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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 12, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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we first learned about the seizure after bryson was involved in two traffic accidents in the los angeles area. officials say he does not remember much about the accident and it is still not clear whether they happened before or after his seizure. while the stock slides continues this morning as scepticism spreads over a european plan to rescue spain's banks. a day after the dow closed down more than 140 points. asian stocks also fell. concerns are growing that the bailout plan for spain won't be enough to stop the economic hemorrhaging. here is another number that is going to shock you. the great recession took a serious bite out of the net worth of each american family. in 2007, the average net worth was more than $126 t three years later, it plummeted to $77 t a drop in home prices is a large part of that. top executives at jpmorganchase knew london based traders were making risky bets
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two full years before the recent $2 billion loss fiasco. concerns about the roguish trading team started in 2010. but the bank did not take any action. the ceo jamie dimon set to testify on capitol hill tomorrow where he will provide a detailed review of what went so wrong. >> officials say one death has been confirmed and an out of control colorado blaze that damaged 118 structures. the remans of a 62-year-old woman have been recovered in the fire area. the wildfire has nearly doubled to 58 square miles forcing hundreds of evacuations. in new mexico, crews are making progress against the largest fire in their state's history. the blaze is now nearly 40% contained. here is a simple headline this morning. it was all a hoax. the coast guard says a reported explosion on a yacht off central new jersey likely, yeah, never happened. it all started with an emergency call from a boat calling itself,
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the "blind date." well the caller claimed the vessel sank but everybody aboard made it to life rafts showing a huge show of force, search crews, but there was no sign of any people or any distress in that water. the jury in the roger clemens trial could finally get the case later today. jurors have heard from 26 witnesses, over 46 days of testimony, in a case the judge once called "boring." two members of the original jury were dismissed for falling asleep. clemens is charged of course with lying to congress about whether he actually used any performance-enhancing drugs. long-time girlfriend of the mobster, learned her fate, greig faces maximum of 15 years in prison for helping him elude authorities for 16 years. a two to three year sentence is likely. bolger is awaiting trial on charges he took part in 19 murders. police in southern california are trying to track
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down a driver who apparently had a grudge. they released this video which appears to show the driver running down a pedestrian on purpose and then speeding away. the victim is going to be okay. but he refuses to tell police anything about the incident. that victim lucky he didn't suffer, maybe a fatal injury. >> wow. >> disturbing. >> grudge to say the least, huh. best way to sum up this year's national hockey league finals is to say, kings rule, literally. >> kings on the throne for sure, for the first time in the team's 45-year history. the l.a. kings are hoisting lord stanley's cup, defeating the devils, 6-1, taking the seven-game series, 6-2. >> now that hockey is over with. time to focus on the nba finals. you can see game one between the miami heat and the oklahoma city thunder right here on abc. kicks off tonight at 9:00 eastern. so the kings won their first stanley cup. going to root for the thunder to win their first nba finals.
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year of underdogs, why not? >> they won in game six. took the series, 4-2, what i meant to say. sorry about that. >> no problem, paula. we'll let it slide. >> let the facts get in the way of the story. >> a look at your weather, everybody. stormy from parts of the rockies, plains, hail, high winds, chance of tornados in denver, dallas, cheyenne, rapid city. showers in seattle. thunderstorms along the gulf coast. into the carolinas. some rain around d.c., philly, new york, and boston. >> mostly 70s across the northeast. midwest. 80s in the southeast. triple digits once again in phoenix. 90s in dallas, sacramento. >> coming up friday, daredevil, nick wallenda will try something that has never been done before. >> he will walk across a tightrope suspended 173 feet over niagara falls at night on live tv. now aside from preparing physically from the historic walk, wallenda said the toughest
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part is preparing mentally. and more than that, the mountain of paperwork, involves two countries, multitude of government red tape. as it should. >> you can see the stunt on abc. he will have a safety harness. >> don't want to frighten people at home. >> on disney, a family company. who is snooping on us from maybe even high above? >> an alarming story from the boston area, how autism research may have taken a ten-year setback. crazy story here. we'll be back with more on "world news now" right after this. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn live insurance. follow the wings.
