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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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rest. >> reporter: got your handcuffs onouou today? >> i do. >> reporter: cecilia vega. >> just in case. >> reporter: abc news, san francisco. stay with us for "gma." >> have a great day, every >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead to more resumes in the child sex abuse trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. on the alleged victim expected to take the stand today. >> on storm watch this morning. grab the umbrella. the rain might make for a messy day. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, june 12. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. happy to be with you. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa in a moment. first, adam caskey. >> the rain is not very widespread so far, but i expect the radar screen to fill in through the morning and midday.
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rain stretching right now along the beltway in maryland, montgomery county down through prince george's county and stretching into southern maryland. that light showers is pushing northward especially through montgomery county. sprinkles in northern virginia around loudoun county and along interstate 81 corridor. mostly cloudy today with occasional showers and a few rumbles of thunder. it will be humid with high temperatures around 80 degrees. tomorrow, a good amount of sunshine, 81, less humid. that's all the way through the weekend, less humid. >> there's a crash on route 1 in woodbrige at joplin road, minor collision. nothing on 95 to worry about. not too wet. look at the rain coming down in montgomery county, the beltway
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at georgia avenue. outer loop are the headlights. interstate travel and more from newschopper 7 and a little while. now to news. >> virginians head to the polls today to choose candidates for several races. >> many eyes will be on the race to succeed retiring u.s. senator jim webb. tim kaine is expected to win that democratic nomination. you will likely face former republican senator george allen. open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. we will have results tonight at 11:00. >> a special election is being held in arizona for the house seat that was held by gabrielle giffords. >> the democratic congresswoman gave up her seat in january so she could concentrate on her recovery. republican jesse kelly is facing off against former giffords aide democrat ron barber.
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>> president obama will attend a couple campaign fund-raisers in baltimore today. he will attend an event at a home in owings mills and then a fund-raiser with maryland governor martin o'malley at a hotel in downtown baltimore. then he will travel to philadelphia for a campaign fund-raiser tonight. his presumptive republican rival mitt romney attended a fund- raiser in atlanta last night where he told supporters that he hopes the supreme court will do the right thing and strike down president obama's healthcare reform law. the supreme court is expected to rule this month on that. >> jurors could hear a second day of graphic testimony in the jerry sandusky trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with child sex abuse. we expect to hear from the alleged victim this morning was allegations triggered the criminal investigation. jay korff has more. >> the first of several accusers to testify, a 28-year-old man who claims that when he was a teenager, sandusky gave him
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gives, tickets, and access to the penn state football program. in exchange for sexual. sexual the alleged victim claimed it started with him taking showers with sandusky at the age of 13 and escalated to years of repeated sexual abuse. the accuser also said sandusky later sent him a letter that read "love never ends. it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, if endorsed all things. i believe that it can overcome all things. love jerry." the lead prosecutor called sandusky a pedophile who took advantage of children. the defense said that the eight alleged victims have financial interests. >> i think we are still getting over the shock of it. >> a penn state graduate owns restaurants in the area. he hopes the case wrapped up quickly and ends with a just
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verdict so the victims and penn state can begin to rebuild. >> it is important that this thing gets done and fast and that justice gets searcherved. these four kids have not gotten justice yet. >> it is expected to last three weeks. defense attorneys suggest sandusky may take the stand in his own defense. jay korff, abc 7 news. pedestrian critically injured after being hit by a trained in rockville. police are trying to find out what happened. this was last night near the intersection of meryl streep and randolph road. the incident did not cause any major traffic problems in the area. -- nettle street. >> john bryson is taking a medical leave of absence. on saturday afternoon he hit a car twice and then minutes
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later he rammed into another vehicle. he was found unconscious in his vehicle. the white house says that he had a seizure and the secretary is scheduled to undergo medical evaluation. apple becomes friends with facebook and says goodbye to google. >> linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. >> at apple's worldwide developer's conference, apple unveiled the next version of its mobile software. it has turn by turn navigation. among the other new features unveiled is an integration with facebook. users will find it easier to post pictures and other content on our phones and ipads. apple also showed off upgraded macbook computers with faster chips and sharper displays. as our economy recovers, the national governors' association says 31 states collected more
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tax revenue than expected. that reduces pressure on states to cut budgets and lay off workers. more health care insurers expecting to honor parts of president obama's health care law as a ruling is looming from the supreme court. i will explain more in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37, 66 degrees. >> learn when a special election will be held to fill a d.c. council seat, the one vacated when kwame brown resigned. >> and what metro is doing to try to convince more passengers to use the smartrip card. >> traffic and weather every>> welcome
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back. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey in the weather center. >> it is a little damp outside but not everywhere. a few spotty showers here and there. that will be the case throughout the day, occasional rain. most of the rain in montgomery county from clarksburg southwards down to 270, down to the beltway. now stretching towards olney not quite reach in damascus. bowie is seeing the top of the rain moving from south to north. and all the way across 50. a few sprinkles in loudoun county. 70 degrees in the district, 68 in winchester. 80 for the high temperature with occasional showers and a few rumbles of thunder. humid today but less humid tomorrow and breezy at times to push in the drier air. >> it is refreshing as far as
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interstate travel, around the beltway. it has the potential with wet pavement. giving you the green light on 95 between fredericksburg and dale city between dale city and springfield, and in and out of baltimore. in springfield in this camera the rain is coaching the highway. dry and quiet across the wilson bridge through alexandria and oxon hill. metro one's customers to trade in the paper farecards or plastic ones start. on july 1, riders using the paper cards will be charged an additional. dollar per additional smartrip card costs $5, but metro is offering a $3 rebate if customers register the car online. it'll also allow customers to transfer $20 from a paper farecards to a new. plastic new -- to a new plastic card.
