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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 9, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> pleading guilty to faugh bank fraud during two separate hearings this week. the board took a look at what brown had to say for itself after a day in court. >> the d.c. council chairman until two days ago walked out of court a convicted felon. >> i have not stolen or
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improperly used in the public money. >> but he did plead to falsifying irs 1099 income statements to get personal loans from industrial bank. it was a $166,000 equity loan in 2005. he claimed he was a vice president of an unnamed company. it was untrue. and he forged a name as the company -- forged a friend's name has the company president. then he claimed he was an employee for unnamed company to. >> we discovered that mr. brown had falsified documents for a loan. at that point, we had to act upon it. >> brown paid off with the house loan and was current on the boat loan. but it was still fraud. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those
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i have let down. for the people of this great city. >> he left federal court and went to d.c. court and pled guilty to violating laws on paying campaign workers. some residents questioned the prosecution appeared >> how many people live on applications to look bigger than they really are? >> but it is illegal. >> but how many people get caught? most of the time, the paper work is gone and people get the money and they pay it back. >> this is just the latest scandal to hit the d.c. government. earlier in the project earlier in the year, harry thomas, jr. was -- earlier in the year, harry thomas, jr. was convicted for bustling. investigators released a new sketch this week that they hope will lead to the killer of a
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virginia tech student. it is similar to be sketched the fbi released in 2005 of a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in fairfax county. when has facial hair and the other is without. oregon harrington was last seen in october 2009 leaving a concert in charlottesville. her remains were found three months later. the battle lines and the showdown against same-sex marriage has intensified in maryland this week. a group has opened up to offices, one in baltimore and the other in silver springs. marathoners for marriage equality says they have hired about a dozen staffers -- maryland there's -- marylanders for marriage equality say they have hired about a dozen staffers. some students from frederick douglass high school in prince george's county noticed something odd on their diplomas.
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the word program was misspelled, leaving a the second r. the company that made the deployments are now picking up the tab to have the reprinted. it pushes on for more affordable housing in west virginia. the one to urge developers to add more affordable houses. those homes would be offered to families making between 50,000 -- making it the% to 120% of the area's median income. opponents say the money could be better spent on things like improving transportation in the area. the government is calling for a nationwide crackdown on distracted driving. transportation secretary ray lahood is urging drivers to put away the cell phone so you are not even attempted to talk or text career he said that handsfree devices could also pose a danger. he also says 11 states have very weak laws when it comes to distracted driving. drivers, be aware -- d.c.
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unveiled 17 new red light cameras yesterday including one on the 14th street bridge and the ninth street tunnel. it could be a big moneymaker. the district has already issued nearly 50,000 more speed camera tickets this is going year than all of last year. that adds up to $40 million for 2012. for a first -- for a complete list of cameras, go to our website at maryland's newest casino is drawing huge crowds in anne arundel county. >> not even open 24 hours and already moroccan -- already maryland live! casino has had 10,000 people. >> this is my second night here. it is wonderful. i haven't won yet, but i will stay here until i win something. >> with slot machines and electronic table games it was tough to find a chair -- that is
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it you are not stuck in traffic try to get here. >> about half an hour. but the traffic to coast of two hours. >> was it worth it? >> of course. >> plenty of people took the vantage of their day off work. some took the day off to gamble. >> it is like the opening day of a football season, to draw an analogy. that will even out very quickly. >> it could estimate an estimate -- could break in an estimated $400 million to support schools and they created 4000 new jobs. they already have some big winners. joe got to the casino around 11:45 a.m.. by 3:00 p.m., he had hit the jackpot of two thousand dollars. natasha barrett abc 7 news. >> the maryland live1 casino --
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the maryland live! casino is in anne arundel county. the redskins are on the move. that is not sitting well with some fans. and big changes are coming to the commercials your kids will see right here on television. >> was it hot enough for you today? would you like more heat? a little bit more is country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools people making stuff. companies have
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>> disney is joining forces with the first lady in the fight to keep it healthy. the company announced it will ban junk food commercials during children's programming and that is not all. >> media giant disney is jumping into the effort to make children healthier. with the help of the first lady disney said it will ban jump doodads from its television and radio station. >> this is a major american company, a global plantbrant that
