistan from pakistan. he plans for the troupe brought down. still to come on abc 7 news, a crackdown on distracted driving. which measures the government wants to take to keep drivers
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estate on the road. quacks finding your way around arlington national cemetery. it will be on your smartphone.
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lex we continue with an update of the economy. >> mixed news resulted today slightly on the positive side. the dow jones is up 46 points. what may be in store for america oppose the economic future. >> everybody listens when the money man talks. ben bernanke testified about the
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state of our economy. there are encouraging signs of improvement. >> labor market conditions improved in the latter part of 2011 and early this year. -economic growth appears poised to continue. >> job creation dramatically slowed and the economy grew at a weaker than expected rate. today he remained vague. >> as always, the federal reserve remains prepared to take action as needed to protect the financial system in the event of financial stresses that escalate. >> it comes on the heels of the stock market close and on its best day of the year yesterday. it came after officials in europe said they would act.
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>> we are excited about the coordination of the central banks throughout the world getting together to try to stimulate the economy. >> it is encouraging news all around. >> the crisis in europe has effected the u.s. economy by acting as a drag on our exports. >> today leaders of their called for urgent action to resolve the debt crisis. diana perez abc news, new york. >> with more details, and diplomats makes getting around a city easier. --google maps makes getting around the city easier.
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[ female announcer ] with xfinity you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework ♪ [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the obama administration is calling for a nationwide crackdown on distracted driving.
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>> white house officials want tougher enforcement and 39 states that already have distracted driving laws and they wanted new laws in 11 states that do not. ray lahood urges drivers to put the cell phones a way in the glove compartment even handsfree devices can pose dangers. you will send have some new help in navigating the thousands of graves at arlington national cemetery. the federal government will release a smartphone at. they are working on better soft on coverage of the cemetery grounds. the app is due in the fall and will be the first for a national cemetery. >> speaking of navigation, google is jumping into the next dimension for getting around town. they will equip aircraft to fly
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above cities and take a lot of pictures. all part of a plan to make google maps 3d. they are expected to be on line later this year. >> that means you cannot get lost at all. >> i look forward to that. a very nice again today. beautiful clouds to enjoy and watch. let's start right there and get you up to speed on what is happening around the area. this is a compilation of several storms iran the area. it is diminishing, but they are still making it across the border. we are getting our own pop up close to the washington area. as far as what is happening in the viewing area at the moment, southern maryland, showers in southern sections of calvert county. some across areas of winds meant -- westminster. we have a couple more hours.
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they will rein themselves out. we are looking at frederick live right now. skies will be partly sunny. tickets start when the showers come. this will be the last day, the fourth consecutive day of this pattern. tomorrow a different pattern moves and. 83 on the ford board. one degree above the average of 82. lots of 70's, especially air is cooled by the showers. 75 in manassas. still holding onto 79 at reagan national. temperatures will settle between 55 and 63 degrees. warmer temperatures developed in the middle of the country. low pressure finally gets out of the northeast. we will have a lot of sunshine and beautiful weather for a few days. it will all start to warm up as
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high pressure moves then. we're talking sunshine, upper 80's, and close to 90 degrees. 89 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. upper 80's with a fair amount of heat and humidity on monday and tuesday. the next chance of rain as wednesday next week. at the beaches lots of sunshine. 70 degrees. bring me back some caramel covered popcorn, please? >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> it is hard to believe what i am seeing. washington up here, boston down here. >> what is going on? the nationals played a matinee this afternoon. they cannot solve the knuckleball. the let me take you downtown and
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we will pick it up at the top of the fifth. the mets have won on and it two out right-center field, goodbye. that is a souvenir. it was 2-0 then. the nationalist struggle all afternoon trying to catch up with the knuckleball he was by sea all day. here is a wry and zimmerman. >> he throws the knuckleball so hard. it seems like he can cut it. i do not know if he is doing it on purpose but it seemed like he is. he throws so many strikes with it. he is probably their best pitcher. >> the redskins concluded there organized team activities today. the mandatory full squad many camp starts next monday. we have been following the development of robert griffin iii. a lot of pressure coming out of
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college to be named the starting quarterback immediately. he continues to impress everybody. >> i told coach yesterday after every practice i was writing stuff down in my book lead things i needed to work on the next day. after yesterday oppose the practice i only wrote one thing that is just played. even after a few weeks you know the offense. you have to go out and stop thinking about it and let it happen naturally. >> remember the story of brian banks? he worked out for the seattle seahawks today. he has been divided to the minicamp. he will work out for the redskins tomorrow. we will keep you posted. in the nba everybody is talking about the miami heat on the verge of elimination. they have lost 15 of their last 16 games in the town.
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chris bosh will start after missing nine games with an abdominal strain. miami has started four different centers in this series and that has made a big difference. the oklahoma city thunder waiting for the eastern conference channel. durant was five-8 beyond the arc. the thunder when four straight against the spurs. for hockey fans the devils spa will that the l.a. king's plan victory parade. it forces a game 5 in the new jersey saturday night. they already had the champagne on ice, and now they have to go to jersey.
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>> if you miss the heat and humidity, it is coming back. it starts to built through the weekend. saturday close to 90. warm and muggy weather next week. a few more hours tonight we will be daunting showers and thunderstorms. some heavy downpours right now in frederick county. heavy showers fall across frederick. >> pretty toasty on thursday -- sunday.
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