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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he did plead to falsifying income statements to get personal loans from an industrial bank. he claimed to be a vice president of an unnamed company claiming he was paid $3,000 a month. he forged a friend's name as company president. to get a $55,000 loan for a boat he claimed he was an employee for a company 2 but changed the legitimate salary from $35,000 to $85,000. >> prosecutors say he paid off the house lawn and was current on the boat loan. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those i have let down.
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the people of this great city. but he went over to d.c. court and pleaded guilty to violating laws of paying campaign workers. some question the prosecution. >> how many people lie on applications to make themselves look better than they really are? it is illegal but how many people get caught? people have gotten their money and they pay it back. >> under the plea agreement brown could get up to six months or he could serve no time at all. or he could serve more time if the judge does not accept the agreement. >> we have much more on the story coming up at 5:30. what is next for the case including kwame brown's claim he
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is being singled out here. will more people be charged? that is in the next half hour. >> new information on a culpeper police officer accused of shooting and killing a woman. damon harmon-wright was granted bond it. chris chris -- kris van cleave has more. >> officer damon harmon-wright has been suspended without pay. he pleaded not guilty and was granted $100,000 bond. the defendant was put on the stand during the bond hearing. shackled and facing murder charges, damon harmon-wright leaves the county courthouse this morning. he himself testified that he fired seven times at the jeep driven by patricia cook. the first two rounds were fired by the driver door. >> they have acknowledged a
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second set of gunfire after there was clear separation from the vehicle. >> he fired five more times. two of these rounds killed cook. >> it evidenced a willingness to kill other people. >> sticking with the claim she rolled up the window trapping his hand a. he referred to her as a fleeing felon. >> while damon harmon-wright's wife and supporter left without comment. police officers who did his background check as well as his psychologist expressed concerns about him becoming a top. >> there was a recommendation that to hire this man, and that was overturned it. he was hired.
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in a short period of time he landed himself in trouble. >> he is referring to a reprimand he received a six months after being hired. also a reprimand for excessive force issued just a month before the shooting in february. the documents are online at he is said to be back in court july 24 when his attorney is expected to request a change of venue. >> thank you very much. also in court on different charges, bethany's sullivan. that is damon harmon-wright's mother. she is accused of forging documents to get negative information out of her son's file. she faces six felony counts and is in jail on unsecured bond. >> breaking news in a bit of a scare for people on a delta connection flight to detroit
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that was pushing back from the gate at reagan when an officer noticed for passengers acting suspiciously. the pilot stayed at the gate. t as a restrained everything. they are now heading to detroit. >> let's talk about the weather. a big warmup on the way. summer is getting closer. >> we are expecting temperatures to get close to or over 90 degrees. doug hill joins us with an early look at the forecast. >> we did not hear him either. we will take a look at the microphone and get back to him. president obama pushing congress to get americans back to work. he highlighted 27 continuous
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months of job growth. he says the global e fact cannot be ignored. president urged congress to adopt a jobs plan to counter economic effects of the european debt crisis. these things are holding back full recovery. we will have more tonight on abc seven days and 6:00. >> the man accused in more than one dozen sexual assaults is on track for a midsummer trial. aaro nthomas has been ruled competent enough to stand trial for these rapes. what is expected once the trial begins. >>aaron thomas was fidgety in court today. sometimes he would try to stand up. other times he tried to slip down in his seat. once he said i have a whole and it is bleeding.
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is he competent to stand trial or is it all a big show? for years he was a mystery man until aaron thomas was charged for 17 attacks over a decade. >> do you have anything to say for yourself? >> he is not doing much to clear up the mystery. he is sitting under a blanket to avoid them and mutilates himself in a cell. they wanted to see if he is competent to stand trial, and the judge denied it. doctors determined he was exaggerating mental symptoms. >> there is no indication he has been acting any different. that is what the court ruled. >> the test showed an iq of 40. if that were true he would be institutionalized as opposed to having driven a coast -- a truck up and down the coast.
