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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 11, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- opening statements. now just hours away in the case that rocked penn state. >> the stage is set for the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. it is monday, june 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. new questions about the sandusky trial. could the make-up of the jury actually work in his favor? majority of those jurors do have some sort of connection to the university. >> and considering how much of that community is defined by penn state and defined by the football program. it was unavoidable as they move
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the trial elsewhere, which they did not. >> a medical story that came out just a few months ago. a new reason why some adults have trouble sleeping. actually, they are afraid of the dark. >> i'm afraid of the dark. >> are you really? >> totally. >> do you have like a night light? >> i don't have a night light but i don't like to go wandering in dark places. like if i come in the house, i have to flip on a light. i'm afraid of the dark. >> you are a grown woman scared of the dark. >> then a stunt gone wrong. video proof of just how dangerous stunt work can be. a promising career entding with this jump. we're going to show you exactly how it ended. >> oh, man. look at that. also, no ordinary divorce. we'll show you the couple splitting up after more than a century together. this story is actually very funny and very intriguing. i don't know what's gone wrong between those turtles.
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>> tortoises? >> yeah. after a quarter century -- >> i need somebody younger with a softer shell. yeah, whatever the deal was. first, lawyers for both sides are set to give their opening statements before jurors who will decide jerry sandusky's fate. >> the former coach is facing 52 counts in the sexual abuse of ten boys. abc's david kerley has a preview. >> reporter: jerry sandusky walks into a courtroom hoping to convince a jury what he told "the new york times." >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. >> reporter: but the former penn state coach will face some of the ten alleged victims who say they were abused over a 15-year period. one will present what's called a creepy love letter. and assistant coach mike mcqueary who reportedly told university officials and investigators he saw sandusky in a school shower sexually molesting a boy is also expected to testify. explosive charges which brought down legendary coach joe paterno who was fired and died less than
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three months later. >> is this a slam dunk case? >> i think it's anything but a slam dunk case. the case has been rushed. the judge in this case is clearly afraid of the media. >> 52 counts which he calls hopelessly broad and sloppy. questions about whether the accounts from a janiter and the alleged victims match up. >> but ten victims telling about the same story? >> i'm not saying there's nothing to it. my feeling is any time you have a 12, 13, 15-year delay in people bringing charges, something smells foul. it could be a wild case. it could take a lot of turns. >> a majority of the jurors has a connection to penn state. paterno's widow and son who worked at the university are not on the list of prospective jurors and the family has no intention of commenting during the trial of jerry sandusky. >> and you hear -- they waited a long time to come forward. that can maybe damage them a
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little in court. on the other hand, they were coming forward with something about a sexual assault which there's a stigma. >> that carries a lot of shame, too. >> you are going to make an accusation against someone who was a god on that campus. a part of the storied football program. you can understand why maybe some waited awhile to come forward. >> people always tend to wait when sexual assault is an issue. we'll see how that plays out in court. >> 9 of the 16 -- you'd hate for anything to really deter anybody that's going through the same situation where they feel like, nobody is going to believe me. you'd hate for this to set a precedent for, you know, anyone who is considering coming forward with something that, like we mentioned, does carry a lot of shame and has a stigma surrounding it. it's a very sensitive topic. >> hopefully justice is served either way. we'll see. moving on now, another high-profile case. the longtime girlfriend of mobster whitey bowlinger is set for sentencing in a boston federal court tomorrow.
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catherine greig faces charges for helping bowlinger allude authorities for 16 years mean was considered one of the world's most wanted fugitives until he and greig were arrested last june. he is now awaiting trial on charges he participated in 19 murders. there's a collective sigh of relief in europe this morning over the weekend, spain asked for help stabilizing its banks and got it. abc's david muir reports the credit offer comes not a moment too soon. >> reporter: the numbers are staggering in spain. far worse than unemployment here in america. unemployment there, 25%. for young people, a stunning 50%. and now that spain is officially requested help, up to $100 billion or more, that request to helping to lift a huge cloud of uncertainty over the entire european economy it's a familiar fear investors worried spain would pull down the euro as a whole and then the american economy with it.
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while the exact amount of help is still not known, spain's willingness to ask for help is welcome news on wall street. >> i don't think spain is going to be so much the issue. they are dying for someone to come in and help them. they are happy to do what they have to do because the last thing spain wants to do is have a problem. >> reporter: the dow anticipating spain would ask for this help moved upward the past week to the best week all year. american 401(k) with 100,000 saved added $3500 in just a week. that comes after a bruising couple of weeks. but the other domino still up in the air, greece. with voters and political leaders so divided it led to blows on a tv roundtable. this man slapping a woman on the panel. an arrest warrant issued. the even larger questions, what will voters there do. soon to choose between leaders who would strike a bailout deal or pull out of the eurozone altogether? >> how about greece. has reality settled in? >> i think that's what people have to be concerned about. we've all lived through the creation of the eurozone. countries going into the
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eurozone. not anybody here has lived through a country coming out of the eurozone. i don't think anyone really knows how deep the web is. that's a concern. and that's, i think, where the real hidden danger is. david muir, abc news. those unemployment numbers are staggering. it isn't taking overseas investors long to react. asian stocks are up this morning as is the euro. spain is the fourth largest economy in the eurozone. the 17 countries that use the euro currency. the next hurd cell next week when greeks go to the polls. and oil prices are also rising on the good news out of europe. despite that, gas prices in the u.s. continue to fall. the average gallon costs a nickel less than a week ago. $3.54 a gallon. lowest prices -- that scared me a little bit. >> that horn gets me, too. >> lowest prices in the south. high neest in the west. there may be a simple explanation for why some of you insomniacs can't get to sleep. get this.