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is literally changing the way it does business so that our kids can lead help your lives. >> in your advertising standards that will go into effect in 2015 will impact tilden's cable channels, such as disney, disney xe and disney jr.. it will also affect disney's satellite radio station. this means then only healthier food alternatives will be advertised. >> i think it is great. i think kids eat too much sugar. less sugar is good. >> i hope the people follow disney's lead. i think that advertising has a huge impact, especially on the st.. >> disney plans to reduce the number of -- the amount of sodium by 25% in the childrens' meals that it serves annually at its theme parks. >> we were at disney world recently and it was very difficult to eat healthy. we would definitely appreciate
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that. >> disney says these new guns meets federal standards -- the se new guidelines meet federal standards. >> the redskins are moving their pre-seizing training camp to richmond beginning next summer. bob macdonald made the announcement this week and a lot of redskins fans happy but the mayor of richmond says he is thrilled. >> they will be embraced by our citizens. it will certainly extend their fan base. >> what about washington? what about the dc fans? >> they cannot do that. there the washington redskins. >> not the rich and redskins. the headquarters will not moved to richmond, just the training camp. ♪ from abc possible " dancing with the stars" to right here in
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>> here is a look at some of our top stories. two people are dead after an early-morning accent at the world -- at the woodrow wilson bridge. the second car ran into a tractor-trailer. but the passenger and the driver of the second car died on the scene. anyone who turn in a weapon today got a card worth up to $100.
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it is an attempt to reduce gun- related crimes in the county could all weapons turned into a wii daschle be destroyed. about 2000 -- turned in to dave willie eventually be destroyed. about two thousand girls dolls were on the national today. it is the largest gathering of scouts in history. they were from every single state and several other countries represented. and about 60 people had to be treated for some sort of heat- related illness today. people weren't prepared. >> with the hot weather, it was not a surprise. temperatures were well into the lower-90's. it will be with us a little bit longer. we will see exactly what is going on. mainly clear skies at this hour. mainly clear skies will stick around as we move through the overnight hours. and air temperatures will be quite comfortable. look at the -- and our
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temperatures will be quite comfortable. look at the highs today. remember what you're doing a year ago today? probably trying to stay cool. the dewpoint is in the lower 60's pinned the wind is out of the south at 7 m.p.h.. 78 degrees and children's hospital in the district. in north arlington, now 73 degrees. >> and college park, maryland is at 78 degrees after a high in the lower-9's. -- lower-90's. plenty of warmth and humidity to go round. we will expect the hot conditions to stay around for tomorrow. then a cool down for tuesday and wednesday. in the meantime, he large area of high pressure over head which will bring its outstanding weather for sunday. plenty of sunshine come a little
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bit harder, a little bit more sticky outside. other than that, it should be a dry day. our next best chance for showers and thunderstorms will be on tuesday and into wednesday. notice how the temperatures dip for the overnight hours and then tomorrow, the daytime highs approaching 93 degrees at reagan national. keep in mind how it will actually feel outside is a little bit higher than that. we have a little bit of a breeze and a little bit of a cool down prevent tomorrow, mostly sunny. upper-80's in the northern and western suburbs. it should be 93 degrees in the district. we see daytime highs calling into the lower-to-middle-80's on tuesday and wednesday. our best chance for the much- needed rain will come early in the week. that is courtesy of a cold front
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that will wiggle around for a couple of days. it will not move a whole lot. but then plenty of sunshine after that. >> all right. much-needed rain. >> that is right. but at least it isn't like last year. >> i don't remember it being so hot so soon. >> 6790 degrees + days. >> looks could be deceiving. find out what these cute animals will look like when they grow up. >> sky
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>> if you are searching for a good scare this weekend, you might want to go to the movies. >> ridley scott's "prometheus" aims to jump you out of your seat in this sci-fi horror. it is a space alien the oozing into the dna of a crew of explorers looking for the secret of creation. instead of the answer, they find an abandoned ship full of ick. this is not a good sign. >> stop, don't touch it. >> sorry. >> and the creepy touch in the humanoid robots. >> i think there might be some confusion about our relationship tier >> it has -- about our
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relationship. >> worth three stars. here are the best bets for the weekend. "moonrise kingdom" gets almost four stars. three stars for "snow white and the huntsman." have a nice weekend, everybody. i am


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