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welcome back, everybody. a freezer malfunction at harvard's brain tissue resource center in boston has led to dozens of brains being thawed out and destroyed. those brains were critical to autism research. >> this is a major set back for researchers and for families whose loved ones brains are held at the center. our affiliate in boston's reporter tacked report er talked to one such father. >> reporter: christopher lapor's son was autistic and curious. four weeks ago on mother's day, the toddler wandered off and tragically drowned in the pool. the family making the difficult desomething to donate his brain. >> to might was more important, why did he have autism. no one in my family, no one in my life's family. we didn't have any friends or acquaintances with a child with autism. >> reporter: on top of the family's personal tragedy, they
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learned a freezer malfunctioned at harvard's brain resource center where alexi's brain and research samples were being stored. researchers saying many were destroyed setting research back a decade. >> these are really treasures. this is just a sad circumstance unfortunately. >> reporter: an investigation into what happened is under way. and while many samples were damaged, alexi's tissue was somehow saved. >> that's my son. that's him again. he, he is just amazing me again. he just continues. and -- hopefully, hopefully he will continue to -- to help provide answers to this problem. because we need them. we need them bad. >> you hear so much about autism in the news today. millions impacted by this. a real set back on so many levels. the "boston globe" is reporting too the bank has been accepting donations now for 20 years. it is going to take years to replenish the stock and get research back on track. the freezer apparently was above
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warmer temperatures for three days before they noticed the problem. that's the reason behind how things got so setback. >> ironic that they had 24-hour video surveillance to protect those brains in the fridge, and the freezer, rather, but they didn't know what was going on in the freezer. you think there would have been some sort of detecting mechanism. >> an alarm that goes off when it gets below a certain temperature or something like that. strange story here. let's help they get back on track. coming up next, everybody. a tour of some unbelievable real estate. >> we're going to show you how the .1% are gobbling up pricey pads in miami, new york and l.a. you are watching "world news now." >> .1%. when we resolve to stop snacking and slacking, resoe to start reading and running. this year,esolve to help someonelse, too. resolve to support the american red cross.
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because the red crososs provis hope, help, and compassion, not only during disasters,s, but t every day. resolve to do something that means something. support the red cross fore the new year. visit today. ♪ welcome to miami >> will smith classic there.
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>> welcome to miami. >> well done. well done, faris. >> i have no moving and grooving. definitely not. okay, once again, tangent there. the american housing market is still suffering in a lot of the country actually. but it hasn't been bad news for everybody. >> no, indeed. multimillionaires from around the world are snapping up some of the most expensive real estate in america. abc's matt gutman has all the rich details. ♪ >> reporter: this is alejandro. his is his lamborghini. this is the $2.2 million conned oaconned -- condo, the 28-year-old bought in cash for his mother to live at the ritz. his phone is sizzling with 300
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calls a day. he made his fortune flipping houses since college. it's business as usual. for the rest of us, homeownership is at a 15-year low. property values are expected to stagnate the rest of the year after plummeting the past four years. but in cities like new york, los angeles, and miami, mini-bubbles are popping up. they are places where prospective buyers roll up in sports cars or on yachts. where the post bust real estate metrics don't apply. the hard partier took us inside the rarified miami bubble, a place populated by brazilians, venezuelans, russians and european whose seep this as a safer bet than their crumbling economies. the million dollar plus condo market is hotter now than ever.
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in 2011 sales of million dollar condos were up 20% over the previous high set in 2006. we rode along with bazan as he saw the three story penthouse perched over the atlantic, $11 million. >> a flowthrough, both views. >> reporter: get this, bazan says 80% of his deals are in cash. >> i want to see this checkbook. come on! you didn't bring it. what if you were going to buy it and need to put down money right now. >> i make a call. >> reporter: three years ago he says he made a killing in some of the biggest, foreclosure areas in the epic bust. now individuals are gobbling up anything they can get their hands on. >> if ten people want it, and cash, i am going to be a little higher. >> reporter: as the it turns out this is not one of them. you didn't love this place? >> i like it. i like the flow-through. i feel it is a bit narrow. >> reporter: a come years ago these deals were unheard of. now they say the is different
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unlike the subprime mortgage scandals, this is bought and sold for cash. >> there was inventory, and there was foreign investment into the miami market. people coming from brazil, venezuela, russian birz, canadian buyers and specifically high end luxury market. >> reporter: after a few days i learned what to look for in this unique market, the marble, faucets, lamborghinis and planes as neighbors. and alejandro he is still looking for the big deal, the perfect place. are the we all. i'm matt gutman in miami. >> just build the perfect place. that's not the point. >> we picked the wrong career, pat faris. awe call on, rob, what are you hiding? >> look at the life. >> in terms of foreigners, the fastest growing segment of the real estate market. get this they snapped up $82.5 billion worth of houses in the 12-month period ending in march
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31. look almost $20 billion more than a year ago. >> that dude's bathtub is bigger than my entire apartment. are you kidding me? must be nice. more crazy real estate news coming up next in "the mix."
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, everybody. we hear a lot, information these days about the google, apple, street view maps, apps, unveiling a few this week. they're going a step above the street into the sky like military-grade, sky, spy in the sky kind of technology. taking overviews of everything. some incredibly powerful equipment. they want to be able to show the smallest detail. be careful out there sun bathing or grilling out, or technology in the studio catching our crazy antics. >> sorry about that, rob. trying to reattach your head to your body there.