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might be because you're afraid of the dark. new research out overnight found about half of poor sleepers admitted to harboring fears of darkness. the study is the first to suggest fear of the dark as an explanation for insomnia. interesting. also some new insight about why sleepy people might crave junk food. researchers showed pictures of unhealthy foods to volunteers and found their brain's pleasure center became more active when they were sleep deprived than when they were well rested. so you don't like the dark but you like the light in your refrigerator. >> that kind of makes sense now. those doughnuts look good. so did the cheetohs, doritos. >> explains our life on this shift. >> i'm hungry, actually. do we need to take a break? >> we'll go on and then take a break. one of the morning's big stories, a few more inches of rain are expected in the already soaked florida panhandle.
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>> just incredible amounts of rain. floodwaters from torrential rains there have damaged homes, closed roads and cause someday power outages as well. pensacola was particularly hard hit. the county jail, in fact, was without power after five feet of water poured into the bottom floor. some issues about having to deal with those inmates. >> and the smell of smoke from the raging wildfire in colorado is drifting into downtown denver. so far 41 square miles scorched. in new mexico, strong winds grounding the firefighting aircraft, which has been helping to battle the fire burning near a mountain community. hundreds of people already have been forced to evacuate. that number is going to go up. >> no end in sight there either state. now for weather conditions for the rest of the country on this monday morning. dallas, little rock and oklahoma city could be in for severe storms with hail and winds up to 70 miles per hour. the nation's midsection will see scattered thunderstorms. it will be sunny and dry up in bean town. >> chicago will start off in the
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upper 80s but is going to cool down. colorado springs and boise are 78. readings in the 90s for dallas, sacramento and new orleans. well, we have another one of those warnings before you see this next video, do not -- do not ever try this at home. >> this evel knievel wannabe decided to take his dirt bike on a risky jump and he missed his mark big time. >> oh, man. get this. it turns out he broke his neck, his collarbone, lower back, pelvis, ribs, both arms and on top of that suffered two collapsed lungs and second-degree burns. man, the only sort of positive note, the helmet did protect him from any traumatic brain injury but broke almost everything on top of burns. can you imagine? >> not worth it. >> never is worth it. i don't understand. people see that stuff on tv and the movies. i can do it. and then you end up like that. god help him and his medical
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bills for the next couple of years of his life. >> he'll be able to think but won't be able to move. >> not worth it. sad news from austria where a longtime coup cell breaking up. if they can't make it nobody can. zookeepers say the 115-year-old galapagos turtles can't seem to stand the sight of one another and may hurt each other. >> the zoo has brought in relationship counselors, but no far nothing has helped to get these two back together. they are now undergoing a trial separation. 115 years together and they made it so far, but, see? just sometimes -- >> what do you think was the key factor in the breakup? >> i don't know. maybe his shell wasn't as hard as it used to be. she couldn't take it anymore. >> coming up, our brand new segment -- i did antagonize there. >> you invited that joke. >> i totally did. the pastor at a mega church
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in georgia known for his flashy lifestyle has been arrested for battery. we'll have that and more when "world news now" continues right after this. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by p&g corporate. follow the wings.
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welcome back, everybody. well, one of america's most popular prosperous and provocative pastors is defending himself after charges that he punched and choked his own teenaged daughter. >> creflo dollar was arrested just days ago on charges he choked his 15-year-old daughter during an argument. abc's dan harris has this story. >> reporter: creflo dollar's congregation stood and cheered as he took to the pulpit to defend himself. >> the truth is that a family
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conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional. she was not choked. she was not punched. there were not any scratches on her neck, but the only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. >> reporter: police say dollar choked his 15-year-old daughter in the family mansion outside atlanta. >> the altercation stems from an argument over the 15-year-old attending a party. >> reporter: he was arrested early friday. the pinstriped wearing prosperity preaching, paragone of virtue, a man with a tv show that reaches a billion people and a private plane looking supremely glum in his mug shot. >> anything you want to say to your congregation? >> no, sir. >> reporter: this is not his first brush with controversy. in 2008, dollar and others were investigated by a senator for using tax-free donations to fubd
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their lavish lifestyles. >> if you don't know any better you'll stay in the ghetto all your life. >> reporter: just as his followers stood by him during the senate investigation which ultimately found no wrongdoing, they appear ready to back their pastor yet again. >> i should have never been arrested. never. and when the facts of this come out, you will be appalled. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> his 15-year-old daughter called authorities and said, look. my dad has punched and choked me. her 19-year-old sister corroborated the story here. so again, lots of questions. we component know just yet. not all the facts are out. that's why wr things stand. >> if you look at the lavish lifestyle about five years ago, he basically declined his church salary. his money comes from personal investments, a real estate residential property business and a horse breeding business. he's also published over 30 books. >> it's always a little distasteful, a man of god,
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regardless of religion, live that kind of lifestyle. seems a little odd. >> your mansion in heaven. >> the way that looks and people continue to support that always is baffling to me bup that's all i'll say. up next, bears, bears and more bears. >> they seem to be everywhere in trees, backyard pools and -- >> look out, rob. >> a new sighting in one city's downtown area, no less. that and more when we come right
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♪ the bear necessities the simple bear necessities ♪ that was a 140-pound black bear in manchester, new hampshire, giving sunday shoppers quite the scare when it was spotted walking on a busy downtown street. it was captured after being tranquilized and brought back to the forest and then happily released.
