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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute say a man intentionally drove his suv into a building. the fbi is investigating this case with evidence to suggest he have planned to do even harm. happening on avenue next to the
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farragut north metro stop. >> police say a few hours ago, a small suv drove into an office building in downtown washington, d.c. not something you see every day. we have also learned from that there was a gasoline in the car. this happened at connecticut l street. police quickly apprehended the driver. there are conducting a precautionary sweeps of the area. this is obviously not typical. somebody appears to be driving a truck into a building washington, we will always whatever precautions we can.
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>> we are told the building variety of retail restaurants and offices. all the streets are currently as the metrol farragut north. we will keep you up-to-date with the very latest. >> keep us posted on this situation. we are also following breaking from southwest d.c. where is under wayion died in police custody. this happen late this afternoon receiving a call from the mental health. man a salted the officer and unconscious after he subdued. the specifics surrounding his death remained a mystery. we turn to the latest chapter in surrounding the d.c. council. a tearful apology after an admission of wrongdoing by kwame brown.
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his guilty pleas on two charges black eye for the d.c. government. we're live outside the wilson building. >> kwame brown is the second city council member to plead a felony. he faxed fraudulent documents his city council office. guilty, thenleaded was sorry. >> i want to apologize. from the bottom of my heart. to all those i have led down. -- let down. to the people of this great city. >> he pleaded guilty to bank loan
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applications. a home5 to get equity loan. ofbrown and forged the name college friend, the document, theclaimed the french was the fictitious company. the president of the fictitious company. >> i have not stolen or even improperly used any public money. april, harry thomas stealinged guilty to city funds. >> i watched in amazement as brown sat and pontificated about corruption allegations. he did so knowing fully backed justice e sword of
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was dangling over his own head. >> the u.s. attorney says he expect brown to face further charges. sentencing in both cases are set for september. guilty plea is the local public past 13 in just the months. harry thomas was sentenced to nearly three years in prison. jack johnson and his wife received prison sentences after guilty to charges to a bribery and a scheme. also following a late development and a possible classifiedleak of the executive and branches of government. tonight, eric holder appointed d.c. and u.s. for maryland to lead separate fbi investigations.
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a new controversy tonight on the trail has the white house and the hot seat. president obama is working to remarks that the doing "justor is fine." is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. that is the reason why i had a press conference. >> republicans jumped on the today.nt earlier quick to paint as out of touch. turn to another big story of the night. is the change in our that is on the for the heat and humidity. like aoing to feel summer. here we are, heading into the
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middle of june. nothing showing up on doppler. a little bit cooler, you can that down around the bay. as they go through the weekend, noticing a bit of the humidity, especially by late on into monday and tuesday. come, lindsay lohan the incident that center to the hospital. tell you what happened just minutes earlier. >> the maryland live casino is for business on a friday night. how is the traffic?