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>> paula was stressed i took her skittles. decided to knock me out. >> having some popcorn. >> this is what it will look like. >> if you see the planes, be careful, your privacy is in jeopardy. watch out for apple and google planes. >> all right, so south beach mansion where versace was shot dead in 1997, back on the market, $125 million, ten bed rooms, 11 baths, gated, 54-foot long 1,000 mosaic pool, lined in 24 karat gold, purchased the home and spent $33 million expanding. worth $125 million. all these years later. crazy property. pick me one up on the way home. might be nice. what do you think the definition of cool is? if i say, so and so is a cool
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person. what do you think that means? >> if they're cool they're fun to hang out with. maybe up to date on things. >> up to date. in the know. dangerous or fearless or you are someone look that? apparently a group of researchers have come out and said that today's connotation of cool means that you are warm and friendly. so cool is kind of a kinder gentler definition. from the university of rochester. likability. friendliness. confidence. success. pass for cool today. more of the james dean, miles davis model of cool. that's cool news this morning. >> there is a lot of parents on coney island that don't think this principal in brooklyn is cool because she has banned god bless the usa also known as proud to be an american. the graduation set for june 20th. instead she allowed them to play "baby baby" by justin bieber. she refrains from reciting the
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this morning on "world news now" -- graphic testimony. the first of eight witnesses to testify against jerry sandusky takes the stand. >> he accuses the former coach of sending love letters and horseplay in the shower that's eventually went too far. it's tuesday, june 12th. good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we are getting a better picture of sandusky's defense the claim that accusers have a lot to gone from a guilty verdict. the latest from pennsylvania. his defense saying he may have
3:01 am
histrionic personality disorder. he may take the stand. >> what a moment to face up to eight accusers to take the stand. graphic testimony to say the least. also, and this story broke all of our hearts here at abc news and throughout the media, many of her fans around the country. one of our own here at abc news has hit the headlines once again. robin roberts sharing with everyone yesterday morning that she is battling a new health problem, this time it is a rare blood disorder. it sounds scary, it is scary. but there are a lot of silver linings. we have all the faith in the world she again will make it through. >> it is just such a testament to her character the way she has handled herself. she has such peace about it as well. >> she is. >> she is not relinquishing anything to this, to this new disease. >> she carried the news with her six, seven weeks and shared it publicly yesterday as she did with her breast cancer battle five years ago. so we are all thinking of her and praying for her. she is going to be okay. we know that. >> new developments in the past few hours about the nation's
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commerce secretary. he is now taking medical leave after a series of bizarre crashes over the weekend out in california. >> strange story there. and a good day for techies, apple unveiling new products and some new upgrades to the ubiquitous iphone, a full report from san francisco. our big story of the morning, the first witness against jerry sandusky says he feels responsible for what happened to other alleged victims because he did not come forward earlier. >> the witness who is now 28 years old is speaking out from the witness stand. abc's t.j. winick reports from pennsylvania. >> reporter: good morning, paula, rob. the first day of the jerry sandusky trial will undoubtedly be remembered from the graphic, disturbing testimony from victim number four. he told this jury that his mentor, sandusky, sexually abused him at least 40 times but that he was too scared to tell anyone. >> reporter: will jerry sandusky
3:03 am
take the stand in his own defense? the attorney said that his client would tell the jury about his own experiences growing up explain some alleged behavior. it was routine for people to get in the showers injury's culture. he is going to tell you it was routine for individuals to take showers together. he argued sandusky isn't a pedophile that he suffers from an attention seeking personality disorder. but in graphic afternoon testimony, alleged victim four, the first state witness, described how sandusky repeatedly molested him whether in the shower or on a bed. later his mentor would write a letter that began, i know i have made my share of mistakes however i help that i will be able to say that i cared. the now 68-year-old is charged with sexually abusing ten boys over a 15 year period and in all he faces 52 counts. the lead prosecutor, joseph mcgettigan, promised that eight would take the stand to recall details of the alleged abuse labelling, sandusky a serial pedophile. while the former coach denies
3:04 am
all the charges you can bet prosecutors will play video of "the new york times" interview, for the jury, the interview where he says. >> if i say no, i am not attracted to boys, that's not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> reporter: the defense claims that all of the accusers have a financial stake in the outcome of the trial that essentially they have a better chance of winning damages from penn state university and other parties if jerry sandusky is found guilty. paula, rob? >> just one. and this victim number four claimed that he signed a contract with jerry sandusky. he prop isspromised him $1,000 year after high school, and going to hockey practice and working out three times a week. and began, and was hiding in his bedroom closet to avoid him. >> analyst whose have paid attention to the indictment and testimony, the consistency in
3:05 am
the stories among the victims they tell similar stories and details beyond creepy, soap battles in the shower, the first witness who got up, pump his hand full of soap and throw it. i thought it was a game. eventually he got closer. bear hugging me once the soap was on there, caressing me, wanting me to wash his body. you are hearing details. the first of eight that will take the stand. >> look you said, almost, all of these cases they almost began with that shower scene. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. a tunnel collapse near laked me left one construction worker dead and another injured. the two men working together in one part of the tunnel when increasing pressure sent grout material exploding in their direction. the tunnel is part of a multimillion dollar effort to create a new drinking water supply line. the project though has been plagued by flooding and cave-ins since it began in 2009. and the wildfires burning in the west have now claimed one
3:06 am