2:50 am
>> this is not so unique, though. bears seem to be turning up just about everywhere you look. we are supposed to grin and "bear" it? bad joke of the day right there. >> what's with all these bear sightings throughout the country? abc's ron claiborne brings us the "bear" bone details. >> reporter: so many bears recently they are falling out of the trees. literally. have another look. that's the aye 300-pound black bear plunging to earth after being sedated. this fellow shown here after being tranquilized and captured was wandering through an office complex in new jersey. perhaps you remember that wedding photo we showed you. that brown grizzly bear crashing a wedding reception at a state park in colorado. he eventually made his way across the nearby river. guests now believe it was the buffet. >> bears are driven by their stomachs. they are amazing creatures. this time of year, they are looking for food. >> reporter: on cape cod,
2:51 am
massachusetts, another sighting of this bear. the first bear ever spotted roaming on the cape. and at this middle school graduation, this uninvited guest showed up. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> we are at ramon garza school. there is a bear on our campus. >> why so many bear sightings now? >> when it's drier, bears are wandering further to find the natural food sources. >> reporter: wildlife officials say that overdevelopment and the approaching mating season are driving the bears out of their habitats and closer to us. >> a bear is swimming in our pool. >> reporter: like this black bear in the middle of a swimming pool in los angeles. wildlife officials relocate the bears back into the wild. this guy who somehow wound up in downtown orlando, he'll wake up back in the ocala national forest. and maybe this time he'll stay there. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> they say if you encounter a bear, make your presence known by shouting or waving your arms or just slowly walk away. >> i thought you were supposed
2:52 am
to act dead? i've heard that, too. >> don't do that you may not be acting. something very special. the deby of our new segment on the overnights "the mix." >> while one ikea product is making people blush.
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america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! welcome back, everybody. well, those of you who watch the show for years know this typically has been called our "morning papers." we don't get a lot of our stories for this segment anymore from papers. we get them froj a hodgepodge of youtube and the internet and this and that. we had to change things up. now" "the mix." >> we're fixing it up. our inaugural version of "the mix." >> the virgin mix. >> same old fun. just a different name. sign of the times. look at it that way. this story caught my eye. this was interesting. old cooking grease. they put it on the curb. thieves are targeting this for reasons i cannot think of.
2:56 am
it's become a hot commodity. they can get a couple hundred bucks from siphoning used cooking grease because they can use it to be recycled as biofuel to be used in diesel engines. thieves are going after all that grease they put in your fries and chicken. and it can go for up to 38 cents a pound. people are going for it. cardboard, scrap metal, old appliances, all are seeing an increase in prices because of the down economy. thieves are going for it and stealing stuff right off the street. old grease. >> at least they aren't converting it to new face cream. y to every advertiser wants to specifically reach their target audience and their target demographic. intel is now pursuing a set-top box. so a cable box that will recognize your face and then be able to target these ads directly towards you. it won't necessarily know who you are but it will detect your age and gender. they are hoping to roll it out
2:57 am
in a year or so. i don't know who would really agree to this sort of thing, but they say you might get a nice discount. >> isn't that disturbing? >> a little invasion of privacy. >> the machines reading your face? that's a little much. we need a break from advertisers. leave me alone. ikea. we've all shopped there for furniture or one thing. they're known for weird scandinavian names for certain beds or sofas. the names don't play as well as they expand overseas. some of the names used don't play as well. this new thing they have out called a redelin. so ark parentally it's another term in thailand for getting to third base and so people in thailand did not quite know what to make of that. there's also the -- >> you have to put the screws in the redelin. there's four screws that go into that. >> and then there's the crude
2:58 am
term in thailand for sex. so ikea's products c
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this morning on "world news now" -- record rainfall. parts of the gulf coast under water right now. >> heavy rains flooding homes and businesses. even a jail. and more rain is on the way. it's monday morning, june 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. what a rough weekend for parts of the gulf coast. and it's going to be days before those waters recede. >> a mess down there, too. beautiful vacation. i have vacationed there before. destin and pensacola. to see it under that much water is crazy. from floods to fires,
3:01 am
thousands of acres are burning in the west. conditions expected to worsen today. the blaze in colorado sending smoke into -- sending smoke into states hundreds of miles away. neither one of those fires, not the one there nor the one in new mexico even close to being under control at this point. >> colorado said 0% contained. a special treat. bruno dell gra noddo is back in the house with us. he's just arrived from the tony awards. we're going to see what he thought of neil patrick harris as host and why diane sawyer was there in the audience as well. >> mama bear. >> mama bear is out there having a good time. >> maybe she can hook us up next year. send an e-mail. plus, this half hour, those cuddly critters from "madagascar 3" won the weekend box office battle. paula's kids put it in the test. we'll see if the young uns liked
3:02 am
it. interesting movie theater experience over the weekend? >> i still haven't recovered. >> they need to sell beer at the movie theater when you take your kids. >> in new orleans they do. have a good time. >> not always relaxing when you take a 2-year-old. my daughter was fine. the boy, not so much. before we get to all of that, homes, businesses and even the county jail in pensacola, florida, were inundated as the rain kept falling over the weekend. five feet of water in the jail's basement knocked out power there. >> it's making it difficult to handle all of the inmates. so some nonviolent cons may be released early. and more rain is expected in the pensacola area this morning. abc's ginger zee reports from the florida panhandle. >> it was an epic soaking. some places inundated with over three inches of rain in just an hour. just south of mobile, alabama, a foot and a half of rain. >> just about a foot deep out here. we don't have a street. we have a river. >> we're going to get flooded.