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>> what is being done to honor seven maryland firefighters injured in a house fire.
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>> welcome back. checking our top stories, another of sandusky's alleged victims is expected to take the stand today in the child sex abuse trial. one alleged victim testified yesterday that sandusky molested him, tried to assure silence,
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and send him creepy love letters. virginians go to the polls today, deciding what they want to run local and congressional races. the eyes will be on the senate race. that is expected to be a match up between tim kaine and former senator george allen. commerce secretary john bryson taking a medical leave of absence after police say that he was involved in two traffic accidents in california. t firsthe was found unconscious in his car. the white house says that he had a seizure. >> a proposal to allow liquor stores to sell alcohol on sundays. stores with a class a license would be allowed to sell hard liquor on sunday as well as beer and wine. the sales tax revenue generated would help to reduce the budget deficit. d.c. councilman jim gramm will hold a public roundtable today at 11:00 this morning at the wilson building in 412. d.c. council tomorrow will select an interim chair to replace kwame brown, resigned
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last wednesday before pleading guilty to bank fraud. at large councilmember phil m ands phil mendelsons phil mendelson and vincent orange will be considered. >> maryland congresswoman donna edwards will recognize injured firefighters in bladensburg after they were overcome with a flash fire at riverdale home. one of them is still recovering from burns over much of his body. that is kevin o'toole. the fire was deliberately set. >> but think twice about putting yourself on on a restaurant table while eating. surveillance video caught a man at the shanghai restaurant in college park. he went over to the table where the university of maryland student was eating. the man snatched the phone out of the woman's hand while she was using it and then ran away.
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>> i trusted this area and thought it was very safe. it's not good. >> patrons don't recognize the man. the owner was so upset that he gave the students a free cell phone. >> many fairfax county residents are angry about the condition of their parks and sports facilities. last 900 people packed a meeting and called for changes. people living along route 1 say that their facilities are in poor condition compared to those in the rest of the county. some west potomac high school students say their football field is in bad shape. >> just a small rain will get it all slippery and people's lives all over. >> ever played on a real soccer field before? >> no. >> they are attempting to get the facilities upgraded, but it is a long and difficult process. 66 degrees outside. >> first lady michelle obama
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signing copies of her new book in the district. where you can go to try to get an autograph a. another check on traf
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>> welcome back. time to a check on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> starting with adam caskey. a lot of rain out there.
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>> some showers especially in maryland from frederick down to gaithersburg, light showers stretching across the potomac along 50. in loudoun county, rain moving through leesburg and crossing over seven. stretching from montgomery county and through laurel, college park, bowie, stretching into anne arundel county and over the bay, areas of light rain pushing northward. we will see occasional showers throughout the day. it does not look like we will have over an inch in some spots. close to a half-inch of rain by the time it's over later tonight. 67 in fairfax and rock hill and montgomery village. popular number. on this tuesday number waldorf suitland adelphi, 67. you will feel the humidity throughout the day with occasional showers. 80 degrees for the high temperature, wind at 5-13. lower humidity tomorrow
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sunshine less humid, but a little breezy on wednesday. to lisa. >> there was a crash on 95 northbound. on your way through columbia, towards baltimore, minor collision near 175 at. that activity has been moved to the shoulders. on the george washington parkway, police reporting that is closed southbound at the cia because of a large tree that came down on the road. that is notable. did you hear what i said? the george washington parkway is closed southbound, a major commuter route. maryland, i love this camera, wet pavement, but not very wild on the beltway. >> 67 degrees. >> still ahead, i will officials doing what they can to ease traffic gridlock near the new maryland live! casino. a busy
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with naturur flavors blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> expects long lines at a barnes and noble store in the district. first lady michelle obama will be signing copies of her new book today. that begins at 11:30 a.m. at the location 555123 nw. the book offers a look at the vegetable garden at the white house. all proceeds go to the national
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park foundation. >> a little foot traffic will be in that area. >> get there early. most of us are doing our best to stay out of the rain,. actor bill murray seems to be enjoying the weather. [crowds cheering] >> he was caught on tape slip sliding during a rain delay at the charleston river dogs game. the crowd cheered him on. he is part owner. it is an affiliate of the new york yankees. >> had that just been a fan, it probably would not have gone well. >> he would have had company on the field. >> we are looking at 67 degrees. >> still ahead, the tale of a huge kitcat. how it is in the running to become one of the world's largest cats.
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>> jurors could hear more graphic testimony in the second day of the child sex abuse. trial of abuse who is expected to testify today. >> polls will open in virginia for several primaries including the u.s. senate race and some congressional contests. >> we continue to follow a storm watch. the rain has made for a tricky commute to and from work today.
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take it easy. "good morning washington "at 5:00 a.m. begins now. it >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you're with us on this tuesday morning. i am steve chenevey. it's tuesday june 12. >> i am cynne simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden has a look at the wet roads. first, meteorologist adam caskey. how long will the rain last? off and on through the day periods of rain through the whole day. then clearing overnight. lower humidity tomorrow. you have light showers in leesburg and frederick and warrenton in parts of fauquier county. from frederick all the way into gaithersburg and towards the beltway, areas of light rain. basically moving out of montgomery county into howard county, anne arundel county, northern prince george's county, a few light showers. occasional rain and


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