life. officials in colorado say they have found the remaunz ins of a woman reported missing. the woman's home received two emergency notifications and fire fighter who fried to got to her home to warn her was chasinged out by flames. commerce secretary john bryson is taking a medical leave of absence after suffering a seizure over the weekend in los angeles. we first learned of bryson's medical problems after his involvement in two pretty bizarre car accidents. news that rocked washington, d.c. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: rarely does the white house get grilled about a hit-and-run accident. >> we are obviously concerned about the incident. >> reporter: a reporter from a local nbc affiliate even asked the president. >> i just found out about this. and my hope is that he is doing also. >> reporter: in this case the driver police are investigating was a member of president obama's cabinet. u.s. secretary of commerce john bryson. on saturday, bryson driving a black lexus rear-ended a white
3:07 am
buick stopped at a train crossing in san gabriel, california, the cabinet secretary got out of his car and spoke briefly with the three men in the buick. then he got back in the lexus and promptly fled the scene driving around the buick, backing into it again, and speeding off. the other driver chased him. that first accident happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. on saturday. immediately after bryson drove down this road about a mile and a half, where he was involved in a second accident. after that authorities found him unconscious behind the wheel of his lexus. police say bryson took and pass aid breathalyzer. and submitted to a blood test. they're still awaiting the toxicology results. the commerce department said bryson had suffered a seizure. >> one can have what is called partial complex seizures. but can have ability to carry on can have ability to operate a motor vehicle. and then have subsequent smaller seizures. >> reporter: authorities say if it was a seizure it is unlikely
3:08 am
any charges will be filed. bryson was hospitalized overnight, but released. he is now back in washington, d.c. david wright, abc news, san gabriel, california. >> all right, thank you, david. as we mentioned at the top of the half-hour. all of us here at abc are absorbing the very tough announcement from our friend and colleague, robin roberts. five years after beating breast cancer, robin is now battling a rare blood disorder, reaction to her chemotherapy treatment a few years ago. >> through tears and laughter, robin told "good morning america" viewers today, yesterday, rather, she has been diagnosed with myelodysplatic syndrome, or mds. she is going to undergo a bone marrow transplant later in the summer or fall, her big sister you see there with the thumbs up, sally-ann will be her donor. robin and her doctors are very optimistic. >> robin is 51. healthier and more fit than i am. her sister is a perfect match. and every expert i talked to
3:09 am
says that they can expect a cure. that's what we all expect for robin. >> she continues to show just amazing strength and grace. she plans to keep working until the transplant when she will have to take off a big chunk of time. she says her first treatment, treatment was last night. >> yeah, she left the show. that's why she wanted to make the announcement. she may be bandaged up or the treatment just began. you hear things like this happen that, god doesn't let bad things happen to good people. and news like this happens, i find personally hard to believe. what i do believe is in robin, her faith, family, she will pull through this. she is surrounded by love on all levels. thinking about you, robin. pul throug pull through. >> these storms determine our character. that last storm showed her amazing character. >> amen to that. tuesday forecast. wet day for most of the west coast. rain from boston to d.c. thunderstorms, in the carolinas. florida and the gulf coast.
3:10 am
hail, gusty wind and chance of tornados from dallas to denver. cheyenne and rapid city. >> 80s, boise, to albuquerque. 105, phoenix. mostly 70s in the nation's midsection. and northeast, 80s. in the south. >> in a world of professional hockey, the l.a. kings, reign supreme this morning. >> for the first time in the team's 45-year history, the team owns the stanley cup, defeated the new jersey devils, 6-1. no slam dunk or hat trick. up 3-0 in the seven-game series and drop the next two and clinch the title. >> fans swarmed the streets outside the staples center and across l.a. to celebrate the long-awaited victory. police are out in force. you can imagine, to make sure all that partying does not get out of control. but enjoy the moment, kings' fans. the night is yours. >> grown men weeping and crying
3:11 am
in sports bashes last nigrs las. >> woops, forgetting your kid at a restaurant becomes international news. >> what if you intentionally leave them there? apple unveiled the latest goodies, tempting treats for all you techies. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> well, like that apple store here in the big apple, apple is known for its designs but may have just topped them all. >> apple executives are saying their new laptop is the most beautiful computer they have ever made. that's not all. david louie from our san francisco affiliate is at the developer's conference. >> this is our 23rd, wwdc. yes it is older than many of you are. >> reporter: they're young, they're anxious to create the next great app and patient
3:16 am
listening as apple took two hours to show them what is new. one of the most significant, new map software developed by apple to replace google apps, apple flew helicopters to get aerial views of landmarks and cities. analysts say apple knows what it is doing. >> over an hour a month. people are spending with maps. adding the features it is bound to have a very positive impact on how they're using those services. >> reporter: a major focus was on mobile apps, and apple unveiled a mac book pro, that brings the high resolution retina display to the mac book. >> apple thinks there is a very important market for laptops and that is not going away. >> reporter: the retina display will apapeal to producers, and t is also the thinnest laptop, thinner than a finger. analysts say apple is sending out an important message. >> we have our pc, tablets, our
3:17 am
phones. i think it was clear today the mac and notebook is not going away, it's just becoming more portable and powerful. >> reporter: developers learned about the next generation, iso 6, which will have 200 new features when it comes out this fall. that will give them the tools to create new apps for the ipad, iphone and ipod touch. there was no mention of the iphone release, iphone 5. but with a new mobile operating system coming out this fall it would be a fair asummiting that would be the time for a new iphone release. david louie, abc news, san francisco. >> want some stunning numbers here, the app store has 650,000 apps and over 30 billion downloads and counting. >> and counting. >> and counting. >> key phrase. the new notebook is nearly as thin as mac book air and features not available on other models, retina display technology which has something to do with your retinas.