3:03 am
and now it's not going to stop because it kept raining and raining and raining. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit, pensacola, where families were forced to find dry ground at red cross shelters. >> i don't know how bad the damages are. i know the water rose really high and my sister and our kids are here together. >> reporter: safe, but the damage in that area expected to run into the millions. the floods came fast. stalling cars and stranding drivers. >> the water kept getting higher and higher. and eventually got up to the window level of the door. >> we didn't know it was going to be raining this hard when we came to pensacola. we saw it was flooding on the way down. it's been real deep here. >> i never have seen it get this guy in this area before. it's tough, but we'll make it out all right. >> reporter: look at this map. flood warnings and watches from louisiana all the way through the florida panhandle. >> it starts coming in. i'm just going to open up my front door and sweep it right out into the hall. >> inundating rains up to six
3:04 am
inches or even more in some of the places already so hard hit. look at this graphic. it shows another three to six inches overall. more than six inches in some places in louisiana. so again, the gulf coast really not going to see a full dryout until the midweek. ginger zee, abc news, panama city beach, florida. >> for the very latest, ginger zee will be reporting for "good morning america." also, fire crews in the west could use some of that rain. hot, dry windy weather there is fueling huge fires in colorado and new mexico. the colorado fire burning in a mountainous area west of ft. collins grew to more than 31 square miles within about a day of being reported. unbelievable. hundreds of residents have now been forced to evacuate. >> you said about the colorado fire last week it was the one they all feared. it's there. new mexico, strong winds have grounded firefighting aircraft trying to contain a 40-square-mile wildfire which had damaged or destroyed about 40 structures.
3:05 am
and here's the rest of the weather on this wonderful monday. a beautiful start to the workweek in the northeast with sunny skies. lower humidity. pittsburgh could see some scattered showers. severe weather could threaten oklahoma city, little rock and dallas. >> temperatures drop to much more seasonable readings in the upper midwest with minneapolis at a nice sounding 76. chicago will start off warm at 86 but then cool down a little bit. seattle and portland are in the 70s. well, overseas investors seem to like the spain bailout deal announced over the weekend. even though the country's prime minister says that spain's economy will get worse before it gets better. asian markets are up the most in more than two months. the euro at a two-week high and oil prices are rising as well. that should be a good week on wall street. u.s. businesses depend on europeans to buy their exports. so this plan eases pressure. anticipating that spain would ask for help. u.s. markets rally last week for the best week all year. $100,000 401(k) plan added
3:06 am
almost $3600 in just a week. but, of course, that doesn't compensate for all the disastrous losses the weeks before that. >> gains for the year which is good. positive for the year. silver linings. in other news this morning, a manhunt is under way in eastern alabama this morning for a gunman who opened fire at an off-campus pool party near auburn university. three young men were killed, including two former football players for the university. three others were injured on top of that. officials say the gunfire broke out after an argument over a woman. >> i want the family members to know that this community reaches out to them. that they are in our prayers and thoughts, and we will do everything possible through our police division to bring the individuals to justice. >> the suspect desmonte leonard faces three counts of capital murder and police warn he is
3:07 am
armed and dangerous. jersey shore castmate dina cortez may need a reality check after being busted over the weekend. video from tmz shows her walking down the middle of the street and slapping cars as they pass by. she was trying to walk. she was hauled off to jail in handcuffs, charged with disorderly conduct. police say she was d-r-u-n-k but probably couldn't spell it. this comes after the entire cast was involved in a bar brawl friday night. >> the cast of "jersey shore" never disappoints. those kid are always into something. and last week this upcoming season will be their last. seaside, it's almost over. count the days now. >> yes, i'm sure they are. >> "jersey shore." usually when you hear heat and thunder you think of weather. but the real heat and thunder is this year's nba finals matchup between the miami heat and the oklahoma city thunder. >> miami is returning to the finals for a second straight season.
3:08 am
but this is oak's first taste of the big time. you can expect an epic showdown between kevin durant and the heat's lebron james. they are great friends. they trained together before the season but they'll be equally fierce rivals in the best of seven series beginning tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the alphabet, abc. >> who are you taking? who are you taking? >> i want the thunder to win. >> i agree. >> because i want lebron to be denied again. nonget a lebron fan? >> well -- >> cleveland thing? nonget the whole cleveland thing. i think he was too presumptuous when the big three were like not one, not two, not three -- >> a little humble pie. we'll take our talents to this next story. we want to high-five one of our own. >> "gma's" robin roberts was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. she was an all-star player at southeastern louisiana university. she was being honored more for her off-the-court contributions to the sport. >> before coming to gma, she won
3:09 am
three emmys for her work at espn in part for helping boost awareness about women's basketball. i think we all can say, of everyone in the building, robin roberts probably one of the nicest, most down to earth, grounded people in this business. so an honor well deserved. >> she's a hall of famer in pretty much every category. >> amen to that. coming up, one of the most anticipated trials of the year will begin today. we'll have the details. >> a big one for penn state. and what a good mom -- she went to the movies this weekend, kids in tow. we'll see what they thought about "madagascar 3." you're watching "world news now." ♪ i like to move move it ♪ you leave the dental. plaque quickly starts to grow back. but now there's a way to keep the clean longer. introducing new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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it's a clinical breakthrough that actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque at 2 months after a dental visit. plus, it gives you these key benefits. new crest pro-health clinical rinse. crest. life opens up when you do. also try new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste.