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>> there is no reason to doubt what her opinion is. >> lawyers indicated they plan to push through an insanity defense. the judge warned today he would have to cooperate with evaluators otherwise the defense might not be allowed. the trial is set to begin july 31. emily smith abc 7 news. >> prince george's county police are asking for your help identifying a carjacking suspect. it happened sunday at 11:30 p.m. one suspect pointed a handgun at the victim while another suspect approached on the passenger -- passenger side. a third suspect was seen on camera. the victim drove away. >> good for her. >> if you are planning to check out the new casino this weekend
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be ready to sit in traffic. the maryland live casino opened wednesday night. a couple of days later the chaotic commute continues. brad bell is live with the latest on the traffic problems. >> the maryland live casino has been a success by any standard. it has been packed since it opened. this parking lot is jammed packed. is a very busy place. some of the neighbors are starting to wonder if maybe for them it is a little too successful. an estimated 5000 people crowded into the casino. up the road to success says, that is great for the casino people, not so much for her. >> yesterday when i went to leave to go to day care i could not make a left turn. >> traffic is her beef and she
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is not alone. cars and people backed up for miles. everyone agrees that was likely a one time event brought on by the grand opening. many who live here say they can see the difference in their travels. >> maybe 7 miles that took me 45 minutes to get home. >> he says traffic will not be an ongoing problem. >> openings are always big events. we have had no traffic issues hyundai two and a three. >> he also says this roadwork will ease the flow of traffic to and from the bw parkway. he calls it a diverging diamond replacing two circles with a light control. >> we moved here five years ago. great location and very
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convenient. i just think traffic wyse will be our biggest headache. >> i can tell you with my own observations you can notice there are many many more cars on the road now than there were even a week ago before the casino opened it. right now there are a lot of cars, but they all seem to be moving pretty smoothly in and out of the arundel mills mall. >> much more ahead at 5:00 including a big change for tamara's belmont stakes. the potential and helpful winner is out and done for good. >> a list of jobs that will most likely make you gain weight. >> a frightening scene in the sky. this is during a graduation ceremony.
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>> several high school seniors suspended for taking part in a senior prank. two of them are not allowed to walking graduation.
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>> it is a rite of passage for students and their senior year pulling a prank. >> schools increasingly have no tolerance for that. one local school is not allowing some students to walk across the stage. one student is especially upset about his punishment. >> this student is very upset. all he wanted is to have his family see him walk across the stage to accept his diploma. it will have to wait to see him get it in the mail. >> we did not bring guns, drugs we did not start fights. ashkan naderi says he and five friends decided to pull a senior prank. >> i got caught in particular. >> ashkan naderi says administrators decided to
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suspend it three students for four days each but he and another student received a seven day suspensions. >> we understand what we did and it was wrong. the crime did not fit the punishment. >> well graduation is supposed to be a joyous time, this ordeal has put a dark cloud over the celebration says some students. students have rallied around the young men. >> every school does senior pranks. i really think they should walk. >> the school principal told him somebody could have been injured and that is why he is untroubled. >> if they did not catch him and somebody fell, that would have been a lot worse. nobody was hurt and i think they should let him walk. >> i just want to walk. that is all want to do at this point. >> we reached out for a comment and a spokesman said they do not comment on a student
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disciplinary action cases. students here say they will continue to fight until next week to try to get their friends to walk with them during graduation. >> thank you very much. also tonight we have new developments in the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. he has denied a last chance defense to dismiss all charges. the judge issued a three paragraph order stating all 52 charges will remain in effect. opening cases are set to begin on monday. brad bell will have live reports right here on abc 7 news. >> here is an example of what not to do in an outdoor graduation ceremony. it looks like a funnel cloud forming.
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they stayed until the end it. none of these graduates or spectators were hit by lightning. they believe this was a super cel thunderstorm. >> it was a nasty storm. fortunately it did not do any damage. >> not a good idea. >> it does not even look real. >> it scared a lot of people. >> what about around here? >> all day long we were saying friday was the day. is here. let's enjoy this. along the shore it will be cooler this weekend. it is in the '70s right now. lots of sunshine around the area. 84 in falls church right now. the air is very dry. 83 degrees in oxon hill. temperatures are very warm all
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around the area. 85 at reagan national, 82 in manassas. it is warm around the region. still chilly up north. caribou, maine is 55. the 80's to the west is pushing eastward. today and tomorrow, the dewpoint temperatures, very low. about 48 for a dewpoint. it actually feels a tiny bit cooler because of the dryness of the air. over the weekend they will creep up. by sunday it will be on the muddy side. 83 degrees and the oklahoma city, 90 and omaha. there is a lot of heat building that is heading eastbound. high pressure builds throughout the mid-atlantic. with high pressure in place the storms are going over the top of
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the ridge. this is some much-needed rain coming across florida right now. florida beachgoers they need the rain. floridians will not complain about that forecast. our story for the weekend sunshine. upper 80's. on sunday we are looking for hot conditions around 90 or 91. it will become humid, typical summer stuff. if you are going to the chesapeake bay the winds are westerly. air temperatures in the 80's. water temperatures in the low 70's. upper 70's to load 80's off the boardwalk. on the beach from it will be in the lower 70's. water temperatures about 70 or so. i think lots of people are heading to the beaches for the
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weekend. close to 90 tomorrow. about 90 on sunday. muggy with a few clouds on monday. as we head through tuesday and wednesday, the next cold front comes through with increasing chances of storms. >> thank you very much. everybody's favorite abc 7 facebook contest is back online. >> we want to thank you for joining us on facebook by giving away and ipad. go to our facebook page and enter your information there. we will give you additional entries. you have until friday to enter. first coming up tonight,"20/20" profiles a woman who lived a lie in order to get married. and she had to live with it to get out of control. >> is there any other way to get his attention and saying you are dying of cancer?