3:18 am
>> coming out with new stuff. >> red eye reduction on the iphone. >> let them figure it out. coming out with new stuff. apple need the money. they're hurting over there. about time, guys. >> come on, seriously. >> coming up next. lots of you already weighing in on the next story. >> britain's prime minister accidentally leaving his young daughter at a restaurant. we have the details next.
3:19 am
♪ you abandoned me love don't live here anymore ♪ >> ha-ha! prime minister david cameron is being called the forgetful parent after leaving his 8-year-old daughter in a restaurant. >> oops, kind of like a bar. >> yeah. >> the incident has touched off a debate for every working
3:20 am
family and even nonworking family around the globe. our report from outside london. >> reporter: david and samantha cameron, the image of a young modern power couple. so how could they do it? this was the scene of every parent's worst night mare, the camerons were enjoying a spot of lunch here before taking their eye off their daughter nancy for a few second and leaving without her. the prime minister in one car with his bodyguards. wife samantha in the other with their other two kids. each thought 8-year-old nancy was with the other. 15 minutes and two miles later, the camerons discovered she was missing. nancy was safe and sound, in fact, she was helping out the staff in the pub. but the british government was on the defense saying mom and dad were "distraught" when it happened. then the prime minister went straight away to get her. >> i do think it is disgraceful, yeah. >> reporter: in fact it was
3:21 am
cameron himself who told diane how he tried to balance it all. >> i always said it must be possible to be a good prime minister, father and husband. >> reporter: in march couples in maryland and texas made headlines by leaving their children at chuck e. cheese. working parents know it is easy to get distracted. >> you are expected to respond to an e-mail. expected to always be available. that's not something that existed ten years ago. >> reporter: perhaps that's why many felt a little empathy, knowing these days what happened to the camerons could happen to anyone. >> oh, wow. embarrassing for the cameron family. the facebook question of the day -- have you ever forgotten or lost your child? go to >> lots of comments already. my grandma left my mom at a gas station. my mom was one of six kids. she was in the bathroom. it can happen. and ryan says i lost my little sister one time on purpose. sandy says, it can, does happen.
3:22 am
usually the outcome is good. few end tragically. >> what about you, you are mom of two? >> intentionally, yeah. it didn't end tragically. just for like, five, ten minutes or so. ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.
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♪ you didn't have to stoop so low have your friends collect your records and change your number ♪ ♪ now you're just somebody that i used to know ♪ >> my girlfriend is obsessed with that song. wonder if she is trying to tell me something. she plays it all the time, i swear. >> goethe? sound like sting. >> yeah. >> it's been 50 years since one of the most daring prison breaks in american history. in 1962 three inmates set out
3:26 am
from alcatraz island. >> and a u.s. marshal believes some may still be alive. >> reporter: they called out a rock, an island prison builto no man could ever escape except maybe frank morris, john england and his brother clarence all serving time for bank robbery when they broke out of alcatraz exactly 50 years ago. it is the stuff movies are made from. but for one u.s. marshal, the escape from alcatraz is still a very open case. >> there has never been a body recovered. we have to operate under the assumption that there is a possibility they made it. >> reporter: i'm standing inside the actual cell that one of the men escaped from. how did they do it? they used spoons stolen from the mess hall, made a drill from vacuum parts and it took months to dig through this thick wall to a narrow space behind it and to the bay outside. guards found pillows under the bed sheets and life like
3:27 am
papier-mache heads with real hair stolen from the barber. the prisoners made a raft and life preservers from 50 rubber rain boats and set out fighting wind, rough currents and frigid shark infested waters. >> i have seen information that leads me to believe, the raft did land on angel island and footprints near the raft. i have also seen, lead from different places all around the world. different lead that make me feel there is a possibility that at least the brothers probably lived. >> reporter: nephews of the england brothers and they too believe their uncles survived. >> they were excellent swimmers. this bay has got nothing on them. >> reporter: today all three prisoners would be in their 80s and look something like this. and the lone investigator is still searching for them. >> reporter: if you find these guys, what's the first thing you would say? >> you are under arrest. >> reporter: do you have your handcuffs? >> i do. just in case.
3:28 am
>> we never thought the chance was good those guys
3:29 am
3:30 am
now" -- tales of abuse from this morning on "world news now" -- tales of abuse from jerry sandusky's accuser. >> disturbing testimony from the first of many witnesses against the former assistant coach and we'll hear more when day two begins on this tuesday, june 12th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. the testimony on day one was graphic to say the least. we'll get a full report from jim avila at the courthouse there in pennsylvania. >> plus the latest close encounter with a b-b-bear.