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welcome back, everybody. later today the trial of jerry sandusky begins. the former penn state football coach is facing 52 counts of
3:14 am
sexually abusing ten boys. >> all eyes on this trial. however, some are now speculating that the make-up of the jury in the case could possibly work in the coach's favor. john heiniger from our new york affiliate has more from pennsylvania. >> reporter: in the dead center of the keystone state lies the tiny town of bellefonte. population just over 6,000. but the circus has come to town. >> i've lived here all my life. i'm 92. >> she watched from her porch as a swarm of press from across north america swarmed into town. the once celebrated assistant football coach at penn state accused of victimizing over ten boys over a decade and a half. prosecutors are expected to call as many as eight alleged victims to testify against him, including one so far known only as victim number 4. now 28 years old who alleges sandusky abused him more than 50 times. once he takes the stand as an adult he'll no longer be
3:15 am
anonymous. >> the only thing in his life more difficult to handle other than the abuse, which he suffered at mr. sandusky's hands. >> reporter: last week, sandusky appeared in court as the jury took shape. seven women and five men will determine his fate. many with ties to the university, including a current undergrad, a retired professor and a longtime season ticket holder. sandusky has denied the charges claiming the alleged abuse between a grown man and young boys was simply horse play. >> it was a mutual feeling. you know, a family-like feeling. >> reporter: school is already out for the summer on the penn state campus ten miles away. on the eve of the trial, students have grown weary of all the attention. thal they want is to move on. >> it's not really fair. it's what we're represented as now. >> reporter: this case is expected to take as long as three weeks from beginning to end. if convicted on the most severe counts, sandusky could spend the
3:16 am
rest of his life in prison. opening arguments just hours away. josh heiniger, abc news, bellefonte. it was going to be impossible to find a jury without some connection to penn state and the football program. when it comes to crimes against kids, i think most people find it so disgusting and so appalling. i can't imagine any allegiance to the university would overshadow your judgment when it came to something possibly done against kids, let alone sexual acts against kids. i think trumps whatever connections to penn state there may be. >> when you add the alternate jurors, 9 of the 16 have some sort of connection or ties to penn state. i'm looking for the temperature mike mcqueary who was the assistant coach who actually caught jerry sandusky in the showers on campus with another little boy molesting him. >> i'm sure there's a letter from one of his victims, a love letter of sorts. it's going to be a sordid, nasty trial. >> three weeks? that's what he said?
3:17 am
coming up next, lighten the mood a little bit. >> yes, please. heavy hollywood presence at last night's tony awards here in the big apple. our bruno del granado is in the house with all the highlights. >> you're watching "world news now." stick aroucome on dad! can i get winner? here you go kid. hey.aren't you. yep. vokoun and hpern. i think you need a box check. a box check? yeah, it's simple. always check the rating symbols on the front. read the content descriptors on the back. you know, a box check. yes! that's good solid checking. hey, thanks guys. son, i, i don't think this game's for us. maybe you should get this one. is kid got s some skills. for more information, visit esrb dot org.
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♪ actually, i'm feeling better. so i'm good. >> really? you sound tired. >> no! >> tony host neil patrick harris and tyler ferguson at the tony awards held here in new york city. >> music and media consultant bruno del granado back in house with all the highlights. >> your headed back to the after party after this? >> i am. >> the tony awards are all about
3:19 am
broadway. neil patrick harris? >> third time is the magic charm. he's a born comedian, actor. right spot on delivery. he was fantastic. started with a skit about the book of mormon, the big winner last year. he had everybody eating out of the palm of his hand from the beginning to the end. >> also rumors that he was a candidate, a leading candidate to replace regis phil bbin. he'd be great in that role. >> he can do anything. >> the sky is the limit. >> who were the big winners? >> "once." walked in with 11 nominations. walked away with eight including best musical play. "once," as you know, was a movie, an independent movie a couple of years ago that did very well in the art house circuit. it's swept over broadway. the response has been tremendous. walked away with eight awards. big night for them and also mike nichols. >> he took on the greatest american play "death of a salesman" and he totally hit a home run with this. he won the best director. his sixth tony.
3:20 am
18 nominations he's gotten. this has been the best received version of "death of a salesman" since the original launched in 1949. >> his wife, i may have seen her once or twice. >> yeah, diane sawyer, i think her last name is. she was there last night. good night for that family. >> what were the big upsets. >> newsies is a disney play everybody is talking about being this tremendously success, which it is. the movie version with christian bale bombed about 15 years ago. this play has genred more money in three weeks than the movie did in his lifetime. so it went in with eight nominations and only got two. but disney will know how to milk this one because the play is a success. >> we hope they milk it well. for our sake, too. of course, terms of best actor last night. best performance by an actor. >> huge upset. a british comedian, a tremendously talented guy.
3:21 am
he was up against philip seymour hoffman, john lithgow, frank langela and he beat them. >> why do you think he won? what put him over the top? >> his comedic chop is fantastic. they like newcomers who show a talent for knack. >> people don't have as much discretionary income but it's not affecting broadway. >> broadway ticket sales are about $1.1 billion for this year which is a record. broadway generates about $11 billion for new york city. 86,000 jobs are created because of broadway, theater, through advertising, through everything else. this is a huge money generator for the city of new york every year. it's new york city's biggest local event. >> it's a defining thing for new york city. >> the best example of americana. it's the great white way. >> 70% of people who go see play s are tourists.
3:22 am
>> thanks for being here. have a good night. coming up, what my kids thought of the weekend's top movie. you're watching "world news now." that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist.