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>> she ended up going to court. also tonight "shark tank" and "what would you do?" join us back for abc 7 is at 11:00. >> we are seeing one simple morning mistake ended up with a lot of missing money. >> exercise can also give you more money from your boss. >> one of the most momentous
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>> disappointing news for thoroughbred horse racing fans tonight. >> the trainer has pulled i'll have another from the belmont stakes. the trainer's brother said the horse was galloping this morning. the tendon it seemed a little tender. such a disappointment for some many people. clucks right now the horse is reportedly sound and happy but this news that the race is not worth the risk is so hard to take for so many fans. >> i'll have another's dreams are over. >> this is to officially tell you that i'll have another is retired. >> it was the 4-5 favorite to
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win the belmont stakes tomorrow. >> it is extremely disappointing. i feel so sorry for the whole team. we had such an amazing run. >> a crowd of more than 100,000 people were expected to watch i'll have another and the triple crown drought. >> we have to do what is best for the horse. if he cannot compete at the top level, he has done enough. >> the 3-year-old colt had been quiet the past few days and he noticed a troubling muscle change in the front leg. >> we parade he just hit himself and it was a little skin irritation. >> this morning the swelling was back. it was diagnosed as tendinitis. >> it was unanimous. everybody at the barn, to retire him.
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>> i'll have another is one of the momentous and in racing history. natasha barrett abc 7 days. >> much more ahead including a frustrating situation for people trying to park in a local community. how a lack of spaces has caused some visitors to leave early. >>
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. >> more on today's's please by kwame brown. >> he claims he was singled out in the finance investigation. it will more people face charges? mark is live at the u.s.
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attorney's office with more. >> twice in one day clerks called the case of the united states versus kwame brown. first in federal court where he pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud and later today in d.c. superior court where he pleaded guilty to finance campaigns -- campaign finance violations. >> he seemed defiant when addressing the campaign finance charge. >> i believe i am the only candidate that has ever been charged with a misdemeanor. >> in federal court he admitted he lied on two loan applications to refinance his home and buy a luxury boat. >> we have had cracks and thieves for a generation. it just seems to be in your face more. >> he arrived here at superior court where he was given unprecedented treatment and
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allowed to enter through a private entrance. >> why is he going through the back door? he should walk the line like everyone else. >> this was not the result of this office targeting mr. brown bought rather it was the result of a thorough and comprehensive inquiry. >> most residents agree. >> it makes washington, d.c. look bad. >> the big news out of the attorney general's office is that the investigation is ongoing and there could be more charges even for brown. he did not rule that out. he faces six months on each charge. the superior court judge told me he let him enter through a private entrance because recently a washington times reporter took a picture inside a courtroom and also because of a
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chaotic scene at city hall where brown resigned. >> thank you. now a look at the other top stories. the culpeper officer accused of shooting and killing patricia cook has pleaded not guilty. he was in court today for firing seven rounds during a traffic stop in february. the first two were not fatal and that damon harmon-wright fired five more shots as she drove off. >> maryland's newest casino is causing headaches for drivers. traffic is consistently backed up there. there are confident traffic will die down once the buzz wears off. >>herndon high-school is banning some students from walking across the stage for a senior prank. for students were suspended for
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three days and two were suspended for a week meeting they cannot walk across the stage on thursday. the school says the price was dangerous and somebody could have gotten hurt. >> i spoke with diane sawyer a short time ago about how our investments could be effected. >> great to see you. i know you will be giving us more about the president was a press conference today? >> we will tell you something the president seemed to revise a bid by the afternoon. also the alarm he was sounding on the troubles in europe the affecting us here. we will let you know what it means for our economy. >> a real shock before belmont that i'll have another is out. >> i loved i'll have another. i love to the heart of a champion inside that horse. we will bring everybody the brand new details on what
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happened and the real risks for the horse running the kind of race he might have had to run tomorrow. >> we will be watching. have a wonderful weekend. >> you can watch those stories and more on world news after abc 7 is at 6:00. >> d.c. children will soon enjoy a renovated playgrounds. the goal is to renovate existing playgrounds in the district. the project is funded by $9.3 million in next year's budget. currently there are 78 playgrounds operated by the department of parks and recreation. now for a check on the traffic situation. >> finding delays on 395 southbound, a brief delay from duke street. our big problems are traveling to 70 northbound and southbound. in earlier trash bag up -- trash
