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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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those things. >> what to expect tomorrow when sandusky's trial begins. gotten a man to
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drive a deep into a building. 7 news at 11. honor side. >> testify begins in a few hours. are learning some surprising jury that wille determine gerry sandusky's fate. >> not only do half the jury ties to penn state, some even have ties to the athletic to potentiald witnesses. after gerryonths was arrested, jury selection is over and his trial begins. legal analyst is concerned. been rushed. has >> also it could not get a change of venue. all the jurors live in the county and state is in. some -- half have some
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ties. there's also a professor. another juror's has been has -- husband has ties. are expectedther to testify. you make sure there are no ties. an attorney said the trial will bring to light more including a creepy love letter gerry sandusky road. abusing 10 boys years. maintained his innocence. >> these allegations are false. i did not do those things. those in parton his bizarre answer. i say no, i am not attracted boys, that is not the truth
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am attracted to young people, boys, girls. died of lung cancer in january. alle sure to stay with us coverage of the trial. we will have live reports all can follow the .estimony on our website it has cooled down but the has beenre outside the hot. a second day of temperatures in 90's. at events like the cryan festival, goldwater and tank tops were all the rage. store for the weekend? look at therst forecast. some relief on the way.
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it was a hot day. watching temperatures all day. as local down and has been after of 92. degrees at the airport. the west, 73 at winchester. amend the clear overnight. another day of of hot and humid weather for the day tomorrow. relief is on the way. could be looking at stronger thunderstorms and tuesday in rain.amounts of the full forecast and the extended outlook in a few minutes. >> we have learned the details about a man who crashed a gasoline-soaked suv into the district building. was no accident. the suspect has a long history with the law. we have the details of the crime
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scene. he is a registered sex say befored police and rammed it through the building, she took him into court. to understand what may have to douse this jeep in gasoline and drive it through a have to travel to this quiet neighborhood in maryland. bill reilly. >> that sounds like a terrorist act to me. he had a troubled past. the 32-year-old had been fraud, assault, theft, drug charges and a third degree sex offense. can he just walk up and the street with this big on his face.
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they had a rocky relationship. according to career records, she orderthe restraining friday. friday night, he tried to use as an exploding by slamming it a connecticutding and l streets. out and tried to ignite the jeep with a lighter. >> it looks like he drove in the building intentionally. is relieved. does go away is disturbed. i hope he never comes back to this neighborhood. >> he faces a person and assault with intent to kill. >> we're learning new details a virginiaeath of man. learn ofere shocked to
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the death. body earlyd his morning at his .partment complex earlier, someone had reported a fight. the body like an in some bushes. >> i just got a new lease here i wish i had not now. i do not know. crazy.rld is going police have talked to a man. anyone withg intermission to give them a call. county police said from driving is to blame crash that happened overnight in manassas. ran aiver of the lexus crashed into a ford focus. the driver was hurt. a passenger and a dog in the car died.
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he had been drinking. amtrak says services have been restored on the northeast corridor. service between d.c. and philadelphia was disrupted after fell ontod power line the bridge. decided not to theble because of disruption can receive rave voucher. get ready for traffic delays starting tomorrow. astrict escape will -- streetscape project will start. new landscaping will be installed. traffic and parking will be thaticted during reconstruction. it will be a change at the top. the president is stepping down. she became the first woman to appointed toe was use ago but she said she is because of fills a philosophical differences. the board says they will hire an
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interim president while they permit replacement. hundreds are forced to evacuate as wildfires continue to grow. hear a spirited defense after charges he attacked his own daughter. a shooting
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for a gunmanking killed three people at a pool party. two of the victims were former football players. duringgunman opened fire . fight at a pool party >> it was about a female. to get away from trouble. our face.
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three died including two football players. >> the only connection is their victims of liberal shooting. -- a brutal shooting. the victims today. the alleged gunman is still on the loose. an active actively searching for him today. rex is not a university student. for two otherking .ersons of interest >> em megachurch pastor defended himself before his conversation wrongfullyas been hurting his teenage daughter. he was charged with choking and punching his 15-year-old daughter who called 911.
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there were arguing over whether go for a party. when he appeared before the stood andon, they cheered. the family conversation got emotional. shoes not choked or punched. >> he was charged with battery and cruelty to children but says the truth comes out, his congregants will be appalled that he was arrested. firefighters are trying to two massive fire new mexico and colorado. the biggest wildfire is in new mexico. the wind with the most threat near fort collins, colorado. torrential from roads.ave washed our
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nearly two more inches fell today. mobile, alabama was drenched. more than 8 inches has fallen there. filled with there. filled with cyclists
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people wereof spinning their wheels today. cup.was the crystal city.through crystal a fundraiser and silent auction benefit struggling families in jamaica. emceed the event. the sure they were enjoying air conditioning.
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>> temperatures may be a degree or to a cooler. sticky. will feel we had a few days of below average ratings. the clear skies will stick around for another six or eight hours. by tomorrow, clubs will approach from the west. degreeecond 90- plus day. 100 in 1964. 88 degrees, that is the now.rature right laughter -- after a 11 and we are -- we have 79 at arlington. right now 81.
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at 94 degrees. temperatures above average. 70 in martinsburg. manasseh's at 72. frederick at 73. we will drop another 548 degrees by tomorrow. of warm air to ground but stalls out later afternoon and we will and all thissteam our way. will move bring us the potential for one on tuesday.of rain a few lingering showers by wednesday. after that, it will be in the will and temperatures start to cool down. temperatures do not fall a lot. daytime highs hovering around the 90-degree mark. cooler off to the west. 82 to 85 degrees in the
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mountains. here are the showers and thunderstorms. tuesday afternoon. notice the rush-hour commute. this is a projection. at the potential and ame starter storms wind and areas of downpour. 24 hours a day. tomorrow will be around 90 across much of the area. here is the extended outlook showing the cool down on the way. tuesday, wednesday, even into thursday. looking forward to the upcoming weekend. dry and sunny. the lower 80's. has had an impact
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is making ar habit of the big play. he had his first day of rest did. he back into the game just-in-time. thed ortiz crushes one to right center. native that. nd he can'taps abnd
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getit. whips it down the right field line. notas a back problem, does look it. and they went four-three. rex rivergate staff and line up. andood for us to get going trying to play. they have got a great club and we got him this time. cue it deep. shot.e run a high fly ball.
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but ity comes up good bounces off the wall. the nba finals will be special for miami. is a return trip redemption. they had the chance to throw -- prove that fateful day. given dirham will go to the files. olive superstars know what is at .take i cannot worry about what me.le say about about who i am as a person. people are going to have their opinions and rightly so. i will go ahead and play at a do whatever it takes to win. >> the finals will be held right here. tuesday at 9:00 p.m.. the thunder will host miami.
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tournamenttime the not end on a sunday. leading two sets to one. went and it into the water. the winner is right there. dustin johnson. he had five birdies. picking up a cool $1 million. four laps to go. got the bump and run tactics to take the lead. if tree. to the media.
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be out there tuesday for more coverage. be out there tuesday for more coverage. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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animals and aliens were hits at the box office. they took the top spot. film earned $60 million.
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and prometheus finished second. has earned $507
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more humanity. dress comfortably and be prepared. it will be a couple of degrees .ooler the humidity will make it feel more comfortable. showers and thunderstorms, we could see one or 2 inches of tuesday into tuesday night. wednesday, a few lingering showers. our skies begin to clear. forecastfor the latest
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