3:31 am
bear sightings so frequent as we head into summer. we'll hear from a man who was mauled by one and managed to call 911. i'm sure you have heard plenty of stories about the cape cod bear on "world news" it has been captured. >> yes, breaking news on this tuesday morning. there is a special report that the cape cod bear has been captured. 5:00 p.m. they got it. used a tranquilizer to subdue the 3-year-old male all of you can get back to your partying and wonderful things. >> our work is done here now. >> cape cod, safe to go back outside. yes, plus one of the bravest people we all know in the building, robin roberts, displaying grace and courage as she revealed her health battle in an emotional announcement yesterday on "good morning america," made a lot of headlines, captured the thoughts and prayers of everyone in this building and her many, many fans around the country as well. >> we'll tell you all about her prognosis. later in the "the skinny," lindsay lohan's latest brush with the law. perhaps she wasn't so truth ful after her weekend crash near l.a. lilo, a liar?
3:32 am
no. >> lindsay, go away. my lord. first, some real news -- jurors in the sandusky case have heard from the first of several men who claim sexual abuse by the former penn state coach. >> sandusky's lawyer says the men are motivated by financial gain. abc's jim avila is covering the trial not far from the penn state campus. >> how are you feel this morning? >> reporter: the man who prosecutors called a serial predator what says he only treated boys like a father with harmless touching and no sexual intent heard the first witness against him tell a completely different and horrifying account of years of sexual abuse that included more than 40 individual attacks at the hands of jerry sandusky. some in the penn state shower. some at sandusky's house. others on the road with the penn state football team. >> it is clear. it is concise. it meets the elements of the law and the case law against him. it clearly sets forth that an involuntary deviant sexual
3:33 am
intercourse happened. >> reporter: prosecutors corroborated the victim's testimony with pictures of expensive gifts and love letters. one letter had a lewd title written in the third person in sandusky's handwriting on penn state letterhead. "hope there will be meaning to what we had together." and finally, "you seemed as if you had bought into everything and were doing well." >> that letter is clearly sexually oriented. it is clearly telling this victim that he knows that he did something to this victim. >> reporter: in last minute court papers filed the sandusky team presents a novel explanation for the letters. quote, these words, tones, requests and statements made in the letters are consistent with a person who suffers from a histrionic personality disorder with what? >> with respect to histrionic personality disorder, one thinks of wanting to be the center of an attention at the party, one describes their speech as being easily impressionistic but dramatic. >> reporter: sandusky's attorney claims the alleged victim and seven others prosecutors plan on
3:34 am
calling to claim sexual abuse are in the middle of a conspiracy for money. quote, these are cute kids, why would they lie. joe amendola told the jury -- "these young men had a financial interest in this case, they're going to sue us." jim avila, abc news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. why if money is the motivation here, why would the kids lie about something, these young men now, lie about something so personal, tell me that society attaches such a stigma to, why would the stories be consistent, the sandusky interviews with "the new york times" so creepy, basically admitted attraction to a certain extent. it seems like this thing has to not be related to money to some extent. >> the evidence has been corroborated. it seems like most of these incidences if you read the grand jury testimony, months ago, a lot of the cases, started in the shower, throwing soap at one another. victim four said i didn't have a dad around, i didn't have a father figure. i am in high school. at this point, people are jealous, other people are jealous, they see him going to the games, getting the gifts that sort of thing.
3:35 am
that is really the type of kid he preyed on with his foundation, the second mile. >> as part of the football program he was an authority figure on that campus, he was a giant on that campus. >> a father figure, and bad father figure. in other news, an intense manhunt has unfolded over the past 24 hours for the suspect in those auburn university killings. s.w.a.t. teams converged on a house in montgomery after getting a tip the suspect was hiding in an attic at the residence. three people were shot to death saturday night at a party not far from the auburn campus in an apparent dispute over a woman. two were former football players. also some arrests in this case, two men arrest foed for hinderi the investigation as well. this morning, a navy drone crashed on maryland's eastern shore yesterday. thankfully no one was hurt. the $46 million aircraft was on a training mission when it went down in a pretty swampy area. the drone is operated by four crew members who were on the ground. and about 30 gallons of jet fuel were spilled after a tanker
3:36 am
trailer collided with a train not far from seattle. the locomotives were going about 5 miles an hour when the accident occurred near a facility. reporting now on a gruesome case of domestic violence caught on camera. the video, we do warn you is highly disturbing, a florida woman arranged to meet her ex-boyfriend at a 7-eleven to exchange custody. of their son. instead, police say he doused her with gasoline, set her on fire. she was pretty badly burned. doctors say she should recover. he is in custody. she should get full custody of that child. with no rights to that father. more than 30 years after an australian mother said a dingo took her baby, a coroner is backing her claim. lindy chamberlain was convicted of murdering her 9 week old daughter during a camping trip in 1980. her husband was charged as an accessory after the fact. they were cleared a few years
3:37 am
later but continued to live under a cloud of suspicion. now the latest coroner's report found that previous evidence had been misinterpreted. and cited several recent fatal dingo attacks on children. an alaska man is recovering after an unfortunate encounter with a brown bear. he had been on a solo hike outside of anchorage when he came across a mother bear and her cub. never good. he says before he could grab his pepper spray she charged right at him, swatting and slapping him for what seemed like an eternity. he finally managed to scramble up a tree. he called 911 from his cell phone. >> hi, i'm the guy that just got mauled by a brown bear. >> okay, sir, we're getting paramedics on the way. they're going to come, start heading to you. >> i can hear the brown bear still huffing in the tree. i was able to climb a tree. so i'm as high up in a tree as i can get. >> he sounds pretty calm all things considered. state troopers said he did
3:38 am
everything right to avoid an attack. he carried pepper spray. walked with ski poles and made noise before coming around the bend. but this time it just wasn't enough. >> what are the tips if you see a bear? do you play dead or actually hop around? >> i have heard both theories actually. >> run. >> i run that's just me. get on my track shoes and go. whew, hopefully the guy is all right. >> yes. well here is your tuesday forecast. luckily, rob and i are not going hiking any time soon. >> or ever, ever in life. >> severe storms, possible tornados, central rockies into nebraska, texas. thunderstorms from new orleans to pensacola and the carolinas. rain in the northeast and pacific north west. >> the southwest heats up with a 105 in phoenix, 88 in albuquerque. cooler in the 70s, fargo to new york city. atlanta at 85. dallas 10 degrees warmer at 95. >> okay, rob you don't have kids. i know you will get a kick out of this next video. we have all seen our share of adorable toddler videos. this one is a little different.