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truck fire going southbound. big delays on the inner and outer limits on the beltway trying to funnel onto 270 northbound. the american legion bridge up to the 270 spur. there 121 clarksburg, a new axa reported. and overturned the haeckel so some additional bad delays there. you will see some rubbernecking delays through there. 16th and m a security related incident there. big delays through annapolis' near sandy. and across the bay bridge. >> is your job making you fat? we will show you which jobs are more prone to make you gain weight. >> i am horace holmes. imagine driving down a highway when you see money flying through the air. we will tell you where the money came from next.
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>> yesterday morning the owner
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lost the bank deposit bag somewhere near i 97 in the glen burnie area. it is all because he left the bag on the roof of his car. horace holmes has more. >> many of us have done this. we get ready to put something in the car put it on the roof and drive off. >> i am responsible for the money. >> yesterday he walked out of his home with a plastic bag of cash and checks, money to deposit from sales at his store. when he got into his car he sells and trash in his driveway and when to throw away the trash. little did he know that the inner change, the back throw off the roof off -- the bag flew off
5:41 pm
the roof of the car. when he realized what had happened, he doubled back and saw a group of people looking for something along the side of the road. >> i said what are you looking for? they said there is a pile of money loose so we're trying to look for it. i said really, that is my money. >> one woman who picked up a check and a dollar bill gave it to him. another woman passing through the area at the time turned in $40 in mostly $1 bills. she discovered them trapped in one of the tire wells in her car. the bag and the rest of what he says was an extremely large sum of money was gone. >> i appreciate if they return the money back to me. >> if you are one of the ones who found money along i 97, you can turn it into state police no questions asked.
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>> your heart goes out to him. >> i keep my fingers crossed on that one. >> coming up next, can exorcising turn down your waist and a build up your paycheck? >> a new study says yes. >> an investigation into a questionable d.c.
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>> our next story has prompted an investigation by d.c.'s inspector general. >> it centers around a city contract with one of its agencies. a big part of the deal went to the husband of somebody at the top of the agency. >> the office of administrative hearings handled decisions by the d.c. government. it completed a relocation to one square. the moving job or $36,000 went to the tpm group. we have learned it belongs to the husband of thekiyo oden.
5:46 pm
oden insists there were not married at a time but when asked if there were in the relationship she would not comment. >> it seems like more than just a coincidence. >> while she would not agree to an on-camera interview, she wrote that -- while that part may be true, it turns out they recommended the company to that agency. the job was never competitively bid. >> we will make sure all of this is being done properly. >> the mayor has referred the matter under the inspector general. a government watchdog says only in d.c. can you get away with that one without so much as an objection. >> it makes me very concerned. at that particular agency to the
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pile of others that need to be brought under a microscope. >> ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> an outbreak of e. coli in the southeastern united states has claimed the life of a little girl. it has already second more than one dozen people across several states. a 21-month old in new orleans has died. the large cluster is in atlanta. health officials are racing to put a stop to it. >> we know these cases are all linked. that would suggest there was a common source somewhere along the way. >> health experts say the culprit could be undercut ground beef and the department of agriculture has announced plans to test meet. as people breakout the gross people are reminding everyone to make sure you thoroughly cook
5:48 pm
all foods. >> new information on how your work could affect your waistline. a new survey shows some occupations might contribute to weight gain. the most fattening careers -- teachers judges, doctors. all japan these jobs are high stress or require a lot of sitting. >> apparently how much you work out could at affect your paycheck. researchers at cleveland state university say people who exercise regularly earned 9% higher pay than those who do not. even researchers are admitting there was a preliminary and they say further study is needed. >> let's see what is coming up at abc 7 news says 6:00. >> maureen bunyan joins us. >> tonight at 6:00 we are monitoring every development of
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kwame brown as he pleased guilty to a felony bank charge and a campaign finance charge. president obama faces criticism over a comment he made about the economy today. we have a safety alert for parents of newborns. the popular item health officials in maryland want to ban. >> we look forward to it. the water in southern virginia came alive today. >> more than 100 boats on the elizabeth river. navy, ships from around the world taking part. the sail past virginia beach. they are going to go to baltimore on tuesday. it is a yearly event meant to draw international good will. >> what a beautiful sight. good weather for all of that.