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♪ and time now for a very special edition of "insomniac theater." >> still recovering. >> our take on the movie that won the box office this weekend. "mad gassar 3," europe's most wanted. my co-anchor rave e ed braved t kiddie crowds. >> i've learned i can't ever take my son again. j.j., you are banned from the movie theater until your attention span is longer than
3:26 am
ten minutes. it was a very cute movie. daughter loved it. she had her dolly in tow and a bucket of popcorn. the animals that escape from central park zoo everyone is years ago are still trying to get back. they land in europe and are hunted by the main antagonist in this movie. she's great. great character. but they disguise themselves by joining the circus called the afro circus to get away from mrs. dubois. chris rock is the one that dubbed the afro circus. they wind up making it back to america and to central park zoo with the circus. but when they get there it's not quite how they remembered it. they realize that true freedom was actually -- that's what they had experienced the last seven years. here's my kids' take on it. >> what did you think about "madagascar." >> it was really fun. >> what was your favorite part? >> the one -- >> the mean lady that drives the
3:27 am
motorcycle? >> yeah. >> did you like the circus afro? >> yes! >> yes? j.j., what did you think about "madagascar." >> it's fun. >> it's so fun? >> what was your favorite part about "madagascar." >> it's way fun. >> it's really fun? >> yeah, fun. >> okay. let's go. >> j.j. had some drinks? breaking everything. >> let's go. that's what he said before the movie had even started. somebody help me. i gave it, though, a 4 out of 5. may have given it a 5 if i was able to stay in the movie theater the whole time. we had to take turns taking the little guy out. >> j.j. wouldn't sit still? >> no. now he wants to see "brave" on wednesday. i'm like no way in heck. >> you have two very adorable sweet kids. the girl looks just like you. having met your husband a few months ago, i think j.j. looks >> he does. goongetslooking family. >> cute. but it is a great movie. adults, kids alike, you'll love
3:28 am
it. >> go see it. >> grab some popcorn and beer. >> and strap your kids down.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- manhunt. the search is on for a killer in the close-knit football town of auburn, alabama. >> three men are dead. two of them former players. and police know exactly who they are looking for. it's monday, june 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm paula faris. still trying to recover from the weekend. >> yes, aren't we all. i know. i was out a little late saturday night. good morning. i'm rob nelson. we'll get the latest from auburn in a second. awful scene in that small town. also we're tracking floods in florida. on top of that fires out west. >> and some video surfaced this
3:31 am
weekend that has lots of folks chatting. a man shown hitting his stepson with a belt during a backyard game of catch recorded over the fence by a neighbor. that man has now lost his job as a public employee. >> you never know who is watching and recording in this age of cell phones, folks. also this morning, new pictures of gabrielle giffords campaigning over the weekend. and word that she may have ambitions of returning to public life. her recovery is just beyond astounding. she looks great. and out there back on the stump. she and her husband, great to see that. >> so good to see that from her. them as a couple. they are a very, very special couple. later this half hour, inside the jackson family. shocking details as oprah sits down with paris jackson, michael's only daughter. those insights coming up in the skinny. she is 14. looks all grown up. >> she's grown up to be a beautiful young lady. very mature. look at her. and revealing, too, about what her life has been like since her famous dad passed away.
3:32 am
oprah got the skinny on that. we'll get to that in just a second. first, the tragedy that is rocking the auburn university community. three young men are dead. two of them former auburn football players. >> three others were injured. one of them a current team player. and police say the gunfire broke out during an argument over a woman. abc's john schriffen has details. >> reporter: investigators were back on the scene trying to piece together how an off-campus party near auburn university turned deadly. police say a gunman opened fire, shooting six young people, killing three of them. among the dead, two former auburn football players, ladarious phillips and ed christian, both 20 years old. >> this is very much an unusual event for the city of auburn and auburn university. it's sickening that these young lives were cut short. >> reporter: police responded to the scene about 10:00 p.m. after witness say a fight broke out at a pool party and shots were fired. authorities say auburn football
3:33 am
player eric mack was also shot. he remains in the hospital but is expected to recover. the suspected shooter, 22-year-old desmonte leonard, from montgomery, alabama. he lives in town but has no connection to the university. >> we are currently in an active manhunt in montgomery. >> reporter: one of the three surviving victims, 20-year-old john robertson, is in the hospital fighting for his life after being shot in the head. meanwhile, authorities are urging the suspected gunman to turn himself in to police. john schriffen, abc news, new york. hard to believe that suspect is still on the loose after escaping from a crowded party like that. police say he is armed and dangerous. hopefully someone saw something and will get him to justice. >> the head coach gene chizik says this man, this alleged shooter has absolutely no relations to the football program at all. this dispute was all over a woman but there is -- so six were shot. three fatalities. and there's currently one
3:34 am
offensive lineman who currently is on the team that is hospitalized right now fighting for his life as well. >> they do expect him to recover. but certainly keep an eye on that. also other big story on this monday morning -- wild weekend weather is not over just yet. thousands of folks are without power. not only in northern jersey. rough patch of weather. also residents down in florida along the panhandle are coping with incredible amounts of rain. into the western states, hot, dry, windy weather is making it extremely difficult for fire crews. with more on the extreme weather, here's abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: it rained 15 inches in pensacola, florida, alone. and there's more to come. floodwaters from the record rainfalls have damaged homes and closed roads all over the florida panhandle and all the way to mobile, alabama. >> it's been deep here. real deep. it's deeper than i thought. >> reporter: stranded residents are spending the night in emergency shelters. more than five feet of water rushed into the bottom floors of
3:35 am