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>> we have learned a report of a
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on 495 nearackage hampshire avenue is causing some major traffic problems. on this fridayup evening. you posted. the maryland live casino tonight as thousands their luck. many worried about a potential on the highways. this casino sits in the middle of two major metro areas. the traffic is only half an hour ride from the district. is one busy place. this casino is now open, but traffic. the busy for 11:00. the parking lots are packed, the
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roads are full. before you even get near a slot machine -- >> this is just the third day. >> you'll have to deal with this. >> i will not be returning right again until i know that it limit -- calmed down. untilis going to be hell novelty wears off. >> 10,000 customers. night, all bets are off. >> the last thing we need is delays in this area. >> the casinos parent company is spending $10 million in road and infrastructure improvements, including this project to ease flow.c
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>> openings are always big events. we have had absolutely no traffic issues. >> the casino will eventually employ 1500 people. it is expected to generate $400 million in taxes. >> the traffic is bad. a lot of people drive. >> neighbors hope it is worth it. >> the first couple days has pretty rough getting around. >> a lot of folks are keeping crossed.gers about the tax dollars, all of those jobs. many are hoping that the does not get worse around here. controversy, and this over a senior prank. of punishment for a pair local students. why they say it is outrageous. new problems tonight fort
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lindsay lohan. -- a fort lindsay lohan. this country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 11 with leon harris, alison starling, bob ryan. 11, on abc 7 news at your side. prince george's county police alert after a brazen crime. surveillance video of an attempted carjacking. one man went up to a woman's car window and held her at gunpoint. a third suspect is also seen on camera. the woman got away safely. the same men are responsible in other attempted as acking as well successful one. controversy tonight after a prank will prevent to fromschool students at graduation. six students tried to spread the school's and they got caught. two were suspended for a week. school officials said the prank
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was dangerous and someone could have been hurt. lindsay lohan and is back in the headlines, for the wrong reasons. after in the hospital her car. she crasher portion into an 18 wheeler this morning in santa monica. her injuries were not serious. she had been in los angeles filming and elizabeth taylor by topic. get ready for science-fiction if a new movieing for this weekend. arch campbell has a first look. dishes up aus" horror extravaganza. .hey find this ship that is not a good sign. not the greatest, but good
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enough, and scary. here are your best bets for the weekend. have a nice weekend, everybody. campbell. >> the sounds of spring are once again in the air. ♪ that sounds good, right? maureen bunyan add joined the d.c. jazz festival tonight. nearly 12,000 people came out at the sculpture garden. the d.c. jazz festival puts on these concerts' for free. they are really popular. you can see why on a night like tonight. >> wonderful weather.
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it was perfect weather. >> what about the weekend? weekend will be great. we will not see anything to spoil the weekend. outside today, we had a lot of sunshine. latter part of the day, just beautiful. .ooking out over our home town our temperature made into the 80's, above-average. do you remember last year? at 99 degrees. ofwere onto a record number 90-degree days. here we are. r high temperature is 85. at the mid part of the country. as we get on into sunday and monday, with a bit more humidity. nothing really oppressive.
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at 82polis right now, degrees. there is the only area of stormy well to our south. the jet stream is to -- is beginning to build. if you have not headed out to beach, a lot of your friends are out there. ocean city right now. 69 degrees. if you are heading up to the s.t big meadow this is one of those days where the national parks are free admission. taken some of that wonderful air. temperatures for tomorrow morning, when you get up, will be into the high 50's to about mid-60's. it will be hot tomorrow, near
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maybe 91 or 92. the humidity begins to come in as we get into sunday. by monday and tuesday, you'll really notice it. by the way, you can always keep 24-7. is our page, and there is gallery about wave photography. look at that. the weekend will be great. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> talking about the nationals and boston. ioston's third baseman,
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not want that he does face stephen strasburg. even with a few bullets in his outings, he is still six and one. today, he took his own dominant staff to fenway. the third, gonzales, there you go. look at this. over the fence, grabs it. rabin a home run. amazing reflexes. -- robbing the home run. amazing reflexes. lasted sixasburg giving up just two runs. the national's win the 7-4. baltimore and philadelphia, a top of the fourth.
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philadelphia was unstoppable. they win 9-6. not too shabby. all have another will not run in another. officially retired today. , at theeft front tendon beginning of tendinitis. have another was the win the belmont stakes. towill make one final trip the horse track. 2, nadal beat ferrer 6- 2, 6-1. he has lost a total of 35 games.
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if he wins, he will be in come ever to win seven french open titles. it is amazing. round,ld cup qualifying here you go. it does not get prettier than that. usa win 3-1. signing a six-year extension england patriots than $50 million. must be nice. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. to see this video. that is what we come back.
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>> that the scandal surrounding
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brown is one of our top on warmup, they are on he and his neighborhood are household names. remixed.s getting >> ♪ is pbs studios. the video has only been online yesterday and it has topped 1 million views on youtube. pbs says there could be more remixes. it brought back so many memories. it takes you back.
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>> a nice weekend here. annapolis about 85. you can come into our page and poll, what is your favorite beach? sorts of things. >> it will be nice at the beach
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this weekend. thank you for joining us. good night, everybody. have a good weekend.
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