3:39 am
this time the baby is the one behind the camera. >> this is cool. take a look at the world from a 2-year-old's point of view. british filmmaker, daniel gray, strapped a helmet-cam on his daughter before hide-and-seek. it's 3:00 of heart warming giggles there, and innocent calls for "daddy" and energetic panting as olivia goes hunting for dad. >> folks around the world clearly getting a big kick out of it. it received more than 500,000 hits in five days. we did not speed that video up. there is just a lot of energy. like to move it, move it. they go like that 24/7. sure you don't want to babysit my children. >> a few more years, soon as they graduate college. yeah. >> coming up the new health battle for our friend robin roberts. we will hear from her and about her prognosis coming up. you are watching "world news now." ♪ makes me that much stronger ♪ makes me work a little bit harder makes me that much wiser ♪ ♪ makes me that much stronger
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♪ makes me tha ♪ makes me that much stronger makes me work a little bit harder ♪ welcome back. millions wake up every morning to "good morning america's" robin roberts. yesterday robin made the stunning announcement she has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. >> the news was so hard to take yesterday. robin began treatments just yesterday. and will be back in her regular spot a few hours from now. abc's karen travers has more on our brave colleague. >> reporter: five years after beating breast cancer, "good morning america's" robin roberts announced she is facing another major health challenge.
3:44 am
>> sometimes treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues and that's what i am facing right now. >> reporter: robin has been diagnosed with myelodysplatic syndrome, or mds. >> a disorder of your bone marrow. as a result of her breast cancer treatment she developed mds. >> reporter: the public outpouring of support for robin has been enormous. >> i just want her to know- just keep the faith. >> reporter: more than 15,000 messages have been left on the "good morning america" facebook page and thousands of fans have reached out on twitter. even first lady michelle obama sent this personal message. the "good morning america" anchor begins pretreatment chemotherapy to prepare for a bone marrow transplant later this year. >> the reason i say i am blessed, my big sister is a virtually perfect match for me. >> reporter: it's been ale roller coaster two months for robin.
3:45 am
in april, "good morning america" beat the "today show" in 16 years. a day that should have been a career highlight. the same day, robin received her mds diagnosis. during a painful procedure, to extract bone marrow for testing, robin found out she would sit down with president obama the very next day for a ground breaking interview. >> i am like everyone who faces some life-altering situation whether it is your health or finances or whatnot. and it's getting up off the mat and fighting. >> robin says what she craves is normalcy, with her "good morning america" team she indulged in her favorite comfort food, popeye's fried chicken. karen travers, abc news. >> robin is one of the most well liked and well respected people in this building. we mean that. she has a lot of things in her favor, resources to get top medical care. two, she is fit, total health nut, and three, her sister, sally ann, i worked with for three years in new orleans, is a
3:46 am
perfect match. that, that says a lot for how she is going to come through this thing. she has a lot on her side despite the seriousness of the disease. >> if you watch this morning you will see a bandage. she began her treatment last night. i love how she said, you can either -- you either fright or you fight. she obviously is choosing to fight this, nobody saw this battle coming. >> her big fight is to get people to go to the bone marrow registry, to help save a life the way her sister is going to help save hers. for robin and everybody out there. >> next in "the skinny," the kids mortified by their movie star dad. >> which hollywood star is finally a man? stay with us.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome back, everybody. of course, you know, way back a few years ago brian mcknight, r & b singer, ladies loved him. he was this cool r & b crooner had all the great hits out there. what was the one "crazy love" he remade the song and "back to one" all these great hits.