the escambia county jail, leaving the prison facility without power, forcing prison officials to think about releasing nonviolent offenders. >> at this point, nothing is definite that anybody is going to be released. it's just an avenue that we're looking at to reduce the jail population because of the damage done because we don't have any power. >> reporter: out west, wildfires are spreading quickly in parched forests. strong winds grounded aircraft fighting a huge blaze in new mexico. wildfires also turned around destroying homes that had been spared the first time the fire wall rushed by them. >> even the house still standing last night is still -- is gone now. >> reporter: another wildfire, this one in northern colorado, has grown to about 22 square miles. >> really no hope for containment at this point. mother nature is really driving this fire. >> reporter: and destroying homes along the way. >> the unfortunate part is we've got dozens of engines up there. we've got hundreds of homes. >> and with the flames moving so fast there's concern not everybody made it out in time. >> there are several people missing. we don't know if they are with their family or some other
3:36 am
family, but we are concerned. >> reporter: scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >> of course, the "gma" team is covering the latest on all of this. fires and floods. what a weekend. they'll have some live updates coming up later today on "good morning america." a southern california water agency director has resigned his elected post, and he is under arrest after a shocking video that has surfaced online. anthony sanchez faces felony child abuse charges after he was seen on video hitting his stepson with a belt apparently because the boy dropped a baseball during a game of backyard catch. a lawyer for sanchez admits the video is disturbing. it is, but says all the facts of the case have yet to be revealed. >> hard to believe. what is going on? bizarre story here this, too. in the last month, five people have been hurt by bombs hidden in flashlights. all this taking place in the phoenix area. mysterious and random attacks have led authorities to take the unusual step of putting warnings
3:37 am
up on more than 20 billboards like that one to warn residents about discarded flashlights. authorities say there's no link to terrorism, though. also in arizona, former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband former astronaut mark kelly are on the stump frying to help former giffords' aide ron barber win tomorrow's special election to fill her old seat in congress. giffords and barber were both wounded 18 months ago in that deadly shooting rampage outside of a supermarket in tucson. mark kelly says his wife may return to public service. in fact, he tells politico she's feeling better all the time. and that would certainly complete what's already been an amazing recovery. great to see her get back into the game like that. >> she certainly looks like she's feeling better. exponentially each day. here's a look at your weather, everybody. the already soaked florida panhandle could pick up another three or four inches of rain. the ohio valley will see scattered thunderstorms. cloudy in the pacific northwest. >> dallas is summer-like at a hot 95.
3:38 am
fargo, a lot cooler than usual. just above 60. new york and boston will be extremely nice today. the mid-70s. low humidity on top of that. miami, baltimore are in the upper 80s. so rain made a mess of things in paris yesterday. the french open men's final between raphael nadal and djokovic was postponed in the fourth set. >> they'll try to resume play later today. the first time in decades the men's final has been delayed. >> nadal has won six french opens. as our friends at "the daily beast" have observed, he can't quite cure his perpetual wedgie. get it out, rafa. >> they have picked the best examples of the spanish star in action just in time for him to take the court again today. somehow some of the lady don't mind all those butt shots of nadal. you don't seem to mind. >> no, keep going with that video. no, but you know who has it the worst are gymnasts. >> they have to wear those tight little uniforms. >> flipping and your body is being maneuvered. i was in gymnastics for a little
3:39 am
while. >> you were a chronic picker? >> it was bad. >> some habits die hard, too, i've noticed. coming up -- >> later in "the skinny," imagine being stuck in an elevator with the biebs. also, a tearful apology. a soldier and his story. many are asking why he didn't just stick to the truth to begin with. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men hair color. follow the wings.
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3:42 am
♪ you're unbelievable now to the contestant who said he was a wounded war vet. he won over millions of fans,
3:43 am
maybe even you, with his singing performance on a tv reality show. >> he can sing. as his background story unraveled, many are asking why he just didn't tell the truth to begin with. here's abc's nick schifrin with all the real facts. >> reporter: in three days, tim poe went from veteran with a velvet voice -- ♪ sometimes late at night >> reporter: -- to struggling singer who tells tales on tv. >> i don't -- i don't feel like i've lied. that's who -- what's driving me crazy. >> reporter: but tim poe did lie. he said he deployed to iraq. >> my truck got hit, hit, hit by an ied. >> reporter: but the military says he never went. he says he only recently discovered singing. >> my speech pathologist told me that -- to help my stutter, she said to sing in the shower. >> reporter: but he sung for years, including in a band. is it possible his lies were caused by an injury? that's what he says these documents prove. a grenade exploded next to his head.
3:44 am
>> it broke my back and gave me a brain injury so that's the reason why i stutter a little bit. >> reporter: but military psychologists say brain injury and ptsd patients usually try to suppress memories rather than make them up. >> pathological lying typically is not part of the diagnostic criteria. >> reporter: what's more likely, tim poe is either trying to deceive us or somehow deceive himself. >> if you tell that lie long enough and you continue to build on that lie, you've created this new reality, and you believe it. >> reporter: perhaps he felt embellishing his service could make him a star. >> it increases your chances of being a contestant that makes it to the further rounds and now all reason, all ethics, all conscience is thrown out the window. >> reporter: but poe could have simply said he served and he wouldn't be lying and wouldn't be in danger of being kicked off the show. nick schifrin, abc news, new york. >> this is our facebook question
3:45 am
of the day. do you think -- do you believe his story or not? if you do -- if you don't, what do you attribute it to? check out let us know what you think. i think it's a sad story all the way around. clearly he's disturbed or a little off for one reason or another to tell such an easily checkable lie. >> i don't know if you can say ptsd. this seems like a thought out pathological type of track he took. >> it will come out. these tend -- we'll find out the bottom of it. all right. when we come back, a concussion for lady gaga. wait until you see the video of how it happened. >> and jackson family secrets revealed. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ how is that again? ♪ so skinny >> you really, really do have a future in the music recording business. >> thank you. as soon as i get done with this job, off to the recording studio. >> rob diddy. >> that's it. >> paris jackson, the only daughter of michael jackson.