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>> beautiful weather on the bay. all across the region. let's start with a look at the atlantic ocean by way of the boardwalk. people are running to get french fries and pizza all afternoon. there is no cloudiness. absolutely gorgeous weather. it will be that way all weekend long. temperatures and below 80's at the mid-atlantic beaches. water temperatures 69 degrees near atlantic city. around our region we are in the mid 80's. 85 degrees at reagan national. the air is dry and the sky is clear. beautiful weather. it will continue through the weekend. the numbers will be a bit higher. around 90 degrees on sunday. a touch more humidity in the air on sunday. a pretty typical june weekend ahead. the next cold front approaches
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tuesday and wednesday. what we just showed you briefly was a glance at an hd picture. a gallery we have up that and observance of world's oceans day. a collection of high-definition pictures. this is spectacular. waves and kind of a perfect setting for world's oceans day. check it out at >> sad story. a great thoroughbred, i'll have another -- >> it was now worth 2 million. i think he did great. it was fun to watch. it was the force that captured the country's imagination over the past four weeks. he was the everyman horse as i mentioned. way below market value with the potential to win the coveted triple crown, not done and 30
5:52 pm
years. it had a slow -- a swollen tendon. his great run ends today. >> i think when you have -- would you give 110% every time you step in the court or run the track, you are suspect to injury. i have been hoping and praying he would stay injury free. it did not happen. >> all around town the only thing anyone can talk about is robert griffin iii. a great quarterback is only as good as the people he is throwing to. here is the newest wide out. >>rgiii is a great quarterback. he is athletic and picking up on the play but quickly. >> not long ago he was teammates with the arguably most talked- about quarterback this off-
5:53 pm
season. >> peyton manning tells you where to be and when to be there. >> he appears to be the no. 1 receiver here in washington. >> they wanted me on the team and wanted me to be part of the organization. >> still he is quick to point out the key to his success. >> a lot of hard work and dedication. the practice hard and work hard. >> he had a career high season last year. let's hope he does it again. we expect great things.
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>> some of the parking problems in the entertainment district in bethesda are not getting better. >> it is frustrating visitors, store owners, and with some people having to deal with cars being towed away. >> imagine paying $200 for a
5:57 pm
burger $120 as a highlighter pen. this is happening as they find their cars have been towed the. >> parking in bethesda is atrocious. >> i have heard of people who have been towed. >> i walked away and i got towed. >> businesses are desperate to save it spaces for their customers only. >> you have to be aggressive otherwise your lot is filled up with customers not coming into your establishment. >> you really are in crisis mode in montgomery county. >> the number one complaint -- >> they are hiding and waiting for somebody to do something wrong and a swoop and like a hawk and get their car. >> the month icky family is one
5:58 pm
who say they were unfairly total of. -- unfairly towedl >> the car was gone. we call the police because we thought it was stolen and they say it was towed. >> they walked more than a mile to get there and back. they still have not gotten their $128 back. >> the owner says there is a misunderstanding. he well look into it. they are making -- last month 30,000 residents were towed along. >> that is all for us at 5:00. scandal in the district. a tearful apology for our kwame brown. what comes next for him.
5:59 pm
>> mr. obama trying to clarify was a mistake or in the economy? >> the ipad frenzy appears to be bigger than some even realize. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> end admission of guilt and an apology from kwame brown. tonight kwame brown and the leadership of the d.c. government face an uncertain future after he pleads guilty to bank fraud and political campaign charges. >> sam ford has been covering this from the first break. he is live in the district. >> kwame brown emphasized he was not convicted of stealing anything. he left court today a disgrace to leader with no political future. >> another


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