3:49 am
apparently he has taken a whole different route with his career. he is releasing this new song "if you're ready to learn" a sexually explicit kind of ode to let's say just -- female orgasms pretty much what the song is about. put that out there. >> hello! >> and pretty much he filmed a video over the weekend at his house, what we are being told, the video while not hard core, does feature plenty of nudity and features these 15 adult film stars you see in the picture, that was published by tmz and a little person in the front, see the guy in the lower part of the screen, calls himself 5-cent, a rapper, looks like 50 cent. calls himself 5-cent. not kneeling. that's him. a huge backlash from his fans. this is the total opposite image he was projecting for years, he had huge success here. they say, that's the brian, we are used to seeing. kind of romantic and all this. all of this. but now apparently this video, at the l.a. home,
3:50 am
is pretty raunchy as is the song here. called "if you're ready to learn. and there's bun -- and there's been all kinds of backlash. he says i don't care. this is the way i am taking my career. i'm going for it. so, party at brian's house i guess. ooh! image change for mr. mcknight. >> sure he will get some new ones. >> crazy love at that mansion. >> typically, if you are in the jewish faith or religion, you have your bar mitts -- mitzvah at 13, david arquette, decided he never had the bar mitzvah. >> he acts 13. >> traveling in jerusalem for a show on the travel channel, and decided, there you can see he was wearing traditional garb during the ceremony. the son of a holocaust refugee. his mother was jewish. and he decided to have the ceremony he was denied as a young boy to get back to jewish traditional roots. good for him. >> shalom, good for him. cool. adam sandler, in the news, giving a press conference, crazy
3:51 am
new movie called "that's my boy" sure you may have seen advertisements or trailers for this thing. he was asked what embarrasses his girls about him. they pretty much said dad, it's the way you dress that embarrasses me. his two daughters, sadie and sonny, he said i do embarrass them now. he told people during the press conference or film. i wear shorts a lot. my kids do ask me to put pants on when i go to the school. they ask, could you just one time wear pants. and every time i get out of the car, i look down, and i got these shorts on. who is going to yell at me. he said his dad was not a fashion icon. he said, he would wear the same pants for a week. adam carried on the tradition of embarrassing his two little girls with his casual style. >> that's what dads are supposed to do. embarrass their fathers. ed faris did that. push down the tube socks. every now and then. dad, i love you. >> why do old men wear the belt buckles down, grazing their nipples. my dad does. dad, pull your pants down. i don't know what it is about old people and their fashion
3:52 am
sense. >> lilo got in an accident over the weekend. apparently lied to cops. she was behind the wheel tried to blame it on her assistant. so, uh-huh. and with this, her probation could be revoked. >> i'm stunned. >> stunned. >> i'm stunned. >> stunned. erything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist. there's a range of plans to choose from, too.
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welcome back, everybody. we got some love last night from the "tonight show" with jay leno -- a few hours ago. take a look at the clip. >> there is a -- a rumor that the upcoming season of "jersey shore" will be the last season. well, here's the story. here's the story. >> according to this report from "intouch weekly," this is the last season of the "jersey shore." >> yeah! >> yeah! >> the jersey shore isn't the only news for snooki. she is expecting her first child and has a new reality show coming out. >> well done, "tonight show" will motherhood slow down the hot-tempered party girl. she spoke with juju chang, here is the story. >> reporter: she is the party
3:56 am
princess of the jersey shore. >> i want to meet hot gorilla juiceheads. >> reporter: her perma-tan and drunken brawls, turned her into a reality mega star on mtv's hit show. >> it's taken. >> reporter: soon the only bottles she'll be lifting will have milk in them. do you plan to breast-feed? >> it looks so painful. i definitely want to pump because it's the best nutrients for the baby. >> reporter: she is not at all impressed by cover stories of extreme attachment parenting. you are not going to be breast-feeding? >> that freaks me out. >> reporter: why does it freak you out? >> just drink regular milk. >> almost 4. >> reporter: almost 4. >> that's pushing it. >> reporter: here are the breast pumps, you are going to pump. have you seen one before. here's the bag. >> kind of look you are a cow and milk it. >> that's exactly what it is like. not kind of like. >> did you do it? >> yeah. >> did it hurt?
3:57 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: snooki and i had a heart-to-heart about all things motherhood, at the baby mecca. albee baby. >> reporter: what is your alcohol policy during pregnancy? >> no drinking, none whatsoever. i am scared to have caffeine. friends are like you can have a glass of wine. i'm like -- no, i refuse. >> reporter: pregnancy is providing an opportunity for snooki to reinvent herself, to leave behind her hard core partying. the new mtv spin-off, snooki & j-wow is designed to showcase two besties on a last hoorah as bachelorettes. >> party is here! >> reporter: of course, there is still plenty of drama. it won't be easy to shed her "jersey shore" rep, something even snooki knows will live on in rerun heaven. >> i am going to tell my kids. they're going to see it. they're going to hear about it. they're going to google it no matter what i say. i will show them myself. and say, this is what mommy did. learn from her mistakes. they can take it or leave it. >> well, snooki all growed up. >> so nurturing too.
3:58 am
>> i am going to miss the kids. i find them funny, you know what i mean. home state pri
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