3:48 am
beautiful young girl. last we really saw her was at her father's memorial when she was 11. she's all grown up. 14. she's a beautiful lady. she's grown three inches. grown figuratively and literally. she sat down with oprah last night. talked about what it's been like since her father's passing and said she's been a product of bullying. she said it doesn't work. but here's an excerpt from last night. >> if you are out some place and suddenly you hear a song or a song comes out of nowhere and you weren't prepared for it, does that -- >> i just start to dance. >> you do? you start to dance? but it doesn't throw you into a sad place? >> no, unless it's a really sad song like "you are not alone." makes me cry. >> how do you feel you are doing without him? how do you feel inside yourself that you are doing? >> i think i'm doing all right. i mean, me and my brothers, we
3:49 am
miss him with all our hearts, but -- >> she has grown into a beautiful young lady. >> beautiful. she's making -- she's not following in her daddy's footsteps. she's going to become an actress. she's starring in "london's bridge." and "three keys," two movies. >> to lose a parent that young has to be awful. then to do it with the world watching you has to be even more bizarre. if she's somehow going to come out of this thing remotely adjusted, god bless her. lucky, lucky. this is crazy video. lady gaga was doing a show in new zealand over the weekend. she's known for elaborate performances and costumes. she got whacked in the head with a pole. take a look at this video. it's coming in a second. wait for it. gaga got gunked. look at that. >> now she has an excuse for being so crazy. >> she was performing the song "judas." lairt later in the show she told the crowd, i apologize. i did hit my head, and i think i
3:50 am
may have a concussion, but don't worry. i will finish this show, and finish the show she did. so nothing like a little perseverance here, but she got knocked out pretty good. she may have a concussion but finished the show. impressive. ow. that looked like it hurt. >> so if you are a justin bieber fan, hypothetical, okay, what's your big dream? >> to have, you know, quality time with justin. >> so it actually happened. he was getting ready to go on stage in london and perform and he gets stuck backstage with an elevator full of his screaming fans on their way backstage. they were stuck for 20 minutes. >> they must have loved that. >> and a quote from "the sun" says the girls couldn't believe their luck to be stuck there with him. they were sweating. they were nearly fainting with bieber mania before they got out. and then he went on to just deliver, they said, a mind-blowing performance in front of 80,000 screaming fans at wembley arena. >> i'm stunned there hasn't been some video that's emerged of this. a cell phone pic. >> i haven't seen anything yet. but it's got to be out there.
3:51 am
>> stuck on an elevator with his screaming fans. i'm confused why he'd be on the elevator with his fans as opposed to his entourage. that seemed like a security risk. >> if rob nelson security was running the joint that would never happen. >> you mean my grandma, thank you. sorry to break your heart, ladies. this is going to crush a lot of women's dreams out there. matthew mcconaughey is off the market. he's officially a married man. yes, indeed, he got married. "people" magazine reported on the details. they'll have the pictures in next week's issue. he married his longtime love camilla. they got married in austin where he is from down there in texas. they have two kids already. levi turns 4 next month and vida who is 2 1/2. they had a private little ceremony in austin. family and friends and a cool mary matthew taste here. they were in hammocks chilling out, ring toss. and he had private luxury tents set up on his property that he pitched himself and that's where the guests stayed for the
3:52 am
wedding. so they were in luxury tents. that's the true essence of matthew mcconaughey. >> she is not ugly. >> matthew mcconaughey would not be with someone that wasn't a supermodel. take a shirt off and have a wonderful time. supermodel. take a shirt off and have a wonderful time.
3:53 am
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ circle of life you wanted to sing. >> i love "the lion king." >> who doesn't? >> time for our favorite story of the day. maybe the month in fact. june is considered graduation month. we have one extraordinary grad to tell you all about. >> she has been waiting for her diploma since 1934.
3:56 am
abc's david muir has more on who this recipient of this honorary diploma is. check it out. >> reporter: brought back through the front door of her high school 78 years old, anne was back to get something she'd always feared she left behind for good. anne is now 97 and she left shaker heights high school in ohio at just 17, just shy of graduation to work at her father's meat market. this weekend, her daughter reminding everyone that at the time there wasn't much of a choice. anne putting her family before herself. >> it was the depression years. working was more important than getting your education. >> reporter: all these years later, a family determined that grandma anne who worked in that meat market for 40 years would get that diploma. and when they revealed to her the school agreed, she sobbed. all of them realizing that she feared this was the one achievement that would pass her by. >> and it's my great honor to present this diploma to you. and you'll see, it said june of
3:57 am
1934. >> oh, my name is there! >> reporter: right there watching it all, her grandson thomas, who is also graduating from that same high school. >> she looks so cute in that thing. i don't even know really what to think. >> then the main ceremony. she was there, too. and so was that other graduate so proud of his grandmother. david muir, abc news, new york. >> how do you not love that story? she was 17. she quit high school. decades ago to go work for the family. depression time. she had to do what was right for the family. had to let school go. how nice they gave her the diploma with her name and with june 1934 on it. >> she arrived in america with her parents straight off the boat from sicily. beautiful family. to do that alongside her little grandson, what a special moment for the two of them. >> "circle of life" was a great song selection. that's the news for this half hour, everybody. don't miss our updates on facebook and twitter.
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. 
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